Alfredo Juan and Isabel Aquilizan 23 February – 10 April 2010 GF Lobby and West Wing Gallery

Themes:  Collecting  Art as process  Art market  Museum practice  Site-specific art Guide Questions: 1. How does the collection of objects gathered from various sources signify the idea of art as a process? 2. What attitudes toward the art market and institutionalized art are presented in the exhibition? 3. How does the museum setting offer new levels of reading in the installation? How does this change once the exhibition is installed in a different site? 4. Do you think the experiences of the artists as Filipino parents and immigrants to Australia shape their art practice? Activity:  Students will view the Stock exhibition with the guide questions in mind. At the end of the visit, a class discussion will be facilitated to discuss the students’ insights into the questions. Students can focus on a particular artwork.  After the visit, students can write a paper about a particular artwork that caught their attention. The paper can focus on the following themes: o Site-specific art: Student can discuss his or her reading of a particular work in relation to the museum as an institution, and propose another site in which other levels of interpretation can be made for the same work. o Art as process: Student can discuss the various processes involved in the making of a particular work and its implications in the art-making process. Students can also do their own installations using objects that they have collected to present their own insights into the themes explored in the exhibition.

Vargas Museum Educational Guide


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