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Our Mosque Our Legacy

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Our Mosque Our Legacy

A Centre of Excellence for Knowledge Appreciation & Social Development of the Muslim Community


To serve the community through: Competent Service High Quality Education Programmes Activities that strengthen the ukhuwah Complete Infrastructure


Warmth Trustworthiness Intelligence & Competence Commitment Patience & Gratitude


Editorial Team Ust Suhaimi Bin Mustar Norhalizah Binte Rosley Anisa Ismail Nursakina Zainudin Muhammad Syahid Abdul Latif Md Sabirin Md Thaha A Publication by Assyakirin Mosque Management Board 550 Yung An Road Singapore 618617 Tel: (65) 6268 1846 Fax: (65) 6268 9725 Email: Website: All rights reserved. Published in October 2012. This publication, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form or by any means, without written permission of Assyakirin Mosque.

5 Foreword
By Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & MP for Jurong GRC

62 Corporate Services Department

67 HUB2K-Staff Recreation & Bonding Activities 2008-2011

By Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Bakar General Manager of South West Mosque Cluster


Estate Department
72 Assyakirin Mosque Renovation Works 77 Assyakirin Mosque Facilities

Chairmans Message
By Ustaz Suhaimi Mustar, Mosque Executive Chairman


Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media

79 News & Media 85 Bouquets

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About Us
Mosque History


Significant Milestones 2008-2011

88 90 92 94 Significant Milestones 2008 Significant Milestones 2009 Significant Milestones 2010 Significant Milestones 2011

Assyakirin Mosque Organisation Structure Assyakirin Mosque Management Committee

Term of Office: March 2011 to February 2013

96 Assyakirin Family 98 Message By Our Partners

Mr Goh Peng Tong, PBM Chairman, Taman Jurong Citizens Consultative Committee Mr Charles Low Director / ProEd Consortium Hwa Chong Institution

Office Of Imam Centre for Islamic Civilisation Education Department Madrasah/aL.I.V.E.

44 Education Department Kindergarten 50 Youth & Social Development Department 57 Youth Development

99 Acknowledgements 100 Our Social Networks

DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam launching the Official Opening of Assyakirin Cyber Corner.

By Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & MP for Jurong GRC
Over the years, mosques in Singapore have evolved from being places of worship, to being key partners in our approach to preserving and strengthening our society. They are indispensable to Singapores unique way of providing space for each community to practice its faith freely, while preserving and building harmony and unity in our multiracial and multi-religious society. They are also channels by which the community supports the less privileged and the poor. The Assyakirin Mosque is an example of how these roles are performed for the common good. It has both served the needs of Muslim residents and contributed to the wellbeing of the Jurong community by building trust and understanding amongst people of different faiths. I commend the committee members of the Mosque, from the time it was established till today, for making this a priority and for initiating projects each year to foster integration. Some of Assyakirin Mosques initiatives include hosting visits from secondary schools and residents to understand the Islamic Faith, and sharing meals with non-Muslims during the Month of Ramadan. I have always treasured my visits and meals together with Assyakirins leaders and worshippers, together with my community leaders. Assyakirin Mosque has also always been there to help the needy, providing them food assistance and collaborating with others to help them. One such example is how the Mosque has partnered with Hwa Chong Institution to conduct weekend tuition programmes for needy Primary Six students, and to collect festive Hari Raya clothes to distribute to the less fortunate. The Mosque has also helped to integrate foreigners working here, providing them the facilities to pray and imbibe Islamic knowledge during their sojourn in Singapore. I am sure that there will be many more collaborations in future between Assyakirin Mosque, our churches and temples, our schools, and our grassroots and the broader community. Our Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) will help promote these activities. This is the Singapore we have built together, which we cherish as citizens, and which we must continue to improve. The peace and mutual trust amongst our people has not come about by chance, and is unfortunately rare in the world we see around us. It is the result of leadership, imagination and effort on the part of many. Let us keep playing our part to keep our unique way of life and to build a tightly knit society. I wish Assyakirin Mosque great success as you build on the achievements of the past decade and move ahead.

Maal Hijrah 1430 with Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim.

By Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Bakar, General Manager of South West Mosque Cluster
Alhamdulillah. Assyakirin Mosque is an active member of South West Mosque Cluster(SWMC). Apart from serving its basic function as a place of worship and Islamic learning, Assyakirin Mosque is one of the six Social Development-lead mosques in SWMC. Using the network of resources at national and community levels, Assyakirin Mosque helps to implement a more holistic intervention for the low-income and disadvantaged families within its immediate surroundings. Assyakirin Mosque has also proven to be an integral living part of our Singapore society. Through IRCC, Assyakirin is involved in building trust and understanding amongst people of different faiths. Through its engagement with New Singaporean Muslims, Assyakirin Mosque introduces the "Singapore Muslim Identity" already embraced by the locals. As it build on its achievements, I trust Assyakirin Mosque will continue to play a critical role in the implementation of the strategies and recommendations of Mosque Convention 2011 in the next five years, insyallah. On behalf of everyone in SWMC, I wish the management board, staff and activists of Assyakirin Mosque every success. Allahumma amin.

Executive Chairman Ust Suhaimi Mustar with DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Imam Muda: Iftar @ Furama City Centre.

By Ustaz Suhaimi Mustar, Mosque Executive Chairman
On behalf of the Assyakirin Mosque Management Board, staff & volunteers, I would like to thank all of our stakeholders for showing great interest in what Assyakirin Mosque had done in previous years and will continue to do in the following years ahead. Assyakirin Mosque Our Success Story: 2008 to 2011 is a publication that encapsulates the end of 2011. It is an initiative by the mosque to showcase our core strengths in Islamic learning, education and social development programmes. In Mosque Convention 2011, the agenda was to focus on PEOPLE. Enhancing spirituality, guiding the community and changing peoples lives in an increasingly challenging world are the key strategies which will be implemented within the mosque fraternity. In enhancing spirituality, we will strengthen our mosque as an institution to provide tranquility and solace, as well as to embrace the spirituality of the community through highly effective socio-religious programmes. In guiding the community, we will develop core mosque leadership that will create transformational change through our mosque and guide the community in an increasingly challenging world. In changing lives, we strive to make Assyakirin Mosque as touch points that change lives by enhancing outreach, establishing support base and increasing participation in programmes and alleviating the social challenges of the community. In the spirit of consultation, we look forward to your ideas and suggestions, on how all of us can work together to set the Mosque Convention 2011 agenda and protect our common interest in Singapore. Finally, Assyakirin Mosque will continue to find ways to provide quality services and value-added programmes. This mosque will continue to play a positive role in enhancing a strong community bonding and cohesion among Singaporeans.

Mosque History
The redevelopment of Assyakirin Mosque, located at 550 Yung An Road Singapore 618617 costs approximately S$10.2 million; to accommodate the needs and demand of Muslims in the Jurong area. This project was completed at the end of the year 2002. The Assyakirin Mosque Management Board requested and gained permission from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) to hold various projects to raise development fund. The previous Assyakirin Mosque was built and declared open on 30th April 1978. It was the third new generation mosque built in the First Stage. Cost of building construction and land purchase was S$1,270,950.59, excluding fixtures and fittings and office equipment. Leading To The Redevelopment Project Based on findings from detailed study made by MUIS in 1997, it was decided that Assyakirin Mosque have to be redeveloped to meet future needs. The study found: 1. Rapid development would take place within the five year period in the Jurong region. Old flats would be replaced with spanking newly designed flats. 2. Population growth expected in the Jurong West Extension area. Highly likely more Muslims will relocate to this region. At that point of time, Assyakirin mosque can only accommodate 3,000 congregations. It will not be able to cater to any increase in numbers of congregation during public holidays. 3. This situation will be made worse when development in its surrounding area has completed. 4. Majapahit mosque was demolished in the year 2000, increasing the possibility of growth in number of Assyakirin mosques congregation. 5. Assyakirin mosques land was not fully utilised. The gross floor measurement was 2,549.34 sq m. It could be widened to 3,231 sq m. 6. This is cost effective as the project was undertaken when price of building materials was low. Based on the above and several other factors i.e. user-friendly and modern facilities, cost effective, optimum design and other technical requirements, MUIS decided to embark on redeveloping the new Assyakirin Mosque. This decision is corresponding with government efforts in the national development program.

Assyakirin Mosque Management Board
Anisa Ismail AMMB Secretariat Ustaz Suhaimi Mustar Executive Chairman Ustaz Abdul Malik Rasman Executive Officer

Corporate Services Department Head Anisa Ismail

Education Department Head Asmak Awang

Office of Imam Asst. Head Md. Syahid Abdul Latif

Youth & Social Development Department Asst. Head Md Darwis Dasman

Estate Department Head Abd Malik Rasman

Admin & HR
Anisa Ismail Head

Finance & Corp Comm

Norhalizah Rosley Executive Zaleha Kamarudin Finance & Admin. Officer

Madrasah/ aLIVE
Saodah Saba Acting Mudirah


Islamic Civilisation & Dakwah

Youth Dev

Social Dev

Maintenance & Logistics

Juriah Ahmad Principal

Md. Syahid Abdul Latif Asst. Head

Md Darwis Dasman Asst. Head

Indrayanti Abdul Muin Asst. Executive

Amran Md Yasan Asst. Executive Sapiah Omar Senior Mosque Asst. Nisrajeh Nrasah Mosque Asst. Md Fhairul Awaludin Mosque Asst. Hj Salleh Abu Mosque Asst. Jamilah Rohani Mosque Asst.

Noor Saadah Ali Hedar Front Desk Officer 3 P/T Front Desk Officer

Nursakina Zainudin Executive, Education Norha Aisha Md Senin Admin. Officer (Edu) F/T Asatizahs Hamidah Md Yasin Saharah Hadi Noriada Huron Jaluna Soed Md Atiq Hashim 20 P/T Asatizah Teachers Raja Haslina R A Aziz Noor Azha Amin Nurul Syahidah Z Siti Syarinawati J Rohaizah Rahamat

Md Kamal Md Yunos Asst. Executive P/T Imam & Bilal

Md Sabirin Thaha Asst. Executive

Quality Service I/C Anisa Ismail

Muslimin I/C Md Syahid Abdul Latif

Muslimah I/C Md Sabirin Thaha

Qaryah I/C Md Kamal Md Yunos

Islamic Civilisation I/C Md Syahid Abdul Latif

Bangladesh Jemaah I/C Abdul Malik Rasman



Term of office: March 2011 to February 2013
Ustaz Suhaimi Mustar Executive Chairman

Hj Sanip Bin Ahmad Vice Chairman

Mr Abdul Razak Bin Ali Secretary

Mr Mustapha Kamal Bin Osman Treasurer

Mr Abdul Rahim Bin Ahmad Ismith Assistant Treasurer

Mr Abdol Rais Bin Ahmad Member

Mr Ahmad Juan Bin Mohamed Member

Mdm Azlin Borhan Member

Mdm Yuliarti Muad Member



Term of office: March 2011 to February 2013

From left: Mr Mustapha Kamal Osman (Treasurer), Mr Abdul Rahim Ahmad Ismith (Asst. Treasurer), Hj Sanip Ahmad (Vice-Chairman), Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman), Mr Abdul Razak Ali (Secretary), Mr Abdol Rais Ahmad (Committee Member) & Mdm Yuliarti Muad (Committee Member). Not present in photo: Mr Ahmad Juan Mohamed & Mdm Azlin Borhan



And I have created the Jinn and the men only for this that they may worship Me. (Allah) (Surah Al-Zariat: 56).

And who is better in speech than him who invites towards Allah and does righteousness and says, I am muslim..

From left: Ust Md Sabirin Thaha (Asst Executive), Ust Abdul Malik Rasman (Executive Officer), Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman), Ust Md Kamal Md Yunos (Asst Executive), Ust Muhd Syahid Abd Latif (Asst. Head, Office of Imam).


Enhancing Spirituality

Exclusive with Ust Fatris Bakaram & Ust Farid Ravi.

Exclusive with Ust Fatris Bakaram & Ust Farid Ravi.

Forum Perdana. Keluarga Idaman Menyebar Kasih Sayang, Memberi Sumbangan @ Assyakirin Main Prayer Hall.

Forum Perdana 2010 Panelists: S.S Mufti Ustaz Dr Fartis Bakaram & Ustaz Dr Zahazan Mohamed. Moderator: Ustaz Syed Nasir Omar Alsagof.

Jurong West Stadium filled with the presence of the congregation.

Forum Perdana 2010 "Konsep Khaira Ummah: Apa Kaitannya Dengan Kita?" 27 November 2010 @ Jurong West Stadium.


Enhancing Spirituality

Majlis Sambutan Maulidurrasul 1432H, 15 February 2011.

Entertainment by Alunan Doa Zikir & Selawat with Imam Imam Muda Masjid Assyakirin (IIMMA).

Majils Tahlil Doa Selamat dan Hajat, 28 July 2011.

Maulid 2011.

Reciting Marhaban on Maulidurrasul S.A.W.

Forum Agama:'Penerapan Konsep Al-Birr Dalam K.

Religious Class in Tamil.

Kelas Dhuha Muslimah with Ust Azmi Abdul Samad.


Enhancing Spirituality

Imam Muda Lecture Series.

Asatizah Assyakirin Muzakarah Session.

Imam Muda Lecture Series.

Singapore Bangladesh Society Iftar at Assyakirin Mosque.

Gagasan Solat Subuh 2009.

Atmosphere Ceremony at Assyakirin Main Prayer Hall.

Singapore Bangladesh Society Iftar at Assyakirin Mosque.

Kuliah Gagasan Subuh 2009 "Ashabul Kahfi".

Solemnization Ceremony at Assyakirin Main Prayer Hall.


Enhancing Spirituality

Imam/ Bilal training.

Seminar Kesedaran Al-Quran "BersamaMu.. Al-Quran, 24 Disember 2011.

Basic Islamic Studies PERGAS at Assyakirin Classroom.

UKM Masters Programme at Assyakirin Mosque.

Presentation By Ustaz Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim (Malaysia).

Basic Islamic Studies PERGAS at Assyakirin Classroom.

UKM Masters Programme at Assyakirin Mosque.

Seminar Al-Quran 2011 Q & A Session.

Klinik Al-Quran bersama Ust Farid Ravi.


Enhancing Spirituality

Photo with Executive Dakwah Assyakirin @ Imam Muda Season 2 Finalists.

Qaryah Watikah Ceremony.

Talk on Fatwa CPF with Mufti Singapore & Ust Kamaruzzaman.

Talk with Jemaah Muslimah at Muslimah Prayer Hall, Level 2.

Qaryah Watikah Ceremony.

Jemaah @ Talk on Changes to CPF Fatwa.

Meet Session with IM Hasan & IM Mujahid.

Assyakirin Mosque Qaryah Representatives at Qaryah Watikah Ceremony .


Enhancing Spirituality

Tilawathon with Jemaah Assyakirin at Assyakirin Main Prayer Hall.

Tadarus (Reciting Quran Together) at Night of Ramadhan.

Tilawathon with Jemaah Assyakirin at Assyakirin Main Prayer Hall.

Tadarus Muslimah 2011.

Tilawathon with Jemaah Assyakirin at Assyakirin Main Prayer Hall.

Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony.


Changing Lives

Practise session with student.

Tahnik Services.

Forum Perdana 2011 Panelists: Ustaz Dr Firdaus Yahya & Ustaz Mohd Izhar Ariff. Moderator: Imam Muda Hassan

Home Based Islamic Learning Ongoing.

Tahnik Services.

Forum Perdana 2011 @ Yio Chu Kang Stadium Special Appereance Imam Muda Season 2.

Forum Perdana 2012 "Al-Quran Dihayati, Tamadun Islam Diteladani" 24 Disember 2012 @ Yio Chu Kang Stadium.


Assyakirin Mosque Congregation.



Towards a 21St Century Islamic Renaissance
Specialised Islamic Learning: Islamic Civilisation Muslims take great pride in citing a hadith that says seek knowledge even it is in China. It points to the importance of seeking knowledge, even if it meant traveling as far away as China. Islam was marked by the creation of a civilization and the education of culture. While Islam, as a religion, share with other religions many of features that are common to religions in general, this religion has certain aspects that are particular to it. It has elements of interaction with other civilization and cultures that other religions did not have. This civilization known as the Islamic civilization, and this culture we label as Islamic are the expression of a sequence of events, situations and social styles, Islam did not stop at co-existence with science. Instead, every scientific subject become imbued by and linked to the Islamic faith. The relationship between religion and intellectual learning, or between natural science and what lies beyond it become one of interaction and fusion. The Islamic civilization was the masterpiece of a human being who had reached internal harmony and composure. Thus, he created a civilization in which they are given the same attributes as those that have been obtained, and provided on top of that Allah gave him, until surpassed all other civilization in harmony...

IC Mission
To be the Resource Centre and Platform for Knowledge on Islamic Civilisation.

IC Vision
To Enlighten about Islamic History and Civilisation & to Revive Awareness on its Magnificence and Beauty.

About Centre For Islamic Civilisation There is a growing necessity for us to turn to history, to see how Islamic beliefs were put into practice in different areas of life. History has shown that we excelled in philosophy, sciences, literature, medicine, mathematics and the arts. Any great achievement will start from a humble beginning. Assyakirin Mosque will be the humble beginning to the reawakening of knowledge on the Great Islamic Civilisation. The immense value of the influence of Islamic knowledge on western culture and education is underestimated by even knowledgeable scholars. In Singapore, Assyakirin Mosque shall be instrumental for the disclosure and acknowledgement of these contributions to help all educators understand the history of their field. The Centre for Islamic Civilisation will reach out to the community, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, with the information on how Islam was taken as the complete way of life during the Islamic epoch of greatness, ie Life with order and balance; the kind of setting that will help produce great Muslim Scholars.

Islamic Civilisation Resources

Posters on Islamic Civilisation.

Islamic Civilisation Corner at Level 1.

Posters on Islamic Civilisation at Assyakirin Mosque Auditorium.

Assyakirin Mosque Library.

Islamic Civilisation Exhibition - Roadshow.

Map of Muslim Scientific Heritage at Assyakirin Mosque Auditorium.


Islamic Civilisation : Lectures & Seminars

Assyakirin Fityan Crew with Ust Farid Ravi from Malaysia.

Seminar: Perspektif Mengenai Tamadun Islam Mughal di India by Dr Md Nur Manuty, Malaysia.

Dialogue Session on Islamic Civilisation. Lord of the Horizons History of the Ottoman Empire in collaboration with Turkish Cultural Centre.

Dr Md Nur Manuty sharing his perspectives of Islamic Civilisation of the Mughal Empire in India.

Ceramah Inspirasi in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul. 'Masyarakat Idaman: Mengamalkan Islam Mengikut Tuntutan Zaman.' with Ust Farid Ravi.

Seminars on Islamic Civilisation.


Islamic Civilisation Workshops

Kuliah Maghrib: Pendahuluan Tamadun Islam oleh Ust Mohammad Hannan Hassan.

Sesi Percambahan Minda: Tamadun Islam, Pespektif Al-Quran & Kaitannya Dengan Keimanan by Ust Dr Zahazan Mohamed (Kuliah Tafsir

Kuliah Tamadun Islam 'Pembina Tamadun Islam & Kecemerlangan Umat Sejagat' by Dr Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljuneid.

Sesi Percambahan Minda : Tamadun Islam, Pespektif Al-Quran & Kaitannya Dengan Keimanan by Ust Dr Zahazan Mohamed (Kuliah Tafsir

Youth a.L.I.V.E. Islamic Civilisation Primer Series.


Islamic Civilisation Tours in Singapore

Treasury of the World Exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore.

Treasury of the World Exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore.

Quest for Immortality Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore.

Quest for Immortality Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore.

Quest for Immortality Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore.

Quest for Immortality Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore.

Harmo ny Cen tre, An -Nahd hah




Islamic Civilisation Tours in Malaysia 2009

Interior of Crystal Mosque.

Islamic Civilisation Park Kuala Terengganu Malaysia.

Putra Mosque, Putrajaya Malaysia.

Putrajaya KL.

Crystal Mosqu

e in Terengga

nu, Malaysia.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.


1st Islamic Civilisation Tour to the Land of the Ottomans - Turkey 2009

Flying in a Hot Air Balloon At Cappadocia, Anatolia.

Sultan Selim Mosque.

Topkapi Palace.

PASIAD Headquarters Istanbul.

Konya - Aksaray Caravanserai of the Ottoman Empire.

Fajr Prayer Abu Ayub Al Ansari Mosque & mausoleum.

Visit to Sevgi iei Anafen lkretim School, Turkey.

Samanyolu TV Broadcasting Station.

Blue Mosque Istanbul.


2nd Islamic Civilisation Tour to the land of Al-Andalus: Morocco-Spain 2010

Royal Palace Dar El Makhzan in Fes, Morocco.

Cape Spartel, Tangier overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.

Bou Inania Madrasah, Fez.

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca.

University of al-Karaouine, Fez.

Al-Karaouine Mosque , Fez.

Imperial City of Rabat-Sal.


2nd Islamic Civilisation Tour to the land of Al-Andalus: Morocco-Spain 2010

Universidad Islmica Internacional Averroes de Al-Andalus.

Sacred for lovers of art, you are the glory of faith, You have made Andalusia pure as a holy land.

Cordoba honours Scientist Mohamed Al-Gafequi.

Alhambra Palace in Granada.

Mezquita de Cordoba.

Generalife of Granada bear exceptional testimony to Muslim Spain of the 16th century.

Alhambra is decribed by Moorish poets as 'a pearl set in emeralds'.

Mosque of Granada, overlooking Sierra Nevada and Alhambra.


3rd Islamic Civilisation Journey to Guangzhou-Kunming - China 2011

Muslim Pre-school in Yuxi Town, Kunming.

Maqam Saad Abi Waqas.

Ta Bai Yi Mosque & Madrasah located in Tian Bai Mu.

Little Hafiz School located in Yuxi Town in Kunming, Yunnan.


Cheng Ho Memorial Park.



Madrasah Mission
Establishing a systematic and dynamic Islamic education environment that is conducive to the present needs.

Madrasah Vision
Produce Knowledgeable and Well-Mannered Muslims.

Core Values
Amanah Commitment Competence Dedication Responsibility Knowledge

Front row (from left): Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman), Ust Muhd Atiq Hashim (Asst Administrator). 2nd Row (from left): Ustzh Saharah Hadi, Ustzh Jaluna Soed, Ustzh Hamidah Md Yasin, Ustzh Noriada Huron, Ustzh Saodah Saba (Acting Mudirah) & Ustzh Asmak Awang (Head, Education).


SIES Teachers' Day-cum-Eidul' Fitri Gathering 2009 / 1430 organise by Northwest & Southwest Mosque Clusters.


Enhancing Spirituality Children are great gifts from Allah to parents. They require special care to remain healthy and strong, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Every child is born in a pure state. However, they can be easily influenced by the positive and negative factors surrounding them. These negative factors can be avoided through the right quest for knowledge. Therefore, an early exposure to faith formation is crucial where they will develop deep understanding of Islam and applying the Islamic values to their daily lives. Assyakirin Mosque Madrasah which started in 1987, has grown and developed to over 40 classes in 2010. The curriculum was enhanced to suit the current situation of our Muslim children. Thus, since 2007, we adopted the aL.I.V.E curriculum which was developed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), in our weekly Madrasah program and expanded our Quranic Literacy Study classes from Nursery students to adult learners. The teaching of aL.I.V.E and Quranic Literacy Study requires multi-sensory, interactive methods that are interesting, fun and easily understood. Students experience handson activities, field trips, group discussions, project based activities and role play. These activities build self-confidence and self-esteem in students to enable them to make the right decision and find ways of solving their problems. We hope that Assyakirin Mosque Madrasah will remain as a legacy to all and continue to produce quality, knowledgeable and Ummah of high values. Insha `Allah.

Madrasah Assyakirin awarded by MUIS as the aL.I.V.E. Centre of Excellence in 2009.

Inspire Kids to Explore and Discover Islam Kids 3 Field Trip to East Coast Park to experience Wudhu using sea water. The children were taught of the various types of clean water (Mutlak Water) that can be used for taking Wudhu. The children also experienced performing Solat outdoor and were explained of the important things to take note before performing Solat. In this way they understand the importance of solat wherever they go. They learnt how to wear the Ihram and the way of doing the Tawaf during the Hajj season. At the end of the semester the kids will presented their Project Work that they had already learnt in the whole year.- Arkanul Islam and Arkanul Iman. By this way we assess their understanding and their public speaking skills.


Enhancing Spirituality

Learning the proper way to wear Ihram and doing Tawaf.

Kids aL.I.V.E Project Work.

Kids Fieldtrip to East Coast Park Experience performing Solat outdoor.

Learning the proper way to wear Ihram and doing Tawaf.

Kids aL.I.V.E Project Work.

Kids Fieldtrip to East Coast Park Experience taking Wudhu' with sea water.

Kids Holiday Programme.

Kids Quranic Literacy Workshop.

Kids 3 Fieldtrip Bollywood Veggies.

I love my classmates as they are friendly to me. I also enjoy learning how to Solat and reading the Quran
Children's Day Celebration Telematch Activities for Kids.

Siti Hannah Bte Zhuraimi, Kids 4 2011


Enhancing Spirituality

Iqra Lessons for Kindergarten students.

Iqra Lessons.

Iqra Holiday Programmes 2011 for 5-18 years old.

Iqra Holiday Programmes 2011 for 5-18 years old.

Fieldtrip to Baalwie Mosque for Quranic Literacy students.

Khatamul Quran 2011 Programme for Iqra students.


Enhancing Spirituality

Tweens 2 & 3 Solat Workshop Learn to take the Wudhu.

Tweens 2 & 3 Solat Workshop Match the prayers acts to the words.

Tweens Fieldtrip @ Jurong Central Park.

Tweens Outdoor Learning.

Tweens Practical Solat Sessions, 2011 Evaluating their partners.

Tweens Practical Solat Sessions, 2011.

I love learning in Madrasah such as reading the Quran, memorising Surah & practice the different types of prayers
Tweens Year 1 Visit to Darul Mawa, 2010. Nur Qurratu Ain n Mohd Ihsan presented a poetry with great expression to the orphanage children.

Tweens students @ Work.

Kauthar Ahmed Basharahil, Tweens aL.I.V.E. Year 1 2011


Guiding Community

Discussions & Project Work Teens 4 Lessons.

Ust Atiq leading Al-Mathurat @ Teens 1 T.H.A.N.X Camp 2011.

Jenazah Management Activity @ Teens 3 My Journey Camp 2011.

Youth aL.I.V.E. Islamic Civilisation Primer Series Classroom Activities.

Teens Hari Raya Gathering 2011.

Night-Walk Activity @ Teens 2 My Personality Camp 2011.

Youth aL.I.V.E. Classes.

Teens Activities.

Youth aL.I.V.E. Muslim Thinkers Field Trip.

I love coming to Madrasah as I get to learn more on Islam and the activities given were very interesting and fun Nurliyana Barizah Bte Nor Azlan, Teens aL.I.V.E. Year 1, 2011

Youth aL.I.V.E. Study Trip An-Nadhah Mosque.

Guiding Community

A Monologue of Al-Ikhlas by Keelat Theatre, July 2011.

aL.I.V.E. Centre of Excellence Briefing 2010 for South West Mosque Cluster Mosques.

Asatizah Educational Fieldtrip to Pusat Anak Permata Negara, Johor.

Educational Talk by Mdm Faezah for Parents, April 2011.

Education Talk by Mdm Sariah Sopari for Parents, 2010.

Educational Talk by Dr Bibi Jan for parents and their children, Nov 2011.

Educational Trip to Bukit Batok Fire Station, 2010.

Fire Safety Talk by SCDF, 2010.

Hari Raya Bonanza 2011 @ Taman Jurong CC Collaboration Madrasah & Fityan Assyakirin.

Kelas Pelita Kasih, 2009.

Kembara Perkasa Programme organised by Assyakirin Madrasah for South West Mosque Cluster Asatizah, 2011.

Kids 4 Performance on Demi Matahari at Israk Mikraj event, 2008.


Guiding Community

National Day Celebrations 2010.

Madrasah yearly Mass Tilawahton Parents are invited to read with their children.

Madrasah yearly Mass Tilawahton Students are guided by their Asatizah.

Maulidur Rasul Games Amazing Rasulullah activities for students.

Madrasah Sports Day 2010.

Our yearly Madrasah Haflah event.

Our yearly Madrasah Haflah event.

Our yearly Madrasah Orientation.

Our yearly Parent-Teacher Meet Sessions.

Program Ukhuwah Asatizah.

Seminar AlQuran 2011 "Kepentingan Al-Quran dalam Umat Islam".


Guiding Community

South West Mosque Cluster (SWMC) aL.I.V.E. Orientation Day 2009.

Visit from Al-Iman Mosque Madrasah, 2010- Sharing of Best Practices.

South West Mosque Cluster training Spoken & Written English Class.

SWMC Storytelling & Speech Competition, Oct 2011 1st Placing for Storytelling category, Sameer Fuadi Bin Muhammed Kids 3.

SWMC Storytelling & Speech Competition, Oct 2011 4th Placing for Speech category, Muhammad Ihsan Bin Abdul Rahman Tweens 2.

SWMC Storytelling & Speech Competition, Oct 2011 Recitation of Quran.

Visit from Khalifah Model School, 2011- Sharing of Best Practices.

Visitors from Batam Raya Mosque Sharing of Best Practices.



Our Children Achieving at their Fullest

Kindergarten Mission
To provide a holistic Islamic early education that nurtures future leaders spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically & socially towards life-long learning with optimum teacher-parent partnership.

Kindergarten Vision
Dedicated in developing a supportive Early Childhood Centre that allows each child to achieve at their fullest.

Kindergarten Philosophy
Nurturing future leaders towards a life-long learning with optimum teacher-parent collaboration.

Front Row (from left): Norha Aisha Md Senin (Admin Officer, Education), Juriah Ahmad (Principal), Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman), Ustazah Asmak Awang (Head, Education Dept), Nursakina Zainudin (Executive, Education). 2nd Row (from left): Ariza Ramli, Raja Haslina Raja Abdul Aziz, Nurul Syahidah Zulkifli (Asst teachers), Aisyah Abdul Razak (Teacher), Rohaizah Rahamat (Asst. Teacher), Siti Syarinawati Suwanda, Noor Azha Amin (Teachers).


Educational Field Trip: Outdoor Experience at Underwater World Singapore.


Guiding Community

Butterfly collage pasting.

Finger printing artwork.

Look, don't let

the animals es


A day explore with scissors.

Let's use the animal figures in our counting.

Rain or shine, we still can do it!

Our future mua'zin.

Our blissful moment.

My 'cozy' library corner.

The bookworm group.


Guiding Community

Fly, fly, fly the butterfly... (Jacob Ballas).

Here comes the fishes... (Kids Kampung).

Look at my mom's favorite vegetable.(Jacob Ballas).

It's our time to feed the goose (Kids Kampung).

Bottle Tree Park.

Weee....I'm spinning (Jacob Ballas).'s really big! (Kids Kampung).

Field trip to Explorer Kids!

What am I supposed to buy! (NTUC Supermarket).

Our future 'National Bowlers'.

Yeah! I can re

ach the tree.


Changing Lives

It's time to workout!

Parent-child bonding activity.

Let's share the task together.

Our veteran hockey players.

Look at my mosque deco.

Dad, can you help me in cutting?

Regardless of age, we are Singaporeans.

This is the way I carry my child...

Our supportiv e parents.


Guiding Community

3M Programme with Mendaki.

Lullaby, lullaby my dear baby (collaborate with MCYS).

My son, can you try to solve this (collaborate with Mendaki).

A good listener is a great caring parent (collaborate with Mendaki).

Story telling session (collaborate with MCYS).

Don't be shy to try on the costume (collaborate with Lakeside Primary School).

My experience as primary one student (collaboration with Lakeside Primary School)

Our future educator (collaborate with Lakeside Primary School).

It's recess time (collaboration with Lakeside Primary School).

Emmm...yummy! (collaborate with Lakeside Primary School).

Let's peep wha t's inside the book (collaborate w ith Taman Ju rong CC).



Alleviating Social Challenges of the Community

Strategic Priority
To be the catalyst for social change towards an economically empowered & spiritually inspired Singapore Muslim community.

From Left: Indrayanti Abdul Muin (Asst. Executive, YSD), Ust Mohd Darwis Dasman (Asst Head, YSD), Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman) & Ust Abdul Malik Rasman (Executive Officer).


Youth & Social Development Department The mosque today not only serves as a place of worship for Muslims. It is becoming an important socio-religious institution, a referral centre and an avenue for community interaction and dialogue. For example, we provide marriage guidance courses, family counseling services; youth outreach programs and are actively involved in racial and religious integration. In reshaping the content for social development, our strategies are to make mosques more youth-friendly, family friendly and establish more community-friendly mosque by networking with social service agencies and connecting people in need with those agencies. To deal with social challenges of our people, we believe the mosque has the ability to reach out to more people and is a powerful institution that can influence the social life of the community. On our part, we have implemented social development programmes that help youths, families, workers and the community to be on top of challenges and be successful in a highly modern and globalised society. There are still many areas where improvements can be made. We wish to strive to make these improvements in our future plans. We hope to increase outreach capabilities by strengthening our community networks and establishing new ones, to bring more from the community into the fold of the mosques. The key initiatives we will endeavor to undertake would be a) to strengthen collaborations with national agencies, grassroots and community organizations. b) Expand befriending programme to special groups beyond zakat recepients c) Establish and strengthen collaborations for social development purposes at neighbourhood level to increase outreach and harness more resources. The mosque will serve as a first-stopcentre for people seeking assistance and the subsequent rendering of help is also a good indicator of the successes of these efforts. We hope that the desired end-state for Assyakirin Mosque to eventually be a place where our community is able to find tranquility and solace as well as enhance the spirituality of our community through highly effective socio-religious programmes.
Our dedicated befrienders.


Guiding Community

Blessings to All Day.

Doctors on Wheels.

Menyingkap Syurga Dunia: Rahsia Menambat Hati Pasangan Anda.

Blessings to All Day.

Doctors on Wheels.

Menyingkap Syurga Dunia: Rahsia Menambat Hati Pasangan Anda.

House Visits.

House Visits.

Oh no! Where's my feet... (Explorer Visits. House Kids).

Marriage Preparation Course.

Marriage Preparation Course.

Marriage Preparation Course.


AF Picnic.


Guiding Community

Befrienders Training 2009.

Befrienders Training 2009.

Befrienders Training 2009.

Bicara Hawa.

Bicara Hawa.

Blood Donation Drive.

HPB Healthy Culinary Skills.

Marriage Preparation Course.

Blood Donation Drive.

HPB Healthy Culinary Skills.

Marriage Preparation Course.


Changing Lives

Bicara Hawa II in collaboration with PPIS.

Core Parenting Skills Series with Abang Abu.

Turkish Culinary Cuisine Workshop in collaboration with Turkish Cultural Centre.

Bicara Hawa II: Anak Remaja ku... Akulah Sahabatmu with Ust Yusri Yubhi.

Program Bijak Belanja: Pengurusan Perbelanjaan Seharian with Abang Abuayubul Ansari.

Turkish Culinary Cuisine Workshop.

Gotong Royong Anyam Ketupat.

Gotong Royong Anyam Ketupat.

Gotong Royong Anyam Ketupat.

Junior Boss.

Junior Boss.


Changing Lives

Iftar @ Furama.

Hari Raya Hamper Giveout.

Seenak rasa Di Aidilfitri.

Iftar @ Furama.

Hari Raya Hamper Giveout.

Seenak rasa Di Aidilfitri.

Program Bijak Belanja.

Marriage Preparation Course.

Paint My Home.

FA Picnic.

FA Picnic.


Developing Spiritually and Socially Resilient Youths

Strategic Priority
To Elevate Youth With Leadership Qualities And Guiding The Community Through Islamic Values.

YD Mission
To nuture youths with leadership qualities and to contribute to the community.

YD Vision
To develop socially and religiously resilient youths.

Our Youths: The Future our generation.


Enhancing Spirituality

Talk (Fatayat Night Camp: Beyond the Hijab).

Opening remarks by Imam Muda Mujahid (Youth Usram cum Sharing Session by Imam Muda).

Briefing Session for parents (Project Light House with Hwa Chong Institution: PSLE Tution for Less Privilage).

Tutorial (Fatayat Night Camp: Beyond the Hijab).

Group Photo Session (Youth Usram cum Sharing Session by Imam Muda).

Ice Breaker Activity (Project Light House with Hwa Chong Institution: PSLE Tution for Less Privilage).

Wall Climbing Activity (Fatayat Night Camp: Beyond the Hijab).

Group Photo Session (Youth Usram cum Sharing Session by Imam Muda).

PSLE Class (Project Light House with Hwa Chong Institution: PSLE Tution for Less Privilage).

Futsal Activity (Fatayat Night Camp: Beyond the Hijab).

Lunch with Imam Muda (Youth Usram cum Sharing Session by Imam Muda).

PSLE Class (Project Light House with Hwa Chong Institution: PSLE Tution for Less Privilage).


Share Your Food Day: Porridge Distribution to Non-Muslim Neighbours with Ramadan informational leaflets.


Guiding Community

Launching of Crime Prevention Corner (Project Reach 0ut Cum Amazing Race 2008).

Assyakirin Team (Taman Jurong CC Street Soccer Tournament).

Briefing & Talk by Taman Jurong Police (Project Reach 0ut Cum Night Cycling).

Flag off for Amazing Race Jalan-jalan cari Masjid (Town Area) (Project Reach 0ut Cum Amazing Race 2008).

Before the Match (Taman Jurong CC Street Soccer Tournament).

During Match (Project Reach 0ut Cum Night Cycling).

End point at Assyakirin Mosque (Project Reach 0ut Cum Amazing Race 2008).

During Match (Taman Jurong CC Street Soccer Tournament).

Cycling to West Coast Park (Project Reach 0ut Cum Night Cycling).

Prize (Project Reach 0ut Cum Amazing Race 2008).

The Trophy (Taman Jurong CC Street Soccer Tournament).

Group Photo Session (Project Reach 0ut Cum Night Cycling).


Changing Lives

Briefing Session (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project with Hwa Chong Institution).

Food Preparation (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project with Hwa Chong Institution).

House Cleaning (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project with Hwa Chong Institution).

Share your Food Day (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project with Hwa Chong Institution).

Group Photo Session. (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project with Hwa Chong Institution).

House Cleaning (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project).

House Cleaning (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project).

Group Photo Session (Rahmatal Lil A'lamin Project).



Service With A Heart

Strategic Priority
To develop the mosque into transformational touchpoints through dynamic leaders integrated, effective and sustainable systems and quality service standards

Front row (from left): Ust Abdul Malik Rasman (Executive Officer) & Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman). 2nd Row (from left): Zaleha Kamarudin (Finance & Admin Officer), Noor Sa'adah Ali Hedar (Front Desk Officer), Norhalizah Rosley (Executive, Finance & Corp. Comm) & Anisa Ismail (Head, CSD).


Assyakirin Mosque Family Fiesta 2008 - Record Setting Attempt.



Changing Lives

Family Day 2009 at Republic Polytechnic.

Family Day 2009 at Republic Polytechnic.

Distribution of Butter Cookies Amal 2010.

Distribution of Butter Cookies Amal 2010.

Mass Cleaning 2010 with Staff & Volunteers.

Engaging & Envisioning Session with Esteemed Mosque Jemaahs.

Mass Iftar 2009 Collaboration with Taman Jurong MAEC & Assyakirin Mosque.


Changing Lives

Mothers Day High-Tea 2010.

Staff Usrah 2010.

Visit to Panti

Asuhan, Bata


Staff Retreat 2010 Developing Dynamic Leaders, Mutiara, Johor Babru.

Visit from Inter-Racial Confidence Circle (IRCC) for Taman Jurong CC.

Plants Planting Day.

Staff Retreat 2010 Developing Dynamic Leaders, Mutiara, Johor Babru.

Visit from Jurong West Secondary School.

Visit from Khalifah Model School from Kuala Lumpur.


Changing Lives

m preciation cu Volunteer Ap 2010. ya Gathering Hari Ra

Volunteer Appreciation cum Hari Raya Gathering 2010.

Lawatan dari Indonesia-UPTD 2011.

Volunteer Appreciation cum Hari Raya Gathering 2010.

Volunteer Appreciation cum Hari Raya Gathering 2010.

Lawatan dari Indonesia-UPTD 2011.

Staff Brainstorming Session.

Staff Brainstorming Session.

Lawatan Murid-murid dari Indonesia.


HUB2K-Staff Recreation & Bonding Activities 2008-2011

Hari Raya Celebration 2008.

Hari Raya Celebration 2008.

Hari Raya Celebration 2008.

Hari Raya Celebration 2008.

Staff Lunch Bonding at Sakura International Buffet.

Staff Lunch Bonding at Sakura International Buffet.


HUB2K-Staff Recreation & Bonding Activities 2008-2011

Staff Performances 2009 Kukup Resort, Johor Bahru.

Team Building 2009 Kukup Resort, Johor Bahru.

Staff Performances 2009 Kukup Resort, Johor Bahru.

Team Building 2009 Kukup Resort, Johor Bahru.

Staff Recreation to Terengganu & KL.


HUB2K-Staff Recreation & Bonding Activities 2008-2011

Visit to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Glamor Raya 2010.

Visit to Istana, Kuala Lumpur.

Visit to Lost World Sunway City, Ipoh.

Visit to Marina Bay Sands, Sands Skypark, Singapore.

Visit to Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.

Staff Retreat 2010, Mutiara, Johor Babru.

Visit to Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

Quest for Immortality Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore.

Yacht Ride.

Yacht Ride.


HUB2K-Staff Recreation & Bonding Activities 2008-2011

Inter Department Bowling Tournament.

Inter Department Bowling Tournament.

Inter Department Bowling Tournament.

Unic Raya Celebration 2011.

Unic Raya Celebration 2011.

Unic Raya Celebration 2011.

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

Visit to Universal Studios Singapore.



Strategic Priority
Creating an ambience of tranquility & solace through an environment of comfort, convenience and accessiblity.

Front row (from left): Amran Md Yasan (Asst Executive) , Ust Suhaimi Mustar (Executive Chairman) & Ust Abdul Malik Rasman (Executive Officer). 2nd Row (from left): Mosque Assistants Jamilah Rohani, Hj Salleh Abu , Md Fhairul Awaludin (Mosque Asst), Nisrajeh Nrasah, & Sapiah Omar (Senior Mosque Asst).


Assyakirin Mosque Renovation Works

BEFORESide Entrance. ,
Level One

Old Signage.

Level O RE ne, Lib rary.



Level One, Side Entrance. Improvised paintworks and installation of awning.



New Signage.


Level One, Library. Refurbished Library in collaboration with National Library Board.

Assyakirin Mosque Renovation Works

re E rage A BEFOeRt Carpark, Sto n Basem




Basement Carpark.

Basement Car pa refurbished in rk, Storage Area to classroom .



to refurbished in ls and Cooking area inting of wal Repa carpark lots. heel stopper. stallation of w in

Storage area re motorcycle pa furbished into rking lot.



Assyakirin Mosque Renovation Works



BEFOREFront Side Gate. ,

Level One

rd at M


B a ck e




Garden Pouch Area.

Installation of Parasol.

Landscaping works and la ying of footpath.


Installation of Cabinets for proper storage of Qurban equipments.


Assyakirin Mosque Renovation Works

e. RE BEFOn, Back Entranc Ablutio



Mosque Exte


Abandoned wall at Basement Level.

Installation of large and side to create alfr esco dining am parasols Green Apple bience at Cafe.


AFTER n of Storage area.


New Coat of


paint for Mos

que Exterior.


Assyakirin Mosque Renovation Works

BEFORE Kindergarten. ,
Level Four


Main P


rayer H a


Level Four, Kindergarten.

Alphab R e Kinder tical Wall Mu garten Level. ral at


Installation of Powerfo il X2.0 24-feet fan to provide the most rel iab solution for main praye le air movement r hall.


AFTER n of Fan in the Main Prayer

Installatio Hall.

Assyakirin Mosque Facilities


Basement / Multi Purpose Hall.


Conference Room.

Level 4 Foyer.

Main Prayer Hall.


Capacity First 2 Hours

Rates Subsequent Hour $140.00 $60.00 $50.00 $20.00 $40.00 Please speak to our Office-in-Charge > 6 Hours Use (Package) $850.00 $380.00 $300.00 $130.00 $230.00

Auditorium Basement / Multi Purpose Hall Classroom Conference Room Level 4 Foyer Main Prayer Hall (for Nikah)

200 200 35 20 50

$320.00 $180.00 $120.00 $70.00 $100.00

Prices are correct at time of print. For further enquiries, please contact us at 6268 1846.




Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media


Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media


Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media

Blood Donation Drive: The Inter-Faith Way

Posted on 10 June 2009 23 May 2009 marked a significant inter-faith event in multi-racial Singapore. Together with Health Science Authority (HSA) and Red Cross, CHCSA jointly organized a blood donation drive with Assyakirin Mosque and City Harvest Church. The blood donation drive came about under the Rahmatan Lil Alamin (Blessings to All) project a community service to bless all races and communities, which MUIS participated during the Aceh tsunami and Sichuan earthquake. The Chairman Executive of Assyakirin Mosque, Suhaimi Mustar, 43, shared with City News how he first felt nervous being a first-time blood donor, but after he had done it, relished the joy of donating. Suhaimi said, I wanted to kickstart a project, but friends suggested it may not be effective to do this alone. Then we remembered a past event with City Harvest during Family Day last year. I heard from colleagues that City Harvest is a very strong organization with lots of members. Thats when we think that regardless of religions, we live in a multi-racial country, we are all brothers. We want to work with any other organization, locally or internationally, be it churches, temples or others. Norhalizah Rosley, 26, from Assyakirin Mosque, first knew about City Harvest Community Services Association (CHCSA) through a friend. Surfing to CHCSAs website, she emailed and got in touch with the organizers there. This is our first blood donation project. Partnership with CHCSA means good harmony with other religions. We should do more on a MUIS cluster level, involve more mosques, and with other religious bodies. Assyakirin Mosque serves as the Centre for Islamic civilization. We screen documentaries to showcase Islamic civilization to modern society. Hence you not only donate blood but get to understand Islamic civilization and its history as well. CHCSA started their blood donation drives in 2000. Executive Director, Darryl Loh hopes to jointly organize more blood donation drives with mosques, temples and other religious bodies. Assyakirin is the third mosque CHCSA has collaborated with to date.


Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media

CHCSA Programme Manager, Irene Ho, commented, A multi-religious blood donation drive is a good cause, both to save lives and foster religious harmony. So people will be aware of the various faiths and cultures. Lim Idy, Donor Manager for the Singapore Red Cross Society, hopes to see more multi-racial blood donation drives. She congratulated Assyakirin Mosque for successfully hosting it for the first time. This is a convenient location to donate blood and a good coverage for this neighbourhood. She also thanked CHCSA for providing pre-registration projections before the actual event. For a successful donation, we must have a turn-out of 140 people, to hit a target of 100 units of blood per drive, she said.

Photos: Lam Huiching and Aaron Low.

One first-time donor, Aisyah Bte Abdul Razak told City News, I hope to donate blood more. Its a great partnership between the mosque and church. Commendable efforts by both for religious harmony. Grace Tay, another first-time donor commented, This is a breakthrough, to get people from outside into a mosque. We should not be reserved and should not harbor the attitude of not supporting other religions. Abdul Rais Bin Ahmad, 41, board member of Assyakirin Mosque and Vice-Chairman of Inter-Racial Confidence Circle (IRCC) for Taman Jurong CC, has donated blood over 20 times, since he was a schoolboy. I often head down to Bloodbank@HSA. Donating blood is to save lives, its a good cause. This event raises awareness and is a good showcase to the community that inter-religious understanding exists. It is not about a mosque standing on its own, but an inter-faith thing we help each other with.
(L-R): Ustaz Abdul Malik Rasman (Programme Co-ordinator, Assyakirin Mosque), Abraham Yohandi (Zone Supervisor, City Harvest Church), Lim Meng Chin (Zone Supervisor, City Harvest Church), Suhaimi Mustar (Mosque Executive Chairman, Assyakirin Mosque), Tan Ye Peng (Vice Chairman, City Harvest Church), Darryl Loh (Executive Director, City Harvest Community Services Association), Irene Ho (Programme Manager, City Harvest Community Services Association), Norhalizah Rosley (Social Development Unit, Assyakirin Mosque).


Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media

Assyakirin Mosque in Taman Jurong reaches out to workers

By Roslinda Rahmat, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 17 December 2008 1652 hrs SINGAPORE: A mosque in Singapore's western neighbourhood of Taman Jurong is reaching out to foreign workers in the area. The Assyakirin mosque is not just a regular place of prayer for some 5,000 Bangladeshi workers. The workers also take part in various religious and community services conducted by the mosque. Some 200 of them have even volunteered their time for activities such as food distribution to the poor families in the neighbourhood. They have even appointed one of their own, Mohamad Nazrul Islam, as the Amir or leader of their group. Apart from holding religious classes at the mosque, the group also helps fellow workers with job-related or family problems. - CNA/vm


Assyakirin Mosque: News & Media

Tharman says mosques part of social fabric

Posted: 17 August 2008 1621 hrs SINGAPORE: Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam says mosques in Singapore are more than a place of worship. They have become an integral part of the nation's social fabric, says Mr Tharman. He was speaking during the Assyakirin Mosque's annual Family Day. The Minister said mosques are responsible for upholding their social and community duties in the larger context of Singapore's multi-racial and multireligious society. For instance, the Assyakirin Mosque has been giving out food vouchers and school fee subsidies to families in Taman Jurong and Jurong West. And the event on Sunday was to raise funds for upgrading courses and free tuition. The mosque currently supports 120 low-income families and 1,200 students. Mr Tharman said such care complements the government's efforts to help the needy move in tandem with the rest of society. - 938LIVE



Mengapa memilih dan menghantar anak ke Assyakirin Kindergarten

Saya Narni, ibu kepada Siti Nur Aisyah Ibrahim (K2). Saya memilih dan menghantar anak saya ke Assyakirin Kindergarten kerana dapat memperkenalkan anak saya kepada masjid dan agama Islam pada peringkat awal, disamping itu juga anak saya dapat belajar pelajaran adedamik yang sama seperti kindergarten di luar sana. Alhamdulillah memang ternyata, selepas tiga bulan anak saya di peringkat nursery dulu, dia sudah pun boleh menghafal ayat kursi dengan konfiden. Syabas! Kepada semua guru-guru yang mengajar dengan penuh komitmen dan dedikasi. Mengadakan field atau education trip yang dapat meluaskan lagi minda anak saya. Anak saya juga dapat mengikuti kelas Gift of Reading dari sejak nursery hingga sekarang K2. Pihak kindergarten juga telah mengadakan kursus Mendaki 3M (Maju, Minda, Matematika) untuk ibubapa yang saya sendiri telah mengikutinya. Ia mengajar cara lebih efektif mengajar anak matematik di rumah. Alhamdulillah, ianya sangatsangat dapat membantu saya. Di Assyakirin juga, diadakan ceramah-ceramah agama yang dapat diikuti sementara menunggu anak saya habis sekolah. Akhir sekali saya sangat menyokong apa-apa jua aktiviti yang diadakan di Assyakirin Kindergarten dan berharap Assyakirin Kindergarten terus mencapai kejayaan.

Hi. My name is Norshidah and I have been sending my granddaughter, Siti Hajar to school at Assyakirin Mosque. She is attending Nursery class this year. I get to know about the school is through my husband friends whom has been sending her daughter there since in Playgroup and now she is in her last year at school. So last year in 2011, I enrolled my granddaughter in the Playgroup class. She is now in her 2nd year. What I like about the school is the nice environment and it suit her and she loving it. And now she has learnt how to become more independent, learning how to share toys, recognize alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes, recite doa and even now she knows her friend name and teachers. Im very proud of her. The principal and teachers are very friendly and easy to communicate with them. She love her school and everyday she will tell me what happen in the class and what did she do. Im joining as Parent Volunteer at the school. Im happy with the school. Thank you so much Assyakirin Principal and teacher for what they teach my granddaughter. And the way they welcome us is very friendly. Thank you so-so much from the bottom of my heart.



By Asma d/o Abdul Rasool Assalamualaikum Wr Wb My journey in Masjid Assyakirin as a parent with my son started 4 years ago. After learning AlQuran here, my son Ihsaan is reciting with Tartil. The asatizah here are very knowledgeable, friendly and always adorable. The aL.I.V.E. programs are very educational and helps the students to be in close connection with the masjid. Thanks to all asatizah for their consistent trust and support for us. On the whole, I feel that I am also part of the Assyakirin Madrasah family and would love to remain like that forever, InsyaAllah!

How Masjid Assyakirin MMB Can Do It?

By Haj Mohamed | Many brothers have expressed surprise by the invitation of Assyakirin Mosque Management Board to our esteemed jemaah to a friendly Engagement andEnvisioning Session where views and feedback will be discussed. All manner of constructive comments and ideas are welcomed. I was asked how Masjid Assyakirin MMB can do it? In my opinion, the answer lies in the MMB selection process. For Masjid Assyakirin MMB, persons with leadership qualities who are capable of conducting feedback sessions with jemaah are selected. So they are able to lead the jemaah. Another important aspect of Masjid Assyakirin MMB which even MUIS should emulate is the timing of the session. They have fixed it at 8 pm a time which enables most workers to attend the session. This timing shows the sincerity of the MMB in seeking feedback, minimizing the inconvenience to the jemaah. How I wish all masjids here conduct such monthly jemaah feedback sessions. Well done and excellent, Masjid Assyakirin MMB! Alhamdulillah! May Allah (swt) help you in your sincere efforts to reach the jemaah. Wassalam



JUN 08'
Jun 2008 Launch of Home-Based Islamic Learning Scheme Jun 2008 Pengukuhan Tauhid Dalam Kisah Hijrah Rasulullah saw (Firm Reminder of Tauhid In Rasulullah's Hijrah) by Ust Abdul Rahim Abd Nasir







Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten Collaboration with Taman Jurong CC in the program of 'Gift of Reading'.


Collaboration with Lakeside Primary School in Buddy Reader Programme & Station Base.



AUG 08'
Forum: Hikmah Dan Hemat Dalam Dunia Masakini by Ust Dato' Nooh Gadut, Ustaz Nazirudin Mohd Nasir & Ust Azmi Rabani (Moderator) Singapore Book of Records: Most Number of People Blowing Balloons at the Same time. (1,312 people) 17 Aug 2008 Assyakirin Family Day: In Aid of Education and Social Development Fund

OCT 08'
Oct 2008 Islamic Lecture: Pembangunan Islam dalam Pemerintahan Zaman Abbasiyah by Kiayai Haji Marfin Oct 2008 Accredited by MCYS as Approved institution of Baby Bonus Scheme

DEC 08'
27 Dec 2008 MUIS Maal Hijrah 1430 Celebration at Assyakirin Mosque graced by Minister in Charge of Muslim Affairs Dr Yaacob Ibrahim

JUL 08'

SEP 08'

Sep 2008 Assyakirin Grand Iftar graced by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam 06-07 Sep 2008 Ramadhan Youth Camp 2008 Theme: Al-Quran: Our life manual

NOV 08'

02 & 09 Nov 2008 Marriage Preparation Course


Islamic Lecture: Membina identiti cemerlang bagi Umat Islam Singapura by Datuk Hj. Daud Che Ngah 13 Jul 2008 Participated in RLAF Blessings to All Day at Al-Iman Mosque GOH: PM Lee Hsien Loong

23 Nov 2008 "Project Reach Out 2008 Theme: Amazing Race: Jalan-Jalan Cari Masjid in collaboration with NPC Assyakirin Mosque & Mosques in Town Area 26 Nov 2008 Islam and Contemporary Issues Series (ICIS) talk Rediscovering the Ottomans: From Tradition to the Future by Professor Ilber Ortayli, Director of Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul - In collaboration with MUIS Academy


FEB 09'
14 Feb 2009 Seminar: Tajdid Pemikirian Islam Sebagai Wahana Kegemilangan Tamadun Islam by Dr Md Nur Manuty 21 Feb 2009 Religious Talk: "Penawar Qalbu Pengubat Rindu" by Ust Mursyid Maarof 24 Feb 2009 Visit by Mr Omidzamani Ambassador of Iran

APR 09'
05 Apr 2009 Exclusive Talks: The Blessed Birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Mr Mustafa Kasim Erol from Turkey 10-11 Apr 2009 "Fatayat Night 2009 Theme: Beyond the Hijab Assyakirin Mosque 29 Apr 2009 Forum Agama:Pengamalan Sunnah Asas Kekuatan Ummah by Ust Subki Bin Abd Rahman, Ust Rifqi Myiddin (Malaysia), Moderator: Ust Suhaimi Mustar

MAY 09'
01 & 02 May 2009 Marriage Preparation Course 09 May 2009 Syarahan Agama: Kami Cinta Padamu, Ya Rasulullah. Bagaimana? by Ust TM Fouzy 17 May 2012 Kelas Fardhu Ain: Khusus untuk Pembantu Rumah Indonesia

JUN 09'
09-19 Jun 2009 1st Overseas Historical Trip to the Land of the Ottomans - Turkey

JAN 09'

MAR 09'

Mar 2009 Received the recognition of 'Singapore OK Pre-School' from National Environment Agency 08 Mar 2009 "Young Muslim Reach Out (YMRO) Theme: Spread the love today with Children Cancer Foundation at Assyakirin Mosque Auditorium & Assyakirin Resource Center 14 Mar 2009 Ceramah Inspirasi: "Masyarakat Idaman Mengamalkan Islam Mengikut Tuntutan Zaman" by Ust Farid Ravi 19-22 Mar 2009 Islamic Civilisation TripTerengganu Malaysia


25 May 2009 Rahmatal Lil A`lamin Project Theme: Interfaith Blood Donation Drive in partnership with City Harvest Church & Singapore Red Cross Society at Assyakirin Mosque Auditorium 30 May 2009 Forum Agama: Memahami Kepelbagaian: Menghargai Nilai Persaudaraan Sesama Insan by Dato' Nooh Gadut, Ust Drs Ahmad Dahri Moderator: Ust Azmi Rabbani" 30 May 2009 Junior Boss for Kids Workshop 30 Children 9-12 years participated in the programme

20 Jun-25 Jul 2009 Mosque Youth Sport Extravaganza 2009 Theme: No Stress, No Mess". 27 Jun 2009 Seminar Al-Quran: Cara Berkesan Membaca Al-Quran by Ust Hj Zuhri Md Syazali

Jan 2009 Launch "Pelita Kasih" Madrasah Programme, a religious class for low income families (FREE) 22 Jan 2009 Bicara Hawa 3: Suami Mithali,Tunggak Keluarga Bahagia: Bagaimana Mencapainya by Ust Hasanuddin Yunus 31 Jan 2009 BBQ Fiesta 2009 Theme: Friend bring a Friend Assyakirin Mosque & Taman Jurong Green Park



AUG 09'
01 Aug 2009 Forum Agama: Ramadhan Menjelang, Syaitan & Iblis Dikandang, Syurga Dipampang, Neraka Dikekang by Ust Jumadi Mustar & Ust Suhaimi Mustar Moderator: Ust Azmi Rabbani 14-15 Aug 2009, Youth Project Reach Out v2 Theme: "Night Cycling Operation Night Patrol at Taman Jurong and West Coast Park 28 Aug 2009 Befrienders Training at Assyakirin Mosque

OCT 09'
10 Oct 2009 Youth Hari Raya Bonanza at Assyakirin Mosque Auditorium 19 Oct-16 Nov 2009 Bicara Hawa II Modul III Educating Teenage Children 31 Oct-1 Nov 2009 Marriage Preparation Course at Assyakirin Mosque

JUL 09'
Jul 2009 Assyakirin Mosque Madrasah awarded the aL.I.V.E. Centre of Excellence by MUIS 04 Jul 2009 Program Bijak Belanja Elective: Debt & Credit Card Management by Mr M Nazri, Group Managing Director Vector Scorecard Asia 05 Jul 2009 Program Bijak Belanja Elective: Managing Daily Expenses by Mr Abuayubul Ansari, CEO NowAsia


SEP 09'

05 Sep 2009 Majlis Tilawahton @ Masjid Assyakirin 13 Sep 2009 Youth In-charge & Share Your Food Day in partnership with Hwa Chong Institution & MCYS 13 Sep 2009 Gagasan Subuh I @ Masjid Assyakirin SWMC Teacher's Day Celebration at Republic Polytechnic organised by Assyakirin Mosque


DEC 09'


11 Jul 2009 Program Bijak Belanja Elective: House Ownership by Mr Abdul Rohim Sarip, Lawyer, A Rohim Noor Lila & Partners 17 Jul 2009 Menyingkap Syurga Dunia: Rahsia Menambat Hati Pasangan Anda Post-Marriage Workshop for Married Couples 18 Jul 2009 Seminar Tamadun Islam: Perspektif Mengenai Tamadun Islam Mughal di India by Dr Md Nur Manuty 18 Jul 2009 Syarahan Eksklusif: Penghayatan Kandungan Al-Quran by Ust Dr Zahazan Mohamed

Dec 2009 SWMC aL.I.V.E. Orientation Day jointly organised by MUIS and Assyakirin Mosque 19-20 Dec 2009 HUB2K Trip Kukup Golf Resort, Pontian Johor, Malaysia 31 Dec 2009 Assyakirin Family Dinner Celebrations at Republic Polytechnic


MAY 10' FEB 10'

02 Feb 2010 Arabic Course oleh Ustaz Md Ismail Othman 13 Feb 2010 Syarahan Agama Interaktif Menjana Minda Melungsuri Sejarah Tamadun Islam oleh Ustaz Jalaluddin Hassan 27-28 Feb 2010 MMB & Staff Retreat @ Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru Malaysia May 2010 SWMC Communicating in English for Teachers Course organised by Assyakirin Mosque Madrasah 22 May-17 Jul 2010 Siri Keluarga Kukuh: Strengthening Family Series 28 May 2010 Sesi Percambahan Minda "Tamadun Islam, Perspektif Islam Dan Kaitannya Dengan Keimanan" oleh Ustaz Zahazan Mohamed

APR 10'
24 Apr 2010 Kursus Pengurusan Jenazah 24 Apr 2010 Asas Taranum Al-Quran untuk keluarga

JUN 10'
26 Jun 2010 Menjejaki Sejarah Kegemilangan Tamadun Islam 15H/15M Mekah Madinah

JAN 10'

MAR 10'

04 Mar 2010 Kursus Ulumul Tafsir oleh Ustaz Hisham Amer 06 Mar 2010 Sambutan Maulid Nabi s.a.w "Menilai Maulidurrasul, Melepasi Batasan Perayaan" 28 Mar 2010 Butter Cookies Amal Mosque Fundraising




06 Jan 2010 Mosque Excellence Award 2008-2009 Presentation Ceremony. Achievement of Gold Award - Family Friendly & Platinum Award for Youth & Community Friendly 23 Jan 2010 Seminar Tamadun Islam Berdasarkan Al-Quran Dan Sunnah oleh Ustaz Zahazan mohamed & Ust Umar M. Noor 30 Jan 2010 Interaktif Fardhu Ain untuk Keluarga oleh Ustaz Azmi Rabbani & Ust Md Firdaous Abd Rasif

28 May 2010 Ceramah Wanita 'Peranan Wanita Memperkasa Ummah" oleh Ustaz Zahazan Mohamed 28 May 2010 Siri Ceramah & Forum Perdana Masjid Assyakirin 28-31 May 2010 4D/2N HUB2K Family Trip to Tambun-KL-Cameron Highlands

12-20 Jun 2010 8D/7N Islamic Historical Trip Morocco - Andalucia (Spain) 26 Jun 2010 Forum Interaktif Keluarga "Anak-Anak Anugerah & Amanah, Ibubapa - Cabaran & Harapan



AUG 10'
Aug 2010 Madrasah Tilawahton 2010' organised by Assyakirin Mosque Madrasah Unit 05 Aug 2010 Gotong Royong membersihkan masjid bersama wargakerja & relawan Masjid 07 Aug 2010 Majlis Tahlil, Doa Selamat & Hajat 28 Aug 2010 352 pairs of Hari Raya clothes collected & distributed to financial assistance recepients during Mass Iftar

OCT 10'
10 Oct 2010 Hari Penghargaan & Perjumpaan Hari Raya bersama wargakerja & relawan Masjid 30 Oct 2010 Syarahan Agama "Akhlak Dan Kaitannya Dengan Tamadun Manusia 30 & 31 Oct 2010 Assyakirin Marriage Preparation Course

DEC 10'
6 Dec 2010 Majlis Sambutan Maal Hijrah 1432H Kebijaksanaan Sayyidina Umar Merasmikan Tahun Hijrah 14 Dec 2010 Assyakirin HUB2K Trip to Marina Bay Sands Skypark

JUL 10'

SEP 10'



NOV 10'
27 Nov 2010 Forum Perdana 2010 Konsep khaira Ummah: Apa Kaitannya Dengan kita @ Stadium Jurong West


03 Jul-07 Aug 2010 Program Bijak Belanja (Core & Electives) in Collaboration with Yayasan Mendaki 24 Jul 2010 Collaboration effort with Panti Asuhan Al-Ikhlas Hanzanwadi Batam Indonesia 17 Jul 2010 Engagement & Envisioning Session with mosque's jemaah 17 Jul 2010 Bengkel Ulum Syar'iyyah 22 July 2010 Goodwill House Visits

Sep 2010 Syarahan Ramadhan "Zakat Memperkukuhkan Ekonomi Islam" oleh Ustaz Tarmizi Abd Wahid Sep 2010 Visit from Masjid Raya, Batam to Assyakirin Madrasah - Sharing of Best Practices 02-09 Sep 2010 Gotong Royong Menganyam Ketupat 1,100 Ketupats weaved and distributed to low income families on the eve of Hari Raya 04 Sep 2010 Share Your Food Day Vegetarian Porridge Distributed to 150 Non-Muslim Neighbours with help from Hwa Chong Students 29 Sep 2010 HUB2K 'GLAMOR RAYA' Staff Hari Raya Bonding


FEB 11'
15 Feb 2011 Mini Majlis Sambutan Maulidurrasul 1432H 18 Feb 2011 Kuliah Maghrib "Pendahuluan Tamadun Islam" oleh Ustaz Hannan Hassan 18 Feb 2011 Turkish Cuisine Culinary Workshop in Collaboration with Turkish Cultural Centre

APR 11'
09 Apr 2011 Program Bijak Belanja in collaboration with Yayasan Mendaki 26 Apr 2011 Brainstorming Session on how to enhance the internal organisation chart in order to improve level of service to our stakeholders

JUN 11'
Jun 2011 SWMC Kembara Perkasa Programme at Johore organised by Assyakirin Madrasah 12 Jun 2011 Youth Usrah II Theme: "Jelajah Israk Mikraj" 18 & 19 Jun Marriage Preparation Course 25 Jun 2011 Picnic for Financial Assistance Recepient's Families 28 Jun 2011 IsrakMikrajdi MasjidAlKhair (Program KerjasamaSWMC)

JAN 11'

MAR 11'

Mar 2011 To present: 3M Programme in partership with Yayasan Mendaki Mar 2011 Madrasah Khatamul Quran 2011 19-20 Mar 2011 Youth Usrah I Theme: "Back to the history of Rasulullah s.a.w"

MAY 11'



28 Jan 2011 Kuliah Jumaat: Keunggulan Tamadun Islam Bermula Dari Sirah Rasulullah S.A.W by Ustaz Hafizh Rapiee 29 Jan 2011 "Youth Out Reach - Kickstart Theme: ""Haiya Najtamik lets all gather Taman Jurong Green Park"

26 May 2011 HUB2K - Trip to Universal Studio, Singapore


22 Mar 2011 HUB2K Staff Bowling & Bonding Session 27 Mar 2011 Majlis Sambutan Maulidurrasul 1432H


AUG 11'
06-07 Aug 2011 Paint My Home 14 Aug 2011 GrandIftar in Collaboration with Singapore Bangladesh Society 15 Aug 2011 Sinaran di Aidilfitri cum Hamper Giveout 17 Aug 2011 NuzulAlQuran 19-21 Aug 2011 Ramadhan Youth Camp Theme: "Al-Quran-The Pulse of Ramadan Ar-Raudhah Mosque 21 Aug 2011 Grand Iftar at Furama City Centre with Financial Assistance Recepients graced by DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam 29 Aug 2011 Seenak Rasa di Aidilfitri

OCT 11'
Oct 2011 SWMC Children's Day Story Telling & Speech Competition Oct 2011 Asatizah Educational Fieldtrip to Pusat Anak Permata Negara, Johor 22 & 23 Oct 2011 Marriage Preparation Course

DEC 11'
10 Dec 2011 SolatGerhanaBulan 13-21 Dec 2011 3rd Islamic Civilisation Tour to China Singapore-Guangzhong-KunmingSingapore 16 Dec 2011 Kuliah Maghrib Pembina Tamadun Islam Dan Kecemerlangan Umat Sejagat 24 Dec 2011 SeminarKesedaranAl-Quran 2011 Kepentingan Al-Quran dalam Umat Islam 24 Dec 2011 Forum Perdana 2011: Al-Quran Dihayati, Tamadun Islam Diteladani

JUL 11'
11 Jul 2011 Tree Planting Day


SEP 11'

NOV 11'



12 Jul 2011 Youth Usrah III cum Sharing session with IM Mujahid Theme: "Meniti Nisfu Sha`ban" at Assyakirin Mosque 16 Jul 2011 MajlisSambutanMalam Nisfu Sya'ban (Forum) 16 Jul 2011 Nur Kasih (Social Development Programme) 18 Jul 2011 Visit from IRCC 22 Jul 2011 Visit from Khalifah Model School, Kuala Lumpur Sharing of Best Practices 28 Jul 2011 MajlisTahlil, DoaSelamatdanHajat

24 Sep 2011 HUB2K - U.N.I.C. Raya & Official Launch of HUB2K New Logo 25 Sep 2011 Youth & Madrasah Hari Raya Bonanza @ Taman Jurong CC

26-27 Nov 2011 Mosque Youth Sport Extravaganza 2011 Theme: "Unity in Diversity @ Kallang, Bedok & Tampines Sport Hall


Assyakirin Family


Assyakirin Family

Assyakirin Mosque Family Portrait.



Mr Goh Peng Tong, PBM Chairman, Taman Jurong Citizens Consultative Committee
Assyakirin Mosque has been very active in Taman Jurong constituency and become an important pillar in communitybuilding. Its management has organised many activities for Taman Jurong residents, and collaborated closely with Taman Jurong Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC) and our grassroots organizations to foster goodwill. The Mosque has been our long time partner in the annual breakfast event during Ramadan. It has also been assisting us in our efforts to develop community resilience, such as through the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) and the Community Engagement and Emergency Committee. The CCC is truly fortunate to have a good partner in Assyakirin Mosque, supporting us in planning and leading community and welfare programmes in Taman Jurong. My fellow grassroots leaders and I have built up a good friendship with the management of the Mosque and I look forward to many more collaborations too help our residents. Congratulations to Assyakirin Mosque for a publication that showcases its many good initiatives and efforts.

Mr Charles Low Director / ProEd Consortium Hwa Chong Institution

We have been partnering Assyakirin Mosque for more than five years and we have been very blessed by the special relationship we have built with the Muslim community. Our students have participated in home cleaning and food distribution during the Ramadan period as well as helped to initiate and run a tuition programme for primary six children at the mosque. The annual June camp for these children is a highlight that we all look forward to. We were also very honoured to join in your annual IFTAR Evening and to break fast with you on that occasion. Through these experiences, our students have gained a greater awareness and appreciation of Muslim culture and customs. Their firsthand experiences have helped them grow into wiser and more well rounded Singaporeans. We are also excited about the new initiatives we will be working on together in 2012 and beyond. Thank you, Assyakirin Mosque, for making this possible.

The Management of Assyakirin Mosque would like to express thanks to the following partners:

Staff of Assyakirin Mosque and to everyone who has helped in one way or another to make this coffeetable book successful.


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