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Company Profile

NEXGEN Enterprise
Leading data collection & business services providers in India

Corporate & Contact Information: Company Name Company PAN Number Address Delhi Office 1 Delhi Office II Phone Hand Phone E-mail NEXGEN Enterprise AAJFN0070G 14/4, Basement, Near Deshbandhu College, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Pin-110019, India 1810, 1st Floor, Prasadi Gali, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi-110003, India 0091-11-64540098, 0091-11-64544258, 0091-11-26463353 0091- 9873177449, 9312781684

Nexgen Enterprise is a multi diversified market research and allied services agency based at New Delhi, India. Nexgen has started its business as a field data collection agency and today expanded into various field of market research and support services. The main business of Nexgen are as follows Nexgen field data collection (primary research services) Nexgen secondary research services (including telephonic & desk research) Nexgen online research services Nexgen data entry services

Nexgen data management service (any kinds of databases)

Nexgen marketing & sales lead generation services Nexgen event management services Nexgen facility management services (facilities for FGD, CLT and DIs) Nexgen recruitments services (manpower supply for any kind of activity) Nexgen translation & transcription services (all Indian and foreign languages) Nexgen corporate social responsibility (education for all, rural development & environment initiatives)

Each division of Nexgen is a separate business entity and have a dedicated team headed by the expert professionals. Today Nexgen is one stop solution for all kinds of market research and support services in India. It has stated its operations in Delhi and today it became a nationwide agency with its huge network of field staff across all the major cities in India. We are a company that never stops trying to do it better. Clients are the essence of our business with whom we deal. We work to satisfy our clients requirements and anticipate their expectations. Nexgen do not believes only on the discussion over the table but it believes on the practical approach of the activity. In any of the services we provide, we start from the ground level and always follow with the client.

NEXGEN Services
Nexgen is giving services to almost every business sector in India: Nexgen field data collection (primary research services) Primary field data collection is one of our core strength in India. Nexgen provides a comprehensive range of field data collection services reflecting our experience & strong capabilities. We offer data collection services are for all kinds of market research. Some of the types of studies we have expertise are o Perception studies o Customer satisfaction studies o Employees satisfaction studies o Concept tests o Mystery shopping o Market entry, potential, trends, segmentation & feasibility studies o Retail/Channel audits o Opinion polls/surveys o Products/services tracking studies o Other kinds of studies Nexgen secondary research services (including telephonic & desk research) Secondary research is to use the data from already published sources. Nexgen is having one of the best team for secondary data collection from internet and other sources. We use the data gathered from secondary sources on after verifying it by the desk and telephonic research.

Nexgen online research services

Online research is one of the best technique to get the accurate data in very short time. Online mode is also cost effective. We have a IT team to develop the online software and generate the survey links. We have the online panels of Physicians, High Net-worth Individuals, Working professionals, Housewives, Students and other category of respondents. Nexgen data entry services

All kinds of market research requires the data entry of the questionnaires. We have inhouse teams of data entry operators to do the simultaneous data entry of the survey forms. The data entry team being trained for each project to ensure the accuracy in the data. The IT team designs the templates for the data entry as per clients requirement.

NEXGEN Services
Nexgen marketing & sales lead generation services Each company requires the customers leads, those who are most willing to go for their services. Our expert executives make the databases of those customers and filters the most appropriate ones. We do the interactive sessions with the interested customers to know their requirement in meaningful way. Most of the companies in India are using these leads. Nexgen event management services We have teams of all category to promote the products or services by doing the effective events at various places. We also have a provision to put the canopies or stalls at various places to promote the product or services. Nexgen facility management services (facilities for FGD, CLT and DIs) For the qualitative market research we need the facilities to conduct the FGDs, CLTs or IDIs. We arrange all kind of venue with all required facilities like CCTV, projectors, one way mirror or client viewing facility, Wi-Fi, audio/video recording, video streaming, etc. Nexgen recruitments services (manpower supply for any kind of activity) Sometimes client need the executives at their facilities to conduct the activity. Nexgen talent pool have all kinds of manpower to fulfill those requirements. Nexgen translation & transcription services (all Indian and foreign languages) Our hourly delivery system for translation and transcription services defines our strength in translation and transcription services for national and international clients. We have translators and transcription experts for most of the Indian and foreign languages. Nexgen corporate social responsibility (education for all, rural development & environment initiatives) We have a team of executives, works towards the betterment of the society. We are proud to made a reasonable contribution on childs education and rural development on some of the remotest part of the country. Our team works regularly works for environmental issues.

Industries Expertise
Nexgen is working for both public and private sectors in India. Some of the industries/verticals we have already given a lot of services are as follows
o o o o o o o o o o o

Automobile companies FMCG companies Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Medical Device companies Banking and Financial services companies Hospitality industry Education sector Information Technology company Telecommunication companies Fashion & Beauty sector B2B Research B2C Research

Infrastructure & Geographical Coverage

Based at New Delhi, India Nexgen covers almost every part of the country with its own network & channel partners at South, West, North & East India. Nexgen have a very good office infrastructure at each centre. In Delhi alone we have 3 offices to cater the clients in best possible way. We have separate facilities for field operations, data entry and support services. We have hired best available service providers for broadband, telephone & power backup. Nexgen is having a network of trusted associates across India. In any of the field data collection project, we send the team leaders from Delhi offices to recruit the right set of interviewers, briefing to the interviewers, quality checks and to ensure the timely despatch of the filled in questionnaires to the Delhi office.

Some of our Clients

Some of our Clients

Operations & Quality Management

Nexgen use an operating manual that outlines strict research operation guidelines. Emphasis is placed on quality control to achieve only accurate results. Quality control procedures include: o o o o o o o o o Qualitative research is 100% fully reviewed by management. Quantitative research includes validation of 30% of sample size. Adhere to established ESOMAR, CASRO and MSPA Standards. Compulsory formal training for all new interviewers. Compulsory attendance at all project briefings. Clients are invited and encouraged to attend all training sessions. Field pilots of all questionnaires and guidelines. 30% of all interviews back-checked within 48 hours. Field observations by clients welcome.

Fieldwork is always handled by qualified professional field managers throughout the country. Randomly selected data is validated by the respective field manager in New Delhi for quality control purposes.

Key Personnel's
Mahesh Mahtolia Managing Director (

Managing Director of Nexgen. Heading all the research and marketing operations within the company. Dealing with a number of national and international clients at Nexgen. Has worked on several product and service categories. Mahesh has given a remarkable growth to the Nexgen since its inception. He has Capability to design and execute both quantitative and qualitative research works.

Y S Sengar Chief Operating Officer (

Chief Operating Officer at Nexgen. All the key operations done under supervision of Y S Sengar. Sengar has started with his career with IMRB and later worked with some of the leading companies like TNS for last 16 years. He has also rich experience of entrepreneurship because before joining NexGen Sengar has his own field agency for market research field services.

Anita Sengar Head Data Entry Services (

Ms. Anita heading all data entry operations at Nexgen.