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A Fond Fare well

s Summer Camp Memorie

Numbe r 2 Fal l 2012 Volume 31

by Shawn Alexander

Ministry Team Leader The Wilds Brevard, North Carolina

The Wilds

Ministry Team

The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. is an independent, nondenominational, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of operating Christian camps and conference centers. We are fundamental in our beliefs, Bible-centered in our philosophy, and evangelistic in our outreach. The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. presently operates a Christian camp and conference center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina that is open year-round. The camp has a carefully selected and trained staff and averages over 20,000 campers per year. In 2009 The Wilds of New England began ministry at our campsite in Deering, New Hampshire. In this peaceful, rural setting we experienced good growth in attendance at our summer camps as well as in our limited fall schedule programs. We anticipate a continuing steady growth and expansion of the ministry at this New England location. In addition to providing a God-honoring music publication service as an integral part of our ministry, The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. has also established the CampsAbroad program to assist others in the formation and operation of Christian camp ministries around the world. The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. publishes The Wilds NewsLetter. Change of address information and comments should be sent to: The Wilds Christian Association, Inc PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 Phone: (864) 268-4760 Fax: (864) 292-0743 E-mail: Visit our website at or visit The Wilds Online Store at Editor: Ken Collier Graphic Designer: Craig Stouffer Publications Coordinator: Vickie Ebner Fall 2012 Volume 31 Number 2 2012 The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. All rights reserved. The Wilds and CampsAbroad are registered trademarks of The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. North Carolina Campsite: The Wilds 1000 Wilds Ridge Road Brevard, NC 28712-7273 Phone: (828) 884-7811 Fax: (828) 862-4813 New England Campsite: The Wilds of New England 1181 Deering Center Road Deering, NH 03244-6529 Phone/Fax: (603) 529-0001

Think with me back to the days (and for

some of you it might be way back) when you were a camper at The Wilds.
Just the thought of being a camper at TheWilds brings excitement and gives that butterfly feeling in your stomach. Remember hopping onto a bus with 20 other crazy kids, annoying your sponsor the whole way there (unintentionally, of course)? You arrived at TheWilds and faced the hot, sweaty, and often rainy summer days that were filled with loads of fun and off-the-wall competition. Three times a day you were confronted with Truth from Gods Word and given an opportunity to change based on what you had heard and read. I remember many times as a camper riding out the gate and saying, I wish I could live at TheWildsI wish this feeling would stay forever except for my counselorhe smelled bad. Well, on a much, much smaller scale, each of us on TheWilds Ministry Team would like to try to bring that same experience to you, minus the bad smell! By the time you receive this NewsLetter, TheWilds Ministry Team will be on the road teaching, preaching, singing, making friends, and serving ministries. It has been nearly 30 years since TheWilds last sent out an organized team to serve local churches, yet year after year our friends from good churches and schools have come to TheWilds faithfully supporting our efforts to strengthen and encourage you. Your friendship with this ministry is something we cherish; and frankly, we would not exist without you. One of the main reasons we decided to send out a team again is in response to requests from pastors, youth
newsletter fall 2012

workers, administrators, teachers and, yes, young people asking us to send someone from TheWilds to their home turf, jumping into the trenches with them. So we have listened, and here we come! Our goal for this ministry is to glorify God by serving churches and schools in whatever way possible. Now you might be asking, What exactly do you plan to do? or What kind of a program can we expect? In short, the majority of our travels will be spent in local churches and schools ministering and serving for the sake of the gospel. We want to be a shot in the arm for our fellow believers. It is our prayer that the Lord will use us to encourage you spiritually as if you were right here at camp. Typically, we will arrive at a host church on a Thursday and be with them until Sunday morning. If there are schools in the area, we will have a program for them and spend as much time with them as possible. If the youth group is hosting a teen/church rally for the church and for sister churches in the area, well help by providing music, skits, preaching, and good, old-fashioned work to make it happen. These rallies will take place either on Friday night, Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon depending on what is best. As a team, we hope these events will be the closest experience to camp one could have without being at TheWilds. And we hope our presence will encourage young people and their friends to come to the real thingTheWilds of North Carolina or The Wilds of New Englandduring the summer as well as throughout the year!

This fall we will be working closely with the Harvest Teen Rally. Although we will be traveling separate from their team, we plan to meet up with them in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. What a privilege it will be to work with Harvest Teen Rally in reaching kids for the Gospel under their bigtop tents! If you have ever worked with or at least attended a Harvest Rally, you know how much fun and how effective they can be. Our team will arrive a day before each rally, help set up the tents and activities, and stay until it is all packed up. Breaking down barriers through games and good food and then spring-boarding into reaching hearts through great preaching is our goal through our partnership with Harvest Teen Rally. The impacting formula of fun, strong preaching, food, and great fellowship works again and again at camp! We will also serve with a separate Harvest Rally in Virginia. Being the pioneers of this team, we definitely have a lot of new ground ahead of us as TheWilds Staff on the road! While we dont know what all lies ahead, we want to concentrate on doing the things we do as TheWilds Staff when were at camp! Weve all spent quite a bit of time here at camp. We love this place, and we are very excited to bring a little taste of TheWilds to your churches and schools. We want to serve people by presenting the Truth of God with the love of God so lives can be changed to the glory of God. Please pray that we have strength and safety to do just that! Itinerary and team member information on next page.

2012-2013 Ministry Team

Shawn & Susanna Alexander
Team Leaders Years and positions on summer staff: 2 each: Susanna-waitress and counselor; Shawn-counselor Lived on the campsite since May 2011 Served in the Junior Boot Camp during the summers of 2011 and 2012

Bethel Baptist Church
Hampton, VA

OctOber 14 (MOrning) OctOber 14 (evening) OctOber 16

Fairfax Baptist Temple Academy

Fairfax, VA

nOveMber 28

Fellowship Baptist Church

Upper Marlboro, MD

nOveMber 28 (evening) nOveMber 29

Community Baptist Church

Dendron, VA

Carroll Christian School

Westminster, MD

Great Hope Baptist School

Chesapeake, VA

Faith Christian School

Fredericksburg, VA

OctOber 17 (MOrning) OctOber 17 (evening) OctOber 20-21

LIT Conference Anchor Baptist Church

Millersville, MD

DeceMber 1-2

Belmont Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Smyrna, GA

January 6

Tiffany Huggins
Home State: Georgia Years and positions on summer staff: 6 summers: waitress, counselor, JBC Lead Counselor Served at The Wilds for 2 years as a seasonal contracted staff member

Mineral, VA

Colonial Baptist Church

Wintersville, OH

North Gainesville Baptist Church

Gainesville, FL

January 12-13 January 16

Harborsite Baptist Church

Marietta, OH

OctOber 21 (evening)

Ocala Christian Academy

Ocala, FL

West Milford Baptist Church

West Milford, WV

OctOber 28 (evening) nOveMber 2-4

First Baptist Church

Lady Lake, FL

January 19-20 January 26-27 February 1-3 February 8

Vandalia Christian School

Greensboro, NC

Community Baptist Church

Bradenton, FL

Tory Martin
Home State: South Carolina Years and positions on summer staff: 4 summers: cook and camp videographer

Swan Creek Baptist Church

Jonesville, NC

nOveMber 4 (evening) nOveMber 6 nOveMber 7

Calvary Baptist Church

Fruitland Park, FL

Faith Christian School

Ramseur, NC

Calvary Baptist Church

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Alamance Christian School

Burlington, NC

Pine Forrest Estates Baptist Church

Pensacola, FL

February 23-24 March 2-3

South Charlotte Baptist Church

nOveMber 9-11

Grace Baptist Church

Panama City, FL

Ally Underwood
Home State: Tennessee Years and positions on summer staff: 5 summers: waitress, counselor, Snack Shop supervisor

Pineville, NC

Harvest Baptist Church

Rock Hill, SC

nOveMber 11 (evening) nOveMber 13 (MOrning) nOveMber 13 (evening) nOveMber 16-18

Central Baptist Church

Dothan, AL

March 3 (evening) March 16-17

Carolina Christian Academy

Lancaster, SC

Mikado Baptist Church

Macon, GA

Fellowship Bible Church

Lancaster, SC

Rincon Baptist Temple

Rincon, GA

March 23-24

Caleb Walker
Home State: Alabama Years and positions on summer staff: 5 summers: counselor, Cleanup Crew Chief, JBC Team Leader

Ambassador Baptist Church

Hudson, NC

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Conover, NC

nOveMber 18 (evening)

view itinerary updates on our website at

newsletter fall 2012

We stand amazed at the grace, love, and
mercy of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Summer campers, parents, and youth leaders have written to us of how God worked in their lives and the lives of their young people. One camper thanked us for the speaker because God used his Bible messages to bring him to a saving knowledge of Christ. Another camper wrote, Ahh, The Wilds! The best week of my life. It was amazing to hear Gods Word. Thanks to God and the staff at The Wilds, I was saved. A youth leader wrote that he had never seen his young people so excited to get home and get to work on the things God laid on their hearts. He noted that three of his campers trusted Christ as their Savior (one of them was a bus kid). One TWNE camper was very bitter because her mother was dying of cancer and her family was falling apart. She asked her counselor, Is the Christian life worth it? Her counselor was able to share with her that it IS worth it, SOOO worth it. The girl put her trust in Christ. Parents rejoiced in the change in their sons life. They said before camp he had too much of the world in his life. After submitting to God, he now calls this his new life and is looking forward to what God will do through him. Another sponsor told me, I have traveled all over the world on mission trips, but my favorite place on earth is The Wilds. That is a very humbling statement, but it challenges us to keep on keeping on, as well as to make sure God gets the credit for all He has done. Through the generous gifts of a few people, scholarships have been made available to a number of "at risk" campers. One youth leader shared that five of these kids he brought made professions of faith in Christ.


Chairman of the Board The Wilds Taylors, South Carolina

by Ken Hay

The following excerpts of a letter from a tearful, rejoicing parent/sponsor say it all. My home has not been a peaceful one. My stepson, who just graduated from high school, has had an attitude of defiance and anger toward his mother and me. It is never displayed anywhere else, just directed toward us. I have refused to permit the behavior which has led to countless conflicts.This has broken our hearts that our relationship with him has become so tenuous and stressful. As we listened to the speaker( Morris Gleiser) on Thursday night, my wife and I looked at each other and both agreed that he seemed to be imitating our son, and that he was describing the situation in our home.As the invitation was given, we prayed that our son would realize the similarities as well. We always hear how respectful he is to EVERYONE, but never seem to get to witness it in our own relationship. We know we are not at all perfect and are the first to confess our own faults and mistakes as parents. We pray for God to teach us through those mistakes. We looked up hoping to see that he was going out for counseling, but what we saw was even better. We saw him sobbing, trying to make his way toward us. We stepped outside and very quickly realized, it had finally happenedhe was broken! We were able to have a few moments of peace and restoration with our son!It was wonderful! He asked for forgiveness. I asked for forgiveness. My wife just sat there and cried!It truly was a life changing moment for him and for our family! He wants something different now! He was not going to come to camp this year, but we insisted. In my mind, this was sort of the last chance for something to change him and his attitude toward us. We put it in the Lords hands that something great was going to happen this week and it did! Thank you again for all you do here at The Wilds, and the effect your ministry has had back in our churchand in our home!

To God be the Glory!


y first grade teacher made it her goal in life to instill a love of reading in all of her students. In my case, it worked welltoo well, in fact. I cant count the number of times that I got in trouble for giving more attention to books than to people! Ah well, I suppose

there are worse vices. They say that opposites attract and that may be true in many cases, but I am happily married to a woman whose passion for reading equals (or maybe exceeds) my own. Our ideal vacation would be to rent a condo within sight and sound of the

ocean, brew plenty of good coffee, and read to our hearts content. Maybe to some
of you, that sounds like a recipe for vacation boredom, but I can hear my fellow

bookworms shouting Amen! When CampsAbroad was just beginning, Kelly and I spent several years crisscrossing the country, representing the ministry. And as we traveled, we read.

by Matt Collier

Director CampsAbroad Brevard, North Carolina

newsletter fall 2012

Actually, she read while I drove. But we had decided to limit our travel reading to a certain type of book: missionary biographies. We read dozens of them. And it changed our lives. Would you humor a bookworm for a few moments and allow me to share some of our favorites with you? Maybe youve already read these, but if not, I hope youll dive into one of themI promise you wont be disappointed. At the top of our favorites list sits To the Golden Shore by Courtney Andersona true Christian classic about Adoniram Judson, pioneer missionary to Burma. His dedication in the face of tremendous suffering and opposition is both a challenge and

encouragement to believers today. A close second would have to be the autobiography of John G. Paton, missionary to the South Sea cannibals. His faith ventures will leave you shaking your head in astonishment. I lost count of the number of times he faced down threats to his life throughout his ministry, but God always delivered him. Eileen Crossman wrote a superb biography about the life of her father, J.O. Fraser, among the mountain tribes of China. It is entitled Mountain Rain. God used one mans walk of faith to convert practically an entire people groupbut not without much opposition. For a more contemporary time period, try Through Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliot. Most impacting to me was the

spirit of forgiveness the wives and children demonstrated to the ones who brutally killed their loved ones. And finally, even though he wasnt exactly a missionary, I cant leave out The Memoirs of McCheyne by Andrew Bonar. This account of the remarkable life of a Scottish preacher who died at the age of 29 did more to challenge me spiritually than any other biography Ive read up to this point. His pursuit of personal holiness and passionate walk with God stood out even when spiritually minded people were common. Those are my personal favorites and Id love to hear yours. Maybe we can discuss them sometimeover a good cup of coffee. Oh, and happy reading!

Recommended Reading:
The Planting and Development of Missionary Churches by John L. Nevius Hudson Taylors Spiritual Secret by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor The Three Mrs. Judsons by Arabella Stuart

Goforth of China by Rosiland Goforth

Letter & Sketches from the New Hebrides by Maggie Paton A Passion for Souls by Lyle Dorsett

The Life and Diary of David Brainerd by Philip E. Howard


President The Wilds Brevard, North Carolina

by Ken Collier

May the Lord Find Us

Bible-believing, conservative Christianity through the many years. They presented fresh, biblical music during a time of great need, and their encouragement helped inspire new, gifted writers. I dont think anyone really knows how many young men (and seasoned ministers) Mac keeps up with in his ministry of encouragement. He uses everything from e-mail to choir directing to private music lessons to seasons of prayer to long runs to Lake Jocassee and back for the purpose of discipling men in their growth to Christlikeness. Beth is the very best at compassion combined with tough love in her own ministry of comfort and help to young and old alike. We cant replace that spirit; we can only follow their example and desire that it continue in new and different ways at The Wilds. Its not the music that is the basis of our love and affection for Mac and Beth. It is their lives. Though farther away from us, we are thankful Mac and Beth will assist us in keeping godly, conservative music flourishing at The Wilds through the writing and arrangement of music, as well as being hosts for The Wilds Music Conference in January. We are rich people for having had Mac and Beth as neighbors, friends, and co-laborers in Christ through these years rich, rich people. We desire only Gods very best for them. May the Lord find us faithful! newsletter fall 2012

Mac and Beth Lynch of The Wilds.

The phrase just rolls off the tongue smoothly like a simple, clear Mac Lynch melody. For 34 years Mac and Beth have become synonymous with the music at this ministry. There are no finer and more dedicated servants of God who love God and the ministry for Christ at The Wilds.

Having concluded summer number 43 in our camps history this past August, we all know by experience that things can and do change. But with some people we know and love, we simply expect change to not happen. We expect them to be in their place, doing forever what they have done for so long. Such might be our human expectations with Mac and Beth Lynch and the fruitful relationship they have with The Wilds. However, God in His wisdom has directed this greatly beloved couple to assume direction of the music program for a wonderful church in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area: Catawba Springs Christian Church. For His direction in their lives we praise our loving, gracious, and wise God. For ourselves, we are sad, but still rejoicing in God for the many wonderful years of friendship, fellowship, and love. In their own right, Mac and Beth were trailblazers in the line of succession of godly musicians that have graced

Back Row: Greg Toler, Chris Anastos, Chad Choquette, Paiton Wiginton, Andy Dulin, Micah Gorsline, James Boyd, Michael Cutler, Andy Anglea Middle Row: Rodney Willoughby, Brandon Hamilton (r), Jessica Hamilton (r), Katrina Reed, Holly Brodwater (r), Melanie Mulder, Lauren Champ, Jon Champ, Ethan Stewart Front Row: Tara Anderson (r), Kristen Smitley (r), Monica Mulder, April Reed r = returning seasonal staff

seasonal sTaf f

Chris Anastos is from Fairfax, Virginia, and has a degree in Camp Ministry from Bob Jones University (BJU). He has been on our summer staff for 4 summers. Andy Anglea is from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and has a degree in Bible from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for 6 summers. James Boyd is from Ottawa, Kansas, and has a degree in Sports Management from Ottawa University. He has been on our summer staff for 3 summers. Jon and Lauren Champ are from Virginia and North Carolina. Jon is working on a degree in Residential Construction and has been on our summer staff for 2 summers. Lauren is working on a degree in Apparel Textile Design from BJU and has been on our summer staff for 7 summers. Chad Choquette is from Rindge, New Hampshire, and has a degree in Graphic Design from Pensacola Christian College. He has been on our summer staff for 2 summers. Michael Cutler is from Lees Summit, Missouri, and has a degree in Evangelism from Northland International University. He has been on our summer staff for 1 summer. Andy Dulin is from Moweaqua, Illinois, and has a degree in Health Fitness and Recreation from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for 1 summer. Micah Gorsline is from Brevard, North Carolina, and is

working on a degree in Nursing from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for 9 summers. Melanie Mulder and Monica Mulder are from Marshalltown, Iowa, and have been on our summer staff for 5 summers. Melanie has a degree in Elementary Education from William Penn University and Monica has a degree in Secondary English Education from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. Both have an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Georgia Southern University. April Reed and Katrina Reed are from Andrews, North Carolina. April is volunteering for the next 9 months. Katrina has been on our summer staff for 3 summers. Ethan Stewart is from Marietta, Georgia, and has a degree in Business from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for 2 summers. Greg Toler is from Jacksonville, Florida, and is working toward a degree in Biblical Counseling from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for 2 summers. Paiton Wiginton is from Greenville, South Carolina, and is working toward a degree in Construction Engineering Technology from Greenville Tech. He has been on our summer staff for 2 summers. Rodney Willoughby is from Hampton, Virginia, and has a degree in Human Resource Management from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for 1 summer.


Dear Campers,
I sure hope you had a wonderful, fabulous, incredible, inconceivable week at camp this summer and are continuing in what you learned. What are some of your best fun memories from camp? Challenging games? Red team? New friends? White team? Good looking counselors? Blue team? Hilarious skits? Paintball? What are some of your best life-changing memories? Chapel? God & I Time? Counselor Q&A? Memorizing Romans 12? Evening services? Christian Life Seminars? Did you know that special summer camp memories are not just for campers? Staff members have them too! Ill never forget the counselors who came running to me with joyful tears to say that a camper had just been led to the Lord. Ill never forget the teens who testified of God giving them victory over sin. Ill never forget the campers who laughed hysterically during Funtime or smiled over an Italian Cream Soda at Cool Beans as they shared with me what God had done in their lives. You know, the staff love to hear campers laugh who seldom laugh because of the difficulties in their homes or lives. The staff love to see campers smile when they realize that they are truly loved by both the speakers and counselors who actually care about them. The staff love to watch God work in the hearts of the campers to bring about change for His glory. If you want to make your summer camp experience at The Wilds or The Wilds of New England a year-long experience, start 6 months before you come and look forward to building memories at campafter camp, spend the next 6 months remembering, laughing about, and sharing your special memories with your friends. Have a great year, and remember, whether you are at camp or at home, you can be as close to God as you want to be. Sincerely yours for youth, Rand Hummel
Director The Wilds of New England Deering, New Hampshire

by Rand Hummel


newsletter fall 2012

Assistant Director The Wilds Brevard, North Carolina

by Steve Stodola

he Wilds Ministry Team has a fun yet intriguing assignment: take The Wilds camping ministry on the road. Just imagine Ken Collier having this talk with the team. Okay, theres only so much room in a 15 passenger van, so we may not have room for the 4th Falls. Shawn and Susannah, do you think you can cram the 2nd Falls in bench seat number 5? No, Caleb, the Blob is not allowed to hang out the back door of the van! Tiffany, I know you want to bring Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe, but you need a lot more storage to make that happen! No, great thought, Ally, but the Giant Swing will be too difficult to erect on the church ball field each week. Team, I know this one is hard, but you cannot bring the stairs with you! There is a limit! Okay, that conversation never happened (but wasnt it fun to imagine?). Nevertheless, The Wilds is so much more than activities and natural beauty that cant be transported. Here are a few things the team will be able to bring to you as they travel from church to church and school to school: Since all of the fun stuff will not fit in the van, we can at least send the team with some visual tools to give people a virtual sample of what camp life is like. The Impressions DVD provides a clear understanding about the summer ministry while the 2012 Summer Highlight DVD captures camp in a uniquely different way. Beyond summer, our new Senior Class

Trip Spotlight DVD will shed light on the fun and excitement of bringing the whole class here. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a few videos will provide the team with a few trillion words to bring camp to wherever they are. To bring the help and resources found at The Wilds, the team will be well supplied with several top-choice books and CDs. For example, we are excited to send the team with Rand Hummels new book, Gratefully Yours, and our latest CD, A Living Sacrifice. We sincerely hope that the great books and music will help everyone feel right at home with The Wilds Ministry Team. Most importantly, we want our team members to bring the refreshment and encouragement campers find when they come to The Wilds. We want the team to refresh and encourage people by the Christ-honoring music they sing, the God-focused preaching they present, and the Christexalting relationships they build. Having carefully selected this team, we are confident that this group of servants will be able to accomplish this high-priority mission. Although Tory will not be able to strap Fort Fun to the luggage rack, we are truly excited that The Wilds Ministry Team will be able to bring a taste of The Wilds to you wherever you are. Be sure to check out their itinerary to see if they will be at a church or school near you!

Joshua is a six-week Bible study book for 4th through 6th graders. This study helps you take an in-depth look at Joshuas life and teaches you more about the wonderful works of Joshuas God. TWB120 ....................................$695

Gratefully yours is written by Rand Hummel and focuses on the book of Romans. The book of Romans gives you the secret to a contented life in twelve clear, concise chapters. Find out how you can live your gratitude every day. TWB309....................................$895

a livinG sacrifice is a CD that reflects on the Lords character and every aspect of the Gospel. This CD includes choral, solo, and instrumental selections. TWS1250 ................................$1395


a note of

Vice President The Wilds Taylors, South Carolina

by Dick Reid

n early June Rand Hummel sent a letter titled, "God is Amazing" to many of our ministry friends of TheWilds of New England asking for their financial help to meet two special needs: new windows for two staff homes and the funds to purchase materials to remodel the bathhouse used by our male sponsors and operational staff. The present windows are very old, single-pane, loose-fitting wood windows. It appears that the bathhouse has not been upgraded since it was built several decades ago. The total estimated cost of these projects was $26,000. In late July Ken Collier sent a letter titled, Really Cool Idea to many of our ministry friends of TheWilds (North Carolina) asking for their financial help to meet a special need: a new air-conditioning system in our Fireplace Room. The present system has been on life support for several years. It was manufactured in 1974 and donated to TheWilds in 1986, so it has surely served us well. As mentioned in the letter, an HVAC engineer said the system

is about 175 years old in human years! The total estimated cost for a new system was $30,000. I am pleased to report that many friends of the ministry responded and met all three of these needs for us. There are not adequate words to express our thankfulness to each of you who responded to Gods prompting and encouraged us with your gift. The Lord continues to use many of you to partner with us in His great cause in this ministry, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude to both Him and you for your participation. This winter the families (Hummel and Bougie) in those two New England staff homes will enjoy the comfort and security of modern, new, insulated, energy-saving windows. Next summer the TWNE male sponsors and operational staff will have a totally upgraded bathhouse. Next spring the campers and staff at TheWilds will get more efficient relief from the direct sunlight in the Fireplace Room because of the brand new air-conditioning system. Thank you for being a dear friend of Gods work at and through the various ministries of TheWilds. It is a wonderful privilege to serve our Lord here, and it is a great honor to have each of you as our co-laboring friends. This has been a great blessing to our campers and staff, and I TRUST it has encouraged you.


newsletter fall 2012

There is sTill room

Teen Adventure

Fall 2012
College & Career Retreat October 26-28 Mens of Integrity Nov. 30-Dec. 1

Junior Blast
November 9-10, 2012

November 2-4, 2012

Register online for any of our upcoming camps at www.wilds. org/register. If you have any questions concerning online registrations, please call (864) 331-3293.

Items received: Needs:
300 Tape Measure 4 Bolt Cutters 3 Work Lights Tool Set 1 pair Iris Scissors Music Stand (10) - $40 each Blood Pressure Monitor with AC Adapter - $50 Hand Pruner (4) - $35 each Shovel (4) - $45 each Jack Stand - $65 Tire Changer - $750 Hydraulic Lift Table Cart - $400 Pressure Washer Wand Extension- $145 Pneumatic Sander (2) - $150 each Electric Staple Gun -$120 Cordless Drill(2) -$200 each GFIC line cord (2) - $65 each Pallet Jack - $400

Items received:

Air Compressor 1,000 Sound Cord 2 Landscape Rakes 6 Staff Cabin Dressers 15 sets of Cabin Brooms/Dustpans Honda Quiet Cool Generator Outdoor Basketball Goal

Needs Corner


Mat for Building (10) - $50 each Generator (2) - $3,000 each Bodywork and Paint on Camp Van - $1,100 Framing Gun - $392 Finishing Gun - $260 100 Air Hose (2) - $25 each Laminator - $185 Pop-Up Display - $500

I want to help

Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.

Rev./Dr. Mr./Mrs./Miss _________________________ Address _____________________________ City _______________ State ___ Zip ______

Mail to:

The Wilds PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009



Krisa Schieber (07,08,09,10-11) and Matthew Sands (08,11), 6/23/12.

Kirk and Rebecca [Swingle] Flint (92,93,94,95), Lily Alexandra, 3/13/12. Thomas and Sarah Joy [Swanson] Overmiller (06), James Stewart, 3/20/12. Josh (96,97,98,99,00,01,02-03,04) and Trista [Esch] Hummel (99,00,01,0203,04,05), Sebastian Rand, 5/18/12. Ben (06) and Ashley [Stoner] Fairchild (00,01,02,03,04,05), Andrew Carson, 7/5/12.

Births: Careers:
Adam and Abby [Bill] Almaroad (0305) live in Pennsylvania, where Adam is the pastor of McDaniels Corners Bible Church. They have two daughters. Marc (84,85,86,87,88) and Sheryl Knoedler (87,88) live in Florida, where Marc is the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in North Port.

Drew and April [Thornton] Peters (95,96,97,99,00), Asher Benson, 5/2/11. Mike and Christina [Crute] Gradwell (98), Megan Hope, 9/24/11. Will and Laura [Kitchings] Kannon (97), Luke Dinkins, 10/4/11. Jonathan and Emily [Horst] Luchak (04,05,06,07,08,09), Ella Grace, 10/30/11. Sam (02,03,04,05) and Alaina [Wilcox] McAllister (05), Isaiah Samuel, 11/9/11. George (98,99,00,01-04) and Rebecca [Greer] Clements (94,95,96,97,98,00,04), Gideon Paul, 2/4/12. Todd (02) and Lorna [Fisher] Jones (00), Colleen Elizabeth, 2/24/12.


Former Staff,

Elisabeth Roth (09,10,11) and Gabe Gerdt (10,11), 6/2/12. Stephanie Thompson and Michael Weathers (06,07,10-11), 6/8/12. Stephanie Moss (03,04,05,06-08) and Chris Dale, 6/16/12.

help keep us updated on your career moves, marriage, and children! Send announcements to:

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Staff News:
Lauren Brooks, daughter of Dan and Amy Brooks, married Jon Champ on May 12, 2012. Jon and Lauren have both served on our North Carolina summer staff. They are currently living at The Wilds and serving with our seasonal staff. Matt and Kelly Collier are happy to announce the arrival of their son, Jeriah. He was born on September 11, 2010, and was adopted on March 21, 2012. He is welcomed home by big brother, Gabe. Joe and Becky Fant joined our staff in North Carolina on August 1. Joe serves on our program staff. Prior to coming to The Wilds, the Fants ministered

at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Joe was the youth pastor. The Fants have a daughter, Karis. Anna Hummel, daughter of Rand and Amber Hummel, married Scott Prather on February 25, 2012. Anna served on our summer staff in North Carolina for five summers and New England for one. Scott served on our summer staff in North Carolina for two summers and New England summer staff for two. They are living in Nashua, New Hampshire. Paul and Julie Johnson are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter, Annalise Esther. She was born on March 26, 2012, weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces, and was 20 inches long. She is welcomed home by big brother, Silas.

Caleb Lynch, son of Mac and Beth Lynch, married Carol Elliott on August 11, 2012. Caleb served on summer staff for five summers. They were married in Denver, Colorado. Caleb is working for LiVTEL Corp, and Carol is finishing a degree in oboe performance at Metro State in Denver. Jonathan and Jessica Mair are happy to announce the arrival of their son, Isaac David. He was born on May 10, 2012, weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces, and was 20 3/4 long. He was welcomed home by sister Anja and brother Ethan. Kaitlynn Tompkins joined the Greenville office staff on September 11. She will be handling summer registrations. Kaitlynn was on our summer staff for this past summer in North Carolina. She is from Greenville, South Carolina.


newsletter fall 2012

Memorial gifts received as of September 15, 2012
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Curtis Pendell


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Mrs. Betty Belknap

Given by: The Vernon Perrys Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Hay Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Warrington Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Selby Given by: Rhonda Scofield Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John Byers Given by: Mrs. Ina Pegram & Family Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Carl Boone Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Boones Creek Bible Church, Johnson City, TN Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smitley Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Hay


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. David Rorabaugh Maria Sabatini Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smitley David String Lois Wilson Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Given by: Joy Baggerly Barbara Taggart Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Tim Stafford Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Beverly Dye Allyrie Brooks Loftus Mr. & Mrs. John Osoinach Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smitley Sandra Stieffenhofer Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Linda (Murray) Yarborough Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ken Jennings Given by: Boones Creek Bible Church, Johnson City, TN Given by: Blakeney Associates, Inc., Social Circle, GA Holly Point Senior Citizens Club, Chesapeake, VA Thelma Cooper Alice McMahon Sassy Seniors Club, Chesapeake, VA Charles Wham Mr. & Mrs. George Wham Lynn Wham Smith Wham Wayne Wham Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lopz Given by: Boones Creek Bible Church, Johnson City, TN






Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bixler Robert Bixler Roseanna Frey Greenwood Baptist Church, Greenwood, SC Given by: Rev. & Mrs. Paul Alan Blackwood Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Willard Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Church Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dilling Tom Dilling Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Froisland Mr. & Mrs. Larry Frye Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gorsline Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline Scott A. Grand Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gray Mr. & Mrs. David Harrison Heritage Bible Church, Greer, SC Mr. & Mrs. Carl Karickhoff Mr. & Mrs. Joel Korver Rev. & Mrs. Jerry McCorkle Mary Miles Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Morgan Arnie & Colleen Moser Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Neal Bev O'Neal Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Peters Mr. & Mrs. William Picking Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Bryan Roberson Mr. & Mrs. Walt Rumminger Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Audrey Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Givey by: Mr. & Mrs. William Fulton Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Central Baptist Church, Dothan, AL Given by: Mrs. Susan Wasson Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: Mrs. Grace Ulsh Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Yarborough Given by: The Jackson Family: Kermit Jackson, Bonnie Kestner, Bill Jackson, Nan Rubens, and Wendy Savino














In honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary Given by: Linda Howard



Given by: JoAnne Coates


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