BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING UWEX JANUARY 23, 2012 6:30 PM CALL TO ORDER: Bob Martini, Pres. PRESENT: Connie Anderson, Bob Martini, Bob Williams, Stephanie Boismenue, Lori Regni, Bob Mott, Michele Sadauskas, Kathy Noel, Tom Rudolph, Chuck Faber MINUTES: Minutes of Sept.13,2011 meeting read. Motion to approve by Stephanie Boismenue, second by Bob Mott. Motion carried. COMMUNICATIONS: Bob Martini reported on e-mails received from Wis. Lakes Assoc. regarding recent legislative issues. Also communication from Vilas Co. regarding a 6 or 7 County Consortium to be held at Nicolet Fri. June 15. Bob Martini has reserved Nicolet. Vilas is arranging the days events. Motion to hold Annual Mtg. on that same day by Bob Mott, second by Stephanie Boismenue. Motion carried. TREASURER’S REPORT: No report. Treasurer is out of town. NOMINATION COMMITTEE: No report. MEMBERSHIP: Currently 54 members paid. COUNTY GOVERNMENT: Tom Rudolph reports Lake Nokomis Lake District process will start over. A public hearing will be held Feb 4 at 9AM. Dan Kuzlik has resigned as UWEX Agent. The Director of the Wis. Land and Water Committee also resigned. The County AIS continues to be discussed. AIS COORDINATOR REPORT: Michele Sadauskas reports some grant monies are being used for outreach ice fisherpersons. She has 200 hours approved for this project. She reports that 3 technicians positions have been approved for the summer of 2012. Plans for this summer include some snorkeling inspections at busy boat landings. Michele is arranging an AIS Poster Contest for 2nd – 12th grades. She is conducting a survey of teachers to determine how to integrate AIS information into the curriculum. Weavils to control EWM are being studied by DNR. Wis. Lakes Convention will be held in Green Bay April 10,11, & 12. PUBLICITY: Newsletter: Chuck Faber reports no articles have been received. Several of those present volunteered to send articles to Chuck. Goal is to have the newsletter out by April 15. Website: Bob Williams reports domain name has been renewed for 1 year. OLD BUSINESS: No old business NEW BUSINESS:

INVOICES: Chuck Faber reports invoices are prepared for 2012 and ready to be mailed. LETTERS OF SUPPORT: Letters of support for grant applications have been sent prepared for Pelican, Moens, & Indianhead Lakes. OTHER: Bob Williams reminded the Board that Elections of Board of Directors requires secret paper ballot according to the By-Laws. Discussion followed. NEXT MEETING: Mon. Feb. 27, 2012 6:30pm UWEX Connie Anderson, Secretary

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