ji Sun-Times Fi
A New Plymouth woman told her husband she had become terrified of her former lover, a man now standing trial for her murder. Just days before her death - which was initially believed to be a suicide by hanging - the mother of two, Dipti Patel, revealed to her husband that her former lover was harassing and blackmailing her. Shanal Sajesh Kumar, 29, a Fijian Indian, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mrs Patel, 42, in her New Plymouth garage on Gaine St on or about April 7, 2009. The Crown has told the jury that Kumar murdered her and made it appear that she had hanged herself with a skipping rope in her garage at home. On the second day of a High Court jury trial at New Plymouth, Mrs Patel's husband, Mukesh Patel, gave evidence that his wife admitted to him that she was having an affair. Mr Patel found out about the relationship after receiving an anonymous call at his work at Fitzroy Engineering. He left work, went home and confronted her. The couple was in the process of an amicable separation, intending to halve their assets, when she died. Mrs Patel was to have custody of the two boys.

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Victim Was Terrified Of Ex-Lover, Court Told

October 26, 2012

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NOT GUILTY PLEA: Fijian-Indian Shanal Sajesh Kumar, 29, denies he murdered his lover, Indian-born Dipti Patel, 42, in the garage of her New Plymouth home three years ago
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Friday October 26, 2012


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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012


Housing Authority Eyes West Expansion
The Housing Authority is looking into developing a progressive office space alongside commercial outlets and a self-contained apartment complex at its existing Lautoka office property. Housing Authority chief executive officer Alipate Naiorosui said, “Currently we are inviting competent individuals and design firms to conduct a feasibility study and submit a report on its financial viability and demand for commercial spaces in the city”. The existing office space currently hosts a Customer Relations centre for Housing Authority as well as the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Lautoka branch. Located within the central business district in between the Methodist Coronation Church and the Cathy Hotel, the property has a total land area of 2832 square meters. “At this point, HA is inviting architects and technical firms to provide a conceptual design of how we can utilize this space to not only provide a modern office space for our Lautoka customers but to also support local business, government departments and other public enterprises expansion needs in the area”, Mr Naiorosui continued. As part of the Expressions of Interest being carried out by Housing Authority, the documents must also outline the potential cost of recreating a new office space, commercial outlets and self-contained apartments as well as its projected timeframe for construction. The Expression of Interest closes at 3pm on Friday, November 16th, 2012 at which point all sealed envelopes must reach the tender box located on Level 5, Housing Authority Building in Valelevu, Nasinu.

PM's Warning To TLTB

Continued From Page 1 "My boys were very close to their mum and they were still young, that's why she wanted them," he said. While she had not wanted to separate, he did. "I didn't really have a choice because without trust you can't live." Mr Patel said his wife told him that Kumar - whom she had not named to him - was constantly ringing her and threatening her. "She was very frightened of him. He told her that ‘If I can't have you noone else can'," Mr Patel said through a Gujarati (an Indian language) interpreter. He also told her that no matter where she went in the world he would find her, Mr Patel said. Kumar also told her if he could not have her then he would blacken her name to New Plymouth's Indian community. Mr Patel said he and his older son also received calls from the man. The man spoke a mixture of both Hindi and English and his dialect was not from India. The words he used about his wife were "dirty and inappropriate". Mr Patel would tell him not to ring again but he continued to do so. Mr Patel said he always knew who it was because of the words he used. "Every time he called he always said ‘Give me your wife', so I knew it was the same person." Mr Patel said he would reply that he could have her if he went through the legal process first. On the Sunday before she died, he and

Victim Was Terrified Of ExLover, Court Told
the boys had come home from a bike ride to find her terrified. She said she had received several phone calls but no one spoke. They discussed ringing police and getting caller ID. Later that night a friend arrived at their home and she had asked him to answer the telephone because she believed the caller was the same person. The friend had told the man off, asking him why he was harassing the family. When he got off the phone he told Mr Patel he knew who the caller was. To the court, Mr Patel said he could no longer remember what the name was. The night before she died, the couple had gone to bed together and had sex, Mr Patel said. The defence counsel Peter Winter of Auckland said that the first thing the Crown must prove to the jury was exactly how Mrs Patel died. "To answer that you will have to consider any evidence that she was actually involved in her own death or not." And, if the jury found that she was, whether she was assisted by anyone. It was important to consider what significant events were going on in and around Mrs Patel's life at the time. If the Crown proved that she was deliberately killed, then the issue would be who killed her. "Was it the accused? Did [the accused] really have a motive to kill her?" Mr Winter reminded the jury that the accused told police he was not at Gaine St at the time she died.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, left, chats with iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) general manager Alipate Qetaki during the official opening of the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) Strategic Corporate Planning Workshop at the Warwick Fiji LAZINESS, incompetence and been fired because they breached their corruption within the iTaukei Land fiduciary duty to the landowners. Trust Board (TLTB) will not be "PM went on; I told our civil servants tolerated. what I'll repeat here, we expect the This was the warning from Prime highest standards of performance and Minister Commodore Voreqe priority." Bainimarama to staff of TLTB as In his final statement on the matter, he opened their Strategic Planning Commodore Bainimarama did not Corporate Workshop. Commodore mince his words. Bainimarama said cases of TLTB staff "We will not tolerate laziness or not meeting the standards demanded of incompetence and anyone who is them would not be tolerated. corrupt will be found out and dealt "We hear cases of abuse of office by with," he stated. TLTB staff out in the field. Cases Commodore Bainimarama also made of extortion, of making promises to reference to other in-house problems lessees that the TLTB staff knows they faced by TLTB, saying they must be cannot or will not fulfill," Commodore rectified as soon as possible. Bainimarama said. He said these problems included He said there were further cases in a woefully out of date landowner which staff gave false encouragement database, a lack of understanding of the to landowners and cases where they TLTB mission and a lack of willingness deprived landowners of their dues. to further develop land usage in Fiji. "Some staff members have let the team TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki down," Commodore Bainimarama welcomed the PM's comments, said. saying they would bode well for the "In fact, staff members have recently organization.

Fiji Ranked 4th In Poll
As the tourism industry grows from strength to strength, international recognition of the country's efforts are overflowing the trophy cabinet at Tourism Fiji's headquarters. At the recent Conde Nast Travellers Readers Choice Awards, Fiji was recognised as one of the top four in the 'Islands in Australia and the Pacific' category. The result is heralded as a major achievement with Fiji climbing up two spots from sixth place last year. Attorney General and Minister for Tourism Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said: "This is a wonderful recognition of all we have to offer in Fiji. Condé Nast Traveller readers are seasoned and sophisticated travellers with high expectations, so their very positive opinion of the Fiji experience is a wonderful achievement."

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Friday October 26, 2012



Fiji News
3 Year Fixed

Friday October 26, 2012


The increase in the number of cruise “Also the duty free status of items such ships lately can hardly go unnoticed as perfumes, cameras and cosmetics and no doubt has provided a big boost Please change: which has helped us and other retailers to the local economy. in Fiji.” 5 year Fixed rate @ 3.09% Tourists have been flocking into Suva 5 year Tappoo said the2.65%, PrimeMr Variable rate @ temporary closure City over the past two weeks as quite a 0.35% Stinson Parade bridge near the of the number of cruise ships have docked atPlsfish market inafter city was unfortunate fwd the PDF the changes. the Suva Wharf – the most recent one but they understood the situation was being on Monday. necessary and beyond the control of And although in Fiji, we do not have the authorities. year fixed rate @ 3.09% sky-scrappers to offer the tourists who However, he Insured only- Conditionfish market is hoping the apply Call For Details year Variable rate @ 2.65%, but we have in Scott Street which falls very close to get off the cruise ships, rime-0.35 (please delete the internationally-competitive shopping the Suva Port would be relocated soon malls conventional ords- regular such as TappooCity and MHCC and the walkway turned into a garden in the capital city. promenade similar to what TappooCity ortgage-- & ensure 5 years TappooCity executive director, Remal has created. written) Tappoo said they were thankful to have “So tourists who wish to dock out of the been given an opportunity to showcase cruise ships will have easier access into to the cruise ship passengersConditions Apply Call for Details a world- Suva City without having to go through class shopping, food and entertainment the unsightly environment (including experience at TappooCity. foul smells and flies),” he said. “TappooCity is an iconic structure and “Instead they can get a more positive with the variety of shopping, food and experience when coming into the city fun, it is no wonder that it is a hit with which Conventional Mortgage things to offer. Regular has so many great both locals and tourists alike,” he said. “We hope that more cruise ships can (conditions apply) “With the sun and sand in the West, in come to our port and experience not the Coral Coast and on Denarau Island, just sun, sand and sea – which Fiji is Suva had to change to ensure that the already renowned for- but also all the economy can grow and strengthen great things that our capital city has to Fiji’s core business which is tourism. offer. “There are certain aspects which have “This includes a truly world class helped us to grow our sales which shopping food and entertainment include the VAT refund scheme which experience which we proudly offer has Government introduced. here in TappooCity.”

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Job Well Done - PM Bainimarama
Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said it was an honour for him to congratulate a selected few who had worked beyond the call of duty. “All of you in this room contribute to building a better Fiji through the work you do in the service of the nation but tonight we honour those whose performance has been judged to be exceptional,” Commodore Bainimarama said during the Service Excellence Awards ceremony. “These are the people who have gone beyond their call of duty, who represent the finest traditions of the Civil Service. “To all of them I say: you are the backbone of Government, the people who keep the machinery of the State well oiled and turning properly.” The prime minister commended winners for leading by example. “It is your skill that is delivering best practice, your hard work that sets the standard for others, your integrity that keeps the Civil Service free of the widespread corruption that used to mar its performance,” Commodore Bainimarama said. The prime minister said although there was incompetence, laziness and corruption it should not be an excuse. “We all know there are elements in the Civil Service who have not met the high standards we require. There is incompetence, laziness and corruption. And there is no excuse for this,” Commodore Bainimarama said. “This, of course, is a small minority. Fortunately, the majority of civil servants take their duties seriously. And some – like the winners - aspire to greatness.” This is the eighth year of these Service Excellence Awards and the Bainimarama Government continues the reform programme that it introduced to serve our people better. The prime minister said that by 2013, individual civil servants would be assessed on their individual performance and paid accordingly. “The better you perform, the more money you will get,” Commodore Bainimarama said. “This is one of the most basic reforms of all – to reward individual effort and encourage initiative and innovation.” “We are freeing our smarter workers from the straightjacket of being grouped with their less ambitious peers and giving them the opportunity to excel and reap the benefits.” Commodore Bainimarama thanked the Government of Singapore for making available Peter Ho, who so eloquently shared his experiences of being a public servant in a country that is a benchmark for excellence itself. “No country in the Asia Pacific region inspires us more than Singapore. In 50 years, this small island nation, approximately the size of Taveuni, has grown – through good governance and hard work - into one of the economic giants of the region,” the Fijian prime minister said. “Singapore has successfully forged a range of individuals and groups into a united, peaceful, non-corrupt, modern, well-educated and dynamic nation. “Singapore is the way Fiji aspires to be, the way Fiji will be if Fijians work as hard as Singaporeans to make it happen.”

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Friday October 26, 2012

Fiji News


Man Charged With Murdering His Partner At North Narrabeen Caravan Park
A FIJIAN national has been charged with the fatal stabbing of his female partner in a bungalow at the Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park at North Narrabeen early Sunday morning. The couple's 13-month-old son was asleep in another room at the time of the alleged stabbing and was not woken by the commotion. Northern Beaches crime manager Insp Craig Wonders said Ratu Serutawake, 29, phoned his relatives at 4.30am in a distressed state. He said the relatives went to the bungalow and found the 22-year-old woman on the floor of the cabin with stab wounds to her chest. The relatives then phoned the police and paramedics. Insp Wonders said that when they arrived at the bungalow, they tried to revive the woman but without success. Mr Serutawake was arrested at the scene and taken to Dee Why police station to be interviewed. Police established a crime scene that was examined by specialist forensic officers. Mr Serutawake was later charged with murder and refused bail to appear before Hornsby Local Court on December 18. The couple's infant son was placed in the care of relatives. The woman's name has not been released because the police are yet to trace and notify all her relatives. Investigations into the woman's death are continuing and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.

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Fiji Police Get Service Tips From Overseas
The Fiji Police Force continues to learn from their international counterparts on various ways in which they could serve the community better. Singapore's Ambassador to Fiji Verghese Mathews paid a courtesy visit to the Fiji Police Force headquarters. This was after Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua and senior police officers visited Singapore earlier this year on a comparative study tour of the Singapore Police Force. "As part of our benchmarking exercises to align the Fiji Police Force with top police jurisdictions, the Singapore Police Force was chosen because it had the bold approach to declare it a force for the nation, forward looking, had a futuristic high level of operational readiness and low level of bureaucracy amongst other issues," Assistant Commissioner of Police Unaisi Vuniwaqa said. Mr Mathews, while addressing police officers present at the briefing, said the Singapore Police Force's operations were similar to what the Fiji Police Force was doing, meaning that both forces continued to strive to see growth within their departments. "As a country we suddenly found ourselves independent and one of the earliest lessons learnt was one of survival and we did this by learning from other countries and seeing how their ways would benefit us," he said.

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Australian senate inquiries have begun examining the risks of allowing ginger from Fiji and pineapples from Malaysia to be imported into Australia. Australian growers say buying Fijian ginger could devastate the local industry as the imports run the risk of carrying a pest known as a burrowing nematode. They say Nematodes have been known to wipe out up to 70 per cent of Fiji's crops. Senator Bill Heffernan is taking part in the inquiry and he has told more research needs to be done to stop the produce coming into Australia. "From the first snapshot of this, there's not enough science put into this," he

Fiji Ginger, Malaysia Pineapple Imports Under Australian Scrutiny
said. He says Fiji should bear the cost of the research. "It appears to me unfair that the cost of proving the science on this falls on Australia and not on Fiji and I think

that's one of the things we'd like to see changed," he said. Australian pineapple growers have also expressed concern about a disease called heart rot being brought into the country via Malaysian pineapple imports.


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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012


PM Announces Major Concession To Landowners
Landowners will get more money from their leased land after Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama announced a reduction by 5 per cent in the poundage paid to the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB). This will mean that by 2013, landowners will get in excess of $800,000 more than what they are currently getting due to the reduction in this administrative cost levied by the landlord, the TLTB. “Today, I can announce that the administrative fees charged by TLTB will be reduced by 2.5 per cent effective January 1, 2013. It is expected that these will be reduced a further 2.5 per cent later in the year, equaling an effective 5 per cent drop in 2013,” Prime Minister Bainimarama said. He made this announcement as he opened the Annual TLTB Strategic Corporate Planning workshop at Warwick Resort on Tuesday, adding that this will mean more money in the hands of all landowners. At the same time, the head of Government reiterated the commitment his Government made in 2009 to the landowners that landownership system will remain and native title of land will not be converted to any other form of ownership. “I pledged that my Government would work with the iTaukei landowners to ensure that they get a fair return on their land when they lease it; that the distribution of the lease monies was carried out on an equitable basis so that all iTaukei benefit, not just a select few,” Prime Minister Bainimarama said. TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki while welcoming the announcement by the Prime Minister, said this was very good news for the landowners and they will be looking forward to 2013. “The TLTB receives or deducts 15 per cent from all the income collected to go to the TLTB for poundage which is for the TLTB operations and expenditure cost for that particular year,” he explained. Mr Qetaki said the first reduction will become effective from January 1, 2013 while the second reduction will be in place from July 2013. He said going on the figures of 2012; the TLTB will be forgoing an estimated $800,000 a year which will now go directly to the landowners.

Fiji Produces High Value Sugar
FIJI produces some of the best quality raw sugar in the world with a value of 98pol (polarisation) compared to the average reading of 96pol. Fiji Sugar Corporation executive chairman Abdul Khan said the quality of raw sugar was quite high. "The purity of (Fiji) sugar when measured is always above at 98 plus with the average at 96," he said. "So, because of that high quality, we receive a premium from our buyers Tate & Lyle." This, he said, was apart from the normal sugar payment Mr Khan added that the FSC has set goals to achieve in the new year. "To do better than what we did this year. It's encouraging to see a lot of people planting cane when we drive around the north which is a good sign. "But more importantly, the quality of the sugar. If it is of good quality and fresh, extraction becomes a lot easier for the mill."

The High Court trial of former Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has been scheduled for September 23-27 next year. Mr Chaudhry appeared before Justice Paul Madigan last week with his lawyer Anand Singh, who has replaced Rajendra Chaudhry. Mr Singh said he would need three months to study the case. "I also need time because Queens Counsel Peter Williams will be coming for the case," he said. The High Court has dropped a number of charges against Mr Chaudhry. These relate to tax evasion. In 2010, he was charged with offences relating

Mahendra Chaudhry Gets New Trial Date

to foreign exchange, making false statements in relation to tax and money laundering. The High Court had ruled the former Prime Minister would not face money laundering charges. The court also ruled that the tax declaration charges be permanently stayed as legislation introduced in 2007 put a time ban on the offences which were allegedly committed at least six years earlier. Mr Chaudhry will still face foreign exchange charges. Justice Madigan has adjourned the matter to February 22 next year for mention.

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Friday October 26, 2012

Fiji News


The Desperate Search, Visit To Witchdoctors
Desperation and worry grew for relatives as time passed without any word or trace of the missing Kumar family. The desperation saw relatives of Davendra Kumar visiting witchdoctors in all corners of Viti Levu with the hope of getting clues to locate him, his wife and two small children. But relatives were always led on a wild goose chase by the witchdoctors, who only chewed up a substantial amount of money from Mr Kumar's desperate relatives. Mr Kumar's nephew, Verend Prasad said he and other relatives spent about $10,000 on witchdoctors in the search for his missing relatives. The first relative to know that Mr Kumar and his family were missing was Mr Prasad, who went to their house in Raiwaqa, Navua to invite them to his son's first birthday celebration. "With my grandfather, I chose the block of land in Raiwaqa for my mama (uncle) and his family to move to from Labasa," Mr Prasad told reporter. "He dismantled part of his house in Labasa and shipped it to my place in Navua, as I was staying near the town at that time. "I helped him a lot and with government assistance, we built his house in Raiwaqa and he settled down well." Mr Prasad said his uncle operated a taxi in Labasa and after moving to Navua, he transferred the taxi base from Labasa to Tamavua in Suva. "It was during that time that I thought of being away from him for some time so he can live independently with his family and do things without anyone's assistance. "I stopped making frequent visits to his house when his taxi base was transferred from Labasa to Tamavua. "However, I spent two weekends with him to show him the roads in Suva so that he would know the various places." Mr Prasad said his uncle gave the taxi to a driver and he decided to start farming on a small scale. He said his uncle later took the taxi back when the driver failed to give him the income they had agreed on. "We were very close but we had less communication around that time because I wanted him to be himself and not be dependent on anyone. "It was sometime in late April 2006 when I was calling him to invite him to my son's first birthday celebration but his mobile phone was diverted. "When I didn't get any answer after several calls, I decided to go up to Raiwaqa and deliver the birthday invitation personally." Mr Prasad recalls going to Raiwaqa on a Wednesday with his wife. He said when they arrived at Mr Kumar's house, no one was there but some clothes were hanging outside. "I then asked a neighbour who told me that my uncle and them had not been at their home for the past two days or so. "We then came back thinking that they would return home later that day and I returned to my uncle's place the next day," he said. Mr Prasad said he was frightened when he found out that his uncle and his family had not arrived home yet and the clothes were still hanging outside. "I got that feeling that something was wrong. I can't actually describe how I felt, it was just that eerie kind of feeling. "I then went home and started contacting my relatives to find out if they had seen my uncle and his family. "But no one was aware of their whereabouts and everyone became quite worried and started contacting everyone around." Mr Prasad said his uncle's eldest child Dipika, who got married and moved to the US last year, was staying at his brother Vinod's place at that time. But, he said, no one told her that her family was missing as it was time for her university exams. He said after reporting the matter to Navua police that same night, he and other relatives went with police officers to his uncle's house in Raiwaqa. "Again, we were very frightened as it was quite dark, the house was in the interior and we only had torches. We broke down the door and went inside and saw food in the pots, tea, some dried clothes and the children's toys. "The food and tea had gone bad. "By seeing the food and other things there, it was obvious that my uncle and his family were supposed to return home on the same day they left home. "The curtains were also not drawn and we were very sad after returning from there. We knew that something was wrong." Mr Prasad said he had started his business at that time and because of his uncle's family's disappearance, he did not work for one month to be part of the search. He said all relatives were very worried about the missing family members and as days went by, the desperation grew. "You know how some Indians are and in our desperation to get clues to find my uncle and his family, we also went to witchdoctors," he said. "The first one we went to told us that someone had kidnapped my uncle and his family and they were somewhere in the jungle. "He told us that we will find them and after hearing this, one of my uncles who was present there took out $200 and gave it to him. I also gave the witchdoctor $50." Mr Prasad said he and the other relatives left the witchdoctor's house and continued to search for the missing family. "While searching, we were communicating with the witchdoctor via mobile phone and he told us to look here and look there in the jungle. "But when we didn't find any trace of my uncle and his family, contrary to what the witchdoctor had said, we called him again but he had switched off his phone. "Apart from that witchdoctor, we went to about 15 other witchdoctors in different parts of Viti Levu in the hope of getting some clues to locate my uncle and his family. "We spent about $10,000 on witchdoctors alone and another $10,000 on hiring four-wheel drive vehicles and other transport for the search in the highlands." Mr Prasad said he and his relatives wasted a substantial amount of money on witchdoctors, as they were always sent on a wild goose chase. The visits to the witchdoctors were made during the almost two months that relatives of the missing family and police were carrying out an extensive search for them. It was after almost two months into the search and after the assistance of a New Zealand police expert, who was called in, that local police decided to call off the search. Relatives also decided to call off the search as there was no trace of the missing family or their taxi despite the extensive search, including that of the Navua River from as far as the hills. Mr Prasad said sometimes he still wondered why his uncle and the family left behind their important documents on a pew in the Emmanuel Assemblies of God Church in Calia. He said no one could forget important documents for their land and other things, with a mobile phone, somewhere. "If someone killed them, there should be a reason for it. "My uncle wasn't rich, he had no big properties and he also didn't have any personal problems with anyone. "And there was also no reason for him to commit suicide with his family and whatever happened could have been an accident too. "I don't know what happened, I don't have any answers. "It's a mystery and only God knows what happened to my uncle and his family," said Mr Prasad.

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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012


A Fiji-born McDonald's manager was sentenced to seven months' home detention by the Queenstown District Court in New Zealand for a "football" kick to the head of a customer. Rishi Kumar, 34, a duty manager at the fast food restaurant, was convicted of intent to injure causing injury to a customer on August 30 when he punched the victim, swung him around, threw him to the ground, stood on his torso and finally kicked him in the head. Kumar then proceeded to "quite calmly" grab a bucket of water and return to the scene of the incident to clean up the victim's blood. According to a Otago Daily Times report, Judge Kevin Phillips described Kumar's reaction to a trespassing customer as "highly unusual" and did not accept the defence statement that Kumar had been fearful or in "survival mode". "I am trying to work out why you would snap at the victim the way you did," the judge said. "You grabbed his right arm, swung him around and punched him in the face. ... you football kicked him in the head. None of that is impulsive is it?" Defence counsel Phena Byrne said Kumar's reaction was "impulsive" and reactive to the intoxicated victim's

Home Detention For Mcdonald's Manager

racial abuse. "It was a busy night, he was struggling to deal with a new staff member and there was equipment not working." "He clearly accepts his behaviour was wholly unsuitable. The victim has been fair and accepts the part he had to play in it." Kumar had been subject to racial abuse and assault earlier this year. "This part of the premises has gained some sort of notoriety of late night drunken incidents." Judge Phillips said he had taken in to account Kumar's character references as a "hard working family man" and his analysis showing a low level of reoffending. Kumar has a wife who works at the restaurant, an eight-year-old daughter and no previous record of assault. Judge Phillips sentenced Kumar to seven month's home detention and 200 hours' community work and ordered him to pay $200 reparation and $2000 in emotional harm reparation by December 20. He said Kumar would be investigated by Immigration and be asked to leave the country. "It is entirely improbable that you will be able to continue living in New Zealand."

Electronic Voting Will Create Chaos: Dr Narsey

Keep Eyes On Money
Businesses, company directors and personnel and members of the Director financial institutions are all bound by a of Public Prosecutions office, director number of decrees and laws surrounding of the FIU Razim Buksh called on all financial transactions in the country. businesses and financial agents in the Failure to report suspicious activity company to be aware that all funds could result in company personnel, coming into and going out of Fiji were senior management and directors being monitored. coming under scrutiny from watchdog, "It is an obligation under the Financial the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Transactions Reporting Act that all Speaking at the 'Proceeds of Crime: remittances, immaterial of where it's Follow the Money Workshop' in coming from or where the funds are Nadi, Police Commissioner Brigadier going to or what the dollar value is General Ioane Naivalurua said Fiji's — this has to be reported by financial legislation also allowed for property institutions to the FIU," he said. and illegally derived financial gains "We have a monitoring system where to be temporarily restrained while we check on all transactions and if there investigations were being conducted. is a suspicion on any of the transactions "In Fiji we have a comprehensive legal then the FIU will investigate the framework for money laundering — case and pass it onto the relevant law laws such as the Proceeds of Crime Act, enforcement agency. the Financial Transactions Reporting "If it is in relation to immigration Act, the Mutual Legal Assistance in then we pass it onto the Immigration Criminal Matters Act and the Crimes Department. Decree all make money laundering "If it is in relation to exchange control, unlawful. for example, where we suspect "These laws also allow the Fiji Police breaches have been committed by the Force and other law enforcement person who has raised capital and now agencies to legally investigate and wants to take it abroad, we would refer prosecute money laundering offenders the intelligence to the Reserve Bank of and seize and forfeit properties Fiji or in most cases, we would refer the including houses and motor vehicles case to the Fiji Police Force where we alike," he said. To Get The Best Valuesuspect a crime has been committed," For Your Dollar Speaking to over 30 police crime he explained. Advertise In

Economist and former politician, Dr Wadan Narsey believes electronic voting during the 2014 General Elections will create chaos. Speaking during the Constitution Commission’s seminar on Electoral Reforms at the University of the South Pacific's Laucala Campus, Dr Narsey said there is no guarantee that somebody will not interfere with vote counts in the electronic voting system. “The voting paper is there so you can count it and keep it as a record for accountability,” he said. "Fiji’s rural voters, irrespective of which ever ethnic group they belong to, will not be able to go to the electronic voting booths and press buttons on screens with alphabets or numbers." “Even some graduates can’t do that, so think about the elderly citizens of Fiji who are not even able to withdraw money from ATM machines." He also spoke on the benefits of

proportional representation as a method of ensuring equality of all votes- Multi Racial and Gender Equality. However, this was also part of Dr Narsey’s submission to the Constitution Commission stating that it was fine to have electronic voter registration system but not electronic voting system in 2014. Meanwhile, the panel of experts which included Kare Vollan, Father David Arms and Dr Narsey discussed their experiences of alternative voting systems which is intended to establish a fair system of voting so that the interests and wishes of the people of Fiji can be represented through free, fair and honest elections. Vollan who is an expert and advisor on Electoral Reform spoke on system of proportional representation while Father Arms discussed electoral proposals contained in the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012

Government commended the commitment by rural and isolated communities in ensuring that children have access to basic learning tools. That was relayed by the Ministry of Information permanent secretary Sharon Smith Johns at the opening of the new Molituva community library in the village of Molituva in Kuku, Tailevu. Ms Johns said that the opening of the library will, “open doors for citizens, it will educate them and feed the mind”. She said that it “provides an opportunity for our children to learn, to improve literacy and to keep us connected with the rest of the world”. Ms Smith Johns reiterated government’s commitment towards education including recent reforms designed to boost education accessibility around the country. “The Prime Minister is personally committed to making sure that every child in this country will not be deprived of education. We both come from a generation where education, as important as it is, wasn’t always accessible”. She adds that Molituva community should anticipate the opening of the new library as an opportunity to learn and promote a culture of reading and learning.

Government Commends Village For Commitment To Improving Literacy
“The library represents a growing commitment not just by government to promote literacy but it demonstrates a growing appreciation by rural and remote communities towards the importance of literacy and the value it holds to our lives and the lives of our children,” Ms Smith Johns said. In her address, Ms Smith Johns also called on parents and guardians to ensure that cultural literacy is both preserved and promoted. Emphasizing the importance of language to any culture, Ms Smith Johns said that for communities like Molituva, there was a need to promote the i-Taukei language. “Sadly, some i-Taukei citizens do not speak the i-Taukei language. Some have lost interest and some can only read basic i-Taukei. That’s why it’s important that this library will serve as a learning ground for our children to preserve and promote cultural or i-Taukei literacy”. Molituva’s Turaga Ni Koro Mr Tikiko Raviakara said that the opening of the community library is a major boost for his village. “We are thankful to government for providing Molituva village the opportunity to help our children excel in education and improve their literacy capabilities”, Mr Raviakara said. “This library will greatly assist our younger generation in their education, because we believe that if we expose our children to read more, it will broaden their understanding and will be for their benefit in the future,” Mr

Raviakara said. The library was established through a joint initiative by the Ministry of information and the Molituva village community.




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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012


Fiji Expands Ties With Europe And Africa

Fiji Chairs Another Big International Forum
After being chosen to chair the G77 group of countries at the United Nations, Fiji has again been honoured with an invitation to chair an important committee of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) at a series of meetings in Brussels in the coming week. The 16th Meeting of the ACP Ministerial Trade Committee will be chaired by the Attorney-General and Minister for Industry and Trade, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who left for Europe as the head of the Fijian delegation. He will be accompanied by the Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade, Mr Shaheen Ali. The Ministerial meeting will be attended by ministers from the 79 ACP countries. In its 37 years, the organisation - working as a bloc – has been able to secure advantageous aid, trade and investment treaties for its members with the European Union. As well as chairing the ACP meeting, the Minister will be co-chairing the 11th Joint Ministerial Trade Committee talks between the ACP and the European Union. He will share the role with the European Union Trade Commissioner, Mr Karel De Gucht. His Permanent Secretary, Mr Ali, has been given the task of chairing the ACP Senior Officials meeting. The Minister says that being invited to chair the ACP meetings is another major achievement for Fiji. “Like the Non Aligned Movement and the G77, the ACP is a significant voice for developing countries and plays a key role in south-south dialogue. By calling upon Fiji to chair these meetings, the ACP countries have reaffirmed their confidence in Fiji. This further solidifies Fiji’s role as a key player in the international arena,” he said. The Minister added that the Brussels meetings gives Fiji the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the ACP group and highlights the fact that it is an integral member. On his role as chair of the Ministerial Trade Committee, the Minister said it will address important issues relating to ACPEU trade, including the implementation of the Interim and Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements. “These negotiations for the Pacific ACP countries come at a crucial juncture and our meetings will enable the Pacific ACP countries to formulate their strategies. The whole idea is to build capacity and expand our trading opportunities," he said.

Two foreign envoys presented their credentials to His Excellency the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. Italy’s nonresident ambassador to then as the head of the Italian Special Fiji Gian di Montegiordano met with Diplomatic Delegation in Bagdad. Fiji’s head of state and presented his Algeria’s Ambassador to Fiji Mr Hadi credentials to formalise his tenure as Brouri met with the President and the roving ambassador to Fiji. While presented his credentials. Ambassador di Montegiordano is Mr Brouri also met with Prime Minister accredited to Fiji, he will be based in Voreqe Bainimarama and spoke on Australia. issues pertaining to bilateral interests. Ambassador di Montegiordano He is also accredited to Fiji in a graduated from the Rome University roving capacity as he is the resident with a degree in Political Science and ambassador to Australia. started his diplomatic career in 1978. Mr Brouri also has extensive Mr Montegiordano has served in experience in diplomacy as he has countries such as Russia, France and served in countries such as the United Iraq but has been seconded to other Kingdom, Turkey, Congo and has areas of Italy’s political scene, with a played an active role in multilateral stint as the head of the Press Office of institutions representing his country. the chairman of the Italian senate. He has a diploma from the Algerian In 1999 he served in Bagdad, Iraq as National School of Administration and head of the Italian Interest section and is married with three children.

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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012

A former top police officer charged with one count of bribery has had her bail extended and her case adjourned to October 31 for plea. Rehana Rubeena Nisha Sen while being employed as an assistant Superintendent of Police is alleged to have solicited $3000 from Praveena Devi the wife of a Atunaisa Muliaceva who was in police custody. Sen appeared before Suva Magistrate Sufia Hamza without her lawyer, Nemani Tuifagalele who could not attend her case as he was engaged in a hearing in the Nadi court. Sen confirmed with Magistrate Hamza that she had received the disclosures

Ex-Police Superintendent On Bribery Charge

from FICAC. It is alleged that between September 30, 2012 to October 3, 2012, Sen without lawful authority or reasonable excuse solicited an advantage of $3000 from Devi for having carried out the release of Muliaceva from police custody without being charged. It is alleged that Muliaceva gave a false name when he was taken into police custody after he was found heavily drunk. He was arrested for giving false information. The alleged offence happened when Muliaceva was released where Sen is alleged to have contacted Devi from October 1, 2012 soliciting money from the couple.

Bank Signs On For Pilot Project
The Bank of South Pacific may have closed their Levuka branch almost five months ago because of commercial reasons, but they're back in business after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Post Fiji yesterday for a pilot project offering banking services to those in the Lomaiviti Group through the Levuka Post Office. Post Fiji board chairman Lawrence Tikaram said the proposal three months ago provided an avenue to expand as a service provider. He said it also meant becoming inclusive of government's efforts to provide financial and banking services to the wider community. "This is a pilot project and we will review it with a very close eye. The most important part of this partnership is financial services to the people of Levuka will continue," he said. BSP general manager corporate and international banking Cecil Browne said the pilot project would compensate what the bank had provided in the old capital. "When we closed the Levuka branch, we expected some negative comments about what we were doing there but there were commercial reasons for doing that," he said. "We're trying to extend the services to the customers that we have in Levuka." The bank's general manger microfinance, government and community relations Howard Politini said an experienced BSP staff in Levuka would be based at the Post Office offering essential banking services to a few thousand people from today. The relationship between the two entities dates back to the 1990s when the bank started as the Post Office Savings Bank.

Expect changes in the retail and wholesale price of petroleum following the release of the Commerce Order 2012 for the price of motor spirit (unleaded), gas oil (diesoline), premixed outboard fuel and kerosene for household use only. Commission chairman Mahendra Reddy issued the order that came into force on October 12 and highlighted the maximum retail or wholesale price for specific areas. "Where the maximum price of an item listed in the schedules (1-13) is required to be rounded up to the nearest whole number by reason of the cessation of the 1 cent and 2 cents denominations, the consequential increase in the price of that item does not constitute a contravention of this order," the legal notice said. For the Suva, Lautoka and Lami area, the retail price of motor spirit is set at $2.50 per liter, while the wholesale price sits at $2.11. Gas oil costs $2.28 per liter with wholesale price at $1.93 while premixed outboard fuel costs $2.50

Commission Issues Petroleum Price Order

per liter, its wholesale price at $2.02. Kerosene for household use only is set at retail price of $1.84 per liter (bulk) and $2.15 per liter (bulk if container is supplied) —the wholesale price at $1.72 and $2.03 respectively per liter for bulk and container. There were slight changes for the towns of Ba, Nadi, Nausori and Nasinu areas for the wholesale price of motor spirit which is $2.12 per liter, retail price remains at $2.50 per liter. Retail price for kerosene is $1.88 per liter for bulk and $2.19 for bulk if container is supplied. "Sigatoka, Navua, Korovou, Tavua, Rakiraki and any area on the island of Viti Levu within a kilometer from any public road apart from the areas mentioned above can expect motor spirit to cost $2.53 per liter, gas oil at $2.28 per liter, pre-mixed outboard fuel at $2.55 per liter and kerosene at $1.88 per liter bulk, and $2.19 per liter bulk if container is supplied," the order said. The prices are inclusive of VAT and were approved by the Attorney-General and Minister for Trade and Industry, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum on October 9.

Fiji Calls For Unity At ACP Talks
Fiji’s Attorney-General and the Minister for Industry and Trade, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has called on fellow trade ministers from the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of states to develop a unified message on trade before they meet the European Commission later this week. As Chair of the 16th ACP Group Ministerial Trade Committee Meeting, the Minister urged the 260 delegates, representing 64 countries in the developing world, to act quickly to end the current uncertainty on a number of critical issues. He reminded the delegates that in order to achieve to best outcome for the peoples of the ACP nations, the ministers needed to urgently address remaining issues relating to the Economic Partnership Agreement [EPA] with the EU; the European Commission’s Communication on Trade, Growth and Development; the European Commission’s negotiations with third parties; and commodity related issues. “This is an important opportunity for ACP Trade Ministers and we must be well prepared to have constructive dialogue on key issues on trade and development with the Europeans,” he said. The Minster particularly stressed the importance of finalizing a unified position on the Economic Partnership Agreement before going into the ACPEU Joint Ministerial Trade Committee meeting on Friday. “I encourage all of us to put forward innovative but pragmatic solutions to resolve the outstanding issues and conclude negotiations on a Comprehensive EPA for the benefit of all. In this respect, I would like to request that at this ACP Ministerial Trade Committee Meeting all discussions and deliberations are focused with a view to forwarding pragmatic proposals to ensure that a collective and united message is put clearly across.” The Minister is chairing the two-day deliberations of the 16th ACP Group Ministerial Trade Committee Meeting before co-chairing the ACP-EU Joint Ministerial Trade Committee meeting on Friday. He welcomed Fiji being given the opportunity to lead the discussions. “Fiji’s chairing of the meeting demonstrates the confidence that the ACP has in a small island developing state and indeed is a testimony of the equality that exists between the ACP member countries and indeed between the different regions of the ACP family.”

Ukrainians Back Diesel Refinery
A Ukrainian group has backed the construction of a planned diesel refinery project in Lautoka by signing up as suppliers of crude oil from Russia. Representatives met stakeholders of Diesel Refinery (Fiji) Limited at the Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Incubation Centre last week. They exchanged more ideas about developing the project, with the joint venture concluding a week of discussions between the two parties. Represented by Dmytro Nikitin, Boris Danilyuk and Erol Syeylametov, the Russian supply bases are aiming to provide crude oil for the planned refinery at Natabua Seaside settlement outside Lautoka. Construction is due to begin on close to 10 acres of land in two weeks. While the financial estimate of the project and fuel was not disclosed, Diesel Refinery (Fiji) secretary, Anwar Khan, said they would begin with 10,000 tonnes of diesel for their opening market. He said they are looking at the feasibility of importing gas straight from traders via Oman to become a cheaper gas alternative in the country. Mr Khan said they were keen to get fuel quality of European standard. Mr Nikitin said they wanted to build on their new relationship with Fiji and would be looking to forge into other areas of business. He revealed plans to export a container of virgin coconut oil from Niu Organic Products on a monthly basis which was also on their list of transactions.

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Friday October 26, 2012


Villagers Told To Stay Away

Dirty Money Trail
PACIFIC Island countries like Fiji are susceptible to money laundering and cyber crime. This is the view of Financial Intelligence Unit director Razim Buksh who told the Proceeds from Crime workshop in Nadi: "When developed countries tighten their systems and processes and strengthen their laws, criminals are always on the hunt for weaker jurisdictions where they can penetrate the financial system, processes and easily commit fraud." He said because of the internet, fraudsters could easily transfer illegally-gotten gains through internet banking to any part of the world untraced if systems were not set up to monitor such activity. "Financial transactions do not know boundaries. They can be conducted at one location and sent across the globe, therefore if our framework is weak here in Fiji; it will make it easier for criminals to penetrate our system. The Financial Transactions Reporting Act provides a good opportunity for us to implement the various measures that we have undertaken," he said.

The tail of a humpback whale inside Naivakamatuku lagoon where a group of whales were sighted VILLAGERS of Dravuwalu, Totoya in humpback whale because it can be Lau have been advised to stay away from dangerous and it also carries diseases," the 15-metre humpback whale that has Dr Miller said. been seen in the nearby Naivakamatuku She has also been conducting lagoon for about a month. workshops in Dravuwalu, Tovu, and It is understood two whales were Ketei on conservation of whales and stranded in the same lagoon but one dolphins. managed to swim free. Roko Sau of Totoya Josefa Cinavilakeba The one remaining in the lagoon said they were also working on a study continues to swim around the 10-metre to find out what attracted whales to that deep lagoon located at the bottom of lagoon. the bay at Dravuwalu. Villagers have been frequenting the This newspaper has established that lagoon to see this magnificent creature this is not the first time whales have and it performs every time there is an found themselves stranded in the same audience. The villagers also tried to lagoon. assist the whale out of the lagoon but The last one was in 1996 where a failed, and they have decided to leave it humpback whale was also stranded. alone until such time when it is able to And also way back in the 1980s, a swim freely out into the open. sperm whale was stranded in Udu Adult humpback whales, found in Village with villagers collecting 47 oceans and seas around the world, whales tooth. range in length from 12 to 16 meters Whale and Dolphin Conservation and weighs about 36,000kg. Society's Dr Cara Miller, who is on the They typically migrate up to 25,000 island, has advised villagers that the kilometers each year. They feed only stranded whale is not a sperm whale in summer, in polar waters, and they but a humpback. migrate to tropical and subtropical She said this whale used its tail and fin waters to breed and give birth in the as weapons. winter, says Wikipedia, the free online "Villagers should not go closer to the encyclopedia.

The Housing Authority is looking into developing a progressive office space alongside commercial outlets and a self-contained apartment complex at its existing Lautoka office property. Housing Authority chief executive officer Alipate Naiorosui said, “Currently we are inviting competent individuals and design firms to conduct a feasibility study and submit a report on its financial viability and demand for commercial spaces in the city”. The existing office space currently hosts a Customer Relations centre for Housing Authority as well as the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Lautoka branch. Located within the central business district in between the Methodist Coronation Church and the Cathy Hotel, the property has a total land area of 2832 square meters.

Housing Authority Eyes West Expansion

“At this point, HA is inviting architects and technical firms to provide a conceptual design of how we can utilize this space to not only provide a modern office space for our Lautoka customers but to also support local business, government departments and other public enterprises expansion needs in the area”, Mr Naiorosui continued. As part of the Expressions of Interest being carried out by Housing Authority, the documents must also outline the potential cost of recreating a new office space, commercial outlets and self-contained apartments as well as its projected timeframe for construction. The Expression of Interest closes at 3pm on Friday, November 16th, 2012 at which point all sealed envelopes must reach the tender box located on Level 5, Housing Authority Building in Valelevu, Nasinu.

Rebrand A Boost For Tourism
AIR Pacific's rebranding and the arrival of brand new Airbus aircraft in March next year will have a positive effect right across the tourism industry. Tourism stakeholders at one of the country's most popular holiday destinations, Denarau Island, said the rebrand to Fiji Airways and the replacement of the aging Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft with brand new Airbus A330's was a significant development and a big plus for Fiji. "The rebranding and the new Airbuses will be nothing but a great positive, particularly with returning guests to Fiji. They are really going to appreciate that a huge effort is being made by Fiji as a destination and it will show that we are really serious about what we're doing in terms of getting tourists and visitors here in modern comfort," said Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa executive assistant manager and director of finance Jeremy Walsh. Radisson Blu resort general manager Gerard Knight said the fact that close to 100 per cent of visitors to the country arrived via air, the importance of having a national carrier and one that was abreast with worldwide standards was crucial. "Air travel is a very important part of Fiji tourism because we have a very high percentage that arrives by air. To ensure Fiji keeps up with the rest of the world by offering a fantastic way to get here and good quality service would be important for tourism. So the decision to purchase new aircraft is absolutely a plus. Air Pacific's investment in new planes will pay dividends for them and for our tourism industry," he said.

Viti For All Fijians
The structure of the government should recognize the importance of the family, tokatoka, mataqali, yavusa and vanua. Jone Vave of Sawana Village in Vanuabalavu said this in a submission to the Constitution Commission. Mr Vave said the new constitution should ensure Fijians, regardless of gender, were empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families. He proposed that a system integrating all races into the vanua structure should be adopted to including all ethnic communities in Fiji. He said all Fijians must feel they were part of the new nation 'Viti'. The constitution, he said, should ensure 'Viti' recognised that environmental sustainability was part of the global economic and social wellbeing. "Exploitation of natural resources such as forests, land, water and fisheries shall be strictly prohibited to ensure those who depend on natural resources for their livelihood are not disadvantaged in any way," Mr Vave said. "Everyone should have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and have the basic right to attend school," said Mr Vave.

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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012

Co-Operating For The Good Of Our Export Industry
The idea of clustering at communitybased or grass root level has been discussed previously but briefly in this column. The idea of forming co-operations has proven to be a success world wide especially for community-based companies. Basically, export joint ventures offer small companies the opportunity to spread or reduce costs and risks by offering economies of scale. This would work greatly for small mediumsized companies or those with limited export experience and resources. Cooperation at community level can go a long way in terms of trying to negotiate rates for buyers, rates at the shipping ports or cost of transportation. The term export consortia refers to the voluntary groupings of enterprises usually in same or similar business or sector of export with the aim of improving their export readiness and export volumes. For example, one district in Vanua Levu has 10 dalo farmers who send their produce either packed or ready from Savusavu to Suva to an exporter who will process, package and export. But every month they find the challenge of: * paying the cost of transportation to the wharf, * competing or undercutting each farmer in trying to sell their products at the wharf to be shipped to Suva. * trying to keep up his monthly quantity or consistency of supply. * and for some the high cost of shipping their products or commodities to Suva —freight and handling charges. This is what small business advocator and export readiness expert Steve Cordeiro has been driving into farmers and producers. "If this farmer can fill one container of dalo and another can fill his with pineapples, why don't they just combine and ship it all out together or use the same road route," Mr Cordeiro said. By combining knowledge, financial resources and business contacts, export enterprises may be able to overcome barriers which they would find hard to surpass individually. "Together you would be in a better position to also negotiate charges for transportation, shipping or freight and also you remove the likelihood of buyers who try to make you work against each other. By combining resources means sharing of what the other does not have. For instance, one farmer may have the packaging facilities while the others do not," Mr Cordeiro said. So when these small enterprises form a core group their workload becomes lighter in terms of the overheads or cost of doing businesses. Take for instance in Ghana, how they are one of the top suppliers of peas and soya beans to the UK after they set up their farmers' association working together for the export market. In a united approach certain barriers are removed and: * buyers will now source from one enterprise only seeing that it is consistent and always in supply. Farmers now have one or two guaranteed buyers. * buyers will not have opportunity of using each producer/or supplier against one another to affect price of produce. * Freight charges or shipping transportation charges can now be negotiated as only one group is in existence. * Quality can also be guaranteed as all parties are involved. This means better and easier work with Biosecurity. * Information and resource sharing can also be generated. * Consolidation of goods, i.e dalo, pineapples, cucumbers etc can now be supplied together. * Joint ventures also greatly assist in accessing export markets. In as far as consolidated goods are concerned we will leave you with the advice from Mr Cordeiro who has been in the business for over 30 years. "Customers today or buyers in this sense are not looking for products; they are looking for a solution. If they can get 3-4 types of produce from one group, they will automatically latch onto that and forget the rest," he said. Jone Kalouniviti is a public relations officer with the Fiji Export Council.

Suva city's most historic landmark, the Ivi tree located in the heart of the capital will be preserved although numerous complaints have been lodged by ratepayers for its removal. Special Administrator for Suva, Chandu Umaria confirmed Suva City Council's decision and said SCC will meet with environmental experts from University of the South Pacific, namely Professor Randy Thaman to seek professional advice on the future of the Ivi tree. “If the experts feel that the tree is dangerous to public and will harm them

Suva City's Historic Tree To Remain: Umaria

during the next cyclone season then we will just trim the branches of the tree but we will definitely not remove the whole tree as this is a very historic tree in the city,” Umaria added. He also said that by removing this tree would mean removing the essence of Suva city as it has witnessed many ups and downs faced by the people of Suva and Fiji. The symbolic tree that is lying between Thomson Street and Renwick Road is a place where Fiji’s first land sales occurred.

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Fiji News

Friday October 26, 2012


Travellers can now take the stress out of organising a holiday with roundthe-clock assistance as part of InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa’s new Itokani butler service. Guests staying at the exclusive Club Tasmanian beef and oven-baked fish of InterContinental resort – Fiji’s only the day to traditional Fijian dishes such luxury resort within a resort – can as kokoda, coconut rice and grilled enjoy personalised service and a suite Fijian lobster. of luxury privileges from the Itokani All Terrace Dining meals are served team from the moment a reservation is with extensive side dishes and a trio of made through to returning home. sumptuous desserts. The experience, Itokani, meaning “at your side”, has which is offered exclusively to three been designed by the resort as an guests per night, is priced from FJ$400 extension of its existing renowned (approximately AU$217). butler program to provide guests with “We feel guests shouldn’t spend authentic experiences and a deeper precious time thinking about the understanding of Fijian culture and logistics of their holiday and have customs. introduced the new Itokani butler The Itokani butlers liaise with Club service to ensure they can make the guests before arriving at the resort to most of their escape to paradise,“ said design a personalised holiday itinerary, InterContinental Fiji general manager, composed from a menu of services and Scott Williams. tailored to a range of locally-inspired Other activities available to book activities and experiences. through the Itokani program include The pre-arrival preparations aim to indulgent couples’ spa treatments, golf help guests make the most out of their lessons at the resort’s neighbouring holiday – with the butlers planning championship course – voted the anything from a surprise romantic country’s best, authentic Fijian cooking beachside cabana dinner, a private classes, and the opportunity to support Navo Island picnic or luxurious the resort’s Community Care project, cleansing Cleopatra bathing ritual. through school and village tours. For families, a range of cultural and InterContinental Fiji’s Club adventure activities and babysitting InterContinental is an exclusive services are also on the menu. hideaway resort, with 55 hilltop suites A highlight of the Itokani service is overlooking the pristine Natadola Bay, Club InterContinental’s new romantic recognised as one of the best beaches Terrace Dining experience, an in-room in the world by Forbes Magazine. dining option enjoyed in the private, Club InterContinental also features a open-air surrounds of a luxurious guest private infinity pool and lounge area room, while overlooking the resort’s where guests can enjoy complimentary tropical grounds. breakfast, all day refreshments, Available from November 1, 2012, evening canapés and cocktails as well Terrace Dining includes a three-course as complimentary wireless internet and candle-lit dinner, served by an Itokani Planet Trekkers sessions for younger butler in an undisturbed evening of guests. Overnight stays in a Club secluded dining. InterContinental guest room start from Guests can choose from three set, FJ$1,288 (approximately AU$694) per five-star menus, with meal options room, per night*. ranging from popular Western cuisine *Terms and conditions apply. Subject favourites confit duck, parma ham, to availability.

Intercontinental Fiji Introduces 24Hr PA For Your Holiday

Airports Fiji Limited has awarded Australian based firm, Ambidji Group the contract to train Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) on the use of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) for surveillance control at the Nadi International Airport. AFL’s Manager Air Traffic Services, Vula Seru said Ambidji will develop the ATC operating concept and a training program. The new system determines aircraft positions by triangulating aircraft transponder signals at multiple ground stations and complementing this information with ADS-B to send the information via satellite to a

AFL Seals Deal With Australian Firm

controller’s station. Seru said that the AFL board has approved an amount around FJD $1million for the ‘Training of Controllers’. He also said that the implementation of this technology is seen as a highly cost-effective solution that obviates the need for expensive radar systems by AFL. Meanwhile, the training is expected to begin late in 2012 before certification by Fiji’s Civil Aviation Authority and planned introduction in 2013. Ambidji last worked with AFL on the planning and financing of capital development programs and flight procedure design.

Ba Province Tops Inmates List

Fiji-Sun Times Canada

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Yasawa district representative Siona Ratulevu chats with Manueli Navula at the Lautoka Corrections Centre INMATES from the Ba Province top the inmates. They were led by Vitogo the list of iTaukei incarcerated at the district representative Lepani Raisowalu. Lautoka Corrections Centre. "This is what we need right now. The According to Fiji Corrections Services support of the vanua, support from the West spokesman Semesa Uluiviti, a church and the community in general," total of 44 inmates held at the centre Mr Uluiviti said. were from Ba. "We commend the Ba chiefs for "They make up most of the convicted visiting their sons in prison. This will inmates who are being held in Lautoka," give the inmates confidence as they he said. Mr Uluiviti added that support make efforts to change and become from the province was pivotal to the better citizens upon their release." center’s efforts to reduce the number Meanwhile, the Fiji Corrections of inmates from the province. Services will be part of the Adi Salusalu He said delegates from the province Festival at Chruchill Park in Lautoka. visited the centre each year to speak to Mr Uluiviti said they would provide the inmates and give them advice. entertainment during the week-long Ba chiefs visited the facility to address event.



Friday October 26, 2012

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Fiji News
DESPITE being declared a marine protected area, a group of villagers in Bua have been told by the Fisheries Department marine stocks in their qoliqoli have dropped according to a survey. The Tui Nadi of Kubulau, Ratu Peni Rasigare said the survey results were a concern. "Our marine conservation began in 1999 and since then we have been facing many difficulties especially in policing the MPAs," said Ratu Peni. "Many people within the Kubulau district are poaching in the MPAs and it is really sad. We have only one boat in operation to police the MPAs and it is really hard to keep track of poachers." Ratu Peni said the Kubulau MPAs covered 33 per cent of their qoliqoli apart from the 30 per cent that was planned for MPAs by the World Conservation Society. Northern fisheries officer Gerald Billings confirmed they carried out

Friday October 26, 2012


Samoa, India, China And Fiji Top NZ Deportation List
New figures have revealed that 550 overstayers and convicted criminals have been deported this year, and show which countries they were sent to. Up until August 31 this year, most people deported were sent to Samoa, India, China, Fiji and Tonga. Of the 550, just 108 were females. The information, provided by Immigration New Zealand, also shows the finalized deportation figures for the 2011 calendar year. In total, 664 people were deported - 149 women and 515 men. Again, Samoa was the leading country for deportations. A person can be deported from New Zealand for three reasons. Some are criminals and others have overstayed their visa limit. A smaller number are subject to a residence deportation - where they have held permanent residency but have become liable for deportation, usually because of criminal offending. "People unlawfully in New Zealand are case managed according to their circumstances," an Immigration New Zealand spokeswoman said. "Those engaged in criminality are the highest priority for deportation. We work with the police and other agencies to ensure this process is as efficient as possible. "However, the majority of those unlawfully in New Zealand are not criminals. They choose to remain here for a number of reasons such as employment and family. In these cases, we focus more attention in engaging with the individual and actively case managing them towards what we call a voluntary departure." A change to the Immigration Act in 2010 led to the number of deportations jumping by more than 2000 per cent. The Immigration Act 1987 states that a deportation occurs when someone holding a New Zealand residence permit is convicted of an offence. Between 2007 and November 2010 just 118 people were forced out of the country. However the act was amended so deportation describes "all processes for requiring a foreign national who has no right to remain in New Zealand to leave". Since the change, the majority of deportations have been overstayers. But more than 500 people have been deported for crime-related reasons. Sent home 550 deportations (up to August 31, 2012): Top nationalities deported Samoa - 80 India - 64 China - 56 Fiji - 51 Tonga - 46 Malaysia - 36 Thailand - 27 Britain - 26 Sri Lanka - 16 Indonesia - 15.

Fish Stock Drops

a survey of the Kubulau MPA and concluded that fish stocks and other marine life were depleted. Kubulau Resource Management Committee chairman Paolo Kolikata said the issue regarding the Kubulau MPA had to be settled through a joint agreement between the resource owners and other parties within the fishing ground owning units. "Since poachers are mainly from the Kubulau area there is a need to review the consent of all parties who jointly own the fishing grounds," said Mr Kolikata. "If they can stop local people from fishing in the MPAs then the problem of policing it shouldn't be a problem. The World Conservation Society only facilities conservation programs by providing training to resource owners and other exercises to ensure the MPAs achieve their core goal of conserving marine resources in the area," he said.

Gravel Extraction Ban
Gravel extraction has been banned by some landowning units in Labasa and companies that extract gravel from a river bed outside the town area have been told to move out. Labasa district representative Isoa Tikoirotuma said the decision was a result of continuous awareness programs by the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Live and Learn Environment Education initiatives. He said the awareness programs had been an eye opener for most landowners who now have more knowledge about the effects of deforestation and gravel extraction. "We have identified that the main effects of pollution in our rivers are gravel extraction and deforestation and we are making a stand for the preservation and the sustainability of our marine resources for the future generation of Labasa district," Mr Tikoirotuma said. Mataqali Wainikai spokesman Manoa Tuiwainikai said they stopped gravel extraction to save their marine resources. North environment officer Senimili Nakora said the decision to ban gravel extraction rested on landowners.

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The Ministry of Health is working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international donors to build an Oncology Unit in Fiji. Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma said the high incidence of cancer in Fiji prompted the ministry to work towards treating some serious cases of cancer. He said this advancement was a result of Fiji's membership of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). "We became a member in September this year at the United Nation meeting. We are fully endorsed as a member of this agency," Dr Sharma said. He said the agency would send a fact finding mission here to assess the incidence of cancer in the country. IAEA, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is the world's centre of co-

Good News For Cancer Patients In Fiji

operation in the nuclear field, works for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology with 151 member States. In response to the developing world's growing cancer crisis, the IAEA had, in 2004, established the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT). Dr Sharma said the incidence of cancer, which was the third leading cause of death in Fiji after diseases of the circulatory system and endocrine diseases, had increased from 58 per 100,000 in 2000 to 133 per 100,000 in 2010 with females at higher risk than males. "They will come in and do a fact finding mission whilst WHO will set up a computer proper database on the incidence of cancer in Fiji," he said.

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A Tamil movie called ‘Naadi Thadikuthadi’ is the latest film to be shot in Fiji. The producers have budgeted $8 million dollars for the movie. FRCA CEO Jitoko Tikolevu and Film

Tamil Movie Shot In Fiji

Fiji CEO Florence Swamy inaugurated at the official clap of the shoot. The movie will be shot over several locations in the Western Division over the next 45 days.



Chai Time

Friday October 26, 2012

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) A successful journey begins to show its positive effects. A trusted outfit is getting slip shod and you may need to look elsewhere for your needs. Arrange to be personally involved in a social work drive for future benefit. A fine week to say sweet nothings to a loved one. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) A clash of opinions adds to the variety, and energizes you into swift action. A debate on the pros and cons of a venture remains academic and needs your practical initiative to take it off the ground. Do not be obvious in wooing your lover - a little mystery adds to the fun this week. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) Work connected to sports and outdoor activity gets off to a fine start. A busy week where you can give full vent to your powers of communication - a talkathon. A missing file or document is located. Which means it’s high time

you were slightly more organized? CANCER (June 21 - July 21) Cross connections, mixed up signals and such give you all the wrong messages in this week. So if you are peeved by the actions of a friend, think again, or hurt by the words of a dear one, stop, look and review the situation. A bonus or a windfall gain is on its way. LEO (July 22 - Aug 22) Last minute arrangements will not work so you must rely on advance planning. Community work beckons, but it is making you a wee bit unpopular with some people. Stop nit-picking and look at the larger gains in a personal relationship you value. VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sept 21) Expect some interference from vested interests in a path breaking decision. Doing the right thing will bring satisfaction despite the hurdles. An engaging conversation turns your mind towards further research. A trip may be

in the offing. LIBRA (Sept 22 - Oct 22) Others around you may well call it Smiley's week - your little gestures and encouragement bring a smile to many faces this week. Your positive energy rubs off on colleagues and all work harder than usual. Evening brings you the company of close friends in a nice long unwinds and catch up binge. SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Responding to another's need will bring happiness. A loved one needs your support in a challenge. A feeling of doing less than you can handle overtakes you but this will pass. Fiction or other fantasy involvement will help you get your balance back. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Lots of people want to share their private secrets, doubts and fears with you. You have little choice but to listen and offer advice when asked. Naturally work becomes second priority. Of course if you work in isolation this

whole thing can be avoided. CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19) You are dissatisfied with the rewards your work has earned. Lie low now if you wish to enjoy your just desserts later. Spend time with a youth who needs direction. Catching up with a hobby will bring a sense of relaxation from daily affairs. AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) The home becomes the focus of attention with redecoration, repairs and even gardening. Financial affairs are slowly configuring in your favour this week. An estimate for a long term project is undervalued so don't go by appearances. PISCES Feb 19 - Mar 20) Independence, originality and ideas are on the ascendant. The family needs you for moral support. A business arrangement is getting too personal - what are you going to do about it? Freedom of expression may be curtailed in a political turn of events.

Gulab Jamun


1 and a 1/2 cup self raising flour 1 cup plain yoghurt 1 tblspn. vanilla essence 1 tspn. food colouring 3 cardamom pods - crushed water for batter 2 cups ghee for frying

2 cups water 2 cups sugar


a) Mix together flour, yoghurt and cardamom in a dish.

b) Add enough water to make a batter. c) Cover and set aside for 4 hours. d) Add vanilla and food colouring to the batter, mix well. e) Make a syrup by boiling water and sugar. f) Warm up ghee. g) Take a piping bag or a kitchen funnel and fill mixture in. Keep finger over funnel/bag end to prevent dripping. h) Release over hot ghee in spirals. i) Cook both sides on medium heat. j) Remove from ghee and transfer to warm syrup. k) Let jalebies soak for a couple of minutes, remove and serve.

1 cup 1 can 2 cup 1 1/2 cup ½ tspn 4 tbsp 1/8 cup 1/2 cup Self rising flour Condensed Milk Water Sugar Cardamom Powder Butter Yogurt Milk Oil Add flour, condensed milk, cardamom powder and yogurt and blend together. Knead well adding milk if necessary. * Make a smooth dough, cover and let rest for about 30 minutes. Make 12-14 small balls and roll in shape of gulab jamun. Heat the oil and fry the dough to a golden brown. * Heat the water, add sugar, bring to boil and simmer. * Boil to reduce the water by half. * Soak in sugar syrup for a few hours until they double in size. * Serve hot or cold.

* Heat butter or ghee and pour in a bowl.


World News

Friday October 26, 2012


A US woman has told police she was set on fire by three men who wrote the initials KKK and a racial slur on her car in Louisiana. Officers found Sharmeka Moffitt, 20, with burns on more than half of her body when they responded to her emergency call last Sunday night, said Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Julie Lewis. The FBI is investigating the attack on the black woman as a possible hate crime, but no arrests had been made, Lewis said. She said Moffitt was in critical condition in hospital with injuries including third-degree burns. Moffitt told police the men doused her in a flammable liquid and set her on fire at a park in Winnsboro. Lewis said she extinguished the fire using water from a tap before a police officer arrived. Officers found the letters KKK an apparent reference to the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan - and a racial slur smeared in a paste-like substance

US Woman Set Alight In Possible Hate Crime

on the bonnet of her car, Lewis said. On the emergency call, Moffitt described her attackers as three men wearing white hoods or hats. She later told a Winnsboro Police officer who responded to the call that the men were wearing white hoodies. She was unable to say what race her attackers were. The officer found no suspects or vehicles at Civitan Park where the attack allegedly happened, and the park has no surveillance cameras, Lewis said. She said the state crime lab was analysing several pieces of evidence. Franklin Sheriff Kevin Cobb called it "a horrific event" and said authorities would "follow the facts and seek justice". Otis Chisley, the president of the local branch of civil rights group the NAACP, said he had been in touch with Moffitt's distraught family. He said he was waiting for more facts to come to light before drawing any conclusions about what happened and that "everyone wants to move with caution."

Red Bull Heir Crashed Car On Cocaine

Pope Benedict XVI has named seven new saints, including the first Native American to be canonised. Kateri Tekakwitha, known as "Lily of the Mohawks", who for centuries has been a symbol of hope for the long-oppressed American Indians, was canonised in a lavish ceremony in St Peter's Square that followed her beatification in 1980 by the late pope John Paul II. Native American pilgrims in headdresses came to the Vatican to see the canonisation. Some see the canonisation as a gesture of reconciliation by the Church for past injustices to Native Americans. Pope Benedict delivered a homily praising all seven new saints, saying they "lived their lives in total consecration to God and in generous

Pope Names First Native American Saint

service to their brothers". About 80,000 faithful from numerous countries gathered on the square outside St Peter's Basilica, which was decked with portraits of those being canonised. The other new saints include a French missionary to Madagascar, a young Philippine missionary who died at the age of 17, a German migrant to the United States who took care of lepers and a Spanish nun who campaigned for women's rights. Vatican watchers said the choice of the saints was linked to the Roman Catholic Church's efforts to highlight the need for a "new evangelisation" as church pews empty in Europe and the US. The canonisations were announced during a synod of 262 bishops from around the world.

Thai police officers look at a motorcycle and a Ferrari after a crash in September involving the grandson of the creator of the Red Bull energy drink. AN HEIR to the Red Bull energy from punishment for wrongdoing. drink fortune accused in the hit-and- Mr Vorayuth missed a scheduled run death of a policeman in Thailand appearance last Friday at a Bangkok had tested positively for cocaine in his police station. blood, Thai authorities say. Police are seeking to determine if he Police Lieutenant Akarawin had a legitimate reason for missing Sukhonthawit said that while Vorayuth his appointment before taking further Yoovidhya tested positively for the action, which could include revoking drug, it was not yet clear if he ingested his 500,000 baht ($15,400) bail. it before the deadly September 3 crash. Mr Vorayuth is the grandson of Red Mr Vorayuth was not taken into custody Bull creator Chaleo Yoovidhya, who until several hours after the accident. died in March. Mr Vorayuth, 27, is accused of driving The family was ranked fourth richest in a Ferrari that struck the officer and the country this year by Forbes magazine dragged his body down a Bangkok with a net worth of $5.23 billion. street. They own a wide range of businesses, His family paid the officer's siblings 3 including shares in the energy drink million baht ($94,000) late last month brand, hospitals, real estate and the to forestall a civil lawsuit. sole authorised importer of Ferrari cars The case has attracted attention in Thailand. because of the widespread public The car involved in the accident perception that the rich and well- was valued at about 30 million baht connected in Thailand enjoy immunity ($969,000).


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World News

Friday October 26, 2012

Doctors 'Mistakenly Declare Chicago Boy Dead'
THE parents of an 8-year-old boy have sued a Chicago hospital, alleging doctors pronounced their son dead though he was still alive and refused to listen to desperate relatives who insisted he continued to move his eyes and body. The lawsuit accuses Mercy Hospital and Medical Center of negligence and alleges that nearly five hours passed before staff agreed to perform a cardiac ultrasound, which showed Jaylen Dorsey's heart was beating. "You didn't have to be a doctor to see that the heart was pumping blood," the boy's father, Pink Dorsey, said at a news conference. Hospital officials deny the allegations. Jaylen, who has a disability that keeps him bedridden and on a ventilator, was found unresponsive by his mother, Sheena Lane, on Feb. 18. He was taken to Mercy Hospital and doctors there pronounced the boy dead. The family says Jaylen's eyes continued to flick open, but that his parents were told the lingering effects of medicine were causing that to happen. "We're not doctors, so we just went along with what they told us," Dorsey said. So family members began to plan a funeral for the boy. But when other relatives arrived at the hospital, they gasped when they saw Jaylen's eyes opening, the boy's father said. The lawsuit says the family had to demand that medical staff conduct more tests and that a cardiac ultrasound finally showed the boy's heart was beating. The hospital, which rejects the lawsuit's allegations, said in a written statement that Jaylen arrived at the hospital after suffering full cardiac arrest for 25 minutes and doctors treated him for "an extended period of time" before declaring him dead. "Despite extensive resuscitative efforts, Jaylen did not immediately regain a pulse and no heart activity was noted for several hours," the hospital said. "... While this is a very rare occurrence, extensive resuscitation efforts, medication and young age can result in a patient's heart function returning spontaneously. We hope for continued strength for Jaylen." His parents are seeking $200,000 in damages. The lawsuit says they suffered hours of "severe emotional distress." The boy's parents also worry that the hours he was off his respirator while at the hospital may have worsened his condition. Lawyer for the parents said that because of the ongoing litigation they would not release details about his disability.

Taronga Zoo Elephant Keeper Lucy Melo Speaks For First Time Since Being Crushed

Asian Elephant Keeper Lucy Melo
THE Taronga Zoo keeper who was crushed by an elephant last Friday was able to speak to her family for the first time since the accident. Northern beaches resident Lucy Melo, 40, is in a stable condition in Royal North Shore Hospital after the twoyear-old Asian elephant calf Pathi Harn pinned her against a bollard. Her heart stopped beating for five minutes after the incident. While she has been able to write notes to her family, a zoo spokeswoman said she was "alert'' and spoke for the first time since last Friday. "We’re incredibly pleased to get an update from Lucy’s family that she is alert and making progress in her recovery," Zoo director Cameron Kerr said. "In the meantime the Taronga team continues to care for all the elephants and support the activities of investigators to learn more about the events the lead up to the injury last week", he said. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent a letter to zoo director Cameron Kerr on Monday asking the zoo to use the incident to switch to a "protected contact system'' of elephant handling, as the system did not use physical punishment and employed barriers "to always separate elephants and handlers''. A zoo spokesman said the zoo's success in its conservation programs for elephants had always been based on its keepers' use of "operant conditioning'', the rewarding of cooperative behaviours.

MORE than 24,000 Pakistanis have formed the world's largest "human national flag" in the eastern city of Lahore, smashing a five-year-old record set in Hong Kong, officials say. A total of 24,200 people stood up in cheering crowd on Monday. the national hockey stadium to make "Every single one of you holds this record," the green and white Pakistani standard, he said, handing over the certificate smashing the 2007 record set by 21,726 to Punjab provincial government people in Hong Kong. representative Hamza Shahbaz Sharif. "It's amazing, amazing display of Last Saturday night 42,813 people in unity of 24,200 people here in Lahore the national hockey stadium sang the tonight," Guinness World Records national anthem together, smashing the adjudicator Gareth Deaves told a previous best of 15,243 held by India.

Pakistanis Make World's Largest Human Flag

Driver Dies And Passengers Injured In Arizona Bus Crash

AUSTRALIANS on board a bus which crashed in the United States after touring the Grand Canyon have escaped without serious injury, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) says. The bus was northbound on Highway 93 in Arizona last Friday night (US time), nearing the Nevada state line, when the driver is believed to have suffered a heart attack and lost control. A DFAT spokeswoman in Canberra said the Australian consulate general in Los Angeles had been in contact with the Silver State Transportation Bus Company and Arizona police. "US authorities confirmed no Australians were seriously injured in the crash," she said. "Those with minor injuries were treated in hospital but have since been released." Arizona highway patrol spokesman Carrick Cook said the bus hit a ravine, tore up a small hill, then bounced and lurched over rough terrain for more than 210m before stopping, damaging the front end but remaining upright. "We believe the driver experienced some sort of medical condition and he just went off the road," the patrol said in a statement. No other vehicles were involved. All 48 passengers were injured, but 27 of them were walking wounded with mainly bumps and bruises, Cook said. The six passengers most seriously hurt were flown by helicopter to University Medical Center (UMC) in Las Vegas, while 15 others with less severe injuries were rushed to area hospitals by road. UMC spokeswoman Danita Cohen said the six were being treated for injuries that were not life-threatening, such as broken bones and lacerations. Most were over 50 years old, she said.


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World News

Friday October 26, 2012


Obama Fixes Romney With Bayonet
BARACK Obama dominated the third and final presidential debate in Florida, aggressively deploying detail and sarcasm to portray Mitt Romney as inconsistent on foreign policy. It is unclear whether his apparent victory in the debate will translate into votes in a fortnight in an election that polls show remains deadlocked. The two concentrated on terrorism and its causes and issues of concern to constituencies in the two swing states that could decide the election. Those issues include the Iranian nuclear threat, which resonates among Jewish voters in Florida, and China's alleged currency manipulation, which is crucial to employment in Ohio. Both men constantly turned to domestic policy, with Mr Romney restating his claim to have a plan to create 12 million jobs and Mr Obama accusing him of wanting to return to failed policies of previous administrations. The Asia-Pacific region came up only in a passing reference by Mr Obama to the ''pivot'' of American attention towards the region. Though Russia was discussed, Europe was barely considered, aside from references to its failed economies. Climate change did not rate a mention. Mr Obama went in hard early, telling Mr Romney: ''I know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign only as ducking and weaving, but of hugging the President. Some of Mr Romney's positions might startle the right of the Republican Party. He said that in the battle against Islamist extremism, ''we cannot kill our way out of this mess'', before offering his support for foreign aid. ''We have to help these nations create civil societies.'' Mr Romney also said he supported the troop ''surge'' in Afghanistan and the drawdown timetable for US troops, both policies he criticised in the past. Given the opportunity, he chose not to attack Mr Obama for the response to the murder of US diplomats in Libya. And early on, he congratulated Mr Obama for the killing of Osama bin Laden, expressing support for the use of drones. Mr Romney's key criticism was that the administration had failed to introduce a strategy to draw people away from extremism, that it had presented the US as weak and irresolute and that pending defence cuts would exacerbate that weakness. National polls had the two men in a dead heat last night, with Mr Obama enjoying a slight advantage in key states. But the polling trend remains in Mr Romney's favour. Any slight advantage carved out in the debate could prove to be crucial.

Mitt Romney & Barack Obama
policy - but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong.'' Challenging Mr Romney's claim that he had allowed the US naval fleet to decline dangerously, Mr Obama said: ''We also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.'' When Mr Romney suggested Mr Obama had strained relations with Israel by visiting its Arab neighbours early in his presidency, the President said: ''When I went to Israel as a candidate, I didn't take donors. I didn't attend fund-raisers. I went to Yad Vashem.'' Mr Obama said Mr Romney's claim that he had been on a global ''apology'' tour was ''probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign''. Mr Romney presented himself as a moderate and sober alternative, often agreeing with the substance of US policy. Many of his positions were so similar to Mr Obama's that commentators used boxing metaphors to describe him not

11-Year-Old In US Court On Manslaughter Charge

Bride 'Humiliated' By Hotel's Email Blunder
Stoke Park ... the hotel has apologised after an email slip up that showed the property's wedding coordinator tried to get rid of a couple she thought were not "the right type" to stay there. A British bride-to-be has been left humiliated after the hotel where she planned to hold her wedding described her and her fiancé as not "the right type of people" to stay there. Pauline Bailey, 27, was accidentally sent an email by the wedding coordinator of the Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire, south-east England, intended for a colleague. I don't think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park. In the email, the co-ordinator, Michele Connelly, asks her colleague for advice on how to "put the wedding off" because "I don't think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park". Miss Bailey and her fiancé, Paul Carty, had planned a lavish £10,000 ($15,500) wedding at the hotel, a venue made famous by its role in the James Bond film Goldfinger. Miss Connelly's email says: "Hi Carlo I need your advice on this wedding, I know this probably doesn't sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don't think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park. I spoke to the Bride [sic] yesterday as she was enquiring about availability, and I have put her off for now by telling her the dates that she is looking at are not available, but she has asked me if I can get back to her with available dates around end of June beginning of July 2013. Help!!! Michele." The story has appeared in newspapers all over Britain, with London's The Telegraph reporting that Miss Bailey found the email "deeply hurtful" and "disgusting". She said the couple had been discriminated against. Miss Bailey said she believes her fiancé’s age and appearance, including his pierced eyebrow and two tiny earrings, were the reasons why the hotel didn't want them to stay. A hotel staff member apologised to Miss Bailey in an email and invited her to go ahead with her wedding at the hotel. It would be "delighted" to discuss the issue further with her. But the hotel said it would not discuss the issue further with the press because it was now the subject of legal action.

Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway ... died whilst in the care of an 11-year-old girl. An 11-year-old US girl charged with The state chose not to try the girl as juvenile manslaughter in the death of an adult. If convicted as a juvenile, the a three-month-old baby has entered a maximum penalty is incarceration until "no answer" plea. age 21. The girl bit her nails and looked The girl's lawyer, John Martin, said he down during the hearing in Maine on felt the manslaughter charge was "too Monday. Her other plea choices were harsh" given the girl's age. "admission" and "denial". The judge on Monday ordered a Three-month-old Brooklyn Foss- competency evaluation for the girl. Greenaway was staying at the girl's The media generally does not identify home in the care of the girl's mother. juveniles accused of crimes. The mother called police on July 8 to The Maine Department of Health and say the infant wasn't breathing. Human Services removed the girl The state hasn't released the cause of from her mother's care. In a letter, an death, but the infant's mother, Nicole agency case worker said the girl had "Nicki" Greenaway, was told that her child a behaviour disorder that made her ingested medication and was suffocated. unsuitable for caring for the infant.



World News

Friday October 26, 2012

Camilla To Present Melbourne Cup

Racing enthusiasts ... Camilla and Charles with Black Caviar's owners at England's Royal Ascot. Racing enthusiast Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall will present the Melbourne Cup to the winner, the palace has revealed. Accompanying her husband Prince Charles on an official six-day visit to Australia in November, the royal couple has accepted an invitation from race organizers to play an important part in the 2012 Flemington program. And while his wife takes the top prize, the heir to the British throne will present a trophy to the winner of the next race, the Diamond Jubilee Plate. "We were asked if they would like to do it, and of course they are both great racing fans . . . and very touched that they've asked the Duchess to present the Melbourne Cup," said Clive Alderton, private secretary to Charles and Camilla. It is a starring role for Camilla, 65, who will overcome a dislike of air travel to tour Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand over two weeks, as she and Charles represent the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year. "Their Royal Highnesses are going to set a pretty taxing pace in their Australian visit," Mr Alderton told media during a briefing in London. "Somehow we're going to fit in five states and one territory in only six days, which given the size of the country is going to be no mean feat. "The theme of the Jubilee . . . is service to others and the Royal Highnesses are determined to meet as many people as possible in the time available, which is why we're trying to get around as many states and territories as we possibly can." Charles and Camilla will touch down at Longreach on November 5, followed by Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney and Canberra, from where they leave for New Zealand. On November 10 Charles will meet the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, in Canberra. The same day, the couple is scheduled to have private meetings with family members of Australian soldiers recently killed in action. Charles – who celebrates his 64th birthday while travelling – has visited all three nations before, but it will be the first time Camilla has been to PNG, Australia or New Zealand.

Seoul To Organise Its First Ever Durga Puja This Year
Following in the footsteps of other world capitals, Seoul in South Korea too is organising its first Durga Puja this year. The Bengali diaspora in South Korea wanted the puja to be held in proper Seoul, capital of the country, but the city fathers said it would be difficult to organise four days of festivity in the busy city. "So we are organising it at the Uijambu Shree Radha Krishna Temple in Pocheon city, just an hour's drive from Seoul," Chandan of the newly-floated South Korea Durga Puja Committee told PTI from Seoul. He said it was a long time since they had been on a hunt for location to hold the Durga Puja in this part of the world. "For long we have been trying to have our own Durga puja in this part of the world where we have made our home due to professional reasons. Finally, we can say Seoul will also have its very own puja from now on," Chandan said. The Uijambu Shree Radha Krishna Temple, popular among Indians in the country, is a witness all major Hindu festivals, except for Durga Puja which is dear to every Bengali. "We expect more than 800 people to join us in our endeavour," he said. "Now we are looking forward to catch up with other Indians and Bengalis based here," Malabika said. The idol will not be immersed and kept for the next year.

Chinese students appealing to remain in New Zealand after their visa applications were found to contain fake qualifications and falsified bank statements are claiming to be victims of the fraud. Since July last year, at least 245 Chinese nationals have entered New Zealand on student visas that had been fraudulently obtained from Immigration's Beijing office. Sining Geng, 19, a former New Zealand Institute of Studies student facing deportation, told Immigration New Zealand she was unaware her Chinabased agent had altered her educational qualifications for the application. A woman from the Jilin Provincial Overseas Study Service Centre was named as the agent in Miss Geng's appeal letter to the agency. "We now have no class, no appetite and can't sleep well, as a result we can't live a normal life," Miss Geng wrote. The agency refused to say if the agent was one of the two independent agents believed to be linked to all the cases because the investigation was still ongoing. Miss Geng and her twin sister, Sixia, who was also found with altered educational certificates, obtained their New Zealand student visas after their application for Australian visas was turned down "We chose the agent only because her company gave us a 100 per cent assurance of getting a visa," said Miss Geng in Mandarin. "We gave her our documents, which were all authentic, but were shocked when we were told that she had changed them for our application." The sisters sat the national college entrance exam at the age of 15 and graduated from Jilin Art School, majoring in dance, at 17. "I think the agent changed the dates on our graduation certificate because it is not usual for students in China to graduate at such a young age," Miss Geng said. They have not been able to contact the agent since July, when the fraud was uncovered. Another student, 21-year-old Benson Li, said agents at the same centre in Jilin got him a New Zealand visa after failing twice to get visas for him to study in the United States and Australia. "I didn't even want to come to New Zealand, but was told it was the only place where the visa was easy to get," Mr Li said. A New Zealand immigration adviser acting for 20-year-old Guangdi Liu, also from Jilin, said many of the students were "victims" and not perpetrators of the fraud. The adviser, who did not want to be

We're Victims: Visa Scam Students

named, said the Chinese agency lured the students with a promise of "no visa, no fee" and included false documents and fake bank statements to back the applications without the clients' knowledge. "Original documents are handed to the agent, but in order to strengthen the application the documents are amended or substituted to show higher educational qualifications and bigger bank accounts," he said. An immigration officer in Beijing told the reporter in July that students who failed to gain visas elsewhere were channeled towards New Zealand after Immigration New Zealand relaxed its risk-profiling rules at its Beijing office. The agency stopped verifying most academic qualifications gained in China last year, making it a "magnet" for fraudulent applications. Of the students who entered New Zealand on fraudulently obtained visas, 10 were deported and 15 left voluntarily. A further 159 are unlawfully here and 61 have been granted further visas. Immigration said its compliance officers and Labour inspectors were targeting "high risk" private training establishments suspected of having breached the Education or Immigration Acts in an ongoing investigation. "As the investigation is ongoing, it is not possible to discuss details of agents who may or may not have been investigated," said agency spokesman Marc Piercey. Mr Piercey said Sining Geng's appeal against deportation was still being considered and a new student visa application was being processed for her sister. "Both these applications are awaiting verification of the documentation provided." Beijing student visa scam 300 visas found containing fraud 245 students entered New Zealand 159 here unlawfully 61 granted further visas 25 deported or left the country 2 independent agents linked to all cases

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ICBC Cases
Barinder S. Sanghera B.Comm., LL.B. Amandeep S. Sanghera B.A., LL.B. Puneet P.K. Sandhar B.A. (Hons.), LL.B.




“After my accident I had constant neck and back pains. I felt sad most of the time and became very anxious about



the future. ICBC said I was overreacting and offered $17,000. My case settled for $400,000 at mediation.” MR. S. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ “ The damage to my car was only $700. ICBC said I could not have been injured: but I was. My lawyer finalized my claim for $28,000 plus expenses.” MISS M. ___________________________________________________________________________________________




“ICBC offered me $32,000 to finish my case. I was off work for 6 monthsand saw a specialist because of my jaw injury. I couldn’t mop the floor or clean our bathroom without help from my children. I received $200,000 through my lawyer’s efforts.” Mrs. S ___________________________________________________________________________________________ “The damage to my vehicle was about $1,700. ICBC said this was a Low Velocity Impact (LVI) and refused to pay me for my injuries and physio costs. My lawyer obtained more than $45,000 for me.” Mrs. B ___________________________________________________________________________________________ “ A car hit me as I walked across the street. ICBC blamed me because of the color of my clothing. My lawyer worked hard and obtained necessary evidence. My case settled for over $300,000.” MRS.C. *Past cases are not necessarily indicative of future results and amounts recovered may vary according to the facts in each case.

An Association of Independent Lawyers & Law Corporations


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Friday October 26, 2012


Friday October 26, 2012


Mika Singh Concert in Various Cities - Canada & USA Mika Singh Voted The #1 Performer & Entertainer of 2012



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Try This Practice Test - Discover Canada
coat of arms and motto: "A Mari Usque Ad Mare"? A. From sea to sea. B. From land to sea. C. From land to land. D. From coast to coast. 7) What unique art form was developed by First Nations people on the West Coast? A. Paintings. B. Kayaks. C. Sculptures. D. Totem poles. 8) What does a Member of Parliament do? A. He or she works for the Governor General. B. He or she links Canadians to the federal government. C. He or she liaises with the municipal government. D. He or she represents the Queen. 9) What does Register of Electors contain? A. List of Canadian citizens less than 18 years old who are qualified to vote D. Ontario. 3) How are Members of Parliament chosen? A. Appointed by Governor of each province. B. Elected by the Provincial Parliament. C. Appointed by the Prime Minister. D. Elected by Canadian citizens. 4) Who has the right to vote in a federal election? A. A Canadian citizen, at least 21 years old and must work for the government. B. A Canadian or British citizen, over 18 years old. C. A landed immigrant, 18 years old and a member of the Canadian Forces. D. A Canadian citizen, at least 18 years old on voting day and on the voters' list. 5) When is Canada Day? A. September 6th of each year. B. July 1st every year. C. The second Monday of July. D. The third Monday of May. 6) What is meaning of the Canadian

Friday October 26, 2012


1) What are the first two lines of Canada's national anthem? A. O Canada! We stand on guard for thee. B. O Canada! From far and wide, O Canada, We stand on guard for thee. C. O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. D. O Canadian! Our home and private land! True love in all thy sons command. 2) Which province is known as the "Land of 100,000 Lakes"? A. Quebec. B. Alberta. C. Manitoba.

in federal elections and referendums. B. List of all Canadian citizens who are qualified to vote in federal elections and referendums. C. List of Canadian citizens of more than 18 years who are qualified to vote in federal elections and referendums. D. Personal information of voters which is given to each political party. 10) What does voting by secret ballot mean? A. No one can watch you vote or look at your marked ballot. B. No one can watch you vote except the election officer. C. The voter should not tell anyone for whom he/she voted. D. Only the candidate you vote for can watch your marked ballot. ANSWERS 3.D 4.D 8.B 9.B

1.C 6.A

2.C 7.D

5.B 10.A

New Citizens Inducted into the Canadian Family at the Hockey Hall of Fame
Fifty new Canadians originating from 19 countries took the Oath of Citizenship in a special ceremony at the Hockey Hall of Fame last week. “When a newcomer swears their Oath of Citizenship, our history becomes their history,” said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. “Canada has a long history of excelling at winter sports, including hockey, and so it is entirely appropriate that these new Canadians will set out on their new journey from Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame.” The ceremony was sponsored by Canadian Tire. The Canadian retailer has partnered with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to highlight the important role of Canada’s winter sports tradition in our shared history as Canadian citizens. Through this partnership, CIC will reach hundreds of thousands of Canadians by way of distributing a direct-to-consumer postcard at Canadian Tire stores and via online promotional material. “Our citizenship study guide, Discover Canada, showcases the importance of winter sports, and particularly hockey, to Canadian culture,” the Minister noted. “This year marks the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series and the 25th anniversary of the 1987 Canada Cup and both of these remarkable Canadian moments serve as an appropriate historical backdrop to today’s ceremony, in this location in particular, which marks an important moment in the lives of these new Canadians.” “As Canada’s Store, we are thrilled to be partnering with Minister Kenney and other notable guests to welcome some of Canada’s newest citizens at this citizenship ceremony,” said Doug Nathanson, Senior Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Canadian Tire. “As one of Canada’s largest employers and most visited stores, we’re proud that our employees and customers represent the diversity that has come to define us as Canadians.” On October 17, Canadian Tire also hosted a celebration of citizenship and hockey at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto. A citizenship reaffirmation ceremony that was open to all Canadians featured a mass swearing of the Great Canadian Oath. About 1,500 people took part in the event.

Roy Wong has been appointed as a Citizenship Judge in Vancouver for a full-time, three-year term, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced Monday. The appointment is effective October 29, 2012.

Minister Kenney Announces Citizenship Judge Appointment, Reappointments
Mr. Wong holds a Bachelor of Arts from New York University, a Licentiate in Law from the Université de Montréal and the Certificate of Qualification for CommonLaw from the University of British Columbia. He had a lengthy career as a lawyer and is a past member of the Law Society of British Columbia and a past member of the Barreau du Québec. Four other citizenship judges have been reappointed to three-year terms: Ann Dillon (Vancouver) Renée Giroux (Montreal) Anne-Marie Kains (Vancouver)

Terrence O’Malley (Regina) Citizenship judges are responsible for making decisions with regard to citizenship applications, presiding over citizenship ceremonies and administering the oath of citizenship to new citizens.


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Canada News

Friday October 26, 2012

The nation's official languages appear to be giving way to other tongues, the latest census data shows, with one in five Canadians speaking a language other than English or French at home.

Census Shows Rise Of Non-Official Tongues In Canadian Homes

From Cantonese to Swahili, about 6.6 million people reported speaking a nonofficial language at home, according to the final installment of Canada's 2011 census, released by Statistics Canada Wednesday. More than 200 different languages were identified in the census. Out of those tongues, it was Tagalog -- a Philippinebased language -- that showed the largest increase in popularity. But while the census results showed a slight decline in the number of English and French speakers, they also indicate that "official" bilingualism rose slightly. About 5.8 million Canadians reported the ability to converse in both English and French. That gain, however, was slight, rising to 17.5 per cent from 17.4. Still, the 2011 census appeared to show other languages chipping away at French's popularity. The number of Canadians who can speak French is up to almost 10 million people, but that number is waning as a proportion of the Canadian population. Ana Perez-Leroux, a linguistics professor at the University of Toronto, suspects the perception of EnglishFrench bilingualism as an asset may be

dwindling in Canadian cities. "Some of the statistics that I have seen suggest that the economic value of being bilingual with French is not so great in English-speaking cities -- in Vancouver, in Toronto. That might be behind it," she told the reporter on Wednesday. Canada's previous census, conducted in 2006, showed that the number of people who considered French their first language was only slightly higher than the number of self-identified allophones. That trend led analysts to surmise that the number of Canadians speaking en francais would continue to decline in the 2011 census. Those forecasts proved to be partial truths: French experienced some losses but, along with English, it remains one of the most widely used languages in Canada. The French language continues to hold court in Quebec, where about 94.4 per cent of the population reports being able to converse in the language. Last September, Quebec voted the pro-sovereignty Parti Quebecois into government. On the campaign trail, PQ leader Pauline Marois pledged stricter enforcement of the province's language laws. Among other ideas, Marois proposed preventing companies within the province from operating in English and making it compulsory for immigrants to attend a French-language junior college.

Man Facing Sex Charges Hiding In Sydney

Jamieson Richard Glendinning ... faces nine charges in Canada An alleged Canadian child sex offender accused of abusing victims over a 21year period is believed to be hiding out in Sydney after failing to appear for his trial in his home country. Jamieson Richard Glendinning, 63, is facing nine charges including sexual assault, indecent assault and gross indecency. He was due to face a court in Surrey, British Columbia, in June but did not show up. A warrant was issued for his arrest by police in Canada and a local search carried out for the former junior baseball coach.

However, it is understood that he flew into Australia on a short visit or tourist visa before Canadian officials placed him on the Movement Alert List that would have prevented him entering the country. The media has been told Canadian police only put him on the list last week and that the NSW Police have now received information that he is in the Sydney metropolitan region. The Australian Federal Police said it was ''aware that this person may be located in Australia''. The allegations against Mr Glendinning relate to boys and girls in primary and high school and are reported to have taken place between 1969 and 1990. Three alleged victims came forward in 2009 and he was charged in September 2010. The publicity around that arrest prompted two other alleged victims to come forward and extra charges being laid. The Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers website states that he resides in Vancouver ''however his current whereabouts remain unknown''. They say a photo now being circulated in NSW is several years old and that Mr Glendinning currently appears much more aged, with thinning grey hair. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship said it was aware of Mr Glendinning but was prevented from saying when he arrived in Australia.

A cyber-attack response centre that is supposed to monitor threats to online security around the clock has only been operating during daytime hours, says a new report from the federal spending watchdog. The federal public safety department created the Canadian Cyber Incident Reponse Centre (CCIRC) in 2005 to help reduce the risk to critical infrastructure by monitoring and analyzing cyber threats to non-government systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week and providing the latest and best advice for protecting against attacks. “(Its) role was envisioned as an information hub for collecting relevant information from other federal departments, provincial and territorial governments, the private sector and foreign allies,” says a report from the Auditor General of Canada tabled to the House of Commons on Tuesday morning. Not so much, says the report, which also concluded that despite several incarnations of cyber security strategies and an estimated $780 million in funding since 2001, the federal government has been slow to meet its own goals. The response centre was only staffed to operate from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. five days a week, the audit found, although the federal government operations centre

Auditor General Report: Canada’s Online Security Centre Not Operating Around The Clock
can page someone on call if a cyber attack or threat is reported after hours. “It is our opinion that operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week is important for the timely detection and notification of cyber threats and for communicating with the computer emergency response teams of Canada’s foreign allies, which operate in different time zones,” says Michael Ferguson’s report. The audit says the federal department of public safety has committed $13 million over five years to work towards staffing the centre from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, but there are no plans to keep it open around the clock. The audit also found the response centre is often kept in the dark. Some business owners and operators are confused about who in the federal government, if anyone, should be told about cyber security incidents to and others not even knowing the response centre exists. This prevents the response centre from fully analyzing the cyber security landscape and hampers its ability to give advice to on how to protect against the latest cyber threats, says the report. “A lack of timely and relevant information and analyses affects the ability of critical infrastructure owners and operators to react to cyber attacks that may cause disruptions,” says the report. The report notes that even when hackers traced back to China targeted networks at the Treasury Board and Department of Finance in January 2011, no one even told the response centre about the incident until a week after it happened. Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) took over responsibility for protecting government information systems from cyber threats from the response centre last year, but the audit found that despite the fact that the two agencies are supposed to be working together, CSEC does not routinely share things with CCIRC. “CSEC told us it was concerned about sharing information because of the sensitive nature of the information it collects, such as classification levels or the sensitivities of client departments,” says the audit. The audit says they were supposed to have worked things out by August 2011, but have now agreed to resolve things by Nov. 30 and a CCIRC employee has been working at CSEC to make collaboration easier. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced last week the Conservative government would commit $155

million over five years to boost the capacity of the response centre. The announcement came a week after U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta warned American business, financial and transport computer systems may be vulnerable to devastating attacks and called on legislators to pass new laws to strengthen cyber-protections below the border. Those comments came after the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee warned against doing business with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. and ZTE Corp.—two Chinese telecommunications giants – because they could potentially be used for Chinese spying operations. Huawei has sold equipment to major Canadian telecommunication companies. The allegations are being referred to the U.S. Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security. The 2010-11 annual report of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said both the federal government and the private sector are frequent targets of cyber attacks. “The Government of Canada is now witnessing serious attempts to penetrate its networks on a daily basis,” said that report.


Canada News

Friday October 26, 2012


House Prices Fall, Residents Struggle With Mortgage Rules: Study
While homeowners across Canada believe residential prices will climb two per cent over the next year, 27 per cent of Vancouver residents expect prices to decrease, according to a new BMO Housing Confidence Report released Tuesday. "Given that Vancouver is one of the priciest markets in the world, it's not surprising that many people expect some correction," said Sal Guatieri, senior economist, BMO Capital Markets, adding that prices in Vancouver are poised to decline moderately. Findings of the inaugural report shows 53 per cent of Vancouverites plan to buy property in the next five years, but the effects of the new federal mortgage regulations will be felt. Among other changes, Ottawa reduced the maximum amortization terms for government insured mortgages to 25 years from 30. Because of the rules, that came into effect in July, one in five Canadians said they are less likely to buy a new home in the next five years and 30 percent of those planning to buy before 2017 said they are likely to spend less, according to the report. The study also reveals most Canadian homeowners have made spending cuts over the past year, just to pay their mortgages, and even a minor interest rate boost would cause them significant strain. The survey says 72 per cent of homeowners would be impacted by a mild interest bump, while 16 per cent say a 10 per cent jump would have the potential to force them out of their homes.

Lamborghini Owner Complains $568 Fine Too Steep
Richmond RCMP was surprised when they pulled over the owner of a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador last week to find the owner couldn't afford insurance. Cpl. Robert McDonald said police pulled over a 22-year-old driver because of a suspected front license plate violation. "When the police officer stopped the driver, he soon realized that the car was not insured," McDonald said. "When the officer gave the driver a $568 fine for not having insurance, the driver actually complained the fine was too much money." According to Lamborghini Vancouver, the vehicle is valued at around $500,000 and the insurance could range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 a year. "The irony being if they can afford such an expensive vehicle, you've got to be prepared for a $500 fine with no insurance," McDonald said. "He said he couldn't afford insurance." McDonald said the West Vancouver man, who also owned the vehicle, was carrying a class 5 license. The vehicle was impounded immediately. "I find it very funny, when you have a flashy car like this and can't afford the insurance," McDonald said.

Users of prepaid credit cards will no longer have to worry about hidden fees and expiry dates, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Wednesday. At a Wednesday morning news conference in Ottawa, Flaherty said the new regulations will help protect consumers from surprises. Previously, prepaid credit cards had been largely unregulated, and money paid upfront for such cards could be lost if the balance was not spent on time. The new regulations are also designed to promote more transparency of the cards' terms, with fees to be disclosed in clear language on the outside of card packaging and no fee increases permitted without disclosure to consumers. Maintenance and dormancy fees won't be allowed on the cards for the first year. Dormancy fees penalize a cardholder for failing to use it for a certain period of time. The changes come as part of a rollout of new regulatory measures aimed at credit and debit transactions. Until now, the relatively new prepaid market had not been covered by such measures. Flaherty said Wednesday's move was part of a broader government initiative to encourage financial literacy. "Financial literacy is and will continue

Government Lifts Expiry Dates From Prepaid Credit Cards

to be an important national priority," he said. "Financial literacy isn't just good for individuals; it can have a meaningful benefit for the entire economy. When Canadian families become more knowledgeable about their finances their personal finances will benefit and the entire economy will benefit." Prepaid card are often targeted at consumers who have trouble obtaining traditional credit, or as a tool for parents to give their children access to credit card services while preventing over-spending. The sector has been criticized for attempts to hide the cards' full roster of fees, such as monthly or annual charges, activation fees, maintenance costs and ATM-use fees. Compliance with the regulations will be monitored by the Financial Consumer Agency, an independent body under the purview of the federal government. The FCA educates consumers on financial products and oversees payment card network operators. Businesses that don't comply could face penalties, and consumers could be entitled to a refund if they are charged fees that are prohibited. Flaherty said the changes were made after consultations with industry and consumer groups.

Unpaid violations start around $170, escalating up to $270 If you get caught without transit fare, receive a ticket and doesn’t it pay right away, don't think you're off the hook. TransLink is hiring a collection agency to help crackdown on fare evaders. "Tickets are written and then there are the escalating fines. There's a possibility that [violators] can't renew their car insurance or their driver's license and this is one of them also that if it goes long enough, we send it over to a collection agency and they take care of things," explains Drew Snider with TransLink. Unpaid violations start at about $170

Translink Hiring Collection Agency To Stop Fare Evasion

and can escalate up to $270. "Part of that is that if all else fails, we're able to have a collection agency pursue them when they haven't paid their fines," Snider notes. "There was not a collection process that was followed to collect these fines. So what's happened now with Bill 51, is that it gives TransLink the authority to collect the fines, and pursue fare evaders." "Bill 51 certainly increased the ability that we have to make sure that we have real consequences for not paying your fare," he adds. At this point, it’s unknown when this method will get put into action.

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A telemarketing scam is using the name of a reputable vacation company to trick consumers into giving up their credit card information for a fabulous vacation. The scam is running rampant in Calgary right now and it isn't the first time. Numbers with a 403 area code are being peppered by a recording that says you have qualified for a great vacation package because you are a Westjet traveller. CTV Calgary Consumer Specialist Lea Williams-Doherty got a similar call at her desk on Tuesday night. After the recording played a person came on the line and asked her if she was at least 30 years old and if she had a credit card. She was then passed on to what's known as the "closer". That's the person that puts the high

Telephone Scam Targets Travellers

pressure sales pitch into full gear. Lea asked him if he worked for Westjet and he said, "Well yes, and for companies like Costco and Canadian Tire too." He told Lea that she'd won a trip to Cancun and to go to karismahotels. com to see the 5-star hotel. He then asked for her credit card number to secure the trip and pay the discounted hotel rate. Lea called Westjet and the company confirmed that it is a scam. Westjet says this is the third time for the scam and that it seems to crop up every six months or so. Last time the scam was tracked to a Mexican vacation company. If you get the call and want to report it, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

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Tax bills in Surrey will be going up almost $100 next year or nearly $250 if the home has a secondary suite, according to City of Surrey financial staff plans. Council won't be considering the increases until December, but city staff and Coun. Tom Gill, also an accountant who chairs the city's finance committee, is already hammering out the details. Surrey is planning its usual 2.9 per cent increase ($40.20 on the average home worth $615,000), another one per cent road levy ($13.86), along with a $22 increase in the drainage fee, a $5.90 bump in water charges, and a $16.40 jump in sewer fees. Surrey is not considering an increase in garbage fees this year. If the home has a secondary suite, however, the homeowner will be paying another $148 annually, bringing the secondary suite service fee to $395, an increase of 37.5 per cent. That will bring the total tax bill for the average Surrey home to $2,620, or $2,768 for homes with a suite. In addition to that, homes with secondary suites that are not on water meters will be paying $844 for utilities such as sewer ($439), water ($264) and garbage pickup ($141). Gill said city hall has heard loud and clear from residents that they want owners of homes with suites to pay their fair share. "In terms of the significant secondary suite fee increase, the objective is to fairly and equitably support amenity infrastructure requirements utilized by all of our residents (pools, recreational centers, turf fields - all in the Build Surrey Program) plus support

Canada News

Friday October 26, 2012

Surrey Set To Ramp Up Taxes Punjabi And Chinese Top Immigrant
standard infrastructure such as road improvements," Gill said Wednesday. The city has identified 23,500 suites so far, and expects to find another 1,000 this year. Gill expects that secondary suite service fee will generate almost $10 million annually. The drainage fee increase on all homes is higher than normal because the city is now collecting for localized flooding due to global warming, Gill said. On the spending side, Surrey is planning to hire 12 more police officers. How many of those will be Community Safety Officers is up to the Officer in Command. Surrey is also expecting to hire four more firefighters and will budget for a Manager of Animal Control. Some of the capital projects the city will be paying for next year include infrastructure improvements at Newton Athletic Park ($2.9 million), a covered youth park in Cloverdale ($1.5 million), advanced design work for a multipurpose space in Fleetwood ($1.3 million of the $15.5 total paid over future years), design of an artificial turf field ($500,000 of the $2 million total). Surrey is also planning to budget $16 million next year for the $41-million Guildford Pool and $20 million for the $53-million Grandview Pool. Surrey has also experienced some unexpected costs, perhaps the most significant of which is $9 million in wire theft over the last three years. Paying for that damage has come from a pool of money which will soon be depleted, Gill said. The budget will be considered by council on Dec. 10.

Languages In Vancouver

The 2011 Stats Canada Census found about 712,000 Vancouver residents reported speaking a language at home most often that was not English or French The newest census figures show Chinese languages and Punjabi are the dominant immigrant languages spoken in Metro Vancouver homes. Of the 712,000 people who reported speaking an immigrant language most often at home, nearly 18 per cent reported speaking Punjabi. But the combined number of people who spoke Cantonese, Mandarin or an unspecified Chinese language accounted for 40 per cent of the population who spoke an immigrant language as their main language at home. In Greater Vancouver, the number of people whose mother tongue is something other than French or English is now nearly one million people. Jas Cheema with the Fraser Health Authority says the changing demographics point to the growing need for interpreter services. "It's crucial, it could be a matter of life and death — if a health professional can't understand a symptom of the patient that they're serving, it could be detrimental," she said. "There's lots of research out there that we can even reduce wait times or stay times in the hospitals if we have access to interpreters." The census figures show Punjabi and the Chinese groups accounted for more than half — 57.7 per cent — of the overall population speaking an immigrant language most often at home in the Metro Vancouver census area. The census also found the proportion of the population that reported speaking only English at home continued to decline, from 65 per cent in 2001 to 58 per cent in 2011 — 1,328,780 people. But the census also found a sizable increase in the number of people who reported speaking both English and an 'other' language at home, from 18 per cent in 2001 to 24 per cent in 2011 — 549,950 people. In Greater Vancouver, the number of people who only speak something other than French or English at home has remained roughly the same since 2001, and is now about 16 per cent — 369,350 people. The total number of people who speak some English at home, with or without another language, is now about 83 per cent, dropping only about one per cent since 2001. Across the country, the biggest increase is those from the Philippines who speak Tagalog. Nearly 279,000 people now speak it as their main language at home. Vancouver speaks: Official languages: English only: 1,328,780. English and other: 549,950 Other only: 369,350 English and French: 23,950 Other combinations: 15,005 French only: 3,415 French and other: 1,670 Immigrant languages Punjabi:126,000. Cantonese: 113,610. Chinese (unspecified): 86,580. Mandarin: 83, 832. Tagalog: 47,640. Korean: 38,870. Persian (Farsi): 28,970. Spanish: 22,505. Hindi: 18,325. Vietnamese: 18,225. Russian: 11,765. Japanese: 9,920. Other: 105,140. Source: Stats Canada

B.C. Premier Christy Clark dismissed the idea of imposing higher taxes on junk food Tuesday; hours after the Ontario Medical Association recommended it as an anti-obesity measure. Association president Doug Weir told a news conference that food with no nutritional value should be taxed more severely and labeled with graphic warnings about potential health impacts, like cigarettes. "If we don't start taking immediate action now, our health care system will soon be overwhelmed by the demands of completely preventable complications associated with obesity," Weir said. Clark told reporters she does not support measures that will hit British Columbians in their pocketbooks, however. "I'm just generally not in favour of adding a bunch of taxes for people," Clark said. The BC Medical Association said it has no plans to mimic the Ontario proposal, and instead focuses on promoting

Christy Clark Shoots Down Idea Of Junk Food Tax

healthy eating and physical activity. A group of high school students told the reporter that a small increase in price wouldn't go far in deterring them from junk food, but did say the graphic images may persuade them to reassess their eating habits. "It it's like a dollar or two more I wouldn't really care," said student Stefano Gomes. The Ontario Medical Association has also suggested lowering taxes on healthy foods, as well as limiting the marketing of sugary and fatty food to children. The association said it would also like to see restricted access to junk food at sports complexes and other recreational venues that children frequent. Weird estimated that obesity-related health issues such as diabetes and heart disease cost Ontario taxpayers between $2.2 and $2.5 billion annually. "This is an unnecessary strain on our health care system that is unsustainable," he said. "We need to treat obesity like the public health epidemic that it is."


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Halloween safety tips for children, pets, and adults!

Halloween Safety Tips For Children, Pets, And Adults!


Child Safety

NEVER eat any treats until they are examined by an adult at your home. Trick or Treat with friends or with adult supervision. Don't go alone. NEVER enter the house or car of a stranger. Trick or Treat in the late afternoon or early evening. Trick or Treat in your own neighborhood, and visit only houses that you know. Stay on streets that are well lit and only cross the street at the corners. NEVER run across the street and always look both ways before crossing. Do not take short cuts through backyards, alleys, or parks. Carry a flashlight or wear reflective tape so drivers can see you and you can see hazards in the street as well as other people. Only trick or treat at houses where the porch light is on and well lit. Carry a few quarters for a payphone so you can call home if you need to. Do not play with lighters, matches, or fireworks!

sure the costume isn't constricting, annoying or unsafe. Be careful not to obstruct their vision and get your dog used to wearing his/her costume before the actual date of Halloween. All but the most social dogs should be kept in a separate room during trick-ortreat visiting hours; many strangers in strange garb can be scary for a dog. Be careful your cat or dog doesn't dart out through the open door. Walk your dog early in the night, before it gets dark.

Car Safety

Exercise extreme caution when driving a vehicle. Be on the alert for excited youngsters, whose vision may be obscured by masks, darting out into traffic. Motorists should avoid all unnecessary travel on Halloween evening, and when driving all motorists should drive slowly. Many accidents occur when motorists are backing vehicles out of driveways. Make absolutely sure there are no small children behind your car.

Flame Resistant Costume

Adult Safety

Welcome trick-or-treaters with your porch lights and any exterior lights on. Patrol your street occasionally to discourage speeding motorists, acts of malicious mischief and crimes against children. Report any suspicious or criminal activity to your police department immediately. In many areas you can dial 9-1-1. Candlelit jack-o-lanterns should be kept clear of doorsteps and landings. Consider using flashlights instead of candles to light jack-o-lanterns. Keep pets away from doors so children will not become frightened. Set a time limit for your children to "trick-or-treat." Also designate a specific route for them to take. Feed the kids before they go so they will be less likely to eat the treats before they get home. Warn them not to eat anything before you inspect it.

When purchasing costumes, masks, beards and wigs, look for the label "Flame Resistant." Although this label does not mean these items won't catch fire, it does indicate the items will resist burning and should extinguish quickly. To minimize the risk of contact with candles and other fire sources, avoid costumes made with flimsy materials and outfits with big, baggy sleeves or billowing skirts.

Costume Design

Pet Safety

Don't leave your pet out in the yard on Halloween: There are plenty of stories of pranksters on this night. Trick-or-treat candies are not for pets: Chocolate is poisonous to a lot of animals. Tin foil and candy wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed. Be careful of pets around a lit pumpkin: Pets may knock it over and cause a fire. Curious kittens especially run the risk of getting burned. Don't dress the dog in costume unless you know he loves it. Otherwise, it puts a lot of stress on the animal. If you do dress up your dog, make

Purchase or make costumes that are light, bright and clearly visible to motorists. For greater visibility during dusk and darkness, decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape that will glow in the beam of a car's headlights. Bags or sacks also should be light colored or decorated with reflective tape. Children should carry flashlights to see easily and aid in being seen. Costumes should be short enough so that children won't trip and fall. Children should wear well-fitting, sturdy shoes. Mother's high heels are not a good idea for safe walking. Tie hats and scarfs securely to keep them from slipping over children's eyes. If your child wears a mask, make sure it fits securely and has eyeholes large enough to allow full vision. Swords, knives, and accessories should be made of soft, flexible material. Always use common sense, caution and adult supervision to make this Halloween the best ever. Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween from Halloween is Here!



Your Health

Friday October 26, 2012

Indian researchers have found that bedwetting is a genetic, common physiological problem and not a habit or psychological problem and can be successfully treated with medicines and stern punishments only worsen the condition instead of curing it. Bedwetting if not treated timely can lead to the prevalence of the disease amongst adults. Recent incidents of killing a niece in Indore because she wetted the bed and earlier in Tamil Nadu where a class 9 student was made to drink his urine and a 10-year-old girl in Kolkata to lick her own urine in school, have attracted eyeballs to this problem of Bedwetting amongst kids. Bedwetting also known as enuresis has many unknown sufferers, but incidents like this which have come out in open, has for the first time attracted the limelight to this disease, which is surrounded by myths. "Punishing a bed-wetter is the most common mistake a parent makes. It's not a lack of effort on part of the child that causes him to bed-wet. There are a number of factors at work that are beyond his control. Punishment like beating them, embarrassing them, or the more recent ones where parents or teachers make the kid have his/her own Urine will worsen the case and affect the kid psychologically. Parents should be counseled regarding bedwetting and remedial measures to be undertaken," Dr Shobha Sharma from Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, said. When a child wets his/her bed 2 times a week for at-least three weeks, a child is said to suffer from Bedwetting. Bed-wetting can be Primary - where the child never had bladder control - or Secondary - where the child had achieved control for 6 months and lost same later.

Bed-Wetting 'Treatable With Medication'

Have you ever been "elbowed" by your bed partner because you were snoring? If yes, new research says you could have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Prior to polysomnography (sleep) testing, researchers from the University of Saskatchewan asked 124 patients two questions: Does your bed-partner ever poke or elbow you because you are snoring, and does your bed-partner ever poke or elbow you because you have stopped breathing? Answering "yes" to being awakened

'Elbow Test' May Predict Sleep Apnea

It is a very common problem and affects 12-25 percent amongst four years old and 8-10 percent amongst children 8 years old. Bedwetting can be very distressing for both children and families. It causes low self-esteem, anxiety, sadness or depression, which results in reduced quality of sleep, poor school performance, and psychological disorder. Also there have been instances seen where the prevalence of bedwetting decreases with increasing age but frequency and severity increases. The proportion wetting of 3 times per week doubles from 44 percent at age 5 to 90 percent at 19 years of age. Hence it is very important that active treatment is given to kids at a young age itself explains Dr. Vivek Rege from Nova Specialty Surgery, Saifee Hospital, Wadia Children Hospital, Mediheight Shreeji Hosp, Fortis Hospital Mumbai. "Bedwetting has a very scientific reason, which can be controlled with medicines. In normal subjects, levels of the naturally occurring hormone 'vasopressin' increase at night reducing urinary output. This fails to occur in kids with bed wetting problem so the child continues to produce significant urine volume during the night and fill the bladder," Rage said. "When the signal to empty the full bladder is not "heard" in the child's brain, bedwetting occurs. Hence bedwetting is a physiological problem and not psychological and can be successfully treated with medicines like vasopressin analogue, desmopressin," he added. Prompt treatment with doctor's consultation and motivation and support from family members can help the kid get rid of Bed-wetting completely.

Australian researchers have found that for every hour of television viewed by a person over the age of 25, their life expectancy is reduced by 22 minutes. The study was based on an average six hours viewing per day, compared to a person who watches no television. Using data from the National Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study, the researchers generated life-expectancy tables based on the viewing habits of average Australians. The results were alarming. "TV viewing time may be associated with a loss of life that is comparable to other major chronic disease risk factors such as physical inactivity, smoking

Every Hour Of TV Shortens Your Life By 22 Minutes

and obesity," the study found. "These findings suggest that substantial loss of life may be associated with prolonged TV viewing time among Australian adults." The research also revealed that in 2008, Australians aged 25 and older watched a total of 9.8 billion hours of TV that year alone. Recent studies in the US also concluded that the average American spent 35.5 hours a week watching TV. The study is the first of its kind to analyse the impact of television viewing on life expectancy and has called for a public health case to warn adults of the risks of watching too much television.

for snoring or apneic spells (pauses in breathing) increased the likelihood of an apnea-hypopnea index [AHI] (indicating at least mild OSA) compared with "no", according to a Saskatchewan statement. Analysis also showed that as disease severity increased, patients were more likely to be awakened for snoring and apneic spells. Researchers conclude that asking these two simple questions could significantly improve the pretest prediction of a diagnosis of OSA.

High blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, and body mass indexcharacteristics that are often lumped together as the metabolic syndromemay increase risk of dying from prostate cancer, according a new study. The results suggested that public health recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle to prevent heart disease and diabetes might also decrease a man's likelihood of dying from prostate cancer. Researchers have little knowledge about possible links between metabolic factors, separately and combined, and men's risk of being diagnosed with or dying from prostate cancer. To investigate, Christel Haggstrom, MSc, Tanja Stocks, PhD, both of the Uma University in Sweden, and their colleagues analyzed information from 289,866 men enrolled in a study called the Metabolic syndrome and Cancer project. The analysis was completed under the leadership of Par Stattin, MD, PhD, a visiting scientist at Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center in New York City. During an average follow-up time of

Factors That May Up Men's Risk Of Dying From Prostate Cancer Revealed

12 years, 6,673 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and 961 died from the disease. Men in the highest categories of body mass index and blood pressure had a 36 percent and 62 percent increased risk of dying from prostate cancer, respectively. Also, when comparing a composite score of all metabolic factors, men with a high score were more likely to die from prostate cancer. The study found no evidence for a link between high levels of metabolic factors and a man's risk of developing prostate cancer but revealed a link between these factors and his risk of dying from the disease. This suggests that while men with the metabolic syndrome are not more likely than others to develop prostate cancer, if they do develop it, they are more likely than other men to die from the malignancy. "These observations suggest that cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight and hypertension are involved in stimulating the progression of prostate cancer," said Dr. Stattin.


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This information is provided for knowledge and educational purposes only. Individuals should visit their physicians for more information on their health.


Your Health

Friday October 26, 2012


For 35-year-old Ritika (name changed), everything seemed a burden. She suddenly started losing interest in both work and people around her. Even ordinary tasks seemed like a mountain to her. A call centre employee, she no longer paid attention even to her personal life. "I did not feel like getting up in the morning, I had to push myself to office, and I was a chronic late-comer. If I was given even a little extra work, I would become sad. I even lost interest in going out with friends or family," recounts Ritika. A friend suggested that she visit a psychiatrist. Only then did Ritika realise that she suffered the symptoms of depression. "Until then, I had not realised it was depression. I did not know the seriousness of the condition until I met the doctor. I was told chronic depression can drive people to suicide. Thank god, I went to a doctor just in time," she says. With stress becoming an inescapable fact of modern day existence, doctors say depression and other mental problems are becoming common. Sadly, there is not enough awareness of the nature of mental illnesses, and few people seek medical help for them. The situation is worse compounded by the fact that mental illness comes with huge social stigma. "I did not tell anyone I was under treatment for my condition. Initially, I wondered if I was mad or something. But I realise now that it is better to get counseling than to spiral downwards with illness," Ritika says, acknowledging that the treatment made a huge difference to her life. "Mental illness is much like physical illness. It is treatable. Early intervention leads to better outcomes and can prevent people from reaching a crisis point. It is also important that society not stigmatize those suffering from such illnesses," says Sudhir Joseph, Director, St. Stephen's Hospital. Psychiatric illness and drug abuse are leading contributors to early death across the globe, says a recent WHO report. In India, the prevalence of major mental and behavioral disorders is estimated to be 65 per 1,000 population. Given the size of India's population, and going by this estimate, at least 70 million people in India

Don't Shy From Seeking Help For Mental Problems, Say Doctors

suffer mental illnesses. A 2010 report of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) says that as many as 9,465 people committed suicide in India due to mental illness, in one year. Depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), lack of self-esteem, hallucination, schizophrenia, disorientation - these are no longer taboo words in western societies. There is now greater openness about mental illnesses in western societies, and there is easier access to quality frontline medical care in many western countries. Family support and rehabilitation centers for the severely addicted, depressed or ill has been made available. According to Joseph, in India families fail to report mental illness because there is a terrible social stigma attached to it. The matter is thus kept under wraps. "A psychologist or a psychiatrist can help people cope with stress and strain through counseling and medication, if required," he says. The mental health helpline was launched by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in October last year. The work of the helpline is conducted by the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), St. Stephen's Hospital, Vandrevala Foundation and the Mar Thoma Church, working in collaboration. Ashok Chacko, regional director of the helpline, says more than 60 percent of people suffering from mental illness do not seek help. "We have received calls ranging from stress, domestic violence, fears, adolescent problems, dejection and marital problems," says Chacko. "More than 60 per cent of people suffering from mental illness do not seek help because of a complex set of reasons, especially the fear of stigma and poor access to professional mental health advice." He adds that the problem is compounded by the fear that patients and families have of what others will think. Joseph says that many of those suffering such problems require only a counseling session. They only need a little insight and guidance to help them. There are also cases that require intensive or prolonged therapy, and those that can only be treated by a psychiatrist.

An eye doctor is an important part of a medical team managing your diabetes. Damage from diabetes usually shows up first in what are called "end organs" of the body, meaning the fingers, toes, kidneys and eyes. They can suffer the most from a lack of oxygen caused by too much sugar in the blood. And damage can happen even with tight glucose control. Retinal damage, particularly leaky blood vessels in the retina can be treated to avoid major vision loss. Diabetes is one of the major causes of blindness. Although diabetics have elevated blood sugar levels, the real damage is done by lack of oxygen. Because the eyes have such tiny blood vessels and yet need a lot of blood and therefore oxygen, diabetes can cause a great deal of damage. Diabetes can also cause leaking of blood vessels in the eyes, which lead to scarring and loss of vision. If blood leaks are found, an eye surgeon can seal the leaking vessels with a laser. There also is a technique that uses a laser to destroy "unnecessary" retinal areas to provide more oxygen to the important areas. Laser treatments for diabetic retinopathy are very successful but the success rate depends on the size and location of the leak, the length of time that the leak has existed and the stability of the diabetes Fluctuating blood sugars and fluctuating vision are connected, because there is a correlation between the change in blood sugar levels and the ability of the crystalline lens in your eye to maintain

Have Regular Eye CheckUps

a sharp focus. Your eye doctor will be unable to adequately correct your vision until your blood sugars remain stable. Eye doctors typically will not prescribe a pair of glasses for a diabetic whose sugars are not under control. A good rule of thumb for knowing when to get new glasses is to watch your AIC readings - an indication of your average blood glucose level over the last few months. If you are relatively stable, your glasses prescription will be accurate - especially if your AIC readings remain at or below seven per cent. As blood sugars go up or down in diabetes, vision can change. If the sugar level changes are minimal, the vision changes too. The eyes are the only body organs that have windows or pupils to see inside and find out what's going on. An eye exam can help pick up minor changes that can help your optometrists know if your diabetes is stable or not. It truly is a peek inside your body - a small price to pay for good health! Diabetes can also affect any one of the three cranial nerves that are responsible for movement of the eyes. Diabetes is one of the more common conditions associated with the sixth nerve palsies or abducens nerve. Paralysis of this nerve affects the lateral rectus muscle that allows the eyes to look outward. There is no specific medicine for this. The paralysis can be temporary and last a few months or it can be permanent.

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Legendary Filmmaker Yash Chopra Passes Away
being its first venture. The film was among the biggest hits of the year but Chopra dumped superstar Rajesh Khanna because of his starry tantrums. From then onwards, he forged a durable and profitable partnership with Amitabh Bachchan. His later works, especially those he made under his own banner, had two distinct strands - mature romance (Kabhi Kabhie, Silsila, Chandni, Lamhe, Veer Zara) and action-oriented human conflicts (Deewar, Trishul). But he also occasionally surprised you with a smart thriller like Darr. Chopra's grand theme was love and it was seldom a simple affair. In his films, it was usually a high-hanging fruit that could be attained only after navigating through a maze of complications and snuffles. Complex love triangles (Daag and Chandni), convoluted love quadrangle (Silsila), love defying category (Kabhi Kabhie), age-gap amour (Lamhe), fake young serious romance (Dil To Paagal Hai), love as sacrifice (Veer Zara), he tried to capture love in every hue. Nonetheless, his love had its share of class bias; Chopra's lovers were invariably well heeled. The deprived never really fell in love in his films though the great Urdu poet and lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi was a part of his musical team. Music was always a hallmark of his romantic movies. He took pride in the fact that his films had some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written in Hindi cinema -- and the picturisation did full justice to the lines. Amitabh Bachchan's sonorous rendition of poetry in Silsila can still induce goose bumps. And he helped revive the career of Khayyam by giving the out-of-job composer an opportunity to give music in Kabhi Kabhie. Khayyam repaid the trust by providing an unforgettable score. Chopra also worked with two classical musicians, Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Shiv Kumar Sharma. It is said Yash briefly worked for the comic genius I S Johar before beginning his career officially assisting his elder brother, B R Chopra in socially conscious movies such as Ek Hi Raasta, Naya Daur and Sadhna. His own later work does not have the same social commitment that he first displayed in works like Dharmputra (1961) but to Chopra's credit he never compromised on his idea of creating entertaining cinema even when he fell on hard times in the mindless 1980s and delivered a succession of boxoffice turkeys (Faasle, Vijay). Patience has its reward. The director rode on an inspirational second wind; his last three films were all box-office biggies Darr (1993), Dil To Paagal Hai (1997) and Veer Zaara (2004). With advancing age, one could see a growing gap between each of his directorial ventures . The Shah Rukh Khan starrer releasing in November was meant to be a fitting swansong to his illustrious career. May be it will. But sadly, its creator won't be there to see it. His departure was a great loss to the Hindi film industry which cannot be filled up by any other. We deeply mourn his death!

Yash Chopra
Ace filmmaker Yash Chopra passed away last Sunday. He was 80. Yash Chopra had been attacked with dengue and following which, he was admitted to Mumbai Lilavati hospital. Doctors informed that he died due to multiple organ failure. "He had been suffering from complications of dengue for a long time. Known for his best movies, Yash Chopra has been an inspiration for many young talents. His production house Yash Raj banner has given many blockbuster over the years. 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan' was his last film which is scheduled to release in Diwali. It is reported that Yash Chopra had to postpone his trip to Switzerland for filming few portions of his upcoming film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ with Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma due to ill-health. Yash Chopra announced his retirement from film direction recently. ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ was his last directional venture. Till 1973, Yash Chopra had been working under the banner of his brother, the great B R Chopra. In that year, he set up his own production house, Yash Raj Films, Daag (1973)

In a candid chat with Dinesh Lal Yadav on Ravi Kishan proclaiming himself as the superstar of Bhojpuri cinema, Bigg Boss contestants and lots more: We have heard a lot from you since the Do you feel you've less fan following? tell me one word that comes to your complained. day you've left Bigg Boss. You have Your audience did not support you mind and why. Aashka - Hurt. I think she was hurt claimed that Navjot Singh Sidhu or enough? Navjot Singh Sidhu - Experienced, he emotionally as she is angry over Niketan are the two persons you think There is one quality in both Ravi ji and knows it all. everything all the time, society, people, could win. Now, we would like to know Manoj ji which I don't have. They are Sampat Pal - Politically minded. She is law. Everything. from you who do you think is certainly very social people, they easily make very much inspired by Lalu Yadav. Karishma - Karishma ji to karishma hi not going to make it to the finals. connections. But I take time to open Vrajesh - Entertainer, no one can be sad hain. (Laughs) I think Rajeev will not be able up. I have realised that and I am going around him. Sana - Sweet. She is like Kolkata ka to make it to the finals. As Delnaaz has to work on it now. Rajeev - Drama company rosugulla. already pointed out because of his 'ghusu- How do you feel when Ravi Kishan Delnaaz - Honest, i think she is a very Sapna - Jhansi Ki Rani. She stands up giri'. He wants to get involved in everything proclaims himself 'Superstar of genuine person. for whatever is true. and know everything. I feel this is going to Bhojpuri cinema' considering you've Urvashi - Hard working, she used to Aseem - Vo ek Desh premi hain. Very prevent him from getting into finals. given some blockbusters in Bhojpuri spend all her time in kitchen but never true and honest person. And secondly I think Sampat ji. She is industry too. a very nice person but she thinks very Ravi ji is my senior and it's true that he MIKA SINGH CONCERT TICKETS high of herself. When I was in Bigg is the superstar of this industry. When Boss house people were irritated by her he was doing films I was a student. CONTACT this attitude. So I feel she is definitely He is a very senior actor and he is the not going to make it to the finals. TIMES ENTERTAINMENT one who's given name and fame to our Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari both industry. 604.904.1006 OR 778.713.6452 stayed for long in Bigg Boss house. But In a rapid fire, I would take names of you were evicted right after a week. the Bigg Boss contestants. You've to

Rajeev & Sampat Will Not Be In The Finals: Nirahua


Friday October 26, 2012


Top 10 Romantic Movies Of Yash Chopra
Yash Chopra was a legend. His contribution to the Hindi film industry cannot be described in words. His movies speak billion words about his splendid and extravaganza work. Bollywood is a big term and without Yash Chopra’s contribution, Hindi film industry won’t have reached the level that it is today and the world might not have placed the industry to this prestigious level. His departure has created a big vacuum in Bollywood which cannot be replaced by any second personality. Though out his life, he only understood one language films and only films. From Deewar to Jab Tak Hain Jaan’, his journey has been commendable. He left the world today but he will remain immortal in our heart though his evergreen films. He is not only a brilliant filmmaker but a very charming and kind-hearted personality. Yash Chopra is tagged as the king of romance. His films speak immense love and he is the man who made love stories worked in big screen. In his long filmy career, Yash Chopra made innumerable movies but we bring to you the top 10 romantic movies of Yash Chopra which will never lost its charm. Kabhie Kabhie- Yash Chopra’s 1976 directed film 'Kabhie Kabhie' is one of the most cherished Yash Raj movie. Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rakhi in the lead, the film touched many hearts and went to become a blockbuster. Daag-‘Daag’ is one of the biggest hit of late superstar Rajesh Khanna. It shows how Rajesh Khanna has divided his love between Rakhi and Sharmila Tagore. Silsila- Yash Chopra’s ‘Silsila’ is one of the most memorable and evergreen Bollywood movies. He has immortalized Amitabh and Rekha’s untold love stories in the movie which the audience can’t stop raving. The songs of the movie went to become a chartbuster. Chandni- Yash Chopra with 1989 blockbuster 'Chandni' gave a new identity to Sridevi. This film is one of the best movies of Sridevi's career and gave her career a great lift. The songs of the film like ‘Mere Hathon Main Nono Churia Hai’ and ‘Rang Bhare Badol Hain’ went to become the musical chartbuster. Lamhe-‘Lamhe’ starring Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the pivotal role is one of the highly acclaimed Bollywood movies. Though the film did not spell magic at the box-office, critics showered praises on it and it’s music also became a chartbuster. Darr-‘Darr’ is a violent love story and it speaks about obsession of lover who becomes violent to win the heart of his ladylove. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Sunny Deol in the lead, the film gave a new prospective to SRK’s image. Dil Toh Pagal Hai- Released in 1997, ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’ starring Shah Rukh Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit is a tale of friendship and love. The movie won many awards. It was counted as one of the best romantic movies of Bollywood. Veer-Zaara- ‘Veer Zaara’ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta speaks about the love of an Indian army officer and a Pakistani girl. It was one of the blockbusters of 2004. The film moved many into tears. Yash Chopra always strikes the right chord of the audience with his sensuality. Dhool Ka Phool- 'Dhool Ka Phool' starring Rajendra Kumar Mala Sinha and Nanda in the lead. This is Yash Chopra's first film as a director and he received many accolades. 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan'-'Jab Tak Hain Jaan' is the last directional venture of Yash Chopra. The film is yet to release but it already got rave reviews and movie buffs are waiting with bated breathe to watch the film this Diwali.


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Kahaani Wins At Fiji International Film Fest

It can't get ironical than this. While, on one hand, the Gods seemed to be favoring the BO collections of Karan Johar's Student Of the Year, on the other an Indore court told the cops to register a case against KJo and the singer Shreya Ghoshal for using 'objectionable' words ('sexy') against a Hindu deity in the song 'Radha' in the film. Court of Judicial Magistrate First Class Santosh Prasad Shukla went onto issue an order to register a case against Karan Johar, Shreya Ghoshal, Gauri Khan, Vishal-Shekhar, Udit Narayan, lyricist Anvita Dutta and Sony music for using objectionable words against a

Soty's 'Radha' Song Gets KJO In Legal Trouble

Hindu deity. In addition to that, Manish Vishnoi (Secretary - Shri Vision Social Empowerment and Welfare Association) and Nilesh Jaiswal had moved a petition before a local court seeking action against the aforesaid. The petitioners have now appealed to the court that the said word should be deleted from the song and also suitable action should be taken against the guilty. The court stated that the matter is cognizable and there is no need of approval under Section 196 (1) of The Code of Criminal Procedure. It also instructed that a copy of the court order to be forwarded to Palasia police station to register a case.

Vidya Balan's winning streak continues with Kahaani. The film, after having won the audiences' hearts and acclaims galore, has now been named the best film at the International Film Festival in Fiji. The said festival, which was held in Labasa, was a two-week long event that was partnered with Indian High Commission and organized by Fiji National University and Film Fiji. As per an Indian High Commission statement, the festival that had opened with the screening of Kahaani had over 250 entries, of which about 125 films were screened in Suva

and other cities. The Indian feature and documentary films were also a part of festival where Kahaani received the award in 'Best Film' category. While Rajkumar Hirani received 'Best Director' award for his film 3 Idiots, special Jury Best Film award went to Kumavatara. The festival featured a diverse variety of international and local film entries which included French, Russian, Middle Eastern films, Bollywood blockbusters and Bengali classics. These films were screened from all over the country from October 5 to 18.



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At The Movies
Arbitrage (G)

by: Robert Waldman

Power Play!
that powerful financial moves offers. Married to the enterprising Ellen and with two kids led by the stylish Ellen this family is a group not to be taken for granted. Susan Sarandon plays the coy wife well and Brit Marling shines as the ambitious daughter. Men of power think that they can get away with anything. Money can be a good or evil and is always a mixed blessing. When Mr. Miller “strays” from the family nest egg it opens up a real can of worms further compounded by some office problems.

Fame and fortune go hand in hand in Arbitrage a well – acted drama from Alliance Films now showing at Empire Studio 12, Colossus, The International Village Cinemas and Cineplex Odeon Theatres around B.C. Sharp performances abound in Arbitrage. Let’s go back to the days of infamous Gordon Gekko. Switch roles as Richard Gere shines as Robert Miller, a man who seems to hail directly from the Gordon Gekko school of business. For years Miller has carved out a nice niche on Wall Street and is riding the high

Lisa Ray Ties The Knot
After the royal wedding of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor another Bollywood actress and social activist Lisa Ray ties the knot with her banker boyfriend Jason Dehni, California on October 20th. She wore a crystal-encrusted gown by close friend and designer Wendell Rodricks at the white wedding, while for the reception she was seen in an exquisite custom-made Satya Paul sari. Lisa Ray wore designer Tarun Tahiliani on sangeet held on October 19. Lisa Ray tweeted about her wedding, "Wedding rehearsal. Saying #Ido to life. Conquering #MultipleMyeloma one step at a time." (sic) Lisa informed in the past how Jason proposed her in the beginning of this year while spending a vacation in California’s Napa Valley. Lisa an Indo Canadian is a cancer survival. She bravely fought against the dreaded disease for 10 months long and survived. She suffered from a rare form of cancer-multiple myeloma. When she was fighting against the disease, She refused to talk about the pain and the suffering instead she talked of the long road to recovery. "I don't want to think of the chemotherapy treatments and its aftermath. Let's say I have experienced the pain and pitfalls of being diagnosed with cancer and have trounced my condition with flying colours, “she once said during an interview. Lisa declares that she wants to live life on her own terms. "My universe has certainly turned upside down. I feel more connected with myself now." Ray who recently featured in a documentary of breast cancer awareness by Indian-American actor and director Namrata Singh Gujral's said, "Through all this I would just wonder how I allowed it to happen to me from years of neglecting my body. Now I intend to have fun and be less hard on myself “. It also features other cancer survivors like actors Olivia Newton John, Barbara Mori and William Baldwin.

Prem Raj Diagnosed With Cancer
The upcoming Preity Zinta film Ishkq In Paris has been delayed for quite a while now, though various speculation were made for this delay, we hear that its due to the director Prem Raj's ill health. In fact the 35-year-old Prem has been diagnosed with cancer of the gall bladder. This diagnosis has apparently sent the movie's post-production, and release completely off-track. Prem who suffered a loss on Sunday with the demise of his father had been putting up a nonchalantly brave front for the past few months. While in fact he has been diagnosed with first stage cancer of the gall bladder. Prem who was initially supposed to release the film on November 2 has delayed the film as he will be heading for a minor surgery. However, due

to the personal loss he suffered in the past few days, the surgery has consequently been delayed. Though doctors who have been treating the director have claimed that since the cancer was detected in the first stage it is curable. We wish the director a speedy recovery.


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Friday October 26, 2012

Most people avoid creating a financial budget and fewer still stick to one. But it doesn't have to be painful. If you're the type of person who always you've fine-tuned it with a couple of "child care" or "health insurance." your card sometimes do come with has plenty of cash, knows exactly months of actual spending - tracking You can also create subcategories, categories attached (they aren't always where every penny goes and never has your expenditures becomes almost dividing "auto" expenses into "fuel," right, so check them). trouble paying bills, skip this chapter. automatic. "insurance" and "service." The Either way, once you've got your You're either too rich or too smart to If your boss at work were to ask you program comes with a set of categories spending tracked by category, drawing need it. for an analysis of the department's that handle most of the basics. You can up a report requires only a few clicks For the rest of us, unfortunately, spending, you'd figure it out quickly edit the list to create categories that of the mouse. Even better, such making - and sticking to - a budget is enough. Budgeting your household make better sense for your particular programs often have an automatic the essential tool for ensuring that our should be approached in the same household. budget-creation feature that scans your money gets used the way we need it to. businesslike fashion. A variety of The drawback, of course, is that spending in the past in order to estimate Even if you're in the happy situation of electronic tools can make the process entering and categorizing all of your how much you'll spend going forward. having plenty of income, the homework easier. income and outflow is a tedious chore. If your finances aren't wired, you involved in drawing up a budget can be Tracking spending and expenses You can reduce the tedium by can still get a good handle on your instructive, since you may find that you To build a realistic financial budget, judiciously selecting categories. spending the old-fashioned way. Start are spending more than you wish on start by figuring out where your Let's say you are only worried about by getting all your records together items like DVDs, electronic equipment money goes now. tracking your spending for recreation from the past 12 months, including pay or restaurant meals. There are three steps to creating a and leisure pursuits. You could create stubs, loan proceeds, withdrawal slips, Drawing up a budget is usually the only budget: categories that cover those types of canceled checks and itemized creditreality of staring your foolish spending 1) Identify how your money is currently expenses, and let everything else card statements. Then go through them habits in the face. Why do you have a being spent. accumulate under "miscellaneous and compile totals for your income luxury sound system if neither you nor 2) Evaluate that spending to see if revenue" or "miscellaneous expense." and expenses in a set of categories that your spouse listens to it? In fact, one it meets the financial priorities you The problem with that approach is makes sense for you. of the chief impediments to budgeting specified. that you forgo the opportunity to spot At the end of this exercise, you may still is that most people would rather not 3) Track your ongoing spending problems in other spending areas that have a sizable lump of spending that's know how they really use their money. to make sure it stays within those you may not even be aware of. undocumented - typically, the money It's bad enough to learn this kind of guidelines (or to understand how your A better solution is to track expenses you withdraw in cash and then spend information on your own. It's even budget needs to be revised). using electronic banking. That way, on day-to-day needs. If this portion of worse when a spouse or significant If you happen to use Quicken, Microsoft you can download your payments and your budget seems to be getting out other finds out, since it usually confirms Money or other such software, you're deposits directly from the bank, rather of hand, keep a journal for the next his or her worst fears - and provides new in luck. These programs generally than having to enter them by hand. four weeks in which you record every ammunition for future "discussions." make it easy to draw up a budget. The downloaded banking transactions nickel you spend. You can use those Take heart. Any spending mistakes In Quicken, for example, every time generally show up without any results to extrapolate how your cash is you're making are probably common you make a deposit, write a check, categorization - meaning you'll have being spent throughout the year. and not impossible to kick. Moreover, pay a credit card bill or dispatch an to add the categories by hand. But if Now that you've got a good picture of the bulk of budgeting's pains are at the electronic payment you are asked to you use a credit card that is issued by where your money is going, you can beginning. assign it to a particular category, such a bank that permits electronic access, proceed to evaluate which parts of that After you have a budget in place - and as "salary," "clothing," "groceries," then the downloaded charges from spending should be raised or lowered.

Setting Realistic Financial Budgets

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Auckland, New Zealand Location Vulcan Lane, High Street & Chancery Discover fashion stores on High Street, pubs on Vulcan lane and a charming cobblestone plaza at Chancery. Top picks: · Browse designer shops down High Street · Stop for a pub lunch on Vulcan Lane · Enjoy a glass of wine in Chancery Square Fact file: · Built in 1841, The Commercial Hotel (now Hotel de Brett) was one of Auckland’s first hotels. It has hosted the Queen of England and the Beatles · Vulcan Lane’s name originates from the smithy trade in the 1850’s · Queen’s Ferry Hotel dates back to at least 1871 Why visit: Check-out some of Auckland city's best fashion tucked away in and around High Street. Discover New Zealand’s top designers such as Karen Walker, Zambesi and Workshop alongwith shoes galore, from Briarwood and Ashley Ardrey. High Street is the highend fashionist’s dream come true, plus it’s stacked with quirky cafes and bars. Chancery precinct lies nearby. It’s a fascinating, eclectic mix of worldleading fashion, beauty, cuisine, giftware and vibrant al fresco cafes reminiscent of Europe. There are stores for those in love with all things colourful, beautiful and fragrant, fashionable and stylish. A glass of wine in the cobblestone plaza while soaking up the sunshine is a must. Then there’s Vulcan Lane with its strong history and buildings that date back to the 1800’s. It’s now a popular drinking establishment with Queen’s Ferry Hotel and The Occidental – this is the place to meet with friends for lunch or catch-up for after work drinks. Britomart Precinct Visit Auckland’s newest shopping district in the most historic part of the city, with a great selection of designer boutiques, bars and cafes all within a few blocks. Top picks: · Eat and drink in the hippest new bars and restaurants · Pick-up seasonal goodies at the City Farmers’ Market · Shop at Britomart’s treasure trove of fashion, home ware and specialty stores · Visit the unique Britomart Project Space to see a visual work of

art Fact file: · Most of Britomart was underwater until the 1870’s when it was leveled out · It was a principle business district in the 1880’s but a century later fell into decline · There are 18 historic buildings, most of which date from between 1880 and 1920 Why visit: For all things beautiful, eclectic and delicious, head to Britomart. Graceful heritage buildings house quirky and cutting-edge designer clothing boutiques, while the brand-new shopping gallery Atrium on Takutai is home to flagship stores with several international fashion and beauty brands. Design store Nood sells stylish furniture, home wares and gifts, and every Saturday morning the City Farmers’ Market at Britomart offers the very best of fresh local produce and artisan foods. Britomart is also one of Auckland’s hottest nightlife destinations, with many of the city’s top bars, restaurants and nightspots all within a few blocks. Live music and DJs play till late in the precinct’s lively entertainment venues almost every night of the week. The Britomart precinct extends along the waterfront between Queen Street and Britomart Place. A first class residential, commercial and entertainment precinct right by the water’s edge. Top picks: · Sit back and enjoy the view from one of the popular waterside restaurants · Learn about New Zealand’s rich maritime history at Voyager Martime Museum · Step aboard one of the boat cruises that departs from the Viaduct Fact file: · Westhaven Marina is one of the largest marinas in the Southern Hemisphere · The marina accommodates 150 marina berths for super yachts and vessels · Sir Peter Blake is New Zealand’s most celebrated mariner and ocean racer Why Visit: Visit the Voyager Maritime Museum to learn about New Zealand’s rich maritime history. Check-out the fascinating collections and exhibitions including Blue Water Black Magic a

Tribute to Sir Peter Blake. And listen out for the blast of the cannon that sounds daily at midday. Wander leisurely around the Viaduct to admire the many yachts that are berthed at the harbour. Or join one of the charter yachts that cruise the Waitemata Harbour, including the renowned America’s Cup sailing yachts. Viaduct Harbour offers a fantastic selection of bars and restaurants in one waterfront destination. It’s a superb place to dine or relax and watch the world go by. Enjoy a buzzing atmosphere from an award-winning restaurant, lively pub or cafe. Open from breakfast till late the precinct also hosts regular events to add to the vibrant environment that the Viaduct Harbour is renowned for. The country’s largest marine service precinct, Westhaven, is just a short walk to the west. Wynyard Quarter Wynyard Quarter is the latest extension of Auckland’s waterfront – discover new public spaces brought to life in an authentic maritime setting. Top picks: · Visit Auckland Fish Market for a wide range of fresh seafood · Dine at one of the North Wharf restaurants for the freshest waterside dining in town · Take the kids to play in the maritime themed play space · Climb aboard Auckland Dockline Trams and take a ride around Wynyard Loop Fact file: · Historically Wynyard Quarter has been an area for port related industries · The cement silos that have been retained in Silo Park are a nod to the area’s industrial heritage · Two 1920’s heritage trams run on Auckland’s streets for the first time in 50 years Why visit: Make sure you scope out the newly opened waterfront space at Wynyard Quarter - a fresh urban location for visitors to enjoy. The area stretches from the Viaduct Harbour to Westhaven marina. Stroll or cycle over Wynyard Crossing – the bridge that connects Te Wero Island at the Viaduct Harbour to Wynyard Quarter. The bridge rises to let passing boats through. . Amble along tree-lined Jellicoe Street

and relax in one of the new restaurants and bars. Children will love to play in the maritime themed play space and take the family on the 1920’s heritage trams that ride the Wynyard Loop. Or visit the Auckland Fish Market, a favourite pastime with the locals for delicious fish and chips and a wide selection of seafood fresh off the boat. Visit Karanga Plaza Kiosk to explore the interactive displays, or take a QR code journey of the waterfront on your phone. Admire the wind tree sculpture and marvel at the super yachts or discover Silo Park, which in the summer months is home to live music and outdoor cinema. This new lively space is a great place to enjoy with friends and family especially on sunny afternoons. Wellington New Zealand Wellington is the capital city and second most populous urban area of New Zealand after Auckland. It is at the southwestern tip of the North Island, between Cook Strait and the Rimutaka Range. It is home to 393,400 residents. The Wellington urban area is the major population centre of the southern North Island, and is the seat of the Wellington Region – which in addition to the urban area covers the Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa. The urban area includes four cities: Wellington, on the peninsula between Cook Strait and Wellington Harbour, contains the central business district and about half of Wellington's population; Porirua on Porirua Harbour to the north is notable for its large Māori and Pacific Island communities; Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt are largely suburban areas to the northeast, together known as the Hutt Valley. Wellington also holds the distinction of being the world's southernmost capital city. In 2008, Wellington was classified as a Gamma World City in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory by Loughborough University. The 2010 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Wellington 12th in the world. In 2011 Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2011 named Wellington as fourth in its Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2011, referring to the New Zealand capital as the "coolest little capital in the world". Wellington was named after Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington and victor of the Battle of Waterloo. The Duke's title comes from the town of Wellington in the English county of Somerset.

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Back in 2006, the Ford Fusion essentially replaced the tarnished Taurus nameplate in the company's lineup of sedans. It didn't usher in a new era of iconic style like its ancestor, but it was an appealing, right-sized package that proved itself over time with enduring value and reliability, not to mention some of the better road manners in the segment. With its 2013 redesign, the new Fusion's taking the same bold design leap that the original Taurus did in 1986, and that leap cements the its place in the very top tier of family sedans. The good looks are now gorgeous; the road manners, if anything, have grown even more athletic. The packaging's better for adults, even in back--and with new hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, this isn't just the most fuel-efficient Fusion ever--it's the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan you can buy, period. We keep circling back to the Fusion's looks, because it's easy to spot the influences that accumulate to a very handsome, sleek whole. The front end bends and chamfers a hexagon grille between headlamps and foglamps in a way that's half-Aston, half-Hyundai. LED taillamps punctuating that point. The sideview's all Ford, though, and the other elements don't hang off it out of context--they flow seamlessly together. The interior's functional and sleek, especially with the touchscreendriven MyFord Touch system and the other touch-sensitive controls that smooth out the center stack to a tabletlike finish. The transformation jolts the Fusion out of its vague anonymity into rock-star status. The base 2.5-liter four likely won't live up to those air-guitar dreams, but either of the EcoBoost engines presents some tasty alternatives. The weaker four's standard on the two lesser Fusions; its 178 horsepower and six-speed automatic weren't made available by Ford for testing. Instead, we racked up a hundred miles plus in the EcoBoosts, first the 2.0-liter turbo four with 240 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. It's the replacement for the V-6 that's nowhere on the new Fusion's spec sheet, and it's fit for duty; it's quick to rev, and the automatic's shifts click quickly via paddle controls. The Fusion's a relative lightweight--with optional all-wheel


Friday October 26, 2012

drive on this model, it's about 3,700 pounds--so its nimble feel and welltuned electric power steering make it more eager in driving feel than any other mid-size four-door we've driven. It corners firmly and flatly, with the right amount of give and travel, a combination that goes off-kilter in more than a few of the Fusion's top competitors. There's also a 1.6-liter turbo four with 178 hp and an available six-speed manual; in the lightest Fusion, it also generates the best fuel economy numbers shy of the Fusion Hybrid (reviewed separately), up to an estimated 37 mpg highway. That's just 1 mpg shy of the best-in-class Altima, and several digits better than the outgoing Fusion. A little longer overall than before, the Fusion has a much longer wheelbase, and it shows in better leg room, in any seating position. The seats themselves are thinner and firmer, just as in the 2013 Ford Escape, but we wouldn't mind sitting in them for hours, though we'd tilt the bottom cushion down in front on manual seats a bit more. Headroom's great without the optional sunroof, an unknown so far with one-Ford didn't make any glass-roofed vehicles available for testing. The trunk is 16 cubic feet, big for the class, and the Fusion has ample storage all around the cabin, with a stow space under the center stack, bottle holders in the doors, and a decently sized glovebox. The impression of quality is pretty high, especially with regard to noise damping and vibration quelling; the Fusion's doors close with the soft thump you feel more than you hear. Safety features include front knee airbags and standard Bluetooth, but no crash-test scores are yet available. The Fusion comes with climate and cruise control; the usual power features; a CD player and an auxiliary jack; cloth seats; tilt/telescoping steering; and steering-wheel audio and phone controls. At a base price of $22,495, it's a thousand dollars or more than its most value-oriented competition, a spread that grows wider when you're trying to match high-economy editions. The cheapest Nissan Altima with a 38-mpg highway rating is $21,500; the Fusion S gets 34 mpg highway, but to get to

2013 Ford Fusion

its best 37 mpg highway, you'll spend $25,290 for the smaller-displacement EcoBoost four. Power front seats, leather upholstery, a navigation system, and a rearview camera are options, as are all-wheel drive and a suite of safety features like lane-keeping assist and active park assist. Fully loaded, the Fusion barely tucks

its nose in under $40,000, but there's a significant sweet spot in its powertrains and features at just under $30,000, where you'll find a 1.6-liter EcoBoost automatic with navigation, blind-spot monitors, leather seats, a rearview camera and rear parking sensors. At that price, the manual transmission's a no-cost option. We're just saying.

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Try these quick-meal ideas using foods from your well-stocked kitchen Bean bow-tie pasta Noodles + bottle of pasta sauce + can of rinsed black beans + oregano Cheese tortillas Shredded cheese + corn + salsa + canned beans Tuna casserole Brown rice + can of tuna + can of low-sodium mushroom soup + milk + tarragon, garlic, other spices to taste Vegetable stir-fry Frozen mixed vegetables + vegetable bouillon + chow mein noodles + lowsodium soy sauce Vegetable omelet Fresh or frozen vegetables + eggs + garlic powder + tarragon Hardy minestrone soup Water + bouillon + frozen vegetables + can of rinsed navy & kidney beans + small shaped pasta + oregano, basil, garlic powder Salmon patties Canned salmon + bread crumbs or oatmeal + eggs + spices Pancakes Whole-wheat flour + baking soda & powder + eggs + milk + frozen berries + maple syrup Muffins Whole-wheat flour + baking soda & powder + eggs + applesauce + raisins Sugar Sugar is found in many foods, both naturally or added. Foods that naturally contain sugar, such as vegetables, fruit and milk, also contain important nutrients for health. Sugar provides energy (calories) but no other nutritional value on its own. Sugars are often added to foods to improve their flavour, colour, texture and shelf-life. Sugar comes in many forms: white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, honey, maple syrup and corn sweeteners. It may be listed on the ingredient listing on food labels as: glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose or sucrose. If any of these sugars are listed as the first or second ingredient on a food label, the food is likely high in sugar. How much sugar should we eat? There is no specific amount of sugar recommended as part of a healthy diet. However, Canada's Food Guide recommends eating foods lower in sugar to help limit extra calories in the diet. Foods that are high in added sugar include: • Baked goods and desserts such as cakes, candies, chocolate, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, muffins, pastries and pies • Sweetened cold and hot beverages, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit flavoured drinks, sports

drinks, hot chocolate and specialty coffees Foods that naturally contain sugar such as vegetables, fruit and milk should be included in a healthy diet in the quantities recommended in Canada's Food Guide. Vegetables and fruit One way to start improving your heart health immediately is to increase your intake of vegetables and fruit. Eating 4 to 10 servings every day may help reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Along with their great taste and versatility, vegetables and fruit offer a host of heart-healthy nutrients. And with such a wide variety, you can easily include one or more at every meal and snack time. It is easy to fit in 4 to 10 servings a day because the portions are manageable. For example, one serving equals either 250 mL (1 cup) of dark green leafy lettuce, or a medium stalk of broccoli, or 125 mL (half cup) of frozen peas, or a medium-size apple or banana, or 125 mL (half cup) of canned peaches, or 125 mL (half cup) of low-sodium tomato juice. Heart-disease prevention Many vegetables and fruit are particularly rich in vitamin C and in beta-carotene, which is a form of vitamin A. These work as antioxidants in your body, helping to slow down or prevent atherosclerosis by reducing the build-up of plaque from cholesterol and other substances in the arteries. Some of the vitamin C dynamos are broccoli, red peppers, strawberries, oranges, kiwi and cantaloupe. Since beta-carotene gives food a distinctive dark-orange, red or dark-green colour, you can easily spot the best sources, such as carrots, tomatoes, squash, pink grapefruit, sweet potatoes and Swiss chard. Here's a bonus: almost all vegetables and fruit are low in calories, fat and sodium. In fact, research shows that high consumption of vegetables and fruit is associated with maintaining a healthy weight. Good source of fibre Eating fresh vegetables and fruit provides a good source of fibre. Whenever possible, eat the peels, too – it will make a big difference to your total daily fibre intake. For example, a raw unpeeled apple has almost 10 times more fibre than a cup of apple juice. Cooking fresh and frozen Frozen and canned vegetables and fruit have about the same nutritional value as fresh. When buying frozen or canned fruit, look for the products with no-added sugar or syrup.

Healthy Eating

The best methods of cooking fresh or frozen produce is to steam, roast or grill to preserve as many nutrients as possible. If you're using canned vegetables, look for ones with noadded salt or rinse them under water to remove much of the added salt. Warm up to eat. Vegetarian diets A vegetarian diet consists of eating plant-based foods while avoiding animal products. However, some vegetarians may also include eggs, cheese and yogurt, among other foods, in their diet. Vegetarian diets can provide all the nutrients you need at any age, as well as some additional health benefits. Vegetarian diets often have lower levels of total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than many meat-based diets, and higher intakes of fibre, magnesium, potassium, folate and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. Vegetarian diets may lead to lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, healthier weight and less incidence of Type 2 diabetes, all of which can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Vegetarians might want to familiarize themselves with the four food groups according to Canada's Food Guide. The food groups include: vegetables and fruit, grain products, milk and alternatives and meat alternatives such as beans, soy, nuts and seeds. According to the guide, it is recommended that Canadians: • Eat at least one dark green vegetable and one orange vegetable each day. • Have vegetables and fruit more often than juice. • Make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day. • Drink skim, 1% or 2% milk each day. • Have meat alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often. • Include a small amount of unsaturated fat each day. • Satisfy your thirst with water. My Food Guide by Health Canada allows you to build your own Food Guide with foods that you like. The wide selection of foods from each of the four food groups, including multicultural food choices can help you plan your meals and snacks. As with any food program, it is important to do some planning to meet nutrient needs. Here's what you may want to consider: Protein Plant-based foods can provide all the protein you need. Protein-rich plant foods include: • all soy products such as tofu,

tempeh and beverages • cooked beans, peas and lentils • peanuts and peanut butter • most nuts and seeds It is no longer necessary to combine proteins for example, beans with grains, in the same meal in order to maximize protein absorption. Other protein options include eggs (also rich in zinc and iron) and milk (high in zinc). Whole grains and vegetables also provide protein and are great sources of minerals. Iron Vegetarians are at no more risk of iron deficiency than meat eaters. While the version of iron found in meat (hemeiron) is more readily absorbed than the non-heme iron found in plant sources, absorption can be enhanced by combining non-heme iron options with foods high in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli or berries. Good plant sources of iron include dark green leafy vegetables, dried beans or legumes, iron-enriched products (check labels), nutritional yeast and dried fruit. An example may be a romaine lettuce salad with mandarin oranges. Calcium and vitamin D Calcium is important for strong bones and vitamin D is necessary for your body to be able to absorb it. Dairy products, almonds, sesame seeds, dark-green vegetables (such as broccoli, bok choy and kale), and black strap molasses contain calcium. Other products are fortified with calcium, including soy and rice beverages, tofu and orange juice (check the ingredients). Vitamin D is often added to milk and some yogurt (but not cheese), soy and rice beverages, and fortified margarine. While sunlight allows us to produce our own vitamin D through our skin, it is typically not sufficient during Canadian winters. As a result, these supplemented sources are important, especially for babies, children and older adults. Canada’s Food Guide recommends for men and women over 50 years of age to take a daily supplement of Vitamin D of 400 IU. Vitamin B 12 This vitamin is necessary for cell division and blood formation. It can be found in fortified cereals, soy and rice beverages, and some types of nutritional yeast. It's important to read labels to ensure you are getting enough B 12. If you are vegetarian or vegan, consult your health professional about a B 12 supplement if you are not sure you're getting enough from your diet. You don't have to be a vegetarian to reap the health benefits from eating more plant foods and less meat.



For Women

Friday October 26, 2012

What comes to mind when you think of 'creating illusions?' If you're like most people you probably think of magicians and tricks. Illusions are created with art, photographs and with clothing. Don't underestimate how much better you can look simply by wearing the right combination of lines. No matter what your size, choosing clothing with flattering lines will make your body look better instantly. If you've gained a few pounds over the holidays that you'd like to hide while you are in the process of getting rid of them, I have a few ideas you can use to trick the eye and make you appear slimmer. 1. Lines: The eye naturally follows lines and all clothing has lines. The lines in clothing are necklines, pockets, sleeves, hems, etc. For example, a sweater that has v-neckline will draw the eye downward creating a long line, the look of a longer neck, longer face and slimmer upper body. By contrast a turtleneck creates a short, horizontal line that stops eye and makes the face appear fuller, the upper body bigger and the neck shorter. Using this concept alone you can create a slimmer upper body by sticking to tops with vertical lines that create the look of length; and by stashing the turtlenecks until you feel a little slimmer. 2. Color: A basic rule of color is that black recedes and white advances. In clothing this is important because it means that darker colors will make the wearer appear

Dress To Look Slimmer - The Art Of Creating Illusions

Do you dream of having the luxurious, silky hair of a shampoo model while struggling to manage dry hair? Understanding the root cause of dry hair and taking action may be all you need to get the locks you long for. Common Causes Your hair can get dry because your scalp doesn’t make enough oil to moisturize your hair, or your hair lets moisture escape. Yourscalp isn’t making enough moisture. Hair has no natural lubrication. It relies on oils made in the hair root to keep your hair moisturized and looking lustrous. Sometimes hair doesn’t make enough oil, which leads to dry hair. (Likewise, roots in overdrive lead to oily and greasy hair.) As you age, your hair naturally makes less oil. Since the roots are under your skin, dry scalp goes along with dry hair. Dry scalp peels and sheds, leading to dandruff flakes on your shoulders. The moisture you have is escaping. Each strand of healthy hair has a protective layer called the cuticle. Just as shingles shield your home from rain and sun damage, the cuticle shields your hair from heat damage. In a healthy cuticle, the layers lie tightly together and keep moisture in. When a cuticle’s layers separate and peel away from hair, its ability to hold moisture is compromised – some oil escapes. The Problems

Why Is Your Hair So Dry?

smaller and lighter clothing will make the wearer look larger. Wearing black to look slimmer is a trick that has sometimes been over used. Black does have a slimming effect but too much black can be dreary and create a washed out look if the proper makeup is not worn. Sometimes women who want to look smaller try squeezing into a smaller size which defeats the purpose. Tight clothing will always make you look larger. It is much more flattering to wear clothing that fits well and glides over the body rather that sticking to it. Wear dark colors on the places you want to appear smaller but be sure not to wear them tight. For example, if you are a triangle shape with a larger lower body than upper body and you want your lower body to appear smaller, wear a light color top with dark pants or skirt. For an overall taller and slimmer look, dress in the same color (or shades of the same color) from head to toe. 3. Proportion and Scale: A simple explanation of proportion and scale is that an object seen next to other objects appears either larger or smaller depending on the size of the objects that appear next to them. The size of a handbag in relation to the woman carrying it is a good example of this. A large woman carrying a small handbag will appear larger. To avoid looking larger when wearing prints, keep them in proportion to your size.

Popular beauty treatments can lead to serious infections, hair loss, and even cancer. Stay safe and beautiful with this must-read list of modern salon dangers. 1. Eyelash Tinting or Dyeing

Dangerous Beauty Salon Treatments

This popular salon treatment straightens curly, thick hair into a smooth sheen; but the chemicals used for this treatment may be dangerous. The formula, which contains formaldehyde, can burn the eyes, skin, and cause breathing difficulties if used long-term. Stylists who do this procedure frequently are more at risk because of their continued exposure. If you get the treatment, find a salon that uses formaldehyde-free products. 4. Botox Injections

Much liking dying your hair, eyelash tinting/dyeing can permanently make your lashes darker using chemical dyes. This procedure can lead to serious eye infections or even blindness if the treatment is not administered correctly. Look for salons that specialize in eyelash tinting/dyeing and never try this procedure at home. 2. Manicures and Pedicures

Several things can damage your hair: Over-washing or using a harsh shampoo strips away your hair's natural oils Blow drying your hair too often -especially when you apply alcoholbased styling products first Using heated hair straighteners or curling irons Exposing your hair to lots of sun, wind, or dry air Applying chemical treatments, including dyes, perms, and relaxers Simple Solutions Wash your hair less often. You may be able to get away with washing once or twice a week instead of every day (many people can). As a bonus, when you shampoo less frequently, you won't need to blow dry and heat-style it as much. Use a mild shampoo made specifically to help dry hair because it will have fewer drying detergents. Use hair products that don’t have alcohol because it is drying. Follow the shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner. It will keep cuticles lying flat so they hold in natural oils. Massage jojoba oil or coconut oil into your scalp to replenish moisture. After you've tried these techniques, if your hair is still dry and brittle, ask your stylist about a professional deep conditioning treatment. If your dry hair occurs with fatigue, intolerance to cold, weakness, or hair loss, see your doctor to make sure you don’t have a health problem.

Botox injections and other FDA approved injections have helped millions reduce the look and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When administered by a healthcare professional, this procedure can be relatively safe, but it still can cause adverse side effects like bruising and swelling. By getting injections administered by unlicensed salons you are putting yourself at great risk. 5. Tanning

Although it can be relaxing and rejuvenating, a trip to the local nail salon may be riddled with dangers. Unclean tools can spread the potentially deadly Staph infection and improperly washed pedicure tubs can spread fungi that can lead to foot infections. To be safe, bring your own tools or purchase a brand new set directly from the salon. 3. Brazilian Blowout

Dying to get that summer glow? Think again. Tanning can be very dangerous for your skin by increasing your risk of deadly skin cancers like melanoma. Tanning can also cause premature aging, and unsightly spots on your skin. Try spray tanning at a reputable salon or apply a gentle sunless tanner at home for a safer way to sun-kissed skin.



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TImes sporTs
Suva's Night Of Fame
and the other behind-the-scenes hard workers. "It is not only me, the coach, or the players. We all did it as a team," Singh quipped. As coach, Singh has won the IDC with Nadi ('98,99), Navua (2009), Labasa (2011) and now Suva. He also won the B Division crown with Tailevu Naitasiri some years ago. However, personally, I do not see Singh as a coaching genius for I have yet to see him prove himself with a team of unknowns. For all the teams that he won tournaments with were mostly laced with experienced and top players, most being Fiji reps. Nadi had stars like Alipate Driu, Watisoni Voli, Kini Tubi, Ramendra Dutt, Emosi Baleinuku and others. Navua, during Anil Sharma's reign as president, had Simione Tamanisau, Benamino Matainaqara, Alvin Avinesh, Pene Erenio, Salesh Kumar, an American and others. Labasa had all top local players, mainly Fiji reps, like Maciu Dunadamu, Pita Bolaitoga, and New Zealand-based Roy Krishna. But, that said, Singh right now is the best coach in Fiji and fully deserves a chance to coach the Fiji team. Forget about his failure at the Pacific Games last year for he was brought in at the eleventh hour. The team selection was done by someone else. Singh deserves a second chance. I admire his tactical nouns, like the way he used Kautoga in midfield with Nathan Shivan and then pulled off the latter to send in Cedrick Dutt as an impact player in almost all the games. Tactically he is very sound and not scared to try his players in different positions. Razor hero The All Freight Logistics-sponsored Bureta FC turned heads at the party. They turned up dressed up in new club T-shirts with 'IDC champions Suva' emblazoned at the back. "This has been a long wait and it means a lot to us," said club president Sunil Karan. Their club player, Waisake Navunigasau, was the star of the show having scored the winner against Ba. He had been partying so hard that one of his mates put a razor on his right eyebrow and took half of it away while he was snoozing! Originally from Lau, Navunigasau, is a very humble bloke and will go a long way in the sport. It was nice to see Ronish Dave, the former Fiji FA whistleman, and son of another top referee Bobby Dave. It was also good to see Kautoga keeping a distance from alcohol. He is being looked after very well by his wife Charry and family. Former Suva ace Meli Debalevu Jr was also at the bash. Surprisingly, party animals, Dutt and Joseph Mishra, had a relatively quiet night. Joshua Wilson, the family man, showed at this IDC that he is the best left back in the country. Ra man Many people had their doubts about Ra man Mahen Prasad when he took over as president four years ago and he proved his point by binging home the Lloyd Farebrother Trophy. He deserves another four years at the helm. To all 22 Suva players: Your names will go down in the history books of Fiji FA. This was a special victory, celebrated in special style and it was only fitting that a diehard Suva media colleague of mine was the master of ceremony. Thumbs up to Indra Singh and the FBC. The all Suva goals videos were wonderfully presented. Finally, a salute to one player who only played for Suva all throughout his career — Inosi Cava. I hear that he will quit on a high and join the coaching panel with Singh. No one deserves to cherish this win more than Cava.

From "The Dark Night" of October 14 at Govind Park to "The White Night" of the Suva Civic Centre. From a "Night of Shame" in Ba to a "Night of Fame" in Suva. The long 28-year wait was finally over and it was time for the players, officials, their families and invited guests to bask in glory after a fun-filled day with ardent Whites fans. Victorious Suva skipper Simione Maikali, who is related to Suva's 1983 IDC winning squad member Manoa Keith, could hardly find words to describe what it meant to him to be holding aloft the Lloyd Farebrother Trophy after so long. He was that emotional. This victory, though controversial, will forever remain etched in the hearts and minds of all Suva football fans. So it showed when Maikali, with tears welling in his eyes and lips quivering, revealed in cracking voice that in years to come he'd be able to "proudly" tell his children that he was skipper of the side that brought IDC glory back to the capital after 28 years. Maikali was only six months old when Suva won the coveted trophy at the National Stadium with a 1-0 extra-time victory over Ba in 1983. Foreign influence The assist for Aisea Mocelutu's winning goal that day came from a foreigner (Solomon Islander Robert Mark) and the assist 28 years on also came from a foreigner (Nigerian Saani Issa). I asked USP student and Solomon Islander Ralph Sherwin if he knew Robert Mark and the answer was 'no'. How would poor Sherwin know for he wasn't even born when Mark, who was also a student at USP, was strutting his stuff for the Whites. Teamwork Coach Gurjit Singh pointed out a very important thing — teamwork. He saluted everyone from the team cook

Suva after winning the 2012 Inter District Championship and Fiji FACT titles can make a clean sweep in the new season, believes former Whites and national utility Meli Debalevu Junior. Debalevu Junior, 47, who started representing the Capital City side from 1988, 5 years after their IDC triumph of 1983 proudly lifted the Llyod Farebrother trophy last Saturday in the city for the first time and saluted the heroes of 2012 for their achievement. The Bua native was emotional when the reporter approached him for an interview and said it was a historic moment for him to hold the IDC cup.

Suva Can Make A Clean Sweep: Junior
"I never managed to grab this trophy during my playing days although we went close to winning it at times," he quipped. "The current sets of players have done something which none of us were able to do in the last 28 years and I salute them for their wonderful achievement." "Suva has always been close to my heart although I come from Bua and had my cousins Sakiusa Narara and Petero Namoce play for Labasa during their days. They always asked me to join them but I told them that my commitment was only for Suva and I hung my boots after representing Suva and the national team." "I was actually in the Suva youth team when Suva last won the IDC in 1983 and I closed watched that goal which was set up by Solomon Islander Robert Mark and scored by Aisea Mocelutu via a header." "The players have proven this year that nothing is impossible and I have full faith in this team. If they can win two tournaments this year then surely they can make a clean sweep in the new season." "The coach should retain the same team so the players can build a stronger bond and combination and maintain their consistency" he added. With five grandchildren to nurture,

Debalevu Junior keeps football close to his chest but opts to remain a spectator and has no intention to take up coaching. Known for his lethal left foot, Debalevu Junior tasted his first tournament victory with the Whites in 1995 when they won the Fiji FACT in Labasa beating the host district 4-0 in the final. He then helped Suva lift the Battle Of the Giants tournament at the National Stadium the same year as the side beat Navua 2-1 in the final. He was also part of the team which won the National League title back to back in 1996 and 1997 under the guidance of coach Brijwan Singh.

46 www.fijitimescanada.com

Fiji will have a new captain and 16 uncapped players on its rugby tour of Britain and Europe in November as it continues to rebuild after last year's Rugby World Cup. Netani Talei, who captained Fiji in this season's Pacific Nations Cup, has been ruled out of the tour with a knee injury and Coach Inoke Male, who named a 30-man squad on Wednesday, said a new captain will be named later. Male said "we have a few players in mind and they are Leone Nakarawa, Setefano Somoca and Deacon Manu that have shown good leadership skills in the past.'' The squad named by Male includes 16 Fiji-based players and 14 players based overseas, including winger Samu Wara who plays for Australia's Western Force in the Super 15. The squad's overseas contingent includes players based in Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, France and Japan. Male said that while the squad was

Fiji Team Named For November Tour
inexperienced he had confidence in its ability to cope with a demanding itinerary. Fiji will play England on Nov. 10, Gloucester on Nov. 13, Ireland A on Nov. 17 and Georgia on Nov. 24. "This will be a big challenge for me, especially the game against England,'' Male said.”But I am very confident in the side that I am taking. "These are a bunch of good boys that are fit and injury free.'' Former Wallabies prop Cameron Blades will join the touring squad as a scrum coach. "I start working with the boys on their scrums tomorrow,'' he said.”What I have seen from their previous games is that plenty needs to be done and it's no secret that Fiji is not dominant in the scrum. That's what I am here for. "They have a good foundation in the scrum but they need to be consistent which will be my key focus when I work with the boys.'' Fiji squad: Setefano Somoca, Deacon Manu, Ratu Penijamini Makutu, Manasa Saulo, Seremaia Naureure, Viliame Veikoso, Tuapati Talemaitoga, Leone Nakarawa, Apisai Naikatini, Sokonaia Kalou, Apisalome Ratuniyarawa, Iliesa Ratuva, Malakai Volau, Malakai Ravulo, Jone Qovu, Jovili Domolailai, Nemani

TImes sporTs
Nagusa, Nikola Matawalu, Nemia Kenatale, Metuisela Talebula, Jonetani Ralulu, Josh Matavesi, Kelemedi Bola, Vereniki Goneva, Josaia Lotawa, Ravai Fatiaki, Samu Wara, Watisoni Votu, Waisea Nayacalevu, Simeli Koniferedi.

Friday October 26, 2012

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(Get your family & friends together & send one skid of 10 boxes of 4 cub @ $849 and 6 cub $890) Shipping Every Two Weeks




Fiji-Australia-New Zealand & India
“No Weight Restrictions”

604-716-5967 (BOB) 778-238-1616 (ARIF) 604-629-7555 (OFF)

117-8434- 120th Street, Surrey
Feb 17 - Mar 05 2013 (17Days) $4899 Cdn pp double/twin $1188 Cdn pp single supplement
Dubai 3 nights Stopover Package City Max Hotel Bur Dubai


International flight ex Seattle on Emirates Airline Domestic air (Delhi - Varanasi, Varanasi-Khajaraho, Udaipur-Mumbai Accommodation on twin share basis Dinner & daily buffet breakfast as per the itinerary Transportation in all air-conditioned vehicle for all sightseeing tours Train fare (Jhansi-Agra) Welcome dinner in Delhi Elephant ride in at Amber Fort -Jaipur (subject to availability) Boat ride at Lake Pichola-Udaipur (subject to availability) Visit to Taj Mahal under full moon Farewell dinner in Mumbai Services of local English speaking guide

Tour Date

Tour Cost (India Portion)

Optional Tour of Dubai Dubai Tour Cost

Ph: 604.629.7555 604.503.4555 Cell:604.716.5697 Fax: 604.629.2944

Fiji - $1080 + Taxes (Based on availability) Aust. & N.Z. $1040 + Taxes
FIJI - AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND Buy 2 or more tickets & get SPECIAL DISCOUNT on your additional tickets

$475 Cdn.pp double/twin $170 Cdn. pp single supplement
Meet & assist upon arrival + transfer both ways 3 nights 1st class hotel accommodation Half day Dubai city tour with English speaking guide Daily breakfast Entrance fees & Burj Khalifa observation gallery visit Full day shopping tour Dinner cruise on the Dhow with 2 way transfer


Dubai Tour cost includes


117-8434-120th Street Surrey


Friday October 26, 2012


Hindi Channels Star Gold-Star Plus-Star One-Star Utsav Sony TV-Sony Sab-Sony Max-Colors TV-B4U Music B4U Movies-Zoom - Raj Pariwar-Sahara Bihar-Sahara Mumbai Sahara National-Samachar Plus-India TV


We Deliver FREE TV Channels via High Speed Internet 1.5 MBPS .Full HD 1080p . Worldwide Live TV WiFi 11N . Millions of YouTube Videos

Vicky Saini
BC Distributor

137 - 8166 - 128 Street, Surrey BC V3W 1R1


SAINI VIDEO (Payal Business Centre) inside Garcha Bros Meat Shop


NZ Lamb Leg

$4.69 lb
Frozen Goat Cut$3.79 Whole $2.99

NZ Lamb Shoulder

$4.39 lb
Whole Stewing Hen 137 - 8166 128th Street Surrey BC 2 Ph: 604.592.2951

Short Cut

$1.69 lb

Local Goat $5.29 lb Leg $5.79 lb

$2.79 lb

Locations to Serve You

133 - 15299 68th Avenue Surrey BC Ph: 604.592.2952


Friday October 26, 2012

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