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Jake Bryant


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Vikki Hercules [] Jebb Bobbet [] Nadia Yadalle []

JakeBryant; 1 October 2012 03:41 Hey Jebb, How’s you project coming along? As you know, we have a green light review coming up on the 11th and part of the criteria for our presentations is to show our creative partnership archive. If you have any work to upload get uploading, or we can chat within our group on a day everyone is in so we can start providing feedback for our partnership archiving! :) JakeBryant; 1 October 2012 03:47 Hello Vikki, How is the Space and Environment unit coming along? As you probably know, we are creative partners and we have a green light review on the 11th coming up soon. Part of the criteria for our presentation is to present our active creative partnership. If you have any work to upload post it up (Trying to get others to post their work up as well) so we can all start conversing, or if you'd prefer get together in our group when everyone is available that would be fine too :) Vikki Rose K; 1 October 2012 06:01 Hi Jake, the project is coming along fine, just about to upload some thumbnails and such. Admittedly I’ve not checked into blogger for a while until now. ok, I’m sure meeting as a group will help with our work, too :) anyway, your thumbnails here are looking good so far, it would be good to see some of your thumbnails based on your 'brave new world' extract done using Photoshop too :)

JakeBryant; 3 October 2012 02:46 Hey Vikki, Number 9 stands out to me. I like the use of space and I like the positioning of the statues and how there is a kind of 'plinth' in the middle of them. Without knowing much about your scenes, It immediately makes me think of a huge scale of an open room with limited light that has colossal statues towering over the other objects or people with in the space :) JakeBryant; 4 October 2012 05:09 Hey Jebb, Great start on your thumbnails! They really reflect the ideas which you have looked into within your influence maps. Thumbnail #22 draws my attention as I can imagine the scene you are trying to portray as a large basin with wonderful aquatic plant life. I think the image ratio will also benefit you in creating a nice perspective and a nice understanding of scale in your concepts.

JakeBryant; 4 October 2012 08:16 Hey Nadia, Hope the unit is coming along okay, We are part of a 4 for our creative partnership as you probably know, and the green light review on the 11th of October requires us to present our active partnership, so any work that you have feedback on just post a comment and we will be feeding back to you :) If you are unsure of who your other creative partners are, its Vikki and Jebb whose blogs I will post below :)

Nadia Yadallee; 4 October 2012 12:56 Oh I wasn't sure who my partners were, thank you!! I will get back to you guys :)


JakeBryant; 6 October 2012 13:18 Hey again Vikki, I just caught this post before I went off, There's 3 more that really stand out to me here; 14 - I like the interesting position the statue is in, and could provide an interesting focal point for your concept. Also, with a foreground element, a nice background and some interesting lighting you could have a strong idea for a final concept. 17 - The way you have drawn this really makes the image stand out to me. I think that it would provide for an interesting foreground element for a painting. 25 - The composition is interesting and has a nice perspective which can make you feel as if you are walking down the passage way behind the huge statues :)

Vikki Rose K; 6 October 2012 21:16 Hi Jake, You've a lot of good research here. I can really get a sense of what your book is about. This is reminding me of 'New Eden' from Mirror's Edge - it might be worth looking into some of their concept art :)

Vikki Rose K; 8 October 2012 13:48 Hi Jake, I really like #4, #8 and #11. #4: I like the perspective in this one; it makes the viewer feel over powered by this building. #8 stands out to me too, i think if you used a similar perspective as in thumbnail 4 on this one, i think this image would make for a good final. #11 I also like this one, you could maybe expand on this one to show the surroundings, to show

its size in comparison... ( - like this sort of thing?) :)

Jebb195; 8 October 2012 14:06 Hey Jake, Great thumbnails, I feel that the ones that stand out most are images 4 and 6. 4, Creates a sense of great overbearing height and the presence of power. 6 displays the vastness of the cityscape, really gives an idea of scale, and draws the attention to the great dome structure.

JakeBryant; 10 October 2012 04:15

To Jebb

I like 23, 24 and 25. The lighting I can visualise within these thumbnails provides people with a nice mood and atmosphere in the concepts :)

Jebb195; 15 October 2012 20:37 I particularly like thumbnails #15 and #19, as the placement of machinery and instruments adds a scientific essence. I also feel that number #18 would be interesting if flipped upside down.

JakeBryant; 18 October 2012 14:25

To Vikki Rose K

I agree about the colours. I like how the top image has a spectrum of colour within it and how it creates a nice atmosphere and mood within the environment :) Also in the second image, I think the composition is interesting as the stalactites act as a kind of frame for your image. Also the background lets the mind wander freely about what else exists beyond the aspects that are presented in the image, like how you described the water acting as a 'guide' to the eye :)

JakeBryant; 18 October 2012 14:38

To Jebb

39 is standing out more to me because of the foreground element which allows your image to be split up into a perspective nicely. However I think that 40 to 43 are a little hard to make out and understand. I presume these are the sandy chasm?

Perhaps try to think more about the scale. For example; 41 has a good idea representing the shallowness, but in contrast of the size of the ocean, shallow doesn't necessarily have to mean in comparison to human height unless it states that within your extract. So maybe you could create a perspective which reflects light from above shining down into the water at the chasm which in turn could develop a nice 'depth' in terms of shallowness but could also create an interesting atmosphere and overall image? Just a thought :)

Jebb195; 19 October 2012 19:57 Hey Jake, Great thumbnails, numbers #23 and #25 have great composition forcing the viewer to look at all the aspects in an order. #27 is also very effective at creating an idea of perspective

Vikki Rose K; 20 October 2012 17:48 Hey Jake, I agree with Samantha - This is a very interesting idea, I like the style you have chosen as influence. It'd be cool to see your own style merge with this one. :)

JakeBryant; 23 October 2012 14:15 Thumbnail 40 is looking interesting :D

To Nadia

As you said, once you have added smaller details such as lamp posts and shadows it would appear complete. Some highlights would also bring these aspects to life :) Perhaps you could also add a bit of depth of field within the environment so the background is blurred compared to the 'crisp' foreground? It would also add a better sense of scale to your world, and attract the eye to your one point perspective. Maybe experiment a little more with this in your thumbnails, just a suggestion :)

Nadia Yadallee; 23 October 2012 14:29 Thank you for your advice Jake, I will look into experimenting more with it and adding more depth :D


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