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Rev. J. F. Boyd Writes He's Safe in Philippines
The Times-Union of Albany recent- \ ly published a dispatch, with a Buf- i falo dateline from the wires of the; CDAM TIPPED 14V IlVVrlfl UllEJY J i l l Associated Press, giving the first di- j rect woid of the safety of the mis-; sionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate ; A l i t U e b i t of the foliage that helpa The estimated value of the St. in the Philippine Islands, among t 0 m a k e up the landscape of Upper Augustine's Catholic church and parwhom is Rev. Joseph F. Boyd, Q.M.I., j a y was transferred to Greenwich Vilish home in North Bangor, near Ma! Santo Tomas Interment Camp, Ma-. i a g e , New York, not many days ago lone, which burned to the ground last ', nha. Father Boyd, who was once' a n d Was the subject round which a Thursday between 11 a. m. and 3 | administrator of St. Catherine's ' heated controversy raged. Th)^ was o'clock, is - $30,000. The buildings j church, Clintonville, stated in part in a large Christmas tree stand.ng 35 were insured for $17,000. ja letter to the Ve^y Rev. James T. feet high, three feet less than the North Bangor and Malone residents j McDermott, O.M.I., provincial of the . largest tree the Washington bquare managed to carry to safety the orjfiist American Province of the Ob-= Association has ever erected. gan, the church vestments, the chalice Vivacious B: ty Winkler, the M. D. \ jlates, Lowell, Mass.; j The evergreen, tianspurted L New o and the stations of the cross. in "Joyce Jordon M.D.," popular radio j j "Would you pitase notify my two' yOrk by truck from its uatrve hills The sole article rescued from the serial heard over the Columbia net-i brothers that I am sale and well. ! in Upper Jay, was considered i,y the rector was a v,.uab,. inlaid tab.e. ] £ £ ™ " Mnday ^ i Friday ^ pQjyUjCD ^ " thru ^ " at! TDQ^D k _. ._ r. will Qpeen of , pers nal belonging of the Rev. Lou-1, 2:15 p. m., Lake be crowned an elaborFor Clinton Co. Judge " " ^ & t U A L t U ' n R L . Also you may dointhe same for all the thousands ifwho viewed it the most Oblate Fathers the Philippines." beautiful not the largest that has church aWinter at Placid in is L. Brisson, pastor of te F. Claude O'Connell, prominent ceremoy, g g j Faiher B^yd was once in charge ever been erected in Wasu.agton and former pastor of St. Augustine ate ceremony, including figure skating I Plattsburg attorney, was the unaniexhibitions, in the Olympic Arena on of Holy Name church in Au Sabie Square. The controversy liaa la do church of Peru. The table is the Saturday evening, January 1st. : mous choice of the executive commitj Fo.ks and known to many of its redi-'wuh the lighting of the Uee, i..volv1 prized gift of a friend in Essex counHer consort will be Seaman First' tee of the Republican county commitdents. ! ing the Army, the Navy, the mayor, ty who made it from several hundred Class Edward L. Burns of the United j ! tee which met last week Tuesday at State Navy Armed Guard. The-hold-j ! the War Production Board in n ashpieces of different kinds of wood. er of the Purple Heart, young 20-year j Captain John Gaffney, 20 years ago j Plattsburg to name a successor , to , With a loss estimated at $30,000, ; ington, the park department, UK-, poA $500 chalice, belonging personal- old Burns, has seen plenty of action j Andrew W. Ryan as Clinton county • flre l a g t S a t u r d a y d e s t r o y e d t h e f e e d lice department and the puwei com* ly to Father Brisson, was lost when in the Atlantic and •pany supplying the current tor liiu.,_,,,_ ^ the house burned. where he was wounded n action last j that organization today at „ $10,000 ,i b e g e who resigned Monday, Decem-1 w a r e h o u s e o f t h e D o c k & C o a l C o m . r 20 Mr i mLiating it. The final auswe. t > the t annual salary. ! - O'Connell's name will be ; The fire started in the cellar of the May. controversy was that there w;w no The former commander of troop K j submitted to Governor Thomas E. ;second serious fire loss of the year rectory Thursday morning shortly af- j light on the tree except that .inch at Hawthorne was appointed super- \ Dewey for appointment to the judge- •suffered by the company. Large stocks ter-11 o'clock. It was discovered by | shi I intendent .of state police last week j P vacated by Judge Ryan who be-, of wheat, barley, oats and other feeds came fiom the nearest street la^ips. the housekeeper. Father Brisson, who j c o m e s a m e m b e r of t h e I by Governor Dewey. ' | State Su- : were consumed in the flames. The ariicle describing the t. - and was ill in bed, went into the cellar j r e m e Court in t h e F o u r t h A number of compressed gas tanks I Gaffney has been acting superin- ! P Judicial and attempted to put it out. He was ; After an unbroken publication rec the argument over its eiectin- illuan unbroken publication Mr. O'Connell tendent since, the retirement in late I District on January 1. mination appeared in the Dec- inber overcome by smoke and his hair was j exploded hurling large pieces of steel > h W rren . was b u of e w August of Major John A. Warner, now i will fill the u:\expored term of Judge into the air. One half of a tank was o r d ,g N n e a3r ] ya n6n6o y e acres d Tin e its aissue s of 16th issue of The Villager, ixreenun singed. Helped to safety by several j i h i O hlf f t k distance of forty feet from i l a s t w e e k i t j s s u s p e n d i n g f o r t h e wich Village newspaper, urenmich a lieutenant-colonel in the army's al- Ryan as county judge. thrown . men, he was taken to the Alice Hyde j lied military government branch. the loa, g platiorm, crashed through d u r a t i u n . T h e w e e k l y n e w , p a p e r w a s Village is the home or mauy a.c.sts, hospital Thursday afternoon suffering i Transfer of six moie members of the wooden wall of a established by John A. Morris on Jan- • writers and other temperament^ peofrom shock. His condition is report- j "Lore of an Adirondack County" is the title, of a new book which has j t h e g t a t e p o ] i c e w a s a n n o u n c e d M o i > ed good. burst into flames. Another portion of u^y 30> 1878> a n d s i n c e L h a t t i m e h a 3 : p l e . O n Christmas Eve, Loin * to 5 Up until 1:30 Thursday afternoon | J u s t c o m e f r o m t n e Cornell University d a y b y G a f f n e y : i n s p e ctor John J. a tank was blown a distance of 100 = n e v e r missed an issue, although pub-. o'clock, there was the usua, Maying it was thought the church could be j Press. The author, Miss Edith Cut- R i n g f r Q m h e a d q u a r t e r s o f i n e s l a t e feet to damage the roof af a tall liahed on occasion under the most' of Christmas carols to the acc^ia^msaved as it had been heavily sprayed . tmg of Lewis, N. Y., who graduated j p<j}ice b u r e a u Qf c r i m i n a l i n v e s ti g abuilding nearby. The presence of difficult of circumstances. j ment of four trumpeters, a regular E r o m tne with water by the Malone call fire- j Elizabethtown-Lewis central tion to acting commander of troop dozens of gas tanks in the building The present owners of the paper | community sing. Last year the; e were sch o1 and N Y state men, who have been repeatedly com- j ° - Teachers Col- L, Babylon; C. J. Finnick from troop and on the loading platfo.m created are First Lt. and Mrs. Paul C. Bosse, j 1,500 people gathered about the foot xnended for the valiant fire-fighting | lese, librarian at Larson Junior Col- L to troop C, Sidney; Lt. H. A. KeaEric J. Elliot, Albany District OPA a dangerous hazard for the firemen, who purchased it Loin Melvin J. Liv-; of the yule tree for the &mgj:,.^ of I lege for Girls at New Haven, Conn., tor from troop G Troy, to troop L; ; The fire centeied in a loag wooden . ingstim in February, 1938. In a state-! carols. they did. anc w n o *3 n o w a candidate for her Lt. J. J. Warner from troop C to rationing executive has warned all 1 structure on the south side of Duck meut published in last week's issue ! • Thirty years ago the :hurch which | * household users of fuel oil that the railroad and signed "Paul and Anne Bosse," j was destroyed Thursday was moved jj master's degree at Cornell was con- troop G; Lt. M. E. Doescher from Albany area is working on its cur- Street east of the D. < the to its present location from 1 South ' sidered so representative a "Yorker" troop K to troop A, Batavia, and Lt. rent oil quota and if consumers run ,crossing near the slip at Banker's tuey said: Bangor road at the time the Rev. J. j that the publishers asked her to write L. G. Nelson from troop A to troop out of Period Two coupons before Pe- j d o c k a n d b o a t delivery on Lake Cham"It is with great regret that we this book. Miss Cutting assisted Dr. R. Lauzon was pastor. The building Harold Thompson to quite an extent G. King replaces Capt. James Flynn, j ^ ^ vaUd, no plain. The detonations of the tanks i announce that with this issue The o m e had undergone extensive repairs in in collecting Essex county stories for one of Ihe seven who retired. j additional allotments of coupons will sounded like the discharge of hea.v;- . Warrensburg News will suspend pubthe pastorship of the Rev. F. C. A. "Body, Boots and Britches" publishbe made. Each consumer has been artillery. ' lication for the duration of the war. Cornish during whose pastorate the ed a few years ago. his quota 1943-44 O° la&t Memorial Day the has been reached by Brewster Decides oInr a t nallotted Period and for isthe to him 'ic<>al Company's large coal Dock & us"This decision thought and hearteatin rectory was renovated and touch en- Residents of Essex county, after Q£ D e m c g it up storage alter much larged. Father Cornish is now pas- reading the chapter titles will not see that these coupons are spent \ bins and elevator adjoining the proper- searching, and the ieluctant con- The annual crowning of the king down recent-; t0 tor of Immaculate Conception church at Keeseville.


Recommend O'Connell Hfif K & f 0AI TO FIRF








which are now nearly a thing of the Court chambers, Glens Falls, on De- perature rule for household heating I f P a i d i n J a n u a r y - ^ T k n o w what getting | past, etc. In the chapter entitled cember 9 and 10, Coloumbe was ac- set by the office af price administraThe Sss,* county board of .uper-< the news from home has meant to was blown completely off ;he The North Country squadron of the "Anecdotes and Tall Tales" .she has counted winner, 85 to 84 on the basis tion. Nevertheless, the public may j v l s o r s m e t as well begin to understand that no I Wednesday, December 22, them and that has been the hard- deck. As the ship began tn sink* civil air patrol was praised for var- s e i e c t ed some of the best that have of an earlier decflion by the justice I supplemental fuel oil rations will be ! a t Elizabethtown to inspect and sign e st part of our decision. , shipmates found Burns lying on th& ious phases of its work in the Christ- b e e a t o l d . S o m e o f t n e h i d d e n treas- in Supreme Court, Scheuectady. ' j the tax rolls. The chairman, Willis j "However, we expect t < r e s u m e ' l o w e r d e c k w l t b h i s c i o t i l c S on g rft issued< mas edition of the "Civil Air Patrol, j u r e legends are touched upon in one I"~~" i votes came from the voting .. they | publication as soon as possible after j f r o m flaming gasoline, and he was Group 213 Notes," issued last week. c h a pter. In another "Weather Lore" are just starting the real win Wellsof Lake Placid, s each candidate received 79 The most important praise comes o a e w i l l l e a r n w n e n t o plant corn, besides which four , soldier ballots ter weather and already local ration-i.P Ian t o h a v e t n e r o l l s * in ^ hands\ ; t n e war." j wounded in several places. Burns of t h e from the work this squadron has un- k i l l a hog> w h a t the w e a ther will be went to Wadsworth and one to Colo- ing boards are beginning to experi-[ collectors on January 1 so that j L t . Bosse was commissioned in the, will D e r s o n a ,,. relate this and many personally dertaken in the training of cadets dur- a u d l o t s o f o t n e r interesting informs umbe. Three absentee ballots to e a rush of consumers who are i Property owners may take advantage : army in June, 1942, and is now on \ .. , ' action after the corof he e w law s ear hich ro at t ing the past few months. j t i o n . "Proverbial Sayings" is most which the Democrats objected were running out of oil and have used their jI oof t the nnewl a w mthis y yearw whichPpro-ddtu t y t FFortTTotten,AAnti-Aircraft A ' nation ceremonies. He will ascend j j t t i A i f t ArThe commendation read in part: interesting and as she says "Essex later ruled valid by Justice Brewster current Period Two coupons. Pres- vides .that no fee shall be charged ; tillery Command Headquarters, being the Olympic arena throae- with vi"Aviation Cadets—This was one of | C0U nty is as full of them as an egg but by his new decision after further ent indications are that many con- by the respective town collectors if; engaged in intelligence work, the taxes are paid within the 31-day j T h e newspaper office will be closed vacious Betty Winkler, siar o: Joyce the best and most important jobs of | iS- full of meat." Jordan, M.D." proof was entered, called invalid. The sumers will wind up about the first period from January 1 through Janthe year. CAP, North Country squad-1 T h e chapter called 'How Do You latest decision also threw out three of February without any oil or cou- uary 31. If taxes go over the month, in about two weeks, a job press and Miss Winkler is heard daily at a typesetting machine being sold and i ' """"" " 1""*'ti i a "««"« "«••*.> «*. ron, with the Utica squadron, led the Play It," tells all about the old games other absentee ballots, two for Colo- pons. Although fuel oil dealers have 2:15 P m O v e r U l e Columbia sadio that were played at "sociables" which umbe and one for Wadsworth, on the in their possession oil coupons of i taxpayers will pay a fee of one per the remainder of the plant's equip-^work, 'and' is one of the leading netfield." I cent for the month of February and This squadron now has 130 cadets w e r e s o c a m m o n forty years ago. ground they were delivered to the their customers for the entire heat- one half of one per cent for the re- ment being stored. Mrs. Bosse plans stars. Following the coronation eere^ to remain at Warrensburg. ing season, regulations will not almonies there will be a figure skating in flight A, B, C, Massena, Malone, .< Tne Supernatural" has to do with election inspectors too late to The founder of The News, John A. show starring two well known artists, low them to permit customers to bor- maining months. Potsdam and in the Ogdensburg sec- g aO sts omens and divinations, folk counted. Morris, went to Warrensburg from Dorothy Goos of New York, heading medicine, witches, etc. Miss Cutting row on Period Three coupons which tion. Granville. In 1881 the newspaper the exhibitionists. Co-starring with The second commendation went to reserves for the last chapter a fine have not yet become valid. If a cus- Two-Day Dairy Crop the members who aided in the forest selection of old ballads and songs Corporate Meeting tomer runs out of oil before the exSchool January 4-5!was purchased by Lester C. Dickin- her will be Hildegarde Belmain, who patrol project. It says in part: "For of which Essex county is so rich. y Of Children's Home piration date Of any oil coupon the specializes in ballet work, and the d t j the first time in New York State's Allen's Bear Fight up in Keene, The There will be a special corporate j dealer will refuse to deliver the fuel." According to Ray Bender, county j e r v i e J a n u a r y holder of the coveted National Ladies* Mr SommerviUe.B death in history, CAP flew a forest fire patrol Noble Lads of Cananda, The Coot meeting of the Children's Home of agricultural ageut, there will be a two jj * Junior title, and known as the. N e w g w a g p u b U s h e d b y Ms over the Adirondacks in October. For Hill Bedbugs, Unhappy Jerymire, Northern New York on Tuesday,, Jan- j H i t - a n d - R l U l D r i v e r day dairy crop school scheduled for ' ^ Qctober w h e n "Pavola of the Ice." The Lake Pla* 10 days the patrol flew from Massena; Pretty Polly are all included as well uary. 11th, 1944, at three o'clock in January 4 and 5. The meeting o n j, jt e as t ta t e p Held After Accident the 4th will be at the Whallonsburg r W M p uu rr c h a s e dM rbsy Mor .s s Livingston.d cidhigh so'.ool band will play the for another 10 days out of Utica. Not as many others. the afternoon at the Children's Home, Coronation March and will give a B e acquire a single error or mishap marred a The book will be on sale a%various 14 Bailey Avenue, Plattsburg Tbe John Duell of Peru was in custody Grange hall and the meeting on t h e | ^ After Mr concert The hockey game between smooth and convincing performance, places in Essex county in the near main business to be transacted is to of authoritiese Monday after his ar- 5th will be at the Crown Point Grange [ ^ p a p e r i n 1 9 3 8 ttey c h a a g e d i t t 0 Clarkson College of Potsdam and and to the North Country and Utica future. We understand that the re- pass upon a resolution authorizing the rest by state police of the Keeseville o'clock and the afternoon session at a b l o i c i s i and present time. squadrons goes credit for an outstand- ;eipts from the sales of ,the book will sale and conveyance of the house and outpost in connection with a hit-and- hall. Morning sessions start at 10 | tcontinuedz eto thethat format has been Loyola College of Montreal, is sure ing job." be used to defray the expenses of lot located at No. 66 Broad street, run accident at Keeseville Friday 1 o'clock. Sandwiches and coffee will For many years the late John L. to be exciting and fraught with thrills. publishing a series of such books by Plattsburg, now belonging to the cor- night when George LaBounty, 49, of be served by the ladies of the Grange. Tubbs was editor of The News, re- The two star college teams are the students of Cornell. We of Eliza- j p o r a t i o U i A I s o a t t a e m e e t i n g w i H Keesevllle was seriously injured. Professors C. G. Bradt of the Ani- j t i r i n g o n J a n u a r y i, 1933, and being scheduled to cross sticks in the arena bethtown and Lewis cen , _ ?_ fljbe e t v e n notice of a proposed by-law Duell was arraigned on charges of mal Husbandry Department of Cor- SUCceeded by his nephew, John C. in a three-game tournament on Thura* Mrs. Goff Geres nell and E. S. Van Alstine of the I Tubbs,- who is now associated with day, Friday and' Saturday evenings, feel highly honored in having one o: which will delegate to the board of leaving the scene Of State Grange our graduates selected by Cornell Uni- managers authority to convey or oth- out reporting the of an accident witlj- agronomy department will be pres- the editorial staff of The Post-Star. December 30-31 and January 1. The accident. LaBounty For the first time in 25 years» a versity to help in this work and * we erwise dispose of real or personal was struck by the pickup truck driven ent. Among the topics to be dis- Mrs. Bosse has been editor since L t first two games will be called at.£.30 p. m. and the finals will follow the cussed are faster milking, Bang's di- Bosse entered service. member of Lake Placid Grange has wish Miss Cutting the greatest suc- property of the corporation. by Duell on Route 9 leading Into annual crowning of the king and fceen elected to office in the New York cess in' her- future literary endeavors This meeting has been called by Keeseville from the west. He suffer- sease eradication and the new state queen of winter and figure skating exState Grange. Mrs. Olive Gofl was Harry M. MacDougal, President order of the board of managers, and ed severe facial and head lacerations vaccination plan, mastitis prevention, feeding dairy cattle under wartime Former Town Crier at hibitions on Saturday evening. All elected Ceres at the state meeting Board of Education all members of the corporation are but is expected to recover. conditions, how to use commercial j in all, in Syracuse and was installed by P. Elizabethtown and Lewis Central notified to attend. All persons who Lake George Was 94 stocks upthe aCanadiannutaggregation fertilisers on dairy farms, growing as tough for Coaoh, M. Stoddard of the Vermont State School. make annual donations to the Chil- 14 Men of Keeseville William Henry Wilcox, former town Roos and his Tech boys to craok, feed, grains in 1944 and getting the Grange. Mr3. Goff has been juvenile dren's Home are members of the corcrier at Lake George, died Thursday deputy In Essex county for several Fire Dept. in Service most out of hay and pasture. These poration, and are entitled to attend years. Mrs. Betty Alexander was se- Essex Supervisors The Keeseville fire department has meetings should be beneficial in help- in an Albany hospital of pneumonia. SUFFERS INJURIES IN FALL and participate in this meeting. lected as her successor and was ina total of 16 of its membership of 35 ing Essex county farmers do their He was 94 years old. He was known Supervisor J. Dewey McCormick of To Meet January 4 among vacationists as a guide on the town ,of Ausable, is confined to stalled by Deputy Master C. Walter The Essex County Board of Super- Construction employment in New now in service. A fund Is being rais- share in the war effort by helping Gofl at a meeting of the Ethan Allen visors adjourned Wednesday, Decem- York decreased 7.6 per cent from mid- ed, headed by a subscription from to meet Essex'county's goal for milk Lake George and Lake Champlain his home suffering from a sprained steamers. The village of Lake George back and possibly broken rite 8 « K October to mid-November as the Supervisor Norman Hamed, with production Orange when officers of that grange ber 22. The new board will hold its 1944. building trend continued downward, which to purchase a service flag to appointed him town crier when he tained when he fell In Plattsburg i%* and the Tlconderoga grange were : ducted into office by the deputy and first meeting on January 1, 1944. It Industrial Commissioner Edward Cor- be hung at tome prominent place in BACK THE ATTACK—BUY WAR was 89 in recognition of his knowl- ceatly following a meeting of th* will be an organization meeting and si of Albany announced lately. hoard of supervisors. Ida tteff. BONDS. edge of area history. the village.. a new chairman will be elected.

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