“Korbatov calls Highlights editorial

‘troubling’” [Issue 680]
As a former editor-in-chief of the BHHS
Highlights, I was occasionally called in to
Principal [F. Willard] Robinson’s office
over editorials. We discussed differences
of opinion, and it was cordial and private.
Never was I attacked or punished by a
school board member in a public way.
Under a previous principal, Highlights
advisors were fired every year for
having the students express their rights
to responsible free speech. Highlights is
a learning experience and a great one.
I wonder what they learned by being
chastised publicly by a board member?
Joel Pressman
Beverly Hills High School teacher
Beverly Hills
“Affair in the Park”
I would like to commend Brad
Meyerowitz, Recreation Service Manager
and his staff for their improvements to
the “Affair in the Park” that just passed.
The idea of blocking off the street for
pedestrian safety, the use of food trucks
to provide a range of food services and
the artists. They did a great job. At a time
when everything seems “less”, this was
Steve Dahlerbruch
Beverly Hills
“Propositions 30 & 32”
Governor Brown has made clear that if
Proposition 30 fails there will be billions
of dollars of additional cuts made to K-
12 public schools in California. No one
disputes this fact. Opponents of Proposition
30 have spent millions of dollars claiming
the money won’t go to schools or will be
wasted by Sacramento bureaucrats, but the
ads never claim that the threatened cuts are
merely a chimera. California already ranks
47th out of 50 states in per pupil funding
for K-12 schools. Deep new cuts will
further devastate our public schools.
Several weeks ago Superintendent
Gary Woods showed me a draft of what
$6,000,000 in cuts to BHUSD schools will
look like and it’s not pretty. Sacramento
politicians have made a mess of our state
but California’s voters deserve a fair share
of this blame too. Proposition 30 may not
be the ideal solution to school funding, but
doing nothing is far worse. To counter the
claim that higher tax rates lead to lower tax
collections, one merely needs to remember
the 1993 tax increases implemented by Bill
Clinton. Five years later, by 1998, hundred
billion dollar federal budget deficits had
become hundred billion dollar budget
surpluses. Beverly Hills schools face
drastic and damaging cuts if Proposition
30 fails.
Proposition 32, which claims to
eliminate the “big money special interests”
from California politics, is an outright
fraud. Informed Beverly Hills voters
know that the infamous Citizens United
Supreme Court decision guarantees that
the real big money interests - insurance
and real estate companies, superpacs, and
billionaires like the Koch brothers, Charles
Munger, Jr. and Sheldon Adelson - have
the constitutional protections of the First
Amendment. Proposition 32 will destroy
the political voices of teachers, nurses,
police officers, and fire fighters, and other
workers throughout California.
The teachers of Beverly Hills USD ask
voters to protect our schools and vote
“yes” on Proposition 30. We urge a “no”
vote on Proposition 32.
Stewart Horowitz
Beverly Hills Education Association
Beverly Hills
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Issue 681 • October 18 - October 24, 2012
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