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January 2012

Katoland Newsletter

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Presidents Message
Happy New Year from the president: Wow, 2012! How time flies. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and a good beginning to the New Year. We have a good program for January; Stress Management and Ergonomics. (Who doesnt have stress in their life?) Currently, we have nine members in our chapter. Two members have decided not to renew. My main goal for this year was to achieve Chapter of Excellence. Unfortunately, we missed a deadline for the budget review, so we will not become a Chapter of Excellence this year. Lets continue to move forward with this and see how many we can achieve. I think we are doing well and are learning what to do. Thank you for your efforts. Please see the chart on our progress. This is my first term as president and I have to say, Many thanks to Katoland. If not for you, I would not have been introduced to this wonderful association and its members. You have accepted me, supported me, encouraged me and given me the opportunity to reach beyond my comfort zone. Everyone needs a non-judge mental environment and supportive people to encourage them. We are a small chapter, but have spirit and enthusiasm. We will not quit! Our division is giving help and guidance to all who need it. Thank you for your support. Your belief and support in us is awesome. Our Division President has assigned Melissa Tofte as our chapter helper. I have worked with Melissa for over a year now and have every confidence that she is there for us. We are coming up on the first anniversary of the Division Mentoring Program. Look for an article in the upcoming February, Connections issue, written by Melissa Tofte. Way to go Melissa! Think about becoming a mentor or mentee. Please read the article below on becoming a Member of Excellence and really think about doing this.
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Spring Conference

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OfficeTeam article

Katoland MOE Chart Katoland COE Chart

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Katoland Newsletter
Why Strive to be a Member of Excellence? What's In It For Me? Why Should I Take the Time?
Do it for Your Career! Become a Member of Excellence to show your employer that you strive for professional excellence Continuing education / improving your skills / becoming a more valuable employee Display certificate during performance evaluation Request letter from Division be sent to your employer for additional recognition Do it for Your Future Employment! Use "Member of Excellence" achievement on your resume and portfolio to be recognized for the pursuit of education and excellence in your profession Do it for Your Association! Your Chapter needs 7% of its members to be Members of Excellence (MOE) to achieve the Chapter of Excellence

MN-ND-SD Division Mentoring Program

Career Connections is your perfect opportunity to connect. Would you like to learn more about IAAP and your chapter? Do you have specific questions about your current/future position? Are you looking for ideas for career development? What skills are really needed for expertise in your field? Not sure if this is right for you? Heres a quote from a past mentee: The mentorship has been very beneficial to me in getting that initial contact into the St. Paul Chapter, being introduced at the St. Paul Chapter to the members, and understanding more about IAAP, the Divisions, and the chapters. Having that link is extremely important. I can see this mentorship program becoming a great asset to those that are newly IAAP members or newly IAAP certified to help them understand the roles of the Chapters, Division, and so forth and to get them more involved in their local chapter. Jacqolyn K. Burke, CPS/CAP We have a large pool of administrative professionals to draw from, and well do our best to match you with an appropriate mentor on a local or division level. IAAPs MN-ND-SD Division is comprised of 16 chapters and 550 members. To find out more about our divisions mentoring program, go to and check out the Mentoring page.

Free Podcasts BesuretochecktheIAAP websiteforfreepodcasts

Katoland Newsletter

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New Horizons has a new complimentary webinar series! Check it out! Updated Microsoft Office 2010 Webinars!
We've updated our webinar schedule with new sessions on Microsoft Office 2010! The best part about our webinars is that they are complimentary to you! To register for our upcoming sessions please visit OR simply click on the title of the session you are interested in below. I have also attached an updated webinar schedule including the sessions below as well as technical and marketing webinars we are currently offering. We hope you can join us on these informational sessions! Microsoft Office 2010 Cloud Access Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT Presenter: Andrew Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Microsoft Corporation Discover how Microsoft Clouds services and products will provide you endless ways to work and collaborate - from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This will include storage strategies, Microsoft Office System for productivity and insight into what cloud services mean to the typical user of PCs. This will be demonstrated using Microsoft Word, Microsoft SkyDrive (Microsoft Live), Office365 and other Cloud implementations. Microsoft Office 2010 Application Content Sharing Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT Presenter: Andrew Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Microsoft Corporation Learn the ways and approaches for sharing content, from simple cut, copy & paste to shared drives, and information from your PC to the internet and back. Learn the tools, formats and reasoning behind how Microsoft Office system shares and accesses content for productivity. This will be demonstrated using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Tips & Tricks for Troubleshooting Simple Issues in Microsoft Office 2010 Date: Wednesday, March 14th Time: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT Presenter: Andrew Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Microsoft Corporation Learn how to fix simple mistakes, problems and troubleshooting strategies for working with Microsoft Office System. Learn where to look and what to do IF and when certain situations occur such as application recovery and version control as well as updates and security for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel.
Need more information?

Webinars Microsoft Certifications Microsoft Training Find Your Local New Horizons Computer Learning Center

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Katoland Newsletter Katoland Newsletter

Katoland Newsletter Katoland Newsletter

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R&E Offering New Scholarship

The Research and Educational Foundation wants to help you grow your career!

We're going to do that with the R&E's new 2012 EFAM Scholarship Program. The program helps cover the cost of attendance for temporarily unemployed admins or those who have never been to EFAM before. It's part of the foundation's commitment to helping admins reach and
maintain their professional edge. Scholarship applications will be accepted starting Oct. 1, 2011 through Jan. 31, 2012. Visit the updated R&E Web page to learn more about the EFAM scholarships, the foundation and how to help the R&E reach its goals. The page includes an FAQ about the R&E, PowerPoint presentation and script, scholarship information and donation forms. It's the go-to source for the R&E.
Please join the R&E as we advance the careers of administrative professionals.

MISSION STATEMENT To be on the leading edge of advanced technology for the changing office environment; to provide programs for professional growth, leadership development, continuing education, and certification.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Katoland Newsletter

Better Title, Bigger Paycheck? Not Necessarily

An impressive title doesnt always come with a bigger paycheck. In a survey by OfficeTeam, 22 percent of human resources managers said its at least somewhat common for their companies to award promotions without salary increases. Thats perfectly acceptable for 55 percent of workers interviewed; they said they would be willing to accept a promotion without a salary increase. Most companies prefer to offer an employee a promotion and a raise at the same time. But some companies continue to operate with lean budgets and may not be able to pair the two. If you are offered a promotion but no raise, carefully consider if you are willing to take on the additional responsibilities without increased pay. You may want to work with your boss to set a timeline for a future raise. For example, perhaps your manager will agree to give you a raise after six months if you meet certain performance objectives. The following are alternative incentives you might request if your company is not able to offer a raise along with a promotion:
More vacation time.

Consider asking for a few extra days or weeks off each year.
A bigger bonus. It may be

possible for your company to increase the percentage of your annual bonus or give you a spot bonus.
Flexible schedules. The

ability to work from home or commute during off-hours may save you time and money.
Professional development.

Pursuing training or continuing education can increase your marketability, which could pay off in the long run.
An equity stake. In some

cases, you may be able to negotiate restricted stock in the company based on your performance in the new role. Above al l , have a candid conversation with your manager about the new job and responsibilities, how your performance will be measured, and options you can explore to ensure you are fairly compensated. That is the best way to guarantee your satisfaction in the position and make sure both you and your manager have a clear picture of your role and your future with the organization.

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Katoland Newsletter MemberofExcellenceCriteria 8itemsneeded

1.HoldacurrentIAAPCertification(i.e.CAPasprescribedbythenewcurriculum.) Nancy,Mae Ifyouhaveacertification,itwillqualify 2.DownloadtheMemberofExcellenceCommitmentform;signanddatetheform Nancy, Everyonecando

3.ActivelyparticipateintheIAAPwebcommunityforumdiscussionsorwriteanarticle(minimum200words), andhaveitpublishedinanIAAPpublication(chapter,division,orinternationallevel.)Recommendinganother authorsarticledoesnotqualify. SendmeanarticleandIwillpublishitinournewsletter


4.Attendatleastoneprofessionaleducationalworkshop,seminarorconference(atleast60minutesinlength) andprovideashortparagraphonhowthetrainingrelatestoyourjoboryourroleinIAAP. ItcanbeanIAAPornonIAAPworkshop,seminar,orconference;however, (Leadership itcannotbeincludedinyourcalculationstomeettherequirementofcriterion#9. Nancy,Pat, Training) Anyhourlongeducationalprogramwehavewillqualify

5.Holdadegree,certificateorequivalent(aminimumofoneyearinlength)fromanaccreditedcollegeor universityorholdaMicrosoftcertification Ifyouhaveadegree,thisqualifieseveryyear

6.Paymembershipduesonorbeforeanniversarydate.Thiscriterionisamandatoryrequirement.Thismandatory requirementwillbewaivedinthecaseofnewmembersjoiningIAAPinthecurrentIAAP fiscalyearwhowanttoworktowardsbecomingaMemberofExcellence. Payontime 7.Serveasachapter,division,orinternationalofficer,committeechair,orcommitteemember;RTFTrustee; orserveonastudentchapteradvisoryboardortheschoolsadvisoryboardfortheofficeadministrationprogram. Boardmemberorcertaincommitteechairsqualify Nancy,Lydia,Bobbi,Pat,CherylWeston,Mae 8.Conductapublicpresentation,programortrainingatleast60minutesinlength. (Notethatthepresentationdoesnotneedtoqualifyforrecertificationpoints). ThereisopportunitytodothiswithacoupleofthepresentationsfromHQ

9.Attendaminimumofeight(8)IAAPchapter,divisionorinternationalsponsoredmeetings, programsorevents(anycombination.) Nancy Thesemeetings,programs,oreventscannotincludeaneventusedtomeettherequirementofcriterion#4. Weareplanningon10regularmeetings,whichincludesourholidaygathering Ifyoucallintoaboardmeeting,thiswillalsocounttowardsthe8 10.Recruitatleastonenewmember. Nancy


Katoland Newsletter

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Due ItemNumber Date 7 Criteria

2011 July Chaptersendsadelegateorsubmitsaproxytothe

InternationalEducationForumandAnnualMeetingheldinthecurrentIAAPfiscalyear. Complete Sept ChapterholdsatleastoneMembershipDrivebetweenJuly1andMay31. ChaptersubmitscompletedMembershipDriveEvaluationformtothedivisionbyJune1. Complete Sept Chaptersubmitsannualmeetingcalendarwitheducationand/ortraining topicstothememberswithacopytothedivisionbyOctober1. Complete Oct ChapterholdsatleastoneNewMemberOrientationbetweenJuly1andJune25.

(NewmembersinattendancemusthavejoinedIAAPwithinthecurrentIAAPfiscalyear.) ChaptersubmitsNewMemberOrientationEvaluationformtothedivisionbyJune25. 2 Needatleastonenewmembertocomplete Dec Chaptersubmitsbudgetandannualfinancialreview/auditreporttothememberswith acopytothedivisionbyDecember31. Budgetwasdonebut notthereview Notthereview 5

2012 April Chapterdevelopsandupdatesbusinessplan.Chaptersubmitsbusiness plantomemberswithacopytothedivisionbyApril30. Needstobedone

April Chaptersendsadelegateorsubmitsaproxy(ifallowedbydivisionbylaws) totheDivisionAnnualMeetingheldinthecurrentIAAPfiscalyear. 34membersplanningonattending

June AsofJune30,atleast7%ofthechaptermembers(minimumof2members) qualifyforMemberofExcellence. 2memberslookingintopleasecheckitout


2011/2012 Board Members:

President: President Elect: Secretary: Treasurer: Board Member at Large: Nancy Schmidt, CPS/CAP Lydia Spoor Pat Edlund Bobbi Nawrocki Cheryl Weston

IAAP Websites: International:

MN-ND-SD- Division:

Katoland Chapter: Division Events: 2012 Annual Meeting

Roseville, MN May 18-20, 2012

2013 Annual Meeting

May 17-19, 2013 Minneapolis, MN

Future IAAP International Education Forum & Annual Meeting (EFAM) 2012: Grapevine, TX, July 22-25, Gaylord Texan Resort 2013: Anaheim, CA, July 28-31, Anaheim Convention Center 2014: Milwaukee, WI, July 27-30, Milwaukee Convention Center 2015: Louisville, KY, July 26-29, Kentucky International Convention Center

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