North American Lowline

World Lowline Sale
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
9:00 a.m. at the South Wing North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY SALE MANAGER: John Reed ...............................................320-346-2750 Sale Day ..................................................320-808-1938 AUCTIONEER: Eddie Burks, Park City, KY ..................270-678-9007 Cell ..........................................................270-991-6398 SALES STAFF: Dean Pike ...............................................303-810-7605 John Meents ...........................................419-306-7480
If you would like to bid on any lots and can’t attend the sale, please contact any of the sales staff. Your bids will be handled in a professional manner. You can also bid live, online at INSURANCE: Full mortality insurance will be available sale day for any of your purchases. TRANSpORTATION: ere will be trailers going to various locations in the country. Please contact sale management for any transportation assistance that you will need. HEALTH: All cattle will be accompanied with proper health certificates for interstate transportation. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Any and all announcements from the block on sale day will take precedence over statements in the sale catalog. e Eastern Lowline Angus Association, auctioneers or sales staff act as marketing agents only and take no responsibility for the representation of the cattle or pedigrees. Any guarantees, implied or otherwise, are between buyer and seller. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Go to www.easternlowline. com for more information.

Real-time bidding is available via the Internet for this National Lowline Sale. Live audio and live video will allow buyers to bid on animals just as if they were present at the sale. Please visit to create an account and request a buyer number. Instructions are available to walk you through the account setup process. Buyers who would like to bid via the Internet must register with at least two days prior to the sale. For any questions, contact sale management or e-mail: brad@ The sale management will arrange trucking for your purchases anywhere in the United States. Catalog produced by:


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B & B Lowlines..............................................Lots 5 & 30 Bill Kauffman, Morgantown, PA 19543 Bar J Ranch................................................Lots 2, 3 & 28 Jake Reed, Brooten, MN 56316 ......................................320.346.2231 Cross Creek Farm ............................Lots 8, 12, 12a & 26 Cindy Jackson, Lafayette, IN 47909 ...............................765.430.0282 Fanning Cattle Co .......................................Lots 14 & 27 Heather Fanning, Cordova, IL 61242 Five Star Ranch .....................................................Lot 25 Jean Amundson, Elk Mound, WI 54739 ............................715.456.4090 Gatewood Genetics .....................................Lots 11 & 22 Chuck Gatewood, Eagle Grove, IA 50533 .......................515.571.6166 Hidden Creek Farm ....................................Lots 19 & 23 Scott and Trish Fulmer, Mansfield, OH 44903 ..................................419.529.4349 Kirtley Family Farms ....................................Lots 6 & 29 Kevin & Christy Kirtley, Noblevilles, IN 46062 317.407.8001 Lakeview Lowlines ................................................Lot 18 Brandon Cook, North East, PA 16424 Rainy Knob Ranch ..................................Lots 9, 15 & 24 Randy and Holly Prosise, Loudon, TN 37774 .........................865.556.7548 Red Rock Ranch ....................................Lots 16, 17 & 20 Paul O'Connell, Beech Mountain, NC 28604 .......................................828-260-5480 Riverwood Farms....................................................Lot 4 Eric Bruns, Powell, OH 43065 SRE Lowlines.........................................................Lot 13 Shea Esser, Bloomington, WI 53804 ..........................................608.778.2913 University of Findlay ...........................Lots 1, 7, 10 & 21 F.D. McCarthy, Findlay, OH 45840


FuLLBLood FemaLeS

Lot 1
u of miss Rocking Royal
Consignor: university of findlay Tattoo: fiN 04Y reg. ff 13779 Birth Date: 3-14-11 Fullblood Bred Heifer
WaNaMara fiNdoN roYale Sire MiSS douBle J YeS 123S Dam {ardoSSaN fiNdoN {kiMBoltoN dapHNe {VituluS YeS YeS YeS {MS rockiNG BreNtoN 259k

A Findon Royale heifer out of a really good Vitulus Yes Yes Yes daughter. 04Y is bred to UF01Y “Mayhem,” our popular bull calf from our 2011-12 show string.


Lot 2
Consignor: Bar J ranch Tattoo: BJr1Y17 reg. ff 15229 Birth Date: 4-10-11 Fullblood Bred Heifer
BlacklaBel Sire Bar J Nell 2M26-6S86 Dam {Buzz {Bar J Nellie 7G1 2M19 {Bar J SparkS 4p16 {Bar J Nell 7G2-2M 26

Bar J Nell 6S86-1Y17

e Nell cow family has produced many sale toppers and show winners. is female will continue that tradition. Double bred to Navigator and Nevada, she has an impeccable pedigree. Bred to the 2011 Supreme National Champion, Beauford.


Lot 3
Bar J Perfection 3N15-1Y28
Consignor: Bar J ranch Tattoo: BJr1Y28 reg. ff 16780 Birth Date: 10-7-11 Fullblood Open Heifer
BlacklaBel Sire perfectioN ok49 3N15 Dam {Buzz {Bar J Nellie 7G1 2M19 {Bar J poNderoSa 0k13 {Bar J perfectioN 8H10k49

is Blacklabel daughter is sure to please. Her paternal granddam was the 2004 National Champion Female. She is double bred to the great Nellie cow family that has produced outstanding show cattle, including national champions. She was successfully shown by a seven-year-old and has a long show career ahead of her.


FuLLBLood FemaLeS

Lot 4
RF Hellen
Consignor: riverwood farms Tattoo: rf016Y reg. ff 17430 Birth Date: 11-28-11 Fullblood Cow
riVerWood iNferNo Sire ez MiSS paMela 9p Dam {BraMBletYe traNSaM {ez tara 36r {ez keNo 046k {MiSS paNMure l362

She is a super cool fall calf. Out of the $15500 EZ Pamela, who also raised our high selling bull Wilber at Denver last year as well as our young herd sire, Piston, who was champion bull at the Ohio Beef Expo as well as World Beef Expo! Helen will make an excellent addition to any herd!


Lot 5
B&B’s Red Princess
Consignor: B&B lowlines Tattoo: z01 reg. ff 17369 Birth Date: 3-17-12 Fullblood Open Heifer
lazY G red cloud Sire lazY G deNa Dam {VituluS aWeSoMe red {MurruMBoNG lGl red tulip {MurruMBoNG lGl BlueY {top of tHe raNGe eNid 6128

Take a look at this fancy red show prospect. Very few red females are available for sale, let alone one of this quality. She will headline any red program and will be a great investment.

PuReBRed FemaLe

Lot 6
K2K Ruby 608Y
Consignor: kirtley family farms Tattoo: 608Y kck reg. pf 14596 Birth Date: 6-8-11 Purebred Bred Heifer
ttt zeff’S krYptoNite Sire cc SappHire Dam {coloMBo park zeffirelli (ai) {ardroSSaN Nardia (et) {cc teddY {cc JeWel 823r

Maternal excellence at its best! is 15/16 purebred Kryptonite heifer is moderate-framed, deep, sound and ultra-feminine. She is bred to K2K Bracket Buster, the maternal brother to the 2010 NAILE and 2011 NWSS fullblood champion heifer, CRF Willa.


PuReBRed FemaLe

Lot 7
uF miss Winifred 25Y
Consignor: university of findlay Tattoo: fiN 25Y reg. pending Birth Date: 9-30-11 Purebred Open Heifer
Bar J HoSS 5r14 Sire u of f MiSS WiNifred 11W Dam {Bar J poNderoSa 0k13 {Bar J Nell 0k9 {BraMBletYe traNSaM {ez reBa 352r

A cool purebred heifer out of Bar J Hoss. is heifer is dammed by a really nice TransAm daughter. 25Y will make a super show heifer and great brood cow.

e Board of Directors of the American Lowline Registry has recently created new designations for percentage Lowline cattle. MODERATOR pLUS percentage cattle (25-50%) qualify with Lowline genetics on at least on side of the pedigree and must be registered with the ALR. e sire and/or dam of a Moderator plus must be registered with the ALR. MODERATOR percentage cattle from 50-87.499% with Lowline genetics on both sides of their pedigree and registered with the ALR Both sire and dam of a Moderator must be registered with the ALR.

modeRatoR FemaLeS

Lot 8
CC miss Regal
Consignor: cross creek farms Tattoo: 43Y reg. Xf 15112 Birth Date: 4-22-11 3/4 Blood Bred Heifer
ttt zeff’S krYptoNite Sire cc reGal MaY 356p Dam {coloMBo park zeffirelli (ai) {ardroSSaN Nardia (et) (ai) {dcB HaNk {ck tHe MadaMe

is supremely bred heifer is sired by the high marbling, highly popular, proven sire of champions, TTT Zeff ’s Kryptonite, and her dam is the 2008 NAILE Champion Percentage Cow w/Calf, CC Regal May, confirmed pregnant for an early May calf to CC Pat, son of the 2008 NAILE Fullblood Champion Cow w/Calf, CC April! Two maternal brothers, CC Hombré and CC Jared, were also NAILE Champions! She is the fih generation of show champions descending from Cross Creek’s prolific foundation Angus cow, Premier Miss Regal. NOTE -- Kryptonite Tru-Marbling MGV is +65.53!


modeRatoR FemaLeS

Lot 9
RKR Rosy
Consignor: rainey knob ranch Tattoo: rkr 32Y reg. Xf 14528 Birth Date: 5-14-11 3/4 Blood Open Heifer
SMokeY MtN aWeSoMe Sire SM BloSSoM Dam {lB duStY 151l {Bcc MiSS kittY {MurruMBoNG lGl BlueY {red aNGuS coW

An awesome Bluey granddaughter & SM Awesome daughter. Rosy has it all – full bodied, correct and red. She is cycling and is ready to breed.


Lot 10
uF Rock’N miss 21Y
Consignor: university of findlay Tattoo: fiN 21Y reg. pending Birth Date: 9-8-11 3/4 Blood Open Heifer
VituluS YeS YeS YeS Sire dJr rock’N MiSS 49k Dam {SaNta fe MaXiMillioN {WYzeNBeef ladY WarataN {eliza park BreNtoN {aNGuS coW (uaNz)

An ET calf out of a great percentage heifer, shown by Double J Ranch. is 3/4 blood heifer has a lot of potential as a show heifer and brood cow.


Lot 11
Gat miss Sabrina
Consignor: Gatewood Genetics Tattoo: 1z2 reg. pending Birth Date: 5-15-12 3/4 Blood Open Heifer
Bar J poNderoSa 9W15 Sire MiSS triNa Dam {Bar J SparkS 4p16 {Bar J Nell 9J25-5r47 {BraMBletYe utaH {JcG MiSS MiNt triNa

Sired by 2010 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion Bull. Dam won commercial breed at county fair. Dam won or placed high in class during her show season in both Lowline and commercial class.,


modeRatoR FemaLeS

Lot 12
Bar J marsha 32W
Consignor: cross creek farms Tattoo: 32W reg. Xf 10084 Birth Date: 4-16-09 1/2 Blood Cow/Calf

Lots 12 & 12A
Bar J redBoNe 01p Sire MS dcB 212M Dam {Bar J BrutuS l150 {Bar J BaBe M227 {dcB HaNk {Hereford coW

is young brockel faced cow with a successful show career will be a tough competitor in the 2012 World Lowline Angus show at the NAILE, as she puts it all together! She is confirmed pregnant to the highly popular, high marbling, proven sire of champions, Kryptonite, for an April calf. She’s already proven she can do the job with this fancy heifer calf! Her 2012 3/4 blood heifer sells as Lot 12A.

Consignor: cross creek farms Tattoo: cc91z Birth Date: 3-9-12
Spcr tequila p06 Sire Bar J MarSHa 32W Dam {BraMBletYe tequila {Bar J Nellie 0k5 {Bar J redBoNe 01p {MS dcB 212M

Lot 12a

CC Lilly

reg. Xf 16662 3/4 Blood Heifer Calf

is stout and fancy March 3/4 blood heifer calf is sired by SPCR Tequila P06, son of the legend, Brambletye Tequila, mated with the great Spring Creek donor cow, Bar J Nellie 0K5. Birth weight: 49. Her impressive dam, Bar J Marsha 32W, proved she can do the job.


Lot 13
SRe Princess Blondie
Consignor: Shea esser Tattoo: 13Y reg. Xf 13069 Birth Date: 4-23-11
eSr dieSel Sire Sre SHoWcaSe cHeYeNNe Dam {BraMBletYe traNSaM {fairWYN’S perceNtaGe {fairWYN’S SHoWcaSe {eSr peNNY

She is confirmed 50 days bred to ESR Rapture. SRE Princess Blondie is the first female to go back to my foundaiton cow family to lead the herd. ere’s not a hole in this one, she’s long-sided, bold sprung and feminine. Kid broke and ready to perform for any operation, no matter what the size. You can’t help but love her temperament and not to mention all that CHROME!!! She’s got a power-packed pedigree going back to many of the foundation bulls in the breed such as Machine, TransAm, Quartermaster and Beau Lad. Here’s a heifer not to overlook!!!


modeRatoR FemaLeS

Lot 14
mRG Heart
Consignor: fanning cattle co. Tattoo: 30Y reg. Xf 15171 Birth Date: 6-28-11 1/2 Blood Bred Heifer
Bar J tequila 6S39 Sire Belted GalloWaY Dam {BraMBletYe tequila {01l { {

From our showstring to yours! Heart is a sibling to the 2011 Champion Percentage Female at Iowa State Fair & World Beef Expo and the 2012 Reserve Champion Percentage Female at the Ohio Beef Expo. is flashy, correct, free moving female would make a great addition to any herd program. We think very highly of her! She has a compelte belt on show side and 1/2 belt on off-show side (the side in the picture). She is A.I. bred to SRF Tonk, the 2009 NAILE Champion Fullblood Bull for a late spring 3/4 blood calf.


Lot 15

RKR Savannah
Consignor: rainey knob ranch Tattoo: rkr 29Y reg. pending Birth Date: 11-14-11 1/2 Blood Open Heifer
rkr Black N’ BlueY Sire aNGuS coW Dam {MurruMBoNG lGl BlueY {Bcc iSlaNd Girl 03p { {

is yearling heifer’s grandsire is the legendary LGL Bluey and granddam is full sister to the profoundly popular bull, Doc Holliday. She should pass on great carcass qualities in your grass-fed or conventional program.


Lot 16

Red Rocks Lady
Consignor: red rock ranch, llc Tattoo: pVo 259z reg. pending Birth Date: 2-28-12 1/2 Blood Open Heifer
lazY G redSoN Sire redHill 66S ladY 59W Dam {VituluS aWeSoMe red {lazY G eBoNY {red Hill 17p JuliaN 66S {red Hill 6033 ladY 60S

is red heifer is very gentle. By Awesome Red out of a registered Red Angus dam, she is a true F1 hybrid. Will be an outstanding youth project and brood cow.


modeRatoR FemaLeS

Lot 17
Red Rocks maria
Consignor: red rock ranch, llc Tattoo: pVo 218z reg. pending Birth Date: 3-28-12 1/2 Blood Open Heifer
lazY G redSoN Sire redHill lt142MSMariaS18W Dam {VituluS aWeSoMe red {lazY G eBoNY {tr JuliaN lt142 {SHadY’S MS MariaS 292

Halter broke and very gentle. is F1 daughter of Beckton Red Angus breeding has calving ease, easy fleshing and efficiency on both sides of her pedigree.


Lot 18
tmF Ruben
Consignor: lakeview lowlines Tattoo: 1X5 reg. 11180 Birth Date: 5-14-10 Fullblood Bull
reVelatioN SHipWriGHt Sire tMf ruBY tueSdaY u1 Dam {aBf fitz S219 {alM BaileY 70J {dcB faMouS GrouSe ii 4l {dJr MS Nell tequila 4p5

Ruben was the 2011 Champion Intermediate Bull at the National Show in Denver and at last year’s NAILE Show. e judge complimented him on his extreme correctness. If you need a herd bull that is ready to work, look no further. He will improve the best fullblood cows or make tremendous moderator cattle.


Lot 19
HCK Willie
Consignor: Hiiden creek farm Tattoo: Y37 reg. 14648 Birth Date: 5-18-11 Fullblood Bull
SpriNG creek uri Sire crf Willa Dam {MoNte alleGro artuSi {coloMBo park alciNa {pX BaXter {crf SaratoGa

Out of the 2010 NAILE & 2011 NWSS Fullblood Champion Female on the dam side and sired by the 2010 NWSS Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Bull. is bull is destined for great things!! He’s got the potential to be as good as both parents; it was a GREAT breeding indeed. He’s big bellied, sound, nice muscled with the temperament of a kitten. Don’t miss this opportunity!



Lot 20
Red Rock Suprise
Consignor: red rock ranch llc Tattoo: pVo 05Y reg. fM 15658 Birth Date: 6-21-11 Fullblood Bull
lazY G redSoN Sire lazY G Belle Dam {VituluS aWeSoMe red {lazY G eBoNY {MurruMBoNG lGl BlueY {MurruMBoNG aNNaBel

Grandson of Vitulus Awesome Red. Has Tru-Marbling score of 107.35. Gentle disposition. He will compliment any Red Lowline program.


Lot 21
uF Bail Breaker 06Z
Consignor: university of findlay Tattoo: fiN 06z reg. pending Birth Date: 3-26-12 Fullblood Bull
ez cHaMp 34t Sire Bar J Nell 2M26-8u13 Dam {little Joe 305r {ez MaGGie 33p {ardroSaN NeroN {Bar t Nell 7G2-2M26

A really nice young bull calf out of EZ Champ. Dam is a super Ardrossan Neron cow. Granddam is a great Tequila daughter. Show and herd bull with this calf.


Lot 22
Gat Ricky B
Consignor: Gatewood Genetics Tattoo: 3z2 reg. pending Birth Date: 4-14-12 Fullblood Bull
Bar J poNderoSa 9W15 Sire Bar J tiNa 0X33 Dam {Bar J SparkS 4p16 {Bar J Nell 9J25-5r47 {Bar J SparkpluG 7t13 {Bar J tiNa 8H3 2M 43

Sired by 2010 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion Bull. Dam was division champion at Junior Nationals and the Grand Champion Iowa Heifer.



Lot 23
HCK ditto
Consignor: Hidden creek farm Tattoo: Y30 reg. 14651 Birth Date: 5-10-11 Purebred Bull
riVerWood caMero Sire Srf deJaMoo Dam {BraMBletYe traNSaM {ez Maid MarioN 30r {Bdc leoN {tiVa

Ditto is out of the 2010 & 2011 Supreme National Champion in the NAILE and NWSS. He got the name, Ditto, because he’s an identical picture of his dam, SFR Dejamoo. is guy has it all in one package – striking, good muscled and sound structured. Opportunities are endless with this one!

modeRatoR BuLLS

Lot 24
RKR Fusion
Consignor: rainey knob ranch Tattoo: rkr 79Y reg. pending Birth Date: 12-1-11 1/2 Blood Bull
rkr JuSt red Sire J&k cHloe Dam {SMokeY MtN aWeSoMe {tareNtaiSe coW {Sc rufuS 166M {red aNGuS coW

Solid red 1/2 blood bull is a double 1/2 – 1/2 Lowline, 1/2 Tarentaise on top; 1/2 Lowline, 1/2 Red Angus on the bottom. He is long bodied and thick. A great combination of genetics for your grass fed herd.


Lot 25
FSR Red Ninja 209Z
Consignor: five Star ranch Tattoo: fSr 209z reg. XM 16149 Birth Date: 2-15-12 1/2 Blood Bull
VituluS aWeSoMe red Sire fSr MiSS Stat Nat 009X-et Dam 100% Red Angus {VituluS Y-r {GoaN Black opal 5 {lJc MiSSioN StateMeNt p27 {fSr ViSioN Nora et 703t

A well balanced, docile red bull. Angular neck and shoulder, long spined and very muscular loin and rear quarters.

— 10 —


Lot 26
BCC Island Girl 03P
Consignor: cross creek farms Tattoo: 03p reg. ff 2116 Birth Date: 2-14-04 Selling Embryo Flush
kiNtYre duNdee Sire kiNtYre MelroSe aBBeY Dam {traNGie M214 rouSeaBout {traNGie J303 {BraMBletYe BoSuN ii {traNGie k238

FLUSH TO THE BULL OF BUYER’S CHOICE, with a guarantee of a minimum of (3) embryos and unlimited top side! is great donor cow, BCC Island Girl, full sister to BCC Doc Holliday, both from outcross embryos imported from Australia. Affectionately known as Iggy, she has the same great qualities as her brother and is truly one of the elite cows of the breed. e highly popular and proven Doc Holliday, with Tru-Marbling stats in the top 1% of all the breeds, has sired numerous champions all over the U.S., including the 2010 NAILE Champion Get of Sire from Rainy Knob Ranch, 2008 Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Female from J&K Livestock, and Supreme Champion Percentage Lowline at the 2010 Northwest Lowline Classic from Lenhard Angus Ranch. Doc semen is sold out, and there will be no more! Iggy is currently open with an August 2012 bull calf at side, CC Gunsmoke by Kryptonite, sold to North Fork Farms, Viola, IL, at weaning for $3,000.

Consignor: fanning cattle co.

Lot 27

Selling 4 embryos Embryo Sire:

HH Prince Charming
Reg. FM 11629 Birth Date: 9-1-10 Tattoo: MHH20X

fairWYN’S loW Beau 204M Sire ez ciNderella 61u Dam

{BrackeNGrae Beau lad {GleN iNNeS J306 {WaNaMara fiNdoN roYale {ez faNtaSia 20J

Embryo Dam:

Fairwyn’s tatiana 703t
Reg. FF 6274 Birth Date: 4-8-07 Tattoo: WYN 703T

BrackeNGrae Beau lad Sire 7l151 GoldilockS Dam

{traNGie M390 Beau aaroN {GleN iNNeS M343 {BraMBletYe adMiral tra J222 {BraMBletYe MadaMe c208

Fairwyn’s Tatiana is our newest exciting donor. She is a Beau Lad out of Goldilocks, which is a foundation female who has produced over 36 exceptional offspring for Fairwyn Farm and others. Goldilocks is 15 years old and still producing quality cattle. Tatiana is a deep, easy fleshing, extremely correct female. is power packed original pedigree is great for any breeding program or style. is flush we have mixed Tatiana’s champion bloodline with a present 2012 NWSS Supreme Champion Bull, HH Prince Charming, for a power packed combination!

— 11 —

Consignor: Bar J ranch

Lot 28

Selling (4) #1 embryos

Embryo Sire:

Bar J Beauford 9W12
Reg. FM 11933 Birth Date: 4-5-09 Tattoo: BJR9W12

Sc BaXter t7 u285 Sire Bar J Nell 4p13-7t41 Dam

{Buzz {BraMBletYe WilloW {Bar J aGaVe p54 {Bar J Nell ok9-4p13

Embryo Dam: Jer-Lindy Reg. FF 8223
fairWYN’S leGacY Sire Jer-liNdY MarGerita N02 Dam

Legacy martini
Tattoo: U2

Birth Date: 8-24-08
{BrackeNGrae Beau lad {7l151 GoldilockS {BraMBletYe tequila {Bar J Nellie 7G1 1l17

Bar J Beauford was the 2011 National Champion Bull who went on to win the Supreme Championship. His pedigree includes Bar J Ponderosa, Brambletye Tequila and the Nell cow family, all who have produced numerous champions. Martini’s sire was a national champion. Her maternal granddam is a full sister to the 2004 National Champion Female and is a full sister to Ponderosa and Dillion, both national champions. Here is a rare opportunity to purchase elite genetics for your program!


Embryo Sire:

Lot 29

ttt Zeff’s Kryptonite
Consignor: kirtley family farms Reg. FM 7038 Birth Date: 1-4-08 Tattoo: U01 Selling 3 Embryos
coloMBo park zeffirelli (ai) Sire ardroSSaN Nardia (et) Dam {appertarra raNdY {coloMBo park Violetta (et) {MiNikiN quiNtuS {ardroSSaN carla (et)

Embryo Dam: JJC’s Yes Ima Reg. FF 4509
VituluS YeS YeS YeS Sire MS rockiNG BreNtoN 259k Dam

Tattoo: 7S

Birth Date: 2-16-06
{SaNta fe MaXiMillioN (et) {WYzeNBeef ladY WarataH {eliza park BreNtoN {GleN iNNeS N221

From the heart of our herd … grounding solid and proven Lowline Angus genetics into a stunning phenotypic package: JCC’s IMA Sensation, a superior Lowline female, is a powerfully-designed cow with extra substance and mass. Kryptonite, 2008 NAILE reserve champion fullblood bull, a powerfully-constructed, masculine, high-performing, proven bovine with imported genetics from Down Under and superior marbling scores. A terrific genetic opportunity!

— 12 —

SemeN PaCKaGe

Lot 30
Lazy G Red Cloud
Consignor: B&B lowlines Tattoo: u19 reg. fM 7989 Birth Date: 7-29-08 Selling 10 Straws & 5 Breeding Certificates
VituluS aWeSoMe red Sire MurruMBoNG lGl red tulip Dam {VituluS Y-r {GoaN Black opal 5 {GoaN WaNdoo ii {GoaN Black opal

Red Cloud was our selection from the Lazy G Red Lowline program. He could be used on Bluey daughters and will make excellent moderator cattle. A daughter sells as Lot 5.

November 13th – Cattle check-in, aer 12:00 Noon November 14th at 8:00 a.m. please check with Sale and Show Superintendents for stall space –Social at Cardinal Inn starting at 6:30 p.m. November 14th – Sale – 9:00 a.m. –ELAA Annual Dinner/Meeting, Dinner starting at 6:00 p.m.; Meeting at 7:00 p.m. November 15th – Judging starting at 8:00 a.m. Junior Show will start at 8:00 a.m. is is a “Blow and Show” event Open show will start at 10:00 a.m.

Notes …

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