Scheduling the Entrance Exam (TEAS

for 2013 ADN Applicants The Navarro College Regional Testing Center located in the Gooch One Stop Center on the Corsicana Campus will offer several opportunities to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam in November, December, and January each year. The exam publisher is Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). To schedule the TEAS and pay the exam fee, applicants must contact the publisher (ATI) at the ATI web site: Fees will vary from test site to test site. Navarro College makes every effort to offer the lowest fee possible for Navarro College ADN Program applicants. Payment must be made before your test time will be reserved. A Pre-Test Study Manual and online practice test items are available through ATI. Go to the ATI web site,, for further information including fees charged for the manual and practice test items. Hint: This is a timed test. Pace yourself to assure completion on time. There will be time for about one minute for each question. NOTE: 1 A user name and password for ATI is not necessary to schedule a TEAS exam. Scroll down until you find “Schedule a TEAS” in a gray box on the far right. 2 If you do not find Navarro College as a test site on the ATI web page, it is because Navarro College has not set test dates and times for the current year. Our TEAS schedule should be available by late October each year. NAVARRO COLLEGE INFORMATION Betty Shumate is the ADN Program Director. She can be reached at 903-875-7588 or 903-875-7581 or via email to Tabitha Stone is the District Testing Coordinator. The Navarro College Testing Center is in the basement of the Gooch Center on the Corsicana Campus. The NC Regional Testing Center phone number is 903-875-7457. The ADN Program uses a point system to determine which applicants are admitted. A portion of the total points comes from the applicant’s TEAS reading comprehension score. Refer to our Admission Criteria for further information about how points are determined. Our history with this exam has been that applicants who score above the national norm have the best chance for admission. Your score and the national norm for your test will be printed on your test results page.
We are glad you have selected the Navarro College ADN Program. Good luck with your TEAS exam! Keep a copy of your TEAS results to attach to your application.

document: 2013 ADN Entrance Exam (TEAS) schedule

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