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Guide to Conduct
1. Consider the comfort and convenience of other people. This is the hallmark of courtesy and good manners. 2. Don't make unnecessary or exaggerated noise. 3. Don't draw attention to yourselves. Never be loud or vulgar. 4. Show restraint in your dress. 5. See that your clothes are neat and clean and appropriate to the occasion.

f W r o i l t l i o n w

6. Don't loiter or lounge about or look sloppy. 7. Always make way for others and defer to those older than yourself. 8. Notice if anyone else is in difficulties and, if you think you can be of service, offer quietly to help. 9. Show respect to everyone you meet, regardless of their social position, nationality, color or religion.

Guide to conduct, Aiglon College 1973. Distributed by the John Corlette Society, dedicated to identifying effective procedures for developing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of teenagers.