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Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh is one of the leading universities in India, is an academic institution of transnational repute.

Also known as AMU Aligarh, it is a leading educational institution in India, drawing students from a number of countries, especially in Africa, West Asia and South East Asia. Modelled on the University of Cambridge, it holds the distinction of being one of the first institutions of higher learning set up during the British Raj. AMU was set up by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1875. It was granted the status of Central University in 1920 by an Act of Indian Parliament. AMU was among the few higher educational centres which came into being during the British occupation. Sir Khan, a great social reformer, originally founded it as Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College in 1875.The college gradually grew, and acquired the status of the university in 1920 AMU occupies an exalted position among Indian Universities and its contribution to nation building is in no way inferior to the best among the lot.

The Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology with its foundation stone being laid on 21st November 1938, stands today as an epitome in the field of engineering and technology, manifesting quality education to build intellectual competitiveness.
ZHCET named after a great scholar of AMU and the former President of India, Dr.Zakir Hussain extends its arms for hundreds of students from across the country and abroad. ZHCET has been one of the oldest institutions providing quality technical education at par with the industry standards. Globally accepted as vibrant seat of academic and professional excellence, ZHCET is known for its innovative approach, academic rigour and strong culture. Today thousands of our engineers, managers and entrepreneurs are active across the globe. In the present scenario, a booming institute is one which is flexible enough to mould itself according to the ever-changing prospects and demands of the country. ZHCET, too, is one such institution

About BAJA- a history

SAE Mini Baja competition was originated at the University of South Carolina in 1976 The Object of the event was to give engineering students a platform to design and fabricate single seater, four wheeler off road vehicle.

Since then, the event has spanned across six countries USA, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Brazil and India. SAE BAJA event entered India in 2007.


Started in 2007 in INDIA with just 27 teams participating. This Year 262 engineering colleges teams compete with each other to prove their mettle in field of engineering Till 2010 JK tyres has been organising it. Now MAHINDRA has been organising it since last 2 years and this year also.

The objective

Each teams goal is to design and

vehicle intended for sale to the non-professional, weekend offroad enthusiast.

Baja the event- the process

Prepare your design, give the presentation on it to the judges from top notch automotive companies like Mahindra, Chevrolet ,ARAI etc.

If design is selected, fabricate the vehicle and compete with other teams in the final event.

1.Knowledge of guidelines. 2.Project Plan 3. ( extent of completion, methodology,materials used,in accordance with rule book etc.) 4. 5. - Suspension,steering and brakes (their type,specifications and their design) 6. Transmission, Engine and Wheel Size( each and every detail of these) 7. Body and Electrical systems 8.SAFETY 9.

DESIGN has been completed by our team and we have been selected. It was the first attempt by our college. Now we are ready to proceed towards the fabrication process.

A GLIMPSE OF OUR WORK 3-D design of our CAD Model

305 cc, 10 Hp, OHV intake engine. Wheelbase-60 Track width Front ( 56) rear (52)

Final event takes place at NATRIP, Pithampur,Indore in February.

National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP)

At NATRiP - PITHAMPUR, INDORE Basic Static Evaluation (SE)-to evaluate the design of the off-road vehicle The second day is reserved for Dynamic Evaluation (DE)-where the off-roaders are tested for its acceleration, speed, maneuverability and hill-climb capabilities 4-hour endurance race that not only evaluates the performance of the vehicle but also tests the endurance of the race driver. A platform of Engineering students, teachers, professionals and industrialists.

BAJA 2012


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Companys name and logo on vehicles surfaces. Companys name and logo on drivers apparels. Company will be deciding the NAME for our vehicle. Thus endorsing it like a companys product. Companys flag at the Final event Companys name on our SAE Club website for whole year. Liberty to use team logo and image Availability of car for promotion. Mention of companys name and support on banners and posters in every event in college. Mentioning companys support in college magazine and newsletters.

The Options
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Deciding the name of vehicle Name and logo on team apparels


Platinu m

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Name and logo on vehicle

Name and logo on drivers suit Space in team Flag

Space of name and logo on teams website

Use Teams name and logo Vehicle available for promotions Space in banners and posters Space in College magazine and newsletters

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