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As part of my MBA research thesis at the Iqra University Gulshan Campus Karachi, I am conducting a survey that investigates Attitudes of the customers towards luxury brands in the youth of Pakistan: the case of mobile phone.I will appreciate if you could complete the following table. Any information obtained in connection with this study that can be identified with you will remain confidential. Respondents Details: Name: _____________________ Mobile number: ____________ Age: ________ Gender: Male / Female

Education: _________________

Strongly Agree (1)

Agree (2)

Neutral (3)

Disagree (4)

Strongly Disagree (5)

S.R. No.

Factors Social need (Kyung Hoon Kim1, 2010) From brand I learn about fashions and about what to buy to impress others Brand tells me what people with lifestyles similar to mine are buying and using. Brand helps me know which products will or will not reflect the sort of person I am Quite often, my phone is amusing and entertaining. Brand shows the social status. (Soo Jiuan Tan 2007)






Materialism (Hye-Jung Park, 2008) Brand promotes undesirable values in our society. Brand makes people live in a world of fantasy I admire people who own expensive homes, cars, and clothes I dont place much emphasis on the amount of material objects people own as a sign of success It sometimes bothers me quite a bit that I cant afford to buy all the things Id like

Consumer attitude (Soo Jiuan Tan 2007)


Overall, I consider brand a good thing. My general opinion of brand is unfavorable I like brands. Overall I consider mobile phones a bad thing Overall I consider mobile phones a good thing. Experiential need (Hye-Jung Park, 2008) I am satisfied with my brand. When I use the brand I am pleased with my its result. I feel happy when I purchase my brand. I know about new retail web sites before most other people in my circle do I will visit a new companys web site even if I have not heard of it before Fashion trends (Hye-Jung Park, 2008) Before buying the latest brand I never judge it will suit me or not I am affected by the fashion of the celebrity. Style is the most important thing for me. In general, I am the last in my circle of friends to know the names of the latest new fashions If I heard that a new fashion item was available in the store, I would be interested enough to buy it Need of uniqueness: (Hem,2001) Overall, I enjoy buying the latest products. I like to purchase new products before others do. Overall, it is exciting to buy the latest products.


Sometimes I take pleasure in thinking about what I saw or heard or read about my mobile phones (Soo Jiuan Tan 2007) Quite often, mobile phones are amusing and entertaining. Conformity (Soo Jiuan Tan 2007) Brands can never be replaced For me appearance is most important I say positive things about this brand to other people (Hong Youl Ha 2011) I will not buy at other brands if my brand is available I would continue to use my mobile phone if it its prices increase somewhat