Andy’s Pizza is a big and dynamic company that within 11 years has developed a unique fast food restaurant

technology having assimilated the best of diverse and healthy menu, from classical restaurants to fast food chains. Moreover, within this time we have created a successful recognizable brand that is trusted by consumers and partners. The brand we have invested all our knowledge and accumulated experience in. Now is the time when the name is working for us guaranteeing success of every new place opened under the Andy’s Pizza brand. And Andy’s Pizza is ready to share this success with everybody who wants to start their business, who wants and can build a business in Moldova contributing to the development of their region and the country as a whole”, declared the owner of the chain, Andrei Tranga. He noted that “at the same time we understand that giving each person an opportunity to implement a business model that has proved its success repeatedly, we contribute to the development of the country’s economy, contribute to creation of new jobs and increase of tax levies to local and state budgets. At the moment, there are 36 restaurants of Andy’s Pizza and La Plăcinte in Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol, Cahul, Tighina, Ribnita. Over 1,800 people work in the chain of these restaurants. Andy’s Pizza is the first Moldovan company to have started giving franchise to open restaurants under Andy’s Pizza and La Plăcinte brands. Starting joint business, the company’s partner gets access to Andy’s Pizza technologies, including the technology of product production, product and equipment certification, restaurant design and interior concepts, management methods, service standards, training and instruction of personnel, standards for business in public catering and constant operational support in restaurant management. The initial franchise registration contribution at opening of the first Andy’s Pizza or La Plăcinte restaurant equals to 10,000 EUR, without VAT. At opening of the second and third restaurant the registration fee goes down to 5,000 EUR for each consequent one. Apart from the franchise registration fee, franchisee makes monthly license payments in the amount of 6% of turnover without VAT. All the partners of Andy’s Pizza make monthly publicity contributions of 1% of turnover without VAT. “High requirements for food quality and technologies in the chain fully correspond to Western standards, so we are open for cooperation with franchisees from abroad”, Andrei Tranga said. At the initial stage of franchise issuing, priority localities for Andy’s Pizza are those the population of which make up at least 15,000 people, such as Balti, Comrat, Ungheni, Orhei, Soroca, Edinet, Drochia, Straseni, Ialoveni and Hincesti It was the July 2, 1999, exactly one month after Andrew took a degree in finance and credit. When newspapers were writing about crowding enthusiastic team from "Andy's Pizza" and about their boss overturned all ideas of fast food restaurants in the city. Born September 29, 1976, in the city. Chisinau. Education: School. 2 in Chisinau, Finance and Credit Department, ASEM. After its completion, is engaged in the credit department "Moldova Agroindbank". In 2001, participate in the "Community Connection" for young businessmen. Since 1998, the lead company "Andy's Pizza" which is in charge of the largest network of pizzerias in Chisinau.

Today, Andrew Trang is leading an empire of restaurants yellow-red, with a few hundred employees, facilities modern and menu to please all beautiful places playground. It seems that the formula for success was simple: intuition and mathematics. He started the business with 22 years, inspired by America's premises, after working in a pizza kitchen and saw "microscopic" the whole process of "creation" and running a catering company. By "Andy's Pizza", there were only a few steps. 20 thousand dollars cost the opening of the first local "Andy's Pizza" - personal savings and money borrowed from relatives and friends. Andrew has leased space, bought some pizza oven, cooks and waiters selected, prepared menu. Is the "author" recipes for pizza "Ester" and "Capriciosa". Today, a restaurant "Andy's Pizza" is open to Bender, and a new network of traditional Moldovan food outlets "La placinte" welcomes guests. "Andy` s Pizza "thrills with dishes and selected venues Delicious and healthy food chain of restaurants "Andy` s Pizza "won for many years around the world. Fast service, unique atmosphere, the communication team of professionals with clients affordable prices - are all advantages. The most frequent visitors to the premises "Andy` s Pizza "are, in particular young people. To "Andy` s Pizza "serious people meet for understanding business there spend their free time friends and partners. To "Andy` s Pizza "relaxes families where children feel better. "We want our business to enjoy people. We are committed capital, investing in our country and we are pleased to introduce national food successfully for foreign guests. The quality of our products and customer interests matter first. We have a number of partners - internationally known brands that have full confidence in our cooperation, "said Andrew Trang. To "Andy` s Pizza "has a team of over 1400 employees, who are grateful owner because they were not forced to emigrate. Charity and sponsorship "Andy` s Pizza "is a dynamic, flexible and innovative, being a strong competitor on the domestic market, and the foreign. Its mission is to establish the largest network of restaurants in RM European standards, as the most recognizable brand that would give people the opportunity to consume food at affordable prices daily, cooked according to special technology - served promptly in a great atmosphere. Is noteworthy and corporate social responsibility for community development. Investments in playgrounds, athletic fields, in healthy people - are just some of the traditional actions "Andy` s Pizza. " "We invest, especially in children orphans in the country. I always visit and we provide not only financial support, and communication with artists and other special people. We make every effort to reach families orphaned kids, "said Andrew Trang.

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