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File  name  of  application  (reference  number)   __________________________________________________________     Possible   Awarded  

Meets  the  aim  of  the  digital  content  development  programme  -­‐  enabling  organisations  to   continue  their  digital  development  journey  by  implementing  an  idea  that  is  new,  unproven,  or   new  to  the  organisation:   • Enabling  organisations  to  create  new  revenue  streams,  or  create  operational  cost   15     efficiencies  through  the  creation  of  digital  content     -­‐  or  -­‐     • Empowering  organisations  to  try  out  new  methods  of  engagement  and  widen  their  reach   via  digital  content  channels.   Merit  of  the  idea   15     Originality.  Applicability.  Relevance.   Evidence   Has  a  strong  case  been  made?  Is  there  any  research  to  support  the  project  plan  or  has  the   15     project  been  trialled  elsewhere?   Pragmatic   10     Is  the  project  deliverable  within  budget?  Do  the  timescales  seem  reasonable?   Capacity   10     Has  the  organisation  shown  that  it  has  the  internal  capacity  to  manage  the  work?       Value  for  money     Are  other  funders  involved?  Does  the  project  leverage  other  funds  or  open  up  additional   10     income  streams?  Does  the  budget  seem  reasonable?   Collaboration   5     Meets  the  objectives  of  the  Make:IT:Happen  fund:     • Partner  up:  work  in  partnership  and  collaborate  with  others  through  digital   technologies;     • Be  a  better  business:  become  more  resilient  by  creating  new  revenue  streams,   reducing  operational  costs,  finding  efficiencies  and  added  value  within  your  business   10     or  organisation;     • Make  your  content  work  harder  for  you:  create  and  exploit  new  digital  content,  or   digitised  versions  of  core  content;     • Become  more  engaged:  experiment  with  new  methods  of  engagement,  widen  your   reach  to  audiences,  participants  or  visitors;     Meets  the  overall  aim  of  the  fund  -­‐  to  support  business  and  operational  development  in  the   arts,  cultural  and  heritage  non-­‐profit  sectors  through  strategic  digital  development,  and  to   10     build  resilience  and  capacity  in  the  sectors.   Total     100       Constructive  comments  (max  300  words)             Assessed  by   ______________________________________________Date___________________________  

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