Figure1 alien spacecraft (1979) Alien was an interesting horror film that provoked a lot of questions about sexuality and sexual organs. The spaces in the movie make the film and carries context and information for the audience. A critic said that the space craft is “Fantastically designed, it is a fusion of the mechanical and the magical, juxtaposing dark cluttered corridors reminiscent of primitive submarines with futuristic white panelling and banks of flashing lights”(That Film Guy, 2011) I agree with this statement the Nostromo looks like it could be real because it draws from elements of reality although I think it looks more like an oil rig than a submarine. Because it has elements of real mechanical machines I think the wonder of it being a spacecraft becomes believable. The alien planet feels real when the characters go off to explore it, from the time they step out of the spacecraft the dusty atmosphere and wind makes this planet believable. The broken communication and fuzzy monitors adds to making this expedition feel real. Adam said that it is a, “contrast to the glamorous adventurous outer-space life often depicted in sc-fi”(Adam,2012), this world is

nothing like the places that Barbarella visits the scenes in barbarella are whimsical and although beautiful to look at as an audience you don’t consider these places to be real. But alien is different it leans on making the audience believe that these environments are real so that we can be fully engrossed by the film and step into this reality. The alien spacecraft fashioned of the image of space genitalia has a very slimy quality to it. When the explorers enter this craft there’s a feeling of amazement and worry.” Cirtics say that it has a very “organic nature is amplified further by its convex walls, rib like supports”( That Film Guy, 2011), this adds to this ship being believable and repulsive . The scene is dark and slimy and offers interesting views of s foreign alien ship, the grandness of the spaces leaves the audience to question what might be creeping in the dark. The aliens violate their victims and the, “Violent psychosexual connotations go further to instill terror and unease, as the human being’s participation in the alien life cycle amounts to non-consensual reproduction or rape.”(Eggert,2012) I’m in agreement with this statement, the feeling of unease as this creature rapes its victims to develop its form is unsteadying. Its mouth is reminiscent of the Vagina Dentata which is a tale of woman having vaginas with teeth in them to castrate men who would try to rape them. It was a tale that also warned men to not sleep with woman they don’t know because it could end badly for them (Tv tropes,2012). The alien kills all of the men first in this film and then one woman, maybe focusing on castrating the men first. The lead role was intended for a man but a woman played the role, she was strong and in charge and really showed that she could protect herself. Although the ending shot of her getting undressed feels pointless, as a viewer I didn’t feel like she was safe on the escape craft because every room she went into or left she never closed the doors behind her. I was expecting something to be on the craft I don’t understand why she felt safe to the point where she could get undressed. Or maybe being half naked was a moment where her guard was down and the director just wanted to surprise us with the alien.

The performances in the film were believable and very natural, “the performances seem so natural, the film disarms the audience”(Eggert 2012) I agree with this , the overlaying of audio and makes the audience feel as if their peering into this world. Overall Alien was an enjoyable sci-fi horror film that I believe would have had the audience scared and intrigued with the psychosexual elements and the pace of the film. Making you feel uneasy all throughout the film because you know that the alien will appear anytime and your just waiting for him to taking his next victim. This film is a horror house film in its structure and I think that’s why it has a timeless quality to it. The environments and spacecrafts feel real and that translation on screen makes the movie relatable to all generations.

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