Sage: The Sage may reroll the movement dice if he wishes; he must abide by the second result though

. Prince: The Prince may swap places with any adjacent player after moving. He may only do this once per turn; he cannot use this ability to get to the head of a long queue!

Extra Character Rules
These are extra rules to add a little more to the player characters. Barbarian: If the Barbarian does not end his move adjacent to a monster, he may move 1 more space to do so. If he would not end up adjacent to a monster by using this extra move, he may not use it. Druid: The Druid treats all spider and bat models as if they were other players. This also means he cannot attack them voluntarily. Knight: The Knight will never lose more than 2 health at a time as a consequence of losing a fight with a monster; any time he should lose 3 or more health, this downgrades to losing 2 health instead. Ranger: If the Ranger picks up a torch, it will never go out as the result of losing health. Thief: If the Thief rolls a skull (including a sword and skull result) in combat, he may elect to lose 1 gold instead of losing health. If he is not carrying any gold, he must lose the health as normal. He may not use this ability against trapped treasure chests. Wizard: If initially unsuccessful at trying to pass through a Magic Door/Locked Door/Rocks, the Wizard may elect to have a second attempt at rolling the dice to do so this turn.

Pharaoh's Tomb
If you are playing with the Pharaoh's Tomb rules, replace one of the skull tiles on the dice with the special mummy symbol. Add the Pharaoh (strength 3) and 4 Mummies (strength 2) to the monsters available for this quest. All treasure chests count as sarcophagi; when rolling to see what is in a treasure chest, if the mummy symbol is rolled, replace the chest with a Mummy, if there is one available off the board. If there is no Mummy available to be placed, then the sarcophagus is empty. In combat, the mummy tile counts as if the player had rolled a skull. In addition, all Mummy models left on the board move one space towards the hero who rolled the result, if possible.

Spider Swarm
If you are playing with the Spider Swarm rules, replace one of the skull tiles on the dice with the special spider symbol. Place the 4 spiders' nests on the board, and add two red Poisonous Spiders (strength 2) to the monsters available, as well as all the black spiders. A spider nest cannot be moved through, just like a monster. A player will destroy the nest by winning combat against it; however, if the hero loses combat, he will not lose any health. A character carrying a torch counts as automatically winning a combat against a nest. If a player rolls the spider tile for movement, then he will not move. Instead, move all spider models one space towards the nearest hero, if possible. If two heroes are equidistant, then each rolls the dice and the spider moves towards the player who got the lowest (movement) score; re roll ties. Any hero who is adjacent to a spider at this point must fight it, even if it's not their turn! In addition, the player whose turn it is places a spider* in a square next to an existing nest of their choosing, as long as there are surviving nests. In combat, the spider tile counts the same as if the player had rolled a skull.

When rolling to see what is in a treasure chest, if the spider symbol is rolled, replace the chest with a spider.* *When placing new spiders onto the board, place any one red spider that has been removed from the board, normally when killed by a hero. If there are no dead red spiders, then place a dead black spider. If there are no spiders off the board, then no spider is placed (phew!)

The Dragon
If you are playing with the Dragon, replace one of the sword tiles on the dice with a second shield symbol. The Dragon has his own model, which is placed like any other monster. The Dragon starts off with 4 gold; these represent both its lives and its strength. If a hero rolls a combat result that would automatically defeat another monster, then that hero may take one of the gold to keep; the Dragon's strength is now equally to the number of gold it has remaining. Once it has lost all its gold, it is removed as a normal killed piece.

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