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Film, Director and year Dawn of the Dead Zack Snyder 2004

Genre and evidence

Technical codes

Verbal codes

Symbolic codes

Enigma codes?

Horror People getting eaten by zombies

Opening credits red like blood, and smeared across the screen

Dialogue us frantic, rushed, panicky, shouting and screaming, praying. There is no dialogue in the film and no words to the opening music but the title is seen on the floor in an alleyway with shuffling people.

Red is a common colour, connotes blood and death

Snippets of the chaos in the film, (news reports)

Shaun of the Dead Edgar Wright 2004

Comedy Jokes/funny actions and sayings

Title is on the floor in an alley with loads of shuffling people and it blends in with the rubbish that litters the floor. Studio name blue colouring simplistic text i.e font and sizing meaning a simplistic lifestyle of the character in the title sequence. Music is also simplistic and not fast or slow just very average.

Everyone in the Close up of the feet, opening sequence are shuffling, and synchronise, shuffling, groaning sounds (is he this resembles a zombie?) zombies slow walkers, brain dead.

R.E.D Robert Schwentke 2010

Action/comedy Man working out vigorously/ punching bag, furious sit-ups

Single word RED is Simplistic text Man is training hard an abbreviation for simplistic lifestyle, not and is noticeable old retired and extremely much going on, what is he training so dangerous. Colour is practically boring hard for and why? red, which connotes nothing eventful danger. happens.

Star Trek J.J Abrams 2009

Sci-Fi we know this because its set in space, space ships, close to the sun. futuristic objects

Slow-motion is used. This is used as it shows that it is set in space as there is also a derelict, deteriorating spaceship slowly rotating with the bright glare of a large sun behind it. Comic book like animation, suggest film is an animation. Oriental music shows that is will be set In Asia

there was no text or dialogue only the title.

Spaceship in space aliens, futuristic fights, unknown technology action and science.

Spaceship slowly deteriorating / falling apart. Why is this happening, will we see what happened, will there be space battles.

Kung Fu Panda Mark Osborne & John Stevenson 2008

Animation 100% animation, no live actors, only voice actors.

Voice over, heroic powerful, The dialouge is slow. Hints the movie isnt fast paced.

Comic like character running around and flipping while wearing a rice hat. Asian styled,