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By 8lYicll • Lewis

?"itSS" - , -e . " , . - .. ."._ ... _ ~ . . : . -. .. - •.. "_: .. -'i. " : ...~ ; ; . '-:"r.r. ·: / ...: .. _., ~ '.. .. . ~ . " ...... ~ : . , " .", "." c ~ . " ",, ••• • ,,""
David H. Lewis
This is a non-fictional documentary
based on translations from ancient
records buried in the hidden tomb
below the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.
Originally Published 1978
Reprinted by TGS Services
22241 Pinedale lane
Frankston, Texas 75763
Beyond Our Galaxy
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Above reprinted by
TGS Services
22241 Pinedale Lane
Frankston, Texas 75763
Beyond Our Galaxy
Preface ......................................................... ,.,' o. 7
Introduction ................................. ........ , ............. 11
Chapter I: UFO'S From Outer Space ...................... 15
VISITATIONS ...... 0 •••• ' •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 ••• 22
TYPES OF SPACE CRAFT ................................ 29
SPACE CRAFT CONSTRUCTION ..................... 36
POWER SOURCE .............. , ........................ 0 ••••• 44
Chapter II: Those Now Among Us .......................... 57
ONE CONTACT IN PARTICULAR ...................... 78
Chapter III: Tr aveling The Universe ......................... 89
THE TIME BARRIER ......................................... 97
Chapter IV: Where They Come From ................... 105
THE CENTER CITY ......................................... 119
Beyond Our Galaxy
THE UPPER LEVEL. ....................................... 124
THE LOWER LEVEL ....................................... 126
Chapter V: Planetary Civilizations ........................ 131
ANWAR .......................................................... 131
THE PLANET OF TARSHIM ............................. 147
A LOOK AT THE ALIENS ................................. 154
Chapter VI: Cloning ............................................. 163
THE ALIEN CLONING PROCESS .................... 170
Chapter VII: Their Return And Message ............... 179
THE MESSAGE ............................................... 196
Chapter VIII: The Great Anticipation ..................... 199
FINAL SUMMARy ........................................... 208
Beyond Our Galaxy
It is a distinct honor to have been invited to
make these prefatory comments about this book
and its author, David H. Lewis.
Because of the nature of the material and the
manner in which it was obtained, I had to resolve
for myself the question each of you will no doubt
ask, "Is this for real?"
I have not been in the Great Pyramid of
Gizeh personally, so I haven't seen its treasures
first-hand. But I have come to know David H.
Lewis over the past several months and I can say
I have unqualified faith in his integrity.
It is my intuitive feeling that the team of
eleven men (of whom only nine survive at this
time) who have found, photographed and
translated the documents of the ages had help at
every step of the way -- unseen help--messengers
of the Cosmic Creator Who is anxious that men of
Earth should now have this information.
There were too many 'coincidences' for it to
have been otherwise. Imagine, after having spent
many years of research to finally gain entry to the
secret chambers... in the hushed atmosphere in
the tomb where no man of this civilization has
been before ... completely awed at the sacredness
of this temple of the past, present and future ... to
find before your eyes a document recording the
events of this civilization from its inception to its
final breath -- and it is open to precisely the date
at which you found it!
Beyond Our Galaxy
I believe Mr. Lewis was carefully chosen for
the work he is doing. It is also my observation that
the choice was a wise one, for he has been
diligently pursuing truth--excitedly revealing tasty
tid-bits as the translations came to him, marveling
in the intricate wonders of civilizations beyond our
The question has been answered for me:
The information in Beyond Our Galaxy
dovetails beautifully. Mr. Lewis gives us a view of
an idyllic planet named Anwar, where all the
systems are efficient and the people live in peace.
You will find yourself longing to go there.
The most important aspect of this book, in my
opinion, is that it provides a vital link between the
scientific world and the spiritual. I have been
privy to many revelations as Mr. Lewis received
and wrote about them. Often he did not know that
the information -- gathered on a purely scientific
and mental level -- coincided absolutely with
those teachings passed on from the Ancient
Wisdom Schools. Again and again, Mr. Lewis, in
absolute innocence, gives scientific credence to
the mysteries of life. Most excitingly, a map of the
universe was among the treasures photographed-
-and, if Mr. Lewis is correct in his assessment of
it, on this map is the Center of Creation-the place
from which all spirit, The Spirit, originates!
It is compelling reading. I am sure you will
conclude for yourself -- THIS IS FOR REAL.
In a way, one could only wish it weren't, for
behind all the excitement of discovering new
planets and peoples is the serious nature of the
Beyond Our Galaxy
message they bring: a warning to men of Earth
that we won't be permitted to disturb the delicate
balance of the universe with our selfish,
irresponsible handling of one of the greatest of all
gifts to man -- the atom.
I suggest you read this book first to satiSfy
your thirst -- and then read it again, with all your
senses wide open, to absorb deep into your being
the message it brings. And then, in some way, be
responsible for the knowledge and insight you
have acquired. Tell your friends; write letters to
governments officials; join groups that are
sincerely trying to make a difference. Nothing
ever came to this Earth that wasn't first an idea, a
vision, so put your visionary power to work. And
pray. Most of all, pray.
Penny Biemiller, Editor
Skylight Magazine.
Beyond Our Galaxy

.. ·-- - --
Beyond Our Galaxy
This book is a continuation of a true story of
explorations of a secret tomb buried far beneath
the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. The first book in this
describes the entry into the pyramid itself and
begins the revelations - a listing of the past
civilizations to occupy our planet; life on other
planets; the story of Adam and Eve; the tunnel
system below our earth -- and makes a statement
about how and why the Great Pyramid came to be
built. All of the information contained in these
booklets is gathered from transcriptions of the
records actually contained within the Pyramid --
never before revealed to this civilization of man.
The tomb itself was discovered a little more
than a year and a half ago by ten prominent men
of Egyptian heritage, with an eleventh team
member chosen as "historian" to write about the
data found. Since then, there has been an
intensive and near-exhaustive period of
translating the material microfilmed in the tombs.
These translations, from ancient and foreign
languages to earth languages, are being revealed
for the first time. You will now be taken on a
journey to life ... BEYOND OUR GALAXY!
The Author and his father have spent more
than 24 years relentlessly researching the Great
Pyramid of Gizeh and have made astounding
discoveries - leading to the earmarking of the
exact date of the end of our civilization! The
Beyond Our Galaxy
discovery of the tomb hidden far below the Great
Pyramid came as no surprise.
The knowledge contained within the Pyramid,
the Holy Bible and the inter-galactic visitations are
all major parts of life on earth. When merged
together, they enable the reader to learn of our
present civilization, our past civilizations and of
the life that exists far beyond our galaxy that until
now has been only the dream of bold explorers.
Great lessons can be learned from the
information contained in this book about the
methods which more advanced civilizations used
to better mankind ... rather than destroy it.
In this second of a three-book series, I will
reveal the facts gathered from the ancient records
on a civilization from a planet which has
maintained life for nearly as many billions of years
as our universe has existed: what they look like,
their cities and structures, their mode of
transportation, the purpose of earth visitation,
their food consumption, ageless wonders of
cloning, their unique burial at death, and their
religion and reincarnation.
The book following BEYOND OUR GALAXY
is an in-depth study of our own earth's civilization,
which bears witness to the warnings of the aliens,
the Bible and the prophecy of the GP that this
, .
civilization is nearly on the brink of collapse and
the end of mankind will be realized within this
generation. The third book, CIVILIZATION'S END

Beyond Our Galaxy
• •

• •
"1:'a.-:;. - ...... - ........ - ------""' .... .- ,-
'\ .
. ,
~ .
\ . , -
(Top) Entering the Pyramid
(Bottom) The staircase into the tomb.
I ,

Beyond Our Galaxy
Beyond Our Galaxy
Chapter I:
UFO'S From Outer Space
For countless centuries mankind has had a
deep and fervent curiosity about the mysteries of
our universe. Many great lifetimes have been
dedicated to the science of the stars -- their
creation, formation and estimated years of
existence. From the keenest minds of the most
brilliant astronomers and devoted scientists to the
casual thoughts and careless dreams of the
common man, there has been a tendency to stare
out into the universe with a buming desire to know
if life could exist beyond our galaxy.
Speculation has poured forth from scientists,
psychics, writers of fiction novels and the fantasy
world of Hollywood that there is a very real
possibility that life exists somewhere else
amongst the multi-billions of planets. Even the
most powerful telescope or the most sophisticated
radar system and sound wave computers
available today curtail man's scientific search,
since they are unable to pierce the outskirts of the
It has always been man's dream that some
day friendly aliens would frequent our planet and
we would then learn some of the secrets of our
universe. We are currently in the space age, and
people the world over are becoming aware that
our planet has been visited in the past by beings
of unknown origin. Earth will continue to be a
Beyond Our Galaxy
sUb-station for inter-terrestrial landings and an
ever-watchful eye will be kept on this rapidly
degenerating civilization.
In recent years there have been a number of
psychic experiences, as well as a few recorded
eyewitness accounts of an actual close
encounter. Many thousands of sightings have
been reported throughout the globe, with some
exact locations being pinpointed in the outskirts of
cities and desert areas.
Today, when it is more difficult for
government officials to conceal the facts d such
sightings, the attitude of our sCientists is gradually
changing. We can soon expect to see a deeply
probing search being conducted by the scientific
community. There is greater public acceptance of
the possibility that UFO's could come from areas
beyond our galaxy. Prominent scientists
professionals and respected citizens, who
heretofore been reluctant and embarrassed to
admit any UFO encounters, are now "coming out
of the closet".
In the period from late-1980 through 1988
there will be waves of new sightings, which will no
doubt bring us closer to the mystery that our
scientists have been trying to solve. Not only will
we witness these sightings, but also we will share
in the thrill of direct contact with the friendly aliens
that have kept us under close observation for
many thousands of years. The message that will
be delivered from these aliens will be one to
remember, for, since our civilization is on a rapid
decline and is racing toward its own self-
Beyond Our Galaxy
destruction, it will be the only message for this last
generation. . .
There is an attempt today by some sCientists
and astronomers to form a pool of important
recordings and coordinate our computerized data
with many private organizations that are now
functioning in Canada, England, France, Belgium,
West Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland and
Sweden. When this is accomplished, there will
then be a basis upon which to proceed with
investigative research.
Before we delve into the mysteries beyond
our galaxy, it is appropriate to relate the source of
these facts and how this author obtained the
information relating to the life on the distant but
neighboring planets, along with the purpose of the
visitations by natives of the other worlds. The
startling information, which you are about to read,
will be authenticated.
A little more than a year and a half ago, a
secret tomb in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was
revealed to a selected few men who had scanned
its casing inch by inch. .With the aid of an
scroll, the secret entrance was found in June
1976. The staircase that wound its way down
within the Pyramid's structure of almost solid
limestone led these explorers to the hidden rooms
far below the Pyramid's foundation. There, in the
depths of the earth, amidst the great limestone
vaults, is a four-story building, built prior to the
competition of the Pyramid in 2144 B.C.
There are many rooms, divided and
subdivided into antechambers according to the
various civilizations and dates ... which reveal the
Beyond Our Galaxy
history not only of our present civilizations, but all
life that has existed here and in the great
universe. In reality, the secret tomb is a library of
the ages -- its revelations to mankind are of the
greatest importance. In this great library of
ancient records, it was discovered that duplicated
historical records are kept in various parts of this
world, connecting with related data stored on two
other planets -- which reveal their civilizations as
well as earth's! Thus, it becomes a massive
collection of data that is farspread and heavily
As the laborious task continues of translating
the language recorded on microfilm at the time on
entry, new and even more startling information is
forthcoming on a regular basis. The records date
back 576,000 years; all data should be
translatable within the next four years.
In the decoding process, when one word is
discovered to have particular meaning, from that
point there is a basis for a general translation.
Progress must be slow in order to maintain
absolute accuracy. Compounding the difficulty is
the fact that there were five civilizations prior to
ours whose languages must be translated, as well
as the various foreign-to-earth languages that are
being documented to this date and time.
The data found in the secret tomb were not
handwritten scrolls, as one might imagine, all
information is inscribed on paper-thin metal discs,
which generally measure 6" x 14". When the disc
is placed into a transcribing machine which is
within the tomb, the microdots and dashes
._ . .. - -
Bevond Our Galaxy

contained on only one side of the disc reveal
enough material to fill a book!
. . . '. .
- The Sealed Chamber
When a disc is placed in a machine,. the ~ a t a
appears on a "viewer". It was this vls.ual
recording that was microfilmed. From that. pOint,
the translation process began. The Universal
Beyond Our Galaxy
Library, as it was named at the time of discovery
contains many hundreds of thousands of micro-
dotted metal plates. In this book I can reveal only
a part of the information translated thus far.
. Before these priceless records were
discovered, I had many questions in my mind
about space travel and the mysteries that lay
be.yon.d our galaxy. Even the most noted
had no solutions or answers to my
questions. They were similar to the thoughts of
many others who in great wonderment. I had
always had a burnmg desire to know where our
space !ravelers came from, why the
vIsitations to this planet, what it would be like to
meet with them, whether they are hostile
or what their planet is like, and if
they beheve In God Almighty.
N?w, since this research has been so
these questions can answered -- and
s?me m weat detail, although some revelations
will remain the property of this author and the
other noted members of the exploration group.
Let me assure the skeptics, who feel that aliens
from outer space are the invention of Jules Verne
or some other equally qualified writer that
numerous sightings reported throughout thi; world
are authentic. Our outer space aliens are a
of creation just as we are on this
particular planet.
If our supports more than 100 billion
which have existed for an estimated 14
billion years, why should anyone feel that God
created only our race 999,994,022 years after our
Beyond Our Galaxy
earth was formed? Since civilization began on
this planet as far back as 576,000 years ago and
the creation of Adam is recorded at only 4,000
B.C., and such visitations were recorded back at
the beginning, then there had to be 'aliens'
throughout our universe. This is recorded in the
ancient records: the Holy Bible and the Pyramid.
In scanning the universe as far as our man-
made telescopes can view, we have learned
much of our immediate galaxy that pertains to its
planets, sun and moon, but we have learned little
of the billions upon billions of tiny starlights that
dot the limitless universe. The planets that were
recorded in the Great Pyramid as sustaining life
are r and, being indicated to be
2,000 light years from Earth, will remain out of
view from any telescope that could be developed
over the next 1,000 years.
In order to be successful at such a discovery,
we would have to develop a mode of space travel
that could carry us into the voids of the universe.
Since our development in the field of outer space
travel tas only come into focus in the past 15
years, I am doubtful if we will attain the
technology for distances beyond our galaxy. The
greatest scientific strides in our semi-modem
world have been accomplished only since the
early 1900's,when great engineering abilities
brought us the first successful horseless carriage.
From the astounding combustible engine, we
advanced in the last 78 years to the rocket to the
moon. So, in essence, we have accomplished
very little in the span of 5,978 years of this
civilization in comparison with civilizations that
have existed 1,000 times as many centuries.
Beyond Our Galaxy
Thus, even to most skeptics, there could be that
faint chance of life existing beyond our galaxy __
and there is!
ViSitations to our earth are nothing new. It is
now revealed through sCientific research that
certain areas of the world indicate positive proof
that space travelers did exist and visitations were
accomplished. Buried artifacts, as well as bits
and pieces of literature, statues, odd metals and
ancient writings, now confirm that Earth has been
viSited for thousands of centuries prior to the
creation of Adam and Eve.
As a minor example, the structure of the
Great Pyramid of Gizeh could not be duplicated
with all our technology or equipment. Noah's ark
is another example of advanced engineering and
technology that we are presently unable to match.
There are numerous feats that were
accomplished by the so-called ancients; in reality,
we are not the superior race that we'd like to
UFO, as we understand the terminology,
refers to an Unidentified Flying Object -- non-
definable on our radar sensor screens due to
shape and speed. For all intent and purpose,
they are acclaimed to be of space origin, but not
so admitted by any Air Force official or
government office. Such phenomena as brilliant
lights, dancing lights or speeds exceeding light
have been explained away by our Air Force as the
Northern Lights that are reflected from the North
Beyond Our Galaxy
Pole, search lights, air weather
instruments and unusual atmospheric gases.
long as there is a possibility of
information regarding these UFO's will remain a
hush product of all governments.
In reviewing all records contained in the
archives of subterranean at
Washington and combining them with the newly
translated data from the tomb of records, IS
no doubt of the existence and purpose of UFO s.
From all collectible evidence, there 17
types of spacecraft now scanning the
differing according to the planet tom which they
come. There are those that are soundless, others
have a distinct humming sound; some resemble
the roar of lions; and others, simply the sounds of
wind in our atmosphere.
Since civilizations existed on
than Earth for many millions of years, their Inter-
terrestrial technology would have been
accomplished without much diffic.ulty. If Earth's
civilization had spent its centuries toward the
natural development of mankind instead of
pledging its efforts in the direction of greed
and power hunger, we too could pOSSibly have
extended our technology into outer space travel
and the exploration of the universe. The UFO
sightings that were once considered a hoax are
now becoming quite real. They have thus far
been spasmodic in various parts of the world. In
only recent years has the realization struck
mankind that we are not alone in the vastness of
space and we are being observed where such
sightings are now.
Bl!}YJnd Our Galaxy
In October 1946, the United States launched
its first radar beam to the moon as an
experimental test for a transcontinental
communications signal. The purpose of this
signal was to determine the amount of time
required for such a beam to travel a fixed distance
into space, bounce off the moon and return. This
being our first giant step forward in future
communications, the achievement received much
publicity and was considered a scientific success.
What was not realized was that instead of the
signal striking the moon at the precise designated
target, the signal glanced off the outer edge of the
and ricocheted out into limitless space, thus
undue attention from the various space
stations of nearby planets. This signal was
apparently misinterpreted as one of distress by
our alien friends.
. radar scopes were immediately deluged
with Incoherent "blurps" from areas of outer space
-- but retranslated here as a malfunction of our
?wn system, or echoes of the signal they had sent
In a confused state of static. It was soon detected
that these blurps were not the usual type
of echo and time calculations indicated that these
peculiar Signals were not bouncing back from the
moon, but were coming from beyond the planet
Mars. For obvious reasons, this created a difficult
situation for our SCientists, for the entire episode
was completely unexplainable.
Scientists recording the various signals
to decode and formulate any possible
Beyond Our Galaxy
message, but without much success. Over the
years that followed, the decoding process
continued but was kept at the usual top-secret
level, as with most unusual phenomena. The
general public was kept ignorant of what had
happened or the results of the decoding.
From the date when the signal beam was
launched, picked up by space stations and
relayed back to the home planet, the aliens, now
certain it was a distress call, launched hundreds
of spacecraft and headed to planet Earth. The
travel time (as calculated) was a speed just under
Warp IV, or a travel time of 3,132.7347 days for a
distance of nearly
2,000 light years. With
this speed, Earth was
reached in 8.582835
years; it took from that
October day in 1946
until May 13, 1954.
Disc saucer
photographed over
(NOTE: Although it
took slightly over eight
years to reach this
destination and,
allowing for the slowing
down process when
entering the outer
limits of our
atmosphere, our earth
clock, if placed within
one of these craft,
would have registered
only a few hours. At
the speeds these craft
travel, which are many
Beyond Our Galaxy
t i m ~ s in excess of the speed of light, the alien's
bodies do not age even by the time factor of eight
years, or even 58 years, for some known
(FURTHER NOTE: According to Einstein's
Theory of Relativity, as mass approaches infinity,
or the speed of light, time approaches zero. The
energy involved is E (energy) = M.C. (mass time)
with the speed of light squared. To help you
understand the speeds involved in space travel,
there are five different speed designations. The
first is under what is termed Warp I, which is any
adjusted speeds up to the speed of light. The
second is Warp II, which is the speed of light, or
186,410.9 miles per second, times itself
(186,410.9 x 186,410.9). The third is Warp III,
which is 186,410.9 miles per second squared
twice. Warp IV is the same squared three times;
and thus it continues through Warp V. Therefore,
speeds in the realms of outer space are limitless
and far beyond any human calculation or
On this particular day, May 13, 1954, at the
National Airport in Washington, D.C., our radar
screens began picking up objects of high altitudes
and images of unusual size. One radar unit after
another was switched on and the tracking of the
same objects appeared on all screens. Our
scanning computers determined the size of these
objects to be in excess of 250 feet in dameter
and, at first reading, to be 15 to 18 miles above
Washington. The objects were moving from point
to point in a rectangular pattern and coming down
at a fast pace.
Beyond Our Galaxy
Later in the afternoon, several police officers
stationed at the National Airport in Washington,
just across the Potomac River from the Capitol,
noticed several oval objects approaching the
airport and hovering over both the airport and the
city of Washington. Before nightfall, there were
authenticated reports of these oval-shaped craft
hovering directly over the Capitol, the White
House, the Pentagon and Camp David in
This was the beginning of intensified activity
that was recorded over most of the nation. From
that date, sightings increased in all parts of this
country. Records indicated sightings on May 17
in Dallas, Texas; May 31 over Korea; Jun 1 and 9
over Baltimore; June 10 in Mexico City and 97
UFO's over the area from Virginia to New York
City. This wave of sightings continued
spasmodically, spreading over every major city of
the United States through most of 1955.
The intensive surveillance of the UFO scout
ships, with their investigation of Earth's vehicles
and military bases, along with our heavily
populated industrial zones, began subsiding to
Operation Fade-Out by the early part of January
1965. By this time, our government gave the
official order not to chase or shoot at any flying
objects, for apparently the many planes that we
had lost in such chases were for self-defense by
the UFO's and they were no match for our
antiquated aircraft. In spite of our immediate
hostile reactions, the aliens made no further
attempt to destroy any more planes (that had first
shot at them) and they made no physical changes
to any property on Earth. The operators of the
Beyond Our Galaxy
UFO's apparently decided there was no danger
and no distress signal and the message they had
interpreted was wrong and obviously a mistake.
By the same token, our government learned no
further fear from these alien craft and from that
point in time they were considered friendly.
An intensified study was then made of all
global records of UFO data. When this data was
compiled and placed in chronological order, it was
discovered there had been many landings in
various parts of the WOrld, but only a few
remained on Earth's surface long enough to be
approached at a safe distance. If these aliens
attempted to demonstrate their existence with
sightings throughout the world, they succeeded;
and such events became history.
On the other hand, if their intention was of a
hostile nature, their strength was such that we
would not be in existence today. Their mission
was friendly. If they did come to give aid to a
distressed world and intended to leave a message
to all people, with the hostility shown them by our
Armed Forces and the panic caused by our
people, no blame could be put on them for not
making the contact that was so urgently needed.
In conclusion, this invasion from outer space
was a reaction to a misunderstood message that
was hastily transmitted as one of distress by the
humans on Earth. In retaliation of this friendly
response, the aliens were chased, fired upon and
intercepted at every possible turn. Their welcome
on Earth was of a hostile nature ... it was and it will
continue to be until we know the real truth of their
visits and we, as humans, accept the fact that all
Beyond OU/' Galaxy
aliens are not bent on destruction, as we have
been led to believe.
From the many thousands of authenticated
encounters -- by way of photographs and other
compiled data, including the buried tomb, it has
been determined that there are eight different
~ . : : . of craft now traveling the universe. The
may vary in shape and size, but the over-all basic
structure remains the same -- except for one.
The most frequently photographed
spacecraft is similar to the one in the photo taken
" , " '," ' / '
Bell Saucer over
Easter Island
over the mysterious
Easter Island in the area
of the Antarctica during
the exploration of
Admiral Byrd in 1954.
This craft generally
measures 150 to 250 in
diameter and ranges to
40 feet in height, above
the lower flange (or air
lift ring). The under
carriage, prior to landing,
contains three ball-
shaped objects,
protruding on the end of
a cylinder shaft. These
balls act as landing
wheels, as well as
storage transformers for
recharging batteries.
There are no visible
Beyond Our Galaxy
portholes, but they are there, nevertheless.
These craft have an illuminating and pulsating
light as they approach our atmosphere or when
landing; and they are soundless.
The disc saucer, being more oval than round,
is one of the more common sightings, both here
and abroad. It actually looks round and
resembles two saucers placed together. This
craft ranges between 40 feet in diameter to 350
feet and is tagged as the scout ship.
The larger craft,
in this series can
travel at Warp IV
speeds and need
not be transported
by the mother Ship.
The scout ships
are, more often
than not, the Saucers of more than
unusually playful 300' diameter
craft that are
spotted above
housetops and high-tension power stations and
are noted for landing in desert areas or deserted
locations. (See the following picture. The photo in
the foreground is somewhat smaller than the
approaching craft, with one measuring 300 feet
and the other 350 feet in diameter. The speed
indicated here were less than 50 mph.)
The Bell and Spinner is still another type and,
although it strongly resembles the Bell Saucer, it
contains an under-carriage of gigantic size that is
constantly in a spinning rotation. This craft has a
Beyond Our Galaxy
usual measurement of 50 to 100 feet in diameter
and sounds like humming birds or the rush of high
winds through the trees. The "Spinner Craft", as
we have named them, are not used for long-
distance travel, but are transported by the mother
ship, which releases them one by one from an
opening near the aft end under the main carriage.
The mother ship transports these scouters from
home planet to Earth or other. chosen
destinations, hovers at tremendous heights and
either waits or returns, depending on atmospheric
conditions for sightings.
These Spinner
... Craft are viewed at
low altitudes and
hover for extended
periods of time.
Generally, when this
craft approaches low
altitudes, its effect on
electrical motors is a
disaster. All electrical
functions within a 3-
mile radius are
affected and it has
been known to hover
TIle Bell-Spinner Craft long enough to create
the stoppage of
automobiles, power-driven dynamos. Speeds
range from hovering to 100 mph in three seconds
in any direction, or straight upward.
The "Wedge" is totally different from all other
craft and has not been mentioned in any ancient
Beyond Our Galaxy
records or sighted on Earth more than a dozen
times. Since its sightings have occurred only in
recent years, it could very well be a new design of
alien craft. This gigantic craft, measuring at least
1600 feet in length, with a height of 200 feet at the
aft, resembles a perfect \\edge. Attempts were
made to clock the speed, but were to no avail, for
they exceeded any instrument readings we could
record. Their speed, in our atmosphere, was in
excess of 196,000 miles per minute. "'¥ ______ h _ _ _ _ _
There is one
thing that remains a
mystery about the
"Wedge Craft" and that
is the fact that it has
never been known to
hover at low altitudes or
hover for more than a
few minutes. This craft
has been photographed
by airline pilots
following or running
parallel to the starboard
or port wings and it
made no effort to speed
up or slow down; in
most cases it would The Wedge Craft
approach our airliners
from an oncoming position and suddenly void
upward or to one side. There is no sound,
pulsating light or jet after-power. As far as it can
be determined, there are no visible portholes, aft
burners or lights of any kind, and its few
appearances have remained secret.
f1. I I, . j l 0, ;)(7':; 'y, ',k-., \" ! h'J 'M I,
Beyond Our Galaxy
The Elliptical Saucer
Next, is the great mother Ship. This craft has
been sighted at altitudes as low as 20,000 feet
and as high as 60,000 feet, but is seen more
frequently at the higher altitudes. Its size is
beyond comprehension; since it has never
hovered directly over any earth object, it is only an
estimate that it is between 2,500 and 3,200 feet
long. Photos, not for release at this time, show
several Spinner Craft coming out of the aft belly of
the mother ship at a height of 60,000 feet.
Judging by its size, it could carry as many as 35
Spinner Craft of a 75-foot diameter or 45 or the
50-foot craft. It appears to have several portholes
along its side, many of which are well lit. Its belly
houses all transported scout ships that are
Incapable of light year travel (distance) and
apparently has enough living space for the master
crew, as well as crew members of the scout ships.
The ship, in a hovering position, is soundless
but on take-off, the noise is thunderous and
Beyond Our Galaxy
indicates a powerful source of heated Mercury
(powerful, everlasting and speeds in excess of the
speed of light).
This ship has been known to hover in one
particular area for many days at a time, but is
generally hidden above cloudbanks that create an
invisible covering. Aircraft that pursued this ship
could not function efficiently in these altitudes and
no craft was able to get closer than a half mile
before being diverted off course by some
unexplainable force. This mother ship was
sighted a few times during the period between
1955 and 1963 and there has not been a trace of
this craft since then
. ,- '.
The Signal Craft
The last one to describe is the Elliptical
Saucer -- again different from all other photos in
this book. This is a forerunner to the mother ship
and averages 60 to 120 feet in diameter. Its crew,
according to ancient records (and not
governmental figures), consists of four travelers.
Its speed in our atmosphere has been clocked at
more than 100,000 miles per hour and non-
atmospheric travel at Warp V. This craft, once the
Beyond Our Galaxy
mother ship arrives at any destination -- whether it
be Earth, Venus, Mars or the back side of the
moon and for whatever reason for coming --
..nds out the Elliptical Scout ship to find the
. Ilgnal craft previously launched by scouters of an
. Irea. (See Signal Craft.)
Scouting is done in preparation of the release
of the Spinner Craft and, for observation
purposes, to scan the area for any possible
hostile movements.
The signal craft, unmanned, is always the first
to land and is generally sent ahead of the on-
coming visitors by several days. It is launched
either by the mother ship or several inter-
terrestrial travelers. This tiny craft, measuring
only 6 to 9 feet in diameter, is similar to our space
prober for the purpose of sound detection,
atmospheric conditions and the televised results
to the scouting ships. Other than a prober, they
send out signals as to their location and can
indicate human body heat, air traffic, life within 25
miles, the detection df animal life, air temperature
and can radio transmission to stay or relocate.
These are considered as "homing devices" that
pierce our atmosphere and give exact locations
for landings.
Several such signal craft have been located
in desert areas, rocky plateaus and abandoned
desert towns, but the chances of getting close
(other than through the use of a telescopic lens)
are remote. Since their sensors pick up human
body heat or unusual approaching sounds, they
can immediately transit themselves to other
locations. Therefore, the idea of spotting one and
Be}YJnd Our Galaxy
awaiting a visitation is a bit remote -- or
After the release of Air Force photos of these
sign.al craft (which was a mistake). lEople began
~ t o n e s that they had seen tiny space craft with
little green men no more than six inches tall. who
had come to scout various areas. These "Iittle
green men" were seen everywhere; these visions
came to light only after the mishap of one being
photographed in the desert area of New Mexico.
Such a craft was discovered but was found to be
•• •
inoperative because of damage that occurred
during a landing on the edge of a rocky plateau.
This signal device was confiscated
immediately and is now the property of the U.S.
Government. What was learned through
dissection of its parts was never revealed; but it
could have shed some light on the operational
functions of our present probers and the new
device recently developed and used in our
helicopters to search out human life in remote
areas from the air.
All spacecraft. with the exception of the
master mother ship. are constructed exactly the
same and vary only in shape and diameter.
These craft (or saucers. in common terminology)
are operated by space crews according to their
size or mission. In the larger craft of 299.99 feet
or more in diameter. there is what is termed a
Five Cranial Control Dome ... meaning it has five
operators. The smaller craft. used on scouting
Beyond Our Galaxy
. mllsions, generally maintain a Two Cranial
Control, plus any others that might be aboard.
There is no simple way that their construction
Ind power can be explained for a thorough
, understanding by the average layman, but since
. the construction and type of power is of great
Interest, I will try to relate this information in the
least complicated language possible.
As I stated, all spacecraft are basically the
lame, in that they are constructed (within the
outer shell) in triangular sections, with the main
forms being themselves constructed of even
smaller triangles. All craft, regardless of shape or
size, contain what is called an outer skin which is
a mirrored type metal. Immediately on the
I reverse side there is a coated insulation which is
followed by a second outer skin. From the area of
the second outer skin, facing inward, there is a
pocketed space called the first insulation layer, or
chamber, and is generally a couple of feet in
width. This area, which completely surrounds the
hull (insulation layer), is filled with an unknown,
highly refined substance resembling oil. This
pocketed area, as well as the insulated skin, acts
as the first protector to a heat barrier.
From this area, there is a third layer of skin
surrounding the craft, with a much larger pocketed
chamber containing LIQUID LIGHT -- the main
factor in a combined an complex power system.
This chamber containing liquid light that
surrounds the outer shell averages three feet in
open width.
r _ _ _ ~ ____ ._
Beyond Our Galaxy
" "
'"" Control Room
, , ' : ~
.. .
.. . LivIng
1. First outer skin
2. Second outer skin
3. Oil insulation
4. Inner bridging
5. Liquid light
6. Transporting light beam
7. Main floor
8. Liquid light
9. Lower flange
10. Floor liquid insulation
11. Outer insulation
Cross-section of Construction
- --- -- - _ . . - -. .
Beyond Our Galaxy
On the inner side of a fourth insulated skin is
the second layer of the oil insulation and the final
'kin consisting of the first inner and second inner
Ikins -- which are coated with a 1/32-of-an-inch-
thick hardened metal-like insulation, which would
be superior to hundreds of feet of any Earth-type
Between all skins, from the second outer skin
Inward, there is what we term "bridging", or metal
cross braces in triangular form, run closely
together, that show no seams, bolts, rivets or
welding, as we know it. (See diagram of inner
construction. )
These ships, if they measure 40 feet in
diameter, are actually 39.99 feet; and the 100-
footers measure 99.9 feet. The interior area
would be considerably less. For example, the
100-foot craft would be only 86 feet within the
broadest section of the dome. The balance of 14
feet is comprised of the pocketed chambers that
surround the hull, with liquid insulation and liquid
As to the weight of these spacecraft, they are
constructed of an unknown metal to a point of
weightlessness. To explain this better, any craft
on our ground surface containing the three-balled
landing gear (three round movable balls
suspended by an extruding cylinder) could be
pushed by a man with one hand, without much
effort. When the craft is moving along the ground,
it cannot be tipped; but if it is standing still, one
man can tip it over at a great angle -- but not
~ - ~ - -- - - ----
Beyond Our Galaxy
The outer shell of these space vehicles is
literally impregnable by any known force,
including laser beams, high-powered diamond-or-
carbon-tipped drills, or even a direct strike ~ one
Qf our bombs -- while it is operational and
protected by its force field. If a craft were to
crash, as three have done, it could be damaged
enough to gain entry.
As a special note of interest at this point and
in regard to their strength after crashing, our
government agencies (all of them) have
continually denied that they have any knowledge
of these so-called spacecraft, to say nothing of
admitting to any known crashes or even landings.
In direct reversal of what they do know, they have
constantly condemned the entire UFO theory and
have harassed all those who have tried to explain
the numerous sightings.
In tne summer of 1954, on the outskir1s J)f
Farmington, New Mexico, three saucer-shap..ed
.craft were spotted. One, apparently being playful
(as they sometimes are), was carelessly traveling
across the desert at a Warp I speed and a very
low altitude. Unknowingly, the two operators
struck the disturbance of Earth's vortex
(coming from Earth's mantle) and plunged to the
ground with an impact unmatched by any crash in
the history of this civilization. The impact, at this
tremendous speed, created an opening in the
structure, which later made the craft accessible
for observation. During this incident, the other
two craft, the smaller one manned with a crew of
four and the larger one with 28, came to the aid of
. ..~ . - ~ - ~ - .. ~ - - - ~ ~ ~ .... _-
Beyond Our Galaxy
the disabled ship at almost the same intensity of
speed -- and met with the same disastrous result.
The Air Force took command and the incident
was quickly silenced. After preliminary
examinations at the scene, access was
accomplished. Days later, the secret to opening
the door was finally found. These space vehicles
were transported under cover of night to Building
No. 263 at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in
Fairborn, Ohio, just outside Dayton, where they
remain to this day under machine gun guard.
The crews of the three spacecraft, totaling 34
in all, were killed. They were all sealed in large
individual plastiC containers filled with
formaldehyde for preservation, where they remain
to this day.
If the Air Force had released this information
to science, it could have been the revelation to a
new age, but it has remained until now a deeply
guarded secret by that particular branch d the
To continue with the construction of the
spacecraft, these saucers generally consist of two
floors plus the crawl space in the power-paCk
areas. The larger space vehicles have up to eight
floors, as does the great mother ship. The
smaller of the two floors is found in the upper
section of the dome, known as the control room.
The top dome, as well as the bottom near the
large protruding flange, is completely round in the
interior and without portholes, as we would call
them. (Portholes that are seen on some craft,
with brilliant lighting, are not porthole windows as
- - - ~ ~ - ~ . .. ~ - ~ - ~ - - - - - - - - - .. -..- -- -- . - - - - -
Beyond Our Galaxy
we have been led to believe, but are portals of
liquid light reflection.)
The control room is flanked, forward and aft,
with banks of computerized instruments,
sensorized glass-like flush panels on a console
surface, viewing screens for exterior scenes,
graphs, instruments for universal tracking
systems, detectors used as listing devices,
computers to translate any known language in a
millionth of a second, memory bank computers
and many other complicated mechanisms that are
presently unexplainable in layman language. The
control panel facing forward is nearly duplicated,
or so it seems, by the controls at the aft section of
the control dome, but with variation of
The center of the dome contains a larger-
diameter translucent tube (cylindrical) running
from the ceiling through the first-level floor to the
base of the under carriage below the lower room.
To one side of the control dome and back
from the operational desk panel, there is an
opening in the floor, with its center occupied by a
beam of light about 36 inches in diameter. The
back portion of this hole contains a hatch-type
hinged cover that seals the top floor, cutting off
this beam of light. To go from one floor to
another, after the hatch has been lifted, one
merely walks into the beam of light and is instantly
transported to a lower or higher level, depending
on his direction. In our terms, this could be called
the elevator.
Taking this "light-beam elevator" downward
from the control dome, you are depOSited on the
Beyond Our Galaxy
lower level of the spacecraft. Here, in a much
larger rounded area, you find the living quarters of
the crew and/or guests who may be aboard.
Structural metal walls divide this area with light
sensors that open and close the self-sealing
doors. There is an area for relaxation or informal
living, sleeping quarters, eating area and storage
The eating area is unique, with its
feature being a composite of drawers
an cutomat for food display, with the exception
that there are no glass front panels or displays of
food. This is a computerized bank to actually
manufacture the food chosen by each member for
the meal planned. One merely waves a hand
across the marked plate, waits a short time and
the meal is fully prepared. Generally, regardless
of the number aboard, there are enough food-
processing materials to last for an a-year period.
The spacious quarters are more than
adequate - one does not get feeling of. being
tightly enclosed, as you would In a submanne or
an airplane. There is a room for medical needs,
which features unusual equipment beyond
anything seen in the most sophisticated of our
hospitals. There appears to be a series of
that one could open and walk into or lay down In.
Computerized sensor plates indicate the amount
of beam light necessary for treatment.
There are no signs of operational
instruments, cabinets for pills, drugs, hypodermic
needles or bandages. Different tubes are
apparently used for various types of illnesses .or
injuries; and one such instrument, together with
Beyond Our Galaxy
unusual music, resembles a treatment by unheard
pulsating sound waves. There are, however,
some instruments connected by cabled wiring
harnesses with funnel-type attachments at the
treatment end. Lighting plays an important part of
the treatment in this room; there are more than 27
different forms of light and light beams. This
particular room always remains in a pure,
antiseptic condition.
In brief review, these saucer vehicles are the
utmost in simplicity of construction. The great
mysteries, however, are the featherweight, non-
destructive metals and the power source, for
speeds are far greater than the speed of light with
no effect on the occupants, whether in the throes
of an atmosphere or the vacuum of space. When
their functions are thoroughly understood and our
scientists are capable of duplicating them, it is
doubtful if we'd be welcome on those planets that
have yet to acquire the habits of greed,
skepticism, selfishness, or lack of compassionate
understanding. As you will learn later, until we
conquer our own ills, we will not be guests of this

supenor race.
Some terms that are familiar to our scientists
and many laymen are: FORCE FIELDS,
NEUTRONS, CATHODES and, possibly,
A ship's propulsion is wired in such a manner
as to permit CHANGING FORCE FIELDS, that
Beyond Our Galaxy
equal in both FREQENCY and INTENSITY, the
forces available to be used for movement. As an
example, a given PULSE of energy is produced
between the perfection of a LIQUID LIGHT and its
INDUCTOR, exactly the same as any electronic
(LIQUID LIGHT is a material similar to
mercury that is in fluid form at low temperatures,
but conductive enough to carry current and
voltage to given frequencies, with POLARITY and
FREQENCY being prime factors - and not the
amount of charge!)
This pulse is not amplified until it is
RECTIFIED -- the POSITIVE side being reserved
to the skin sector of the craft from which the
POSITIVE was ejected, with the other sectors of
the ship being either NEUTRALIZED or
POSITIVELY charged at this frequency, to be
attracted to the ELECTRON that is ejected at light
In other words, before this can happen
NEUTRONS are separated (one at a time) from
any fuel source (which is similar to our Coated
Cathodes of vacuum tubes or video picture tubes
-- called CRTs), and as the neutrons decay into
electrons or protons, they are shot forward of the
ship while the others (protons) are dropped off at
the rear -- thus giving a push-and-pull movement.
When the neutrons are continuously projected, or
shot ahead of the ship by many hundreds of
thousands of miles, or any given distance while in
our atmosphere, and the protons ejected out the
back, the ship is rapidly pulled toward the neutron
---- --- ---- --- ---- --- --- ---- --- ----
Beyon.d Otr Galaxy
and at the same split second it is being pushed by
the proton.
In trying to catch an object such as a neutron
moving at light speeds, from which there has NOT
been a separation of the forces, the ship will
approach the speed of the projected electron or
neutron. As the speed of the ship increases and
the neutrons are in a continuous forward
projection at the speed of light, the electron adds
the speed of the ship to its own speed, thereby
giving the ship the ability to travel at the various
Warp speed factors -- or four to five times the
speed of light.
By the energies emitted in this separation
process, the liquid light is polarized, which forces
the ship to catch up with the forward particles of
neutrons. This factor then gives a ship the
unlimited War speed capacity.
NOTE: The actual speed of light is 186,410.9
miles per second. The speed of light divided into
1 = .0000053644905 and the square root of the
speed of light = 431.7534. Thus, Warp speed
factor 1= 186,410.99 miles per second; Warp II =
186,410.99 squared. Warp III is the same, but
squared twice, etc., up to Warp V. So, in reality
these speeds are accomplished by neutron-
photon drive.
As a ship approaches the speed of light,
there is greater time consumption in the ship than
the hours and days of earth. Speeds of Warp II
through V are then reversible in time.
Beyon.d Our Galaxy
1. Electrical impulses to first outer skin
2. Current to liquid light
3. Central power tube and current supply
4. Connector ground between insulation
and power fluid
5. Contact for inner skin in opposite poles
6. Electronic power lines to the skins from
of Negative and Positive Poles
With Liquid Light
Beyond Our Galaxy
I .t
"r ..
....... -
1. Triangle components
2. Outer shell
3. Center ofpow3r
4. Forward direction
5. Aft direction
Neutron used for pulling craft. Photon used
for pushing craft. Any negative angle can be
changed instantly to positive .. . for an
immediate change of direction (in less than
one-millionth of a second) .
Under-carriage construction, indicating
the direction by changing the polarity of
poles of pluses and minuses.
Beyond Our Galaxy
The process on which this PULSE of energy
II conducted through the ship is by super-
in order to avoid INTERIOR RADIATION
or electrocution. The diagram shows that the
layers of the ship's outer and inner skins
charged with HIGH VOLTAGE D.C. The
liquid light is high-voltage, full-strength drive
frequency with both voltage and current in phase.
In other words, in the drawing entitled
"Connection of Negative and Positive Poles With
Liquid Light". the liquid light fluid is connected to
the first outer skin of the ship and to the second
Inner skin (see diagram). The current is always
slightly ahead of the voltage.
can be forced to the outer skin or retained as
energy for the next PULSE. These sectors are
either CHARGED or NEUTRALIZED in sequence
by pilot through a simple timing device and. by
varying the sector or charge with the given drive
frequency. he can guide the ship in any direction.
Thus. any negative angle can be changed
instantly to positive for an immediate change of
direction. Any ship can be maneuvered from a
forward flight to a split-second turn of right or left
angles -- which makes a tracking pursuit
Tc:> its own "turning" and polarity.
the ship IS flooded with liquid light. By dividing the
proton and the electron during an acceleration
process and shooting the electron forward at warp
speeds and the proton backward at INERTIA, and
turning the ship to the given frequency at which
the elements were projected and ejected. the ship
Beyond Our Galaxy
is pulled toward one and repelled from the other
as it is charged in POSITIVE BIAS.
The PULSATING LIGHTS that observers
have noticed during their sightings are caused
thusly: the NORTH/SOUTH MAGNETIC lines and
the EASTIWEST MAGNETIC lines are about 90
degrees from one another as one would view the
world globe. With these two frequencies being
programmed into various SKIN SECTORS, when
they are in line with another, the VISIBLE LIGHT
is dim, rising to brighter levels as the FORCE
FIELD of the ship moves to other SECTORS and
is the brightest at 45 degrees, after which it again
begins to dim as the force filed aligns in the
opposite direction. To the ground observer, this is
an eerie sight, and it appears as though the ship
is pulsating lights of power or perhaps a secret
ray that will destroy on contact. It will ease your
mind to know that this pulsating light is harmless.
In space, there is no need to rotate either the
ship or its force fields, because only two or three
of the sectors are charged at anyone time at
cruising speeds.
The interior control system in the pilots cabin
dome, as shown in the diagram on the console,
does not contain push buttons, but inlaid sensor
computers which at first glance resemble flush
glass panels. These sensorized panels are
actually SENSORY MODULES. The computer
modules and sensors are not connected to any
buttons, but are inside them. They react in a dual
function: the sensors detect the PROXIMITY of a
finger tip, with the degree of its proximity being a
Bevond Ou/" Galaxy

control factor, and/or a tOUCh, which energizes
separate computer functions, such as
temperature, vacuum, air consumption, light
radiants and other energies.
To maintain control on all these complicated
functions and to meet the need for instantaneous
decisions, the ships are equipped with their own
MIND READING computer systems. These
systems not only react to the thoughts of the flight
crews, but also by measuring the thought and
emotional patterns of the crews and making
corrective correlations, prevent over control. The
shi s are literall controlled b THOUGHT
VV AVES of the pilots, rather than actual p YSlca
action. The coming asteroids are quickly
computed, analyzed and then avoided by the
computer's slight change of course.
To simplify this a little, the actual control
factor of all ships is by way of a mental process;
the physical control elements of a ship are so
designed that they need no actual contact by the
pilot's hands or feet when traveling at warp
speeds through space. However, the sensor
plates on the console can be operated with a
hand motion over the plates when flying at much
lesser speeds in the low altitudes of our planet or
others. Such maneuvering that has been done by
physical motion while above our earth, along with
careless computing, has led to several crashes,
as I indicated before. Had the pilots used the
memory computers over the magnetic vortex in
New Mexico, the accidents would have been
avoided ... they are chargeable to pilot error.
-_ .. _ .. -_._- .- ~ ~ ~ . .
--_. _. _ .. -
-' ,,-,-="' -" .:.:......::;- _. =--::. ..:....:..... - -
---------" "":';':';":-" ::.;.......:.._ .. . _.
, ''I
, ,j ,
• •
! .
, .

Bf!)YJnd Our Galaxy
Interior Dome
1. Computer distance 7. Language translator
2. Computer detection 8. Main power tube
3. Forward view 9. Pilot and co-pilot
4. Aft view
10. Control panel
5. View of asteroids
6. Sensoring device
11. Light beam elevator
12. Manual control
Interior of
Domed Space Craft
recorded that great inventor and
creator of these remarkable space vehicles is
named Nurrilinak. Nurrilinak, designer and
master engineer of universal travel, has also
perfected a propulsion guidance system that
incorporates the forces of the infamous BLACK
even distant light sources - meaning that the
Beyond Ou,. Galaxy
great difficulty of space's black holes has now
been rectified. Space ships can now pass
through these holes without disastrous effects.
NOTE: BLACK HOLES are highly
magnetized, huge pockets in space where light
penetrates but cannot escape. These giant
magnetic fields pull everything into their centers,
never releasing it. These space pockets are
capable of pulling asteroids, ships, space particles
or any object, regardless of size, within its grasp.
QUASARS are radio pulsating stars that do
not necessarily emit light.
Since these discoveries by Nurrilinak, the
ships are now free to travel at Warp III, IV, or V
with no impending danger of being swallowed up
by the magnetic black holes that even their
computers could not rectify.
These remarkably efficient space vehicles are
not only used as transportation from planet to
planet and galaxy to galaxy, but they are also
used as submersible craft in searching out the
depths of oceans - which no man has yet been
able to conquer.
The craft are completely protected from the
intensive heat of suns or on planets with
atmosphere. Their outer skins protected by
ejecting a liquid carbon over the entire outer shell,
allowing the craft to enter into any of the
numerous sun stars for replenishment of the
burning hydrogen in the process of acquiring
energy fusion.
Saucers that must be refueled by the sun's
energy enter a sun star (not our sun) with perfect
Beyond Our Galaxy
computerized timing, scoop up four cubic ounces
of the intensified liquid heat and make an exit at
Warp V speeds. The time involved is
approximately 20 seconds. Any miscalculation of
this split-second timing would result in the
complete disintegration of ship and crew.
For an idea of the degree of heat intensity
involved, one tiny speck of this liquid heat the size
of a typewriter dot could, if placed on earth, burn
all things in a radius of dozens of miles in a
billionth of a second. Four cubic inches of
intensified liquid heat are all that is required for
energy over an eight-year period. They use
fusion rather than nuclear fission to eliminate
radioactive radiation.
In summary of this subject of the power
source, these alien craft are propelled by the
simple projection of neutrons in advance of their
craft and protons ejected from the rear of the ship,
thus creating a push-and-pull movement. Liquid
light is the baSic secret of propulsion and the
conductor of a force field ... and is used in that
manner. This is all difficult to understand, but I
have presented the facts as simply as I COUld.
The men of Earth would be wise to
experiment more with mercury in attempting to
create the anti-gravitational force fields they so
desperately desire.
The brief information I have obtained so far
from the ancient records is only a small portion of
the over-all knowledge in storage. I will be many
years in the completion of all that has been
recorded. I am doubtful that any additional
technological data will be released for public view,
Beyond Our Galaxy
. for some information will remain secret, as it was
originally intended to be.
Beyond Our Galaxy
Beyond Our Galaxy
Chapter II:
Those Now Among Us
In the unlimited vastness of space, there are
no known boundaries where galaxies have a
definite beginning and a definite ending. There
are no clocks to mark the minutes and hours.
There are no calendars to delineate the days,
months and years. There are no sunrises or
sunsets to indicate the passing of a 24-hour
period. And there, beyond our Earth, there is no
longer the imprisonment of the gravitational pull
that limits our destiny to global atmosphere, or
rotational travel.
In this great expanse of our boundless
universe, there are many sun stars and millions of
moons, planets two and three times the size of
Earth that appear to be a mere speck in the inky
darkness that always lies just ahead. There are
stars leaving our Milky Way and there are
immense clouds of gas falling and forming into the
Milky Way. In space there are turbulent plasmas
with x- and gamma rays with mighty stellar
explosions at a constant rate. Our universe is
vast, limitless, incomprehensible and awesome.
As you travel into the realm of space, no
longer do you see the tiny dotted specks of light
that have been viewed for thousands of years, for
as you travel further into the unknown, these tiny
specks of light suddenly some into focus as
I '
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, -
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! ,
Beyond Our Galaxy
asteroids, additional clusters of Milky Ways and
planets resembling Satum, Jupiter, Venus and
Mars. Looking back, Earth begins to show itself
as a tiny speck of light -- another star in the
During this exploration through space, any
fear you may have is calmed by the
overwhelmingly breathtaking view of the billions of
creations now surrounding you --and the creeping
sensation that you are not alone.
To give you some remote idea of the
vastness of our universe and the distances one
must travel tom any given place to another, the
figures are almost incomputable, for we are no
longer tabulating in the millions, trillions
octrillions, gigas or gogols. There is no word in'
our present vocabulary that would define the great
in mere miles. As one simple example, it
takes light, traveling at 186,410.99 miles per
second, a total of 30,000 years to reach Earth
from the great Milky Way.
To go one step further in this regard the
speed of space travel is as limitless as is the
of the universal path of flight. I
previously mentioned that alien craft were quite
capable of traveling at speeds of Warp V. To give
you some idea of how fast this is, consider the
?f Warp II: squaring the speed of light
(which IS 186,410.99 times itself, or Warp I), with
that total again times itself (Warp II), it comes to
the astronomical figure of slightly less than
miles second!
This IS equivalent to
22,907,610,386,729,827,464.23640 miles per
Beyond Our Galaxy
hour. This figure no longer belongs to the
calculation of billion billion, or even octrillion, but
would exceed giga (which is one step beyond
octrillion ).
These speeds are incomprehensible to us
due to the fact that on Earth we are accustomed
to such speeds as 120 m.p.h. or 600 m.p.h., or
possibly 1200 m.p.h.! Everything on Earth is
measured by time or miles; only those who have
traveled to the moon and back can verify the
uncanny speeds through space without the
sensation of movement.
If you are interested in finding out the number
of light years involved, you simply divide the
number of seconds in our calendar year, which is
31,536,000, into the figure of
6,363,225,107,424,952.073399 and you will then
have computed the distance traveled at the Warp
II speed. You can imagine the figure involved if
you were to compute the speed for Warp V! To
place these speeds in a more understandable
frame of reference, it would take a thousand years
traveling at the speed of light (using 186,410.99
miles per second) to go the same distance
covered in ONE SECOND at the speed of Warp
Because these speeds are mind-boggling
and, really, beyond all realms of our
comprehension, I will add a few more coals to the
fire and state, for the record, more almost
unbelievable data. According to the late Albert
Einstein, the world's greatest mathematician, if
man were to travel fast enough into space for a
joumey of four hours out and four hours back, the
, :
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BeyYJnd Our Galaxy
people left behind on earth during this mere eight-
hour would have aged more than forty years!
Thus, If you were to travel ten days into space at
Warp V speed, this civilization, as we know it
would no longer exist! In essence, these same
speeds were traveled by our Biblical Prophets
and, because of this time factor and the time
barrier into another dimension, our Biblical history
could be thrown off as much as 2,000 years.
As I stated, a space ship traveling
to Earth, according to our calculation of time
.slightly more than eight years to reach
Its destination ... but if our Earth clock were aboard
such a ship, it would register only a few hours! If
you were to place a clock in a spacecraft, another
on. Earth and one in a neutral area of the
universe, all three would give you a different
Again I refer to the statement that in space
there is no time, miles per hour, calendar days or
marked In the universe, time is computed
only by light years; any other measurement of
time would be completely inaccurate and
When we think of extraterrestrial human life
we im mediately associate it with the planet Mars'
Venice, Jupiter, Pluto or Saturn. So far, we
not accepted the possibility that life could exist
beyond our own galaxy; we are ignorant of other
atmospheres, .suns or orbiting planets many
thousands of light years into the universe. To
date, we have researched only our immediate
galaxy -- beyond this reach of star planets we
have learned little. '
Beyond Our Galaxy
Since man has not ventured into the realm of
the great unknown, it is futile to believe that life
could exist beyond the reach of our imagination.
Our education about the universe is limited to our
technology and the costs involved in producing
space probes would involve many more years of
advanced technology and expenditures that would
exceed all that has been spent on wars since
America mustered up her first blunderbuss
Vast expenditures were allocated over the
centuries to the selfish whims of governments,
involving new and devious ways of destruction --
for 'protection' against such conditions that
peaceful arbitration could have prevented. Our
technology was left aimlessly wandering, while
humans or humanoids of other worlds knew of no
wars and applied their energies to ward the
cultivation of their race. If you consider the
possibility that there are other humans in our
universe, and they have lived through more
peaceful civilizations than Earth will ever know in
its brief existence, then you will have a basis for
understanding a superior race that has developed
the technology of traveling from any given planet
to Earth.
Space itself has been conquered by a race of
superior intelligence, who have not only visited
Earth, but were instrumental in the establishment
of our first civilization and are constant guardians
of our existence. They came from beyond our
galaxy, maintained their surveillance, appeared
before us and are now among us.
Beyond Our Galaxy
I can relate the shocking realism that
these ahens now have a temporary existence on
the same planet we call Earth, I will have to inform
you that once again our governing bodies and
the Air Force, will have to be
Into thiS strange unraveling truth. As I have
previously stated and will repeat for the sake of a
major point, our government, working in close
conjunction with other world leaders, has
suppressed all facts pertaining to-the
mysterious UFO's. Opinions have varied on
exactly what is being covered up -- in fact there is
. '
some conjecture that the government agencies
are simply covering up the fact that there is
nothing to cover up! Rather than trying to hide the
prC?found of UFO's, they are desperately
trYing to convince people that there is a profound
truth to hide.
Air Force, as well as other conspiring
agencies, has reacted in a highly suspicious
manner .from the beginnin.g, with a downward
pla¥, frantically engaged in many
serious investigations -- or so it may appear. In
the p.ast, hundreds of saucer reports from
prominent Citizens, bearing substantial evidence
were classified as "top secret"; ail
authenticated photos were confiscated, never to
be returned to the rightful owners. Air Force
Officials, because of what they actually know are
now becoming embarrassed for they are handling
floods of new reports that can no longer be
The Air Force has made numerous
announcements that they would continue to
Beyond Our Galaxy
Investigate such sightings, but the news media
are now convinced that they have been led down
the garden path of deceit too many times and
their empty promises have lingered for more than
30 years. In a belated attempt to make a point of
keeping a batch of promises and to prove once
and for all that the UFO's were merely figments of
the people's imagination, to say nothing of sliding
out from under a sticky situation, the Air Force
tried numerous ways to discourage further
sightings and to squelch the news media. They
publicly announced the apPOintment of one Dr. J.
Allen Hynek, who would investigate UFO's on an
unbiased basis. Dr. Hynek, as their top scientific
advisor, would solve, once and for all, the riddle of
the sightings and aliens from other worlds. Dr.
Hynek came, he saw and he conquered this
problem with haste.
As a result of his findings, Dr. Hynek
announced that all sightings were a perpetrated
hoax; the many sightings were just mysterious
lights from natural phenomena which were
explainable in many ways, depending on the
description given at that time. NO mention was
made, of course, of the fact that some spacecraft
have not only landed, but also actually crashed,
and the evidence of such incidents was within
their grasp. Thus, the game of everlasting lies,
along with the concealment of the truth,
continues, but they have now succumbed to other
methods of hinting that there could be an alien
factor and aliens could exist, which will be related
at a later time.

Beyond Our Galaxy
Dr. Kopal, a noted scientist who is not familiar
with the fact that aliens are now among us (or at
least he has made no reference to it in his
documentations), stated that within our galaxy we
might find a cross-section of planetary life at all
stages of evolution -- from hundreds of millions of
years behind all civilization to hundreds of millions
of years ahead of all known races of the universe.
He continues with his theory that a thousand or
even ten thousand years of evolutionary
difference is nothing compared with the cosmic
scale. Time, as we know it, is our own man-made
confinement and therefore exists only within the
bounds of Earth.
With relation to this time factor, I can best
explain it with the Bible verses taken from the
Epistle of St. Barnabas, which was one of the best
books omitted from the Bible in 325 A.D. In this
Epistle of St. Barnabas, Chapter 13, verses ~ 6 , it
clearly states:
"And God made in six days the
works of His hands; and He finished
them on the seventh day and He rested
the seventh day; and sanctified it.
"Consider, my children, what that
signifies, He finished them in six days.
The meaning of it is this; that in six
thousand years (Earth time) the Lord
God .
"For with Him, one day is a thousand
years; as Himself testifieth, saying,
Behold this day shall be as a thousand
years, therefore my children, in six
Beyond Our Galaxy
thousand years shall all things be
accomplished. "
His seventh day will be the new civilization
during the 1,000 years of the millenium.
This information was recorded in the
beginning of this civilization and is pertinent
for the time barrier in which we live.
Some of our most respected scientists and
astronomers have been fascinated by the
numerous lights seen on the surface of the moon,
while others felt these odd lights could be obscure
natural events. These lights, reportedly flickering
against the moon's reflected surface, convinced
many that they are actually signs of activity.
When the first moon photos were relayed
back to Earth by our space prober, they were
carefully studied at a close magnification to
determine if there were any human artifacts on
the surface. NASA headquarters in Washington,
D.C., did not admit at that time that the lights and
shadows of the harsh lunar landscape were
accurate, for there were in these photos concrete
evidence of manufactured structures, of what
appeared to be towers and platforms, and an
opening in the moon's surface that was obscured
by man-made coverings. NASA had to spot the
same evidence, because these original photos
were never shown for public viewing, nor was any
announcement made of this discovery. As usual,
our space officials professed their continued
ignorance, bewilderment and annoyance when
Beyond Our Galaxy
pressure was brought to bear regarding the truth
of the original photos.
The only logical conclusion is that NASA is
deliberately gOing out of its way to cover up the
now-known evidence and it does not intend to
admit to unusual. It will go one step
further and disclaim that these original photos
also provided substantial evidence that a pyramid
was a part of the man-made artifacts -- for an
admission of such a structure would be
tantamoun.t to of an alien power and
a connection linking our Earth pyramids to the
over-all significance of the visitations.
The suspicions that UFO's were actually seen
and photographed around the moon were finally
confirmed in the UFOLOGY MAGAZINE 1976
Spring edition. With the aid of a specially
designed. telescopic lens, these photos proved
that the tiny black objects over the Mare Crisium
and Oceanus Procellarum areas were space
. ships.
It is the writer's opinion that much of the
findings been purposely withheld to prevent
mass among the populace, for it was the
hystena displayed by our Air Force officials which
led to their over-reaction of hostility. Panic could
very well run rampant among the Air Force
officials who have not been kept up to date on the
secret. reports kept by other government
Beyond Our Galaxy
Space travel has existed for more years than
the life span of this civilization, as records have
now proven. Thousands of actual landings -- not
only in the United States, but also throughout the
world -- are on government records. In some
cases the landings were documented only
because attention had to be given to heads of
other governments; in other cases, strong
publicity provoked it. As for the actual landings of
aliens who are now among us, these files will
remain closed to the public, for just knowing
where these beings are could create alarming
On May 24, 1962, the Argentine Government
reported that a UFO had landed in LaPampa after
many had been sighted in the immediate area.
The government radio broad casted that many
reliable witnesses had seen an actual landing
near a ranch house. Two aliens dressed in silvery
suits were seen leaving the space vehicle in a
direction opposite their landing. When the aliens
spotted the many observers, they immediately
retraced their steps and boarded their craft.
Because of the character of their motions, it was
believed that these humanoids were cloned
representatives of those who remained in the
craft. They made no attempt to approach the
witnesses nor did they make any type of gesture.
They appeared to be in no great hurry to ascend
in flight.
On April 24, 1964, in New Mexico, there was
a sighting of a flying metal object that had drifted
down near the town of Socorro. When it landed, a
Beyond Our Galaxy
noise and a flash of brilliant light were
witnessed by the town's pOlice force. On
investigating this unusual incident, they saw a
weird, object suspended on legs,
perched In a gully beside the country road on the
outskirts of town. There were, the reports stated,
two human forms in space suits working on
something on the underside of the craft. When
police spotted by these
beings, they Immediately disappeared or were
enveloped by a light beam aboard the spacecraft.
The craft took off and was out of sight in a matter
of seconds -- before the police had time to radio
for aid.
Encounters such as this have been frequent.
The aliens are leery of being spotted because of
our original hostility in 1946.
Most people followed the much-publicized
encounter of Barney and Betty Hill, who claimed
to have been taken aboard a spacecraft. On the
night of September 19, 1961, the Hills were
traveling on U.S. Route 3 heading toward
Portsmouth as they returned from a trip to
Canada. Around 11 :00 P.M., they both witnessed
a brightly lighted object descending near their
moving automobile. To get a closer view, Mr. Hill
stopped his car, reached for his binoculars and
walked into a nearby field. There he watched the
object land. Being fearful of attack, he went into a
state of panic. He ran to the car and drove down
the deserted highway. He stated he had not
gotten far when he heard a beeping sound
followed by a pelting of something against the
car's hood, roof and trunk. Whatever it was he ,
Beyol1d Our Galaxy
and his wife immediately felt sleepy. He does
remember stopping the car and knew he had
been approached by alien beings before he and
his wife went into a deep slumber. When they
awoke, they were in a state of hypnotic trance and
both the Hills were aboard an alien craft.
Although they did not describe their immediate
surroundings, they did relate that they were
spoken to by the alien beings and were told no
harm would come to them.
In this encounter, the Hills testified that they
were both given a physical examination and were
not mistreated by their captors. After the ordeal of
being examined, they were released and taken
back to their car. The Hills were terrified when
they reported this encounter to the authorities. It
led to grueling hterrogations by doctors and Air
Force officials. After many re-examinations, the
Hills were acclaimed to have actually experienced
this unusual encounter ... but the shock of that
event preyed on Barney Hill; he suffered a
cerebral hemorrhage and died in 1969 at the age
of 46.
When man of this civilization first began to
write in manuscript form, it was recorded in the
oldest chronicles of India that a small band of
beings visited Earth many thousands of years ago
in metallic-like flying vehicles. This band of
beings had orbited the earth several times before
attempting a landing; when they did land, they
chose to live among the people of that area and
era. These beings lived among the tribes for
some time until the usual discontent arose among
the people, at which time the beings regathered,
Beyond Our Galaxy
boarded their ship and flew to destinations
unknown. The records went on to state that these
beings were of high intelligence and transported
themselves by rays of light whenever they needed
ground transportation. They taught much and the
people of Earth learned much. Many were sorry
to see them leave, but the jealous rulers of the
land created disturbances and the beings were
unwilling to share the selfish greeds of the
Evidences of previous alien beings were left
in many parts of our world. In one case, on the
island in .hake Tungting in Peking, huge carvings
were found in the mountain's granite depicting
human astronauts ~ t i l i z i n g some sort of breathing
tubes inserted in a helmet type head. These
carvings have been calculateCUo be 47,000years
old -- 43,000 years prior to the creation of Adam
and Eve. In other parts and locations of the
world, there have been similar carvings of
humans wearing special helmets and strange
costumes-such as were found in the Palpa Valley
near Nazea, Peru, and others in Asia and nearby
In Tessalit, Algeria, as well as in the northern
areas of Damascus, Cairo, Egypt, Lyons, France,
and general areas of the Middle East, there are
identical carvings of the same astronauts.
These encounters and documented
evidences are but a few of the thousands on
record; it is needless to cite them all for many
have been published in earlier writings. Actual
encounters of alien beings who are not within an
arm's length of their space craft have been
Beyond Our Galaxy
revealed to the general public ... meaning, you may
have had every-day encounters with those among
us. /
A Doctor Freeman Dyson of Princeton's
I nstitute for Advanced Study stated that we should
be on constant guard against unpleasant
surprises, for we could encounter beings with
great wisdom and serenity. He further stated that
the "more technological our civilization becomes,
in many ways, the worse it becomes ... and one
could imagine other terrible civilizations with a
higher degree of technology."
Speculation about aliens is endless; our
ignorance is showing when it concerns the fact
that they are here but unknown to nearly all of us.
It might shock you to realize that you may have
already seen one in your daily travels! You may
have brushed against one walking our streets, or
passed one unknowingly in the darkness of night.
Or you may have possibly sat beside one on an
airplane. In total, you should have no fright, for
the words of the aliens have been recorded many
times: "Fear not, for you will not be harmed. We
have been among you since your civilization
Not all the blame for secrecy can be placed
on the Air Force or the agencies connected with
Operation Blue Book (the agency which
investigates UFO's). Publicity seekers are more
to blame, with their thousands of hoaxes and false
reports of claimed "encounters". People who love
nothing better than seeing their names in
newsprint have concocted weird stories of UFO's
landing on rooftops, trees and super highways --
Beyond Our Galaxy
even in their back yards. There have been
numerous reports that people have been picked
up against their will, taken aboard the space craft
and flown around the universe, to be deposited at
h?me days later. Other stories are told of alleged
flights Venus, where the Earth passengers
were given a grand tour of the planet... and
usually they report that they arrived back home in
less than one hour!
. . Tim.e is an important factor in these stories. If
It IS being measured by clocks on Earth the
"Earth time" elapsed would scarcely have been
enough to allow for travelling such
... even at Warp V speeds. If the time
were being measured by a clock aboard the
space ship, since an hour in space is equivalent
to ¥ears on Earth, upon returning from even a
qUick Jaunt through space, the Earth and its
people would have aged considerably.
On. investigation, many people who reported
such triPS were never really missing from their
home -- even for a half an hour.
Aside from these alleged tours -- anywhere
to 100,000 light years away (in less
time that It would take to walk a block or two down
the there have been the uncanny reports
that ahens were anywhere from six inches tall to
more than 15 feet in height. Aliens have been
reported to have green skin, purple skin blue and
sometimes a bright yellow! "
Som.e of space creatures had three eyes-
- the. third being set deeply in the forehead,
shooting out death rays, while the other two eyes
Beyond Our Galaxy
flashed red and green. Continued sightings and
actual encounters poured in from all over the
United States; and the more that were reported,
the more varied the stories. Many people testified
(all with different stories) that these creatures
were demons from outer space who are nearly
ready to conquer Earth ... and they need Earth man
to help them.
There are thousands of such reports on file;
some of the fictional encounters could curl your
hair and turn it pure white all in a split second. If
there were a consistency to these encounters and
if they bore some semblance to the truth, the Air
Force might not be so likely to conceal the facts
from the general public. The descriptions of the
spacecraft alone have been as varied as the
people reporting them. They have been variously
described as being the size of a Volkswagon car,
the size of 10 city blocks, and even so large that
they covered the entire countryside as they
hovered just a few feet above specially selected
remote farmhouses.
Such reports, as I have mentioned, are still
pouring in, but little or no attention is given them --
and for good reason. THEY ARE FALSE
Despite the false reports, all spacecraft are not
the vivid imaginings of dreamers, although at
times they may seem to be. You can also rule out
the possibility that they are of Russian origin.
These UFO's are not of Earth, nor are they man-
made machines from a tuck-away warehouse in
Canada, South America, or Timbuktu. They are
real and they are here!

Beyond Our Galaxy
To illustrate that "the right hand knoweth not
what the left hand doeth" - totally unknown to the
majority of the branches of the government, the
files of other government agencies contain
accurate records of every authentic landing
reported, with detailed descriptions of the aliens
that were aboard.
In fact, in one of America's most noted
government hospitals there are documents that
prove beyond all doubt that aliens are among us.
Buried in the hospital archives, these records
contain names, current addresses, identification
numbers, complete phYSical descriptions, x-ray
reports and results of physical examinations
conducted upon them!
Surprised? Shocked? Or are you in complete
disbelief of what you have just read? Whether
you believe it or not, this writing is based on fact
and not fiction. Since the government has kept
this knowledge secret, you should be made aware
of it. Whether you believe me or not matters very
little, for facts are not altered by belief or disbelief.
These ALIENS, as we call them, ARE
HUMAN ... meaning, they are much like you and I,
with slight difference in lung structure and facial
composition. X-rays and physical examinations
show only internal variances from us of Earth.
They often have four lungs instead of two, their
heart is somewhat larger and their digestive
system is different. They have legs, arms, body
and head like ours, but the actual skin formation is
Bevond Our Galaxy
Many people find it hard to accept the idea
that there could be another race of man .... to say
nothing of superior race. Where do they get the
idea that they are God's only race of men? If we
are supposed to be the ultimate, of
creation, how then are these humanOids
considerably superior intellectually and more
advanced technologically? To think we are God's
only perfect race in the entire universe is utterly
absurd. As a human race, we are actually lower
in intelligence than the so-called aliens. We are
but a few steps away from being primitive! In fact,
there are areas on Earth where life is still
absolutely primitive, and it will remain so until the
end of our time.
You will read later in this documentary of
human life on other planets, whose civilizations
are far more advanced than ours and whose
scientific technology is most difficult to
Let us suppose for a moment that the tables
were turned. You are the alien who has traveled
many light years to reach Earth. Your intention is
to study the Earthling civilization. You have all the
necessary equipment for such travel and study --
computers, translators of any language, and
headgear for sensing the approach of humans at
distances of more than five miles. In reality, you
would not need to hover over the cities, because
you could actually leave your craft and maintain
the same surveillance with just your space
helmet, which is a masterful feat of technical
engineering. It is speakers
_ _ ........ ,.j ,.""_ ..... '+""";'7.:11r1 rlata whlr.h set lust above
Beyond Our Galaxy
eye level and on both sides in vertical positions.
All necessary data is available with the slightest
movement of the eyes. The helmets carry the
same computations as the ship, but condensed
into a smaller area.
Tuning in with the devices in the helmet, you
would be able to pick up all the news being
transmitted by radio and televiSion. You would
hear the continuous reports of murders rape
robbery, crime round-ups, cruelty to h ~ m a n s :
conspiring governments, rumors of war
starvation, massive unemployment, government
and civilian corruption, deaths by the hundreds,
foolish aCCidents, drug addictions, smuggling, and
many more atrocities that would make you ill while
you listened. You would learn of the upheavals in
South Africa, Egypt, Jerusalem, Russia, China
and all the countries of this world.
What would your opinion be after listening to
these news stories? Would you feel that
Earthlings are a cultivated civilization and a God-
fearing people, or would you be thankful that you
are not a part of this evil-ridden planet? I venture
to say that your reactions would make you
approach with extreme caution, and even closer
observations would not change your thinking.
It is assumed that you, although an alien,
have the same processes of logic and emotions,
since all "humans" stem from the same creation.
The caution of these Earth visitors is well
founded and their identity is a closely guarded
secret for obvious reasons. There are people
roaming this Earth who would not hesitate to
Beyond Our Galaxy
declare it a service of humanity, in their distorted
viewpoint, to kill an alien or to publicize the fact
they knew where they were located.
Again, let this documentary show for the
record that we are not alone and these aliens are
among us -- living among us and working
alongside us. They are reported to be in every
major city of the WOrld, occupying key positions of
importance. Basically, their mission to Earth is
twofold: (1) a closer observation of our behavior,
along with the slowly advancing technology of our
space race, and (2) to aid us in many ways of a
non-technical nature.
Many_ aliens were sent to this planet for
extended perjods of detention. Since the ancient
records from the hidden tomb indicate that their
civilization has no crime, there are no prisons or
detention centers for punishment. Thus, if a
serious law has been broken, the punishment is to
live on the planet Earth, in a primitive atmosphere,
until the sentence period has been completed.
Coming from a planet of superior people with
technologies beyond our understanding and a
civilization that has maintained a perfect balance
of unity and close living relationships without
greed and selfishness, this planet would be a
prison in itself and punishment to the ultimate
degree. When they have fulfilled their
commitment to work and teach Earthlings the art
of living in harmony, they are released from their
bonds and are taken home. The mere sentence
of living here and sharing our form of life would
have taught them the seriousness of their
behavior on their own planet.
Beyond Ow, Galaxy
On a June day in 1954, a prominent
Pennsylvania Senator, a Pennsylvania
Congressman, a man I'll call John, and another
man met for lunch at the then-famous Toffenetti's
Restaurant in New York. City. John was a friend
of the two distinguished members of government;
the fourth man was introduced to him simply as
Mr. Smith.
John was unaware of the importance of the
meeting, although he had been asked before the
luncheon to take no part in the conversation. In
retrospect, this seemed like an unnecessary
request, for the conversation was so complicated
John couldn't have added much if he had wanted
to. He was content - even enthralled -- to listen,
as the politicians and Mr. Smith spoke at length of
Albert Einstein and his theories of space, time and
travel. The talk drifted to the coming blast of
wars; the rapid decline of some of the world's
civilizations; the increase of heart disease, cancer
and other ills; and bits of classified information
pertaining to NASA and its plans for future space
It became evident to John that Mr. Smith was
a very special person. Not only was he an
extraordinarily handsome man, with fine features
and great magnetism, but he was amazingly
skillful and adroit in handling the most complex
and technical matters in their conversation.
John felt himself being swept up by Mr.
Smith's energy. His manner of speaking
Beyond Our Galaxy
commanded John's total attention. He was
literally held spellbound by the great flow of
knowledge. As an indication of how enrapt John
had become, after Mr. Smith's departure, John felt
physically drained, exhausted -- for he had poured
so much of his own attention and energy toward
Mr. Smith.
When the luncheon was over and John and
his two friends were on their way back to New
Jersey, it was suddenly announced to John's utter
astonishment that he had just dined with a man
who came from a place beyond our galaxy!
Imagine John's shockl He was staggered by
this information I Had he not so impressed
by Mr. Smith's superior intellect and so swept up
by his manner, John would have scoffed at t h ~
mere suggestion. But he knew, deep down, that It
was true.
The shock was quickly replaced by remorse
and regret - imagine being in the presence of a
being from another planet and not having had the
chance to ask any questions! Just an hour ago
he had sat across from a man who had actually
traveled through space and who knew of life on
another planet! Mr. Smith was no little green
monster -- aside from a few minor traits and
appearances, he was much like man of Earth.
John knows how privileged he was to have
met Mr. Smith under any circumstances, but, oh,
what he would give to have been able to ask him
the hundreds of questions that still keep racing
through his mind.
Beyvnd Our Galaxy
In view of the fact that UFO's can no longer
be credited to dreams of fantasy or some strange
omnipotent entity, government agencies are
slowly turning to the reality that they can no longer
deceive the public -- and some slight presentment
of fact is now necessary as a prelude to the
coming events of the future.
Just a few short years after the so-called
"saucer invasion", Hollywood produced a motion
picture entitled, "The Day The Earth Stood ~ t i l l " .
The general public recognized it simply as
another of Hollywood's great science fiction films.
What they did not know was that this particular
motion picture was requested by several officials
of our government... to bring to light that UFO's
were here in force numbers, that they had a
message for all people, and that one of the two
travelers around whom the film was based was
human. The other was a robot that operated
under the command of the alien pilot. This motion
picture was a huge success and was rated as one
of the finest science fiction stories ever released.
Unfortunately, the picture was soon forgotten, as
are all the others ... which is one of the biggest
mistakes in visual education.
With continued sightings, claimed encounters
and pressure by the public, more data had to be
released to slow the increasing panic that was
developing across our country. Once again,
Hollywood came to the aid of the believer and
produced another great in motion picture history.
The production of "Close Encounters of the Third
Kind" revealed once again that these aliens were
not only friendly, but were human. To make the
- ~
Beyond Our Galaxy
motion picture more believable, the humanoids /
were made to have a close resemblance to the
humans of Earth but were different enough to
relate the hint as it was intended.
This particular motion picture left the viewer
with a definite message and a feeling that if such
a scene were to happen in reality, it would be
more easily acceptable. It left its mark; it calmed
the fears; it portrayed the human factor and it may
have prevented future panic.
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, now retired from the
U.S. Marine Corps and a one-time investigator
working closely with Project Blue Book (Air Force
sightings and intelligence reports), stated that he
feels confident the American public is now mature
enough to accept the fact that Earth is being
visited by alien beings and many landings have
occurred. Major Keyhoe feels that the constant
withholding of the truth by the government is fast
approaching a climax and eventually the "TRUTH
The motion pictures "The Day The Earth
Stood Still," showing an actual landing in
Washington, D.C., and the appearance of a
human, and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind,"
were merely preparatory. The public is now more
receptive to the educational program that is to
follow. As further disclosures are being made,
including "The Overlords of UFO's" and "Project
UFO", we will be more attuned to the fact that we
will not be attacked, invaded, annihilated, or even
scooped up in great hordes prior to the days of he
coming holocaust, to be saviors of the human - ----------------_.-
Beyond Our Galaxy
race. We are merely being observed; and, when
the time is right, the worthy will be chosen.
It is true-and far from imagination -- that a
number of people have experienced encounters in
the rural areas of our countryside, where they
actually communicated with a robot type machine.
A robot is used for the contact during some visits
in the constant observation that is being
conducted by aliens when circumstances indicate
that caution should be used.
In addition to the encounters with robots,
there are also encounters with human clones --
and it is difficult to be sure which it is. Clones are
used for appearances only, where they wish to
give any observers the impression that they are
human without taking any risk of harm. There is
normally a human not too far away, aboard the
In regard to clones or robots, we, in this
country, are trying to perfect the creation of
artificial humans. I refer to the fearsome "Cyborg
System" which NASA has under consideration at
the present time, for our future space
explorations. Cyborg is a cybernetic organism,
which in essence, has a chemical mind
transplanted through surgery to be used for future
astronauts. The transplant, which substitutes
electronic thought waves for a man's physiological
ones, is the discovery of Dr. Toby Freeman of the
North American Aviation Association and has the
capacity to turn a human into a semi-robot. The
result would be a computerized human who would
Beyond Our Galaxy
react as directed through controlled thought
waves. The transformed astronaut would not be
able to speak. His lungs would be non-functional,
his body waste recycled through himself and his
emotional system is completely removed. These
changes would be permanent; after his missions
are completed, he would not be fit for a normal
life, but would be a prisoner of technology.
This process is similar to cloning, as far as
the formation of a human robot is concerned, but
not in the extremes that our government is
experimenting with. This new discovery could be
better described as the running mate to a robot,
for the astronaut will eventually be given an
artificial heart and have no digestive organs, no
use for water or food. The equipment that
operates the Cyborg System self-injects all
needed energy, brain waves and motion. If this
Cyborg System seems frightening and fraught
with dangerous overtones, it is... but it's our
uncivilized and primitive way of matching alien
It might be well to note that this cruel method
of creating semi-robots is a far cry from what out
aliens use. I doubt if they would go to these
extreme measures.
The first encounter with an alien clone could
be a frightening one. Without the transfer of the
final human elements (brain and soul), clones
would appear as human robots that function only
on command of the controlling alien or the master
computer brain. Cloned aliens react differently to
human contact and have never been known to
speak, making gestures only. Their eyes are set
BeyYJnd Our Galaxy
in motionless sockets and they appear to look
deeply into one they would approach. Cloned
humanoids adjust automatically to severe cold or
heat and to oxygen or non-oxygen areas. Their
food intake is considerably less than the lightest
human diet, and they can endure long periods
without water or food. Cloned humanoids that
have had the transfer of brain and soul will be
expounded on later in this book.
There is one important factor in regard to an
alien encounter that must be planted firmly in your
mind. All aliens that visit Earth are not friendly.
They come from different planets and their
civilizations vary, as do our races on Earth. Earth
has many races and many subdivided
civilizations, but the galactic planets feature only
one race per planet and are not melting pots for
the extreme mixtures that we are.
When an encounter is eminent and you are
faced with either a mute clone or a mechanical
robot, you can be relatively sure that you are
dealing with a group of friendly aliens. The
reverse is quite evident and impossible to
overlook. The approach of unfriendly aliens is not
one of extreme caution, but is bold. This type
approach has no hesitation and has a protective
force field that could lead to the magnetic pull of
your hair or create innumerable difficulties with
any electrical components around you. They
work in groups of two or four, and their invitation
for you to join them is a forceful one... not a
friendly wave of the hand in a gesture of
Beyond Our Galaxy
When any humans are approached and
taken aboard by the unfriendly race of aliens, it
does not mean that harm will befall them. In most
cases, they are taken aboard the space craft and
examined under an x-ray lighting system for a
specified number of minutes... then either
released or kept aboard (reasons unknown). This
physical examination, although painless, could
play havoc with the nervous system for many
months to come, for something is transferred into
the brain that will be activated Wlen they feel it
necessary in the furtherance of their purposes.
This type of encounter has been quite
infrequent in comparison to other visitations. In
reality, the crafts differ greatly between these two
types of races. The cloned or robot types of
aliens generally appear in a wedge shaped craft
or one that does not hover for any extended
period. Their craft, when approaching, can create
considerable difficulty with you, your automobile,
airplane, boat or any object that is electrical or
Of the 15,000 reports of actual encounters
with aliens that flow in on a yearly basis, only
1 500 are considered worth further investigation.
After all the hoaxes have been discounted, there
have been, over the years, a total of 150 cases
that have been thoroughly documented as actual
fact. The documentation consists of authentic
photographs, the radiation count after such a
landing, and testimony of witnesses of s t a ~ l e
credibility. In many cases, a lie detector test IS
Beyond Our Galaxy
Of these sightings or claimed encounters, few
have actually landed in the manner reported. The
visitations of the unfriendly craft, which I spoke of,
are recorded as surveillance ships looking over
both terrain and humans, scientific testing and
counter-testing, and -- last but not least -- the
gruesome fact that man is a possible source of
badly needed protein. Some of the many people
who have disappeared after sightings or actual
encounters with the unfriendly aliens have been
used for their selective training, experiments or
further scientific studies; whether or not they are
later disposed of remains a mystery.
Not all these space craft are under the same
galaxy commander or galaxy council -- thus, we
are Sighting both types of alien visitors, friendly
and unfriendly. There is comfort in the fact that
most of these close or actual encounters that
have been experienced were with alien friends.
Unfortunately, our government feels that to
prevent mass panic among the people it is
necessary to withhold information from them. In
view of the fact that the majority of the recorded
UFO's and aliens are friendly, they are not sure
now about the more recent encounters, which
have been reported as being frightening. Since
things are slowly coming to a climax, the
governing bodies will be forced to admit to having
UFO data and will reveal their purpose to the
people. You will find, as the months and years
pass, that a "Truth Squad" will be formed by our

Something as serious as aliens being among
us should have been released many years ago.
Beyond Our Galaxy
Such openness could have prevented the distrust
now forming against the Air Force and could have
prepared us better to accept what is to come in
the not-too-distant future. Had the truth been told
from the beginning, the initial fear and shock
would have passed by now.
In conclusion, we are closer to a full
encounter than we presently realize; soon, with
their return, we will receive a message that will be
remembered. Such a message would not be
needed if we had leamed, over the last three
decades, to live with one another in complete
These electrifying words will be heard over
global TV:
- . w
'We are among you. Fear not, for we
have a message for all Earthlings .... "
Beyond Our Galaxy

Beyond Our Galaxy
Chapter III:
Traveling The Universe
There is no beginning and no end to our
universe. Its vastness is as incomprehensible as
the speeds that were traveled from galaxy to
galaxy by the astronauts of long ago and the
aliens of today. Although the universe is limitless
in space, planets, asteroids and satellites are
found within a boundary, which is calculated to
extend approximately one hundred million light
years through its diameter. Relatively speaking,
Earth would appear as the tiniest dot of
infinitesimal microscopical minutia in the midst of
a depth that extends nearly to the brink of infinity.
Neither human nor humanoid could possibly travel
from perimeter to perimeter, for even if there were
sufficient fuel (which there is not) no space
vehicle could travel these almost incalculable light
years in one lifetime or many lifetimes.
This civilization has had its stargazers for
more than 5,000 years, and previous stargazers
reach back another half million years to when the
first man made his appearance on Earth.
Possibly the humanoids on planets far beyond our
galaxy were stargazers millions of years before
Our galaxy is only a tiny speck in the total
picture; its ratio to totally is as Earth is to the
universe. Our immediate solar system is
Beyond Our Galaxy
comprised of nine planets, 31 satellites, and
nearly 2,000 minor planets or interplanetary
matter. The names of these planets are familiar
to all of us, although their distances from the sun
may not be.
Earth is calculated to be 93 million miles from
our sun; Mars is 142 million; Jupiter, 483 million;
Saturn, 886 million; Uranus, 1,783 million;
Neptune, 2,794 million; Pluto, being the furthest,
is 3,670 million; Mercury, having the shortest
distance of all, is 36 million; and Venus is 67
million miles.
If these nine planets were placed in a straight
line (which they will be by 1982), the distance
from Pluto (the farthest from the sun) to Mercury
(the closest) would be 9,954,000,000 miles. If
one of our present-day space craft were to
attempt this trip, it would take nearly ten years,
traveling at the speed of 125,000 miles per hour,
to complete the journey and return back to Earth.
When we are dealing in miles and the size of
the universe, we should make additional
comparisons of the size of Earth and the other
planets and stars. Earth has a diameter of
approximately 9,000 miles, while the sun is
864,000 miles across, being 332,000 times
greater than the mass of Earth. While still
uncalculated, Pluto is approximately 90% larger
than Earth and Mercury is 50% larger [density] .
Venus is nearly the same size as the Earth.
Adding the diameter of these planets together,
plus the miles between them, they still occupy
only about one trillionth of the over-all expanse of
the universe.
Beyond Our Galaxy
Over the past century, astronomers and
scientists have sought to resolve the mysteries
surrounding the alien spacecraft. Their original
speculation, which is still maintained today, was
that these aliens came from "nearby", that is, from
the moon, Mars, Venus or, perhaps, even as far
away as Saturn. Some have suggested that
space aliens will descend on Earth from these
well-known planets as a race of powerful
creatures who garb themselves in long, flowing
white robes and, with their long, golden, hair, they
might resemble Christ Himself.
. -
, " " . , 04 '
· . , . .
Pluto. . . . . . . . "'.
• • •
• II ' .' . .' ,
• • .Neptune,. ..•
t •• •
• •
, Uranus. " .' "
, .
., .
· '.
• • • , ,


• • .. . . . .
• •• •
.. ' . ' .
• • •
.' ,
• • •
• •
• ••
. .'
, ..
• • , .
. , .
Saturn ,, '
. . . .-
, . .
. ,

, ..

• , .
• • ,
· .. ... .

_ • t • • ..
• • •
.. .
" .,.". eM rs
· ! " ." " . a . ...
. . ......
• '. • : .' j I •
, .. ' ". :':." •
I •• 0·. ' ..
f .. • t I • , .. ..' " •
· . .. .. ..
. " ' ..... .
• .' • • I ," V
..., .' Jr .' • enus
.. . . " ,. .
J • ' ..
. ' . . , II· · ..
.. , " :. . . . MercuryS. , \
' . • I. . ' ,
• . ' .
.. . . ' . •
, . 't.: .
The nine planets, illustrating
their relative sizes and the
distances between them.

Beyond Our Galaxy
The theory of this race coming out of our
galaxy was shattered when the first radio
observation of Venus was recorded. Its radio
waves were measured at U.S. Naval Research
Laboratory and it was discovered that Venus had
a more intense source of radio emission than had
been anticipated. Because of the amount of
sunlight it reflected back into space, Venus should
have been cooler than Earth, despite its
to the sun. It was found that the planet,
receIVIng a radio transmission of these
centimeters, was throwing back as much radiation
as would be expected if its temperature was 600?
Fahrenheit. Later, with more advanced radio
telescopes, it was learned that Venus did have a
heat factor that ranged between 6507 and 900?
Venus is a brilliant pinpoint of yellowish-white
light when viewed through our most powerful
telescopes, but for the most part, its surface is
hidden by enigmatic cloud layers ranging 40 miles
above its surface that shield it from view. It is now
revealed that this blockade of clouds contains
some amounts of mOisture, ammonium chloride,
acid, silicates and oxides, hydrated
chlOride, hydrocarbons and some carbohydrates.
In the final analYSiS, the presence of excessive
amounts of carbon dioxide in the Venusian
atmosphere, coupled with the absence of free
oxygen and abundant water vapors, makes it a
very uninviting place to live or even sustain sub-
stations for any length of time.
. The situation in regard to Mars is somewhat
There,. we detect a thin atmosphere,
polar Ice caps, thin layers of snow and little trace
Bevond Our Galaxy

of water other than the melting ice in season.
, .
Water vapor has not been detected to any major
degree, and if the Martian atmosphere were
condensed on its surface, the vapors that are
present would be no more than one-twentieth of
an inch thick.
Mars does contain carbon dioxide in amounts
twice that of Earth. The can be no firm ruling that
Mars was not occupied at one time many
thousands of years ago, for free oxygen did exist.
Although reports from our space probers indicated
that Mars is a barren planet, it does have
temperatures similar to Earth, being somewhat
cooler and Mars does have its seasons. The
, .
planet is without mountain ranges and IS
considered to have a semi-flat terrain, with canals
which are now dry.
When astronomers and scientists say this
planet is uninhabited, they are wrong to assume it
is not used as a base station, as the records of
the hidden tomb now indicate.
In reviewing the other planets of our
immediate galaxy to eliminate the possibility of
alien civilizations, we can turn to Jupiter, Saturn,
Neptune and Uranus. These planets are more
massive than Mars or Venus, but the density of
their atmosphere is extremely lower. Jupiter, the
largest of the nine, has a massiveness equal to
320 times that of Earth; while Uanus, being the
smallest of these four, is 15 times the size of
Beyond Our Galaxy
Their atmospheres are dense and contain a
mixture of molecular hydrogen in which their cloud
barriers consist of ammonia and methane,
surrounded by enormous mantles of ice. Below
cloud level, Jupiter indicates a temperature of
130? to 150? below zero on a Centigrade scale.
At these extremely cold temperatures, the
methane becomes gaseous and the ammonia
crystallizes into ammonia vapors. With the thick,
icy surface under cover of a dense atmosphere,
plus the ammonia and methane (which is equal to
mine gas), the conditions would not be adequate
for a space traveler to land. Thus, because of the
existing conditions, we can safely rule out any
surviving civilization, as we know it, for these
aliens are "human" and they do need air, water
and food.
As for Pluto, there is little known evidence
that it possesses any atmosphere, or at least
enough to sustain human life. Of course, there is
always the remote possibility that life does exist,
but is confined to subterranean caverns below its
surface. The records of the secret tomb reveal
only seven planets bearing life; however, it
referred only to established civilizations. There
are many planets and satellites throughout the
universe that are occupied as portal stations and
are not considered as civilizations.
Today, new theories are being studied as to
the origin of our immediate solar system. It is only
speculation that our system came into being as a
result of a collision between the sun and other
stars. If estimates are near accurate, a star, like
the sun, could be expected to collide with other
Beyond Our Galaxy
stars every hundred thousand billion years. Since
Earth and the solar system are only four and a
half billion years old (from conception, not after
cooling), it could have been the result of a freak
accident or a direct plan of our Creator -- which is
more likely the case.
We have now ruled out the possibility of alien
civilizations occupying any other portion of our
nine galaxy planets, other than as portal stations.
This evidence, provided by our scientists and
astronomers, coincides with the intricate records
found in the tomb below the Pyramid of Gizeh
THAT LIFE DOES EXIST beyond our galaxy on
the seven indicated planets.
Space travel, as related to us by our
astronauts, has been a thrilling, beautiful and
rewarding experience. It was a challenge "well
met" toward the conquering of new horizons in
space. Our moon shot was an enormous
engineering accomplishment of our advancing
technology, for it was the beginning of a program
that will allow us to gain access to the other
planets, one at a time. Traveling the great
distance to the moon at speeds in excess of
125,000 miles per hour was an almost
unbelievable feat! It was an even greater marvel
that we landed, walked the moon's surface and
collected soil samples! This adventure gave us
proof that we could break the imprisoning lock of
gravity and make plans to travel to Mars and
Venus in the future.
The moon, our first attempt in space, was
chosen because of its proximity to Earth. Why we
made more than one trip to collect dust-covered
Beyond Our Galaxy
rocks is still a mystery to the millions of Americans
who felt we poured too much money into the
project. Is this exploration of space only for the
reason given or are we planning a future of world
domination from a vantage point in outer space?
It is a known fact that the race of weapons-
and-space supremacy between the United States
and Russia is accelerating at a rapid speed, with
Russia in the lead. Russia has developed the first
tactical space weapon, known as a hunter-killer
satellite, capable of destroying anything we could
put up there. In addition to this, orbital nuclear
bombs are in the final experimental stages and it
will not be too long before they are completely
developed -- and perhaps accidentally set off. I
have brought up this particular subject for one
important reason -- it plays a vital role in the latter
part of this book and the warnings given by the
alien powers. The motion picture 'Star Wars" is
but a suggestion of what could develop between
the two most powerful nations of Earth. Just as
"no man is an island", so too is no planet free of
the influence of the others. Destruction of the
delicate balance put into motion by our Creator
will affect not just Earth, but all others in and
beyond our galaxy.
Space travel, as we know it is merely an
attempt to conquer planets of our immediate
galaxy, in the hope of venturing further into the
great universe in search of human existence.
Such a program is far from realization. It is a
recorded fact that the time remaining to us, as a
civilization, will not be sufficient for this extension
Beyond Our Galaxy
of for, as I stated previously, we are
rapidly heading toward the self-destruct factor and
the arms-space race only verifies what is
predicted. This space travel is not just a venture
Into the unknown for its utterly magnificent beauty
it is a dangerous voyage for all who attempt it
With the technologies inadequate to cope with
speeds greater than light.
.... ,.
. ", ' ......... " . ..
/ ..4f " ......... '. .' . "'-:::::::'''1
. ' . . ,' ......
. / ."
,. "
i ... Earth' • Moon
t·· "' ........
'. .1 ....·
, .
.' ", ,... .......... " ..
\ .
... '. . . , " ..
.... ' .. '- '
" . '.. ,.' .... '
( " Sun. Earth,
· .4._
. ." w ,.
-. ." ' , ... ,.,
The Earth's Orbit Around the Sun
We have learned in the testing of space
speeds that 125,000 miles per hour is just a
to greater speed. Beyond the pull
of gravity, t.hls speed is not any more recognizable
than traveling the Earth in air flight at 600 miles
per hour -- but in space, the faster you travel, the
more dangerous the joumey becomes and the
more unpredictable factors you must face for the
shortness of life encountered.
Space has no boundaries, time, miles or any
regard for error in calculations. Unknown dangers
lurk every second at increased speeds. There
Beyond Our Galaxy
has always been and always will be a limit to
speed, whether it be on Earth or in space -- and
neither man of Earth nor elsewhere dare step
beyond that invisible line.
The speed of light had been incorrectly
calculated for years to be 186,000 miles per
second. After a long period of time, this
calculation was amended to be 186,282 miles per
second, which was still inaccurate because Earth
moves around the sun in an orbit which includes a
secondary orbit. Earth actually travels on an end
loop as it revolves around the sun in a circle, from
the inside to the outside, and it takes 1.25637
years to make one complete circle in a direct line.
If you were to stretch out Earth's orbit into a
straight line and view it on edge, you would see
Earth moving away from you, but revolving from
right to left with the poles remaining intact.
The somewhat elliptical orbit is exaggerated
by the secondary orbit; and when you add this
extra distance to the previous calculation of
186,282 miles per second, you now have
186,410.99 miles, or 300,000 kilometers, per
second -- almost on exact target; a miss by only
50 feet per second. Thus, Warp I speed of
186,410.99 is only a relative point of
measurement. Speed beyond Warp I, which I
calculated for you earlier, is considered a near-
cruising speed for most spacecraft, with
occasional spurts to Warp II and Warp III when
necessary. A speed of warp IV is excessive and
more dangerous; however, there are times when
Warp IV is used -- but only up to the approach of
the Warp V factor.
Beyond Our Galaxy
As I stressed, alien travelers do not
intentionally try for any speeds faster than Warp
IV-and-three-quarters, for at Warp V and beyond
lay totally unknown realms. In this critical area
the danger is increased ten thousand-fold, for
here it is possible to enter a time-distortion factor.
Warp V has or develops what is known as_ a
time barrier, which you have read about in
science fiction stories. This barrier is even more
mysterious than the black holes of space where
the gravity is so heavy that no light can escape
once it enters. Light is a form of energy and all
matter is either energy in motion or in mass.
Since this is true, the light that enters this heavy
gravity and cannot escape becomes compressed
into mass. However, we know that gravity can
reach only a given point in compression and then
it will detonate or fuse itself and blow apart again.
In this black hole, because light cannot escape,
nor can anything else, it is assumed that anything
falling into its center would exceed the speed of
light and, therefore, it could conceivably go
through a time barrier or time zone.
If Warp V speed was approached, which
would be relative to everything around it,
controlling the space craft would create great
problems, for the pilot would not know if he were
maintaining stability in time, or going forward or
backward. This difficulty in maintaining direction
once the speed exceeded Warp V would occur in
less than a millionth of a second -- there would be
no control of your destiny.
If by chance you survived and safely crossed
this time barrier, you could find yourself at a day
Beyond Our Galaxy
in time several thousands of years past, in which
case there would be no returning, for there would
be no space ship for such a return. You would
a time prior to your birth and you would not
To simplify, this time barrier would be similar
to the time zones on Earth. It is
possible, for example, to take an airplane from
New York to Los Angeles and arrive there before
the hour you left. This, of course, is only relative
to. time change in hours, but the same
applies. If it were possible to take an air
fh9.ht at 10 to 20 times that speed, you would
arnve days earlier than your scheduled departure.
. Passing though a time barrier in space can
either reverse or propel you in time -- meaning
that you could travel back in time to 1878 1578 or
to B.C .... or you could advance to the future,
you to the year 2001 or 4001. Either
direction would create insurmountable problems
of return; or, at that millionth of a second both
you and your ship could cease to exist. ' Let's
that you entered the reversible table of
time In year 1978 and eturned to the year
1878. Since, as an alien, your life span would
accommodate this period of time reversal and
space craft were abundant in that time frame you
be alive and your space craft intact. 'The
environment surrounding you would re
from. it was you actually saw it
In 1878 earlier In your life. If a building were
today as it was 100 years ago, that same
bulldmg be there when time was reversed ...
but the building would appear much newer. If a
Beyond Our Galaxy
building standing in 1878 had been torn down
prior to your reverse-time journey, then it would
NOT be seen in the reverse-time barrier.
In going one step further, suppose your 106-
year-old mother, who walks with a cane, is very
much alive at your departure. h the reverse time,
you would see your mother as a young girl,
walking with the same cane! This applies to
anything that is there today or is not there today.
In essence, you would experience only what is
actually here now. I realize this is a difficult
subject to grasp, but let me assure you that there
are time barriers in space that can become
activated at precisely calculated speeds ... beyond
Warp V.
To complicate your thinking even more, I will
compare the speeds of material objects and the
human factor with the spiritual aspect of speed
Warp V is a tremendous speed, beyond our
capacity to comprehend and incomputable in
miles per second. It is the highest speed that can
ever be withstood by human or humanoid, for as I
stated before, there is a limit for man.
In regard to the spiritual world, when you
travel out of your body through the various astral
levels, known only through psychic experience,
your spirit travels at speeds that exceed Warp 50,
and possibly even Warp 100. This means that a
spirit can go from the beginning of creation to the
end in less than 15 minutes Earth time. You have
already been made aware of the phenomenal
rates of speed that have been calculated for you;

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