Public Information Regarding Reporting Unprofessional Conduct or Malpractice As an organization that has 10 or more Registered Nurses on staff, Navarro

College has a Peer Review Committee process as required by the Texas Board of Nursing. One purpose of the Peer Review Committee is to review the merits of complaints concerning a nurse employed by Navarro College or the nursing care provided by a nurse employed by Navarro College and to make a determination or recommendation regarding the complaint. Navarro College and the Navarro College Associate Degree Nursing Program and Vocational Nursing Program use this web site and other means to inform the public about nursing practice information. Navarro College professional nurses maintain established professional and ethical standards and adhere to all Texas Board of Nursing rules. Any person who has knowledge of unprofessional conduct or malpractice by an RN or LVN employed by Navarro College may report that complaint to the contacts listed in the table below:

Chair of the Peer Review Committee Associate Degree Nursing Program Director Vocational Nursing Program Director Texas Board of Nursing

Patricia Lucas, RN Betty Shumate Barbara Jones

(903) 875-7558 (903) 875-7588 (903) 875-7549 (512) 305-7400

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