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This is information to accommodate the screencast tutorial of by Susan Moore. This tutorial can be found at
simple & interactive charts online

Why Use Chartle?

Can create all types of charts and graphs

Businesses o To quickly and easily display company data o Bar Teachers o Line o Great resources to display o Pie content in chart form, or to o Diagrams report data such as test o O-meters scores or demographic o Plots data o Flow charts Students o Tables o So easy and straight o And more! forward, a great tool and Can publish online resource for students of all ages - elementary, middle, Super easy to use Check out the Gallery Link on the homepage for high, college examples of real uses of Chartle graphs and charts.
Chartle is still a work-in-progress, but already new options and functions of the web tool are being developed. Soon there will be a new Apex/Flash interface, along with an improved Excel import option pg. 3

Who Can Use Chartle?

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How to Create a Pie Chart on

1. Go to At the bottom of the homepage, click Create. 2. Once the new page loads, scroll through the top of the page to see the chart and graph options. Click on Pie Chart, and select the second pie chart option.

3. In the General tab, type the title of your graph, and select the font color, title size, and chart size you would like. Also, decide whether you would like your chart to be 3D by checking or not checking the box at the bottom.

4. Click on the Data tab. Delete the current labels by selecting it and clicking Remove underneath the labels box. Click Add Slice to add a new label in your pie graph, and type the name of that label. Change the value of the slice and color as you wish. Continue to add labels until all of your data is entered. **Notice that the changes

you create are shown in real-time to the right of your

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5. Your graph is complete! You may copy and paste it into a document or on your computer, or you may publish it to the 6. Select the button that says Publish, Share, or Embed. web (next step). Type in the data you feel necessary, and click Publish.

A new window will open with a personalized URL just for your chart! Scroll to the bottom of this new window and notice the embed code is provided for easy transfer to websites or wikis!