Dilli Ki Ek Love Kahaani - Season II

“Blossom Garden” By Ayush Mathur

"Romance has been elegantly defined as the offspring of fiction and love."- Isaac Disraeli If two people are meant for each other, it doesn't mean they have to be together right now…but they will eventually. Even if we had past relationships, it made us who we are now and we accept that...... "Blossom Gardens" - beautiful love story of a couple who spent years together, each day they fell deeper in love Then comes a time in life when the past strikes back – Dilli ki Ek Love Kahaani season II ...

Episode I
Shamita Pant a middle aged woman and her husband Dr. Nimit Pant, pretty well settled, lives in post south Delhi. It was a late Friday evening, weather in Delhi was quite pleasant, one could see a lovely sight of Moon and clouds, playing hide and seek. Shamita Pant was watching her favourite TV show, her husband Nimit hasn’t came home yet from the hospital, so were their 19 year old daughter Malishka and 17 year old son Vidit. Mrs Pant was feeling lonely at home, as it was getting late, she called her husband on his cell phone; it was ringing. Nimit picked up and said “I am stuck at this ring road traffic Jam yaar, near south Delhi, will be home in some time and disconnected. Shamita sadly puts the phone down. Then she thought of calling her daughter who hasn’t came home from her tuition classes. The phone went ringing but Malishka didn’t answer, then she tried calling Vidit as he picked it up, Shamita asked his son worriedly “where are both of you?” Aren’t you both coming home?? Where is Malishka?? I am waiting for all of you to have dinner together”. Vidit replied saying “Hey Maa, I was about to call you, I might get late am going for Varun’s Birthday party and Malishka is also with me, so we will be late its better you had your dinner, will have it outside only. Bye Mom.” and he puts (put) the phone down. Shamita gets irritated and felt quite bad not because she was all alone but also it was a special day for her as it was her wedding anniversary and no one was there at home. also, she was waiting for her family members so as they could have dinner together, it has never happened before then how come today, Shamita sat on the couch and continued watching her show. Suddenly the door bell rang… She stood up and went to open the door...it was dark outside, she asked who is it… but nobody replies…she slowly opens the door but couldn’t see anyone there…. Suddenly there was a huge noise of “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU” Shamita got a wonderful surprise. It was none other than her husband Nimit along with their daughter and son Malishka and Vidit, standing there with lovely bouquets and gifts.. Malishka hugged her mom and asked “Did you like our surprise?” Vidit screamed from a side “Mom it was my idea to give you a surprise this time.” Malishka intervene and said “No mom it was my idea”… it was a sweet fight between the siblings. Nimit came and hugged Shamita and congratulated her on the wonderful day. Shamita was smiling. Having such a wonderful family she hit a pat on Vidit’s head..: “Thank you!” as she hugged her children. There was a slight drop in her eyes because of overwhelming response from her family. Everybody went inside and Malishka quickly went inside the kitchen to get a knife and a tray to cut the cake. Shamita & Nimit cuts the cake. Vidit was capturing those beautiful moments in his camera. There was a cheer loud of everybody. Everybody was so happy and enjoying those moments. Malishka said “Ok! Now there is a surprise for both of you“. Nimit was a cheerful man and cracked a joke and said “wow! am sure you must be giving us a chocolate hamper which later you only will eat, I knew it.” He laughed. Vidit said “No Dad, it’s something special from our side.” Malishka gave an envelope to her mother and asked her to open.

It’s the air tickets for their stay in Malaysia. Shamita was amazed to see those tickets. she immediately asked Nimit, “You knew about it na? I am sure” and she smiled. Nimit was quite and said, “yes darling, we are going on a holiday to Malaysia.” Shamita said “But in the tickets, only our names are mentioned, what about Malishka and Vidit?”. Even Nimit got shocked to see, she asked Malishka, “I told you to book all four of us.” Malishka gave a smile and said “Now that’s the surprise! (put) only you two are going, we want you to revisit your young age and go for your second honeymoon” and she laughed. Shamita felt shy and said “No-No, how can we leave both of you” Malishka said, “Mom, we have always been with you, but we want you both to spend some time together, to relive those special moments together” and she winked. Nimit laughed and said, “Oh God, I think I should better go to some spiritual place rather than going at the beach.”(put) Vidit said “No Dad, go and enjoy, we will manage here”. Shamita was still in double mind weither to leave her children here and go with her husband or should stay back at home.

Episode II Next morning Nimit quickly had his breakfast and left for the hospital along with Malishka and Vidit to their college. Shamita was at home, suddenly the phone rang…she picked it up and said, “Hello” … but nobody responded. The phone got disconnected. She ignored it and went back to her daily routine work. she was also thinking about the surprise gift that her children gave last night. She wanted to spend some special time with her husband but she was also worried about her children, she wanted them to come along with them, so that they could go together on a holiday. The day passed as usual, Nimit reached home late. He was a bit tired and so were the kids as came back home after their coaching classes, Shamita asked them to have dinner, everybody sat at the dining table very quietly. Vidit asked for the rice, Shamita passed the bowl, Vidit started the conversation and asked her, “So Mom, Is your packing done?” Shamita looked at Nimit and politely replied “No, not yet.” To which Vidit said, “why not mom just 2 days left.” She replied saying “Vidit, actually I was thinking, we will go next time, as I am much more worried about you two. How will you manage? and Malishka is having her exams also, she needs me” No, we all will go after her exams, you cancel our tickets”. Malishka replied and said “Don’t worry about us Mom; please don’t cancel the programme. Please Mom please   .” Nimit intervene, he looked at Shamita, and said “We are so lucky to have kids like them. If they want us to go, let’s go…” Shamita smiled and said, “Ok baba….fine we‘ll go but, we won’t let you stay alone, so I will ask my sister and her husband VivekShruti and her husband Vivek to stay here for a week. So as they could take care of you.” “Ok Mom”, Malishka was overjoyed and excited as she had convinced her parents to go on a second honeymoon. Nimit was also very happy as she could spend more time with her wife on a vacation, out from all the daily routine life. As a house wife, it’s important for her to get out of her daily house hold work to cherish her memories of their earlier days of marriage which could rejuvenate the long lasting love between the couple. Malishka and Vidit helped her mother in getting things packed. Though Nimit was not much interested in this packing job, he was looking for his camera, he asked her wife Shamita to pack all his necessary things, including his clothes and other accessories. Shamita, the house wife has no reason to say no, and did the job perfectly. Their baggage was packed. Nimit called Vivek, his brother-in-law (Shruti’s husband) and told him about the surprised honeymoon package gifted by there children, Vivek got amazed to know the entire story about their children sending them on a second honeymoon. Nimit asked Vivek, if they could manage to come and stay with the children for a week, so as they could peacefully enjoy their vacations. Vivek without any hesitation said yes, they were very close to them and also lives in the same locality. It was a Sunday morning, Nimit and Shamita were ready to leave for the airport. Vivek and Shruti came to their house. all of them sat in the car. Vivek drove and it took them 45

minutes to reach the airport, their flight was on time. Shamita hugged her children. There were tears in her eyes as she hugged Malishka and Vidit “take care darling, we’ll miss you a lot”, “We all will miss you too mom, but we want you both to enjoy to the fullest and do shop for us, bye bye”. Both Shamita and Nimit went inside the airport to check in. Vivek and his wife Shruti got back home along with Malishka and Vidit. While Shamita and Nimit boarded Malaysia airlines flight, Shamita sitting at the window’s seat was thinking about their children. Nimit looked at her and noticed that she is missing their children. She tried changing her mood and started the conversation, even after 15 years of their marriage; Nimit was still the same, a nice romantic husband, who take care of each and every need of his wife. Nimit said to Shamita “Do you remember those days, when we went to Kashmir, 12 years back, Shamita replied “Yeah Malishka was just 3 years old” “I do remember those beautiful moments.” Nimit looked into her eyes and said “I still Love you the same Shamita”, he holds her hand and smiled looking into her eyes. Shamita was feeling shy, she smiled and said “Oh Com’on Nimit, stop flirting, you are a father of 2 kids now, she laughed. Nimit said “Our Kids have only sent us to spend our second honeymoon” they both laughed. Finally they reached their destination.

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