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Registration 101: How to Add and Drop Classes

You will be able to register for classes on your assigned registration date after you meet with your Advisement dean and/or faculty/major advisor to receive your alternate PIN (personal ID number). Upper-class students do not require an alternate PIN. You may look up classes at any time once the semesters course offerings are made available on the Hofstra portal. 1. 2. 3. 4. Log in to the Hofstra portal ( Click on Hofstra Online on the left toolbar. Scroll down and click on Registration. Click on Look-up Classes to Add to view course offerings. If it is your assigned registration date, click on Add/Drop Classes instead to begin building your schedule.

5. The following screen may appearplease read it and select I do agree and then Submit Choice to proceed.

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6. Once you agree to the previous statement, you will see the following screen. After you read the ement, explanation at the top, scroll down to search for courses using the search criteria options.

7. The most popular way to search for classes is by subject and course number. For the course number, you must use three digits, such as 014. If you do not enter a course number, you will see all courses offered that semester in the chosen subject. You may also search by Attribute type, such as Distribution category, liberal arts, and distance learning (online) courses. To do d courses this, leave the subject set to All. You may also search by instructor, days, and time. time

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8. From the search results via the Look-Up Classes option, register by clicking the empty box next to the class (if there is a C, the class is closed) and scroll down and click Submit Changes. You may also write down the five-digit CRN (Course Reference Number) and go back to the Add/Drop Classes menu to submit all your class selections at once in the Add Classes Worksheet (see below).

9. To DROP a course from your schedule, navigate to the Add/Drop Classes menu, select the appropriate term, find the course that you want to remove, select Web Delete, and select the Submit Changes button. The page will refresh and should show the course as Web Dropped, with an adjusted credit load. You will only have access to drop courses online via the Hofstra portal within a certain time frame for each academic term. Please be mindful of the academic deadlines to add and drop classes, found on the Hofstra website at

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