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State of California


of Corrections

and Rcllabilitalion


October 23, 2012 Associate Directors, Division of Adult Institutions Wardens Superintendents






The Office of Workforce Planning and Selection (OWPS) will administer the Correctional Sergeant (CS) examination this fiscal year. OWPS and the Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) have partnersd to expedite and streamline the CS exam process and would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an overview of the CS examination plan.
Where to Access the CS Application

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has contracted with the California Department of Human Resources (CaIHR) to allow CS applicants to apply for the examination and schedule an appointment to take the examination utilizing the CalHR internet application process. OWPS will not accept the Standard State Application (form Std. 678) for the CS examination. The internet application process may be accessed via the CalHR website at 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at any computer station that is linked to the internet. While most applicants will utilize their personal computers, those without a computer may use family members, friends, or a computer available at their local library. Additionally, every institution or work location with potential applicants will have computer kiosks with internet capabilities or the computer lab available for applicants to file their applications online. During this filing period, these kiosks or computer labs will be made available to applicants from 0600 hours to 1600 hours Monday through Friday, so applicants can have access. to these computers before or after their work shifts. There should also be phone lines available with outside Ilne capabilities for applicants to-call the CalHR help line should they face technical difficulties during the filing process. Specific details on how to apply will be included on the examination bulletin.
Application and Scheduling Process

Applicants will complete their application on the internet and will respond to questions certifying their experience to meet the minimum qualifications. An immediate minimum qualification determination will be made by the CalHR internet application system, If an applicant qualifies, they will be allowed to identify their current work location and their current watch. Based on this information, they will be assigned a time and location to take the examination. OWPS will make every attempt to schedule the candidates for the examination during their non-work hours. The CS written examination will be held at various locations throughout the State at testing sites within approximately 30 minutes driving time from the candidates' work locations. However, in the case of candidates working at remote camp locations, this may not be possible.