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Tech-High International School (THIS) Course: Song Writing 1 Name of Lesson: Musical Cadences

Grade Level: 7 Subject: Music Prepared by: Loren Jacobson Overview and Purpose: Musicians/Composers have used five types chord progressions at the end of musical phrases (cadences) to achieve intended effects. Wisconsin Music Standards

B.8.1 Perform on at least one classroom instrument accurately and independently, alone and in small and large ensembles, and with good posture, good playing position, and good breath, bow, or stick control D.8.1 Compose short pieces within specified guidelines, demonstrating the use of the elements of music F.8.2 Demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of meter, rhythm, tonality, intervals, chords, and harmonic progressions and their application in analyzing written and/or aural examples of music

Objectives: Specify skills/information that will be learned

Given a cadence type, articulate the key characteristics using an organisational device such as an outline with bullet points Given a cadence type, play chord combinations in at least three keys using open, closed or a combination on any instrument of your choosing. This may be arranged for an ensemble Briefly, present to the class.

Materials Needed: Chosen instruments Internet access and the listed link. Use the links to find information. We are not using with Jigsaw format. Presentation tools of your choice: MacBook, projector, chosen applications Other Resources: (websites, videos, books, etc.)

Verification: Steps to check for student understanding

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Performance demonstrates the standard specified in the Standard and as required for all music courses at THIS. All specific characteristics of the cadence are demonstrated: in the written document, in the performance and in the presentation (this criteria links to both the Creativity and Response Standards)

Activity: Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson 1 "Pre-flect"with your group (this is the beginning of documenting this artifact) Participate in the discussion, then note your thoughts in a GoogleDocs Consider learning goals, related standards and the topic: cadences Note the success criteria and add an others or expand on those given Research your cadence and prepare: the written document, the performance and presentation Use the website as a starting point to research your cadence type and prepare the written document Arrange and practice for the performance of your cadence. Prepare to briefly present to the class a performance of the cadence and a verbal explanation of your cadence. Your success criteria should inform your level of detail. Reconvene with your group after the presentations Reflect. What have you learned? Did you meet the success criteria? Discuss the other cadences Take the teacher quiz.

Notes Technology Use: Website, GoogleDocs, presentation tools (ie PowerPoint, Prezi), projector, iPad instruments for the performance (if chosen)