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According to local and world research Portugal is considered the leader of development and have been amongst the first to utilize sailing innovations. These new modernizations have along with much government support have allowed us to travel to Africa. Our top supporter, Prince Henry, although he passed, has already started to explore and conquer rich lands such as Ceuta, located in North Africa. Henry, long ago, has started the spread of Christian faith. Details of travel, and new explorations will be updated as commonly as possible. In this Edition: • Check out the exclusive interview with Pedro Cabral! • Check out our World News in Brief section! • Be sure to explore everything that Portugal has to offer in our trading section! • Check out our expansions with our easy to read maps!


The efforts to expand Portuguese Territories lately have been a complete success! The places highlighted in green represent the areas we have direct control over. The places marked in yellow are countries that we have greatly influenced. We’ve been sending our top crew out on many voyages to explore and conquer Asia, Africa and The Americas. A big thanks goes out to our hard working captains from the past and the present: Prince Henry, Amerigo Vespucci, Vasco de Gama and Pedro Cabral.

If you would like to make reservations to migrate to our new lands, please send a request to Lisbon. Thank you to all the supporters that have been there and allowed us to come this far.

Whether you’re looking for a new boat, looking to buy gold, certain services or even spices, the Portugal Times Classifieds section is the place to look.


PRINCE HENRY’S NAVIGATION ACADEMY- This academy has much to offer. We offer many lessons such as map making, instrument making, ship building and science. Even if you are experienced in one or more of these categories, feel free to come in to brush up or even gain more understanding on specific skills. So come join us. Classes are scheduled every seventh day. Hurry! Space is limited!

FOR SALE: SUGAR!!! Buy your sugar quick fast and in a hurry. No matter what you are making, sugar is good to have around!!

• Spain has also began to claim territory in the Americas. The Spanish have sent Christopher Columbus on a voyage, with intentions to transform the Caribbean into colonies as well as Peru. Other Spanish explorers have begun sailing across the Atlantic as well. • The French have begin to transform the Americas up north. Jacques Carter and his shipmates have landed on a gulf coast off the eastern coast co Canada, which he now calls St. Lawrence. He also reached a mountain dominated by a mountain, which he called Mout Real. For now, the French are looking more into fur trade and converting families to Catholic. • King James has just recently given English a charter to found a colony in North America. They call their settlement Jamestown in honor of their king. Although they’ve struggled with the colony at first, they’ve finally been able to stablize their settlement. • Puritans, or Pilgrims, have also come to the Americas and established an English colony called Plymouth. It is Located in Massachusetts. They are here for religious freedom, and have began to establish a larger colony near the Bay. • Slavery is increasing quickly. Many slaves have been bought back to the Americas. As of right now, Portugal and Spain lead the way in the Africa slave trade.

Pedro Cabral is the great explorer who founded our new territory, Brazil. The Portugal Times (TPT): Hello Mr. Cabral. Cabral: Hello. TPT: How was the voyage to our newest addition, Brazil? Cabral: Oh, it was really rough. Only a real man could survive on such a journey. TPT: I understand that ship rations were limited. What were those limits? Cabral: Ah, lets see. He had enough items for a 3 month trip. We were provided with 8,000 pound of salt beef, 2,800 pounds of salt pork, about 600 pounds of salt cod, and a few beef tongues. They also provided us with 15,000 brown biscuits, and 5,000 white biscuits. We received approximately 30 bushels of oatmeal, 40 bushels of dried peas, and 1 ½ bushels of mustard seed. We only received 1 barrel of salt, and one barrel of flour, 11 small wooden cask of butter, 1 large cask of vinegar 3,500 gallons of water, 2 large cask of cider and 10,500 gallons of beer. Because we had so much beer, the men often got drunk at night. TPT: What made you decide to go on such an exploration? Cabral: Well, I am very passionate about the country of Portugal. I was born and raised there. And when I saw they were looking for sailors and sea captains, I hoped on the job. Besides, I desired to travel over seas anyway. TPT: Was it difficult to leave your family behind and go to Brazil? Cabral: Oh, it definitely was, but I knew that someone had to do the job. I knew the outcome would be more power to Portugal. TPT: What were your first impressions of the new land? Cabral: I wasn’t exactly impressed. There was little gold and silver. But the land was a good land. Good enough for growing sugar. So I guess its okay now. TPT: Well, Mr. Cabral. Thank you for allowing this interview. Cabral: Thank you for taking an interest! In what I do.

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