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Scholarly Reference List for marketing Du G. Atem Grand Canyon University: UNV 504 October 19, 2011

Reference List

Scholarly Reference List for marketing In these twenty first centuries, the professional uses of writing are very important skills considered at the academic level by researchers, professors, linguistics, graduate students, and scholars. The requirements of these such skill is to test the qualifications of each individual how to show their knowledge, skills and capability of doing it. But, being added to that lists of credibility scholars is not some things that easy to get without proofs of personal work they have done. The purposes of these scholarly articles are exactly to identify, findings, and testing of writing skills at the level of scholars. Also the main reasons why the academic writing is so restricted now a day is because is teaching us how to use the correct APA citations in the appropriate manners in our professional writing. The skills of the scholar are based on expertise, the technique they use, the experiments they demonstrated and final results they got. Some time, the background, results, and methods of the journal article is very important to be clear and understandable by the readers of all interdisciplinary. The level of the education that an individual has is something that needed all the time in our daily lives. Most businesses employers recruited college student with high education, skills and also student with great performance in their academic success. The key thing we need do as a college student is to be more focuses, active, self confidence on our career. The academic journal number one, the scholar has addressed the management of graduate student in really world marketing sector in U.S. (Ketchmar and Memory 2010, p. 145) stated in their study scholar writes about how student language can be a window into feelings and experiences, saying, individuals in specifics social contexts act on community feelings, attitudes and perceptions through language and other symbolic forms that researchers can pursue (as cited in Kranzow, J., & Hyland, N. (2011). All the authors are both affiliated with the University of Argosy, whom they

Reference List

both worked for the Argosy University. And also, they both have the same teaching career as both professional teachers and both have same authority and sources with Copyright of 2011, Marketing Climate: New Considerations for Target Marketing in Graduate Student Enrollment Management; from the Indiana University Bloomington (IN). In some part of the world, to know more about particular places, countries and continents, each and individual must explore the standard of living, markets and costs. It is very important for the travelers all the time to know about service of that certain place. The scholars this particular article has suggested a lot of options that people might do before they leaves. Also, they talked about how to get information, consumption and more on ethical people in that area. In the journal number two, by Farahani, B. M., Mohamed, B., & Som, A. (2011). Photograph, Information Search and Tourism Marketing. They are both affiliated with University of Sains Malaysia, in which they both work for the University of Sains Malaysia. Also, they are both participated in the same institution and authority sources with COPYRIGHT of 2011, Photograph, Information Search and Tourism Marketing; from University of Sains, Malaysia. In the journal article number three, the scholars are very credible in terms of quality of work and the interest of learning. They also did good studies in academic work, concepts, most reasonable results and credited quality of work. And they did their studies in the highest standard of work and how they presented their thoughtful researches. They did very interested collections throughout their careers of studies in social behavior in difference markets. In the article number three, they are both affiliated working together and authority in Teens Librarian Intern, Farmington Public Libraries, and Main Branch in Farmington, Connecticut. Copyright of, Horn, L. (2011). Online Marketing Strategies for Reaching Today's Teens. In the really world, the scholars are most considered as genius writers, above peers reviewers, high standard of academic writing and professional writers. The scholars are always

Reference List people with the highest levels of education such as scientists, linguistics, and professors. In the other hand, the scholars are group of people with the specifics knowledge, beliefs, creatively of work and confidence. A lot of people do believes that scholars are specialists who presented the facts of their work, knowledge, beliefs, and most of their researches. In additionally, through socially and educational, the scholars are the foundation holds of the universities and the

advances of education system. Actually, with all these great works that led to a good researchers, academic work and particular writers are most valuable credits come from scholars.

Lists of References Kranzow, J., & Hyland, N. (2011). Marketing Climate: New Considerations for Target Marketing

Reference List

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