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4432 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 'BUSHEl)
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FRJDAY, JULY 28, 11)44

Where Frankford's Civil War Recruiting Station Was Loeakd? An article of the Historical society of Frankford published in this paper on June 30, 1944, was of the Reyoiutlona iy period and told of the reading of the Declaration of Independence In the Summer House on the WomatiI property. The following piece of ihformation. has to dor-n9with the Rvolutionary War, but v.4th .the Civil War period. There was erected in 185, that is 89 years ago, on the Eastsfde of "Main Street," diagonally opp?site to the Womrath property, near Ruan street, a pretentious building for those days, known as. "Odd Fellows1 Hall." Ruan Street was named for the famoiis Dr. Ruan whose house isstill standing on Gricom Street, at the rear of what was the Womrath property. We will tell you about thiS house and its 'o.ajjJlJ_ stairwd Dr. This Odd Fellows Hall, which Is still standing, was in Civil War days a greats social center. Many entertainments, grand balls and receptions, were held within its walls. It was the recruiting station for brave young men of Civil War days. There anxios parents came to read the bulletins as to the happenings to their sons, in the battle for, dom. It would be Interesting If there were Any living now, in Frankford, who remember Odd Fellows Hall in Civil War Days. Some of our fellow townsmen may have early recollections of some of the Volunteer Fire Company's social events held here. The building has long since ceased"o be the home of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. However, there Is a fifty year old Lodge of Odd Fellows. Oxford Lodge No. 14, meeting in part of the old Lyceum Building, known as the Frankford Mutual Fire Insurance Building. The Historical Society of Frankford is happy to pass on to this Odd Fellows Lodge No. 14. a news item which appeared in one of the Philadelphia papers. "The Daily News" of Monday morning, May 14. 1856, as follows: "I. 0. of 0. F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) - The preoent week wifl be one Of interest to the members if O F. The annual sessions of the Grand Lodge commence tomorrow, when the vote for Grand Officers will he ascertained and officially announced. On Saturday next, the new Hail, recently erected in Frankford, will he dedicated with all the imposing ceremonies of the Order, The Hill is 100 feet deep by 47 feet front. The front. is supported by eight iron columns, is rough cast, in imitation of brown stone. On the first floor there are two stores, 16 by 65 feet, with a 10-foot hail passing between a dining room 44 feet by 16 ft to the balance of the floor fitted up for. The janitor. The second floor is 47 by 90 feet, with a 20 foot ceiling, to be noecl as a lecture or concert room. The third and fourth stories are to have 14foot ceilings and divided into lodge and society rooms The entire cost of the building is about $20,000."


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