American Bar Association [ABA], attention Robert M. Carlson, Chair, House of Delegates, ET AL, c/o Corette Pohlman & Kebe, 129 W Park St 301, POB 509 Butte, Montana 59703, T 406.782.5800, F 406.723.8919, M 406.782.5800,; courtesy ABA Board of Governors 2007-2010, KH O’Neil, American Bar Association [ABA] ET AL,; AND, State of Oregon Courts, Appeals and, Supreme, ET AL, attention David V.Brewer,; Robert D. Durham,, 1163 State St., Salem OR 97301; ET AL; and,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Portland police panel finds Capt. Mark Kruger brought 'discredit and disgrace' upon the city by erecting a memorial to Nazi soldiers also see,

“... During the course of the police investigation, Internal Affairs investigator Mike Barkley learned the city attorney's office had stashed away the plaques in a litigation file for at least six years .... “... But the city had never initiated an investigation into what they were for or why Kruger put them up until the city got pressure from Robert Seaver, a former friend of Kruger's who dogged city officials with explosive e-mails, interviews with the media and
1 ~ Roberta Kelly, et al | 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611 | 503.849.4634, October 23, 2012

an embarrassing YouTube video featuring Kruger posing in German uniforms .... “... Former police Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who said he was alarmed there hadn't been a prior in-depth inquiry, last October called for an internal investigation of Kruger. Seaver filed a formal complaint with the Independent Police Review Division the next month. Both prompted the Police Bureau's first, wide-ranging internal investigation of Kruger and a sustained violation .... “... Now, a former Portland attorney who had sued the city and Kruger in federal court, and Seaver, accuse the city attorney's office of a "cover up." jhadstate8: It would be really if a really investigative reporting newspaper, which I presume that the Oregonian considers itself, would like to find out why the video of Mr. Seaver's, referenced in the article, was taken down by YouTube for "Violation of terms of Service." For that to happen, someone had to file a complaint. It would be really interesting to know what person or what entity filed the complaint and made such a threatening case that YouTube took Mr. Seaver's video down. I wonder what explosive details were contained therein. Monday, October 11, 2010, 7:49:56 AM ost/2010-10-11/12594296.html SEE: STEVE SULTAN STAUL, RONALD FRASHOUR III, PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU [PPB] ET AL, SEE Roberta Kelly, Donald P. Wilson, Ian O. Wilson, Ryan A. Wilson and D. Lawrence Olstad, [Kelly et al] and property/ies 5109 NE Ainsworth Street, Portland, Oregon 97218 [5109]; 3151 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97321, [3151 Bldg. / Atelier 3151]; Balboa Drive estate, Vancouver, Washington [Hazel N. Halsworth]; and, “Bill of Rights,” (Re also 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611.), et al, Et Cetera, dated 10/23/2012 When the software corporations can charge ten (10) DOLLARS or digital credit sum of $10, for only five (5) minutes of talk time, IE EG to the Inverness Correction Facility, there is a serious racket in the business of “Police Safety.” It reads at the entry of the Inverness Jail, “Safety for the Public,” Et Cetera. Fannie Savage went before no less than seventeen (17) “judges” in the Circuit Court of Portland, Oregon, and not one honored Fannie’s Bill of Rights.’ Fannie is also an American Disabilities, she is deaf and her safety was not considered other than she was a disposable in the racket. Clifford C. Walker, Chair, Black Affairs was treated as though a slave in the deep south in the courts in Portland, Oregon. Clifford can be reached at
2 ~ Roberta Kelly, et al | 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611 | 503.849.4634, October 23, 2012

971.221.9953, for authenticating the Fannie Savage story as well as his own and how he became involved in the Black Affairs Commission in the State of Oregon. American Bar Association, Supreme Court and Appeals Court, State of Oregon, ET AL: The State of Oregon, Counties, Cities, all of the Oregon State needs to come clean with respect to the disregard for our Bill of Rights.’ Where is the “Justice” in equality when the Nazi cult appears to be enmeshed as a communist tribal gathering, as in Germany bonded together covering up and profiteering on the unconstitutional predatory crimes against humanity and certainly our Bill of Rights’ are dishonored as though worthless digital debt. Respectfully submitted this 23 day of October, 2012,

Roberta Kelly

3 ~ Roberta Kelly, et al | 200 Coyote Lane, Castle Rock, Washington 98611 | 503.849.4634, October 23, 2012

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