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This unique course helps to lay the foundation for a high IQ (intelligence quotient),EQ (emotional quotient), and SQ (spiritual

quotient) in the baby within the womb.


10 important facts why Prenatal Parenting is of critical importance

Your child is the most important, valuable, precious, and the greatest asset of your life. The nine months of life in the womb are the most vital months in a persons entire lifetime. The babys brain while in your womb grows fastest and most rapidly than at any other time in your childs life. It has far more nerve cells and neural connections compared to the brain of an adult. Brain activity starts as early as six weeks after conception, a time when most girls do not even know that they are pregnant. By 28 weeks of pregnancy all the vital senses Vision, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell are fully functional. Your baby starts as just a single cell at the time of conception and cell division happens at an incredible speed-giving rise to 100 trillion cells in the babys body at birth. It is not only the number of cells that is important but more than 250 different kinds of cells that they differentiate into during these nine months. Incredible: The health of your placenta in the uterus determines the life span of your offspring, and the origin of adult disease has its roots in fetal life. Surprised? Your babys emotional characteristics for his entire lifetime are laid down in the developing brain inside the womb. Your own emotional state as a mother has a profound influence on the emotional makeup of your baby. You are therefore the architect of your babys emotional traits Your baby inside the womb can not only hear but also remember the experiences that she is subjected to. Learning therefore, starts in the womb and you are the first and the most important teacher of your baby.

The period of maximum learning in an entire lifetime is from the last trimester of pregnancy through to the first two years of life. Please take this time period very seriously. The foundation of the level of intelligence of an individual is laid down in the developing brain inside the womb. Experiences of the growing brain in the womb can change the size, shape and the functioning of the brain forever.

Please treat your pregnancy with utmost care and intelligence. Remember you only get one chance at a pregnancy and Every second counts

About Dr J. Mansoor

Dr J. Mansoor M.D Dr J. Mansoor M.D is a practicing physician with over 35 years of experience in the field of clinical pediatrics. He has dedicated most of his work to developmental pediatrics, and is the author of a popular book Infant Stimuli, a book on physical and mental development in the early years of life. Over the last 15 years he has been heavily involved with prenatal science, and has keen interest in prenatal parenting. The Prenatal Communicator is a result of his detailed research on the subject. He has postgraduate degree in Pediatrics from Ireland, and is a member of

the college of physicians and surgeons in Pediatrics. He is also a member of the British Pediatric Society and a corresponding Fellow member of the Canadian Pediatric Society. For his contribution to the society in his field of work, he received the Achievers Award by the president of Mauritius in April 2009. He is the founder and CEO of American Health Innovations Inc, based in Texas USA.