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100th Anniversary

KDK FANS (M) SDN BHD (Company No: 568849-X) 3rd Floor, 15 Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel : 03-7785 5011 Printed in Malaysia Fax : 03-7785 2655 Website:
CATALOG NO : K100-09-A




K15Z9 // 150cm/60" K14Z9 // 140cm/56"

In conjunction with KDKs 100th anniversary, a series of new models have been launched. In pursuit of higher quality living, people expect fans with more value added features and intelligent functions. Being the leading manufacturer in the industry, KDK keeps abreast of such needs and has unveiled a new collection of ceiling fans. With one century of developing wind and air-moving technology, these new ceiling fans illustrate the combination of innovative functionality and contemporary design. KDK is the first to equip Temperature Sensor technology in the ceiling fan. The series is named Sensa. Sensa is a Japanese word - , derived from the word sensor. Sensa also denotes Sensation, a great experience from using the fan. The Sensa series comes in 2 models. Sensa 4 (140cm/56) comes with 4-blade design suitable for bedrooms while Sensa 5 (150cm/60) comes with 5-blade design, excellent for bigger spaces like living halls. This series comes in stylish titanium silver that would suit most modern interiors.

Experience The Ultimate Sensation With The Sensa Series

Feature Highlights:
Temperature Sensor 1/f Yuragi Breeze LED Decoration Light 3D Blade Design LCD Remote Control 2-8 Hour Sleep Mode 1-8 Hour Off Timer Easy Installation High Strength Material

Quadruple Safety Features


What is Sensible Temperature?

Sensible Temperature is the temperature felt by human being. It is not the same as the room temperature. Surrounding wind speed is one of the important factors reflecting the effect of the room & sensible temperature. Human being lose heat when expose to cold air. The greater the wind speed, the faster heat is lost.

benefit of Auto Mode

When Auto Mode is operated Sensible temperature is maintained by changing of speed according to variations in temperature. When both Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fan with Auto Mode operation are used Maintain amenity before the air conditioning reaches the preset temperature. Air conditioning pauses when the preset temperature is reached, cool feeling is still retained . Energy saving is realized as power consumption is reduced while optimum performances of both ceiling fan and air conditioner are achieved.


Temperature Sensor (Auto Mode)

This pioneering technology has been applied in the Sensa Series, which is equipped with the temperature sensor to detect temperature changes and control the fan speed, generating the most comfortable air flow to suit the human body.

Fan Speed Is Adjusted

Changing of wind velocity according to measured.
Room Temperature

With Auto Mode

Room Temperature

Temperature Sensor detects room temperature 1m from floor

Actual Temperature Is Monitored
Sensible Temperature Sensible Temperature

Sensible Temperature

Temperature difference around the ceiling fan is monitored.

Fan Speed

Fan Speed

Fan Speed

Sensible Temperature
The sensor monitors the temperature change in the room and air velocity will vary automatically in accordance to below table.




Range Of Room Temperature

Change of Room

Change of Speed


Change of Speed


Comfort Eco

-1C +1C

Above 29C 29C - 23C Below 23C No Change No Change

Assuming the use of Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fan with Auto Mode. If the room temperature decreases to 28C over a period, while the sensible temperature could be maintained to 26.7C, it can be said to be most comfortable to human body.

1. When Auto Mode is operated, speed cannot be changed and Sleep Mode cannot be activated. 2. Speed change for Auto Mode function is subject to different models K15Z9 = between speed 1 to speed 7 K14Z9 = between speed 1 to speed 5


1/F Yuragi Breeze

This sophisticated feature provides a relaxing experience with its nature breeze in fluctuated pattern.

Powerful 3D Blade Design

With the exclusive and unique 3D blade design, it provides a smooth and strong air flow while maintaining quiet operation.
3D curve design in the center of blade effectively deliver the air.


Current function rhythm breeze Speed notch toggles by 4 seconds regularly

New function 1/f Yuragi Speed notch toggles based on Yuragi pattern

This regular pattern makes body temperature falling after a period of time. After that, the user may feel anxious and uncomfortable when the wind velocity changes.

Incorporated with this human-concerned technology, this kind of rhythm maintain the users external body temperature by giving the user a feeling of natural wind when there is a change of wind velocity .

Stronger and Powerful Airflow

1/f Yuragi air flow is a fluctuation pattern that makes people feeling comfortable

LED Decorative Light

The embedded LED illumination light has 2 options of color, blue or white. It enriches the interior of the room modernly.

LCD Remote Control

All functions can be operated by using the LCD remote control. With clear speed (K15Z9 : 7 speed/ K14Z9 : 5 speed), timer indication and mode selection displayed at the LCD panel, it provides great convenience and ease to operate.

LCD Display Auto Mode To control the air velocity subject to the room temperature change On/Off Button Press On/Off Button to activate or deactivate the ceiling fan LED Light

Yuragi Button One touch button for natural breeze Off Timer Button 1-8 hours Off Timer setting Cancel Button To cancel Sleep mode or to cancel Off Timer Sleep Mode Button To gradually reduce fan speed according to the time setting

Blue Light

White Light


2-8 Hour Sleep Mode

The sleep mode will gradually reduce the fan speed before it switched off automatically. Body temperature decreases when one is sleeping, this feature provides a comfortable feeling without causing unpleasant cold feeling at the middle of the night.

Quadruple Safety Features

Cut-Off Safety Switch Cut off power supply while detecting dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt. Fall prevention of blade A fall prevention plate is installed on the blade, this kind of distinctive design is to prevent dropping from the ceiling in case it damages. In addition, a safety switch is designed for further protection of body drop.


Thermal Safety Fuse Safeguard against fire hazard, prevents electric shocks and protects motor from current surge. Current Fuse Prevent current leakage or abnormal current. Safety Wire Safety wire secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook to prevent detachment of the fan motor from rod.

Low Vibration Design


Sleep mode function is disabled at speed 1 and 1 hour setting Operation pattern will be different subject to different model and setting, please refer to the operation instruction for details.

1-8 Hour Off Timer

The fan can be set off within 1-8 hour based on the users preference for better convenience.

Fall Prevention Of Body

Fall Prevention Of Blade

Easy Installation - Short Drop Length Design

Nowadays, most new houses are built in low ceiling structure in order to maximize the floor number of the buildings. The Sensa Series are designed in short drop length that is suitable for low ceiling houses.

Safety Switch

Durable - High Strength Material

The blades of these fans adopt PPG material which is excellent in dent sustainable rust resistance. Moreover, it is not reactive to detergent, oil, chemical and ultraviolet that enhances the endurability to the product.


197 225 331


1400 222
450mm 8mm 500mm

192 329



1500 222 K14Z9

Buildings nowadays have windows and doorways that are sealed to limit heating or cooling loss. Unfortunately, this causes poor indoor air quality. K15Z9 People are increasingly aware of the importance of ventilation and indoor air quality. Ventilation fans and air moving equipments play an essential role in the improvement of our living environment. For years, airflow capacity and noise level have been the major concerns in the selection of ventilation products. In pursuit of higher living comfort, and the increase in environmental protection awareness, people expect ventilation fans with more intelligent features and environmental friendly functions. In conjunction with KDKs 100th Anniversary, KDK has launched a sirocco type ventilating fan named, Smarto. Smarto is a japanese word derived from the word smart and intelligent. Smarto is an intelligent invention where by its the first ventilating fan being equipped with DC motor and motion sensor.



DC Motor - Energy Saving
Consumption Reduction
The Smarto is adopted with Direct Current (DC) Motor to reduce power consumption in order to save energy. Temperature rise of DC motor is comparatively lower than AC motor that lifetime of DC motor is longer than AC motor accordingly. 24JRA
Motor Type DC 51
High Thermal Radiation Lower Drive Temperature Long Life High Reliability Low Power Loss


Static Pressure [Pa] Air Volume [CMH / CFM] Consumption at 51 Pa [W] Energy Efficiency [CMH / Watt]


160 / 94 17 9.4

up Save


Feature Highlights:
Constant Air Flow
DC Motor Constant Air Flow Delay Timer Variable Air Volume Motion Sensor Resonance-Noise-Absorption Structure

Intelligent Technology
The Smarto is equipped an intelligent technology, by which the fan performs at a constant airflow regardless of duct elbows and factors that might affect the performance. Basically, when the fan faces static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure the desired air flow and allows the fan to perform as rated. By using the new technology, Smarto can fulfill the airflow requirement with regardless of duct length, number of duct elbows, or other factors that may increase static pressure. It surely enhances the flexibility for ventilation system planning.



Delay Timer - 9 Variables

Smarto is equipped with a Delay Timer which can be adjustable from 0.5 to 60 minutes. When the fan is switched off or without any motion detected after a period of time set by the user, it will return to the preset low air volume level.

Delay Timer

Sensor - Motion Sensor

Auto Operation
Smarto is equipped with the Motion Sensor. The ventilating fan can be switched on automatically when the user enter the room and will be switched off again upon leaving room.

Duration [minute] 0.5 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 5 , 10 , 20 , 30 , 60


Air Volume - 6 Variables

High Flexibility

Air Volume Adjustment Switch Ceiling about 3.0m

Range [CMH] STOP / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160

Detectible Range

about 90 Infrared Radiation

Distance about 3.0m


Smarto is equipped with Variable Speed Control that allows the fan to run at a preset lower level of 80-160 CMH or STOP mode, then be elevated to a maximum of 160 CMH when the switch is turned on, or activated via the Motion Sensor.
Note: CMH = m3/h (cubic meter per hour)


Temperature Difference

Infrared Radiation about 0.9 m movement

Operation Mechanism Of Variable Speed Control And Delay Timer

With Smarto, the user will need to walk out the room to leave and the fan will return to preset air volume level automatically.

Radius about 2.1 m

Room temperature is 25C

Human Motion 24JRA Leave Enter

Low Noise Design

Smarto adopts distinctive design of Resonance-Noise-Absorption Structure. It can minimizes the transmission of noise from the blower to exterior, reduce the operation noise to incredibly low levels and accordingly create a tranquil and silent environment. With the Double Chamber Structure, noise is effectively absorbed and reduced between the double orifice and casing

Timer Preset 0.5-60 minutes

Preset low speed running (STOP, 80-160CMH)

High Level Operation At 160 Cmh

Delay Timer Operation 0.5 60 Minutes

Timer Preset 0.5-60 minutes



230 85

Unit : mm
110 54 98 dia.


The kitchen is the heart of a home. There is nothing nicer than a clean, neat, well-equipped kitchen. KDK can help to build a healthier kitchen with its newly launched Raku-raku. Raku-raku is a refined kitchen ventilating fan that is launched in conjunction with KDKs 100th anniversary. The cooking process often creates both visible particles as well as an invisible aerosol mist of grease and smoke that can coat the surfaces of the kitchen. Raku-raku helps in creating a hygienic atmosphere by eliminating cooking fumes and deposit oil with the sophisticated coating on the filter. In addition to its aesthetic look, it also helps in keeping the kitchen clean by extracting smells and toxins in the air.



140 254


90 255 278

21.5 30


Performance Data
inWG 0.8 Pa 200

Wiring Diagram
L = 50m 40m 30m

0.6 Static Pressure


0.4 100



25AUFA // 25cm/10"









Feature Highlights:
Perforated Aluminium Filter - Easy Clean Coating Oil Deposition Environmentally Friendly Excellent Exhaust Performance

0 0

40 20 40


120 80

160 100



60 Air Volume

L : Duct length (duct diameter:


Model 24JRA


HP (Half Pitch) Motor

CFM 94 Motor Rating 220-240V 50Hz Motor W 8 Motor Type DC Noise Level (dB) 31 Nett Weight (kg) 3.60

RPM 725

Advanced Blade Design Large Capacity Oil Container

- R.P.M. data is for reference only, values may vary subject to different condition. - Values in Motor W, R.P.M. and Noise are specified at Static Pressure of 0 Pa.



Perforated Aluminium Filter - Durable

The filter is made of aluminium material to ensure excellent durability and it is easily detachable for cleaning and maintenance.

Advanced Blade Design

The innovative blade design applies advanced aero dynamic principles that minimize any resistance to airflow.
Leading Edge that streamlines airflow from every direction. Leading Edge

Easy Clean Coating - Convenient

The perforated aluminum filter is coated with an easy-clean coating named "Hydrophobic Coating". It is basically a paint composed of fluorine compound particles that have minimum affinity with water or oil. This material has low surface tension allowing oil droplets to flow off without adhering to the material.
Ordinary Coating Oil Hydrophobic Coating Oil Droplet

Air Foil Chip

Air Foil Chip is to reduce turbulence at rear edge, and curvature of front edge is improved for smooth airflow that minimizes fan noise as well.

Large Capacity Oil Container

Oil spreads out and sticks firmly on the surface of the ordinary coating. Oil droplets form spherical shape when in contact with the material and prevents adhering to the surface.

The detachable oil container comes with an oil indicator and the large capacity reduces the frequency of oil disposal and facilitates easy maintenance.

Note: This is image pictures and for easy understanding only

Oil Indicator

Oil Deposition - Environmentally Friendly

The perforated filter efficiently deposit oil into the oil container. Hence the air is extracted to the external environment contains greatly reduced pollutants.


Performance Data

Excellent Exhaust Performance

Raku-raku sustained to high static pressure. At 20Pa, the air volume extracted can increase as much as 40%, therefore it is specially suited for high rise buildings which are exposed to strong wind condition.


Hp (Half - pitch) Motor

The highly efficient motor equipped with well lubricated bearing that prolongs the product durability and enhances energy saving.


Model Hz Motor W R.P.M. [CFM] Noise [dB] 42 Installation Size [mm] 300 x 300 Net Weight [kg] 2.8 25AUFA Note: 50 34 1,100 491

Rotation Speed data is for reference only, values may vary subject to different condition. Values in Motor W, R.P.M., Rotation Speed and Noise are specified at Static Pressure of 0 Pa.