The Right to Vote

We are still living in a new era of human history. There are spiritual and social questions that are precipitously debated in society. This generation has interesting, diverse music and an eclectic cultural framework. Yet, in any generation, there are always people who love freedom and respect peace. Notorious evils from war to discrimination plague the world over. Like in the Vietnam War, the war on terror is presented by the establishment as a means to promote the essence of democracy, but the Western elite allies with some of the most anti-democratic regimes on Earth (while executing this nefarious war on terror). In America, political divisions are blatantly apparent and complex issues are the order of the day. Voting is an excellent human right. Real voting rights inside of the United States of America were birthed out of the defeat of the Jim Crow caste system. Dedicated human beings among a myriad of backgrounds and creeds collaborated in nonviolent protest throughout the nation of America in order to give all citizens the right to vote nationally. For if one’s human rights are restricted, and then all of mankind is not truly free. In our generation, apathetic citizens make the claim that voting is futile. They lack enthusiasm, because of the horrendous matrix of corporate influence in the corporate, mainstream political system. This apathy is understandable. Yet, they are still in error. Back centuries ago, people thought that slavery would last forever in America. During one time, people disbelieved the view that man could travel into space. Even decades ago, there were infamous doubters that didn’t believe that the Voting Rights Act would be passed by Congress and signed by the President in that time period. Centuries ago, some people doubted other cultural advancements would come about. The common theme among these doubters was that these people were wrong. They were wrong, because the truth will persist forever. They were

reactionary voter ID laws will not stop us from voting in this era too. Massive structural changes in the system can merit societal reforms ranging from increasing civil liberties to the building up of the environment. Poverty should be fought and defeated by a radical redistribution of economic and political power including raising the minimum wage too. because its proponents seek to institute an Utopian global system irrespective of the consent of the governed. It’s better to be who you are and be out to have a peace of mind than to live a lie. The new world order is wrong for its dogma regularly harms the individual freedoms of the world’s inhabitants. no matter your ethnicity. full of soul. transcendent communication and genuine goodwill towards all people. Ascetic deeds and apathy are counterrevolutionary deeds that will not make the human future wonderful. You should at least speak out if voting fraud exists. Our problems and our interdependence with the human race make our inherit concerns to be both national and international. If action must come. Even if the voting system isn’t perfect. The tyrannical usage of attack dogs and water houses by crooked police officers didn’t stop us and certainly the evil. Fundamentally. The truth doesn’t need a rein check. So. The skeptics talk eloquently about the corruption found in the voting system. we have to be honest about reality. For our allegiance to each other is not just national. and is incorruptible. Extreme. self-transforming. Not to mention that token middle class values can never extinguish poverty. and the sick polarization that are harming our modern cultural system. The new world order agenda is wrong. All men are created equal. Although. Love is holy. you definitely deserve equality and dignity no matter how you physically look like. There is a problem with internationalists creating policies that explicitly violate national sovereignty though. to this day. Love is a most powerful force. and structural changing action that is necessary to build up our communities. which is accurate. In this fight for economic justice. materialism.wrong since they underestimate the power of humankind and the power of real movements for social change. It is direct. We should oppose the system and call for real improvements in society. . For human connections can never come about by intentional isolation or a permanent sense of cynicism. no matter your nationality. no matter your gender. Also. the right to vote ought not to be eliminated from a reasonable society. Thinking internationally is a very vital perspective as well. because all successful revolutionary movements spanning human history were not successful via apathy or non-involvement in battling the system. When I get older. but it’s open. they are international for we are all human beings. This doesn’t omit the need to understand the agenda of the new world order. Massive. there are organizations who are fighting against all of evils in the voting infrastructure of the United States. and no matter who you choose to love for loving legitimately is never a sin. Change can only come by confronting the system and actively promoting human freedoms. isolating asceticism is not revolutionary. It can only come via working with dedicated human beings that seek progressive action. We have no choice but to expose stereotypes. Real change doesn’t involve allying or supporting the system though. There is nothing wrong with international cooperation as a means to deal with problems. you have the right to make change by making your voice known via activism. They are in error. The system is corrupt and we shouldn’t be in league with the system at all. no matter your creed. no matter your ideological positions on issues. if you oppose the errors in the voting system. They are entities that are working all of the time in handling voter registration drives and protecting the human right to vote. I am figuring out that it is only by real love can real solutions can come about. we should oppose the bourgeoisie class trying to make massive cuts to pensions and retirement benefits as a means to promote privatization schemes in our rural & urban communities. you can’t run from yourself.

America must apologize in order for its soul to be born again. The huge arc of righteousness is ingrained in my thinking and the dream persists in my heart. Recently. and are very reasonable folks too. countries have the right to work together in order for those nations to institute constructive means & ends (like eliminating complications or to focus on legitimate issues). a lot of people like us living in Southeastern Virginia know a lot about political subjects. You can’t give up on life. Likewise. This philosophy believes that one nation is superior to all cultures of the world. I will definitely vote in the 2012 Presidential election too. America must be born again. For the record. Far too often. . Bush was politically battling against John Kerry. That is a false philosophy to embrace. The dream shall never die. This form of extremist nationalism believes in the archaic philosophy that we must support the country’s policies unconditionally no matter how abhorrent or how egregious it is. I first registered to vote in about 2002. I voted for local primaries in Virginia. For the most part. intellectual strength. this incorrect ideological perspective (of jingoistic patriotism and xenophobic. a jingoistic form of nationalism ought to be rejected. acquire a huge amount of vivid. Yet. That is why I will not give up. I first voted for the Presidency back in 2004 when George W. I voted for local and state elections. extremist nationalism) has been utilized as a sick justification to justify the obsolete act of war.extreme globalization and disruptive breakdown of fair trade has caused a negative effect on numerous nation-states. yet Mitt Romney accepts the false notion that America must not apologize for its sins against other countries. We need national sovereignty or territorial integrity to be enhanced. It’s an idea that believes in the worship of national sovereignty instead of the total worship of the living Most High God.

Laos. Martin Luther King said that America must be born again. we are communal not materialistic. Fascism is still expressed in America. The suffering of those people in those countries can't be minimized or denied at all. from the Papacy. because of some of the American mistreatment of God's children throughout the globe via terror. free health care. Fascism is when you have an authoritarian power structure that harms the collective and individual rights of the human race. AFRICOM and NATO desire to recolonize the great continent of Africa. There was the European terrorist Christopher Columbus who arrived in the region of Dominican Republic and Haiti. The suffering of another person ought not to be reviled. consumption. and the FBI. public libraries. Empathy is not expressed via the record amount of bullying against children and adults in American society including Western society. public recreation areas. Indonesia. and any forms of oppression in the world society. and the general welfare in the world. public health. It is easy to see that the War on drugs is front for a war on black human beings. and other imperialist schemes of some Europeans.000 Iraqi children during the Clinton's sanctions was worth the cost. This fascism against America has been executed by imperialists during the 15th century. racism. There are checkpoints all across America that come about without warrants and militarized police in major metropolitan urban communities. in some quarters of the West people worship capitalism. the Western Empire has harmed many nations like Vietnam. In foreign locations. the West sought to invade or install puppet regimes in order to control that foreign country's resources and political power. The glamorization of privatization and the hatred of public programs are sick . Depleted Uranium is a reality in war and it's barbaric. Somalia. Empathy entails that we put ourselves in the position of another person and express opposition to injustice. Naturally. some foreign nations instituted free education. Fascism hasn't died yet in America. the CIA. voting manipulation. Peru.We have every right to fight against fascism in the world. and other public resources to the people directly (including nationalization of resources without Western control). The truth is that there are things more important than self-gratification. the destruction of the Native American peoples. Iraq. and many other places in the four corners of the Earth. Chile. The hatred of someone for being different or unique ought to be denounced and opposed. war. torture. Iran. Far too often. and other crimes against humanity. Papal bulls. and obedience to the will of popular opinion. It's based on logical information and real. Today. That is why Dr. so the truth is not based on a poll. Sometimes. El Salvador. On numerous occasions. It is not expressed when CFR member Madeline Albright (or Bill Clinton's Secretary of State) declared that killing more than 500. slavery against black people. Then. universal moral principles. indigenous human beings and all other human beings. the majority is wrong on issues. The anti-tax movement of the reactionary counterrevolution (that was modernized in the late 1970's) created a breakdown of public education. The human right of us being violated extends beyond the Patriot Act via the spying even on innocent citizens via the NSA. (including other religious groups) sanctioned land theft. We have to have empathy for our fellow man beyond misguided and a reactionary form of nationalism. the Congo.

a person should not be left out of discussions and humane debates. Still. In one of his final interviews in 1968. Martin Luther King Jr. was not a conservative. There are untold amounts of human beings of every background that genuinely want freedom. equality. His name was Barry Goldwater. who is the head of the partisan organization called “Raging Elephants. Dr. They both have weaknesses. but he would not accept the reactionary agenda of numerous Republicans in our modern period. was a Republican. that we must gain the ballot and use it wisely. This is false for numerous reasons." These are his words. See. Tons of people understand the truth. Historical revisionism is always foul. Martin Luther King disagreed with him philosophically because of his militaristic foreign policy agenda back then and his domestic approach to civil rights. So.” Raging Elephants allowed the construction of billboard speaking of Dr. real organizations. I will keep fighting and keep striving to make the world better. Dr. He voted for both major parties. One reason is that Dr. but people like me will always be around to set the record straight. King being a Republican. Dr. affirmative action (via his Operation Breadbasket program). These concepts would be opposed by Republicans today including by people like Kamau-Imani. One such Republican existed back in the day. Dr. and human freedom. but he was a strong progressive. We may disagree on numerous issues. while Dr. the value of labor & union power. It is also true that people from across ideological backgrounds do share many beliefs. The truth is that the Federal Bill of Rights is part of the federal Constitution and these federal laws are permanently superior to “states rights.” Human rights are superior to states rights indeed. and he wanted a radical redistribution of political and economic power. which is an old deception perpetrated by reactionaries (as a means to intimidate and falsely shame black Americans into accepting the medieval philosophy of reactionary tyranny). Regardless of someone’s political views. King said the following: "…I don't think the Republican party is a party full of the Almighty God nor is the Democratic party. I wrote about the following issue for years even here.. Dr. Dr. Martin Luther King said that he would support either Robert Kennedy or Eugene McCarthy for President if either of them would have won the nomination. King voted for JFK and LBJ in the 1960’s. but we all believe in the fact that everybody should have the opportunity to live a more enriching standard of living. Barry Goldwater wanted equality to be granted state by state in a gradual process.. We share the ideas of justice. some Republicans claim that Dr. And I'm not inextricably bound to either party. and real activist efforts in promoting voting rights. I’m not concerned about telling you what party to vote for. Still. there are people focused in promoting real human rights for communities all over the world (not only in America). truth. King wanted the weight of the federal government to guarantee human and civil rights for all people in America. King was a nonpartisan man in that he was politically independent. There are still folks day in and day out who have participated in real charities. King believed in reparations. In 1958. there is hope in the world. Barry Goldwater wasn’t a racist and he was a truly principled conservative (and he was a true libertarian). and equality for all people. Martin Luther King Jr. Now. . the lesson here is that we should never give up here. justice.reminders that we have a long way to go in order to see the Promised Land. But what I’m saying is this. he wanted an end to war.

The anti-war movement is still strong. The good news is that we can improve ourselves. I abhor that completely. Afghanistan. President Barack Obama is fighting for his political job. It's about Western interests trying to control and steal resources of foreign nations at the expense of the blood and treasure of America plus other lives. The overall arching theme of the election is that the 2 . Mitt Romney tries to say almost anything in order for him to try to gain more votes for the 2012 election. The Geneva Convention means something and the rule of national law plus international law mean something. Both parties have major problems and the third parties seem to have more comprehensive. Mitt Romney has made a political comeback in winning some polls in some battleground states. backed thugs). We can win. you need a national plan where the private and public sector can engage in constructive programs to fight economic configurations (which include not only investments. Mormonism was created by the false prophet & Freemason Joseph Smith. We understand that globalists and internationalists (making up of the elite) ultimately caused a great deal of our issues long before the President was elected back in 2008. It's really hypocritical for the same establishment liberals to claim to act so wise and tolerance when they support the same corporate imperialism that the Republicans love to adhere to. but a growing of the minimum wage. better solutions than both of the major parties completely. Mitt Romney is a liar. This 2012 election is one of the most contentious. but he is intelligent enough in trying to use slick political calculations as a means to gain political power. Brennan) of the two party system is truly shameful. The Imperial Lodge (of loving targeted killing as agreed by White House counter terrorism adviser John O. Both of the candidates believe in the austerity ridden Grand Bargain. The top Democrats and the top Republicans are competing for votes. The President has supported many centrist policies and Mitt Romney is a blatant.For a man like Robert Gibbs to defend the killing of a 16 year old American boy and said that he was some military threat to America is bogus. The Election is coming to be over in less than 2 weeks. Imperial war doesn't work to increase the improvement of basic international relations. The Grand Bargain is more like the Grand Charade. Many people join Mormonism (even those folks of color) because of it supposed promotion of traditional values. It is not right to see these covert bomb attacks being dropped in Libya. We know what the war on terror is about. Imperialism is wrong whether it's shown by a Democratic or a Republican face. Yemen. He was murdered without trial by U. but the Mormons too. That is completely wrong. The war on terror is truly despicable. If you want fight against unemployment. The government created jobs throughout human history which refutes Romney's lie that the government can't create a single job. but some of them should more publicly oppose the pulverization of Libya (Gaddafi wasn't captured. pathological liar. but its values deal with religious deception and a strange treatment of the human family. The election now is at a neck to neck race. The President has the map and the Mitt Romney team has some momentum. The lives of both the President and Romney have been threatened. It can only exacerbate tensions in the world and only prolong the power of the oppressor. So far. the President has enough electoral votes to win the election. and even a guaranteed annual income as Dr. Romney is wrong to assume that Bush era economic policies can massively lower unemployment and solve the complex issue of poverty in the world. It's interesting that Mitt Romney is a Mormon since that religion has a reactionary bent since its inception. The country is running around and is divided heavily on political issues. a public program of employment. Both the President and Mitt Romney are identical ideologically on foreign policy. but he isn't leading the total race. Somalia. hateful. It’s bigger than President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney though.S. the ending of the War on Drugs. and Pakistan. Theocratic notions loom over not only the Dominionists. He seems to forget that the government has enriched society when it is utilized in the right fashion. and racist election in recent history. Mitt Romney is also wrong on many issues as well. Martin Luther King & Henry George proposed). Romney is gaining.

People died and shed blood for that right and we should use every ounce of our being to protect voting rights period. My Voting Experience in 2012: This time was my third time voting for the President of the United States. We need to end these wars as soon and as reasonable as possible. So. I was at the location very close to 6:00 am. The electronic voting machine has Presidential candidates. That's fair and being a real human being. Then. what a choice indeed. now. and 2 questions on the Virginia ballot (pertaining to eminent domain and another issue). I had to tell the official my name and address. It wasn’t too long. As Cornell West said. He bailed out banks to about 16 trillion dollars. He ought not to follow that course at all. House candidates. When I . We know what these social issues are). I came into a local polling place to vote early in the morning. but he passed a centrist private insurance bailout ACA law (not Medicare for all. I waited in line for about 30-45 minutes in order for me to vote. The President Barack Obama is one of the most intelligent Presidents in American history. I do believe in voting. The Presidential kill list program is blatantly immoral including the Patriot Act. we shouldn't be like the reactionaries and slander the President. both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney showed more agreement with each other than disagreement. and increasing the minimum wage. He's one of the greatest orating Presidents in history. The reality is that the political system is heavily controlled by globalists and pro-banker internationalists. We should build up international relationships with other nations and continue foreign policies that work (while ending foreign policy actions that are wrong or don't work). they gave me a plastic card. People have the right to be courageous and not only call out Mitt Romney when he's wrong (including Paul Ryan who is wrong to advocate a voucher plan for part of Medicare since Wall Street or private insurance shouldn’t control the benefits of the elderly at all then. I believe that disrespect against President Barack Obama is truly offensive and blatantly repugnant. and the civil war in Syria. Assassinating human beings without due process is wrong and I don't care which party supports it. Senate candidates. this is the choice that we have. the line was rather long. laws that violate human civil liberties. and other evil policies are wrong. because I always like to wear a huge coat in cold weather. unjust surveillance. you shouldn't restrict people's right to vote. We don't have to slander and be disrespectful toward anybody. Even during the three Presidential debates. Even when I was there. drones. extended periods of incarceration). The Democrats in recent years have gone rightward to accept similar positions on issues as the Republicans (except on two social issues. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and a lot of people wanted to vote. people addicted to hard drugs who are nonviolent ought to experience rehabilitation not massive. human rights must prevail since property is not man. fight for freedom. every time when there is a conflict between property rights and human rights. but a lot of people waited in line too to vote. Even if you choose not to vote for whatever reason. So. After my ID was confirmed. The only thing we have to do is to help our neighbors. We should offer respect for the office and still fight for justice and peace in society at the same time. show the truth. The President proclaims himself as a progressive. I voted for all of the selections and left the place. but we don't need an Empire. Also. This plastic card was used in order for me to utilize the electronic voting machine. but legitimately criticize the President's policies even he's wrong too. There were Obama campaign workers camping outside and passing around pieces of papers that tried to encourage people to vote for their ticket. Although. I wore a huge coat outside. The ACA is better than the status quo though). ending corporate person hood. I will mention that the brother President needs to realize that imperial empire policies. or in the future). Yet. each man agreed with austerity cuts to the social safety net (even disagreements on how much it should be). It was windy and cold outside being about 44 degrees. Both men love the foreign policy of Empire involving the crushing of the Iranian peoples via sanctions. the evil War on Drugs (we don't send nicotine addicts to jail and we don't send alcohol addicts to jail.major choices represent imperfection. It is ironic that the corporate Republican/Democratic debates didn't talk about poverty. I reject isolationism. The event started with me showing my drivers license to the official in confirming my identity. For example. and oppose any form of injustice in the world.

I’ve seen a lot of brothers and sisters feeling joyful and happy in expressing their right to vote. I didn’t vote for Romney obviously (because of his extreme economic views. The million dollar question is who did I vote for? Well. and allying with bellicose. make sure that you make an educated decision and it’s the best decision for you. the line of people increased. I keep hearing stories of a lot of people voting all throughout the state of Virginia. 2012 is the beginning of a new era of human consciousness indeed. North Carolina. war mongering neo-cons. I am a mysterious brother at times. you can make up your mind in which person that I voted for as a riddle. New Hampshire. *Regardless of who you vote for. So.left the location. and other great states of the Union. Virginia seems to be a state in the political headlines just like Ohio. You know my views about Mormonism). It’s certainly a historical time to be alive. 2008. Although. his flip flopping. I voted for different Presidential candidates in 2004. so I will give you a riddle. and 2012. you have the right to vote your conscience. . Florida. I can’t tell you who to vote for since you are a free thinking human being.

Europe. the opportunity offered by a new life. Illegal immigration has decreased radically since a few years ago. Now. I don't believe in immigration reform at the expense of workers here. Some . A Nation of Immigrants On the Issue of Immigration: It is easy to see that our immigration system needs to work for real and it needs to be reformed. the vehemence of the ideals that led the immigrants here. It is important to help our neighbor out and to assist foreign human beings since they are our neighbors too. Some Republicans sincerely want a bipartisan immigration reform policy with compassion and border security too. so we don't have record illegal immigration in America at all now.” ― John F. Kennedy. and other socioeconomic hardships. immigration reform should be strong and fair to all human beings in America.S. The GOP is divided.“The interaction of disparate cultures. Tea Party members are divided on this issue. Asia. poverty. citizens or not here (and have legitimate border security in Canada and Mexico). I believe in compassionate action toward immigrants whether they are U. Obsolete immigration laws are not going to cut it in a demographically diverse American society. Immigrants now are from Africa. I oppose Arizona's SB 1070. and throughout the Earth not just from Mexico or Latin America. Others want the reactionary policy of self-deportation and draconian laws that violate human civil liberties. especially citizens now living here that suffer unemployment. This means that I don't want undocumented workers to be placed in a superior economic and political state in society as a naturally born American citizen. I agree with those that want real comprehensive reform and even some Evangelical Christians are on the real immigration reform train. all gave America a flavor and a character that make it as unmistakable and as remarkable to people today as it was to Alexis de Tocqueville in the early part of the nineteenth century.

and of the twelve DREAM Acts which have passed in states from Texas and California to New York and Maryland. Xenophobia is out of the question when we deal with this complex issue. and low wages could increase. the splitting up of families. Those who are undocumented workers should have citizenship in a real process. etc. Western Europe. As one great leader once wrote decades ago: . Many states have minimum wages which are already higher than the federal norm. Some Republicans sincerely want immigration reform. America would surely have a huge demographic crisis as Japan. citizens automatically. but if undocumented immigrants are kept marginalized. Real immigration reform can cause America to meet the labor force necessary to handle international economic growth in the 21st century. Legalization will decrease the actions of corporate exploitation and harm. shut out from educational opportunity. This can improve public health if they come out of the shadows and have checkups and other forms of medical care. We need to defeat poverty. and otherwise discriminated against. such as $8. These are the intended beneficiaries of the still-pending federal DREAM Act (Development.S. and Education for Alien Minors). Raising the federal minimum wage represents a decision to assign a greater share of the national income to wages. Wall Street Democrat and corporate Republicans are exploiting this issue as a means to drive down domestic wages and weaken the trade political union movement (instead of just focusing on giving human rights to immigrants).19 per hour in Washington. Relief. busting unions. which is called xenophobia. This legislation grants improved access to education and social services. There are millions of undocumented foreign workers in America now. and other parts of the world are experiencing in 2013. then cheap labor. the one million deportations of immigration. we still have complex economic issues. During recent years.00 per hour in California and Massachusetts.want immigration reform and others don't. human beings need education and economic opportunities.60 per hour in Vermont.50 per hour in Connecticut. and is long overdue. prove that the current President is not for amnesty. We have the right to be a high wage country. Other Wall Street financiers want to use immigration as a means to drive down wages and undermine collective bargaining. $8. They can have access to social opportunities so national wealth can increase. You cannot solve this issue with self-deportation or domestic totalitarianism with police state deportation by the police either. Politicians will protest about the short-term costs. We had a peak of a federal minimum wage of about 12 dollars in today's money in 1968. $9. how can the United States ever hope to keep pace on the world market? Yet. America is a nation of immigrants. The truth is that welfare is nearly destroyed by Bill Clinton from 1996. denied basic health care. There are an estimated 5 million children who were here and those under the real parts of the Fourteenth Amendment would be U. The more militant Republicans are filled with the scapegoating or hatred of foreigners. The reactionaries are right that if a living wage won't occur in conjunction to just legalization. Russia. We need an increased minimum wage that can benefit all Americans. The measures of immigration reform and a national recovery program can do a lot to help all Americans. and $8. Without immigration. The GOP is divided on this issue. Fundamentally.

A Nation of Immigrants My Thoughts of the Re-Election of President Barack Obama The reelection of President Barack Obama is a historic time. Kennedy. This election represents the continued support of many for the President and the massive demise of the influence of GOP in numerous quarters. the Tea Party types were rejected ideologically. etc. are . but they were wrong completely. There was more of turnout of people because there was anger over the voter suppression efforts made by numerous reactionaries (or some Republicans).“Immigration policy should be generous. The GOP has been so extreme on some issues that many people opposed them. Especially. The Tea Party's promotion of militarism. the removal of nearly all regulations on businesses. poor scapegoating. The reactionaries predicted that the President will lose the election. With such a policy we can turn to the world. it should be flexible. anti-immigrant xenophobia.” ― John F. with clean hands and a clear conscience. and to our own past. it should be fair.

and children too. The previous polling polls mostly presented what the reality is. We still have the administration who executed extreme foreign policy policies (from drone attacks to targeted assassinations). Mitt Romney was roundly defeated. The reality is that the President can go into the path of pragmatic centrist or real. There is still the threat of the Great Charade (or the Grand Bargain that threaten the social safety net). It was just that Romney was even more extreme than the President on economic and foreign policy matters. There was the unfortunate defeat of Proposition 37 in California (which called for GMO labeling). women. So. There are some great news now. because some of his economic views were too extreme and he made numerous political miscalculations. My state of Virginia is still Blue. These changes are permanent and even reactionary people will have no choice. Minnesota. Virginia (or my home state) voted mostly for the President. and freedom for all people (irrespective of who is in the White House). we should use our voice to disagree with the White House when it's wrong. society is changing. Like I have always mentioned. We agree that human rights are superior to states’ rights. and to love the right to vote purely. the President is still wrong on foreign policy matters. reasonable foreign policy to reign. We should continue to fight for truth. The future will tell us which direction that the brother President Barack Obama will go. We won't rest until real GMO labeling is available in the four corners of the world. even if you didn't vote for the President. Yet. The right to vote is a precious human right. The demographics are rapidly changing in America. He is wrong to support the imperialist Africom clique. People of color are increasing in population and political power (which is evolving into alliances). but to accept the fact that America is a very diverse nation. justice. Diversity is beauty and diversity is strength. Also. One positive outcome of this election was the defeat of the voting suppression efforts made by numerous reactionaries. In other words. to adhere to freedom. There are positives and negatives in both parties. His reelection speech was much better than the speech that he gave to the National Democratic Convention. Now. Although. we should respect the President and his beautiful family as human beings. I think it was good to see people voting. We may disagree on some issues. The Reagan Revolution is history. GMO labeling awareness is still strong. but we are still in the United States of America. Maine. but the genie is out of the bottle. I do believe that the President made an excellent reelection speech about unity and power of activism in our communities. Now. What's most important is for us to defend the rights of workers. This election is an opportunity to see what the real legacy of President Barack Obama is all about. etc. and the establishment of a peaceful. this doesn't mean that everything is peaches and cream. most of us agree with equality. There have been ballots initiatives as well. and he's wrong on drone attacks against men. Also. That's a promise). Mitt Romney gave his concession speech in a conciliatory fashion. he's wrong in supporting a puppet regime in Libya. We agree with love for America and we agree with trying to give people opportunities as a means for jobs to grow. More states promoted same sex marriage or rejected bans on same sex marriage like Maryland. radical. controversial marijuana policies have been passed in numerous states except in Arkansas.opposed by the vast majority of Americans (as proven by the polls). but they will lose the war in a few years (and decades from now. . Clearly. Monsanto and others may have won the battle in California via them spending over 40 million dollars. The GOP as a whole will have to be more ideologically reasonable or they will be a permanent minority party. and just reforms in society. education to be improved upon. This is a new era and it's great for people to stand up to voter suppression.

I do hope that America can be better. Therefore. gender. I have hope for a brighter future since I am an optimistic type of man. Fighting for freedom is a great means in getting the real reforms that we all seek. The people have spoken with their feet in this election. mountains can be moved. We accept the truth that when you fight. if we want that bright future. By Timothy . That's the point. but I don't have animus or hatred for the President at all. I don't agree with him on all issues. Yet. Therefore. Imperialism is still here and the struggle continues. national origin. and other characteristics. class. but ignore how some corporations pay 0 percent in income taxes. with talent. That is why we will never give up for true love for humanity is not wrong and true adherence to the general welfare of the people is always just. Now. Now. and with progressive insight. but they ignore corporate welfare including economic inequality. we should pray for the moderate Black President & our brother Barack Obama (who is a great intellectual and family man) and hope that this country of America will become much better than the previous four years. with strength. I have hope. They may lie and talk about free items. we should continue in fighting for the defeat of the system of white supremacy completely. That is why that there are people of every color who want liberty and are in love with the truth. Reactionaries may lie and obsess with welfare. then we are going to have to make demands and fight for it. We accept the truth that despite huge odds. you can win. we still have discrimination and oppression based on race.

and fully able in the realm of being mobile to execute solutions in our lives. tolerance.” It’s okay for us to versatile. we should all shine bright like a diamond. Although. and strength not allegiances to immature “cliques. don’t be bamboozled and VOTE for real. Your vote matters One vote matters One People and One Voice are Real Ideals to adhere to. A person needs allies. I will bow down like a house slave to a hypocritical nation. I will condemn oppression in any nation and I will bow at the altar of God. There is a time to be nice which is great and there’s a time to be more aggressive too. We should shine bright like a diamond. There is nothing wrong with being aggressive.You know I am going to make it plain. In the final analysis. but our light must be real without corruption. I still believe in my faith and I am not ashamed of it. since begging and having token concessions will never cause real victories. In the final analysis. Only by demanding and fighting for truth will cause victories to transpire. I still have faith. I will respect my own ancestors too. . not hostile.

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