October 25, 2012 For Immediate Release – From the Office of the Mayor

A hard copy of this release will be mailed to all Atherton residents early next week

Dear Neighbor: Recently, the Atherton Police Officers Association (APOA) distributed a mailer calling attention to several issues related to the possibility of outsourcing public safety services in Atherton. The mailer made several assertions that misrepresent the facts. The City Council voted on October 17, 2012 to provide our residents with a response to the mailer in an effort to correct any misinformation or misconceptions. Your City Council, in serving the community has safety as the No. 1 priority. The City Council recently hired a top safety professional as your new Police Chief and his sole focus is to provide superior quality and responsive support for all residents. The City Council has and continues to provide our police department with all the requested resources necessary to provide that service while remaining fiscally responsible. We are dismayed that the information to the contrary has been communicated. The information below is provided in an effort to correct any misrepresentations or misconceptions: • • • The Atherton Police Department has and will continue to provide for the safety of all residents without regard to political affiliations. The City Council has not, held any discussions at any Council meeting regarding plans or potential plans to outsource our police department services. Staffing levels for the Atherton Police Department are at the same levels as specified in the 2009/2010 Town Budget and the approved budget levels for our Police Department are at the exact levels requested by our Chief. Police response rates are at better levels than those recorded in 2005/2006. Police officers have not been laid off from the Atherton Police Department. The City does have a management and policy prerogative, based on operations and financial considerations, to re-deploy or re-assign officers. The School Resource Officer and Task Force Officer positions referred to in the mailer were positions that had to be re-deployed due to the School District’s withdrawal of funding support. These resources were reassigned to patrol activities within the Town vs serving in roles not focused solely on your safety. The APOA is organized through the Teamsters Union. The current 5-year contract expires on September 30, 2013. Formal negotiations on that contract have not yet begun. These negotiations will occur in compliance with all applicable Meyers-

• •

Milias-Brown Act requirements ensuring both parties come to the table in goodfaith. While the negotiations themselves are not public, the final negotiated contract must be approved by the City Council at a public meeting. Over the years, the Town has incurred legal fees across a wide variety of municipal functions, which include costs incurred defending or addressing issues related to law enforcement. Measures S & T, approved by the voters in 2009, did not specify a specific allocation formula for the revenues collected. The funds were, however specified for “police, emergency response services, street repair and maintenance, and drainage facility repair and maintenance – deemed necessary for the public good”. The 2011 City Council formally established a 60/40 allocation setting a priority that 60% of the funds collected be directed toward public safety services.

As a Council we thank you for your attention to this issue and believe that facts need to be communicated so that the community and Council can make informed decisions with respect to policy and public safety services. Should you have any questions on the Town’s service levels, budget, or priorities please feel free to attend one of the Town Council Meetings or contact me, our City Manager, or our Police Chief. Thank you for your continued interest in YOUR Town. Sincerely, /s/ William R. Widmer William R. Widmer Mayor Town of Atherton

For further information please contact Mayor Bill Widmer at 650-387-9578 or City Manager George Rodericks at 650-752-0504.