Observations from Walking Dead episode 302 (“Sick”) *Spoilers included, if you didn’t watch yet, consider not

reading or watch first, then read+  This is the fourth time since Rick first joined the group, that they have encountered a living person or group of persons. All four encounters have resulted in the death of one of the living, twice at Shane’s hands (Otis, Randall) and twice by Rick (Tony/Dave, and Tomas). No encountered humans have taken out any of Rick’s survivors. Handcuffing Herschel to the bed-bunk is of course the right thing to do. This elucidates the dangers of living in closed quarters with a large group of people. Anyone could die overnight, reanimate, and attack the unlucky living in the same room. Thus, they may want to think of all sleeping in separate cells. I thought Carl was “maturing”, but his little side trip to the infirmary without supervision indicates he’s a bit of a loose cannon. I guess Carol has a nursing background of some sort, with her self-delegation as deliverer of Lori’s eventual baby. When Carol was practicing C-sections on the dead female walker, and she was lifting the dress, did any of you people think you were gonna see some free zombie p--; what the hell am I saying? Rick still can’t open up emotionally to his wife. When they were talking to each other alone, she joked about “dividing up the assets”. I wonder if she was hinting at some marital troubles that may have occurred before the apocalypse? This is a strong possibility based on what transpired in the second of the 5 webisodes, called “Walking Dead: Cold Storage”, released a few weeks before the season started. I won’t give it away. When Herschel was almost revived by Lori and he gasped and grabbed her, were you all hoping he turned walker and would eat her? I really wasn’t because I wanted the guy to survive. And I’ll bet he (well the actor Scott Wilson) enjoyed doing that scene. That’s about the most female closeness Herschel’s gonna get. Beth ain’t angling for jailbait Carl. She put him in his place for talking back to his mama! Tomas was clearly the crazy prisoner right from the beginning. You don’t have to be overly intuitive to figure that out! Rick staked his claim to alpha male with both the prisoners AND his own people, by killing Tomas swiftly after he had tried to take down Rick sneakily. I get the feeling Tomas had pre-existing issues with Big Tiny, the way he killed him angrily after he was zombie-scratched. The two remaining prisoners (Axel and Oscar) are lucky. They get a whole cell block and the food that was originally gonna be for 5 guys. Did you notice the way the slaughtered prisoners in their delegated cell block were all lined up similarly in front of their opened cell doors? I wonder if they were methodically killed by the guards (or someone else), when the outbreak was occurring?

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The Walking Dead comic book originally had a prisoner named Dexter. I wonder if that was changed for the show, to avoid confusion with the TV show “ Dexter”, which oddly also features a psychotic criminal in the title role. Someone was observing Carol toward the end of the show. It was clearly a human, because if it was a walker, it would have just went out toward her, rather than receding into the bushes. In this new world, it would appear the only way one can gauge the “worthiness” of another group of humans is by observing them secretly for a while. After they are proven “safe” and “approachable”, send notice by a message and open up communication discreetly.

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