Complicity of Apostate 'Jews' in the American Abortion Holocaust • All four original organizers of the most influential group

of abortion pushers in the United States — the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) — were of Jewish birth, including now pro-life Dr. Bernard Nathanson.   • Jews make up the largest single bloc of abortionists of any faith, and are vastly overrepresented in the abortion industry. Jews comprise only about 2.2 percent of the total United States population, but a staggering 26.4 percent of all abortionists self-identify themselves as Jews.[28]   • Dr. Christopher Tietze worked for the Population Institute and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and did more to promote the worldwide slaughter of innocent preborn children than any other person except for Alan Guttmacher.   • Dr. Alan Guttmacher was president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) for more than a decade, founded Planned Parenthood Physicians, and did more than any other doctor to promote abortion in the United States. He also advocated mandatory abortion and sterilization for certain groups in the United States.   • Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, inventor of the RU-486 abortion pill, was born in 1926 to a physician named Leon Blum. He changed his name in 1942 to escape the Nazi's Zyklon-B gas, manufactured by the same company he works for today — RousselUclaf!   • Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich is the 'father' of the overpopulation myth. His 'work,' The Population Bomb, was the 'spark' that ignited the anti-natalist movement, even though his assumptions and research have been thoroughly debunked and discredited by scholars and leading demographers (this book predicted widespread famine in North America by 1990, with more than 40 million people dying of starvation. Instead, diet books crowd store shelves). The book, sloppily written in just two weeks, was simply the spark that the disorganized anti-population people were waiting for, and it was eagerly seized upon and used for propaganda. Like Guttmacher, Ehrlich advocated forced abortions and sterilizations in the United States.   • Lawrence Lader, king of the abortion propagandists, has written several books crammed with fabrications and outright lies that have helped advance abortion all around the world. Examples of these books are Abortion and Abortion II. Lader was quoted 11 times in Roe v. Wade, because he had a message that the Justices wanted to hear (in the same decision, testimony from the world's leading fetologist, Dr. A.W. Liley, was totally ignored because it decisively undercut the Court's decision). Lader also hints (screams?) at his attitude towards population control in another book entitled Breeding Ourselves to Death. Lader also founded Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM), which sued the Internal Revenue Service in court in a failed attempt to get the taxexempt status of the Catholic Church revoked for opposing abortion too effectively. He also was one of the leading proponents of the abortion pill RU-486.

  • Henry Morgentaler of Canada opened illegal abortion clinics in the city of Toronto and performed thousands of illegal abortions with the complicity of the city police. The court cases arising from his activism led directly to the overturning of protective abortion laws in Canada and abortion on demand.   • California and New York state legislators led the drive for legalized abortion in the United States. Legislators who constantly emphasized their Jewishness led the proabortion movement in both states; those leaders included state senators Anthony Bielenson in California and Albert Blumenthal in New York.   • Pro-abortion 'Jews' dominate such anti-life groups as the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way.   • Of the 41 Jewish-born members of the U.S. Senate over the last 20 years, 32 (or 80 percent) have been stridently pro-abortion. Of the ten Jewish legislators in the U.S. Senate in 1977 and 1998, only one, pro-abortion Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.[29]   • Numerous liberal Jewish groups openly support and advocate abortion, including the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the National Council of Jewish Women, Hadassah Women, the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, B'nai B'rith Women, Na'amat USA, the National Council of Jewish Women, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhood, the New Jewish Agenda, North American Temple Youth, the United Synagogues of America, and the Women's League for Conservative Judaism. Many of these groups were founded for the express purpose of pushing abortion.   • Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were both born Jewish. So was France's health minister Simone Weil, who established abortion on demand in that country despite surviving Auschwitz. At a Paris news conference, she said "We are out to destroy the family. The best way to do that is to begin by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child."   • The officially suppressed Lichter-Rothman studies revealed the following fascinating information about the 'movers and shakers' of the media (both researchers, by the way, are Jewish):   Leaders of the motion picture industry: 95% pro-abortion, 62% Jewish; Leaders of the television industry: 97% pro-abortion, 59% Jewish; Leaders of the news media industry: 90% pro-abortion, 23% Jewish.   Jewish actor Ben Stein has said that "The Jewishness of the [media] business is so enormous so that if there was a letter from rabbis saying abortion is murder, that would be extremely influential. ... Why is a woman's right to kill so popular? Why has it become the entrenched political position on the left, and to a large part, in the center and also on

the right of center? I think it has to do with the essence of being a woman in modernday America. ... Women see the right to choose, as they call it, as a means of liberating them from the constraints of their sex."[29]   • Jewish groups are in the forefront as desperate pro-abortion groups spend tens of millions of dollars in a nationwide advertising campaign to keep abortion legal. For example, the American Jewish Congress ran a ridiculous $30,000 full-page ad in the February 28, 1989 New York Times entitled "Abortion and the Sacredness of Life." This statement, renamed "An open letter to those who would ban abortion," and run in the March 13-19 issue of Roll Call, includes the amazing lead-in question, "Did you know that abortion can be a religious requirement? Not just permitted, but required?" The statement goes on to make the point that it is far better to kill a baby than to endanger or even mildly depress the mother. Source:

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