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2. 3. 4. 1. The aim of advertising is to persuade people to buy products and sevices. Do you think it works? Do you ever buy products because of advertising campaigns? To what extent do adverts tell the truth about the products they are promoting? What do you think of television advertising? Do you think there is too much? Some people say that TV adverts are sometimes better than the programmes. Do you agree? How good are TV adverts in your country? What do you do when there is a commercial break in the middle of a film, programme, football match etc? Some people say that they remember the advert but not the product it is promoting. Does this happen to you? Does this mean the advert is bad? Here is a list of advertising techniques. Can you explain them? Can you think of an example of each one? before and after use of famous people use of science repetition use of women 8. comparing with rivals association of ideas use of humour use of music

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What do you think of advertising on the internet? Do you think its effective?


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Think of some recent TV adverts which have made an impact on you. Describe them to your partner (Have you seen the advert for ...?) Is it legal for companies to compare their products with rival products? What makes a successful advert? Can you think of any recent examples of very successful adverts? Are different types of advert aimed at certain types of people? Think of some examples. Some people talk about subliminal advertising. What is subliminal advertising? Can you think of any examples? Sometimes advertising overlaps with the programmes that we watch on TV. Can you think of any examples? What does the law say about tobacco and alcohol advertising in your country? What do you think of public safety campaigns e.g. against drink-driving? Do you think they change peoples behaviour? How much notice do you take of advertising in newspapers and magazines? Do you ever look at billboard adverts in the street, underground etc? Do you think billboard advertising can be dangerous for drivers?

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