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..1.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S ABC Trade Centre, # 50, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002.

Phone: 044-28552311, Mobile: +91-9790005746 Email: | C O N T E N T S About Us 2 Academic Projects 2 Why Ensemble 3 Students Own Project Ideas 4 Our Project Work Methodology 5 GIS/GPS Telematics 6 Wireless Communication and Networks 8 GSM /GPRS/CDMA 11 MEMS / Smart Sensors 12 Embedded / Industrial Networks and Protocols 13 Biomedical / Biometrics 15 Robotics 17 RFID / Smart Cards / Magnetic Cards / Others 18 Electrical Systems / Power Electronics / Special Machines 20 EPLC / PLC / SCADA / HMI 25 Instrumentation / Virtual Instrumentation 26 DSP / DIP / MATLAB 28 Neural Network / MATLAB 30 ANFIS / MATLAB 32 Fuzzy Logic 33 FPGA / VLSI 34 ..2.. A B O U T U S : At Ensemble technologies our primary focus area is technology solutions and services for both the Industrial and academic domains. Over the past decade we have worked on a variety of projects covering almost all technologies and domain s related to electronics. With the know how that we have accumulated over the past years, today we are in a position to offer a variety of solutions to the various requirements of our clients and students The key to success for any technology oriented company lies in its ability to ke ep in touch with the changes in technology and its ability to offer innovative solutio ns using cutting edge technology. The fact that over the past years we have grown consistently both in terms of customer base and technology know how is only an indication that we are very much in touch with the times. Our involvement in both the academic and industrial segments gives us a unique advantage. From our industrial work we gather practical experience with various technologies and keep in touch with the most recent technologies. From our association in the academic projects we get to work with innovative ideas and applications that only fresh minds like those of students can think off. Hence w e are able to act as an interface to bring technology updates to the students and take back innovative ideas to the industry. ACADEMIC PROJECTS: Over the years we have worked with thousands of students and hundreds of project s with great success and more importantly to the satisfaction of students. From th e very beginning our goal with students projects has been to look for innovative id eas and offer guidance to bring them to reality. With a host of technologies to pick

from and a huge network of components suppliers both domestic and international, we are in a position to offer projects that are at par with the current internation al trends. With all the know-how and the experience we believe that it is our responsibilit y to offer realistic and genuine advice to students on projects. We bring the same professionalism with which we deal with industrial clients to the students work too. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S ABC Trade Centre, # 50, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002. Phone: 044-28552311, Mobile: +91-9790005746 Email: | Every aspect of a project is thoroughly analyzed before we offer them to student s. Each project idea is carefully evaluated for its technical competence, complexit y, and availability of resources and the scope of learning that it offers to the studen ts. Our project offerings are based upon a wide array of sources. We subscribe to regular feeds from many engineering bodies like the IEEE, IEC and other similar forums regarding the latest developments and publications. Most of our project ideas come from these publications. Many of our project offerings are also based upon innovative solutions to domestic and local requirements. Our commitment to students and their project is total and all inclusive. We cove r the students at every stage of their project work and with every aspect of the proje ct. From guiding the students to choose projects till the final completion of the pr oject demonstrations, we provide assistance at every stage. The students are provided detailed lectures and practical hands on sessions to get a clear understanding o f the concepts. Our team of engineers is committed to and would go any extent to make the project work an enriching learning experience. WH Y E N S E M B L E : Why should you consider Ensemble Technologies, for your project work? The reasons are many, but following are perhaps the important reasons why you might want to come to Ensemble Technologies. Specialization:We specialize in core departments like ECE, EEE, E&I and associat ed departments, and we offer projects only for these departments. Simply said we ar e very clear about our technology expertise and we only do projects that we are experts at. Industry advantage:We are primarily an Industrial solutions company and work for companies ranging from SMEs to Global multinationals. Hence we have technology experience that is far superior that what is generally required for academic pro jects. Experience: Over the past decade we have handled 1000s of projects in the latest technologies available, with an impeccable success record. Cutting Edge Technologies: We at Ensemble are obsessed with technology and technology breakthroughs, and hence are up to date with the latest technologies and ..3.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S ABC Trade Centre, # 50, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002. Phone: 044-28552311, Mobile: +91-9790005746 Email: | ..4..

tools available globally. We leverage our technology know how to the fullest ext ent possible to come up with new project ideas. Global Network: Over the years with our experience of working for the industry, we have developed and global network of suppliers ranging from the USA, to the Far East in China and Japan. With this network we are able to source components and products within the shortest times and lowest costs. This is one of the reasons why we are the first to bring in any new technology to the students, while our compe titors follow in our footsteps. Professionalism:We deliver what we promise and promise only that we can deliver. We offer projects to students only after very careful evaluation of technologies and the feasibility of offering them to the students, given various constraints like cost, time and ease of demonstration. Committed:We are passionate about technology and committed to our students, our team of engineers will go any lengths to ensure that students expectations are me t, to their fullest satisfaction. Ethical: When we deal with students we are aware our moral and ethical commitment to them, we do not consider students as mere customers. Hence we offer suggestions that are in the best interest of the students. Students Own Project Ideas: In addition to project ideas suggested by us, we also implement students own project ideas. We encourage students to come up with new project ideas or to improve upon some idea that they might have come across through any source When a student comes to us with an own project idea, we evaluate the project ide a in detail given all the considerations of implementation. We commit to a project only when we are sure that the project can be implemented and demonstrated adequately in the college. Because we understand that a project is a very important aspect that goes into shaping that future career of a student. At times the students have just a vague idea and no real information about how t o go about the project. In cases like that we try to understand the basic idea of the student and develop it into a good project that is worthy of a graduation or a P G project. When a student comes up with an own idea we understand the effort and the interest the student has put in, and we ensure that we put in additional eff ort to get the project completed successfully. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S ABC Trade Centre, # 50, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002. Phone: 044-28552311, Mobile: +91-9790005746 Email: | ..5.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S ABC Trade Centre, # 50, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002. Phone: 044-28552311, Mobile: +91-9790005746 Email: | Our Project Work Methodology: Our project work methodology is the biggest reason for our consistent and sustained success with student projects. We assist the students with

every aspect of their project work starting from selecting a project to the final demonstration and beyond. We follow a very systematic process from the start to the finish of the project ensuring that the students have a productive project work experience. We understand that selecting a suitable project is perhaps the most difficult as pect of the project, because with so many technologies and options it can be hard to cho ose an appropriate project. Our experienced councilors help the students identify th eir area of interest and offer project choices depending on the students interest. We provide the students with various references papers like IEEE papers to help the students to present their project idea in their colleges. Once the student has decided on a project we offer training in the various aspec ts of the project. All the hardware and software involved in the project are covered i n detail to make the students confident about their project. Both theoretical and practical sessions are conducted so the student is well versed with the project implementation. Additionally we also provide assistance to the students to prepa re for their project reviews. At various stages of the project the students are periodically provided study ma terial and documents to gain more knowledge about all the aspects of the project. At th e end of the project work the students are provided documentation details on a CD/DVD which the students can prepare documentation depending on their university requirements. We understand that our commitment to a student does not end with the students completing the project at our development office and labs. We support the studen ts until the final demonstration of the project is successfully completed in the co llege. In fact over the years we have supported students even after their course comple tion by providing assistance with job interviews and foreign university selection procedures. ..6.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S GIS/GPS TELEMAT I C S 1 Evaluating the performance of GPS survey methods for landslide monitoring at hillside residential area EGGT1 2 Difference analysis of GPS data base sources based on vehicle location system EGGT2 3 The integrative construction of GPS water vapor monitoring system EGGT3 4 GPS and GSM Based error free Accident Identification and Information system EGGT4 5 Low power portable GPS based transceiver for sea and land surveillance EGGT5 6 Fusion of Artificial Vision and GPS to Improve Blind Pedestrian Positioning EGGT6 7 Adhoc Networking based Pollution monitoring and SOS system EGGT7 8 Ruggedisation methodologies for GPS based Vehicle Tracking System EGGT8 9 Research on alarm system of railway crossing based on GPS and GPRS EGGT9 10 GPS-Based Wireless Ad Hoc Network for Marine Monitoring, Search and Rescue (MSnR) EGGT10

11 Development and Experimental Analysis of SCM & GPS-based Agriculture Farmland Area Measuring Device EGGT11 12 Environmental campus: Managing campus parking meters using GPS and GIS EGGT12 13 Making Sense of Technology: A Triple Contextual Perspective of GPS Use in the Taxi Industry EGGT13 14 Vehicle attitude estimation in adverse weather conditions using a camera, a GPS and a 3D road map EGGT14 15 Vehicle Heading Estimation Using a Two Low-Cost GPS Receiver Configuration EGGT15 16 The design of the scene of the accident alarm system based on ARM and GPS EGGT16 17 Advanced Navigational and Information system for automobiles EGGT17 18 A Low-Cost Sensor Array and Test Platform for Automated Roadside Mowing EGGT18 19 Pilgrims Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Network EGGT19 20 Optimization of energy usage in Wireless Sensor Network using Position Responsive Routing Protocol (PRRP) EGGT20 KEYWORDS Vehicular Networks Navigation Systems Open Maps Tracking Systems Surveilance systems eCall PRRP Auto GSM Staff localization EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ..7.. 21 Application of Geographical Information System to earthquake disaster EGGT21 22 ZigBee/GPS tracking system for rowing races EGGT22 23 eCall: Automatic notification of a road traffic accident EGGT23 24 The research of dynamic agricultural machinery working area measure system EGGT24 25 Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM EGGT25 26 Real-time urban transportation service tracking and monitoring EGGT26 27 Anti-theft tracking system for automobiles (AutoGSM) EGGT27 28 GPS and RF based Driver information system (Intelligent Sign boards) EGGT28 29 Fault location in underground power networks EGGT29 30 Real-Time Urban Monitoring Using Cell Phones EGGT30 31 Traffic information prediction in Urban Vehicular Networks EGGT31 32 Smart Grid Technologies for Autonomous Operation and Control EGGT32 33 Traffic accident automatic detection and remote alarm device EGGT33 34 A wide-area bird monitoring system using geographically distributed base stations EGGT34 35 Collision avoidance systems for trains EGGT35 36 Position Matching Based Autonomous Speed Regulation System for Vehicles EGGT36 37 GPS and GSM based elderly and children care system EGGT37 38 Deep NINJA: A new float for deep ocean observation developed in Japan EGGT38 39 A vision system for UAV position control EGGT39 40 Energy Efficient system for wildlife movement monitoring for accident prevention in highways EGGT40 41 A new solutions for staff localization in chemical plant EGGT41 42 A predictive location-aware algorithm for dementia care EGGT42 43 Design and implementation of intelligent public transport system based on GIS EGGT43 44 Bus Trip Planning Service Based on Real Time Data EGGT44 45 Multi-Modal Transportation Advisor system EGGT45 46 Cargo positioning and tracking system using Zigbee and GPS on ports. EGGT46 47 Secure Digital card based vehicle movement logger for fleet monitoring applications. EGGT47 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S

KEYWORDS Vehicular Networks Navigation Systems Open Maps Tracking Systems Surveilance systems eCall PRRP Auto GSM Staff localization EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ..8.. 48 Zigbee network for railways using GPS for collision warning and avoidance. EGGT48 49 Pre programmed portable navigation aid for fisherman with weather updates and distress alerting system. EGGT49 50 Automatic traffic signal switching system by differential positioning of vehicles using GPS for ambulances and fire fighter vehicles. EGGT50 51 Employee safety tracking system for call center employees using GPS and GSM. EGGT51 WI R E L E S S COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKS 1 ZigBee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission in ZigBee Based Health Monitoring System EWCN1 2 Automatic multi field irrigation system with well monitoring using wireless technology EWCN2 3 ZigBee security for Home automation using attribute-based cryptography EWCN3 4 Automatic localised Railway Passenger Alerting System EWCN4 5 More efficient home energy management system based on ZigBee communication and infrared remote controls EWCN5 6 Development of communication interface of AC charging for charging station based on ZigBee EWCN6 7 Real time paddy crop field monitoring using Zigbee network EWCN7 8 Speed dictators for forced speed limiting at critical places - Virtual Speed Breakers EWCN8 9 ZigBee based wireless sensor networks for service robot intelligent space EWCN9 10 The Design of Tiered Pricing Meter Based on ZigBee Wireless Meter Reading System EWCN10 11 City automation using Adhoc Technology - Smart City Design EWCN11 12 The research on ZigBee-based Mine Safety Monitoring System EWCN12 13 Flood warning System for railways using contacless all weather sensor EWCN13 14 wireless microwave camera for security applications in large apartments and Industries EWCN14 15 Hybrid Wireless Communication System Using ZigBee and WiFi Technology in the Coalmine Tunnels EWCN15 16 ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network Using Physics-Based Optimally Sampling for Soil Moisture Measurement EWCN16 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS Zigbee Marine SOS WSN Adhoc Sensor Network Home Automation GPS TrackingCSMA/CDMultihop Networks EMBEDDED SYSTEMS 17 Passenger Assistance System for Public Transport Systems both in Bus stops and in Bus EWCN17 18 Energy conscious application of ZigBee wireless networks in machine health monitoring systems EWCN18 19 Secure Communication using pseudorandom coding EWCN19 20 ZigBee electric vehicle charging system EWCN20 21 Traffic Rules violation detection with vehicle identification and storage EWCN21 22 The design and implementation of a teacher-student interaction system based on ZigBee and RFID EWCN22 23 A call-to-service design for mobile robots using Zigbee sensor networks EWCN23 24 Wireless Automation of EB billing with added features EWCN24 25 RFID and ZigBee based manufacturing monitoring system EWCN25 26 Implementing Wireless Circular with broadcast and unicast

mode for colleges and industries EWCN26 27 Large scale active RFID system utilizing ZigBee networks EWCN27 28 A ZigBee-based Wireless Sensor Network Node for Ultraviolet Detection of Flame EWCN28 29 A ZigBee-based telecardiology system for remote healthcare service delivery EWCN29 30 Monitoring and Alarming System Based on Zigbee Technology EWCN30 31 Design of monitor-and-control system for Supermarket fresh area based on ZigBee EWCN31 32 A ZigBee Smart Energy Implementation for Energy Efficient Buildings EWCN32 33 Digital control for home lighting systems with ZigBee communication EWCN33 34 Voice recognition based wireless home automation system EWCN34 35 A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management EWCN35 36 A Design of Wireless Bridge Stress Sensor EWCN36 37 Design and implementation of WSN monitoring system for grain depot based on XBee/XBee Pro EWCN37 38 MasliNET: AWireless Sensor Network based environmental monitoring system EWCN38 39 The temperature humidity monitoring system of soil based on wireless sensor networks EWCN39 40 Flood monitoring of distribution substation in low-lying areas using Wireless Sensor Network EWCN40 ..9.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Zigbee Marine SOS WSN Adhoc Sensor Network Home Automation GPS TrackingCSMA/CDMultihop Networks 41 Blind assistant navigation system EWCN41 42 Design of a fall detection system EWCN42 43 WVaMode: AWi-Fi vehicular ad hoc Mode for the unmanned vehicle EWCN43 44 Design of the intelligent public transportation monitoring system based on WSN EWCN44 45 Excessive pollution reporting system for vehicles using multi hop metropolitan networks. EWCN45 46 Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using a distributed wireless sensor network EWCN46 47 Adaptive signal switching for emergency vehicles using dynamic GPS tracking. EWCN47 48 Maintenance free Agricultural WSN implementation for precession farming. EWCN48 49 Marine ADHOC networks based portable SOS and navigation systems for fishermen. EWCN49 50 Highway speed dictators for forced speed limiting of vehicles using low cost RF transceivers. EWCN50 51 ZigBee tree topology based two way circular cum attendance system for institutions. EWCN51 52 Short distance RF link based transportation assisting system for the blind using voice processor. EWCN52 53 Deep sea probe based wireless tsunami or seismic activity alerting system. EWCN53 54 RF information and warning system for drivers. EWCN54 55 Short distance RF communication and smart card based automatic bus fare system. EWCN55 56 Patient monitoring using GSM and ZigBee for hospitals and old age homes EWCN56 57 Traffic pre emption system using Zigbee protocol and GPS

receivers. EWCN57 58 Embedded web server for remote laboratory access for undergraduate students studying electronic engineering EWCN58 59 A low-cost embedded web-server for an institutional e-learning strategy EWCN59 60 Design of on-line Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for embedded real time applications EWCN60 61 Networked monitoring system based on embedded dynamic web EWCN61 62 Modeling TCP/IP stack in a single custom processor, with secure data transmission to an Altera-based Web server EWCN62 ..10.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Zigbee Marine SOS WSN Adhoc Sensor Network Home Automation GPS TrackingCSMA/CDMultihop Networks ..11.. 63 A Web PLC Using Distributed Web Servers for Data Acquisition and Control: Wed Based PLC EWCN63 64 Design and Implementation of a Self-Configuring Instrument Control System EWCN64 65 An Embedded Laboratory Security Monitoring System EWCN65 66 Wild animals movement monitoring system for crop protection along forests EWCN66 67 Universal remote control with sound recognition using ipods, mobile phones and mp3 players EWCN67 68 Intelligent online measurement and management of Energy meter data through advanced wireless Network EWCN68 GSM /GPRS/CDMA 1 Simulation of earthquakes and tsunami through GSM network EGSM1 2 Greenhouse emission monitoring using GSM for global warming data anaysis EGSM2 3 Anti-theft tracking system for automobiles (AutoGSM) EGSM3 4 Design and implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor based security system using microcontroller EGSM4 5 Design of Landslide Warning System EGSM5 6 Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM EGSM6 7 The research and design of a new type smart solar automatic control system EGSM7 8 Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network EGSM8 9 Design and deployment of a robust remote river level sensor network EGSM9 10 TeleHealth: Healthcare technologies and TeleHealth Emergency (THE) system EGSM10 11 Abnormal heart rate detection device warning via mobile phone network EGSM11 12 Wireless Sensor Network Based Remote Irrigation Control System and Automation Using DTMF Code EGSM12 13 Real-time urban transportation service tracking and monitoring EGSM13 14 Position Matching Based Autonomous Speed Regulation System for Vehicles EGSM14 15 Automatic Electricity Billling using GSM Network EGSM15 16 Industrial grade wireless base station for Wireless sensor networks EGSM16 17 Towards Remote Monitoring of Power Use: A Case for Smart Meters EGSM17 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS AutoGSMARMSolar PowerSmart IrrigationAgri Management Smart MetersGPSPredictive manintenancePatient assistance ..12.. 18 An Embedded Laboratory Security Monitoring System EGSM18

19 Automatic irrigation system with GSM alerts EGSM19 20 Bank locker Control with security alerting Using GSM Network EGSM20 21 Electricity billing using GSM based AMR for domestic and commercial applications. EGSM21 22 Smart home automation systems with GSM capabilities for remote control and safety system. EGSM22 23 Multi modal security system for bank vaults and secure locations with GSM alert and remote alarm activation. EGSM23 24 GSM and GPS based portable beacon for supervision applications. EGSM24 25 Virtual home care takers with GSM interface for remote monitoring and control of home. EGSM25 26 Prepaid billing of electricity and other essential services using mobile commerce. EGSM26 27 Portable health monitoring unit for patients with GPS positioning and GSM alerts. EGSM27 28 Short messaging system based voting system using GSM EGSM28 29 GSM based smart home systems with bidirectional communication for versatile applications. EGSM29 MEMS / Smart Sensors 1 The use of MEMs accelerometers for measurement of driver seat comfort EMEM1 2 Low-cost Structural Health Monitoring Scheme Using MEMS-based Accelerometers EMEM2 3 Design of Digital Dipmeter Based on MEMS Accelerometer and SOC MCU EMEM3 4 MEMS Based Aid for the Physically Challenged EMEM4 5 Wireless earthquake alarm design based on MEMS accelerometer EMEM5 6 A wearable device for recording of biopotentials and body movements EMEM6 7 Intelligent Bird scaring system with multiple sensors EMEM7 8 Predictive maintenace sytem for large bridges and industrial machines using labview EMEM8 9 Embedded temperature and vibration sensing system for monitoring ball screw preload EMEM9 10 The design and application of human attitude detector based on inertial measurement unit EMEM10 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Accelerometersgyroscopespiezo pressurefall detection Tilt sensingAccident IdentificationThermopile arrayIMU ..13.. 11 A 3-axis accelerometer and strain sensor system for building integrity monitoring EMEM11 12 Attitude Estimation of Rigid Bodies Using MEMS Inertial Sensors EMEM12 13 Development of a low cost inertial measurement unit for UAV applications with Kalman Filter based attitude determination EMEM13 14 Coin based mobile phone charger for Multiple phones EMEM14 15 Intelligent Traffic Light Controller with traffic density analiser EMEM15 16 MEMS Based Aid for the Physically Challenged EMEM16 17 Applications of MEMS in Robotics and BioMEMS EMEM17 18 Compact wireless GPS/inertial system EMEM18 19 Traffic accident automatic detection and remote alarm device EMEM19 20 Multi-DOF inertial MEMS: From gaming to dead reckoning EMEM20 21 Pressure sensing system for the study of blast-induced traumatic brain injury EMEM21 22 Wireless technologies for the orthopaedics: Diagnostics and surgical applications EMEM22 23 Self-calibrating infrared thermometer for remote monitoring in cold climates EMEM23

24 Measurements and simulations of the convective heat transfer coefficients on the end-windings of an electrical machine EMEM24 25 Ultrasonic Aid for the Blind with distance calculation Electronic stick EMEM25 26 vehicle ostacle detection and breaking for collision prevention EMEM26 27 Micro mirror arrays for improved sensitivity of thermopile infrared sensors EMEM27 28 Physiotheraphy training scheduler using MEMS sensors EMEM28 29 Missing Items detection technology for normal daily usage EMEM29 30 Supermarket Queu Prevention and automation system Electronic Basket EMEM30 31 An intelligent Lighting system for exhibition applications EMEM31 Embedded / Industrial Networks and Protocols 1 Online Fault Diagnosis for Controller Area Networks EENP1 2 Automation Using digital Bidirectional Power line Communication protocol EENP2 3 A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management EENP3 4 A Virtual Control System for Automotive and Railway Industries EENP4 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS CANRS485ModbusTCP/IPEthernetIndustrial Automation Process ControlClosed loop systemsDistributed ControlRS422MOSTFieldbus 5 An On-line Distributed Induction Motor Monitoring System Based-on ARM and CAN Bus EENP5 6 A Modular Real-Time Fieldbus Architecture for Mobile Robotic Platforms EENP6 7 AWearable Sensing System for Tracking and Monitoring of Functional Arm Movement EENP7 8 Implementation of X-10 protoclol for power line communication in Colleges and Industries EENP8 9 Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis System for Wind Turbines Based on CAN EENP9 10 LIN sub network implementation for low cost automobile applications EENP10 11 Mobile robot for overhead powerline inspection and a controlling method for obstacle avoidance EENP11 12 Measurement and Control System of Soil Moisture of Large Greenhouse Group Based on Double CAN Bus EENP12 13 Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous all-terrain vehicle EENP13 14 Bus data acquisition and romote monitoring system based on CAN bus and GPRS EENP14 15 Research on an integral driving controller based on DSP for robot moving joints EENP15 16 Design of vehicle bus data acquisition and fault diagnosis system EENP16 17 Simulated Analysis on the Automobile Body Electrical Control System Based on CAN-LIN Bus EENP17 18 Electricity Smart Meters Interfacing the Households EENP18 19 Networked monitoring system based on embedded dynamic web EENP19 20 Power saver for street lights/ large corridors/ Public places EENP20 21 Design of the Multi-computer communication system based on RS485 EENP21 22 RS-485 based multi axis motor controller EENP22 23 The design of intelligent building control system EENP23 24 A networked embedded real-time controller for complex control systems EENP24 25 Parameter Measurement through Network Based on Embedded System EENP25 26 Network Intrusion Detection System Embedded on a Smart Sensor EENP26 27 Noiseless network for smart city design for safety, security

and government applications EENP27 ..14.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS CANRS485ModbusTCP/IPEthernetIndustrial Automation Process ControlClosed loop systemsDistributed ControlRS422MOSTFieldbus ..15.. 28 Development of a distributed data collection system based on embedded Ethernet EENP28 29 Distributed intelligent climate system for indoor locations EENP29 30 CSMA/CD topology based AMR systems cumulative power logging in industrial motors. EENP30 31 Internet based home and machine control system EENP31 32 Networked monitoring system based on embedded dynamic web EENP32 33 Distributed on board processing prototype based on SPI communication protocol. EENP33 34 e Virtual Panels for supervisory control of processes using embedded Ethernet. EENP34 35 Home automation system with embedded TCP/IP interface for world wide access. EENP35 36 Data logging on a Embedded web server for ambient conditions logging in agricultural warehouses. EENP36 37 Embedded network based on the CAN protocol for DCS systems in residential societies and buildings. EENP37 38 Implementation of a master slave architecture using the I2C protocol for non volatile data logging. EENP38 39 Multichannel temperature logging for in instrument temperature monitoring using SPI based sensors. EENP39 40 A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management and climate control EENP40 Biomedical / Biometrics 1 Aid for Deaf and Dumb people in recognising and Speeches EBMB1 2 Biometric attendance system EBMB2 3 Determination of a Patients Speed and Stride Length Minimizing Hardware Requirements EBMB3 4 Web-based real-time remote monitoring for pervasive healthcare EBMB4 5 Wearable Interrupter Module for Home-Based Applications in a Telemedical System Dedicated to Respiratory Mechanics Measurements EBMB5 6 Design of ECG acquisition and transmission via Bluetooth with heart disease diagnosis EBMB6 7 Towards accelerometry based static posture identification EBMB7 8 Applications of wireless sensors in medicine EBMB8 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Finger print AnalysisVoice recognitionhealthcare systemse-doctor Voice ControlCardiac Monitoring Health informatics MEMShaptic analysis 9 Sensors-based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls EBMB9 10 A telemedicine instrument for Internet-based home monitoring of thoracoabdominal motion in patients with respiratory diseases EBMB10 11 Wireless breathing system for long term telemonitoring of respiratory activity EBMB11 12 Virtual Remote Nursing system EBMB12 13 Wireless Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring System Using ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 Standard EBMB13 14 Wheelchair pressure monitoring alert system for the reduction of the occurrence of pressure sores EBMB14 15 alcohol detection and prevention EBMB15

16 Textile moisture sensor matrix for monitoring of disabled and bed-rest patients EBMB16 17 A proposal of a Web-based computer-scored test assistance system for university education EBMB17 18 Glove input interface with switches on fingertips EBMB18 19 Semiconductor speech synthesizers for handicapped pseudo speaking aid. EBMB19 20 MEMS Based modality for versatile controls for multiple amputees. EBMB20 21 Robotic system for isolated bank locker access using finger print recognition. EBMB21 22 Software voice recognition engine based versatile voice control system. EBMB22 23 Voice dialing system for intercoms in offices and industries EBMB23 24 Voice operated wheelchair prototype for handicapped mobility assistance. EBMB24 25 Bio metric recognition system based digital voting machine EBMB25 26 Electronic library management system using finger print sensor EBMB26 27 Fingerprint prediction enabled passport authentication system EBMB27 28 High protection ATM system with finger print identification technology EBMB28 29 Voice recognition based wireless home automation system EBMB29 30 Voice activation system using acoustic event detection and keyword/speaker recognition EBMB30 31 Attendance management and staff data automation using finger print in colleges and industries EBMB31 32 Biomedical Telemetry for soldiers in warfield EBMB32 ..16.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Finger print AnalysisVoice recognitionhealthcare systemse-doctor Voice ControlCardiac Monitoring Health informatics MEMShaptic analysis ..17.. 33 Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged EBMB33 34 Human recognition through RFID: A distinct application of speech processing EBMB34 35 Prescription Drug Abuse Control System EBMB35 36 Multimodal Input in the Car, Today and Tomorrow EBMB36 37 Aid for dumb people in making speeches using Advanced speech synthesizer EBMB37 Robotics 1 Applications of MEMS in Robotics and BioMEMS EROB1 2 Color Identification Robot for material handling in industries EROB2 3 Vision-guided robotic assembly using uncalibrated vision EROB3 4 Multimodal haptic interface for surgical robotics EROB4 5 WVaMode: AWi-Fi vehicular ad hoc Mode for the unmanned vehicle EROB5 6 Conveyor Monitoring and Control system with smart power saver for industries EROB6 7 Realisation of a bilaterally teleoperated robotic vehicle platform with passivity control EROB7 8 Mobile controlled robot with real time feedback sensors EROB8 9 A Noncontact Ultrasonic Platform for Structural Inspection EROB9 10 Multi degree Pick and Place robot with object identification technology EROB10 11 Battery state estimation for applications in intelligent warehouses EROB11 12 Development of a low cost inertial measurement unit for UAV applications with Kalman Filter based attitude determination EROB12 13 Robotic system for reactive navigation in dynamic environments EROB13 14 Design and implementation of real time pollution free

autonomous vehicle for harvesting on VI platform EROB14 15 Feedback and predictive motion control strategies for the off-road locomotion of the three-wheeled personal vehicle Falcon-III EROB15 16 Autonomous robots in the fog of war EROB16 17 The Application of Adaptive PID Control in the Spray Robot EROB17 18 Multi parameter monitoring robot for poisonous gases and nuclear radiation detection EROB18 19 Design of PID controller based on information collecting robot in agricultural fields EROB19 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Wireless controlVisio-guidanceAutonomous navigation GPS controlleddeminingServo controlHuman detectionRobotic soldier ..18.. 20 Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot in Defense EROB20 21 Multi parameter Recording robot for potentially hazardous surroundings EROB21 22 Research of intelligent immune intrusion detection system about combating virus with virus EROB22 23 The Application Research of Mobile Robots and Wireless Sensor Network in Laser Automatic Guided Vehicles EROB23 24 Path tracking robot for material handling in banks and Industries EROB24 25 Power saving robot for software industries using thermopiloe array EROB25 26 Elderly Patient movement assistance robot between different labs in hospitals EROB26 27 Autonomous landmine mapping robot prototype with remote database logger for defense application. EROB27 28 Missing weapons logging using low cost passive RFID and self navigating vehicle platform. EROB28 29 Field programmable autonomous communication jammer robot prototype for Warfield using ZigBee data link. EROB29 30 PIR grid based automatic video surveillance robot with pan and tilt servo camera assembly. EROB30 31 Live human detecting robot for earth quake rescue operation. EROB31 RFID / Smart Cards / Magnetic Cards / Others 1 Ultrasonics level readers based flood alert system for infrastructure in the proximity of water bodies. EOTH1 2 PIR sensor triggered motion detection and video surveillance system for security applications. EOTH2 3 Ambient conditions logger for cargo containers for international commerce transparency. EOTH3 4 MEMS based infrastructural predictive maintenance systems with GSM alerting function. EOTH4 5 Alerting head gear for drivers for preventing drowsiness of drivers using dual axis MEMS accelerometers. EOTH5 6 Passenger alerting system using volatile gas sensors to detect LPG/CNG leakage in an automobile. EOTH6 7 Vehicle ignition over ride system using breath analyzers for preventing drunken driving. EOTH7 8 Multi parameter recorder using memory cards for fleet monitoring system. EOTH8 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Autonomous Navigation Alcohol detectionAccident Alerting PDS AutomationTicketing systemAutomobile safetyRailway passenger assistance 9 Multiple coin based smart coin phone system with precise coin acceptance system. EOTH9 10 Vehicle pollution monitoring and automatic service time indication with fuel quality indication for automobiles. EOTH10

11 Sophisticated portable bird scaring system for agricultural applications EOTH11 12 On Board Diagnostic system for automobiles for manufacturer independent vehicle diagnostics. EOTH12 13 Group elevator scheduling with advance information for normal and emergency modes in building management systems EOTH13 14 Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector EOTH14 15 Involuntary industrial power scheduler using embedded system EOTH15 16 Tamper and fault proof automatic speed limiting device for commercial vehicles with over speed logger. EOTH16 17 Zigbee network for railways using GPS for collision warning and avoidance. EOTH17 18 Pre programmed portable navigation aid for fisherman with weather updates and distress alerting system. EOTH18 19 Automatic traffic signal switching system by differential positioning of vehicles using GPS for ambulances and fire fighter vehicles. EOTH19 20 Employee safety tracking system for call center employees using GPS and GSM. EOTH20 21 GPS tags for monitoring and tracking animals in live stock farming. EOTH21 22 Unmanned farming vehicles for farming using GPS based steering system. EOTH22 23 Prescription drug abuse control system using secure smart cards. EOTH23 24 Automatic rationing for public distribution system (PDS) using RFID for preventing smuggling of goods EOTH24 25 RFID and ZigBee based prepaid automatic fare system for public transports. EOTH25 26 Passive RFID based low cost implementation of multi purpose cards using centralized citizen database EOTH26 27 Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards for campus management EOTH27 28 Automatic rationing for PDS with consumption logger using smart cards EOTH28 29 Unmanned bus ticket issuing system for passengers EOTH29 30 Automated and unmanned railway gate crossing system EOTH30 31 Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards for campus management EOTH31 ..19.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Autonomous Navigation Alcohol detectionAccident Alerting PDS AutomationTicketing systemAutomobile safetyRailway passenger assistance ..20.. 32 Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train EOTH32 33 Speaking aid for dumb using TTS Engines EOTH33 34 Speaking aid for dumb using DSP based speech synthesizer EOTH34 35 Design of Comprehensive Teaching Aid for Communication Engineers/ Electrical Engineers VI EOTH35 36 Universal remote control based on Sound recognition for ipods and mobile phones EOTH36 37 Multiple Noiseless Signal transfer in hospitals for patient monitoring and networking using VI EOTH37 38 Automatic covering and fungus protection system for drying materials in Agro based industries EOTH38 39 Distance based automatic Bus Ticketing system EOTH39 Electrical Systems / Power Electronics / Special Machines 1 Electronic system for improvement of solar plant efficiency by optimized algorithm implemented in biaxial solar trackers EEPE1 2 Unbalanced Three-phase Optimal Power Flow for Smart Grids EEPE2 3 An efficient home energy management system based on

Automatic Meter Reading EEPE3 4 Innovative 3D integration of power MOSFETs for synchronous buck converters EEPE4 5 Automatic changeover for 3 phase connections with data logger EEPE5 6 Eye tracking based driver fatigue monitoring and warning system EEPE6 7 A design of network remote control system EEPE7 8 Temperature-controlling system based on TEC EEPE8 9 Automatic Switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for efficient load distribution EEPE9 10 Maximum Power Point Tracking of Multiple Photovoltaic Arrays: A PSO Approach EEPE10 11 Improvement of electric railway transportation protection systems using a relay based on fuzzy logic EEPE11 12 A channel model for power line communication in the smart grid EEPE12 13 Advanced Logistical Systems for the Maintenance of Overhead Distribution Lines Through DCC With the Use of Laser Monitoring EEPE13 14 Broken Conductor Detection for Overhead Line Distribution System EEPE14 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Power electronicsDistribution systemselectrical machines Smart GridsSolar power MPPT Renewable energyPLCCX 10Thermopile array 15 Line Losses Management System of Distribution Networks Based on Local Area Network EEPE15 16 Solar Tracking system for Maximum power output with real time power monitoring system EEPE16 17 Power-line communication-based network architecture for LVDC distribution system EEPE17 18 The verification of data acquisition approach for new fault location method in medium voltage networks EEPE18 19 A New Technique to Detect Faults in De-Energized Distribution FeedersScheme and Asymmetrical Fault Detection EEPE19 20 Smart metering and home automation solutions for the next decade EEPE20 21 Energy economic analysis of PV based charging station at workplace parking garage EEPE21 22 Design of an innovative transformer load management in taipower EEPE22 23 A centralized monitoring and analysis system of transmission lines in mined-out area EEPE23 24 Development of an power Transmission Online Monitoring System EEPE24 25 Development of On-line monitoring system of substation power equipment based on IEEE1588 standard EEPE25 26 Design of DCDC Boost Converter with FNN Solar Cell Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller EEPE26 27 A Novel Improved Variable Step-Size Incremental-Resistance MPPT Method for PV Systems EEPE27 28 Design and realization of a photovoltaic system equipped with a digital MPPT control EEPE28 29 MPPT control strategy for wind energy conversion system based on RBF network EEPE29 30 Simulation of MPPT control algorithm for photovoltaic cell based on Matlab EEPE30 31 Embedded Power Manager for large industries and residential complexes EEPE31 32 Wireless power transmission technologies for solar power satellite EEPE32 33 Data Transfer using Flux in Inductive power transfer systems for high power machines EEPE33 34 Maximum Demand Controller for Industries EEPE34

..21.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Power electronicsDistribution systemselectrical machines Smart GridsSolar power MPPT Renewable energyPLCCX 10Thermopile array 35 Impact of green power generation on distribution systems in a smart grid EEPE35 36 Analysis of the Distributed Generation System and the Influence on Power Loss EEPE36 37 Power quality improvement of unbalanced with distributed generation units EEPE37 38 Power quality improvement of 1-? grid-connected PWM inverter using fuzzy with hysteresis current controller EEPE38 39 Application of STATCOM for power quality improvement EEPE39 40 Motor Multiparameter Monitoring System for fault prevention EEPE40 41 Power quality improvement of unbalanced power system with distributed generation units EEPE41 42 Synchronised Measurement Technology for Analysis of Transmission Lines Faults EEPE42 43 Development of automatic line-tracking inspection device for high voltage transmission lines based on ground control EEPE43 44 Accurate location of phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase faults on power transmission lines using two-end synchronized measurements EEPE44 45 Transformer Load Sharing for efficiency improvement EEPE45 46 Implementing single auto voltage source for multiple devices EEPE46 47 Industrial DCS based on the X10 protocol using power line communication. EEPE47 48 An CSMA/CD based PLCC network for machines monitoring and control EEPE48 49 Home automation using power line networking and ZigBee remote control. EEPE49 50 Predictive maintenance system using vibration and temperature analysis for heavy motors in industries. EEPE50 51 Wide range speed control drive for DC Motors by controlling mean current through PWM. EEPE51 52 Fuzzy logic based embedded power manager EEPE52 53 Fuzzy based elevator control for increased security and power management EEPE53 54 Distribution grid transformers monitoring using GSM with forced cooling control system. EEPE54 55 Closed loop bidirectional speed torque control of motors for heavy industrial applications. EEPE55 ..22.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Power electronicsDistribution systemselectrical machines Smart GridsSolar power MPPT Renewable energyPLCCX 10Thermopile array 56 Remote sub station monitoring system using bidirectional power line communication. EEPE56 57 Automatic power failure indication system for domestic and commercial use. EEPE57 58 Fuzzy logic based drive using DSP for DC and servo motors EEPE58 59 Speed control of dc motor using DAC EEPE59 60 Voice enabled speed control of dc motor EEPE60 61 Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board EEPE61 62 Models for bearing damage detection in induction motors using stator current monitoring EEPE62 63 Single board computer based RC servo drive for robotic arm

control EEPE63 64 Approach of an FPGA based adaptive stepper motor control system EEPE64 65 Position Control of a Sensorless Stepper Motor EEPE65 66 SVPWM control on 2-phased hybrid stepper motor EEPE66 67 Stepper Motor Drive Control Based on MCU EEPE67 68 RS-485 based multi axis motor controller EEPE68 69 Position control system design based on LabVIEW EEPE69 70 Simulation and realization of Steer-by-Wire system EEPE70 71 Development of multi-axis stepper motion control system based on nios II EEPE71 72 Design of a DSP controller and driver for the power-by-wire driving system with BLDC servo motor pump EEPE72 73 Power Generation system in Speed breakers and rail tracks EEPE73 74 Humanoid robot system design based on DC reduction servo motor EEPE74 75 Variable structure control for permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive EEPE75 76 Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo Systems Based on Sliding-Mode Control EEPE76 77 Human Eye Perception Based Power Saver For Industrial Units And Public Places EEPE77 78 Artificial Neural Network-Based Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Servo System EEPE78 79 A Simple commutation method for PMBLDC motor used in speed servo system EEPE79 ..23.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Power electronicsDistribution systemselectrical machines Smart GridsSolar power MPPT Renewable energyPLCCX 10Thermopile array 80 Open loop V/f control of induction motor based on hybrid PWM with reduced torque ripple EEPE80 81 Magnetic Effects of DC Signal Injection on Induction Motors for Thermal Evaluation of Stator Windings EEPE81 82 Performance analysis of the sensorless induction motor drive system under faulted conditions EEPE82 83 Fault analysis of induction motor EEPE83 84 Detection and Isolation of Speed-, DC-Link Voltage-, and Current-Sensor Faults Based on an Adaptive Observer in Induction-Motor Drives EEPE84 85 Power theft identification system in distribution lines using differential power measurement EEPE85 86 Application of fuzzy neural network in the speed control system of induction motor EEPE86 87 Speed and Flux Control of Induction Motors Using Emotional Intelligent Controller EEPE87 88 Space Vector Modulation based Field Oriented Control scheme for Brushless DC motors EEPE88 89 A New Method for Sensorless Estimation of the Speed and Position in brushed DC Motors Using Support Vector Machines EEPE89 90 Sliding Mode Speed Control of a DC Motor EEPE90 91 DC Motor Speed Calculation Based on Armature Current Measurement EEPE91 92 Design of fast fuzzy controller and its application on position control of DC motor EEPE92 93 Closed current loop regulator for electric kart DC motor torque stabilization EEPE93 94 Adaptive anti-control of chaos of permanent magnet DC motor system EEPE94

95 The application of DC motor controller in the test system of intelligent elevator EEPE95 96 Real time control of DC motor drive using speech recognition EEPE96 97 Intelligent controller design for PM DC motor position control using evolutionary programming EEPE97 98 Modeling and simulation of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy controller for Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive EEPE98 99 DC motor drive with high torque at low speeds EEPE99 100 LOW COST AUTOMATIC SOLAR ENERGY TRAPPING SYSTEM EEPE100 ..24.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S EMBEDDED SYSTEMS KEYWORDS Power electronicsDistribution systemselectrical machines Smart GridsSolar power MPPT Renewable energyPLCCX 10Thermopile array ..25.. EPLC / PLC / SCADA / HMI 1 Design and research of embedded PLC development system EPLC1 2 A Web PLC Using Distributed Web Servers for Data Acquisition and Control: Wed Based PLC EPLC2 3 First Fault Identification and Announcing system EPLC3 4 Programmable logic controllers used in collecting of metal packaging waste EPLC4 5 Programmable logic controllers used in electric drives of an intelligent building EPLC5 6 Genetic programming applied to programmable logic controllers programming EPLC6 7 PID implementation of heating tank in mini automation plant using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) EPLC7 8 Variant-frequency fuzzy controller for air conditioning driver by programmable logic controller EPLC8 9 Smart home gateway for smart grid EPLC9 10 An embedded PLC development for teaching in mechatronics education EPLC10 11 Modbus communication used in the machine of spark plug EPLC11 12 Power plant coal conveyer coal link PLC control system EPLC12 13 Trajectory Tracking of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot with Kinematic Disturbances: A Variable Structure Control Design EPLC13 14 Decentralized implementation approach of control synthesis of manufacturing systems EPLC14 15 Research of Internet based supervisory control and information system EPLC15 16 Considerations in network and automation options for low-voltage motor control centers EPLC16 17 To develop an embedded controller for stepping motor drive system EPLC17 18 A digraph model for risk identification and management in SCADA systems EPLC18 19 Development of Smart Devices for Secure Communication in the SCADA System EPLC19 20 Industrial fault detection using Inductive Power transfer - IPT EPLC20 21 Water distribution network real-time simulation based on SCADA system using OPC communication EPLC21 22 PLC-based SCADA system for oil storage and application EPLC22 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS Embedded PLCDAQPIDIndustrial Automation Smart GridDCSEmbedded web serversVIe-panelTCP/IP ..26.. 23 Communication Infrastructures for Distributed Control of Power Distribution Networks EPLC23 24 Automated Farming techniques for Agricultural fields EPLC24

25 Automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification system EPLC25 26 SCADA based College automation system EPLC26 27 Design and implementation of real time pollution free autonomous vehicle for harvesting on VI platform EPLC27 28 A novel algorithm for sudden cardiac death risk estimation using Lab VIEW EPLC28 29 Multifunction iLab implemented laboratory EPLC29 30 Assimilation of Wireless Sensor Networks and remote microcomputer laboratories EPLC30 31 The Real-time Temperature Measuring System for the Jointless Rail EPLC31 32 Implementation of a industrial process control using Embedded PLC with VI based SCADA EPLC32 33 An HyDCS architecture implementation using E-PLC and Embedded systems EPLC33 34 PLC based intelligent universal drive for stepper motors. EPLC34 35 PID controller for industries based on low cost soft PLCs. EPLC35 36 Agricultural commodity vending machine for departmental stores using PLC. EPLC36 37 SCADA system for turbine speed control and management in power plants EPLC37 38 Boiler temperature and control system for management using SCADA EPLC38 39 SCADA systems for distribution and substation automation EPLC39 Instrumentation / Virtual Instrumentation 1 A measurement system of flexion and extension of the hand joints based on accelerometers EIVI1 2 Multifunction iLab implemented laboratory EIVI2 3 ECG Signal Denoising Based on Morphological Filtering EIVI3 4 Computer as a tool for controlling measurement of water content in building materials EIVI4 5 Adjustable Speed Drive Project for Teaching a Servo Systems Course Laboratory EIVI5 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS LabviewMEMSARMePanelHybrid DCSInstrument Clusters SCADAClosed Loop systemsTest BenchProcess ControlPIDDAQ 6 Virtual instrument for electroencephalography data acquisition - simulation EIVI6 7 Easy Carry Soft instrument panel design EIVI7 8 Energy Efficient and Low Cost Indoor Environment Monitoring System Based on the IEEE 1451 Standard EIVI8 9 Labview-based laboratory environment for learning of filtering concepts EIVI9 10 A novel remote meter-reading system based on virtual instrument EIVI10 11 Position control system design based on LabVIEW EIVI11 12 Data logging and supervisory control of process using LabVIEW EIVI12 13 A LabVIEW-Based Fault Diagnosis System for Lithium-Ion Battery EIVI13 14 Remote Supervisory System of Motor Control Protection Device Based on Virtual Instrument Technology EIVI14 15 An alternate approach to the laboratory implementation of communication experiments EIVI15 16 Design of Greenhouse remote monitoring system based on LabVIEW EIVI16 17 Design of the remote data acquisition system based on FPGA and USB EIVI17 18 A graphical programming and design environment for FPGAbased hardware EIVI18

19 Portable electronic nose for beverage quality assessment EIVI19 20 Automatic Ultrasonic Testing System for Forging Based on Virtual Instrument EIVI20 21 Design and implementation of real time pollution free autonomous vehicle for harvesting on VI platform EIVI21 22 The Real-time Temperature Measuring System for the Jointless Rail EIVI22 23 WSN based temperature monitoring for High Performance Computing cluster EIVI23 24 Characterization and Testing of a Tool for Photovoltaic Panel Modeling EIVI24 25 Bearing characters recognition system based on LabVIEW EIVI25 26 Development of ECU calibration system for electronic controlled engine based on LabVIEW EIVI26 27 Low-cost, short-term electric load prediction using the ?-?-?filter EIVI27 28 Virtual instrument for monitoring the distribution systems EIVI28 ..27.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS LabviewMEMSARMePanelHybrid DCSInstrument Clusters SCADAClosed Loop systemsTest BenchProcess ControlPIDDAQ ..28.. 29 An Arc Welding Robot Control for a Shaped Metal Deposition Plant: Modular Software Interface and Sensors EIVI29 30 Automatic Wheel remover for punctured tyres in automobiles EIVI30 31 e Virtual Panels for industrial automation over the internet using embedded web servers EIVI31 32 A transparent TCP/IP channel using virtual instrumentation for signal transfers over LANs and WANs EIVI32 33 Low cost multi channel DAQ cards for signal acquisitions and analysis using virtual instruments. EIVI33 34 Coin chargers for mobile phones and portable devices at public places. EIVI34 35 e Virtual panels for WSN based monitoring of agricultural fields. EIVI35 36 Cumulative power logger for distributed power consumption monitoring system. EIVI36 37 Ambient conditions logger for cargo containers for international commerce transparency. EIVI37 DSP / DIP / MATLAB 1 A DOST Based Approach for the Condition Monitoring of 11 kV Distribution Line Insulators EDSP1 2 A Novel video tracking approach - Branch and Track EDSP2 3 A Triple-Key Chaotic Image Encryption Method EDSP3 4 An Automated System to Diagnose the Severity of Adult Depression EDSP4 5 An Indian Coin Recognition using Image Subtraction Technique EDSP5 6 An Obstacle Detection and Avoidance of AMobile Robot with Stereo Vision Camera EDSP6 7 Application of Non-Iterative Method in Digital Image Restoration EDSP7 8 Color Image Retrieval by Fusion of Color with Texture Optimization EDSP8 9 Cutting Tool Wear Measurement by Using Contour Based Image Processing EDSP9 10 Defects Detection of Cold-roll Steel Surface in Industry EDSP10 11 Discrimination of Diseased Regions in Leaf images by Fuzzy C-Means Clustering EDSP11 12 Edge Detection Algorithm for Lung CT Image Analysis EDSP12 13 Extraction of facial features for the human facial gender classification EDSP13 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S

KEYWORDS Image restorationImage optimizationMachine Vision Hybrid Genetic AlgorithmHistogram EqualizationSymbol Recognition 14 Fuzzy Clustering in Geospatial Image Analysis EDSP14 15 Human Motion Detection in video Surveillance EDSP15 16 Hybrid Approach to Transmit a Secrete Image EDSP16 17 Image Processing Based Automatic Target-Scoring System for Military EDSP17 18 Image recognition of brain-stem ultrasound images using a neural network EDSP18 19 Implementation of Fingerprint Recognition EDSP19 20 Lane Tracking And Autonomous Cruise Control for Automatic Highway EDSP20 21 License Plate Character Segmentation Algorithm based on Vetical Projection EDSP21 22 Light Tracking System Using Machine Vision Technique EDSP22 23 Modeling Realistic Contrast Maps from MRI Images for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection EDSP23 24 Multiple Size Region of Interest in Disparity Mapping for Stereo Vision Application EDSP24 25 New Data Hiding Algorithm using Encrypted secret message EDSP25 26 Phase Retrieval for Hard X-Ray Imaging Based on a Parallel Hybrid Genetic Algorithm EDSP26 27 prediction of coal ash based on image recognition and BPNN EDSP27 28 Recognition of Bolt and Nut using ANN EDSP28 29 Segmentation of Human Retinal Images for Sight Threatening Diseases EDSP29 30 Structuring and Imaging for Road Sites in Urban Traffic Accident EDSP30 31 The numerical conversion algorithm of cardiac electrophysiology image EDSP31 32 Transform Domain Progressive Image Decoding EDSP32 33 Desaturation of Digital Camera Images using chroma correlation EDSP33 34 Face Recognition using Gabor Filters and Local Binary Patterns EDSP34 35 Constant-brightness-plane based histogram equalization for color images EDSP35 36 Image Contrast enhancement using histogram specification EDSP36 37 Human Iris localization using modified ellipse fitting EDSP37 38 Image object segmentation and Region based Gamma mapping EDSP38 39 Support Vector Machine based retinal blood vessel detection and classification for eye disease detection EDSP39 40 Optic Disc detection using oriented line filter response for eye disease detection EDSP40 ..29.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS Image restorationImage optimizationMachine Vision Hybrid Genetic AlgorithmHistogram EqualizationSymbol Recognition ..30.. 41 Image Segmentation and classification for Highway Traffic Symbol recogntion EDSP41 42 Wavelet domain Remote Sensing Satellite Image sharpening EDSP42 43 Forest Detection and Enhancement of Remote Sensing Satellite Images EDSP43 44 Combining Remote Sensing Satellite Images using Wavelet Planes EDSP44 45 Color Image restoration from high concentration impulse noise EDSP45 46 Lighting variation correction in Human Face Databases using Global and Local Face Features EDSP46 47 Illumination invariant Human face recognition using transform domain magnitude correction EDSP47 48 Robotic Scene Analysis based image enhancement EDSP48 49 Binary data hiding based Biometric Authentication System EDSP49 50 A highly secure steganographic scheme for medical and

military images EDSP50 Neural Network / MATLAB 1 A Direct Torque Control of Asynchronous Motor Based on Fuzzy Net-work ENUN1 2 A New Intelligent Autoreclosing Scheme Using Artificial Neural Network ENUN2 3 A Novel Intrusion Detection System Based on PSO-RBF Classifier ENUN3 4 A Novel Method for Extraction of Speed Output Using NN in Vector Control of PMSM ENUN4 5 A Novel Neural Network Controller for Asymmetric Cascade Multilevel Inverter ENUN5 6 An Integrated Neural Network Based Fault Diagnosis in Feed water Pump ENUN6 7 An Intelligent Inverse Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Strategy for Wind EnergySystem ENUN7 8 ANN Based New Energy Conservation Scheme for Three Phase Induction Motor ENUN8 9 ANN controller for static synchronous series compensator in transient stability analysis ENUN9 10 ANN-Based Voltage DIP Mitigation in Power Networks with Distributed Generation ENUN10 11 Application of ANN in Time Series Prediction for Deformation of Surrounding Rocks in Soft Rock ENUN11 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS ANNDSTATCOMPV SystemsPMSM Distributed GenerationMPPTForecasting 12 Assessment Method for Soil Environmental Quality Based on BPNN ENUN12 13 Classification of Thumbprint using Artificial Neural Network ENUN13 14 Control of a Nuclear Steam Generator using FeedbackFeedforward LQG Controller ENUN14 15 Controlling Engine Advance Angle Based on ANN ENUN15 16 Design of Fire Detection and Alarm System Based on Intelligent Neural Network ENUN16 17 Dynamic Harmonic Identification in Converter Waveforms Using RBNN ENUN17 18 Electricity Forecasting For Small Scale Power System Using Artificial Neural Network ENUN18 19 engine fuel economy and its optimization in hybrid electric vehicles based on MATLAB ENUN19 20 Fault diagnosis of 40TM liquid-gas hammer based on BP algorithm ENUN20 21 Feedforward Control for High Precision Linear Servo System ENUN21 22 Forecasting Sunspot Numbers with Neural Networks using Sunspot Neural Forecaster System ENUN22 23 Implementation of NN-Controlled VSC and a Transformer as 3-Phase 4-Wire DSTATCOM ENUN23 24 Layer Recurrent Neural Network Solution for an Electromagnetic Interference Problem ENUN24 25 Load Frequency Control Using PID Tuned ANN Controller in Power System ENUN25 26 Maximum Power Point Tracking using GA Optimized ANN for Solar PV System ENUN26 27 Neural-Network-Based Integrated Electronic Load Controller for Asynchronous Generators ENUN27 28 Obstacle Avoidance in Mobile Robot using Neural Network ENUN28 29 Selection of Affecting Factors of Coal and Gas Outburst on Genetic Algorithm ENUN29 30 The Application of Neural Network for Sneak Circuit Analysis

on the Aircraft Electrical System ENUN30 31 The Forecast of the Electrical Energy Generated by Photovoltaic Systems using ANN ENUN31 32 The Intelligent Prediction of Flux Addition of P-S Converter ENUN32 33 Thunderstorm Forecasting by using Artificial Neural Network ENUN33 ..31.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS ANNDSTATCOMPV SystemsPMSM Distributed GenerationMPPTForecasting ..32.. ANFIS / MATLAB 1 A DE ANFIS Hybrid Technique For Adaptive Deadbeat Controller ENFS1 2 A Genetically Trained Simplified ANFIS Controller to Control Nonlinear MIMO Systems ENFS2 3 A Neuro Fuzzy PI Controller Used for Speed Control of a Direct Torque IM drive ENFS3 4 A New Method for Foetal Electrocardiogram Extraction Using ANFIS Trained With PSO Algorithm ENFS4 5 Adaptive-Neuro-Fuzzy-Based Sensorless Control of a SmartMaterial Actuator ENFS5 6 AI based Controller for 3 Phase 3 Level,Phase Shift PWM DC to DC Converter ENFS6 7 An ANFIS Model for Stock Price Prediction ENFS7 8 An ANFIS-Based Multi-Sensor Structure for a Mobile Robotic System ENFS8 9 An Effective Technique to Detect Forest Fire Region Through ANFIS with Spatial Data ENFS9 10 An On-line Approach for ANFIS Modelling and Control of a Flexible Manoeuvring System ENFS10 11 ANFIS Based Sensorless Control of PMSG-Based Wind Turbine ENFS11 12 ANFIS for monitoring the surface condition of polymeric insulators ENFS12 13 Dynamic Modeling of The Main Steam Temperature Based on ANFIS ENFS13 14 Fault Detection and Classification Using Kalman Filter and Genetic Neuro-Fuzzy Systems ENFS14 15 Human Intention Recognition for Robot Walking Helper Using ANFIS ENFS15 16 Hybrid PSO-ANFIS Approach for Short-Term Electricity Prices Forecasting ENFS16 17 Hybrid PSO-ANFIS Approach for Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting ENFS17 18 Identification of IP Packet Transmission Time Series Using Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques ENFS18 19 Intelligent Control for Torque-ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Motor ENFS19 20 Load Forecasting Using Hybrid Models ENFS20 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS Sensorless controlNeuro-Fuzzy SystemsRobotics ForecastingPredective ControlsWind PowerHybrid Models ..33.. 21 Machine Condition Prediction Based on ANFIS and High-Order Particle Filtering ENFS21 22 Modeling and Simulation of ANFIS Controller for Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive ENFS22 23 Modeling Mobile Learning System Using ANFIS ENFS23 24 Neuro Fuzzy Controller Based Direct Torque Control For SRM Drive ENFS24 25 Prediction of Manufacturing Lead Time Based on ANFIS ENFS25

26 Recurrent ANFIS for Steam Temperature Estimation in Distillation of Oil Extraction Process ENFS26 27 Research on Fuzzy Neural Network-based Sliding Mode Balance Control of Acrobot ENFS27 28 Rotor Broken Bar Diagnostics in Induction Motor Drive Using ANFIS classifier ENFS28 29 sEMG-Based Identification of Hand Motion Commands using ANFIS ENFS29 30 Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using ANFIS ENFS30 31 Shaft Misalignment Detection Using ANFIS for Speed Sensorless AC Drive ENFS31 32 Snore-Related Sound Classification Based on Time-Domain Features by Using ANFIS Model ENFS32 Fuzzy Logic 1 A Fuzzy Based Power Quality Enhancement Strategy for Ac-Ac Converters EFUZ1 2 A Fuzzy Controlled Energy Management System for a PV/Wind Renewable Energy System EFUZ2 3 A Hybrid Fuzzy-PID Control Technique for Inverted Pendulum EFUZ3 4 A Novel Fuzzy Clusters for Prolonging Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks EFUZ4 5 A Torque-Ripple Minimization of a Fuzzy-Logic Controller for Speed Control of IPM Motor Drives EFUZ5 6 Design of a fuzzy system to control a small electric train EFUZ6 7 Design of Fuzzy Based Controller for Modern Elevator Group with Floor Priority Constraints EFUZ7 8 Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Robust PID Controller for PWMBased Switching Converter EFUZ8 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS Power Quality improvementRenewable Energy Motor DrivesSTATCOMGenetic AlgorithmHEV ..34.. 9 design of MIMO Mamdani Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Wall Tracking Behavior of Mobile Robot EFUZ9 10 Development of an Efficient Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller EFUZ10 11 Diagnosis of Software Erosion through Fuzzy Logic EFUZ11 12 Fuzzy estimator for Sensorless PMBLDC Motor Drive under Speed Reversal EFUZ12 13 Fuzzy logic Based direct torque and flux control of an induction machine EFUZ13 14 Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT for PV Modules Influenced by Solar Irradiation and Cell Temperature EFUZ14 15 Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Control of Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Application EFUZ15 16 Fuzzy Logic Control with Constant DC Link Voltage of 48-Pulse VSC Based STATCOM EFUZ16 17 Fuzzy Logic Controlled UAV Autopilot Using C-Mean Clustering EFUZ17 18 Intelligent Control for Torque-ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Motor EFUZ18 19 Optimal Design of Type-2 Fuzzy Controllers with a Multiple Objective Genetic Algorithm EFUZ19 20 Power Quality Improvement of 1-? Grid-connected PWM Inverter using Fuzzy Controller EFUZ20 21 Self-tuning Fuzzy PID Controller for Electro-Hydraulic Cylinder EFUZ21 22 Simulation and Fuzzy Logic analysis on an Off-road HEV EFUZ22 23 Vibration Suppression of Hard Disk Drive Mechanism Using Intelligent Active Force Control EFUZ23 FPGA / VLSI

1 Low-Power And Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder EVLS1 2 Digital Image Authentication From JPEG Headers EVLS2 3 Building An AMBAAHB Compliant Memory Controller EVLS3 4 A Robust FSM Watermarking Scheme For IP Protection of Sequential Circuit Design. EVLS4 5 Design Of Sequential Elements For Low Power Clocking System. EVLS5 6 Innovative Application of RFID Systems to Special Education Schools EVLS6 7 Field Programmable Gate Array Prototyping Of End-Around Carry Parallel Prefix Tree Architectures. EVLS7 8 A New Reversible Design Of BCD Adder EVLS8 E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking 9 Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm For Memory Architecture EVLS9 10 The Realization Of Precision Agriculture Monitoring System Based On Wireless Sensor Network EVLS10 11 Bus Matrix Synthesis Based On Steiner Graphs for Power Efficient System-On-Chip Communications EVLS11 12 New Architectural Design Of CA-Based Codec. EVLS12 13 An Autonomous Vectorscalar Floating Point Coprocessor for FPGAs EVLS13 14 Adiabatic Technique For Energy Efficient Logic Circuits Design EVLS14 15 4 Bit SQF Multiplier Based On Booth Encoder EVLS15 16 A Low-Power And Portable Spread Spectrum Clock Generator for SOC Applications EVLS16 17 Period Extension And Randomness Enhancement Using High-Throughput Reseeding-Mixing Prng. EVLS17 18 Mapping Multi-Domain Applications Onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures EVLS18 19 The Communication Interface Design Of AT89C51 EVLS19 20 Area-Efficient Scalable Map Processor Design For High-Throughput Multistandard Convolutional Turbo Decoding EVLS20 21 A Design Of Network Remote Control System EVLS21 22 Efficient Codec Designs For Crosstalk Avoidance Codes Based OnNumeral Systems EVLS22 23 Blind Spectrum Sensing For OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems EVLS23 24 Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAs EVLS24 25 Low-Power And Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder EVLS25 26 Preparation Robot Based On Serial EVLS26 27 Peak Power Analysis Of MC-CDMA Employing Golay Complementary Sequences EVLS27 28 A Distributed Canny Edge Detector And Its Implementation On FPGA EVLS28 29 An FPGA-Based Architecture For Linear And Morphological Image Filtering EVLS29 30 FPGA Based Real-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller EVLS30 31 Design Of Low Power And High Speed Configurable Booth Multiplier EVLS31 32 Dual Stack Method A Novel Approach To Low Leakage And Speed Power Product Vlsi Design EVLS32 ..35.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking 33 Mapping Multi-Domain Applications Onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures. EVLS33 34 MasliNET: AWireless Sensor Network Based Environmental

Monitoring System EVLS34 35 On Profibus-DP Slave Station Controller Based On NIOS II EVLS35 36 An Efficient Architecture Design For VGA Monitor Controller EVLS36 37 IEEE 1451-Based Multi-Interface Module (I2M) For Industrial Processes Automation EVLS37 38 Design And Implementation Of Cordic Processor For Complex DPLL EVLS38 39 High-Accuracy Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers For Lossy Applications EVLS39 40 Efficient Iterative Techniques For Soft Decision Decoding Of Reed-Solomon Codes EVLS40 41 Design And Sensitivity Analysis Of A New Current-Mode Sense Amplifier For Low-Power SRAM EVLS41 42 An Implementation Of A 2D FIR Filter Using The Signed-Digit Number System EVLS42 43 A Novel Low Power And High Speed Wallace Tree Multiplier For RISC Processor EVLS43 44 Hardware Realization Of Shadow Detection Algorithm In FPGA EVLS44 45 Fixed-State Tests For Delay Faults In Scan Designs EVLS45 46 Design Of An Error Detection And Data Recovery Architecture For Motion Estimation Testing Applications. EVLS46 47 Image Encryption Based On AES Key Expansion EVLS47 48 Digital Watermarking Using Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition EVLS48 49 Efficient Weighted Modulo 2N+1 Adders By Partitioned ParallelPrefix Computation And Enhanced Circular Carry Generation EVLS49 50 An Ultra-Low-Power BPSK Receiver And Demodulator Based On Injection-Locked Oscillators EVLS50 51 High Speed ASIC Design Of Complex Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics EVLS51 52 Fuzzy Random Impulse Noise Removal From Color Image Sequences EVLS52 53 A Flexible Hardware Implementation Of SHA-1 And SHA-2 Hash Functions EVLS53 54 PVT Variation Tolerant Current Source With On-Chip Digital Self-Calibration EVLS54 ..36.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking 55 Effect Of Carrier Frequency Offset On Single-Carrier CDMA With Frequency-Domain Equalization EVLS55 56 Implementation Of A Self-Motivated Arbitration Scheme For The Multilayer AHB Bus Matrix. EVLS56 57 On The Transmission Method For Short Range MIMO Communications EVLS57 58 Enhancing Learning Of Digital Systems Using A Remote FPGA Lab EVLS58 59 Operation Improvement Of Indoor Robot By Gesture Recognition EVLS59 60 New Approach To Look-Up-Table Design And Memory-Based Realization Of FIR Digital Filter. EVLS60 61 A Low-Power Single-Phase Clock Multiband Flexible Divider. EVLS61 62 A Median Filter FPGAWith Harvard Architecture EVLS62 63 An Efficient 4-D 8PSK TCM Decoder Architecture EVLS63 64 A Lightweight High-Performance Fault Detection Scheme For The Advanced Encryption Standard Using Composite Fields EVLS64 65 Performance Analysis Of Integer Wavelet Transform For Image Compression EVLS65 66 An Enhanced Canary-Based System With BIST For SRAM Standby Power Reduction EVLS66

67 FPGA Implementation Of RS232 To Universal Serial Bus Converter EVLS67 68 Performance Efficient FPGA Implementation Of Parallel 2-D MRI Image Filtering Algorithms Using Xilinx System Generator EVLS68 69 Mobile Video Monitoring System Based On FPGA & GPRS EVLS69 70 Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Using Nonuniform Piecewise-Linear Approximation EVLS70 71 Algorithm Of Binary Image Labeling And Parameter Extracting Based On FPGA EVLS71 72 Power Management Of MIMO Network Interfaces On Mobile Systems EVLS72 73 An On-Chip Delay Measurement Technique Using Signature Registers For Small-Delay Defect Detection. EVLS73 74 LUT Optimization For Memory-Based Computation. EVLS74 75 Detecting Background Setting For Dynamic Scene EVLS75 76 Low-Complexity Sequential Searcher For Robust Symbol Synchronization In OFDM Systems EVLS76 77 Recognition FPGA System For Detection Of Anomalies In Mammograms EVLS77 ..37.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking 78 Low Complexity Digit Serial Systolic Montgomery Multipliers For Special Class Of GF(2M) EVLS78 79 High-Accuracy Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers For Lossy Applications EVLS79 80 Improved Area-Efficient Weighted Modulo 2N + 1 Adder Design With Simple Correction Schemes. EVLS80 81 High Throughput DA-Based DCT With High Accuracy ErrorCompensated Adder Tree EVLS81 82 Design And VLSI Implementation Of High-Performance FaceDetection Engine For Mobile Applications EVLS82 83 A New Adaptive Weight Algorithm For Salt And Pepper Noise Removal EVLS83 84 A Rotation-Based Bist With Self-Feedback Logic To Achieve Complete Fault Coverage EVLS84 85 Power-Aware Design With Various Low-Power Algorithms For An H.264/AVC Encoder EVLS85 86 Low Power Chien Search For BCH Decoder Using RT-Level Power Management EVLS86 87 Design And Implementation Of Area-Optimized AES Based On FPGA EVLS87 88 Solid Waste Monitoring And Management Using RFID, GIS And GSM EVLS88 89 A Robust Edge Encoding Technique For Energy-Efficient Multi-Cycle Interconnect EVLS89 90 Lossless Implementation Of Daubechies 8-Tap Wavelet Transform EVLS90 91 A Probabilistic Estimation Bias Circuit For Fixed-Width Booth Multiplier And Its DCT Applications EVLS91 92 Sort Optimization Algorithm Of Median Filtering Based On FPGA EVLS92 93 On Reducing Scan Shift Activity At RTL EVLS93 94 Design And Implementation Of Low Power Digital FIR Filter Based On Low Power Multipliers And Adders On Xilinx FPGA EVLS94 95 On Reducing Hidden Redundant Memory Accesses For DSP Applications EVLS95 96 Automatic Road Extraction Using High Resolution Satellite Images Based On Level Set And Mean Shift Methods EVLS96 97 PDE-Based Random-Valued Impulse Noise Removal Based On

New Class Of Controlling Functions EVLS97 98 Design Of SHA-1 Algorithm Based On FPGA EVLS98 99 Implementation And Performance Analysis Of Seal Encryption On FPGA, GPU And Multi-Core Processors EVLS99 ..38.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking 100 Design Space Exploration Of Hard-Decision Viterbi Decoding: Algorithm And VLSI Implementation. EVLS100 101 A Lightweight High-Performance Fault Detection Scheme For The Advanced Encryption Standard Using Composite Fields EVLS101 102 Accumulator Based 3-Weight Pattern Generation(Testing) EVLS102 103 A Secure Field Programmable Gate Array Based System-On-Chip For Telemedicine Application EVLS103 104 A Formal Approach To Designing Cryptographic Processors Based On GF(2^M) Arithmetic Circuits EVLS104 105 FPGA Design Of AES Core Architecture For Portable Hard Disk EVLS105 106 Design Of A Low Power Flip-Flop Using CMOS Deep Submicron Technology EVLS106 107 Removal Of High Density Salt And Pepper Noise Through Modified Decision Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter EVLS107 108 Design And FPGA Implementation Of Modified Distributive Arithmetic Based DWT-IDWT Processor For Image Compression EVLS108 109 FPGA Based FFT Algorithm Implementation In WiMAX Communications System EVLS109 110 FPGA Implementation For Humidity And Temperature Remote Sensing System EVLS110 111 Face Detection And Recognition Method Based On Skin Color And Depth Information EVLS111 112 Location Cache Design And Performance Analysis For Chip Multiprocessors EVLS112 113 Single Cycle Access Structure For Logic Test EVLS113 114 Systematic Design Of RSA Processors Based On High-Radix Montgomery Multipliers EVLS114 115 Effective Hybrid Test Program Development For Software-Based Self-Testing Of Pipeline Processor Cores EVLS115 116 An FPGA-Based Architecture For Linear And Morphological Image Filtering EVLS116 117 Modeling TCP/IP Stack In A Single Custom Processor, With Secure Data Transmission To An Altera-Based Web Server EVLS117 118 Implementing A Safe Embedded Computing System In Sram-Based FPGAs Using IP Cores: A Case Study Based On The Altera NIOS-II Soft Processor EVLS118 119 RFID-Based Hospital Real-Time Patient Management System EVLS119 120 A Multibank Memory-Based VLSI Architecture Of DVB Symbol Deinterleaver EVLS120 121 Design And Simulation Of UART Serial Communication Module Based On VHDL EVLS121 ..39.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking 122 Task Migration In Mesh NOCS Over Virtual Point-To-Point Connections EVLS122 123 A Review On Power Optimization Of Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) For Low Power Built In Self Test (BIST) EVLS123 124 Cyclic Prefixed OQAM-OFDM And Its Application To Single-Carrier FDMA EVLS124 125 Embedded Web Server For Remote Laboratory Access For

Undergraduate Students Studying Electronic Engineering EVLS125 126 Pseudorandom Bit Generation Using Coupled Congruential Generators. EVLS126 127 An Efficient Implementation Of Floating Point Multiplier EVLS127 128 High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design For TCM Decoders EVLS128 129 A Very Fast And Low Power Carry Select Adder Circuit EVLS129 130 Development Of A New Breath Alcohol Detector Without Mouthpiece To Prevent Alcohol-Impaired Driving EVLS130 131 The Design Of The Displaying System Based On The SOPC Embedded Chips EVLS131 132 High Speed ASIC Design Of Complex Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics EVLS132 133 The Design Of The Emperature And Humidity Supervisory Monitor System EVLS133 134 Technique Of LFSR Based Test Generator Synthesis For Deterministic And Pseudorandom Testing EVLS134 135 Ultra Low-Power Clocking Scheme Using Energy Recovery And Clock Gating EVLS135 136 Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAs EVLS136 137 Runtime Resonance Noise Reduction With Current Prediction Enabled Frequency Actuator EVLS137 138 Adaptive OFDM Radar For Target Detection In Multipath Scenarios EVLS138 139 A Pipeline VLSI Architecture For High-Speed Computation Of The 1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform EVLS139 140 A Blind Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based On Wavelet Transform EVLS140 141 High-Throughput Interpolator Architecture For Low-Complexity Chase Decoding Of RS Codes. EVLS141 142 Image Edge Detection Based On FPGA EVLS142 ..40.. E N S E M B L E T E C H N O L O G I E S KEYWORDS SOCFiltersNIOS IICodecsEncodersDecoders EncryptionDecryptionModemsOFDMCDMARoboticsWatermarking