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A Report on

Advance Ignition System For Internal Combustion Engine (A concept of multipoint spark ignition)


Govind Samleti

 Abstract
 Introduction  Literature Review  Design of project  Results  Conclusion

 The present concept is concerned with multipoint spark ignition

system for an IC engine.
 It is been proposed to utilize multiple spark ignition with 4-cycle

engines having removable cylinder head.
 The multiple spark ignition provides a spark of greater duration

and is believed to improve the efficiency of combustion.

 Combustion of air-fuel mixture inside the engine cylinder

controls engine power, efficiency & emission.
 Theory of flame propagation.  Effects of flame propagation- knocking, affects

performance and efficiency of engine.
 To over come this multipoint spark ignition is provided.

Literature Review
 John E. Dec[1] has shown that advance compression ignition engine can

deliver both high efficiency and very low NOx. But this is not applicable for various load conditions.
 Dhananjay Kumar Srivastava, et al.[2] have presented a new method to

control the combustion by using laser pulse.
 Mingfa Yao et al. reported results from the investigation of

Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion.
1. It improves efficiency of engine. 2. The chemical kinetics has a dominating role in HCCI combustion. 

Karol Cupial and Arkadiusz have presented a 3D model of

combustion of multipoint spark ignition engine.

Model of engine
 The 3D model was prepared having following

 Engine cubic capacity- 1810 cm3

 Number of cylinder – 1
 Bore – 120 mm  Stroke – 160 mm

 Connecting rod – 275 mm
 Compression ratio – 8,5

 Engine speed – 1000 rpm
 Ignition advance angle – 12 CA  The ignition system includes eight transistor with low

resistance coil per spark plug.

 The influence of spark plug number and location in the engine is shown

in Table 1.  Table 1: Work parameters of engine for four plug configurations
Spark plugs configuration pi mean [MPa] ηi mean [%] Combustion duration

34 24 18 17

42 30 22 21

57 71 39 30

1 spark plug (No 1) 1 spark plug (No 8) 3 spark plug (No 2, 4, 8) 8 spark plug (No 1-8)

0,609 0,677 0,698 0,672

27,54 30,69 32,04 32,26

 The performance of engine for specific spark plug number and

location increase along with increase in number of active spark plugs.
 The location of spark plugs is also very important.  The worst conditions were obtained for one spark plug located in

position No 1 near intake valves.
 The configuration with spark plug No 8, located by exhaust

valves, was considerably better.
 Applying three centrally located spark plugs (No 2, 4, 8)

considerably improves the engine cycle.

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