Department: OPERATIONS Store/Location: Boracay, Caticlan Version: JDBPH-001

Job Level: Reporting to: Business Development Head Date: Jan. 16, 2012

JOB SUMMARY Manage and responsible for every area of resort operations.

JOB DESCRIPTION 1. Over all in charge of resort operations with focus on high occupancy rate, excellent customer service, adequate amenities and facilities, marketing and sales, administration, business development, maintenance, and people management. 2. Manage resort subordinates and other staff. Supervises the work of employees, including work scheduling which is efficient and cost effective; the compliance of the employees to good work standards and Company policies. 3. Coordinate the efforts of resort staff to meet sales goals. This may involve supervising, hiring, motivating, coaching, and training staff as well as personally meeting with prospective customers for lodging. Contribute to continuing business development. 4. Evaluates and assesss performance of Guest Service Personnel; Coach for improvement. 5. Gives recommendations to the Business Development Head on long-term infrastructure needs for repair, replacement, and upgrades and makes suggestions on changes to promote efficiency and cost effectiveness. 6. Maintains sufficient inventory of supplies, materials, parts, and equipment and advises the Business Development Head on major projects that are needed to maintain the resort. Monitors purchases and request for supplies done by the Guest Service Personnel. 7. Monitors projects carried out by outside contractors for quality of work, adherence to specifications, costs, and management of cost and expenses. 8. Provides regular update to the Business Development Head, submit reports and other documentation on status and performance of the resort. 9. Conducts “spot audit” and ensures proper compliance to procedures. In-charge of reconciling payments and deposits slips. Audit of petty cash fund (PCF). 10. Manages and monitors tie-up with Travel Agencies and Commission Agents. Initially screen new Agents and submit recommendation to Business Development Head. 11. Monitors and approves reports submitted by Guest Service Personnel. Reports 1. Monthly Collection Report 2. Monthly Sales Report 3. Attendance Sheet & Daily Time Record 4. Agents Performance Report Frequency Monthly Monthly Bi-Monthly Monthly

JOB QUALIFICATIONS Education A graduate of any 4 year course and a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree Work Experience Technical Skills Other Skills Minimum of 1 year relevant experience in managing a resort. Management, Marketing Good written and oral communication skills

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