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EMPLOYEE EXIT INTERVIEW EXIT INTERVIEW TEMPLATE Name of Employee: Click here to enter text. Position:Click here to enter text. Department:Click here to enter text. State: Choose an item. Reports to: Click here to enter text. Commencement date: Click here to enter a date.Termination date: Click here to enter a date. Date:Click here to enter a date. Signed: ___________________________________

Demographic information Age: 18-25 26-35 36-50 Gender: Male Female Ethnicity: Choose an item.


Reason(s) for leaving 1. My decision to leave ThinkBank was Voluntary Involuntary A bit of both 2. What is/are your main reason(s) for leaving?

Further study Retirement Family commitments Planning to travel Personal Career change

Better career opportunity Dissatisfied with job

(includes working conditions, role clarity, workload, work stress, adequacy of challenges, job scope, job design)

Relations with colleagues Dissatisfied with supervision Dissatisfied with the organisation
(includes culture, pay, fringe benefits , fairness of outcome career development, training, communication from management)


3. Was your decision to leave associated with any changes introduced within ThinkBank or to your role within the last 12-18 months?

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Job 4. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied were you with your job at ThinkBank? ___ 5. Please rate the following aspects of your job at ThinkBank using the scale provided.

1 Poor Working conditions

(e.g., hours, shift, amenities)

2 Below average

3 Average

4 Good

5 Excellent

Role stress Adequacy of challenges Job scope Task variety Skill variety Task significance1 Autonomy/Freedom Feedback from the job
(e.g., task or project completion, targets)

6. Can you please explain the items that you gave the lowest rating?

7. How would you describe the performance targets given to you?

Please explain:

Coworkers 8. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied were you with your relationships with colleagues? ___ 9. Did you and your colleagues work effectively as a team? Why or why not?

Supervision 10. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied were you with your relationship with your supervisor? ___

Task significance refers to the extent the job allows you to have a positive impact on the well-being of other people
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11. Please rate your supervisor on the following factors using the scale provided. 1 Rarely Kept employees informed Provided appropriate & challenging assignments Clearly communicated expectations Give constructive performance feedback Recognized accomplishments Treated me with respect and courtesy Coached, trained, & developed you Provided leadership Encouraged teamwork & cooperation Listened to suggestions & feedback Helped me solve problems Was available when I needed help Followed policies and practices and applied them fairly 2

3 Sometimes

4 Often


12. Can you please explain the items that you gave the lowest rating?

13. How could the supervision provided to you be improved?

Organisation 14. Overall, do you think the culture at ThinkBank is more positive or negative? Positive Negative Neutral Please explain:

15. Do you think the remuneration was satisfactory relative to what other company offers? Yes No Don't know

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16. Do you think the employee benefits offered by ThinkBank were satisfactory? Yes No (Please explain: ____________) 17. Do you think the rewards and punishments were distributed fairly? Yes No (Please explain: ____________) 18. In your opinion, has there been sufficient communication between management and staff in terms of changes happening in the company, campaigns etc? Yes No (Please explain: ____________) 19. (a) In your view, have you been provided with adequate training during your employment? Yes No Training provided, but not specific to needs (b) What kind(s) of training are needed but were not provided (if applicable)?

20. (a) In your view, have you been provided with adequate career opportunities? Yes No (b) What types of career opportunities do you value that were not provided (if applicable)? Promotional opportunities Special project opportunities Increased responsibility through additional tasks Overseas opportunities Job rotations/secondments Others (Please specify: __________) 21. Was your role described accurately during recruitment? Yes No Moving forward 22. Would you recommend ThinkBank to others as a place to work? Yes No Maybe 23. What, if anything, could have been done to prevent you from leaving ThinkBank (e.g., transferring to another department)?

24. Would you consider working for ThinkBank again, either in the same or a different position if situations change? Yes No Maybe 25. What does your new company offer that ThinkBank doesn't? (If applicable)

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26. Can you offer any other constructive comments that will enable us to improve and become a better company?

Thank you for completing the interview with us today. Your responses will be treated anonymously and be communicated to ThinkBank's management.

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