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26 October 2012
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26 OCTOBER. 20 12
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1 Weather Forecast Phil Star p.A-27
Army surrenders Kapunan to NBI POI p. A-2
- TtJe Philippine Army on Thursday turned over custody of
retired Air Force Col. Eduardo "Red" Kapunan Jr. to the
National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to finally comply with i
an order it had earlier defied and which could have the
command slapped with a contempt charge by a civilian court.
Red Kapunan Transferred to NBI Manila Bulletin p. 2
- Embattled former Army lieutenant colonel, Eduardo "Red"
Kapunan Jr., was transferred yesterday to a detention facility
of the National Bureau of Investigation (1\lBI) in Manila after
an Antipolo City court issued the transfer order.
3 Daily Tribune p. 3
- The Army leadership yesterday transferred retired Air Force
Col. Eduardo "Red" Kapunan to the National Bureau of
Investigation (1\IBI) in Manila where an Antipolo City court
committed him for the kidnap-slaying of labor leader Rolando
Olalla and his driver in 1986.
Kapunan turned over to NBI custody
Kapunan transferred to NBI cell
Malaya p. B-2
- The Army yesterday turned over to the N81 custody over
4 retired Air Force Col. Eduardo Kapunan Jr., one of the
principal suspects in the 1986 murder of labor leader Rolando
Olalia and his driver Leonor Alay-ay.
PAF gets a new No.2 and a No.3 to boot Malaya p. B-2
- A well-rounded pilot and commander, Dimatatac yesterday
4 assumed the post of vice commander of the 20,OOO-strong Air
Force, taking over from Maj. Gen. Renato Lorenzo Sanchez
who is reaching the mandatory retirement age of 56 today.
Kintanar is the new head of PAF 15
t H
SW Business Mirror p, 82-5
- Col. Galileo Gerard R Kintanar assumed Tuesday his new
post as head the Philippine Air Force (PAF)'s 15th Strike
Wing .
6 Photo: New Face
Human Rights Group hails Comelec purge of Bantay, hits ANAD
- A human rights group hailed Thursday the decision of the
Commission on Elections (Comelec) disqualifying the party­
7 list group represented in Congress by retired general Jovita
S. Palparan Jr., who is now facing kidnapping and serious
illegal detention charges, and sought the disqualification of
another group called "ANAD ."
8 CPP warns Muslims of peace traps
cpp backs cautions MILF on agreement
- The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) believes the
Business Mirror p. A-4
Manila Bulletin p. 2
Standard Today p. A-1
Business Mirror p. A-4
government's Framework Agreement (FRAG) with the Moro
Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) outlines the formation of the
Bangsamoro government as part of the Moro people's
continuing efforts to assert its rights but said the MILF "should
be always reminded that the agreement is lopsided in favor of
the government."
Govt to probe killing of tribesman's family
- The Armed Forces will "certainly" look into allegations raised
by communist rebels that soldiers had allegedly killed family
members of a tribesman in Oavao del Sur, Malacanang said
on Thursday.
Gov't prepared to repel intensified NPA attacks-Palace
- While the New People's Army (NPA) steps up their
attacks against the government, Palace spokesman
Edwin Lacierda said that the administration is always
ready to repel rebel attacks at all times.
Philippines waits for OIC invite
Nur asked Kato group to prevent peace deal si gni ng
- Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding chairman
Nur Misuari had asked the radical Bangsamoro Islamic
Freedom Fighters to exert all effort to block the signing of the
framework agreement between the government and the Moro
Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) last Oct. 15, according to BIFF
spokesman Abu Misry Mama.
US Navy to guard ' freedom of navigation' in RP, Asia
- The United States Navy's presence in Asia, including the
Philippines, would help safeguard "freedom of navigation"
amid China's claims to sovereignty over vast waters in the
region, the captain of a US super carrier yesterday said.
US Navy exec here for maritime talks
- The United States' secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, will
visit the Philippines to further enhance maritime security and
other relations in the Asian region, the US Embassy in Manila
said on Thursday.
US Navy to guard 'freedom of navigation' in Asia
- The captain of a US supercarrier said on Thursday that the
US Navy's presence in Asia would help safeguard "freedom
of navigation", amid China's claims to sovereignty over vast
waters in the region.
Photo: On a mission.
Photo: Gangnam ' GI JOE' Style
Photo: Goodwill Visit
Photo: Filipino-American sailors...
Happy for PMA Cader Aviles
What's Bangsamoro?
Devil musings
Bangsamoro Framework
Business Mirror p. A-4
Manila Times p. A-4
Manila Bulletin p. 15
Manila BUlletin p. 15
Phil Star p. 1
Oaily Tribune p. 1
Standard Today p. A-1
Manila Times p. A-2
Standard Today p. A-3
POI p. A-26
Manila Bulletin p, 12
Phil Star p. 1
POI p. A-14
Manila Bulletin p. B-5
POI p. A-15
Daily Tribune p. 6
Daily Tribune p. 6
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October 2012
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,4-; Page. October 2012
' all';onan _
Ex-colonel'sjaliersfinallyheed court order­
slay suspect
Cabunoc said the transfer was based on

By Nikkc'Dizon
the commitment order issued by Ignalaga.
He said the Army would , also comply
THE PHILIPPINE Army yester­ 'with the judge's order for an explanation on
why the Army should not be held in ,con­
day turned over ,custodyof 're­
tempt for defying her order to transfer
tired Air Force Col. Eduardo
Kapunan to the Rizal Provincial Jail which
"Red" Kapunan Jr. to the Nation­
is under the Bureau of Jail Management
and Penology.
al Bureau of Investigation
"That's part of the procedure so we must
(NBI) to finally 'comply with comply. The legal officer will submit the ex­
planation letter upon receipt of the order
an order it had earlier .defied
from the court requiring him to explain,"
and which could have 'com­
Cabunoc said.
He added thatPopanes will write the ex­
mand slapped with a contempt
planation but it was "worth noting [that]
charge by a civilian court.
until (11:30 a.m.), we have not received a
written order from the court. " .
Army spokesperson ' Maj. , : Harold
Cabunoc on Tuesday said the Army did
Cabunoc said the Army's legal officer, Alex
not deliver Kapunan to the Rizal Provincial
Popanes, ' personally turned Kapunan over
Jail because it had received a copy of a mo­
to Arnold Lazaro, chief of the NBI Security
Management Division, at 3:20 p.m. rat the
tion for reconsideration filed by Kapunan's
lawyer asking the court to stop his transfer
NBICustodial Center in Manila,
to a civilian detention facility that could not
Judge Ma. Consejo-Gengos Ignalaga of
the Antipolo Regional Trial Court Branch
meet his medical needs.
98 issued on Wednesday a resolution grant­
NBI taking custody
ing the motion for reconsideration filed by
Kapunan's lawyers. '
At the hearing on Wednesday, the NBI
• ' ' representative confirmed to Ignalaga that
Jailtransfer postponement the agency could take in Kapunan at its de-
Kapunan, who surrendered to the Philip- tention facility, "
pine Army on Oct. 6, was to be transferred Kapunan is one of 13 accused in the mur­
to the Rizal Provincial Jail on Tuesday but der of labor leader Rolando alalia and the
this was postponed after the Army received latter's driver, Leonor Alay-ay, 26 years ago.
a copy of the motion. The two were abducted and their mutilated
Lawyer Julius Mila, Antipolo Regional bodies were found in Antipolo on Nov. 13
Trial CourtBranch 98 clerk, said in a phone - 1986. , • .' ,
the NBI had earlier opposed Ka-,11 double murder allegedly par.t of I - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295
punan s transfer to their custody but later c... the God Save the Queen coup plot agamst, ,
withdrew its opposition. then President Corazon Aquino by mem­
' . Kapunan reportedly suffers from hyper- bers of the right-wing Reform the Armed
tension. and edema, among other ailments; Forces Movement. Kapunan was an ac",
that must be monitored. knowledged leader of RArvI. With a report
• • • • •• : . , .- . , ,. •• -, ;.;. ' .' ':: " -.-,----.-----:-. - . • • ' " ., > .,, ' \. , ' , . ' - " , ' , • •,
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Pa ge: --,-_ _
October 2012
Red Kapunan Transferred To NB
Embattled former Army lieuten­
ant colonel, Eduardo "Red" Kapu­
nan Jr. , was transfer red yesterday
to a det ention facility of the National
Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in
Manila aft er an Antipolo City court

iss ued the transfer or der.
Major Harold Cabunoc, spokes­
man of the Philippine Ar my (PA),
said Kapunan was escorted by Army
troope rs on his way to the NBI de­
ten tion facility, one of the j ails des­
ignat ed as his holding cente r asi de
from the Rizal Provinci al J ail.
Earlier, the Regional Trial Court
(RTC) Br an ch 98 in An­
tipolo City ord ered the,
army to explain why it
I s hould not be held in
contempt of cour t for its
failure to tr ansfer Kapu ­
nan to a civilian deten­
tion facility on Wednesday.
Cabunoc said the army has not
yet re ce ived the Cour t or de r, but
t hat the transfer proceeded anyway
after the NBI lead ership confirmed
that thei r det ention facility' can sti ll
accommodate detainees.
Kapunan.was tagged in the kill­
ing of labor lead er Rolando Olalia
and his dri ver, Leonor Alay-ay in
1986. '
Kapunan surrend ered to ea rlier
thi s month aft er a court issued an
arrest warrant agains t him in Feb­
ruary thi s year. He was immediat ely
placed under military custody.
' t . ' ..
f!y Marlo J. Mallari
RolandoOlalia andhis driver in 1986.
was ordered by the Antipolo City
' 1: : '1. -
Maj . Har old Cabunoc, Army
Regional Trial Court Branch 98
Tile J\rmy leadership yesterday
spokesman, said that Kapunan was
Judqe Ma. ConsejoGengos-Ignalaga.
tra nsferred ret ired Air Force Col.
personallyturned over tothe NBI' s
T)ne court also asked t he Army
", "
SecurityManagement Divisionchief
leadership to explain why it should
Edu81JQ "Red" Kapunan to the
Nati/MaJ Bureau of Investigation
lawyer ArnoldLazaro by Army legal
not be held in contempt for its
officer Capt. Alex Popan es at
fail ur e to turn over Kapunan to
(NBiY.Vi'Manila where an Antipolo
the Bureau ofJail Management and
City'HiiJ it committed him for the
around 3:20 p.m.
Penology (B,IMP).
kidrillp:'slaYl ng ' of labor leader
Kapunan's transfer to the NBI
.submit its explanat ionto the court.
"That'spart of the procedure
so we must comply. The legal
officer will submit t he explanation
let ter' upon receipt of the order
from the court requiring him to .
explain," vowed cabunoc. ·
. Kapuqan sur rendered to t he .
Armylast Oct. 6 in connection with
- . ' . , . . I
The Army was about to transfer
Kapunan to the Rizal Provincial Jail
on Tu esday when hi s ca mp
pr es ent ed a mot ion for
reconsideration filed before t he
court, prompting the Armyto keep
custody of the retir ed Air Force
Cabunoc said t he Army will
; his allege d involvement in the
Lki dnap-slavtng of OIalia ami his
lIriver LeUlHI!' Alay-ay on Nov. 13,
Kapunun was among the 13
leaders and members ofthe rightist
Rebo Jusyonaryong AJyansang
Maka bansa ( RAM) who were .
charged in the double murder case..
. t
. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. .
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;u,October 2012

PAF gets a new No. 2
and a No. 3 to boot
:MAJ . G en . Raul Dimata tac is now
the No. 2 man of Ail' Fo rce.
A well-ro unded pilot and com­
mander, Dimatarac .yesterday
assumed the post of vice com­
mander of the ' Air
Force, taking ov er from Maj. Ge n.
Ren ato Lorenzo Sanchez who is
reaching the mandatory retire ­
ment age o f 56 tod ay.
Dimatatac is a me mber of .the
Philippine Military Academy Class
o f 1981.
Po or to his new post, Dimat atac
was the Chief of Ai r Staff - the
No. 3 post in the Air Force. Be-
tore that , he was commander of
the 560th Ai r Base Wing in Be­
ni to Ebuen Air Base in Mactan,
Ceb u.
Dima tatac is reportedly among
those qu alifi ed to replace Air
Force chief Lt. Gen. Lauro Cata­
lino del a Cruz who is reportedly
among candidates for AFP chief.
.'Gen. Je ssie Dellosa is reaching
the retireme nt age of 56 in Janu­
. ary next year.
D ela Cruz (pMA Class 1980) is
reportedly being endo rsed to DeI ­
losa' s post by a retired Air Force
general who is said to be close to
P residen t Aquino.
Another contender to Dellosa' s
post is Army chi ef Lt. Gen. Em­
manu el Bautista, of the P1JIA
Class 1981. Bautis ta is the archi ­
tect of the Internal Peace and ·
Securi ty Plan Bayanih an, the mili ­
tary's bluep rin t in winning the
The new Chief of Air Staff (No.
3 post in the Air Force) is Brig.
Gen. Wilfredo Ona (pMA. ' 82)
who assum ed the post also yes­
terday in rites at the Air Force
headqu arters in Villam or Air Base.
Ona was deputy commande r of
the 3rd Air Divi sion.
Ona previously commanded the
205 th Tactical Helicopter Wing
and the 410th Maint enance Wing.
- Vidor Reyes
..Kapunan turned over to BI custody
THE Army yesterday turned over Cabunoc said Kapunan was per­ rhe Rizal jail whic h is in P hilippine Military Acad emy Class
to the NBI cus tody over retired sonally turned ov er by th e Army' s facilities. of 1971 and of Refo rm the Armed
Air Fo rce Col. E duard o Kapunan legal officer, Capt. Alex Popanes, O n Wednes day, the co ur t heard Forces Movem ent that . staged'
Jr., one o f the principal suspects to lawye r Arnold Lazaro, chi ef of the m otion and agr eed to deten ­ failed co ups against the adminis­
in the 1986 murder;o f labor leader ·the NBl's Security Management tion at the NBT, one o fKap una n's tra tio n o f fo rmer P resident Cora­
O lalia and his drive r Le- · D ivisi on, at around 3:20 p.m. . preferred detention places. T he za n Aquino in the 1980s.
onor Alay-ay. Last Tuesday, the Army was all o ther was the Army ' In teUigence Kapunan , who is su ffering from
Anny spokesman . Maj. Harold set to trans fer Ka puna n to the Security G roup inside ' the Army pulmonary disease and hyperten­
Cabunoc said ' they tran spo rted Rizal provincial jail on an earlier headq uart ers in Fort Bo nifacio sion, was ordered arrested by the
Ka punan to the NBl Custodial order o f the An tipolo City court. w here Ka punan was detained co urt last Fe bruary, along wi th 12
Center in Manila yesterd ay after­ However, the tran sfer did not wh en he surrende red last O ct. 6 o th er co -acc used - including an­
no on 0 /1 orders of the Antipolo push throu gh 'when the Army re- ' . to Arm y chief Lr.. E mmanuel o ther RAlv[ member, Col. O scar
City regional trial court whi ch is. ceived a motion (ro m Ka punan's Ba utista. Legaspi who is still at la,rge. ­ Vic­
hearing the double murder case. lawyer, op posing the tran sfer to Kapunan is a memb er o f the tor Reyes
_ . . . - - .
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Page . j3.:2-
October 2012
Arl... I' :· c:;-, i.lj':
Kiritanar is the new head of PAF 15th SW "
COL. Galil eo Ger ard R. Kintanar Jr. , PAF (GSC), is t he new Wi ng
Commander of the Philippine Air Force's (PAF) 15 t h St rike Win g,
repl acing Brig: Gen . Jeffrey F. Delgado, AFP, who is now th e deputy chie f
of staff for pla ns and progra ms, J 5 at t he General Headquarters , Armed
For ces of the Philippines (AFP) .
PAF Commanding General (CG) Lt . Gen. Lauro Cat alino G. de la Cruz, AFP,
presided over the Change of Command Ceremony at Major Dan ilo Atienza Air
Base, Sangley Point, Cavite Cit y, on October 23. '
Dur ing the ceremony, BGen. Delgado handed over the unit standard to
Colonel Kintanar symbolizing th e latter 's acceptance of command responsibility
as-thenew wing commander. '
Prior to his post , Colone l Kintanar was the director of Office of th e Special
Studies at GHQ, Quezon City. '
Colon el Kin ta nar is equipped with considerable operational experience
havin g been ass igne d t o t he 15th SW as a comba t pil ot duri ng his ea rly
flying career . He is known for hi s exemplary me rit or ious performance in
every command and sta ff position that he has held thro ugho ut his se rv ice
in t he PAF.
Photo shows PAF CGLt. Gen. de la Cruz (right) handi ng th e command
symbol to Colonel Kintanar during the command ceremo ny held at Sangley
Point, Cavit e. '
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J.t;.. October 2012
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:1 •..; :" : ;:;&:' ::.:. ':'
NEW FACE Lt. Gen. Lauro Catalino G. de la (right), Air Force commander, congratulates the newchiefofairstaff,Brig. Gen. WilfredoO. Ona (left),
during the turnover ofoffice ceremonies at the Air Force Headquarters inVillamor Air Base, Pasay City. Dna replaced Maj. Gen. Raul Gabriel Dimatactac,
whowas promoted as Air Force vice commander.
.. . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _•• , . : : : u • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • ••• • • .. • • • • • • • • • • • • •• •• • • •
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l "
tty October 2012

Human Rights Group
Hails Comelec Pur ge
Bantay, Hits ANAD
A human rights group hailed yes­
terday the decision of the Commission
on Elections (Comelec) disqualifying
the party-list group represented in
Congress by retired general Jovito S.
Palparan Jr., who is now facing kid­
napping and serious illegal detention
charges, and sought the disqualifica­
tion of another group called "ANAD."
Cristina Palabaysecretary-general
ofKarapatan accused Palparan's Ban­
tayparty-list of having done nothing in
Congress during its tenure.
"We welcomeComelec's decision
because Bantay partylist did nothing
,In Congress but to bark at the progres­
sive members of Congress and those
it calls as leftist organizations. It does
not represent the marginalized. On
the contrary, Bantay did nothing but
to justify the armed forces' rampage
against leaders of organizations of
the marginalized farmers, workers,
indigenous peoples, women and youth
and communities where these organi­
zations exist," Palabay said.
WithPalparan ill hiding since being '
charged in court with the disappear­
ance of University of the Philippines
(UP) students Karen Espeno and
Sherlyn Cadapan, his party-list group's
NO.1 nominee is his wife Evangeline,
she said,
Karapatan has accused Bantay of
allegedly "representing the govern­
ment's counterinsurgency program,
primarily implemented by the Armed
Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and
is directed against the poor who
struggles against poverty, oppression
and exploitation."
It also called for the disqualification
of the Alliance for Nationalism and
Democracy CANAn) and the Abang
Lingkod Partylist led by the paramili­
tary group called the Revolutionary
Proletarian Army-AlexBoncayao Bri­
gade CRPA-ABB) that operates in
the provinces of Negros Oriental
, and Negros Occidental.
''ANADis but a clone ofBantay.
It's one ofthe complements of the
armed forces' psywar machinery
that spreads anti-left hysteria
among the people, with a man­
tra that 'if it looks like a duck,
swims like a duck, and quacks like
a duck-thenit probably is a duck,"
Palabay said. "
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October 2012
• • • ••I
. ByFloranteS, Selmer­
inand Joyce Pangco '
THE Party " of "i
the Philippi nes on Thursday
warned the Moro people that
the Framework Agreement that
"the Mora Islamic Liberat ion
Front signed with the govern­
ment was ,"fraugh t with dan­
gers and many traps."
" While the communists laud- ,
ed the Moros' efforts to assert:
their rights, they described the
agreement as "lopsided in fa­
vor of the government. "
. ''The ' agreement is' fraught
with many , dangers and traps
, "that Will surely be at the center
of continuing conflict when the
, MILFand theGPH(Government
of the Philippines) meet again to
negotiate. The negotiations have '
' a long way to go before a Mal
agreement ', can be forged
tween the ,MJLF and the Aquino '
government," the Cpp said in a
statement, ' , Nextpage
Lff ooulJ tiittc4ft affL'ot
'fie, 'elf .Jk- "'-&ri(.
'This developed as President
•A jfitit i-t }k
Benigno Aquino ill said that
there' were still "spoilers" who , .gfl-et,..... e"t lMit
continuedtoundermine the peace
over 'Jl<- at'li\eJ
, process, but at the saine time ex­
"-w..t rvreso,,-J fo\kt fltc1r
pressed'optimism that they would
be a spent force by the time the M·d eVf,ft OIJ(,r ftt
new Bangsatnoro political entity
't -fle1: flU> MiI\y ,.,r-.J #t
is put in place. '
' There will besomegroups that
rCfOlly19lt IIi €
will still want to maintain that ne­
tle ctV •
farioushabitsbut theywillbe more
and more marginalized, They will
{;4rliq refDrh- .,."'; J
no longer have their support bas­
es," said NIT. Aquino, apparently
MlLf dJ
referring to former Moro National
litft tX"-Nb glJ;l1g 'f lttot\).
Liberation Front chairman Nur
.((It\.{, (M\, i<"<vc, ilt Ilf
Misuari and hisfollowers.
The president earlier said he J. c,r-d\'r i.( -t'tfeotd ,J.Jrt ;.!.
, wanted the new law creating the "
1(J v.Jer
Bangsamoro political' entity that I
will replace the Autonomous Re­ r ""1Uire"#Jf vt-t 1"9 l?e '
gion in Muslim.Mindanao to be
.JL. Cf
enacted by 2015, or a year before
vvcAJ 'fi
"the next national elections.
"We need the organic act en­
(;}'V{ (;t ment trK Ott
acted into law by 2015. This will
iJ\\ cl\ cllr-!. lit nf tVU'
be passed through Congress and
approved in a plebiscite and we ' ful( e. '
hope to install the new govern­
ment with a mandate after 2016
elections. There will be an inter-
im.authorityfrom 2015 to 2016,"
Mr. Aquino said. , ,
' The government and the MILF
will return to the negotiating ta­
"ble in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
in the next few days to formulate
the annexes for the framework
Under the framework agree­
ment, the Bangsarnoro will have ,"
for its 'core territory the present
composition of the ARMM. '
The new political entity will ,
,also include the municipalitiesof '
"Baloi, "Munai, Nunungan, Pan­
tar, Tagoloan and Tangkal in the
province of Lanao del Norte and
, all other ' barangays in the mu­
nicipalities ofKabacan, Carmen,
Aleosari, Pigkawayan, Pikit, and
Midsayap that voted for inclu- ..,.-_ _ .,--_ .,-- _
, OFFICE OFTHEARMY CHIEF POSLIC AFF sion in th,e the no. (02) '892-1693 5295
200I plebiscite; and the crnes of I , , , ,
Cotabato and Isabela.
One of the most crucial talking
pointsexpected tobetackledduring
the next roundof talksis the,dispo-'
...:",:,..,,-. ""f' fl-" ::lI 1\.m "Q Oo nITcaT'nnrf\
, '::;:'. - ": .' , _. ' :' :;: _ : " . . ... .. . . ' . . _ ' ".-" ' . _:' , ', " , •
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.V:'October 2012
but cautions
HECommunist Party of the Philippines ((pPJ
believes the government's FrameworkAgree7
ment (FRAG) with the Moro Islamic Liberation
Front (MI LF) outlinestheformationofthe Banqsarn­
oro government as part ofthe Moro people's con­
. tinuing efforts toassert its rights but said the MIIJ
"shouldbe always reminded that the agreement is
lopsided in favor ofthe government."
"Theagreement is fraught with many dangers
and traps that will surely be at the center ofcon­
tinuing conflietwhen the MILFandthegovernment
meelagain to negotiate. The negotiations have a
long way togo before a final agreement can be
forged between the MILF and the government:'
the CPP said in astatement.
In the next few days, the MILF and the gov"
ernment panels will meet again inKuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, toformulate the annexes ofthe FRAG. .
.Avery crucialta!king point is the disposition
ofthe MILEs Bangsamoro Islamic ArmedForces
"A related issue is whether the Bangsamore
government will be given control over the military
and police forces in theirterritory, and even overthe
direction of their economy and the exploitation of
natural resources within the Bangsamoro lands:'
the CPP said.
Reports said that some MILF commanders and
their followers will not give up their arms. ,
Also in the next few days, President Aquine
will issue an executive order (EO) that would form
the negotiating panels into aTransition Committee
whose task is to implement the FRAG's annexes.
"The CPP callson the Filipino and Mora peoples
·torall yaroundthecauseofMoroself-determinatiOli
and support eff9rtsbY.therepresentativesof the
Morilpeople toresist the and maneu,
vers ofthe Aquino regime and reactionary state'
in the course of the negotiations. The CPP trusts
i lha.ttheMoro will
. ( L. , ,steadfastlyhold on to thevktones that they have
• • • • • .' ••• • >" . ' • - t " ..-.., -' ,:-<f I , . ; .
;' . ' . ' . . t , J '
killing of
HE Armed Forces will "certain­
ly" look into allegations raised
by communist rebels that sol­
diers had allegedlykilled family mem­
bers of a tribesman in Davao del Sur,
Malacanang said on Thursday.
Palace Spokesman Edwin Lacierda
made thestatementin response to the
pronouncement of the Communist
Party of the Philippines (CPP)that its
armed wing, the New People' s Army
(NPA)! would step up attacks against
government forces to avenge the kill­
Lacierda said that prior to the
CPP order, the NPA had already
"stepped up attacks" and continued
. to do so even after the National
Democratic Front (NDF) expressed
willingness to resume dialogues
with the government.
"They've been the attacking cell
sites of Globe [Telecom]' they've been
extorting money from the farmers,
even from the people they are sup­
posed to protect. That's not surprising
for us to learn about this new step up
in their attacks against government.. ..
Thisagain runscounterto theirsincer­
ity to pursue peace with the govern­
ment;" he said.
:: . '.
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.. . - . " - . -. --" .'. " ' '
21;,October 2012
\!Cbe J)tlarrtla\!Ctmes
'the'government," he said. . B'laan family week inDavao del ' girne's armed men at the behest of
Lacierd a said that CPP·NPA Sur province, The order came two the Xstrata-Sxtl mining company.
should explain themselves since months before the 44th founding . Over the past decade, a number of
President Benigno Aquino 3rd said anniversary of the CPP on Decem­ B'laan tribes people have been vic­
earlier that the National Democratic ber 26, 2012. tims of extrajudici al killings and
Front (NDF) is keen on renewing "TheCommunist Party of the Phil­ other abuses of human rights by
dialogues with the government. . ippines calls on the New People's state agents. The B'laan have been
"On one hand, they're saying that, Army to cany out tactical offensives actively opposing the entry of the
'we want peace: and they expressed in order to punish human rightsvio­ Xstrata-SMIgold and copper mining
that they desire peace. On the other lators and the most brutal armed ' operations . . . The B'laan have been
hand, theyjust ordereda stepped up unitsof theAFP [ArmedForces of the waging armed resist ance against
attack. By the way the attacks on the Philippines] for their grave crimes Xsrt ata-SMl through their Red
cellsitesin Mindanao, theycontinue. against the people," the CPP said. Pangayaw armed militias, to which
The extortjon of the poor, it contin­ On October 18, a pregnant mother, Daguil Capion belongs," it added,
ues. So iftheyreallywant toshowsin­ lovy Malid-Capion, andher two sons, The Cl'Palso held responsible the
cerity they should stop all these ille­ age13 and 8, were killed in a firefight Aquino administration for the killing
galand criminal activities."headded. between soldiers of the 27th Infantry of the Latino familyin Daraga, Alba)
In a statement, Cl'P calls on the Battalionandat least fiverebels in Brgy. province, in Oa ober 2010; the kill in!
NPA to intensify tactical offensives Kiblawis, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. of membersof the Mancera family ir
against government forces after the "The killingof the Capion family Labo, Carnarines None province, ir
killing innocent members of a was carried out by the Aquino re- February 2012; and the related killin,
---- - - -'---- _ . . _--- - - - --,-------- - - -- ..
of Barangay.Official Merlyn Bennas
and Gerard Oreza, a 4-year-old child'
whohappened toberidinginthesame
vehicle, in August 2012; the killing of
two hunters in Magdalena, Laguna
province, in February 201 2; and the
killing of botanist Leonardo Co.and
two of his companions in' Kananga,
Leyte province in November 2010.
Earlier, the President said that the .
government was willing to go back
to the negotiating table with the
. NDF, the political ann of the CPP­
NPA, tiu\ he "tends to be pessimis­
tic" on the subject.
"There is some reason to believe
.that wearemovingforward, in terms
of the dialogue and the efforts that
, we are 'trying to achieve settlement
also with the Mr.
' . - I"" 0". ... ;. :..... ""_ ' ",
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2012 .
Pa ge:
Waits For
ole Invite
COTABATO CITY ----.:. The Phil­
ippines is wa iti ng for an official
invitation from t he Or ganizati on of
Islamic Cooperatio n to attend the
"OIC Counci l of For eign Ministers
(CFM) meeti ng in Dj ibouti next
month, Foreign Affairs Undersec­
r etary Rafael Seguis said yester­
, "
Segu is said, "the ,.Philippines
," never clai med i t .hasa right to be
invited to the 'CFW ' but it is' "very
"prepared" to attendif invit ed bythe
Ole and the hos t government. ,.
A Moro National , Liberation
" Front ,(MNLF) lawyer has said that
' t he OIC , meeti ng is .for member
nations only' and 'the P hi lippines
is already represented- bYlYINLF
fo unding chair NurMisuari.
"wi are very prepared to attend
if invitedby the Ole. -ThE! MNLF
doesn't r epr es ent the entire
ippine governme nt," Segui s was
quo t ed assaying. "
Under new OI C rules , onl ysov­
ereign s tates, ca n be "gr a nted o b­
server.status. " '
The Iawyer' sa id-the
': granted observer.sjatus because it- ­
is .not a state, but once t he 'group
' achieves' its objectives as an:inde- .
", pend e nt st atethen it be given reg­
," ular .mernbership. But legalIumi- ,
naries including Muslims said the ,
MNLF"dream for independenceis
far -fetched,,,'
I n the pas t, t heOIC and chair
of Foreign Ministers Meeting had
always given the Philippines the
chance to r e s pond and clarify is­
sues even when Misuari criticized
the government.
The P hil ippine s has a pe nding
application for observer status in
the OIC and has been attending the
group's mee ti ngs s ince 1996.
Seguis has earlier said t he s ign­
ing of the fr a mework agreement
ending decades of Moro insurgen­
cy in Mi ndanao is expected to be a
hi ghli ght during the OIC meeti ng
amid harsh pronou ncements from
Mis uari.
r', :
DAVAO CITY (PIA) - Two city
councilors renewed calls t o keep
the shelter of so ldiers away
from the houses of residents
particularly in Barangay Pan ­
daitan, Paquibato d ist rict to
ensure the safety of civilians in
t he event rebe ls launch attacks .
Speaking at t he regular ses­
sion of th e city co unc il Tues­
day, Counci lor Jimmy Dureza
said s oldie rs mus t conside r t he
safety' of civilians in setting up
camps within t he communit y.
He sa id military base must
locat e themselves aw'ay from
t he population s ince it causes
danger to the civilians especially
during .at t a cks perpetrated by
rebels , Councilor Lea h Li brado
ech oed Dureza, saying that the
soldlers must rel ocate 'a'way
from civilian communities ,
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Page: I
October 2012 i f.,

'Nur asked 'K,ato group to'pr event
'peace d¢aisigning'­
• • I , ' • t .•
. ,.
, COTABATO CITY - Mo re ' '
. ." . .
Nat io n a l Liberation Front Fighterstoexert all Moro Islamic Liberation Front
Mama said Misuari called
(MNLF) founding chairman effort to block thesi gning of (MIl-F) last Oct. I S, according him up before the signing of the
Nur Misuar i had asked the the framework agreement be­ to BIFF spokesman Abu Misry
agreement at Malacaii.ang and
radical Bangsamoro Islamic tween the government and the Mama.
asked himto persuade the BIFF
, ,leadership to."<:io everything"
: to stop it . .. " '
0' ,' "He (Misuari) called meand
, asked me 'to the BIFF
Nuf",'asked 1
, ,.
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tha.t todo everything
' to stop the t he framework
agreement before its Oct, 15 signing in
.,Malacafiang/ he .said '0i:Wednesday. ' " '
.Mama heImme.dlatelyto.ld Misu­ ...
' an, IS noway tor the BIFF to stop
the SignIng of " ,
, ' , "I ,told hiP1w,e'ye gotnothing to do '
WIth It and: that It only,be­
tW,een the government and the MILF,"
i , :
Mama said. ' ' '0"
"Mama alsoJold that the' BIFFis
by the framework agreement
sIIl:ce:lt IS not the solution tothe
' ;:1naCl .Moro problem." ',{ '.. ,,'
r, c
Mama salc:l. We areconvincedthaf.the " , _ ' ,
frameworkagreement is not thesolufion , 0':Dellosa a,rso thepossibility
to the Mora problem," , " ' that MNLF mtegrees m the AFP and the
, As a "token posi tion, " Mama told Philippine National Police (PNP) mi gh t be
Mis uari that the y will just have to "wait by calls of Misuari to defect and go
and see", even if they are convinced tha t agamst the goverrunent.
the government-MILF compact 'will no t ,On the other hand, Mama the BIFF
solve the Bangsamoro problem. ' will carry on the Moro struggle tor indepen­
"Only Mora independence is the answer. dence, based on the historical premise that the
No thing can bea better medicine to' the Mora p€ <?ple were already a self-governing
Bangsarnoro problern.rMamasaid, \" ':: .", tI:
had ties WiLl: other Muslim
, :Arrned ,Foree.s of< the -I>hili ppines (AFP) ill Asia,
chief Gen. [essie Dellosa:said ther e has The BIFFlS a splinter group of thelVlIL.f that
beer: no fror;n the MNLF despite the organized Ameril Umbra Kato, forrner
ranting of Misuan against the framework chief of the MILFs 105thBase Command,
agreement. " " ' Kato became a renegade after he led his
Dellosasaidthere has been no on a blood y rampage in Central
movement groups indicating aft er the aborted Aug. 5, 2008
the government, , sIgmng of the me n: orandum of agreement
',: M isuart, who earlier-described the on ancestral domain (MOA-AD).
signing of the framework document .as a ' The Supreme Cour t had declared the
violation of the existing 1996 fina l .peace unconstitutional.
agreement, war ned the move could be a In reprisal, the group of Kato and hi s fol­
for rene wed conflict even as he attacks in several villages _
, told hIS supporters and followers 'Ito go in Central Mindanao. - Roel Pareii o ' . ' - . ' . -,
back and prepare," , . , ' ' , !L .. ., .-_.- - ' ..
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' -
Page: _ 2.(, October 2012

i .,
,trSl Navy to ,guard 'freedom
, . ', , "
• f , . .
TheOniteoStatesNaVy's presence day'port visit in t he country, said , '
the regiononthe seas," Capt. Gregory
iil 'Asia;' l«cluding:the',PhiIippines, Was\1ingH)'1 was ';19t ta!<l ll'g sides in
Fenton said.
would heip safegtiiild' of .. 'territoii'ai disputes butstood firmly
He, however, emphasized his ship's
'C'hina;!1' i open. ' ' visit to the country wasa routineevent '
sovereignty (iver ill't he "One reasons we deploy
and not related to the recent tensions
region, the oti'US"·sui>er . 'throughout the region is SO we can
between the Philippines, a close US
sa,id;. ' ,,' , . ,', . ' carryforth off!'eedomof '
aily, and China over, rival claims to
The commander ofthe USSGeorqe . navigation. Itisvery important to us
parts of the South China Sea.
waShihgi'on,which is nOW,Dna five- given the-trade that travels throughout
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, . ' .. ', . '. , . , . ,
,Jhe A'visitor carryinghisdaughter walkspast an F1 8-Ajet fighter aboard the US super carrier, theUSS George
Washington anchored inManila Bay.Thecaptainof theUSsupercarrler, Capt. GregoryFenton, saidyesterday the USNavy'spresence
inAsi,! would help "freedomof navigation" amid China'sclaims 10 sovereignlyover vast waters intheregion, AFP
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1 1) n CJ' ·
' ,';' . I J ,US'Navy to guard 'freedom
,of navigation' in RP, Asia
Fmmpage 1
. China claims the shoal as well as
nearly all of the SouthChina Sea, even
waters Closeto the coasts of neighboring
. says theshoal is well
wJf&jrt)ts exclus ive
ecC\qljlwi c
. The South China Sea is the main
maritlme link betweeri the Pacific and
Indian oceans, giving it enormous trade
and military value.
Most of the seaborne trade, including
of oil and gas, between Europe and th e
.Mlddle East and East Asia pass es through
the sea.
Aside from China and the Philippines,
Vi'e'tftain,Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei
a:rsti'h'ave Claims to the parts of the sea.
George Washingt on's publi c
a-fci'ifs:officer, Lt . Commander James
St odkIUan, said the vessel had passed
the South China Sea on its way

"... the Communist Party of
Philippines (CPP) yesterday blasted
the Aquino adminl"tratbclU for allowing
US naval assets to 'operate" within the
count ry's territory as evi denced by the
reported r escue· of five Filipino
fishermen by USS !l1cCampbell along
Lubang Island in Minsoro last Wednesday.
"The incident reveals that USmilitary
warships are engaged il(\ what the US
Embassy claims are 'routine western
Pa cific patrols' and that US military
helicopt ers and ai rcr.aft carry out
'routine night-time night operations'
within Philippine t erritorial waters," the
communist group noted.
"Clearly, the US military forces
operate in the Philippines way beyond
the confines of so-called joint military
exercises 01' humanitarian operations,
and that these operations are being
carried out in violation of Philippine
sovereignty," it added,
The US Embassy on Wednesday
announced that troops from the USS
McCampbell re scued five Filipino
fishermen stranded along the waters off
Mindoro after their bbat sunk.
USS McCampbell is part of the
. George Washington Carrier Strike
Group, whose moth er ship is the aircraft
carrier USS George Washington.
The CPP noted that the USEmbassy is
making such a big news out of the rescue
of the fishermen, who were allowed to
board the carrier after they were rescued.
"The incident, however, raises further
questions regarding the extent to which
US military forces are being allowed to
carry out operations within Philippine
territory," the CPP said.
"The bigger question is to what extent
has the Aquino regime given the US, a
foreign military power, fre e rein to
operate in Philippine territory, to fly its
planes and drones, sail its naval warships
and land its armed troops," it added.
Both Philippine and Ameri can
authorities, however, maintained that
th e carrier strike group is in the country
, for a routine port call.
Naval assets from the US, however,
have increased the frequency of their
visits in the Philippines amid the tension
with China over the disputed South China
Sea. Marlo J. Mallari and AFP
Lis Navyexechere for maritimetalks
-.-"- MaltilaStmldm:dTnday
BySara Susanne
D. Fabunan
THE United States' secretary of
the Navy, RayMabus, will visit the
Philippines to further enhance mari­
time security and other relations in
, the Asian .region, the USEIT\bassy
. in Manila said on . '
Embassy spokeswoman Bet­
tina Malone said ' Mabus would
meet with US and Phil ippine of­
ficials to discuss cooperation in
humanitarian assi stance, disaster
, relief operations and other areas.
Mabus is the 75th US secretary
of the Navy and Marine Corps,
and he ' is responsible for an an­
nual budget in excess of $150 bil­
lion and almost 900,000 people.
He' was appointed by President
Barrack Obama in 2009.
On Wednesday; the US Am­
bassador to the Philippines Hany
Thomas Jr. said regardless ofwho
got elected in the coming US elec­
tions, Washington foreign policy
supporting Manila's position for
the continued freedom of navi ga­
tion in the disputed South China
Sea would not change,
Several countries are claim­
ing areas in the South China Sea
includ ing the Philippines and
China, which on Thursday said a

tionaI community a legal expl a­
, nation ofthe U-shape line within
one year, together with our ad­
vice and claims in response to
international concerns," Wu said
in a report posted in the Chinese
government's official website.
The U-shape line is the de­
marcation line used by China
to claim sovereignty over the
ent ire South China Sea .
Both New Zealand and Aus­
tralia said they would not take
sides in the territorial dispute
between Manila and Beijing, al­
though their top offi cials urged
them to settle their differences
peacefull y.
.Thomas on Wednesday als o
said the US would , continue to
' coqperate with the region in
team of scholars would prove to
the fields! of free trade, human
the world that the nine-dash line
rights, the environment, free
in the South China Sea was valid
speech and gender equality.
Wu Shi cun, pre sident of the
Hemade his statement during
National Institute ' for South
the second breakfast meeting at
China Sea Studies, said 10
the US Embassy Seafront Com­
scholars from China and Tai- ,.
pound in Pasay City, whi ch was
wan were set to study border­
also attended by the groups of
lines and other matters in the
Democrats and Republicans
South China Sea for one year. ;
, living in the Philippines,
,« "We plan to give the interna­
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. f< ' . ' • "." • , .• - '- ' . . 't , "
JC.October 2012
Page: -A J..
\!rbe }lflaltila mimes
freedom 6f'navfgation' in Asia
THE captain of a US supercarrier
said on Thursday that the US Na­
vy's presence in Asia would help
safeguard "freedom of navigation",
amid China's claims to sovereignty
over vast waters in the region,
The commande r of the USS '
George Washingcon, which is on a
. port call to the Philippine capital,
said that the United States was not
taking sides in territorial disputes
but stood firmly for keeping sea
lanes open,
"One of the reasons we deploy
throughout the region is so we can
carry forth the banner of freedom
of navigation. It is .very important
to us given the trade that travels
throughout the region on the seas,"
Capt. Gregory Fenton said.
However, Fenton emphasized
" that his ship's visit to 0anila v..:as a
routine event and not related to the
recent tensions betweenthe Philip- ,
pines, a close US-ally, and China
over rival claims to parts of the West
Philippine Sea (South China Sea),
He told reporters aboard the Ja­
pan-based carrier that the United
, States took no sides and hoped the
countries involved would settle the
disputes diplomatically,
TheWest PhilippineSea isthe main
maritime link between the Pacific and
Indian oceans, giving it enormous
trade and militaryvalue,
, Most of the seaborne trade, in­
cluding of oil and gas, between Eu­
rope and the Middle East and East
Asia passes through the sea.
' Aside from China and the Phil­
ippines, Vi etnam, Taiwan, Malaysia '
and Brunei also have claims to the
pans of the sea. AFP
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October 2012
On a mission. us soldiers don ate goods to a Quezon City bar.angay during a goodwill visit . They are members of the Navy 7
t h
USS George Washington; an aircraft carr ier. MANNY PALMERO
i · II .. i . . ......· . .., . .- - " . . ' . - . . . _, .': -. • ,.; . ' - 1. -' ,' .'\ - _ . . .1
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~ . " " " " . "
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1 ~ October 2012 Page. A-1. ~
GANGNAM "GIJoe"Sl YlE VisitingUStroops whoarrived in 1V1aniia onboard the aircraft carrier USS
George Washington find uni!I<e1y instructorson the latest dance craze duringtheir goodwil!visit on Thursday
at Kaiumpang Elementary School, Man/dna City. MAAlANNEBERMUDEZ
~ - ~ ~ ~
, , ~ , ., -,.,1• ...,;:.1, ,t,
':Ii_' __ O_ •• _ ..
GOODWILL VISIT - A United States Navy sailor from the Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington paints
the barangay hall of Brgy; Dona Imelda in Quezon City with a sailor from the Philippine Nav:r as part of
10k", IIC:C: r.:",n .. n", W,.",hinntnn'", nnnn\lllill visit to the countrv. (Photo bv Marl< Batmor-es) r,1.' "
· 1
.6.FFICEbF THE ARMY A\FAIRS.; EmaWadd: .. Local:'5287, 5295. J
-=iiiJ5. ill Ii ir & 2 w:.;ii :i:Miii444ji"
October 2012
:.. . .:
. •
; ' Whaf makes' Kap\fnan different from Perez? Is it the r '
difference in thei r (former) ranks? Is it because, fora
heady few months in 1986, Kapunan was feted as a
hero, like o"ilier-RAMfounders? Is it a ma tter of political
miRE ARE'three unconteste'i' former
rebel soldier' Eduardo "Red" he is no
isa . We think Kapunan's arrangement with the A:my was
priricipal"al;:c\lsed)n the of la- plain and simple accommodation for a former high-rank­
borleaderRolando Olalia and his a ing officer with very good political connections. What is
. 'crime that-cannot 'possibly" be justified as being' part of the interest of the Army, after all, in keeping custody of
one's military duty. And third; the military as aninstitu- Kapunan? Every day this week that Kapunan remained in
r-.'. •• .. . " " " . tion is not involved in the conrrover- Army custody, a military institution that regained a
;,. , sial and much-delayed here's large part of its credibility and its populanty was
- ' - '. ' the question beggin
""to be asked: ed, yet again, by ghosts of a discredited
Whywas,Kapunan in the custody of the Army? . " adventur ism, inept coup plotting, a martial law regime of
.,1Since surrendering early this .month, Kapunan has been murder rape torture and intimidation. .
detainedat theArmy's Intelligence Security Group office To sure: there is something to be said for treating
in'Port Bonifacio. On Monday, the Antipolo Regional Trial those who surrender to you in the best way you can . But
:C(lur.t the Army to Kapunan to the Rizal Kapunan was in Army for tWo.weeks, Surely
Provincial Jail , In her order, Presiding Judge Ma. Conse- that was enough time for hIS old Army fnends to ensure
jo-Gengos Ignalaga said: "Since Kapunan is no longer,in ' .that the civilian authorities would treat him right? .
the active service as an officer of the Armed Forces of the : : "More ' than enough time , as it turns .out. The Rizal .
Philippines, the military does not have Jurisdiction over Provincial Jail declared to the court that it did 'not have
him..Thus, his immediate transfer to a civilian detention the right facilities to handle Kapunan. Butthe
facility is necessary." · ". . ., . often takes custody of high-profile or high -risk detainees,
. , Rut the Army failed to effect the "immediate transfer," saiditdid. · . ..... .
ostensibly because Kapunan's (non-military) lawyers had We continue to think that this is'still aspecial accorn­
filed an appeal on time and the Army needed the court to modation. for ' a suspect who should receive ordinary
resolve the issue. (Throughhis lawyers, Kapunan said the treatment. It is hard to.fault Judge' Igrialaga for agreeing
provincial jail did 'not have either the necessary medical to the NBT transfer; if neither the AntipoloCiry Jail nor
facilities that he needed givenhis ill health or the appro- the Rizal Provincial Jail can accommodate Kapuriari,
priate security (0 protect him from whoever was sending then the NBl's special quarters are the next-best civilian
him the death threats he he.had re,ceived.) . detention place', . ' . -,
'The lawyer for the Ol<111a family castigated the Army, m But it should be quite clear that 26 years after a brutal
our view correctly, for its decision tohold on to double murder, a privileged former member of the military
''Why should they dribble the transfer on the pretext of a class should not enjoy any more privileges. ' .
motion of an accused that they are not supposed to be ' .
representing? A motion by a private individual cannot be
'invoked bythemilitaryto not comply," Edre Olalia said.
": OnWedne'sday, JudgeIgnalaga issued a show-cause or­
der;directingtl1e"Arriry to explain \:VhyI\apunan's,custo­
dians should pot .be ,cited for. contempt, .And yesterday,
the Armyfirially turned him over to the National Bureau
ofInvestigation. . . '. .. . ' . . .. .
the secondof a total .of13--accused inthe
'p Uilja'oAlay-ay double murder to surrender to the au­
the.circumstances surrounding the surrender
.of the'fl"rs t accused, Desiderio Perez, 'a former sergeant
'and like Kapunan a member of the oontroversial Re­
form the Armed Forces .Movemerit, is veryinstructive. - Tel no, (02) 892-1693, Local : 5287; 5295
Perez turned himself over to a poli ce' last July,
and has since been under police custody.N6 f bnfusion,
nocontroversy : ., , "
~ l p October 2012
P a g e ; ~
Happv lorPMA Cadet Aviles
r feel veryhappy for PivlA Cadet Alfonso Aviles and his fam­
ily. I saw hi s pictu re in a newspaper st anding and stable, and
smiling. I followed his story because it was a rare display of
bravery for one so young, someone wh o dreams to become a
so ldier. I am a frustrated PI'vIA wannabe but enrolled in a Jour­
nalism cour se ins tead.
Cade t Aviles was given a much deser ving Bronze Cross Medal
for "d emon str ating extrao rdina ry courage and bravery by at­
tempting to disar m the robber, disregarding his pers on al safe ty
for others," as his citation read. Th e simp le but meaningful
awards ceremony held at the V. T.una Medica l Center was [ im­
agined, trul y movi ng. His parents shed tears of pride and joy.
Cadet Aviles is an inspiration not only for his fellow cade ts,
the yout h but to all Filipinos. You ng as he was, he threw caution
altogeth er to hel p a co-passenger who was being robbed and
tried to get his gun in a jeepney hold-up tWO mont hs ago. He
was shot in the scuffle but survived .
The bull ring he lost which means so much for P]\·IA cadets
was also repl aced and it was :IS though it never left his side.
This is a very wa rm gesture fro m Pl\L'\ Superintendent Major
General Alfredo Peralta J r. AFP and the rest of the Philippine
Milit ary Acade my.
I t may lake sometime for him to co mpletely be healed physi­
cally and spi ritua lly, but he is going there; and wha t is important
. is that he is on the way to recovery! And willing to sacrifice his
life once again for others if need be. - JON ATHAN 1. ZEA
II, Maraline Rd., Dillman , QC
" ' -'
OFFICE OF tHE ARM'7 Email - Telno. (02) 892·1693, Local: 5287; 5295
,'lIp October 2012 Page. kf<
.. " . . . .
What's Bangsamoro?
" (First of twoparts)
THE SIGNING of the Framework Agreement be­
tween the Philippine government and the Moro
IslamicLiberation Front on Oct. 15 establishing a
new autonomous Muslim homeland in Min­
danao, called officia.lly ended more
than 40 years of internecine wars in the country's
largest island region. "
The agreement was hailed by the
tion of President Aquinoas paving the.way"for a
final and enduring peace in Mindariao.s -Clearly
swept bya spell of euphoria, the President could
not help soaring to rhetorical
agreement] brings together all secessionist'groups
into the fold. No longer does the MILF aspire for a
separate state," he said. "This means that hands
that once held rifleswill be put to use tillingland,
sellingproduce, manningwork stations and open­
ing doorways of opportunity for other citizens."
He also said the establishment of Bangsamoro
"will 'follow the constitutional process to ensure
that the Philippines remains as one nation and
one people, with all of our diverse cultures and
narratives seeking the common goal.,"
Not all were ecstatic, however. Some critics in
the press ' excoriated the agreement as the
"roadrnap [Q the dismemberment of the republic."
But inmyview, thePresident is not an ageht for the
dismantlingof the territorial integrityof thiscoun­
try to accommodate the demands of irredentist
rebels seeking wide latitudes of autonomy from
the central government. It is from this perspective
that thisspace is examiningthe agreement.
Mohagher Iqbal, chair of the MILF negotiating
panel, was reportedto be "in tears" while the Pres­
ident was addressing the nation. Iqbal had been
negotiating with a successionof nine government
panels for 11 years. Marvic Leonen,head of the
government panel, explained the MILF's decision
"to abandon its bid to set up a substate and instead
agree to a political settlement with autonomy. It
appeared to Leonen that 40 years of fighting had
taken a toll on the endurance of the secessionist
' .
' Dorontla . ,
' ,,
movement, and, as a consequence, its leaders had
now become pragmatic and disposed to seize the
moment offeredbygovernment initiatives toward
a political settlement that does not involvea zero­
sum solution. In effect, Leonen was saying that
the secessionist armed struggle had been so ex­
hausted by decades of bloodletting in Mindanao
,at the expense of more than 100,000 lives, may­
hem and destruction of productive economic as­
sets in the legendary resource-rich island, such
that the Moroswere now suing for peace.
Let's not swallowthis line too easily. Afterread­
ing documents from government sources involved
in the negotiations, I am ledto ask: Under whose
terms was the agreement concluded?' Who con­
ceded more ground, the government or the MILF?
From the documents I have in my hands, no side
. can claimto be the clear winner in this agreement.
MILF Chair Murad Ebrahim warned that while
.the FrameworkAgreement maybe "a bigleap for­
ward, ... it will not. by itself, end the Moro prob­
lem." He add: "Much work still has to be done to
make peace work. The forging of the Framework
Agreement does not mean the end of the struggle
for it [only] ushers in a new and more challenging
stage." Clearly, we are deluding ourselves if we
consider the MILF as a spent force, or that the
agreement is an -automatic self-fulfilling covenant
for"lastingpeace"in Mindanao.
The text of the FrameworkAgreementdeclares
the existenceof a new political realityin the 66th
year of this independent, democraticand constitu­
tional republic-the ' establishment of the
Bangsamoro entityinsidethe territorialconfines of
a state inhabited up to 1946 (when the republ
was founded) by Filipinos 83 percent of who:
claimto be Roman Catholic and 4.6 percent clan
adherence to Islam. The country has been ruled. :
least sinceindependence, by thisChristianized m.
jority and its political institutions. and heavily il
fluenced by its dominant culture. How did the tir
Islamic minoritysurvive in its Moro homeland th
suffocating cultural and political imperialism base
in the highly centralized national capital Manil
which isalso the seat ofpower of the Archbishop I
Manila, the highest ecclesiastical authority of tl
Catholic Churchin the Philippines?
TheFrameworkAgreementisan amazingtest
ment to the enduring and inextinguishable stru
gle of Filipino Muslims for a homeland ih wh
they claim their ancestral heritage. After 16 yea
of negotiations. the government and the Mil
.agreed to create Bangsamoro, the new a
tonomous political entity to replace the A
tonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
established in 1989.
Theagreement not onlypronounced the demi
of ARMM as a "failed experiment" but also pr
claimed the birth of the creature Bangsamoro.
boldly declared that "the government of tJ
Bangsamoroshall have ministerial form." It dan
to place Bangsamoro outside the constitutior
framework of the highly centralized unitary S)
tern in place since the Philippine Commonweal
in 1935. It put Bangsamoro in a special category
the political system, not as a local governme:
MuslimMindanao, with its own hierarchyof trat
tional rulers (the datu), does not have a long ex]
rience in ministerial formto make the new SYStE
The political accommodation opened by t
agreement attempts to shoehorn Muslim M
danao's interests into the conventional archiu
ture of the constitutional system, It has openee
host of issues, most of all involving the relationsl
and power sharing between the central state a
the substate Bangsamoro. To be conclud
OFFICE OF THE CHIEF PUBL,IC AFFAIRS - Email add: oacpa_hpa@yahoo.cQm - Tel no. (02) 892·1693, Local: 5287, 5295
Ramos particularly is-now blaming his successor former
President Joseph Estrada for supposedly delaying the peace
efforts in Mindanao when in fact Estrada had already wiped
October 2012
n onetelevision program, polltical analysts Ferdie Pasion
_and Erik Espina played devil'sadvocatesover the recently
signed Bangsamoro Framework Agreement and raised
- some scary prospects, foremost of which was this question:
What if the newly found Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILP)
declares independenceand gets the backingofforeign
which back it, parti cularly Malaysia?
Both raised the experiences of Kosovo and Timor Leste,
both of which received autonomous status prior to declaring
themselves independent states.
What would indeed a supposed autonomous region with a
name Bangsamoro, connoting a separate nation, stop it from
declaring independence when the ultimate goal of the MlLF is
to secede from the Philippines?
Both also raised the peculiar interest of Malaysia in the
creation of a substate which is very neal' Sahah, a territory to
which the Philippines has a valid claim but which Noynoy
refuses to discuss, saying that it is a dormant issue. Was
Malaysia instigating or even funding the armed conf lict in
Mindanao to divert the nation's interest from its Sabah claim?
Sabah is a rich contributor to Malaysia's economy and the
Philippines would likely pursue its very valid claim on it ifthe
conflict in Mindanao ends, although thisclaim won'tlikely come
from NoynoYI who appears to be ready to give the secessionist
everything they demand.
I\ 'fPh:;;1YIILFitself had said that the creation of Bangsarnoro is
, ,
that the armed movement would be
L.. !
gyished. , _
also questioned the support that former
Presidents Fidel Ramos and _-Cory Aquino had given the
'existence of the Muslimresistance, from the Moro National
Liberation Front (MNLF) to the MILF\ which also seems to
out the Musliminsurgents after capturingall their majorcamps
in Mindanao,
The prospect of peace in Mindanao was nearest during the
all-out military campaign in Mindanao andwould have succeeded
had Estrada not been impeached, a movement to oust him
having been led bythose supporting the existence ofthe MILl"
such as Ramos, the yellow mob now backing Noynoy and the
US government.
Based on the continued huge support Estrada gets from
Mindanao residents, including Muslim Filipinos, the all-out war
campaign to preserve the country's sovereignty was a popular
Estrada, in turn, said he considered the campaign to match
I the secessionists ann for arm as the proudest moment in his
presidency since it gave the strongest message after the
of former President Ferdinand Marcos that the
government is prepared to fight for its territorial integrity and
sovereignty at all costs.
"When I raised the Philippine flag in CampAbubakar, that
marked the end of conflict and the beginning of lasting peace
in Mindanao," he said.
He added that. peace would have been achieved, on the
government's ownterms, had he not been ousted in 2001.
Gloria Arroyo took overfromhimand occupiedMalacaiiang
for nine years and through the instigation Of Ramos all the
camps the military had taken over from the MILF were all
returned and the farcical negotiations were restarted.
. •_: 1> ' · , . :
-;Whll-t Ramoswas referringto as peace efforts, which Noynoy
nowclose to completingbythe creation of the
B'a:ngs':hnoro region, would be achieved by giving in to the
demands of armed insurgents despite the fact that there is
already an existing agreement for autonomy the government
had agreed en with the MNLP during the term of Ramos,
There's both peace when you fight andprevail or step back
whilebeing robbed.
receive the full backing of the United States and the United
Kingd0m,along with ahost of other disparate countries,
includingTurkey. .
. , .
' ' : ' : ' : . ' . : ; , , ' ~ ' ' ' : . ' . ) " , ' . .
, " ' . ' : " , ? ' . . ' . . : . '
. " • , I • . . : " . ~ ' ; ~ : . . ~
1.4 October 2012­
. . ..; .. .. .' ,;:': ,: .: :-_r::.•-: ".( -. .::" I: ", .' ...:,- .,;'- . .,
9l'f; . ,0' ' . , .i , '. .. .. . ' . : . of because "it is no
lantes ." A ' s' :.1 " • ' f(L-,,., 'ofr ' . !oIlger and IS already "an ad­ 0 I
junct of the Akbayan
syste!?;, ,9
; _ Cabmet and another
'i}1aI1Y of ;:;;;; . Hontiveros, whoused
sent .It m theHouse ?f IS
•.. . ' :., . ,. ' i r , . .. '1;,. i j . for senator the adrrurus
tio n
.t mg representatives of .party-list . groups are, Neal-ll Cruz . );,,,,,, 1 ticket m the 2013 elections.
not tnillionaires . Ma'ny.more,don,'t actually - ,. ' . . ' ,,'k'?' "";'5""" " :" '. " Th is issue is interesting because it is but,
.belong to the marginalized .sectors tions alone; more: than 99 percent of -which, . 'a new' phase in the long-running competi­
groups are supposedto . arebogus.v ' j " . ; .! " , ' , ' . ' " . .tioribetween the democratic Left as repre-
The poster boy of this isM*eyAIToyo, '. ' The party-listsystem has been clearly abused sented by and groups identified.
son Qlopab¢9ause'of¢elaxityand leniency of pastCom- with.the extreme Left such as Anakbayan,
who' is 'repre- elec.administrations.All one has is Invent the Bayan' Muna party-list group, Kilusang
sent-security .giiards.. the . aname for agroup, one starting with ' Mayo Uno-etc. '
Of. Pam- the lette(*," and apply for accreditation, In theTp' keen observers of thePhilippine. Left,
panga, but-when con-' past. jchances -were that tile party-list .group; , the quarrel is seen simply as a Left-versus­
gressionalseat-after her term .as president end.' even if bogus as bogus can be, will be accepted . Left.thjng.ion one hand by Akbayan, which
. . . . • . .. l. ' .'lo' r.", ". ' ., - ... .. .,. . \ . ', •. . . , I , . ! . .'.. \ } ,- . ..' . ' " . . . . . • . ." . ; . . i .
Mikeyin order suddenly by' me 'because of le- sUPPOI1;ed P-+'Joy in the 2010,elections, and
:pecame .. now, pressure is the other B,ayan Muna etal..and
lyrepresentlng securityguards-.Mikeyis not ; on the Comelec to with- " ItS catastrophic support for Manny Villar.
.never.has been" and Will neverbecome asecuri-: . This is a battle between Akbayan, which ad· ·
:ty gu,cu:? ,; Neither' is he marginalized, a: , . ,open, elec­
multirriillionaire who ' owns real estate in.the . Willbe steadfasraridstand its.ground, The sena- tions and other forms of democratic en­
States, 'for which he is,fating . .
:charges here.·. ,. I.... · .. . ? 1 , . ' and under- Bayan Muna et 'al., which exercise politics
Thererare guarc1s aro' i:ep,reseiited wner(tlie'Bicol region has alreiIdyassociated With the armed Left. .
uJA I.'JotNl"ubai' \'iW' ftlaY-i il 'a"disualification case was
.. ' '''' ''.4} .... :i.5W\ 111n
. ..2:1 . {,rid ' j'..d...l n ,r1 '. . ' "'" .' b ., , . 1 '-2- I . d' •l ' ! !:.! ,.1.r . . B3 \'1ll . 'I " (.l" . 'lJ, ' " ;'..; "'t
al'! %qI1]otJ!\"'1,kJU. c UIIam 1\llU me uUnJ,Del n''\Joun TO uI..u::ase ·ut:ciluse·ot "al so.' e. a una "re­
. ' ,?\'p ,nfdiJ. ?'\ i" ortedlitieing
an o(the corrinfu:fsi PartY of the
sen!ing, ' and ' (hey will ' answer ,thai they, ,: partY-list systbii' also,be: abol.' :Philippines,New' People's Muna
:not and : p'ever have been;'-ln, 'other all see, itjs:"clearlyb6 and"jts 'aIlied groups, the acCUsers charge,
Mikey's party-lisl group is 1:Jogu.s; as are 'manY " ing a,bused. Political in ; , "arevery poisy gn almostall sociopolitical iso,
others"actredited ,by: t he withtheiisCions be." sue's but on NPAatrocities and ex­
that have .. In' ',ing grpups !the fastesti..vay, a'ctivlties, the use of child soldiers
is " t o'stop, thiS the'h,se ()f l;lIid" Bayan et
was etected flot terTI cqI1lpletely..'But of course thC\t will fleeci a al. .branded th e accusaUons as Red-ba.IUng,
he is pe by these ctrarges put their I1lelllbers in
,t p,e sort- of a,ptesldei').t. c; ...; ' " . . ' ap. act of Corigressand the people .. harm's way" . . ..•.
There ' many like Mike'yand his .' in a plebisCite. ; l::.' c" ',' _, ,. " ' . : "the public's" scrutiny must fo'clls on
th,at the "Comelec has disqual- ' . ' .." , / ' ,:"J' *,'\' * ' .' .' Bayan MuriiI and its 'satellite party-list
'ifieq. No ' ;'the ·Qiirilelec will disquC!lify'; Ail aspect of thecontrQversy il1 groJ,lps sucl1 as Anakpawis,Gabriela, Ka·
':the the-ongoing bataan, Kambu; Migrante, and Kalikasan re ­
) Il;g t6t'alof ' betWeen Akbilyan' aild itS ale garding linkS with the CPP-NPA.," the applied for
next year's party,list : elec-liedgroups
- '
. ....
- .
groups' petition read:
. , .
. . . . . .. - . ' .. .
it ". ' "- .' 10 ' . .. .." .. . . . " . ,,,.-" ' . . " .. .", , ., , , ' . ; ,. .. ,. ' ­
· OFFfCE yl'l lEFP'UBLl9 no. (02) 5287..'5295 .