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Scary dogs & scary elections

Which dog do you have in this fight?


Public officials & sharp instruments

Town balks at north-side park & ride

Official ribbon cutting into small pieces 9


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Halloween to the dogs

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Maybe not vicious – but pretty ‘scary’ Halloween dogs

Parade ready

Marley, the Adoption Fairy - Photo Sue Wagnoner

The big and small of the Halloween Dog Parade gathering
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Winners announced at the Humane Society of Warren County Oct. 1st Halloween Dog Costume contest and parade to, and once again dedicating the Warren County Dog Park in the Eastham Park near the Luray Avenue Boat Landing, were: Funniest Costume: Dog’s Name: Nellie (who was a shelter dog) (Taco costume #113) Owners Carlene & Justin Viers (The Adoption Fairy #11) Owner Sharon Keaton Scariest Dog Costume: Dog’s Name: Woody (Headless Horse(dog) #109) Owner Tina Bramble Best Overall Dog Costume: Dog’s Name: Elizabeth (Mardi Gras Dog #13) Owner Loryn Lyszczarz Best Dog/Owner costumes: Dog-owner: Broody & Jane (Robin Hood and Maid Marion # 14) Owner: Jane Colgan It was ruffing and barking good time!!!

Woody, the Headless Horse(dog) and Sampson, the Harley dog

Clementine the Witch (where’s the broom factory?)

Broody Hood won as duo with owner as Maid Marion (not pictured)

Cuddliest Costume: Dog’s Name: Marley

Elvis as a dreaded landshark

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 3

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Page 4 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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Court must okay ‘Dangerous Dog’ classification
County hopes court oversight will protect dog owners from frivolous complaints
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Despite some misgivings expressed by one citizen (and probably felt by at least a few county dog owners in recent weeks) at the public hearing prior to its vote, the Warren County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved amendments to the county code concerning the classification of and processing fees for the classification of “Dangerous Dogs.” The changes include a court determination that a dog is dangerous based on its actions; that restitution be paid to any person or pet owner who was or whose pet was harmed by a dog deemed dangerous by the court; and that certain fees be paid to keep registration of dangerous dogs current annually. Those fees are $150 for an initial certificate from Animal Control for a dog deemed dangerous and an annual $85 fee to the county treasurer included updates on the dangerous dog’s status and location. The initial $150 fee must be acquired within 45 days of the court determination of the dangerous dog status and the annual $85 fee must be paid by Jan. 31 of each year. In questioning the wisdom of the changes, Herb Dunkel asked the county board if they might not be setting the groundwork for “one person in a neighborhood who doesn’t like dogs to create a hardship for owners?” Dunkel prefaced his next comment on potential economic hardships for dog owners, “Excuse my French, but the economy sucks – I don’t care what these clowns have planned for after November,” Dunkel said of the major party candidates for president (right on, Herb!). “I consider my dog a part of the family and I don’t think this is legally or morally correct.” In prefacing her motion to approve the changes to county codes, South River Supervisor Linda Glavis asked Assistant County Attorney Dan Whitten to respond to some of Dunkel’s concerns. Whitten said the new requirement of a court determination that a dog fits the criteria the county finds dangerous, essentially attacking persons or other animals, should prevent frivolous accusations by the kind of dog hater Dunkel cited. He said the rest of the code was state mandated and the $150 dangerous dog registration fee was already on the books. The only significant financial change was raising the annual registration update fee from $35 to $85. Satisfied with those explanations, the board approved Glavis’s motion, seconded by Richard Traczyk, by a unanimous voice vote.

Front Royal, V - Benny’s Beach A

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NDGAA Certified


Graduate MD School of Pet Grooming


Christmas Open House
Nov.14~ 11-5pm & Nov.17~ 9-7pm

Donahoe’s Florist

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Grooming since 1981

Sunday, October 28 10am - 2pm: Fall Pet Wellness Clinic at the Humane Society of Warren County. Bring your pets to catch them up on their vaccinations. Vaccines begin at $12. There will also be flea treatments, de-worming and other services provided to help keep your pet healthy. Please call the Humane Society with questions @ 540-635-4734 ext. 0 November 12 - 17: The River 95.3 will be Camping for Hunger at the Royal Plaza Shopping Center. Bring your food donations and help “THROW HUNGER UNDER THE BUS!” All donations help C-Cap of Front Royal/Warren County feed hungry families

prizes hourly, light refreshments....come and join us!!!
Bring at least 5 canned goods for C-Cap & Recieve 20% off cash & Carry Silk arrangements.
Register for hourly door prizes

Feel free to call us or stop by for additional info on any or all of these important events!!

Jean Rudacille, Owner

205 South Royal Ave

Shear Elegance Pet Boutique
We give your pets the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT they deserve.
Ask about our new Spa Treatments and Medicated Shampoo options

Virginia Farm Bureau is asking you to help protect our property rights on the November 2012 ballot.
Please vote for Question 1, the property rights constitutional amendment, at the polls Nov. 6. The amendment will: • Protect landowners • Ensure that private lands can’t be given to another private entity • Provide for fair reimbursement

918 John Marshall Hwy, Front Royal (in front of UPS)

Grooming all breeds of cats and dogs


Please help protect Virginians from eminent domain abuse

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 5

County Report
Virginia Press Association

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Postmortem: DC’s newest ‘October Surprise’
The consequence of management arrogance in Strasburg shutdown
By Dave Zirin The Washington Nationals, after winning 100 games and having the best record in baseball have been vanquished by the St. Louis Cardinals in five games in the opening round of Major League Baseball’s maddening postseason. It’s deeply embittering, not least of all because it didn’t have to happen. In our local DC newspapers, there’s always ample evidence of the arrogance of power backed by a compliant media. The sports section is hardly immune to this dynamic of the Beltway Bubble. When the Washington Nationals made the unprecedented and now clearly unconscionable decision to sit their ace Stephen Strasburg for the playoffs, there were howls of protest and derision: but almost all of them were from outside the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia buffer zone. Inside the Beltway, the move was lauded as a master stroke. Team general manager Mike Rizzo justified the shutdown by saying that they were “saving” Strasburg because his All-Star arm had reached its inning limit. After all argued Rizzo, the team would need Strasburg in top form for the playoff games in the future. As Rizzo said, in a quote that enraged opposing General Managers and reverberated with anabolic hubris, “We’ll be back and doing this a couple more times.” Imagine this being done in any other baseball town. In Boston, if the Red Sox had tried to shut down Curt Schilling in 004, there would have been civil disobedience in front of Fenway Park. But inside DC, great columnists like the Washington Post’s sage Thomas Boswell had nothing but aggressive contempt for those who objected to the shutdown. As the great baseball poet wrote on September , in now very unfortunate prose, “So all of the pundits who say the Nats can’t go to the Series or even win it, just because they won’t have Strasburg, can kiss my press pass.” To be clear, I had no problem with having a strict inning count for Strasburg and safeguarding his health. But why not sit him, as future hall of fame pitcher John Smoltz suggested, in July or August? Why not save him for when the team would need him most? The counter-argument that “you can’t shut down a pitcher and re-start him again” is more “baseball lore” than it is science. [Proof of that was seen in the Cardinals own old ace, the 38-year-old Chris Carpenter, shut down for much of the year who returned to flummox the Nats in game three.] I have no problem with caring about his health. I do have a problem with the Nats tanking this season out of arrogance and the media whipping a new, unsteady, colt-like baseball fan base into going along with the ride. The baseball post-season can be an unpredictable, mind-bending experience where, as the Nationals found out, having the opposition down to its last out or even last strike doesn’t mean a

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thing. It’s a time when leaving a team – especially a veteran, resourceful team like the Cardinals - even a pinhole of oxygen can lead to a cascade of horror. The only truism in post-season baseball is that an ace pitcher, like some kind of Gandalfian wizard, can conquer all the dark magic the postseason can conjure. We saw this in Detroit series where defending Tigers Cy Young winner Justin Verlander shut out the pixie-dusted Oakland Athletics in their decisive Game 5. It happened in New York, where the great CC Sabathia broke the will and the bats of the fairy-tale Baltimore Orioles in their Game 5. Stephen Strasburg is DC’s Verlander, DC’s Sabathia. His moment was Game 5. Mike Rizzo took that away from this fan base. He took it away from a city that had poured $1billion in public money into Nationals Park. He took it away from a team that showed all

season that this could have been their year. Rizzo, Boswell, and the all who defended this decision should have the courage and the sense of shame to say that they were dead wrong. The true legacy of the Strasburg shutdown, was shutting down an unforgettably beautiful season, leaving a legacy that tastes worse than chewing on dry aspirin. The arrogance of management and an unquestioning local media: it will get you every time. [Managing editor’s note: Amen Dave, I have been preaching the post-All Star break, July-August shutdown or slowdown option as a no brainer since the Strasburg inning limit went public. Dave Zirin is the author of “The John Carlos Story” (Haymarket). Receive his column every week by emailing dave@ edgeofsports.com. Contact him at edgeofsports@gmail.com.]

By Nick Thomas

Presidential Neighbors
Imagine you could pluck a U.S. president from the pages of history and install him as your next-door neighbor. Who would you choose? A popular historical figure like George Washington might seem an obvious choice, but you wouldn’t want George as a neighbor. He would sneak onto your property under the cover of darkness and chop down all your fruit trees while you slept. Oh sure, in the morning, he would knock on your door, guiltridden, seeking forgiveness. But that would be little consolation come springtime with no cherry pies to take to the church bake sale. And don’t think Thomas Jefferson would make a cool neighbor, either. Sure, according to Wikipedia, he “spoke five languages and was deeply interested in science, invention, architecture, religion and philosophy.” But who wants a smart-aleck living next door? As the only president to never marry, James Buchanan would probably hold disruptive bachelor parties every weekend. He might scare the children, too, since he suffered from an odd condition called wryneck, resulting in his head always leaning to the left. Explain to the kids this is normal, for a Democrat. You wouldn’t want Richard Nixon living next door either. According to most biographies, he was nar-

This publication is proudly printed on 100% recycled paper with soy-based ink.

cissistic, secretive, and suspicious – not endearing qualities in a neighbor. With tricky Dick on the other side of the fence, you’d end up a neurotic wreck: during backyard cookouts, you’d continually be checking the coleslaw for “bugs.” However, not all presidents would make bad neighbors. Abraham Lincoln would be a great practical asset to any community. Before he entered politics, he worked on the family farm wielding an axe with great skill to build rail fences. So you could count on Abe to help with the firewood in December. Nevertheless, if he invited you to accompany him to the theater one night, skip it. Often unfairly portrayed as a boozer, Ulysses S. Grant was a decent man of good character and would make a fine neighbor. Unfortunately, he was a poor judge of people when it came to political appointments – his administration was one of the most corrupt due to the scoundrels he unwittingly selected. So as a neighbor, if he ever recommended a plumber, go to the Yellow Pages instead. Another good neighbor would be George H.W. Bush. A kind man, he and Barbara would always be willing to lend a neighborly cup of sugar; but if you ever ran out of broccoli, don’t expect George to return the favor. George W. Bush would make a good neighbor, too. He would be personable, easy-going, and probably a lot of fun. I could also see George Jr., as the neighborhood practical joker, ringing door bells late at night, then running away claiming, “Cheney did it!” As possibility the coolest president in recent his-

tory, Bill Clinton would be a hoot for a neighbor. But for those of you with 0-year-old daughters, I know what you’re thinking: “No way I’d want him next door!” Don’t worry, he’s no longer chasing after young women, or Big Macs. Besides, Hillary would have invisible fencing around the property and a permanent electric collar attached to Bill’s neck. Barack Obama would make a nifty neighbor, too. As an energetic community organizer, expect him to also be active in the local Homeowners Association. Of course, there would always be doubters wanting proof that he actually did have membership. And when it came to yard maintenance, expect him to insist that residents with extra fertilizer do their fair share, and spread it around to those having less. Along these lines, I’m including Mitt Romney since he may be our next president. I could easily see the good Governor working the barbeque grill during a block party – especially if he was running for president of the Homeowners Association. Of course, there’s bound to be some in the community who might object to the Romneys because of their megawealth. Really? Maybe those folks would prefer a house load of Wall Street occupiers living next door instead? One note of caution, however. If Mitt volunteered to drive your sick dog to the vet, politely decline. (Nick Thomas’ features and columns have appeared in more than 200 magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and Christian Science Monitor. He can be reached at alongtheselines@yahoo.com)

Page 6 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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Rousing response to St. Luke’s Clinic annual fundraiser
teers to help make our community a healthier one,” is a request published on the clinic’s website. A variety of positions are waiting for willing volunteers including medical workers and support personnel who can provide services like performing eligibility screenings. They can also use people with computer skills to help the clinic maintain databases and office workers to assist with receptionist duties. And they’re asking for energetic volunteers to help organize and staff fundraising events. For information about volunteering call Ben Glenn, Volunteer Services Coordinator at: 540-636-435 ext. 31. For general information, call 540636-435, e-mail executive.director@ saintlukeclinic.org, visit http://saintlukeclinic.org, or write to: St. Luke Community Clinic, 316 North Royal Avenue, Front Royal, VA 630.

Donations for the Silent Auction Dennis L. Henry, fundraising chairman this year; the Reverend C. Thomas Rhyne, pastor of the Front Royal Presbyterian church and chairman of the Board for 17 years; Dr. Furadoon Irani; and Executive Director Dr. Glenn Burdick
By Carol Ballard Warren County Report This year’s annual benefit dinner and auction fundraiser for the 16year-old St. Luke Community Clinic was held at the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club on Sept. 9 and their anticipated goal of $35,000 was met and exceeded, with proceeds from the evening’s fun bringing in $39,000. This sum will go a long way to provide care for needy patients. “For each dollar spent, St Luke’s will provide six dollars worth of health care services to our patients,” states the charity’s website. The main room was full of convivial and generous patrons who came out to enjoy the excellent food and companionship, with the knowledge that it was all for a good cause. “Everybody was very pleased with the venue, and pleased with the arrangement. It was a real success and we hope to have it here again next year,” said Executive Director Dr. Glenn Burdick. Tables were set up to display valuable items donated by local artists and sponsors for the silent auction. Later bidding at the not-so-silent auction was conducted by experienced auctioneer Tom Eshelman. Several of the donated items were original art works and hand-crafted items, making the donations especially exceptional. A custom-built sofa table, the top made from exotic African Moabi hard wood, with ebonized New Zealand pine legs and frame by Dr. Furadoon Irani was one of the more valuable donations. Just a few of the many items to be raffled or sold to the highest bidders at the live auction included treats like: a beach vacation donated by Ron and Corinne Llewellen and a five-course dinner for eight people by Douglas and Kathy Napier. Others meant to be enjoyed for entertainment and eating pleasure included experiences like: a “Stay and Play” Golf Package donated by the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club and day-long passes to Disney World; or a year-long monthly free pizza donated by Westy Bachelor of Melting Pot Pizza, and a half-side of beef from Big Sky Ranch. There were so many more donations and all were very much appreciated. Chances to win the seven-day Carnival Pride cruise for two from Baltimore to Bahamas from April 1-8, 013, are still available and may be purchased from Maria Dutton at Passages Travel and Cruises after Dec. 1. A drawing will be held on Jan.13, 013. Maria is also on the St. Luke’s fundraising committee and can be contacted for more information on how to donate. Call her at 540-636140 or visit www.passagesTravel. com. For those not familiar with St. Luke Community Clinic, it is located at 316 N. Royal Ave., and was co-founded by Dr. Furadoon Irani and the Reverend C. Thomas Rhyne to provide free medical care and discounted or free prescription medication for eligible adult Warren County residents, aged 18 to 64 who have no health insurance. One stipulation is that the total family income must be less than 00 per cent of the Federal Poverty Level. The clinic has been invaluable to the lives of many grateful clients. Some samples of responses to their experience at the clinic have been: What would you do for health care if St. Luke Community Clinic did not exist? “Nothing. I would probably have to suffer until I couldn’t anymore,” wrote one. “At this point in my life I would probably go into a diabetic coma. I would be lost,” replied another. “Please join the ranks of our volun-

New Fitness Classes
in Front royal
Our fitness center located in the Warren Memorial Hospital Outpatient Center is starting a new monthly series of exercise classes. The cost for each four-week class is $35. A drop-in fee of $5 per class session is also available–please call ahead (minimum number of participants required, and spot not guaranteed if class is full). Classes will begin November 5.

Bodies in Balance – Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 11–11:55 a.m. Chair Yoga – Tuesday & Thursday, 9–9:55 a.m. Men’s BSS (Balance, Strength, Stretch) –
Tuesday & Thursday, 11–11:55 a.m.

Tai Chi for Healthy Living – Monday &
Thursday, 6–6:55 p.m.

Yoga– Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 8–8:55 a.m. Zumba am – Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9–9:55 a.m.

Zumba pm – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 4–4:55 p.m. or 5–5:55 p.m.
For more information or to sign up for a class, call 540-635-0739 or 540-635-0730 Warren Memorial Hospital Outpatient Center 120 North Commerce Avenue, Front Royal
New moms, ask about Mom’s In Balance, our exercise and life balance program for prenatal and postnatal moms (Monday-Friday, 10-10:55 a.m., $60 for four-week program).


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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 7

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Public safety

FRPD urges parent-child discussion of solicitation
Rumors expand documented incidents of recent approach by strangers
According to Chief Norman Shiflett, the Front Royal Police Department has recently received numerous calls from parents about suspicious incidents involving their children. An incident occurred on 10/4/01, which involved a white male asking a female juvenile if she wanted a ride. The female declined the offer and proceeded to her destination. The subject was described as a white male, short brown hair, a goatee, and between 30-40 years of age. The subject was driving a white Nissan car with front end damage to the passenger side headlight area. The second incident reported to the department was on 10/6/01 and occurred in the area of Bel Air Avenue. A white male in a blue Toyota 4 Runner drove up to  female juveniles and made unsavory remarks to them as they were walking down the street. The  juveniles fled down the street and the vehicle drove off. More recently, there were two incidents involving a suspect who has been identified and not related to the other previous incidents. These incidents are classified as suspicious, but no specific criminal violations have been identified. Chief Shiflett says that there has been an abundance of rumors and speculation about these incidents in town. Much of the information on the internet, Facebook in particular, has not been verified or deemed factual. Vehicle and suspect descriptions have changed considerably since the first incident occurred in early October. Front Royal police continue to check out each lead and tip called in since these incidents began. Parents are encouraged to open up a dialog between themselves and their children about dangers that may be encountered in their community. This is a great opportunity for parents to talk to their children about remaining alert and being aware of their surroundings. Chief Shiflett recommends that parents talk to their children about what steps to take if they are encountered by someone that they don’t know. Parents should explain to their children to never get into a vehicle with anyone without first obtaining permission from a parent. Children should be told to stay away from anyone on foot or in a vehicle that is following them. Also, children should not go near a vehicle to talk with unknown vehicle occupants. There are ample resources online, at schools, and at the library that discuss safety precautions for parents and their children. No police department can function effectively without the assistance of responsible citizens. Please do not hesitate to call the Front Royal Police Department at (540) 635-111 or the law enforcement agency in your jurisdiction if you see something suspicious or out of place. To help law enforcement, a detailed statement of events must be relayed to the department. There have been calls received that were vague in content, such as a suspicious blue SUV seen in an area. Obtaining the make and model of the vehicle, tag number, number of doors, number of occupants, and the actual activity observed is beneficial. This information is needed to further assist our investigation and more quickly identify the person involved and determine whether the individual is up to no good or perhaps just someone driving down the road.

Library and FRIBA team up on small business development
Samuels Public Library and the Front Royal Independent Business Alliance (FRIBA) invite small business owners, managers, professionals, and employees to a reception and presentation at the library from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 15. The library, Economic Development Authority, and Chamber of Commerce will present the many services they provide to small businesses, including e-services unfamiliar to many. Micro-loans, business plan assistance, and even commercial real estate represent only the tip of the service iceberg. Samuels Library Staff will be on hand to show off the new downloadable library Apps and new QR code. These simple tools enable you to search the web page, catalog, or download a business book into your mobile device. Staff will show off the business information available 4/7. These include legal forms and the many new-business books in full text both online and in a paper format. Business-oriented raffle prizes such as an hour of legal advice from attorney Bridget Madden will be available ONLY to FRIBA and Chamber members bringing a prospective new member with them to the event. No guest, no raffle ticket! Guests will also receive a chance at the raffle and are invited to take advantage of FRIBA’s limited time offer: a one-year $60 introductory membership. For more information, please contact nlynch@samuelslibrary. net or FRIBA on Face-book at www.facebook.com/FrontRoyalIBA/ events. (From a release)

Jail trustee walks away from ‘KP’ duty

Home shooting being investigated
Roy Dwayne Fincham On October 0, 01 at :06 PM, Inmate Roy Dwayne Fincham, a Warren County Jail trustee, left the Jail Work Release Building en route to the jail kitchen to wash dishes. When he didn’t show up at the jail, a search of the area was done and inmate Fincham could not be located. An Escape Warrant for Fincham’s arrest has been obtained. Fincham was awaiting trial for larceny and Probation Violation. Fincham is described as a white male, 8 years of age, 5-foot-11inches tall, with blue eyes, black hair, and was last seen wearing an orange jail jumpsuit. – From a release The Front Royal Police Department is investigating what appears to have been an accidental shooting that occurred Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 16. Officers responded to 508 Grand Avenue at about  p.m. after receiving a 911 from the victim’s wife that her husband had been shot, Chief Norman Shiflett said. The victim Jon Michael Bryzinski, 6, was reported to have been shot in the chest after he tried to dislodge a round from a shotgun. The victim was transported to Warren Memorial Hospital and later air lifted to INOVA Hospital with life threatening injuries. At the time of the initial press release the day of the incident, the FRPD investigation was ongoing. – From a release

Medical Center
• • • • • • • • • Walk-in Medical Care Occupational Medicine Workmans Compensation Annual/DOT Physicals School / Sport Physicals Medically Managed Weight Loss Opiate Addiction Treatment Flu Shots Drug & Alcohol Treatment


Across the street from Warren Memorial Hospital 842 N. Shenandoah Ave, Front Royal 540-636-9100

Page 8 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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By Nick Thomas Disguised as little goblins, ghosts or ghouls, kids will soon be prowling the streets in their annual Halloween quest to extort candy from benevolent neighbors. But for some family members, the spooky festivities may be downright dangerous. Whereas a candy overdose may induce the occasional belly ache in kids or send some into brief fits of hyper-sugar overdrive, sweet treats can lead to more serious problems for pets. The greatest danger comes from chocolate which contains theobromine, a chemical that is especially toxic to dogs. Oddly enough, theobromine contains no bromine (nor, for that matter, any theo). It derives its name from Theobroma meaning, more or less, ‘food of the gods’ – quite appropriate for anything to do with the heavenly confectionary. Other dangers for dogs include

Halloween can be scary for pets
raisins which can affect their kidney function. Special vigilance is also needed around impatient puppies that might be tempted to sneak wrapped Halloween treats on the sly. In addition to the chocolate risk, tinfoil candy wrappers can lodge in a puppy’s throat or lead to bowel obstructions. Halloween food hazards are less of a concern for cats, since they don’t usually have a sweet tooth (they can’t taste sweetness). But they still face dangers this time of year. When it comes to cats and Halloween, no one is more familiar with the nocturnal October ritual than actress Cassandra Peterson, better known to millions as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, who passed on some Halloween advice when I spoke with her a while back. Sporting an oversized black wig, a low and behold form-fitting black dress, and enough makeup to give the Avon lady a hernia, Cassandra has been playing the campy Elvira character since 1981. She first poured herself into the famous tightfitting attire when hired to host late-night horror movies for a Los Angeles television station. Cassandra has used her popularity and high public profile to support a number of causes, including animal welfare. She starred in a pro-vegetarianism commercial proclaiming that ‘dead things should be buried, not eaten’ and has narrated a radio public service announcement asking people to keep their cats safely indoors at Halloween. Though her witty, wisecracking humor is a treat for adults, Cassandra finds nothing funny about tricks that some people play on cats, especially black cats which are traditionally associated with the darker side of Halloween. “There’s always a few pranksters who may tease, injure, steal, or even kill pets during Halloween,” she warned. “Many animal shelters are aware of increased thefts of black cats around Halloween and some won’t even adopt out black cats during October.” Of course, weird costumes and spooky rituals are standard for the Mistress of the Dark who recalls many interesting Halloween stunts of her own, such as being buried in a coffin for up to 30 minutes at a time, while preparing to emerge for photo shoots or filming. “I think I’ve spent more time in a coffin than any person alive!” Over the three decades she has been performing as Elvira, Cassandra has also interacted with some less than cuddly critters. “I’ve had to lie down with over a hundred snakes piled on top of me, and kiss tarantulas from time to time.” Cuddly or not, she emphasizes that all animals used in Elvira promotions were handled in a safe and humane way, a philosophy consistent with her concern for animal welfare. Clearly, her message along these lines is a simple one: “With kids dressed in wacky costumes running all over the place and ringing doorbells, pets can get scared and run away, and dogs may even bite. So it’s a good idea to place pets in a secure, quiet room during the trick-or-treat evening hours. I just hope people will do their best to watch out for all animals not only at Halloween, but throughout the year.” Nick Thomas’ features and columns have appeared in more than 200 magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and Christian Science Monitor. He can be reached at alongtheselines@yahoo.com

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 9

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Public safety
“I want you to know I’m a very patient man,” McEathron later retorted, drawing even more laughter, before concluding more seriously of the final product, “This far exceeds what we expected.” Jeff Hayes was acknowledged from all sides for his oversight as Clerk of the Works and County Board Chairman Archie Fox tipped his hat to the county building committee and Moseley for ongoing oversight “to make sure we got what we paid for.” Former Mayor Jim Eastham was acknowledged by County Administrator Stanley. “Jim was going to build a house here. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us build here instead – the sheriff got your view.” In noting his team’s work on the project, Moseley’s Bell noted that the new Public Safety Building included 48,000 bricks, 00 doors and 169 rooms. A low-bid construction contract of $10,549,000 was awarded to Nielsen Builders of the Harrisonburg area in August 010. A bond
(Expires 10/31/2012)

Cutting the ribbon on new Public Safety Building
The sheriff pointed to recent county capital improvement programs from the two high schools, skatepark, this facility among others, saying officials from surrounding counties “wonder how we do it. – It’s not just money, it’s working together.” County Administrator Doug Stanley commented on the lengthy construction process, saying, “Sheriff McEathron and Chief Mabie were very patient – well, Chief Mabie was patient,” drawing laughter.

VERY patient men - Sheriff McEathron, Chairman Fox and Chief Mabie with their sections of cut ribbon - 25 months and 1 day after groundbreaking.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report The official Grand Opening of the new Warren County Public Safety Building was cemented with a ribbon cutting on Oct. 3. The Warren County Sheriff ’s Office and Fire & Rescue Departments essentially completed the move of their administrative offices into the new digs at 00 Skyline Vista Drive, overlooking Skyline High School and Massanutten Mountain, on July 31. In acknowledging his department and fire & rescue’s first 11 weeks on site, Sheriff Danny McEathron noted that “by my calendar it was 5 months from yesterday we held the groundbreaking.” That the sheriff ’s calendar was correct was later verified by Moseley Architects Project Manager Tony Bell.

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Dogs must be on leash
A current (within 12 months) coggins required per horse.

Pre-registration required, must have team/teams registered by, Oct. 25th, 2012 No practice area
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Page 10 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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Public safety

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
during our initial tour of the facility on Aug. 1. Sheriff McEathron said the old Jackson Street office had a total of about 7,00 square feet. Including the 911 Communications Center, the sheriff estimated around 38,000 s.f. for his department now. “Obviously we’re very, very pleased with what we’ve been provided,” the sheriff said of the new facility. “I want to thank the board of supervisors and county administrator, but most importantly the citizens of Warren County. We don’t lose sight of the fact it is the citizens and taxpayers of the county that are providing this for us.” “You know I’m happy to be here. We’ve been working in 450 square feet, now we’ve got 10,000 square feet,” Mabie said. “Well, you know what we were in; three people were working in the space my office takes up here.”

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Thank you for a ll you d o for our grandfather . Our prayers are wit h him daily, a s well as wit h you and a ll t he staff. Sincerely, Vick i Jowel l

Independent Assisted Living Apartments and Assisted Care Suites

Ten county officials with sharp cutting tools - good thing the event was at The Public Safety Building with plenty of emergency service personnel, including EMTs, nearby.
issue of $7.5 million was used to complete financing. A significant portion of an estimated $7-million so-called “windfall” from the first June tax payments after the county adopted twice-a-year tax billing pushed by late Commissioner of the Revenue John Smedley was earmarked to the project, to reduce the necessary borrowing to pay for the project. The county also had set aside $981,000 for the project prior to its final 010 approval. While the county-contractor relationship was often strained due to issues with adhering to design standards both outside and inside the building, all involved appear relieved that despite delays and redoes on some work, the project is finally completed – and now “officially” open with the Oct. 3 ribbon cutting. Happy, happy, happy Rather than make Sheriff McEathron and Chief Mabie rehash previous comments about the state-ofthe-art and spacious new digs, we’ll simply revisit what they told us

First of all thank you for all you have done for Mom. She is really feeling at home now. All of the Aids are great. They all get Mom’s humor. You can not know how much less stress I have since Mom has been there. When I go to visit her it’s in a home, such a great feeling. Sandy Wolf


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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 11

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Town & County

Warren County and Front Royal roundup
Recyc withdraws controversial riverside properties from sludge application
By Malcolm Barr Sr. & Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Malcolm was sure we would lead this section with the awfully good, if slightly confusing, news of Dominion Power construction contractor Zachry’s commitment to a significant contribution to this year’s United Way Fund drive. HOWEVER, when Town Manager Steve Burke announced during his Oct.  report to council that Recyc Systems had withdrawn three, controversial riverside properties from its application with the state DEQ to dispose of Class B sludge as farmland fertilizer, Zachry and Mal had to take a step back (sorry guys). It seems the comments from surrounding landowners that 100-year floodplain designations were grossly underestimating the potential of, not only sludge clearing rains, but flooding less than a mile up river from a Town of Front Royal municipal water system intake valve, did not fall on deaf ears at an Oct. 9 public info meeting at Skyline High School. Thank you applicant; thank you DEQ; thank you landowner; and thank you neighboring landowners for speaking up about the reality of the situation!!! All us “townies” really do live downstream from that one. But about that smell ... United (& giving) we stand At the end of a 0-minute update on the new Dominion Power plant construction project in the county (on schedule, no problems that cannot be overcome), director of combustion turbine projects, A. Michael Wood, received unusual mid-speech applause from a Rotary Club of Front Royal audience Oct. 19 when he pointed to a $80,000 donation to United Way on his power point presentation. We later talked with Beth Waller, then Lee Smith Osina, executive director of the Front Royal-Warren County United Way, which, it turns out, is in the midst of its 013 fundraising drive. Despite the seemingly gaudy number, don’t quit giving, folks! You know what they say about a “bird in the hand.” The money hasn’t arrived yet and for the local United Way isn’t quite what Wood projected. First, it was explained that half the total comes directly from Zachary Corporation employees who collected between them some $140,000 which Zachary, the contracting firm for Dominion Power, agreed to match. Then, explained Osina, 5 percent of the employee contribution (about $35,000) is earmarked for an internal CARE fund administered by a Zachary employees’ committee and is for other charitable projects. Also (stay with us on this), the remaining amount, about $45,000 (all numbers rounded) doesn’t all go to the local United Way since many employees directed their donations elsewhere to separate non-profits, albeit members of United Way, though perhaps out of this area. For further and more specific information, Osina directed us - urged us - to Sam Tijerina of Warren County Energy projects. Our calls to his cell and office numbers were not returned by press time. When will United Way receive whatever is left of the gross amount? Not known until perhaps Sam calls this newspaper. Meanwhile, Waller, who has been the highly successful and well-known volunteer fundraiser chairperson for the local United Way, referred us to Osina for comment. The executive director expressed gratitude to the generous Zachary employees and the similarly generous Zachary Corporation, but worried that Wood’s unanticipated announcement at the Rotary Club lunch would detract from the current campaign. As we remarked earlier, and as Osina admitted, this “windfall” for United Way is wonderful news, but “a bird in hand is worth two in a bush” as the saying goes, and the actual money, however much it may be, has not yet arrived. So please continue to donate to United Way and join us at this newspaper in congratulating Zachary and its employees on their beneficent gestures. Discount pet care Note Sunday, Oct. 8, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. to take advantage of the Front Royal animal shelter’s “Rabies” day, where everything from shots to ear cleaning can be obtained for nominal fees. For further information, call (540) 635-4734. Going postal? If the following personal anecdote isn’t a good reason for the U.S. Postal Service’s currently poor reputation, we don’t know what is! At a recent animal shelter function at the Moose Lodge (some $5,000 raised for the critters) Mayor Tim Darr was giving out “Front Royal” lapel pins. We asked for an extra couple to send to a relative in England and a son serving with the U.S. military in Europe. The envelope containing the pin and a news clipping from the “Re-

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Page 1 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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Town & County
No musical generation gap The Front Royal American Legion Community Band, directed by Ed Richards, played a concert at Randolph-Macon Academy campus Oct. 3. The band was notable this year for its inclusion of three generations of musicians from the same family: Bill Long (William Abel Hamilton Long), a fire and rescue man of Rockland; his dad, Bill Long (William Abel Long); and firefighter Bill’s son, Will (William Abel Harrison Long), a freshman at R-MA, as shown in accompanying photo by Cindy Rodney.

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
Yard sale limits With only Daryl Funk voting no (Gene Tewalt was absent), the Front Royal Town Council voted 4-1 on Oct.  to amend its code on yard sales. The two significant changes are that apartment buildings or duplexes with multiple units will now only be allowed to have a total of six yard sales per year. Previously, the six-yard sale limit was applied to “individual residences”. Also, a $5 license tax will have to be paid per yard sale AFTER the first two in any given calendar year. Your first two sales of the year are on “the house”. In opposing the change, Funk said he felt it was too restrictive on a significant portion of the town’s renters. (I guess so, particularly if you live in an apartment with more than six units, HECK, you might not even get to have one sale if your building’s neighbors beat you to the punch.) However, in explaining his support of the changes and the majority perspective, Hollis Tharpe said the town wanted to protect small, local retail businesses from undue competition sneaking between the regulatory, tax and fee lines applied to businesses licensed to sell commercially in town.



port” was returned to us, demanding $1.50 additional postage (total $1.95; weight 3/4 oz.) for the envelope addressed to our USAF son. A clerk at Front Royal Post Office firmly declined to forward the envelope to the military address in New York (APO AE 0918) “because it’s going overseas.” “No, ma’am, it’s going to a New York address,” upon which we’re asked to complete a U.S. Customs Service form. The pin is worth at most 5-cents. Maybe the clerk was correct. She doesn’t make the rules. But I asked her to please explain why a similar envelope with the same contents and addressed to a UK address was not returned. In fact, three days later, my brother emailed me thanks for the “Front Royal” pin (“very proud to receive it, and please thank the Mayor”). Oops!

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 13

Local Morgan Ford Bridge vote as close as the presidential election!


Rockland split on Morgan’s Ford Bridge replacement
Tight race, flawed info match dynamics of presidential race
Front Royal who spotted and inquired about the newly erected VDOT signs at the bridge approaches wondered aloud about the efficacy of American engineering. He noted VDOT’s reference to the 87-year-old “low water” bridge, and the fact that the government agency acknowledges a life span for a modern bridge at 50-75 years. He talked of the Swarkestone River Bridge near his home built by the Romans in the 13th Century. Swarkstone Bridge was destroyed by floods 500 years later, was repaired and widened (1799-1808); and again rebuilt in 189. To this day, it provides a major (two-way) connector between two counties. As with the Morgan Ford bridge, it is considered “undersized for modern traffic and is scarcely two-lane for cars at several points.” However, its original foundations remain and the bridge is protected as an historic landmark. Several of our residents recommended leaving the Morgan Ford Bridge “as is” but repaving and, if necessary, strengthening its underpinnings. (ed note: VDOT says repair of a permanent nature would be more costly than a new bridge, and is impractical. The bridge was patched

Join us at Downtown Front Royal’s Hometown Halloween
Downtown Front Royal, Inc. (DFR) announces the Fourth Annual Hometown Halloween celebration will be Wednesday, October 31st, on E. Main Street, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Main Street will be blocked off for a safe and spooky evening of trick or treating. Visit the Warren County Sheriff ’s Office Haunted Bus. Stop by and see the Warren County Fire and Rescue Fire Truck. Merchants and other organizations will be in costume handing out candy. This year we’re excited to have the Front Royal Presbyterian Church, on Luray Avenue, join us. Each Halloween, Front Royal Presbyterian Church hosts a Trunk-or-Treat and C-Cap food drive. This year, they’ll participate in Hometown Halloween by moving the Trunk-or-Treat to the Gazebo Parking Lot. We’re asking participants to bring a canned good to drop off at one of the Trunk-or-Treat vehicles to help support C-Cap and the good work they perform for our community. To give our merchants time to prepare, we’re asking everyone to respect our start time of 6 PM. (From a release)

THE NEW: A new bridge identical in design to the one proposed for Morgan’s Ford crosses Deer Rapids on Route 744 near Route 11, south of Strasburg in Shenandoah County ... “the horror, the horror” ...?
By Malcolm Barr Sr. Warren County Report An informal Warren County Report survey of residents living closest to the Morgan Ford bridge swung back and forth much like the Romney-Obama election campaign statistics. Our survey conducted the early part of this week recorded a 1613 score against VDOT replacing the span. The vote doesn’t count, of course, but it allowed residents on both sides to let off some steam before the Board of Supervisors meeting in the government center Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. and the VDOT-sponsored public information meeting in the Commerce Avenue fire hall Nov. 14 (4-7 p.m.). Supervisor Richard Traczyk has invited VDOT - short on specifics on its website - to explain the project in detail to the board. In fact, it was our conclusion that many participants in our survey were as short on accurate information as we were in conducting it. It was, again, much like the Obama-Romney debates where conflicting versions of reality were offered. Several respondents felt resigned to seeing a new bridge, among them Maurice Bowen, Fairground Road, who voted in favor of the proposed replacement “because they’ve already decided, so whatever I say, it’s a done deal.” Fortunately, Bowen was the only one to turn up in my driveway and voice his opinion! This article will attempt to fairly provide a soapbox for those “for” the bridge replacement and those “against”. Meanwhile, a recent UK visitor to

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Page 14 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
road, would dramatically increase the rate of accident and death ... pursuit of bridge replacement is poor public policy ...” Dr. Furadoon Irani, Milldale Valley Court, wants a new bridge above flood level. Some project details proffered by VDOT appear ambiguous, and statistical data, including that in local media, have been contradictory. Therefore, we will wait along with other interested residents, for accurate information from VDOT at the November meetings. (Malcolm Barr, Sr., is a Rockland resident and retired journalist who has long been a contributing writer for the Warren County Report. He offers no opinion on the bridge, or any statistical information because, he says, it depends on who you talk to as to what information you get).

THE OLD: Similar perspectives on the 87-year-old Morgan’s Ford Bridge across the Shenandoah River in eastern Warren County.
and shored up a couple years ago to keep it standing as the new project funding was located – and remember, the Romans didn’t build this original structure) Said George L. Ohrstrom II, who owns property upstream on Morgan’s Ford Road: “(T)he bridge is a historical icon ... I think the ‘gain’ from replacing it is far less than the loss of (the ‘low water’) bridge ... to the historical resources of Warren County.” Bill Long of Rockland Road, fire and ambulance technician: “I’m for a new bridge. I use it daily; its weight rating of 10 tons limits the 30-ton fire trucks ... from using it. The current bridge is really falling apart ... we can drive our six-ton ambulances over it, but it greatly limits our fire response.” Kathy Smart, Swift Shoals Road: “(We) are completely opposed to the replacement of the low water bridge with a much larger structure that will encourage a big increase in truck traffic on Red Gate Road (Rt. 64).” (ed note: trucks are already banned from a new bridge according to Supervisor Traczyk) Betty Tice, Bowling View Road: “We approve of the new bridge ... and hope that the roadway will be much straighter on both approaches ... tear down the old, obsolete bridge...” Althea Richards worries about increased and faster traffic, adding: “I love the bridge the way it is - a ‘low water’ bridge.” Reed Armstrong, Rockland Road: “Although it is an annoyance when the bridge is rained out, we ... would prefer that the rural aspect of our area be maintained ...” Lynn Lewis, Rockland Road: “(Replace) the bridge with one safer, wider, but yet in keeping with the rural nature of the location.” Barbara Frank: “(The bridge) should be repaired in its current configuration. Arterialization of Rt. 64, an inherently dangerous country Editor,

Do the #s add up?

There is no question that Warren County has benefitted substantially from the addition of businesses to the County which are served with water and sewer provided by the Town of Front Royal.

A free women’s health forum
For more information, call 540-536-0318

Like A Lady

Warren Memorial Hospital invites you for a morning of learning and inspiration just for women. This educational event and tea will focus on heart disease in women, including signs and symptoms, risk factors, and lifestyle choices for better health. Tea, finger foods and other refreshments will be served.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 9 – 11:30 a.m.
(registration 8:30 a.m.) Front Royal United Methodist Church

Guest speakers
James Freilich, MD, Medical Director, and Rasheva Sperry, RN, Key Contact Warren Memorial Hospital Chest Pain Center Jessica Bowling, Wellness Life Coach/Health Educator, Warren Memorial Hospital Wellness & Fitness Services Kelly Clement

In addition to the businesses listed above, Warren County received $5.6 million in taxes from E.I. DuPont and Company just from 1979 to 003. The Town of Front Royal received water and sewer revenue of $1. million from DuPont over the same period. In 1980, the Front Royal Town Council, representing the Warren County taxpayers located within the Town limits paid $8.1 million to construct the water and sewer mains into Warren County outside of the corporate limits to Cedarville for DuPont, which employs 300 people. While this extension of water and sewer service by the Town to DuPont enabled Warren County to substantially increase its tax base, the Warren County Board paid nothing on this project. A new wastewater treatment plant is now expected to cost approximately $41 million for the construction, plus an estimated $10 million in interest on a 0-year bond for a total of $51 million. The treatment plant is expected once again to be constructed and paid for only by Warren County taxpayers living or located within the corporate limits of the Town of Front Royal at an estimated cost of $.5 million every year for 0 years. The Warren County taxpayers (WCTP) located within the Town limits will pay the in-town water and sewer rates, and the Warren County industrial taxpayers located outside the Town limits will pay water and sewer rates at twice the in-town rates, but will pay no real estate taxes to the Town. The WCTP in the commercial areas outside of the Town will pay the in-town water and sewer rates plus a BPOL (Business and Professional Occupancy License) tax to the Town. If there is a boundary adjustment so that the Route 5 North Commercial Corridor is added into the Town corporate limits, impacts on water and sewer rates would be minimized for all Town water and sewer users, including the properties annexed in the Corridor which would receive in-town water and sewer rates. Why should only Town taxpayers have to continue to pay for these types of major capital improvements to the Town water and sewer without proportionate contributions from those in the County who benefit directly from these new facilities? A boundary adjustment would go a long way toward addressing this taxation inequity for County tazpayers located within the Town limits. Walter M. Duncan Front Royal (Managing editor’s note: Mr. Duncan is a lifelong (91 years) resident of Front Royal, and a former town planning commission member, town manager and councilman who served the town in one or the other of those capacities from 1954 to 001.)

Funding for this community event is provided by the Warren Memorial Hospital Foundation

Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com “We consider this an enhancement to travel and the public … We need to see what you want – we haven’t seen that yet.” – VDOT Administrator Edwin Carter

Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 15


Council, VDOT spar over town north-side park & ride
Silent for 2 years, council now very vocal on part of S. Fork Bridge replacement
beautify its entranceways, Hollis Tharpe said, “A park and ride is not ideal to achieve that, which is why I am adamantly opposed to it there or anywhere in town.” Gene Tewalt, a former town public works director and civil engineer, pointed to the undesirability of not only a park and ride, but a retention pond planned for the VDOTcontrolled property. “I’m looking at that thing and it’s going to be 1 to 15 feet deep – that bothers me more than anything else. It will look like the Dickens! There’s got to be a better location than a corridor coming into town,” Tewalt said. “Why not give it (the property) to us and let us take care of it?” Tharpe suggested of what to do with the property, later adding, “We want fountains, picnic tables.” “We’d be inclined to hold on to it for right of way,” VDOT Assistant Residency Administrator Ed Carter replied. VDOT District Location and Design Engineer Matt Dana noted that the traffic cited by Parker would be non-peak hour traffic. That comment drew a collective “Harrumph” from council, with Mayor Tim Darr asserting that the existing park and rides in the county contradicted that assertion. Carter replied that the existing park and rides on Route 340/5 North, across the bridges and just past the I-66 Interchange, and on Dismal Hollow Road near John Marshall Highway and the I-66 Linden Interchange, have been at capacity for several years leading to overflow parking into nearby and other private properties, including Gateway Plaza prior to a recent no long-term parking posting and flurry of towing of cars out of that shopping center lot on the town southeast side. “There is a need – here or somewhere,” Carter told town officials. He

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Logical use of space?
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Two Virginia Department of Transportation officials fielded questions and dodged potshots flung their way at an Oct. 15 Front Royal Town Council Work Session. At issue for a current council majority is a portion of the South Fork Bridge replacement plan that would situate a park and ride at the southeastern corner of a new bridge on land where the Twin Rivers Motel was recently demolished. “I don’t want a park and ride on land that is commercially viable and in the town limits,” Bret Hrbek told VDOT. Vice-Mayor Shae Parker, who lives in the nearby neighborhood east of North Shenandoah Avenue between the Shenandoah River and VFW land and North Royal Avenue’s turn into 14th Street at the old North Royal Avenue extended, questioned the advisability of adding a projected 60 vehicles to the traffic pattern there. “Making a left turn south onto Shenandoah Avenue is almost impossible now. And if you add 60 vehicles they are going to have to make that turn or go through the neighborhood to the intersection with 14th Street to get out,” Parker said of another intersection with a difficult left turn. Pointing to the town’s efforts to

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Page 16 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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“We want to see green, not black.” – Bret Hrbek

the park and ride,” Parker counterpunched. “Gene and I and Daryl are new (elected or re-elected this spring) and this is our first crack at it. If the town was silent then, it is not silent now!” Hrbek said. May 13, 2010 However, part of a summary of a May 13, 010 informational meeting between VDOT, town and county officials indicated the bridge replacement plan, including the park and ride, dated back to at least the last month and a half of Tewalt and Hrbek’s previous tenures as mayor and vice mayor. Present at that meeting according to a summary circulated to VDOT, the town and county, dated May 17, 010, were then Town Manager Michael Graham, then Town Director of Environmental Services and now Town Manager Steve Burke, County Administrator Doug Stanley and three VDOT officials, including now Deputy War-

ren County Administrator Bob Childress. “Mr. Graham requested that we keep in mind that this is a gateway to the Town, and asked if trees could be planted along 340 in front of the pond and landscaping efforts directed to the NW quadrant between the intersection and the service road,” the report signed by VDOT Stauton District Location & Design Engineer Scott Alexander stated. “Mr. Burke noted that the property in the SE quadrant of 55/340 is currently pursuing a rezoning, and

Artist’s conception of the planned VDOT park & ride at southeast side of a new South Fork Bridge.
also observed that the existing park and rides north and east of town at I-66 exit 6 and Linden contained a large percentage of vehicles sporting town stickers. He also noted that with VDOT now owning the right of way where the new lot is planned, costs would be cheaper since no land acquisition would be required. “Have you done a traffic study?” an increasingly agitated Parker asked. “Yes,” Carter replied. “We just don’t want it there,” Hrbek chimed in, adding a preference for green space, and if the pond was necessary there for logistical reasons, Hrbek suggested hiding it in a far corner. The VDOT officials pointed out the park and ride has been a part of the bridge replacement plan for over two years and seemed surprised at the sudden surge of increasingly hostile opposition from council. “You brought in a radical bridge design … so there was no focus on

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the application has been forwarded to VDOT for review/comment,” the report adds. “The Town would like to see any construction traffic to the south-side bridge piers access via N. Royal Street and not use 15th – 18th Streets due to the residential nature, widths, onstreet parking, etc. “Other than the uncertainty of funding, and how it will dictate the schedule of this project, there were no unresolved matters,” the report concludes. However Tewalt indicated he re-


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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 17

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called the early discussion and told Carter and Dana on Oct. 15, 010, “When this came about I raised holy hell,” adding the VDOT attitude at the time appeared to be “It’s our bridge, we’ll do what we want to.” Tom Sayre said he remembered VDOT public informational meetings on the project – “It was years ago,” the councilman recalled of his attendance. “Why didn’t you say something then?” Tharpe prodded his fellow councilman. Risky business? “It’s not built yet; it won’t cost much not to build,” Tharpe offered as the Oct. 15 work session back and forth continued. But VDOT’s Carter replied that the added cost of redesign and potential relocation at this point in the process could threaten the federal funding stream crucial to the project. – “I’m not saying we won’t get it but it is a risk in redesigning and adding cost at this stage,” Carter told the town. The VDOT tandem told council they would need an official resolution from the town in order to even reconsider the plan. “We consider this an enhancement to travel and the public … We need to

see what you want – we haven’t seen that yet,” Carter noted of an alternative plan for locating what VDOT considers a long-needed addition to facilitate commuter car pooling. “We want to see green, not black,” Hrbek replied tersely.

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Page 18 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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“I hope we’re not going to be too restrictive, so when it is 100 degrees and two girls are out selling lemonade they’re in violation.” – Gene Tewalt

Council wrestles with commercial signs, outdoor displays
Town seeks a ‘fair and balanced’ approach to restrictions, changes
emy Camp pointed out that plant and related landscaping materials were among the exemptions to new screening from public view requirements. Other exemptions from screening requirements were: automobiles; power-driven garden and farm equipment; pre-manufactured buildings; vending machines; flea markets and seasonal and other temporary activities like peddlers and licensed merchants with proper permitting, yard sales and lemonade stands of the sort kids in small towns have been helping residents beat the heat with since, well – forever, more or less. But if some concerns were raised about too restrictive or potentially too restrictive aspects, there was also concern expressed that some problem areas had yet to be closed to offenders. Among those were how long disconnected trailers or dumpsters at locations doing home or business renovation or remodeling might be left in place; and under what circumstance tires could be left outside. “I think when complaints were made that got this rolling the meaning was to target junk, things like used tires that might catch fire,” Tharpe observed. Planning staff noted that businesses selling used tires would be exempt from new restrictions. “My concern is, are we going to enforce them (the new codes). There are lots of ordinances on the books that are not enforced unless someone is singled out by a complaint,” Gene Tewalt said. “We can’t single anyone out – this fixes that. But my concern is we could shut everybody down [when only blatant offenders] are intended to be targeted,” Vice-Mayor Shae Parker said. “I hope we’re not going to be too restrictive, so when it is 100 degrees and two girls are out selling lemonade they’re in violation,” Tewalt added. He was assured lemonade stands were exempt. Council decided to have staff further refine the changes and bring the draft back to another work session before being sent to public hearing and a vote.

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In violation? We hope not - and so does council. This lemonade stand file photo dates to July 2012 run of 95 to 105-degree heat.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report It was back to the drawing board for town planning staff after an Oct. 15 Front Royal Town Council Work Session discussion about changes to town codes regarding outdoor commercial signs and displays. At issue for some councilmen is whether changes designed to provide a standard that is up to date and in general more business friendly, may still in some cases provide an undue hindrance. Staff admitted as much in its preface to the proposed changes, stating, “While the proposed changes are generally less restrictive than the current code language, some individuals and/or businesses may be impacted by the changes.” Despite some misgivings, there appeared to be a feeling things were moving in the right direction. “I think we have a pretty good draft here,” Hollis Tharpe said as the conversation began on updating a code last adopted on April 10, 1978. Still, after reviewing the draft Tharpe worried that as now drafted the new code would prevent firewood and live plant displays as now allowed. However, Planning Director Jer-

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 19

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Review: Some of My Lives: A Scrapbook Memoir
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the author tends to move around somewhat frenetically with her remembrances. However, once involved, and familiar with this pattern, it is almost impossible to put the book aside since it is filled with fascinating encounters. Ms. Bernier is a woman of many talents and the depth of her life is celebrated in this revelation. What glorious reflections she must have had as she revisited ‘some of her lives’. – Sheila Lamonzs, reviewer

Kaine, Allen U.S. Senate battle goes to the wire

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We went to our archives and found these two file shots of former Virginia governors Tim Kaine and George Allen who are now battling for Jim Webb’s soon-to-be-vacated US Senate seat. Who do you prefer? - Democrat Kaine, apparently ready to choke our managing editor while making a point during an April 2011 Town Hall meeting at Skyline High School, or Republican Allen, schmoozing local Republican Committee Chairman Don Repici and Vice-Chairman Steve Kurtz at the March 2012 Reagan Day Dinner at the north-side county Holiday Inn Express. We think the choice is clear ... “Gag, hack, cough - No, I’m not a conservative, partisan ideologue, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

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Page 0 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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“I will tell you that once we go down this road, forever after, we will have Republicans run for Town Council! But we will need to be very intelligent and insightful in the future. We cannot do worse than what we have.” – Mary Kay Clark in Feb. 1 e-mail pushing partisan town elections


Partisan, odd-even Nov. elections continue to divide council
Isn’t it odd – who favors lower turnout off-presidential, off-state election years?
trend in explaining his opposition to a charter change codifying nomination by non-partisan petition only. He told us he believes there is a trend in the state General Assembly toward partisan elections in all municipal elections. He was tactfully non-committal to our question as to whether that trend was being forwarded by the Republican state majority. Whatever its source, Funk said were the state legislature to make partisan municipal elections state law, the proposed Front Royal Charter change would become illegal in a Dillon Rule state like Virginia. “I don’t think it will get through the legislature,” Funk said of the proposed town charter change mandating nominations by a non-partisan petition of voters only. Why anticipate a change in state law before it occurs, particularly if he personally sees no need to rock the town election voting methodol-

Continued page 22

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Tom Sayre and Mary Kay Clark at recent event at county Republican headquarters.
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report During an Oct. 15 work session the plot continued to thicken over the potential of breaking a century or more of political – or should we say non-political – tradition that could move the Town of Front Royal toward partisan municipal elections. A move by any local political committee to make nominations in future town elections would eliminate the eligibility of incumbent Mayor Tim Darr, or any federal employee, to run for town office. Darr et al would be unable to run in a partisan election due to Hatch Act restrictions against federal employees running in partisan elections. Darr has long worked for the Defense Department as a security officer at the Pentagon. Throughout the commonwealth town elections have traditionally been non-partisan due to the lack of partisan issues dealt with at the municipal level. As Darr and others have pointed out, most of town government decision-making deals with common sense issues like how to provide services and maintain infrastructure in the most cost-efficient manner. However as we observed in our last story on this controversy, in this age of anti-government, anti-tax, antiregulation of any kind of neo-conservatism, who’s to say partisanship isn’t the coming wave of government at all levels? – DAMN the common sense, full-radical-ideological-partisan speed ahead!!! Daryl Funk seemed to verify that

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 1



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Page  • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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And what bigger threat to any potential political powerbroker is there than higher voter turnouts, that in this case could negate what appears to be about a 400 to 500 person voting block?

from page 22
ogy, we asked. Funk replied that he didn’t think the charter change was necessary; and added that as long as the incumbent mayor was a candidate, he would not support partisan nominations. When & how? As reported in our previous edition, a mid-September, one-person minority (Republican Hollis Tharpe) favored keeping the potential of partisan nominations alive. That minority grew to a three-council block of Republicans (Tharpe, Sayre, Funk) leaning toward keeping partisan nominations possible during an Oct. 1 work session. The two newly (at least verbally) on-board to nix codifying non-partisan nominations as part of proposed charter changes, Sayre directly and Funk indirectly, were involved in a partisan-nomination effort spearheaded by Warren County Republican Committee Secretary and Seton Home School director Mary Kay Clark early this year. Had that effort succeeded internally among local Republicans, Darr would have been disqualified from seeking re-election in the May 01 town election (see background below). As the Oct. 15 discussion of proposed town Charter Amendments began, Mayor Darr, holding an obvious tiebreaking vote on the nonpartisan nominations, observed the lone hold up appeared to be an impasse on whether moving town elections to November should be made in odd or even years; and by charter or by ordinance change. Darr said he felt council risked losing all proposed charter amendments seeming to have a majority consensus if

council couldn’t agree on the November/odd-even year issue. Despite an added condition on deciding when town elections would occur by ordinance requiring a fourperson supermajority of council to change (rather than a mayor’s tiebreaking vote), Bret Hrbek reiterated his concern the May-November issue would be made a political football from council election to council election under that scenario. “I don’t want four councilmen in control of this decision, I think we

should put it in the hands of the General Assembly (the state legislature must approve proposed municipal charter changes), not four councilmen,” Hrbek said. Vice-Mayor Shae Parker observed the supermajority condition made a “more stringent” criteria for moving the election month back and forth

from council to council. The mayor noted the town attorney had determined details of a charter change as to odd or even years could be worked out at a later date, and all that was required at this point was to request a charter change to November. He added that a majority, one he would make with

Hayden Michael Cooke
Hayden Michael Cooke, infant son of Joseph and Angela (Smallwood) Cooke of Front Royal, died Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at Winchester Medical Center. The funeral service will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 2pm at Maddox Funeral Home with Rev. Jack Wampler officiating. Burial will follow at Panorama Memorial Gardens. Hayden was born on October 20, 2012 in Winchester, VA. Besides his parents, he is survived by a sister, Haley Cooke; maternal grandparents, Carol and Stan Smallwood of Front Royal and several aunts, uncles and cousins. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Rennie and Shirley Cooke. Pallbearers will be William “Billy” Smallwood and Rennie Cooke. The family will receive friends Friday from 6-8 pm at Maddox Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Winchester Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Sharon Rigney-Dodson 1840 Amherst Street, Winchester, VA 22601 Family Owned & Operated Since 1995

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“I don’t want four councilmen in control of this decision, I think we should put it in the hands of the General Assembly (the state legislature must approve proposed municipal charter changes), not four councilmen.” – Bret Hrbek on preference for charter change on election date

Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 3

ever after, we will have Republicans run for Town Council! But we will need to be very intelligent and insightful in the future. We cannot do worse than what we have.” Do the math Apparently “worse than what we have now” means a council majority at least one local Republican official doesn’t like either personally (Ratigan is a staunch pro-life conservative) or feels is not in her very specific political camp. And what bigger threat to any potential political powerbroker is there than higher voter turnouts, that in this case could negate what appears to be about a 400 to 500 person voting block? Stand alone May town elections over the past 1 years have averaged from 15 to 0 percent turnouts, or about 100 to 1500 of the town’s 8000 or so registered voters. With three council seats up each election, 500 to 800 votes have generally been enough for a top-three finish. Over that same period, November elections have averaged 35 to 70 percent turnouts, with 60 to 70 percent common in even-year presidential elections; 40 percent or higher in even-year, non-presidential, state election years.

an obvious tiebreaking vote, favored codifying by charter change keeping the tradition of qualifying for council elections by a petition of eligible town voters (currently 15). Hrbek said that while he had initially favored odd-year November elections, he wasn’t “going to fall on my (philosophical) sword” on that issue and was willing to move forward with even-year November elections. Eugene Tewalt agreed that he was ready to move on a charter change for November elections in even years if that would keep the ball rolling. A straw poll then taken by the mayor indicated a 4- majority (Parker, Tewalt, Hrbek, Tharpe for; Funk, Sayre against) in favor of proceeding with a charter change request for November elections in even years. When Darr suggested council move forward with an advertised public hearing on the proposed Front Royal Town Charter changes at the next Monday night meeting (Oct. ), Tewalt threw council a curve – “I won’t be here next Monday, I’ll be in Chicago,” Tewalt said. Town Manager Steve Burke then observed council was not required

to vote the night of a public hearing, should the mayor and council’s preference be that a vote of such importance be taken with the full council present (see related story). Partisan history Sayre was identified by then Republican Committee Chair Dave Henderson as one of two people, Mary Kay Clark was the other, inquiring about committee nominations for the 01 town election. First-time council candidate Funk was mentioned as a possible Republican nominee by Clark in a Feb.1 e-mail to committee members promoting the idea of partisan nominations in the last town election. While not eliminating future consideration of the idea, Henderson blocked committee nominations in the spring of 01 as unfair to incumbent Mayor Darr, who had already filed his petition and paperwork to run for reelection. Funk told us at the time he had not sought Clark’s endorsement for a partisan run for council and distanced himself from not only that effort, but Clark’s e-mail assertion he was a candidate to whom pro-life

issues were of specific concern. “I don’t know what my stance on pro-life issues would have to do with a run for town council,” Funk told us in the spring run up to the May 01 town election. But if Clark seemed hot on the issue of partisan nominations for Funk and one other unnamed Republican (Sayre for mayor, perhaps?), she was less enthusiastic about other local Republicans taking advantage of her initiative. “Do you agree with me that we should encourage Daryl to run as a Republican? If so, can we call a Caucus fast enough?” Clark wrote in her Feb. 1 e-mail, adding, “And there is a danger here: Neither Tewalt nor Bret Hrbek are currently members on our Committee, but they both might come forth IF we do this for Daryl … And to top off the danger, Tim Ratigan might come forward and want us to have a Caucus vote for him for mayor!! … I will tell you that once we go down this road, for-

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Page 4 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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Napier replied (to Sayre) that as council parliamentarian, the mayor was responsible for such decisions, adding, “I agree with the mayor” [that such an amendment to a motion to postpone a vote was inappropriate].

Council postpones vote on charter amendments
Partisanship, size of November voter turnouts remain at issue
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report Perhaps not surprisingly, one councilman tried to pull an end run on a last-second change to proposed Front Royal Town Charter Amendments following an Oct.  Public Hearing. As discussed at an Oct. 15 work session, a council consensus to delay a vote until a full council was present on such important business. On Oct. 15, Gene Tewalt told council he would miss the Oct.  meeting due to a previously scheduled trip to Chicago. And after just one public hearing speaker, questioning the reason for inclusion of combining of the town manager and town treasurer’s positions – the answer was the combination already exists, this just codifies it in a more permanent manner – the apparent consensus to hold off on any vote pending presence of a full council appeared poised to happen. Vice-Mayor Shae Parker made a motion, seconded by Bret Hrbek, to postpone a vote until the Nov. 13 meeting. But Tom Sayre then offered an amendment to change the advertised move of town elections from May to November in even-years, when higher turnout presidential and state elections occur, to odd years when only county elections are being held in November. “I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Mayor Tim Darr responded to Sayre’s move to a last-second change with one councilman missing. The previous week Darr had largely been responsible for brokering a majority consensus one way or the other on the odd-even year issue in what he believed was a necessary move to save all the proposed charter amendments (see related story). Sayre called for a point of order from Town Attorney Doug Napier on whether his motion to amend the advertised changes on the table after a motion to postpone a vote had been made was permissible. Napier replied that as council parliamentarian, the mayor was responsible for such decisions, adding, “I agree with the mayor” [that such an amendment to a motion to postpone a vote was inappropriate]. Following that little exchange, the mayor called for a roll-call vote on Parker’s motion to postpone. Called fourth, Sayre then joined Daryl Funk, Hrbek and Parker in voting for the postponement. Hollis Tharpe’s fifth and final vote made it a 5-0 majority to delay any vote for or against the proposed charter amendments until the Nov. 13 council meeting when a full contingent of six is expected. Parker later said he believed any change to what charter amendments had been advertised for public hearing would require the town to readvertise for another public hearing with the new changes in place. This perhaps explains the mayor’s sense of urgency the previous week that council come to a consensus on the odd-even year issue or risk losing all charter amendments under consideration. Two councilmen, Hrbek and Tewalt, initially favoring odd-year elections with only county seats also up for grabs, swung to the even-year side to keep movement on all the charter changes going forward.

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Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com Debates are available in video or audio online at several sources, including : http://www.newsleader.com/ interactive/article/011015/NEWS01/1101500/REPLAY-Goodlatte-Schmookler-debate-video-blog and http://wmra.org/post/us-house-6th-district-debate

Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 5

6th District race

Schmookler questions Goodlatte assertions on government
Goodlatte calls criticism of radical Republicanism unnecessary finger-pointing
ample, consider Mr. Goodlatte’s big theme that we need to be protected against big government. “But Bob Goodlatte has supported the kind of big government we Americans should really fear – the kind that tramples on those liberties our founders provided. He has backed detention of American citizens without trial; and searches without warrants; and he proposed a measure to protect intellectual property that had to be withdrawn because it was an assault on free speech on the Internet. “But the rest of his argument is based on a distortion: the idea that the U.S. suffers from out-of-control government spending – 35 times what it was 50 years ago, he says. By ignoring major shrinkage in the value of the dollar and growth in the size of our economy, Mr. Goodlatte obscures what’s really true and important: “As a proportion of our national economy, the size of government has been constant for many decades. The federal workforce has actually decreased since Ronald Reagan was President. The size of government in the U.S., per capita, is nearly the smallest among advanced democratic capitalist nations. “The issue for us isn’t how big government is but whom it’s serving. “When Goodlatte and other Republicans speak of excessive government spending, they’re never talking about bloated defense budgets that enrich government contractors. They want to cut programs that help average Americans. “And above all, they’re talking about weakening government’s ability to protect the public from corporations that are so mighty that only government can restrain their abuses of power.” Goodlatte responds On Oct. 16, we asked for a response from the incumbent, as well as to some related follow-up ques-

From left are incumbent Republican 6th District Rep. Bob Goodlatte and his Democratic challenger Andy Schookler
By Roger Bianchini Warren County Report We received the following statement from Andy Schmookler, Democratic Nominee for Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District, following his October 15th Debate with Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte: “As a truth-teller, not a partisan, I say something has gone terribly wrong with the once-respectable Republican Party. Never in our history has a major political party made such use of distortions and outright falsehoods in talking to the American people,” Schmookler’s post-Oct. 15 debate statement began. “For ex-

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On October 0th, Front Royal Elks Lodge held a Law Enforcement & Fire Department Appreciation Dinner at their lodge on Guard Hill Road. Honorees who received awards for outstanding service were Deputy Jeremy Seal from the Warren Co. Sheriff ’s office; Detective Jason Lethcoe from the Front Royal Police Dept; Volunteer EMT Jay Moore from Fire Co. # 1; Volunteer Firefighter Wyatt Strickland from Fire Co. # 5; Career EMT Lee Gibson and Career Firefighter Mickey Sirna. Also receiving an award for his services was Warren Co. Sheriff ’s Deputy Larry Funk, who is also the Chairman of the DARE Committee at the Elks Lodge. In the picture from left is Deputy Jeremy Seal, Sheriff Danny McEathron, Officer Jason Lethcoe, Police Chief Norman Shiflett; Wyatt Strickland, Dennis Henline, ER of Lodge 38; Deputy Larry Funk; Fire Chief Richard Mabie, Larry Oliver, District Chief of Front Royal and Mayor Timothy Darr. (Not pictured were Jay Moore, Lee Gibson and Mickey Sirna, who were working.) (From a release)

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Page 6 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com

6th District race
tions. Through staff, Goodlatte issued this response to Schmookler’s comments. “Today, folks in the Sixth Congressional District, like folks from all across the country, are facing one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history. Our economy remains sluggish, people fear losing their jobs and their homes, and many are worried about the future their children and grandchildren will inherit. To spur economic growth, create new jobs and bring personal opportunity to every American we must strengthen our free market system, not hamper it. We must reduce government intrusion, not allow more bailouts and regulation. We should also unleash all of our energy resources and become energy independent, not stifle certain energy sources with artificial government barriers. We must give our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit the opportunity to thrive, not enact policies that will forever alter our ability to seek prosperity. “My opponent’s attacks on me and the Republican Party are examples of the Democratic Party continuing to point fingers – an attempt to distract Americans from the real issues we face. My opponent would like to see a bigger government, higher taxes, and more government spending of borrowed money. These policies are fiscally irresponsible and simply haven’t worked in the past four years under the Obama Administration.

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
“I believe that we should put our trust in the hard work of small business owners and entrepreneurs rather than the government to turn this economy around. I am confident in our ability to meet these challenges together, and I will continue working hard to represent the values of the people of the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia.” Avoiding the issue? Despite Goodlatte’s reply, which begs the issue of the accuracy of his opponent’s criticism or which party has contributed more to continuing the recession over the past threeplus years, Schmookler is not alone – even in Warren County – in his concern about fundamental changes in the philosophy of the Republican Party. A number of local Republicans are supporting Schmookler’s challenge of Goodlatte due to their party’s swing to the extreme political right and protection of the super rich from any meaningful taxation, while bleating about national deficits – deficits that upward adjustments to the tax rates billionaires and multi-millionaires pay, could wipe out in short order.

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 7

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197


County Chairman Repici summarizes Susan Allen visit
of gasoline, the suppression of the coal industry, and the road blocks for American companies to drill and develop our own natural resources. She also discussed job creation and how taxation destroys jobs and the role of Obamacare as probably one of the largest tax burden in U.S. history. She also discussed the enormous increase in our national debt and how it burdens future generations and strangles the ability of entrepreneurs to create jobs and undermines our national security. She also spoke of the budget dilemma posed by sequestration, which would dramatically reduce the size of the American defense effort and emphasized Governor Allen’s intention to rebuild the U.S. Navy and how important that is for Virginia. Finally, Mrs. Allen noted that the collection of these burdens on America, either initiated or exacerbated by the current Administration, has created a worldwide perception of American decline. Mrs. Allen went through this litany of American misfortune as a factual and somber recitation of the Obama Administration’s failures and what needs to be fixed. Further discussion of these issues would emphasize Mrs. Allen’s urging that people simply get out and vote for the Republican ticket. Unfortunately, energy is a tragic example. We send billions of dollars annually to the Middle East to

From left, Susan Allen (Mrs. George), Don Repici and Mitt Romney (cutout), among other Republicans.
By Don Repici Special to WC Report (Managing editor’s note: despite my disdain for mainstream politics, particularly from the extreme political right and ineffectual political left, I actually get along with most people and officials involved in Republican and Democratic politics locally – REALLY, I swear. So after letting WC Democratic Chair Molly Snyder vent after the vandalism to their headquarters last issue, I promised WC Republican Chairman Don Repici I’d give him the floor in this issue. George Allen’s wife Susan’s visit to county Republican headquarters on Oct. 23 seemed the perfect launching point. This is Don’s summary of his impression of Mrs. Allen’s visit, talk and rallying points for her and the party’s run up to Nov. 6.) On Tuesday, October 3, Susan Allen, wife of former Governor George Allen, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Virginia, visited the Warren County Republican Headquarters for an informal discussion with local residents about the issues of concern in this upcoming election. She covered such issues as American energy independence, the cost

purchase oil. Money, which, in part, funds our adversaries. Such transfers drain American wealth, depress our standard of living, and weaken the dollar. Current Administration policy is to bar offshore drilling, to reduce Gulf of Mexico production, to essentially put government land off limits to drilling and exploration, to restrict the development of oil bearing shale rock, to obstruct the building of the Keystone pipeline, which would open up the vast Canadian oil sands supply to the U.S. market, and restricting Alaska oil sources. In addition, the unwarranted restriction on the development of our enormous coal resources is putting hundred of thousands of people out of work on

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10/3/12 4:01 PM

Page 8 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com

the basis of speculative environmental gains while foreign countries continue to pollute unabated. The simple fact is there are more recoverable hydrocarbon resources in the United States and Canada than anywhere else in the world. The United States can truly become energy independent if the correct federal policies were put into place. Jobs, taxation, regulation, and Obamacare represent another set of critical policy issues. Increased taxation and regulation correspond to reduced investment, which corresponds to fewer jobs. It also creates an environment of uncertainty and makes overseas investments of American funds more attractive. The “Band-Aid fixes” proposed by the Obama Administration sound good but offer no real incentive for investment in American industry and to create jobs. Likewise, Obamacare represents probably the largest tax increase on Americans in U.S. history. What seems to be lost in these discussions is that decreasing taxation and regulation, increases jobs and adds to the tax receipts that the government receives, enabling a decrease in the rate of taxation while increasing the amount of federal revenues. Mrs. Allen spent much time discussing national security as the primary responsibility of the federal government, noting that the enormous increase in debt simply reduces America’s ability to maintain its defense posture but also weakens our ability to deal internationally. Many of the world’s countries hold the U.S. dollar as their reserve currency. As increased debt weakens and devalues the dollar more dollars will come into the international financial market at reduced value. Both internationally and nationally people are unwilling to accept the full value of the U.S. dollar and the standard of living in the United States is declining. That is truly a national security issue. Mrs. Allen also focused on Governor Allen’s support to rebuild the U.S. Navy. Virginia and the U.S. Navy are closely intertwined. In many ways Virginia’s future is tied to the vibrancy and health of the U.S. Navy. If the

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
intended sequestration of defense funds does in fact occur, it will cost thousands of jobs in Virginia as well as weaken our national defense. Mrs. Allen noted Governor Allen’s strong opposition to cuts in defense, the one area of primary governmental responsibility. Finally the perception of American decline, occasioned by this collection of poor and misguided policy choices, not only limits America’s ability to deal internationally, to reduce our influence worldwide, but also takes from the American public that spirit of confidence and pride in their country. The sad conclusion is that we have brought this on ourselves by voting for the wrong kind of change. It is still reversible. It is essential that the American people recognize that their nation is in danger and must make a choice as to which vision fits the American dream.

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Ready to sell your nice used vehicle? Give us a chance to bid on it. We pay market value.
We are looking for nice, clean cars and trucks.

oo tF rea G d!

(540) 635-2156


Kids under 10 eat free w/purchase of adult entree
From children’s menu. 1 child per 1 adult.

~ Tuesdays ~

Lo ts

of F



9 Commerce Avenue • Front Royal, VA 22630

Downtown’s Favorite Live Music Venue
October 26 - Sol Circus October 27 - Halloween Party w/ EYESOAR! October 29 - Ralph Fortune October 30 - Eric Hammond October 31 - Mark Clay Nov. 1 - Tim Walls Nov. 2 - Vinyl Tracks Nov. 3 - Chris Rall Nov. 4 - Jeremy Rogers Nov. 5 - Theodore Price Jr.

437-A South Royal Avenue Front Royal, VA 22630

Join us for our pairing of foods and our new wines... 5 course Wine Dinner on Nov.12th

www.samsneadrealty.com • Fax: 540-635-7128 • Toll Free: 800-292-3548

Mon. - Fri. at 11am Sat. at 1pm


38 & 57 View Point Lane Front Royal, VA

Fresh Fish Fridays!



Tickets on sale now!

Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials
Patio is open!

Great Investment. 2 houses on 2.6 acres just off Browntown Road. Subject to 3rd party approval.



205-A E. Main Street, Front Royal


Listing Agent: Sam Snead


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Refinance your existing loan from another financial institution and we will lower the rate by 1%. NO REFINANCES within credit union. Subject to credit approval. This doesn’t apply to Home Equity, overdraft line of protection loans, or credit cards.
Member must provide documentation of current rate from other institution. Rate subject to change without notice. The floor rate set at 2.99%. Membership required. Qualifications apply. Federally insured by NCUA.

Share the love.
Refer a new checking customer. You get $25. They get $25.


For more information visit:

Federally insured by NCUA

230 N Royal Avenue, Front Royal 113 South Street, Front Royal


Register and share with friends and family at bankatunion.com/sharethelove

Ricky “Squirrell” Cromer

Jan. 6, 1958 – Sept. 22, 2012

Ride On Squirrell

Share the love &


FREE Checking!

Refer us to your friends and if they open a checking account we’ll pay each of you $25, once they make a direct deposit or complete five debit card purchases. Share the love and the reward at Union First Market Bank.

OFFER VALID FOR NEW CUSTOMERS WHO OPEN A CHECKING ACCOUNT Referral Payment: Referral payment will be credited to your payment will be credited to your OFFER VALID FOR NEW CUSTOMERS checking account within 60 days of account opening and once terms of the offer have been met. The referral award value will be reported award value will be reported checking account within 60 to IRS as taxable income. This offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Public Funds are non-eligible for the referral program. New for the referral program. New to IRS as taxable income. This Customer: You must present a referral number given to you by the person who referred you. $25 referral award will be paid once you set award will be paid once you set Customer: You must present up and post a direct deposit of $100 or more a month or use your debit card for five or more purchases of at least $10 within 60 days of least $10 within 60 days of up and post a direct deposit account opening. All accounts are subject to our normal approval process. Eligibility: Must be a new customer of Union First Market Bank. of Union First Market Bank. account opening. All accounts Individuals or businesses that were owners of any Union First Market Bank checking account that closed in the last six months are nonthe last six months are nonIndividuals or businesses that eligible. You must have a Union First Market Bank checking account in good standing at the time of payment to receive the referral award. receive the referral award. eligible. You must have a Union This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Customers must reside in Virginia. This offer cannot be combined
Warren Co Report 6.083x12.5.indd 1 Warren Co Report 6.083x12.5.indd 1 9/11/12 11:19:48 AM 9/11/12 11:19:48 AM

Member Member

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If it’s Festival season in FR, it must be Fall in WC

Special Love was marching for kids with Cancer at Front Royal’s annual Festival of the Leaves Randolph-Macon Academy students Evan Anderton and Dylan Glascock made a lot of kids happy by distributing balloons at Front Royal’s annual Festival of the Leaves on Oct. 13.

Candy Howland at Sun Studios hosted a tasty brunch to celebrate her recent move to 201-B Jackson St. during the Festival of Leaves

Tap Etc. owner/instructor and student Sarah Stiles show off those tap dance moves at the Gazebo during festival.

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Late October, 01 • Warren County Report • Page 31

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Fri Oct 26, 2012 All day Forecast for 22630 72° | 55° 12:30pm - 1:30pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. “Vibes at the Libes” - Lunch music featuring Dubby White. 7pm - 10pm Front Porch Style Pickin’ Party. Warren County Senior Center, 117. All levels of talent are welcome. Acoustic instruments only. Saturday, October 27, 2012 All day Forecast for 22630 66° | 50° 9am - 3pm Basketball Camp. Warren County Middle School, Front Royal. The Warren County Parks & Recreation in conjunction with Warren County Middle School will be sponsoring a BOYS BASKETBALL CAMP for boys in 6th- 8th grade at the Warren County Middle School Gym today. Cost is$5.00/participant. More Information is available by contacting Cathy Brill at (540) 635-4036 or Jim Kenney at (540) 6310366 ext. 31159. 9am - 1pm Farmers Market. Warren

County Government Center, Front Royal. Enjoy the Farmers Market today. 9am - 1pm Walk to Cure Diabetes. First Baptist Church, Front Royal. Today is the 11th Annual Northern Shenandoah Valley 01 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Walk to Cure Diabetes”. Registration begins at 9:00a. Pre-walk Program begins at 9:45a. Walk begins at10:00a and Lunch Party is 10:45a - 11:30a. Enjoy a morning of FUN, FOOD and ENTERTAINMENT. All are welcome!! For more information: www.jdrf.org. ; (540) 683-61 or e-mail warrenbrown@mris.com. 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Li-

Walmart Shopping Center
Front Royal, VA 22630
(Next to Lowe’s)

Exterior Wash Exterior Wash Plus

TUNNEL Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm Sun 9am - 6pm TOUCH-UP Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm Sun 10am - 6pm Weather Permitting DETAILING Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm Sun 10am - 6pm

Unlimited “Ask about detailing while Wash Club you wait”



Cannot be combined with any other offers. All special pricing is valid until 11/18/12



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Express Wash Plus:


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• Presoak • Clear Coat Protector • “Single” Soft Cloth Wash • Spot Free Rinse • 20 Hp High Velocity Blow Dryers

All special pricing is valid until 11/18/2012




All special pricing is valid until 11/18/2012




Page 3 • Warren County Report • Late October, 01

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brary, Front Royal. KOOKY CHEFS COOK THE HOLIDAYS - Celebrate Halloween with Seriously Spooky Foods. For ages 8 and up. Please Register. 2pm - 3pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Hoop Dancing” for Fun and Fitness Sunday, October 28, 2012 All day Forecast for 22630 59° | 43° 10am - 2pm Fall Pet Wellness Clinic. Humane Society of Warren County, Front Royal. The Humane Society is hosting their Pet Wellness Clinic today. Vaccines begin at $1.00. There will also be flea treatments, de-worming, ear cleaning and nail

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
clipping services available. For more information please call the Humane Society at (540) 635-4734 ext. O. Monday, October 29, 2012 7pm - 8pm Council Work Session. Town Hall, Front Royal. Tonight the Town Council will have a Work Session in the Town Hall Conference Room located on the 3rd floor. Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. 95.3 - the River radio station. Hear the latest tourism related news and events every Tuesday at 1:30! If you can’t listen live check out the podcasts at http://www.theriver953online.com. Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Halloween 10:15am - 11:15am Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Today is Toddler Story Time. Bring your toddler to a potpourri of simple stories, fun songs and a cute craft. Theme: Owls

Booking Holiday Parties Now
Holiday Inn & Suites
* Event Space to accommodate 10 to 250 people * Casual party to sophisticated events, any occasion * Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres * Customized Menus Offering a 10% discount when you book your reservations by Nov. 15th
101 Hospitality Drive Front Royal, VA 22630

* Accommodate parties 2-30 people * Wide variety of menu selections * Full service bar * Casual atmosphere * Scratch kitchen * Available breakfast, lunch and dinner * Open 6:30am - 10:00 pm daily

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11am - 1pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. Today is Preschool Story Time: Come in with your preschooler for an enjoyable hour filled with amazing tales, exciting singalongs, finger plays and a nifty craft. Theme: Owls 6pm - 8pm Hometown Halloween. Main Street, Front Royal. The 4th Annual Hometown Halloween will be held this evening in Downtown Front Royal. This event provides a safe and controlled environment for the children of Front Royal and Warren County to enjoy “Trick or Treating” along with their families. Streets in the area will be closed for kids to stroll along from business to business collecting treats. The event is FREE. 6:30pm - 9pm Halloween. Town of Front Royal. Halloween is being observed tonight. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children. Group activities are recommended. It is highly requested for everyone to carry flashlights and wear reflective type clothing for safety, and to only

approach houses that have porch lights on. Motorists should use extreme caution while driving through neighborhoods when children are in the streets. It is illegal for children 16 years of age and older to wear masks in public. All trick-or-treaters are requested to be off the streets by 9:00pm. The Front Royal Police Department will have additional officers on patrol to ensure safety. Thursday, November 1, 2012 9am - 10am Tourism Committee. Chamber Office. Friday, November 2, 2012 1:30pm - 2:30pm Education Committee. Chamber Office Sunday, November 4, 2012 Daylight Saving Time Ends Monday, November 5, 2012 6:30pm - 7:30pm Izaak Walton League Meeting. Izaak Walton League, Browntown. Tonight is the Izaak Walton League, Browntown Chapter’s monthly meeting is tonight. There will be a membership dinner with guest speaker: Laura Lin from the Conservation Center. Discussion will include By-law changes and proposed Conservation Easement. Membership input is important. 7pm - 8pm Council Work Session. Town Hall, Front Royal. Tonight is a Town Council Work Session. Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Election Day 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. 95.3 - the River radio station. Hear the latest tourism related news and events every Tuesday at 1:30! If you can’t listen live check out the podcasts at http://www.theriver953online.com. 2pm - 3pm Ambassador’s Club. Chamber Office. Wednesday, November 7, 2012 8:30am - 9:30am Small Business Committee. Chamber Office. 12:30pm - 1pm Warren County Business On The River 95.3 Sun Nov 11, 2012 All day Veterans Day 12:30pm - 1:30pm Samuels Public Library, Front Royal. “Vibes at the Libes” - Lunch music featuring Dubby White.

Receive up to a

when you purchase a qualifying Lennox home comfort system.
*Receive up to

$1,000 rebate
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Plus receive an additional

$75 rebate
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Offers valid from:
September 10 – November 30, 2012
with the purchase of qualifying Lennox products.

Offers subject to product availability. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See your participating Lennox dealer for complete details. Lennox Industries Inc. reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time.

David Santmyers - Owner/Operator

david@ddsserviceshvac.com Cell: 540-408-3907 • Office: 888-297-9433

803 B North Royal Ave. Front Royal


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October 22, 2012

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King Features Weekly Service

Engle’s Angle: My Third Favorite
By Kevin S. Engle Warren County Report What’s your favorite day of the year? I have two. My birthday and Christmas. My third favorite is right around the corner. The exact date changes, but it’s always on a Wednesday. This year it’s on the 7th. Of November. What’s so special about that day? It’s the day AFTER the Presidential election. Brothers and sisters, can you say “Amen”? If I can survive until then, I will have made it through another Presidential election. And when I lay my head on my pillow after the polls close, I’ll do so with a smile on my face. Why? Because my life, and yours, are about to get a lot better, and it has nothing to do with who won. Beginning on November 7th, we won’t have to put up with the following: - No more political surveys and other calls urging us to vote for one of the candidates. - No more oversized ads in our mailbox telling us why one candidate would do a great job as President, while the other is no better than a heaping pile of rotting garbage. - No more TV ads like these: Commercial #1 –President Obama has done a great job leading our country. Commercial #2 – President Obama has done a horrible job leading our country. Commercial #3 – Mitt Romney cares deeply about the middle class. Commercial #4 – Mitt Romney couldn’t care less about the middle class. Commercial #5 – Vote “yes” for Question #7 on the Maryland ballot. Commercial #6 – Vote “no” for Question #7 on the Maryland ballot. (Hey Maryland , I live in Virginia . If I voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for Question #7, I’d get arrested for voter fraud. On second thought, it might be worth going to jail. At least I wouldn’t have to suffer through any more of your commercials.) - No more annoying radio ads for the Senate race in Virginia . I keep hearing the same one at least thirty-five times an hour, and it’s a stupid ad to begin with. Every time it comes on, I turn down the volume. - No more debates. You know, those televised events where the candidates exceed their time limit, don’t answer the question, talk about what they want to, and say bad stuff about the other guy? And no more dissecting the debate for days afterward telling me who won. - And finally, no more polls from The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the Disney Channel informing me about everything imaginable, including who kids would most like to play with at the White House, the First Dog Bo or Mrs. Romney’s horse. As far as I’m concerned, my third favorite day of the year can’t get here soon enough. And I’ll tell you something else. Things are going to be different the next time. I’m running for President in four years. And here’s why you should vote for me. I’ll work hard to strengthen Social Security, lower the unemployment rate, improve our schools, eliminate the debt and insure everyone has affordable quality health care. My administration will also partner with industry to develop renewable energy sources and we’ll work tirelessly for world peace. Sound familiar? Some things never change. And that’s why the day after Election Day will always be my third favorite day of the year.
My name is Kevin Engle and I approved this article. kevinengle456@comcast.net

By Samantha Weaver
• In this season of bitter partisan rivalries, it would be well to remember the following sage observation: “Do not trust to the cheering, for those persons would cheer just as much if you and I were going to be hanged.” The man who first made that observation was Lord Protector of England Oliver Cromwell, considered by some to be a hero of liberty, by others to be a regicidal dictator. He died in 1658, probably from septicemia. He was so reviled that, three years later, he body was exhumed so that he could be posthumously executed, his body thrown into a pit and his head displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall. • Those who study such things say that if all the gold in the world were combined in one lump, it would result in a cube that measures 20 yards on each side. • If you’re planning a trip to Lima, Peru, you might want to add Puente de Piedra to your sightseeing list. Though the Spanish name means “Bridge of Stone,” the span is popularly known as the Bridge of Eggs. Legend has it that in 1608, the builders the used the whites of 10,000 seabird eggs in the mortar that holds the stones together. • Pumpkins are native to the Americas, not Europe. This is why the original jack-o’-lantern was a turnip. • What do the words “obscene,” “tranquil,” “mediate,” “catastrophe,” “dire,” “critical,” “vast” and “apostrophe” have in common? All of them appeared in print for the first time in the works of William Shakespeare. • If you’re contemplating a move to Corpus Christi, Texas, be sure to keep in mind that in that town, it’s illegal to raise alligators in your home. *** Thought for the Day: “One fool can ask more questions in a minute than 12 wise men can answer in an hour.” — Vladimir Lenin
© 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Valley Furniture Country Interiors

The Miller House
Christmas Open House Nov. 9 - 11
Fri. & Sat. 9–5pm • Sun. 12–5pm
(Closed Nov. 8th to prepare)



Enjoy our fine selections of holiday wreaths, garlands, ornaments and seasonal accents. Refreshments will be served.
(540) 869-2121 • 5958 Valley Pike, Stephens City, VA
On Rt. 11, 3.1 mi. N. of Middletown/I-81 (1.4 mi. S. of Stephens City I-81 exit)


w w w. t h e m i l l e r h o u s e . n e t Open 7 days a week after Nov. 1: Mon-Sat 9-5 • Sun 12-5

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Warren County Report
Rock, Punk, Thrash, Metal

Now Booking

Events, Parties, Bars and Clubs
EMAIL: shultzktc@gmail.com

1 – Nov. 14, Bids Close Wed., Nov. 14, beginning at 1 PM. Motley’s Auction & Realty Group, 804-232-3300, www.motleys.com, VAAL #16. Absolute Auction - Stone Bridge Farm, LLC - 47.86+/- Acre Farm in Lexington, VA: Personal Property: jumps, saddles, bridles, truck, wooden grooming boxes, horse equipment and other personal property. Real Estate : 9,700+/- SF horse barn, office, lounge, 32,000+/- SF indoor arena and stalls, 6,000+/- SF shed row barns, three outdoor arenas, apartment, house, 19 paddocks. Zoned A-2. Real Estate & Personal Property sold separately. Auction held Wednesday, November 14, NOON on site: 100 Equus Loop, Natural Bridge, VA 24578. 5% Buyer’s Premium. Go to woltz.com for more information or call 800-551-3588. Woltz & Associates, Inc. Real Estate Brokers & Auctioneers (VA# 321). Roanoke, VA Special Commissioner’s Real Estate Auction Friday, November 16 at 12:00 noon Four Residential Subdivision Lots. Located in Wintergreen’s Golf and Ski Communities 5% Broker Participation. Walker Commercial Services, Inc. VAAF #549 Ph: (540) 344-6160 www.walker-inc.com Complete Dispersal of Farm Equipment for Georgetown Farm - November 10, 2012 at 10:30 AM. 2150 Georgetown Farm Road, Free Union, VA 22940. (5) John Deere Tractors; (1) Case 580L Backhoe; (7) Trucks & Trailers; (19) Items Hay & Livestock Equipment; (34) Items of Miscellaneous & Lawn & Garden; (450) Rolls Mixed Hay; Detailed Brochure, Coleman Sales Inc. 434-286-2743 or www.colemansalesinc.com (VA.A.F. 197) Faulconer Auction November 10th @10am. 2087 South Amherst Hwy, Amherst VA. 2.943 acres. Real estate & personal property. commercial building and home. Rental Income. www.wattsara.com, (434) 821-5263. lic# 002768 A SODA/SNACK VENDING ROUTE New Machines & Prime $$ Locations. $9K Investment. Guaranteed Cash Flow. 1-800-367-6709 ext. 6039. Medical Billing Trainees Needed! Train to become a Medical Office Assistant. No Experience Needed! Training & Job Placement available at CTI! HS Diploma/GED & computer needed. 1-888-424-9419. ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. TRAINEES NEEDED! Online training by CTI gets you job ready! No Experience Needed! Job placement assistance after program completed. HS Diploma/ GED and computer needed. 1-888424-9419. PELVIC/TRANSVAGINALMESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1-800-535-5727. DRIVERS-CDL TRAINING now offered in Roanoke 540-857-6188 or Spotsylvania 540-582-8200! Attend 4 Weeks or 10 Weekends. Guaranteed Financing and Job Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-646-2374. Owner-Operators $2400+ Take Home Weekly. Work 5 days, off weekends. Run NC to PA. Permits, tags, and tolls paid for. Need 06 or newer truck, good MVR, 2+ years experience. Houff Transfer, Weyers Cave, Winchester, Richmond, www. houff.com 540-234-9233. Owner Operators Dedicated Runs, No Touch Freight. Lease Purchase Program w/Payment Assist. Class A CDL & 1 year driving experience within the past 5 years. Call Jennifer 866242-4976 DriveForGreatwide.com Drivers: CDL-A Experience Pays! Up to $5,000 Sign-on Bonus, Tuition reimbursement up to $6000. New student pay AND lease program. Call or Apply Online! 877-521-5775 www. USATruck.jobs DRIVERS – REGIONAL – Class A CDL – Company Drivers & Owner Operators Out 5 to 7 Days 1-800-444-0585 Press 2 for Recruiting or Online applications www.howellsmotor.com Company Drivers: $2500 Sign-On Bonus! Super Service is hiring solo and team drivers. CDL-A required. Students with CDL-A Welcome. Call 888-691-4472 or apply at www.superservicellc.com HANDYMAN SPECIAL! NEW LOG CABIN & 2+ AC only $99,900. New log cabin shell ready to finish on pristine mountain parcel. Breathtaking views. Close to 20,000+ acres of public land & lake. Easy drive to DC. LOWEST FINANCING RATES EVER! Call now 1-877-777-4837 SAWMILLS from only $3997.00‐


Cell: (540) 683-9197

Angie Buterakos Advertising Sales

Warren County Report


Cell: (540) 551-2072

Alison Duvall Advertising Sales

DC BIG FLEA NOV 3-4 An Amazing Treasure Hunt! Metro DC’s Largest Antique Event! Dulles Expo-Chantilly, VA 4320 Chantilly Shop Ctr, 20151. Adm $8 Sat 9-6 Sun 11-5 www. damorepromotions.com ABSOLUTE AUCTIONS Trustee Foreclosure - 494 acres - Ten Tracts. Total Tax Assessed Value: $3,439,200.00. Auction: Saturday, November 10 at 10 am, 2 pm, 2:30 pm Pond, Creeks, Farm Land and Planted Pines. 207 +/- acres, Prince Edward County - Farmville, Virginia; 191 +/- acres, Fluvanna County - Scottsville, Virginia; 96 +/- acres, Fluvanna County - Columbia, Virginia Walker Commercial Services, Inc. VAAF#549 Ph: (540) 344-6160 - www.walker-inc. com 36.41 Beautiful, Mountainview Acres. Prime Development Land. Quiet, Scenic Setting. Long Road Frontage. Forest, VA • Bedford County. AUCTION: Nov 15, 12pm www.countsauction. com 800-780-2991 (VAAF93) 5,300±sf Commercial Facility Shop/ garage, production area, loading dock, office area, and storage areas. Entire property fenced. Lynchburg, VA. AUCTION: Nov 7, 12pm www. countsauction.com 800-780-2991 (VAAF93) AUCTION – CSX Transportation, November 7, 10 AM, Richmond, VA. Railroad Equipment, Backhoe Loaders, Cranes, Trailers & More. Motley’s Auction & Realty Group, 804-2323300, www.motleys.com, VAAL #16. AUCTION – Usry, Inc., 20± Office Trailers, Online Bidding Only, Bid Nov.

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Kids page

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Ask Stewart
Dear Stewart, When is the best time to prune and will it hurt the tree if I prune at the wrong time? Signed Dale Lynn

To advertise in Warren County Report: Contact Alison at alisond@warrencountyreport.com • 540-551-07 or Angie Buterakos at angie@warrencountyreport.com - 540-683-9197
structure. Dead and broken branches can, and should, be taken off at any time they occur. As for structural pruning, it is so nice to be able to comfortably jump from branch to branch. It is absolutely no fun to get tripped up by a crossing branch. While this work can be done at any time of the year, I think it is better to do this in winter when the tree is dormant. First of all, it is much easier to see the branch structure in the winter when the foliage is no longer there. So you know what to prune off. But more importantly, deciduous trees produce sugars in their leaves all summer long. In the fall, these sugars are transported to the roots, the leaves fall to the ground, and the plant goes dormant. Over the years, the plant builds up stores of excess sugars which support the tree during times of stress. Therefore, if branches are removed in summer, you are removing these sugars. Pruning in winter allows the sugars to remain in the tree. Now some trees, like Maples and Birch, tend to have lots of sap rising in the spring. And, if pruned at this time, the plant will tend to “bleed” a lot. I’ve even heard some humans say the tree will lose too much sap and die. This isn’t really true. The sap will seal off the wound eventually, but the tree is losing sugar with the sap. So it is better to prune these types of trees at a different time of the year. Also keep in mind whenever you prune, please leave enough branches for the squirrels to run on. Never, ever, ever, remove more than a quarter of the total branches at one time. And if your pruning makes the shape of the tree look unnatural, then you are not doing it right.

Dear Dale,

Ask Stewart

We squirrels appreciate it when humans prune the dead branches out of their trees. It’s a horrifying moment when you are running along a branch and all of a sudden it cracks and drops out from under you. Fortunately, as long as you do it correctly, there really isn’t a wrong time to prune your trees. Trees should be pruned for various reasons. It’s good to remove dead and broken branches. It’s also a good idea, if the tree is younger, to prune some to develop the plant for best shape and

- Stewart

Monday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm- Closed Wednesdays • 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, VA • humanesocietywc@gmail.com
The Humane Society of Warren County Fall Wellness Clinic will be held on Sunday October 28, 2012 at 10AM-2PM. The clinic will be held at the Julia Wagner Animal Shelter (1245 Progress Drive) and is first come, first serve. This clinic is possible thanks to the Front Royal Rotary Club Community Grant.

Humane Society of Warren County

The Front Royal/Warren County Tree Steward program began in 1997 with volunteers dedicated to improving the health of trees by providing educational programs, tree planting and care demonstrations, and tree maintenance throughout the community. The group now consists of over 30 active members with several interns working toward becoming certified tree stewards from our annual “All About Trees Class”. Each month Stewart will answer a question from our readers. Please forward it to “Stewart” in care of frwctreestewards@comcast.net and we may publish it in a future issue. Please visit our website at www.treesfrontroyal.org.



Rabies 1 year: $12 • Rabies 3 year: $17 (must have proof of prior rabies vaccination) • Canine Distemper: $12 Feline Distemper: $12 • Microchip: $25 • Deworming: $5 • Nail trim: $10 • Ear Cleaning: $10


Cookie - 2 year old male Giant Schnauzer mix. Poor Cookie is shy at the shelter, but he’s very loyal and loving once he gets to know you.

Champ - 5 year old Shar Pei mix. Champ is house trained and good with children.

Nino - 1 year old Pit Bull. Nino is great with other dogs and loves to play.

Hercules - 2 year old male Pit Bull. Hercules is good with other dogs and is already neutered.
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Bentonville, VA



Martins Foods 409 South St. Front Royal 540-635-2249

Wanda Snead Property Management
Serving the area for 16 years Sam Snead Realty 540-635-9753 SamSneadRealty.com

With your help we have been able to place thousands of animals in good homes. Contact Alison @ 540-551-2072 if you would like to become a pet sponsor too!

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We Honor You!
Appreciation Day
Sunday, November 11, 10:30 a.m. Thank You
by Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center

Veterans, Active Duty & Reservists,
It’s time that you hear for what you have done for our country & our families

A special offering will be taken for the Wounded Warriors Project

1600 John Marshall Highway  Front Royal, VA 22630

Dorian Anderson, BG (R) Keynote Speaker Other veterans will be participating in the service

Join us after the service for a picnic in our pavilion and train rides