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Y o u have written to the Friar of ..the Ro si crucian ^Brotheriiood, asking for our Sealed Bobk. Let that serve as our introduction.

The hoo k is enclosed. I only wish that I could eliver it to you personally, so that I could meet y ou lad talk with you about your ambitions and desires, and ow the TCosTcrucIan teachings will make them p6ss ible* or you. .v ,

^ Are you weary of reading books that tell y o u about fa wonderful things accomplished by the master minds f the past? Are you tired of hearing what can be done * ,4th the mystic laws of mind and matter, without being told how YOU can do these things, easily and surely? If you are like thousands upon thousands of others, jgrou w ill want to be MASTER of your own life, your own career. You will cease believing the fantastic tales p> the adepts of the Par East and the Mystics of the fOrient, and w ill demand that you be shown how to do Shese great demonstrations of occult power.

accepted the doctrines of church \ Imdschool on faith. Today man demands the KNOWLEDGE of Pie methods for self demonstration. His life and his p t e are in his own making. He no longer believes that fod has damned some to hell and elevated others to leaven before birth. He wants to rise, master, succeed I| b4 create for himself. He has discovered that it is K i s Divine Heritage.Spelling him that it is possible jpr man*s mind to accomplish miracles without explainH how and revealing the secret laws, has brought ^ K c o u r a g e m e n t , sorrow, failure, and doubt into the ISiarkB of millions.

B . ForWHP- ages man has

Lecturers, teachers, writers and self-appointed guides continue to talk about what GAN M l DONE, and leave a host of hopeful hut hlind searchers for the [knowledge that is practical.

Perhaps you a s k yourself,"Is there some truth in iithe claims made and stories told? Can I learn whether ire is truly an unusual knowledge, a secret power?" READ THE SEALED B OOK CAREFULLY. W h e n you have finished, don't w o n d e r ..... shall I look into this ier?".v..that hesitancy is one of the very things ^that holds hack so many in attaining their ideals in |life.;W h y let time and circumstance shape the course i [of your life? Just as the sun, moon, and planets are "governed h y definite laws, so you, too, are subject to certain natural principles. Understand the fundantal laws of life which affect you, direct them, bring into realization your innermost desires. Though this is only a brief outline of"what THE SIGRUCIANS can do for y o u in your search for the dgher things in life, this letter constitutes an invitation to y o u to avail yourself of the further opportunities presented in the book.
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i L e t m e he a r from y o u soon, not only out of Courtesy because of the invitation, but because you pave at last, decided to awaken those qualities that till make life what y o u w i s h it to be. mi'i Written this day in faith by, Rosiorucian Brotherhood (AM|