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Monthly Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 3 Issue No 10

OCTOBER, 2012.

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner free-falling into history on October 14, 2012.


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 1pm onwards. We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the ‘unexplained’ are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: [or catch our website on or]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.

Pre-meeting gathering in the house for refreshments and UFO chit-chat. If the weather is warm enough we may hold a ‘round table’ UFO discussion in the backyard, otherwise this will take place in the Rex Cinema.  Any latest sightings report and other UFO-related news from members.  Report on the Gilroys new UFO book about to go to the printers and also our two new books on the Yowie now in preparation.  Report on the Gilroys recent Barraba district investigation.  Report on current military helicopter activities over the  Burragorang-Grose Valleys and military manoeuvres around the underground space-base entrance and associated UFO sightings.  DVD presentation on UFO subject.  Break for tea and cakes and more UFO chit-chat.  Return to the cinema for more DVD UFO documentaries.  Other surprises.  If the weather behaves itself there will be a Skywatch on the nearby Narrow Neck Plateau at the usual location once it gets dark. [Don’t forget - warm clothing is a necessity [the weather lately has been very COLD at night] and bring a torch and binoculars. If any members have ideas for other likely Skywatch locations for our Club we would like to hear about them. Also if any member has material or an article to place in either “Mysterious Australia” or “The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club” newsletters please feel free to forward it to us by the second Saturday of the month.  

To assist with the costs involved in producing the newsletters a gold coin donation is requested.
If any members have ideas for other likely Skywatch locations for our Club we would like to hear about them.

R e x a n d H e a t h e r G i lr o y , A u s t r a li a ’s t o p U F O a n d ‘ U n e x p l a i n e d’ M y s t e r i e s R e s e ar c h t e am . P h o t o c o p y r i g h t © R e x G i lr o y 2 0 1 2 .


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

Rex Gilroy,
Copyright © Rex Gilroy 2012. This article is composed of material taken from Rex and Heather Gilroy’s latest UFO book “The Energy Beings – ET Abductions from Beyond Time” to be released in time for Christmas.


rom a study of all the UFO literature concerning the descriptions of eyewitnesses, if all these be true, it is obvious that more than a few physically different races are involved in Earth visitations. If the above be true, and UFOlogists certainly believe it to be so, then why are so many interplanetary civilisations showing so much interest in us? Some UFOlogists suggest that Planet Earth was established long ago as a communal extra-terrestrial laboratory and that all life on Earth was created by Extra-terrestrial scientists as an experiment; so that if this theory holds water, the Extra-terrestrials involved with this great experiment are making regular visits here to see how their experiment is progressing! As this book argues, Extra-terrestrial beings inhabit parallel dimensions or worlds in space and time which enable them to visit our world virtually in the blink of an eye, without having to cross the impossible to imagine vastness of space in spacecraft voyages covering the many years that our own space scientists imagine. Certainly ET spacecraft conquer the vastness of space in a fraction of the time that our space scientists believe it would take our own astronauts to journey to any given far flung planet, and at our present technology it is proposed that spaceship crews would have to be placed in a programmed sleep state to pass the years of time such expeditions would involve. Extra-terrestrial beings must view our puny space travel technology as something akin to a Stone-Age mentality, belonging as they do to super-civilisations millions of years ahead of us in all manner of technological wonders. Even our medical science pales into insignificance before the stunning achievements of that known to other worlds beyond our own. There can be no doubt that eternal space is ALIVE with planets inhabited by beings much like ourselves and possessant of incredibly advanced super-technologies. And as this book shows, there are other worlds parallel with our own Earth space-time dimension, whose inhabitants possess the ability to step from their space-time dimension into ours. They can pass through solid objects such as walls, perform what we regard as psychic surgery upon often terminally ill people and cure them. They can appear and disappear at will, a feature also of their spacecraft on occasions. It appears that we Earthlings have ET neighbours that are Extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional. One thing is certain, and that is that whether they originate on planets from our Universe or beyond across the farthest reaches of the Cosmos, or form worlds within parallel space-time dimensions to our own, they are able to visit us in craft flying at such incredible speeds that they can literally be here in the time it takes us to leave our armchair to answer their knock at our door! ***** There can be no doubt in the minds of UFOlogists that many UFOs exhibit paranormal abilities such as slowly fading into or out of view or even switching on and off like an electric light in broad daylight before eyewitnesses, and the crews of these craft also often exhibit these same uncanny abilities. Such are the powers of Extra-terrestrials and their spacecraft, which demonstrates that galactic intelligencies which are perhaps several millions of years our technological superiors, possess space travel technologies that are beyond our comprehension. These technologies enable them to traverse the limitless light years of space to journey from their home planets to other worlds such as our own in super-fast time. “Impossible” many a rational-minded Earth scientist will surely say, without realising that we are talking of beings far across the void of space whose scientific achievements are millions of years ahead of our present knowledge. More to the point, present-day doubters should ask themselves “What will our own space travel technology be like even one million years from now”? To have achieved such incredible technological miracles our Extra-terrestrial neighbours would have to have evolved along similar paths to us Earthlings, with five-fingered hands and probably five-toed feet. The fingers would be essential for manipulation in the development of their technologies from Day One. Thus we may dismiss the many-armed and other nightmarish space monsters of over-the-top science fiction and other hoaxer eyewitnesses’.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

Abductees have described their ET abductors as small to average human adult height, both naked and clothed but they have particularly noticed their five-fingered hands, which if not exactly like ours, can often be long-palmed with longer and thinner fingers than ours, sometimes they even have fingernails. Some beings, as described in this book, have been reported to glow. They have been reported Australia-wide, seen by passing motorists on lonely bush roads, in open fields near sometimes glowing saucertype spacecraft and other situations; and then there are those that are invisible to us, inhabiting that other dimension which digital photography has begun revealing to us, sometimes capturing these beings on camera, as the author has personally experienced. There is also the phenomena of 'ghost lights’, some of which have been claimed seen to emerge from landed spacecraft or else just suddenly appear out of nowhere, to float towards eyewitnesses, and even follow them when they run frightened from the scene! One night in August 1986 outside Hughenden, Queensland three young men were sitting around their campfire talking when a bright yellowish glow began appearing in the distance over scrubland, lighting up the trees as it approached from the east. The slow-moving glowing mass appeared to emanate from a strange hexagonal-shaped craft that stopped about 100 metres above the trees about 400 metres from where the men were watching, before descending into a clearing situated behind the immediate tree cover, lighting up the scrub. So far there had not been any sounds accompanying the approach or descent of the strange craft. As the men watched the glow slowly faded away. Then, in the darkness they noticed that two bright silvery lights appeared to be emerging from the scrub floating in their direction. There seemed to be no form to these lights other than 1 metre or so cloud-like puffiness. However, by now the campers had dashed for their fourwheel drive vehicle and watched as the strange glowing ‘clouds’ moved together to become a single ‘cloud’. “In an instant it was upon our vehicle, totally enveloping us, with the bright glow lighting up the inside”, said one of the young men, ‘Craig’ in a 1989 interview with the author. Then the bright mass left their vehicle and as they watched, floated back across the open ground into the scrub. The glow then vanished and moments later the stunned men saw the scrub light up and the large glowing craft lifted off to zoom silently high above the ground to disappear into the distance westward. In September 1959 a Mr Allen Parker and a mate, Collin Fry, were bushwalking in gum scrub outside Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, when a strange sound caught their attention. The time was about 2.30pm on a fine day, as Allen said years later in an interview with the late Don Boyd. There were also no traffic sounds as they were far from the main road. According to what Don later told this author, the men distinctly heard a strange musical, melodic sound, and it appeared to be following them as they walked along the bush track. “We stopped walking and silently listened as the musical sound, faint at first, grew a little louder. Whatever it was it was weird. Then it seemed to engulf us for a moment, grow even louder, then as we stood there startled and for some reason unable to neither move nor utter a sound, as if the musical presence had control of us, it then seemed to rise above us. We were able to move and listened as the strange ‘music’ seemed to float higher and higher above us out of hearing range. We continued on our way wondering what we had just experienced”, Allan said. Glowing energy beings, intelligence-directed glowing ‘cloud’ forms and invisible presences emitting music-like sounds [or perhaps a language?] stand next to light energy orbs and digital photography-revealed presences in the Energy Beings mystery. It is a mystery compounded by the mass of Extra-terrestrial spacecraft designs already described and being added to by eye-witnesses worldwide. ET spacecraft can also come in a variety of colours, particularly the glowing ones. Colours such as blue, orange, yellow and white are commonplace, with others red, even green. There are cases of ETs appearing and disappearing, day and night like a light being switched on and off. Such reports are worldwide. Indeed it is likely that digital photos taken at night not only capture ET images on a parallel space-time dimension, but also here-now on our own dimension, meaning that these beings have probably been living with us in an invisible state for how long we do not know! ***** On the night of Easter Saturday 1976 two pilots were flying a DC3 aircraft loaded with supplies for a mining company, from Brisbane to Darwin on a clear moonlit night about 9.15pm when, within 200 miles of Darwin Airport and approaching their aircraft at great speed, they spotted a distant luminous yellow object, which slowed down as it came closer then flew over the aircraft. The two pilots, ‘Daryl’ and co-pilot ‘Ewan’ [who did not want their real names published when they later told their story to Don Boyd, said they realised they had just been ‘buzzed’ by a UFO.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

“Before we could say much the craft suddenly reappeared to our south and came in again at great speed to zoom above us. There was no sound at all from the craft. It then came in on our west side at the same pace as our plane and we got a look at the craft before it then flew above us, its glow momentarily obscuring our vision before flying off ahead of us. It then suddenly turned when perhaps 2 kilometres ahead of our aircraft and flew back towards us. It seemed to be coming straight at us, then suddenly at terrific speed flew overhead and did not return. We were quite shaken. Perhaps the UFO crew were amusing themselves. If they were trying to frighten us they certainly accomplished that”, said ‘Daryl’. They both agreed the craft was ‘saucer-shaped’ and ‘Ewan’ observed a row of small round lights spaced perhaps a couple of feet apart around the side of the craft. As nobody in authority would be likely to have believed them and probably questioned their mental states as pilots, fearful of losing their jobs they decided not to tell anyone at the time. In May 1980 there were several UFO reports made over a wide area of the Monaro district/ACT. One of these craft, of the ‘saucer’ variety was seen by a woman driving home from her Canberra job to Queanbeyan as if flew low over a patch of trees. At this point she said the yellowish-glowing craft released about a dozen silvery-sparkling star-like objects from its underside then ‘shot off’ at a phenomenal speed to the south. The local radio station was at the time being inundated by phone calls from people who had seen glowing UFOs in the night sky, and one journalist attempted to follow up a report of a small silvery object reported to police as moving about a farm property. It appears that two highway patrol officers answered the call from the property owner and driving up the dirt driveway towards the farmhouse, pulled up when they saw the object hovering just above the ground ahead of their patrol car. Getting out of the vehicle they approached the sparkling object which suddenly ‘switched off’ and the officers saw a dark cricket ball-sized round object fly away silently above the ground over a paddock out of sight. The incident was soon hushed up, the police denying any knowledge of the incident. Earlier on Friday 8th February 1980 about 10pm near Adelaide, South Australia a speed-boat-shaped glowing yellow UFO smashed branches on a tree at Stirling. Police were called by Daryl Browne, 21 years old and a stud hand at Glenalta Horse Stud just north of the South Eastern Freeway. As he told the police officers “I was upstairs watching TV when the dogs started howling like dingoes and then I heard the trees smashing. I locked the kids inside the house and went outside with a torch. I shone the torch up into the tree and saw this sort of speed-boat-shaped yellow thing. It was about 25ft to 30ft long”. He called the police but the thing had gone when they arrived. It gave off no sound. Horses in the stables had been scared. The large Cyprus trees had several branches snapped or almost twisted off halfway up. Ham-radio operators reported a sudden blackout of transmission on the Thursday night. ***** On the night of July 25th 1965 at about 10pm, a young couple, Danny Ryan [20] and Cheryl Baker [18] of Parramatta, went visiting some friends at Westmead in Sydney’s west. They took a short cut through Kingsdene Estate which, at the time was a development area and therefore, considered mainly virgin bush and a few scattered houses under construction. They were driving along a recently bulldozed and unlit road which, at one point, dipped sharply into a creek-bed before crossing a narrow culvert bridge. Just as the car was approaching the bridge, the motor suddenly stalled. Automatically, Danny switched off the lights and tried to restart the engine, but the motor wouldn’t fire. Trees and low bush, which skirted the road, shrouded the immediate surroundings in darkness, even though the night was clear and starry. Suddenly Danny and Cheryl became aware of an intense beam of light coming from above and behind the car and shining on the road, 100 to 150 yards ahead. It was an extremely bright, blue-white light, splashing an area of 20 to 30 feet in diameter. Startled, Danny ceased attempting to start the engine, and both he and Cheryl stared at the strange glow. At first they through it must be a car approaching but a quick glance to the rear revealed nothing and swept aside this assumption. They sensed that the light was coming straight from the sky, but the roof of the car kept them from actually seeing its source. “We didn’t think to look out of the window upwards; we were just in sort of a trance”, Cheryl related afterwards. The beam of light was motionless for some seconds, but then started to move very slowly towards them, illuminating the surrounding bush as it approached. As the great oval of light came ominously closer, Cheryl implored Danny tearfully to start the car. The light was now almost upon them. Danny jerked into action, and with a couple of turns of the ignition key, the engine roared into life…just as the beam was beginning to feel its way into the cabin. He slammed into first gear, switched his lights on and took off “as if all the bats of hell were after them”; at the very moment the mysterious beam disappeared as if it had been turned

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

off. Danny glanced hastily into the rear vision mirror to see if anyone was following, keeping his foot pressed hard down on the accelerator until they arrived at their friend’s home. There they poured out their story, but their friends dismissed it as a product of a vivid imagination. Later, others also laughed at their experience… so they stopped talking. Only much later when local UFOlogists took their story seriously did Danny and Cheryl repeat their experience. Cheryl said that it took her days to recover from the ‘scare’ and Danny admitted that he’d had “the fright of his life”. The Ballarat district of Victoria has been the scene over the years of a great many UFO sightings. In one incident, which took place at 3.30am on March 25th 1963, over the slopes of Mt Bunninyong, three brilliant, pulsating lights appeared through drizzling rain, hovering for an hour and illuminating the slopes. Later in the year, three miles from the city, on the Hamilton Highway, a schoolmaster’s family stopped their car to watch a luminous object. To them it looked like a full moon and it appeared to descend and cross the road. The craft apparently as large as a house seemed to land behind the farm nearby. On the night of April 4th, 1966 Mr Ron Sullivan, 38 years old and a steel construction businessman from Maryborough, Victoria, was travelling in his car to St Arnaud. While approaching the town at 60 miles an hour, he noticed in the distance a light which he thought was a tractor in a field. As he came closer he noticed in amazement that the beams of his headlights were bent off the road as they passed the light. As he looked alongside the road he could see the paddock’s fence and beyond it, not far away, a brilliant white disc of about three feet in diameter. The object was hovering just above the ground and from its upper surface it projected a conical array of shimmering rainbow lights extending to a height of about 15 feet. Then, suddenly, the coloured cone rose to a height of 20 feet and the disc below climbed above it. In the next moment the whole light complex vanished. “Everything seemed to be in the form of light”, said Mr Sullivan and he is inclined to believe that he actually interrupted something which was intelligently controlled. With his car’s headlights bending away from the road, he naturally thought that he was driving in that direction, so he automatically steered to the opposite side. Instead he found himself driving off the bitumen and only his presence of mind and skill saved him from an accident. A shaken man, he stopped to check the car lights, but found that they were in perfect order. Later he reported the experience to police. Three days later they requested him to come to the spot where he had made the sighting, because during the night, 19-year-old Gary Taylor had driven off the road, crashing into trees and killing himself at the very same place. An inspection of the ground revealed that a strange hole, three feet across and five inches deep, in the same spot where Mr Sullivan had earlier seen the light hovering. The hole was 50 yards from the roadway in a bare paddock and cleanly scooped out of sandy soil without any debris around. No human or animal tracks were found. Investigators believe that police had gathered other supporting evidence and that witnesses who had seen some strange lights on the night of Taylor’s accident did come forward. From an astronomical point of view, this is a most interesting sighting, because it may be interpreted in terms of Einstein’s theory that light is a sub-atomic substance subjected to magnetic attraction. Light beams from the stars are bent while passing the Sun- and it would seem that the brilliant white disc seen by Mr Sullivan was actually an extremely powerful magnetic field – a sun in miniature. There seems no limit to what the ET energy beings can do. Their powers seem incredible and against such super-beings able to bend light rays, step through walls, even become invisible at will and traverse space in craft flying at the very speed of thought we are primitive microbes by comparison.



Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

The ‘out of this world’ encounter with a ‘saucer’, experienced by a DC3 aircraft crew while approaching Darwin Airport about 9.19pm on the clear moonlit night of Easter Saturday 1976. Illustration courtesy SAGA UFO Special edition 1980.

In May 1980 several UFO reports were made over a wide area of the Monaro district/ACT. In one incident, a woman driving home to Queanbeyan to Canberra observed a yellowish-glowing ‘saucer-type’ craft as it released a dozen silvery, sparkling star-like objects from its underside, before flying off at a phenomenal speed. One such silvery object was reported to police officers who, when they answered the call from the property owner, were driving up the gravel driveway, drew to a stop when they saw ahead of their patrol car the object hovering just above the ground. As they approached it the object suddenly ‘switched off’ to fly over a paddock out of sight. Illustration from Strange Phenomena Magazine, June 1980.


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

NB. These reports are presented for your perusal and enjoyment and whilst all care is taken with their presentation no responsibility for their authenticity is taken by the editor. Please exercise your own judgement.


Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner free-falling into history on October 14, when he jumped from a helium balloon 39km above ground and reached 1,324km/h – faster than the speed of sound.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 by Rachael Bayliss - Cosmos Online

Artist's impression of the planet around Alpha Centauri B. Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

LONDON: A planet with the same mass as Earth has been discovered in our closest star system, Alpha Centauri, only four light years away.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

This is the nearest planet found outside our own Solar System and may well be the nearest one we will ever find. It orbits Alpha Centauri B, one of two Sun-like stars in the Alpha Centauri triple-star system. Although similar to Earth in mass, its orbital period or ‘year’ is just 3.236 days and it is a mere 0.04 AU away from its sun (1 AU is the distance from Earth to the Sun). This close proximity would render the planet uninhabitable because of the intense heat. “We were observing the star [Alpha Centauri B] every night to look for any planet around it… with one of the best instruments in the world,” said Xavier Dumusque, of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland, lead author of the paper published inNature. For four years the team of European astronomers pushed the already cutting-edge HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) technology at the ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile, to the limit and were rewarded with a landmark discovery. THE HABITABLE ZONE “We want to detect Earth-type planets and if possible at a distance from the star where liquid water could exist, in what we call the habitable zone,” said team member Stéphane Udry, an astronomer also at the Geneva Observatory. This exoplanet is not in the habitable zone, but all the data gathered by NASA's Kepler spacecraft indicates that small planets such as this are generally part of a multi-planet system, and the prospects for finding similar planets nearby – possibly in the habitable zone – are excellent. Since the first exoplanet was discovered in 1995 approximately 800 have been found, the vast majority of which are large planets, as they are more easily detected. This is the lightest planet ever observed in a sun-like system; the HARPS instrument had to detect oscillations of a tiny 50cm per second in a star approximately 40 trillion kilometres away. “If you want to take a picture of a planet, the single most important consideration is the distance from us to the star,” commented David Charbonneau, an astronomy professor at Harvard University, who was not involved in the study. “If Alpha Centauri B has a habitable planet, then it would be much easier to snap a photo – and take it’s spectrum to look for oxygen – since the star is so close.” EXTREME CONDITIONS ON PLANET SURFACE The world will be keen to find out what conditions are like in its neighbouring solar system. Speaking of the new planet, Greg Laughlin an astronomer from the University of Santa Cruz in California, said, “An orbit has been found and a mass has been found so anything beyond that is really speculation.” But with such an exciting discovery, it is difficult not to speculate. Dumusque theorised that, due to the close proximity of the planet to its sun, it would be unimaginably hot, “Perhaps we could say 1,500 degrees Kelvin [1,226°C] at the surface of this planet. At this temperature, there is a lot of chance that the surface, if it is made of rock for example, is not solid but more like lava.” Laughlin also conjectured that if the planet had no atmosphere and was tidally locked – the same side always facing Alpha Centauri B – “then the night side of this planet could potentially be extremely cold”. FINDING SUPER-EARTH To detect more ‘super-Earths’ – planets with a mass between one and 10 times that of Earth – higherpowered instruments are needed. ESPRESSO is just such a device, due to begin operation in late 2016 with the ESO's Very Large Telescope. When discussing the current HARPS equipment, Dumusque explained, “With the limits we have now… we could detect a planet of four Earth-masses within the habitable zone of Alpha Centauri B”. Udry added, “This is very important, as four times the mass means something like 1.5 times the size and if it is the same type of planet as the Earth that would be very interesting.” However, the window of opportunity to observe these planets is temporarily closing. The binary stars Alpha Centauri A and B are drawing closer together, meaning the subsequent 'glare' of these two suns will make it much harder to observe any orbiting planets, until they begin to move apart again in several years time. -0Saturday, October 13, 2012 Huge UFO over Melbourne, Australia 9-Oct-2012 Latest UFO sightings - This huge disc-shaped object or some kind of sphere was recorded in the sky above Moonee Ponds, a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia on Tuesday, 9th October 2012 at 7:55 am.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

5th October 2012 Joshua Tree, California - 09-17-12 At around 9:52 PM, I was sitting in the backyard of a friends house with them. (There were 4 of us that witnessed the event). My male friend and I were sitting on the couch talking and facing north. It was a clear night, no clouds. This allowed for a clear view of Joshua Tree valley over to the top of the hill on the north side. There was no air traffic in the area. I noticed a light come into view to my left at about a 45 degree angle from the bottom of this valley. The valley is maybe 2 miles across from where we were sitting to the top of the north side hill. I didn't know what it was at first, then I jumped to my feet and the other immediately saw the object as I pointed to it. We were unable to miss it. The object was traveling west to east over the north side of the valley. The object at first had a glowing flame-like aura around a white center. By the time the object got to the point of being straight in front of us, it no longer glowed red and appeared as a bright white circular disk. By then we had our camera phones out and 2 of us were taking pictures of it. There was no sound from it through the entire event. When it reached 3/4 across the valley from west to east, it dipped down, then changed directions heading to the northeast and dissapeared out over the 29 Palms Marine base. As a guess, the object was traveling at approximately 30 to 40 miles per hour while it was on its west to east trajectory. After 30 minutes to an hour, I noticed normal aircraft in their normal flight patterns to the north and very high up. I was extremely excited to witness such an event. I remained excited the rest of the night and continued to watch the skies in the area on and off till I went to bed without any further sightings. -028th September 2012 Published on Sep 22, 2012 by hellodable A MELBOURNE man has captured footage of what he claims to be another UFO hovering across the city skyline. The three-minute clip was recorded as the UFO hovered over Carlton Gardens last night. Tod, who did not want his surname published, said he captured the footage on his phone after he first saw the object about 9.30pm. Other witnesses have reported seeing it as early as 7.30pm. "It was moving like no other flying object that I'm aware exists, and it was displaying amazing patterns of lights that looked something like a light show display in the sky," he said. "I was on Lygon St when I first saw it then I walked up to Carlton Gardens, there were a whole bunch of other people saw it as well," he said. Astronomical Society of Victoria spokesman Perry Vlahos said it was unlikely the object was anything extraordinary. "Something that has been around that long and not seen by astronomers is probably unlikely to be anything odd," he said. "The fact it was in the sky for that long probably indicates it was something not too unusual." Mr Vlahos said members of the ASV had not reported anything unexpected. "The ASV has hundreds of members - many are looking into the sky with large telescopes every clear night from various locations around the state, including Melbourne, and none of them have reported seeing anything unexpected," he said. But other witnesses have described seeing other UFOs in the area Carlton resident Penny De La Soyo said she was shocked after seeing a "weird formation" of lights from the balcony of her 9th floor apartment. Ms De La Soyo said the formation passed her home about 10.15pm. "Eight orange lights in a weird formation came up over the horizon, then their formation changed a bit, one disappeared and then others did," she said. "It all lasted about a minute. I know it wasn't a plane or helicopter.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club – October, 2012.

"The lights were orange, they weren't flashing like lights on a plane," she said.Ms De LA Soyo said she had tried to "be logical" about the sighting, but said it was unlike anything she had seen before. The sightings comes less than a week after a western suburbs man captured an eight minute video of a fastmoving disc-shaped object descending and ascending high above his Albanvale house. The man, known only as Ivan, said a neighbour called him outside to witness the spectacle, both looking on in astonishment. "I have dismissed a lot of things thinking of what it could be," Ivan said. "But I am left with very little other than to think it is something unearthly." Ivan said the object lingered in the sky for around an hour and changed colour - switching between green, red and blue - and for several seconds at a time disappeared. source: -0-

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