Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association

June 11, 2012, 6:30 PM

Board members in attendance: Jonathan Brandt, Scott Vala, Jed Roberts, Lisa Anne Ross, Dan PortisCathers, Meghan Humphreys Board members absent: Erika Palmer-Wilson, Marcel Hermans, Terah Beth Balzer-Varga The general neighborhood meeting started at 6:33 pm Jeannie gave the Parks update – Movie in the Park will be in Mt. Scott Park on Fri., Aug. 31st, showing The Adventures of TinTin. Wikman Building – Eaven Moore from Foster-Powell Neighborhood – recent development in the process has been a submission of a status report ot the county with the results of visioning sessions. Many people there wanted the site to have a flexible use, be used for events, art display, holding meetings, Second most popular use was possibly having a credit union housed there. Third most popular use was to host arts events / performances. The group is still fundraising, and will be drafting more detailed plans for the space and applying for grants. Anyone wanting to get involved can contact Eaven directly at ROSE CDC via email: There are committees that volunteers can serve on (financial, planning, …) Neighborhood Concerns -- Scott Vala is concerned about transients living in the Mt Scott Park and around Mt Scott Church on Harold St. He would like to have a joint meeting between the Community Center, Mt. Scott Church, and other parties to help address the issues – possibly facilitated through the neighborhood association and Resolutions NW. Dan Portis-Cathers suggested an additional help would be to educate residents who live in the immediate vicinity about potential courses of action if property is left in parking strips. The meeting might be effective if we invite our neighborhood crime prevention coordinator or neighborhood response officer. Scott offered a motion that the neighborhood organize a meeting, but it was not voted upon, although most seemed to support that idea. Jonathan Brandt mentioned the recent death of a second pedestrian at 71st & Foster by a vehicle. In response, Foster Powell NA drafted a letter asking for more urgent action beyond improvements that are slated for streetscape plan-related items. Our neighborhood association has an opportunity to sign on to this new letter, if we have an emergency meeting. Lisa Anne read the first draft of the letter to the group. Most attendees supported, via a straw poll, supporting and endorsing a version of this letter. Major concerns about the letter should be sent back to Jonathan Brandt. SE Uplift report -- Scott Vala gave an overview of SE Uplift’s role and committees. SEUL has assigned a new liaison, Kelly (, x312 via phone) to our neighborhood. She said she wants to take part in the neighborhood survey, and other projects. At the last SEUL Board meeting, they identified a few areas to emphasize this year – Advocacy: working on a program to focus on pedestrian safety related to the Portland Comprehensive Plan. Outreach: doing visioning with the different NAs to formulate action plans. Strategic support: connecting neighborhood associations with interns / students. Fiscal sponsorship: providing new neighborhood projects with the financial structure needed to get grants/funding. Land Use, Sustainability, Transportation – Land Use Chair position in our neighborhood association is vacant. The Foster Vision Coalition met recently, and a lot of comments and data from that meeting are

available on the MSANA blog. The group came up with six principles . Next foster green meeting is Tue. 7/17 at ________________________ The Vision for Foster Road draft document was passed out at this meeting, as well as posted on our blog in advance of this meeting. Vicki asked why a bike lane, not a cycletrack, was not mentioned as a proposed action. It should say generally Bicycle Friendly Facilities rather than “Bike Lanes”. Scott asked when improvements might be put into place; Jonathan says that the consultants and City are saying that the FLIP timeline is too short / aggressive to get all info needed to move into design phase. The next open house on this topic is slated for September 2012. Regarding lower possible speed limits, Jonathan said that re-engineering the street would be important to the City petitioning the OR Dept of Transportation to lower the speed limit. Motion was made by Meghan Humphreys to accept the draft version of the Foster Road Vision and Action Measures document – Dan Portis Cathers seconded. All board members in attendance voted yes, motion passed. Discussion: Cheri said she was more in favor of one lower speed limit for the length of the Foster Rd in question rather than different speed limits in different parts of the street. Additional comments by attendees suggested various limits at different locations. Vickie said that a recent Metro study found that a six-lane road (as Foster Rd. is, due to parking lanes) is more dangerous than a freeway, and that safety problems are more expensive than “congestion.” One question came up regarding where traffic would be diverted if Foster was less of an arterial street and more of a neighborhood street. The neighborhood association meeting in August is cancelled, so people are encouraged to come to the SE Uplift Ice Cream Social (details on Agenda). Arleta Triangle Project – This project continues to have “Dig n Dish” work parties every LAST Saturday of the month, but volunteer support from the neighborhood has been hard to muster. Several attendees said they would attend the July Dig n Dish, now that they know when the volunteer days are. One suggested asking A-Boy Garden Center on Foster for donations of plants, and to post a flyer there. Kelsey at Pieper Café also offered to post a flyer for the Dig n Dish work parties. Lisa Anne Ross talked about the Neighborhood Survey Project – it will gather info about what are barriers keeping them from being involved, how the MSANA & Community Center can facilitate programs and activities people want to see. Project is about done with materials creation; soon will need to assemble packets for those houses where nobody answers the door. If anyone is interested in helping with that, please ask Lisa Anne Ross to join. The survey needs canvassers to go door to door to do the survey, also. There will also be an online version of the survey – it’s in the works. The Community Center is offering a free day pass for anyone who answers the survey. Holgate Library Announcements – one current project is teaching people how to can and preserve food. Next Wed., August 15th at 6:30 pm will teach how to preserve your seeds from your garden. Library offers “Books To You” for kids who come to get free lunch in Mt. Scott Park on a few days in July and August – details at Community Center’s front desk. Multnomah County Library will be getting a new online catalog interface (same interface that the NY Public Library uses) in September. Meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm Minutes recorded by Meghan Humphreys