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Project Exploring Interactions Workshop Reflection Workshop: GPS Week This starting workshop for this course seemed

a little vague and I think could have done with some better explanation of what we were doing and how it would connect with the EI course. I think that the Mini-EI and introduction workshop should have switched places so that we could relate what we learned in the introduction workshop to the overall process of Exploring Interactions Workshop: Mini-EI This starting workshop was useful in getting myself, and the rest of the class, thinking about how mobility in Rotterdam was like from our own memory of it. Although most of us have never really paid attention to the transportation of Rotterdam in particular when visiting the city, it did allow us to think about to all the good and bad parts of it. And because of this, the next time I visited Rotterdam, in order to gain a better grasp on what my project could be about, I was more aware and conscious of all the problems that I had previous tried to recall. Especially noting the ones that I believe occurred more often in other cities such as in Delft and Amsterdam as well. I preferred that we were able to do the Mini-EI workshops in smaller groups and concentrate on the topic we would have for the semester; however, I think this workshop would have been more helpful before the course started during the GPS week. That way we could have had a better grasp on the process of Exploring Interactions before the course started. Workshop: Interaction Vision The Interaction Vision workshop was very informative, especially at helping to explain the vagueness of an Interaction Vision. I think it would also been helpful for us to understand how you had formed your Interaction Vision you gave us. At least that way we could have created a mental bridge between the Design Goal and the Interaction Vision. Especially because after we the workshop many of us were still confused on how to make the jump to an Interaction Vision. The most helpful thing about the workshop was when we practiced it on our own topics. However, I think it would have been more beneficial for use to be able to go around the groups and explain our initial idea of an Interaction Vision for our project just so that we could gain a grasp on how to form one. Clinic: Interview The interview clinic was useful, but seemed too short. It was barely enough time to run through three persons worth of questions about interviewing, much less four. Although I did not come prepared with specific questions that I used in interviews, I think the clinic was best used for more general questions so that everyone would be able to use the information.

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