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For what shall I liken humanities existence and purpose in life to? How can I explain the game of life to you? Well the game of life is like unto a kingdom Ora that was ruled by the wise and powerful king Ara. This king had military might, a countless number of subjects, and unimaginable wealth. In his kingdom only peace and prosperity reigned. All the subjects had great awe, respect and honour for their king. Now this king had two sons Okora and Kora. These sons were known to be the most knowledgeable, intelligent and majestic individuals in the entire kingdom. Since all the possessions of the kingdom were of their father the king, they in turn had unimaginable wealth. However, these sons were known to spend most of their time playing, exploring and acquiring great wisdom so as to become like their father the great king. Initially their play was guided by the need to acquire knowledge and in turn wisdom. As they grew wiser and wiser they felt that play was becoming more and more monotonous. They longed to push themselves to the limit. One day whilst taking a walk in the Gorora forest, Okora said to his brother, “brother if we are to become like our father, we must put ourselves under the most extreme challenge imaginable.” “Should we succeed, then we can prove not only to our father but to his subjects that we are worthy heirs to the throne”. It is so that with the approval of their father the king, Kora and Okora undertook to build a big maze in the nearby Gorora Forest. They worked alongside all the workmen in creating the most complicated maze ever. All day long, they would explore all the possible exits, and scenarios and work at how best to confuse themselves at certain station points in the maze. Day and night were very long in this kingdom, so when I say it took them almost a full day to complete the task, it was an enormous amount of work. The task was complete; the forest had been transformed into the most magnificent maze ever. Kora thought to himself, this is the most amazing maze to ever have been built, if ever there was a maze built before or to be built in the future. The two sons decided to enlist the three wisest elders of the kingdom to join in the challenge. Kora and Okora thought it wise to involve the wise men to get their input in making the challenges tougher should they decide to revise the maze. With great zeal and excitement they embarked on the challenge one after the other. It was a time challenge. To their disbelief, they all completed the challenge in record time. They all clocked the same time. That night the two brothers did not sleep disappointed that the challenge had proved too easy for them. The next day, Kora and Okora tentatively approached their father with a bigger request. They sought to revise the Gorora maze by introducing a series of trickery's and insurmountable challenges. They feared the mighty king would reject their proposal. As determined as they were, they knew that such escapades were to be viewed as a waste of the

kings vast wealth. Luck seemed to be on their side, as they were pleasantly surprised to hear that the king had approved of their proposal. After securing approval from their father Ara the king, Kora and Okora decided to make the maze more challenging. They added various traps along certain routes of the maze. These elaborate traps included pits, falling trees, disappearing walls, mirages and a countless number of deceptions and deterrents. It took the kingdom almost a full day to complete the task. Just before sunset, the two sons along with the three wisest elders in the kingdom once again, one after the other took to the maze challenge. This time only the two sons and two wise men finished the challenge in record time. Kora remarked to his brother,” if Wiseman Iku could not be faster than us then we are getting somewhere.” The next day they decided to add a series of puzzles at various stations in the maze. These were highly complicated puzzles that needed to be solved to allow one to progress in the maze. Elaborately they worked out the most complicated riddles, and mind-benders. It took the kingdom almost a full day to complete the erection and setting up of these puzzles. The whole kingdom was convinced that none would come out of the maze alive. Wiseman Iku who had lost out on the previous challenge secretly requested an audience with the king. “You must stop this nonsense I plead your majesty”, he said. The king calmly responded, “it is their choice and I will not interfere.” Iku was confused as to how Ara could be so wise and yet allow his sons to risk their lives and the wealth of the kingdom in a foolish challenge. Before he could utter any other word, the king ordered Iku to leave so he could continue with his daily court duties. On the next day, the two sons along with the two wisest elders in the kingdom, one after the other took their turn in the maze challenge. This time, the two sons and one wise man clocked the same time. However, this time it took them a week to transverse the Gorora maze. They were dehydrated, hungry, worn out and tired. Okora full of pride pronounced, “surely if Hiku the wise could not compete with us, our maze is most amazing, let us add more deterrents.” Kora responded, “we could have died or worst of all killed a wise men.” Two days after having recuperated from the challenge, Okora managed to convince Kora to resume the maze challenges. Since Okora was a wise Prince he came up with a plan to make the maze less risky in terms of death due to starvation and other risks but more challenging at the same time. “Let us divert the great River Mara into the Gorora maze”, said Okora. With great enthusiasm Kora responded, “not only shall we quench our thirst but the river will provide many challenges at points we have to cross it.” “Let us place a number of wild beasts, fowl, animals of sorts, both peaceful and wise into the Gorora maze,” said Okora. To which Kora remarked, “not only shall they

supply us with food, the wild beasts will deter us, the planning of when to hunt and when to eat will need great wisdom and so add to the complication of the challenge.” They could not help rejoice and celebrate their great genius. As usual, they convinced their father the king. The kingdom embarked on moving a series of animals, birds, fish and beasts upon beasts into the Gorora forest. Wiseman Hiku was convinced the king was losing his mind. Frustrated, he made a charge towards the king’s quarters. As he was about to approach the entrance, he was met by Iku. “Iku we are custodians of wisdom and serenity in this kingdom we must put an end to this”, said Hiku. “The king knows best my friend, let us hurry ourselves to Gorora Forest and bid farewell and Godspeed to the princes and to one of our wiseman At the entrance to Gorora forest there were shouts of jubilation and cries of sadness. Drummers, trumpeters and the king’s choir were in attendance to bid the princes and Shiku farewell. Although Ara was not present, all formalities were held in a manner similar to all other royal functions. This time it was decided that all participants enter the Gorora forest together. The challenge was to see who would come out of the forest first. The participants were not seen again for at least a month. One day the little children playing near the Gorora forest could not contain their joy and came rushing along the streets of the kingdom shouting,” they are here, they are here.” These innocent souls could not contain their excitement for even though they knew, playing near the Gorora forest was forbidden. The king along with a large number of subjects went to receive the princes. A great distance behind the princes was the Wiseman Shiku who was also received by the king. That night, a large banquet was thrown by the king to celebrate the return of his sons. Okora and Kora recounted their adventures one after another. Okora detailed how he saved a lion from a trap. In order to save on lost time, he asked to ride on the back of the fierce beast. Kora recounted how he had made a boat out of reeds to cross the great Mara River. None in the kingdom slept that night listening to the marvelous adventures of the princes and Shiku. Shiku asked,”why did you come out of the forest arm in arm, did neither of you thirst for victory more than the other?” This question made Okora to pause and think a lot but, he did not respond. “Well, after having gone through many horrors as we were approaching the end of the maze we met and were so happy to realise we were both still alive, “ said Kora. “ We decided to cooperate to complete the remaining challenges so we could come out from the maze alive,” added Kora. The next day, the top medical men and herbal healers came to attend to the wounds of the three. As they were being attended to, Kora and Okora could not help strategise on the next challenges. Kora suggested, “if we can get medical men and healers into the Gorora forest, then we can add more challenges to the maze.” With a smile on his face, Okora said, ’let us ask our father to send an army against us, to fight us, try and stop us and block our passage, that way we can get real wounds.” Kora shouted, “we might die.” To which Okora responded, “beloved brother we are

powerful like our father, we shall surely not die. How can we prove our worth if we do not face the worst calamities?” That night they did not sleep planning the next big challenge. A week after the night Kora and Okora had spent planning their best additions ever to the Gorora forest, they requested an audience with their father the king Ara. In the courtyard, king Ara sat on his throne which was on an elevated ledge. Below the ledge sat the three Wiseman, Iku, Hiku and Shiku. Kora and Okora walked into the court adorning their best apparel. They carried with them massive amounts of paper, blueprints and documents. It was a presentation of a lifetime. They oozed confidence for they knew that this presentation would definitely appeal to the king and finally make him take notice of their intelligence and wisdom. Kora and Okora decided that Okora speak as he was the older of the two though they were twins. His presentation went something like this. “ Father we adore and admire you. Our greatest wish is to become wise, powerful, strong and majestic like you. Only a fitting challenge is good enough to form us to the person you are as heirs to the throne. As you are aware, we are scheduled to marry in 3 days. However the great challenges of the Gorora forest have consumed most of our time, so we have not found fitting brides yet.”He paused before continuing, “however, we have decided that our whole life for the next 7months be turned into a challenge within the Gorora forest so that we can prove ourselves. We understand that wisdom is something that needs to be learnt and we have come up with the ultimate challenge...”

Before Okora could finish, Kora jumped in, “ Father we request you release a 100 beauties into the Gorora Forest, build houses for them and their families. Send members of the Torora army with instructions to hunt and fight us. We have heard legends of how you built an army from scratch. Place strong men in the Gorora forest who are not from the army so we can form them into an army to fight the opposing Torora army. Give us medicine man and healers into the forest”. Pushing Kora to the side, Okora continued, “ Only the army must be told to oppose us and must have no choice on this issue. Since we understand that to convince people takes wisdom we must work to convince the men in the forest to fight with us,and for us, if they are to escape the forest alive with us.” Okora handed over the plans and document to his father. The king studied every detail intently along with the Wiseman. Wiseman Iku starring intently at one of the documents asked the princes, "what if you fail to extricate yourselves from the Gorora maze forest?" The princes replied, 'we require wise sober man who hold the blueprint to the challenge to assist us in extreme cases when we are completely lost by giving us a nudge in the right direction." The king responded, "such will be the role of the council of the wise led by

Iku, Hiku and Shiku."Wiseman Hiku jumped in, "my king does not you heart weep that you may be separated from your sons, your very own fibre for ever?" The king calmly responded, " they can never be separated from me even if they tried I and them are of the same substance and essence." Shiku had never in his role as Wiseman opposed the king. He hesitated for some time before asking, "what if all in the challenge perish and this comes to nought, what purpose will this have served?" The king responded, " is not the end objective to subject those who enter to a grueling test so they can come out stronger?" Pacing up and down, Shiku responded, " the rules state that, participants cannot return to our kingdom the very way they entered but only through the one exit Kora and Okora are seeking." Kora interrupted the Wiseman, "the better, this challenge is for all who enter the Gorora maze forest." The king spoke, "I have added my own tweaks to your blueprint, certain stations of the maze can only be accomplished through cooperation to ensure everyone participates."The king ordered all to leave so he could make a decision. To the dismay of the Wiseman, king Ara approved of the plans. It was ordered that the biggest migration and construction project in the history of the Ora people start in the Gorora forest. A number of people were to voluntarily join into the challenge to aid or oppose Kora and Okora. They were to be drawn from ordinary people, statesmen, wise man, parents, children, explorers, navigators, scientists, medicine man, healers, army generals, people from all walks of society. This was to be the largest supply of human resources for Kora and Okora in their Great Gorora Maze Challenge. States elders presented the Great Challenge to all of the kingdom, and all those willing to start a new life in the Gorora forest were asked to make preparations. For 7 years massive construction of the project took place. Kora and Okora were placed in charge. They thought carefully about how each and every person entering the challenge thought. They would consider each person’s thinking patterns to determine where they should live, and what resources they need and what stage they must meet them in the challenge. Shiku began preparing the opposing Torora army. He was instructed to ensure they became more fierce and deadly. They were instructed to be ruthless and to ensure that no-one would be able to live the Gorora Forest at any cost. Since Iku knew how much command the princes had, he secretly used a magic portion to ensure the Torora army forgot the princes identities. Hiku began preparing the volunteers. Since Shiku was wise and he heard what Iku had done, he used a magic portion to ensure that the volunteers as soon as they entered the Gorora forest, they would have a vague memory of the princes and previous life, to ensure a tougher challenge. Ara witnessed this, but did nothing at all. After 7 years of work, everyone was ready, for the Great Gorora Maze Challenge . All who would participate were prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. The Torora army could be heard chanting war songs in the dungeon below. They had been caged to

keep them from doing harm before their designated time, for Iku’s portion had worked. Their dreams had come true. Right in front of them stood the Gorora maze challenges. A visitor to the kingdom would find it difficult to believe that such a massive project was built only as a challenge. It was as if the Kingdom of Ora had been moved into the Gorora maze forest. Goodbyes and farewells were said, last minute notes on conquering the challenges were memorised by the participants. The migration into the forest began in earnest. The last to enter the forest was the fierce Torora army. For seven months the kingdom would not see the participants. Sadly, seven months passed and non-one came out of the Gorora maze forest. Seven months gave way to seven years and still none of the participants came out of the forest. Rumours started to spread throughout the village that all had perished. Some spoke of how life in the forest was so good, that Kora and Okora declared themselves kings, pacified the Torora army and decided to live a dream life.

In my Great Gorora Maze Forest Series, you will find the real answers to what exactly happened in the Forest. However I can tell you, Kora and Okora ended up opposing each other the inhabitants split into several tribes and groups. The purpose of the challenge was soon forgotten. Kora and Okora passed away leaving hints of distorted versions of the blueprint to their children and great grandchildren. Do not despair though, not all was lost. After several generations the maze was finally unlocked and the inhabitants released back into the Ora kingdom. To find out how it happened look out for the Great Gorora Maze Forest Series.

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