Ir. Soekarno1 (June 6, 1901 - June 21, 1970) was the first President of Indonesia, who served in the period 1945-1966. He played an important role for independence of Indonesia from Dutch colonial rule. He is a digger Pancasila. He is the Proclaimer of Indonesian Independence (along with Mohammad Hatta) which occurred on August 17 1945.Beliau issue an Order March 11, 1966 which, among other Supersemar commissioned Lieutenant-General Suharto to secure and maintain his authority. But Supersemar was abused by Lieutenant General Soeharto to undermine his authority by way of accusing him of masterminding the 30 September Movement take part, something that is not possible. The allegations led to the People's Consultative Assembly, whose members have been replaced by the pro-Suharto, transferred the presidency to Soeharto. Sukarno was born with the name Kusno Sosrodihardjo. His father named Raden Sukemi Sosrodihardjo, a teacher in Surabaya, Java. His mother came from Bali. When small Soekarno lived with his grandfather in Tulungagung, East Java. At the age of 14, a friend of his father who named Oemar Said Tjokroaminoto invited Sukarno lived in Surabaya and schooled to Hoogere Burger School (HBS) in there. In Surabaya, Soekarno much met with SI leaders, organizations led Tjokroaminoto time. Soekarno then joined the organization Jong Java (Java Youth). Finished HBS In 1920, Sukarno continued to Technische Hoge School (now ITB) in Bandung, and graduated in 1925. While in Bandung, Sukarno interact with Tjipto Mangunkusumo and Dr. Douwes Dekker, who was then the leader of the organization National Indische Partij. In 1926, Sukarno founded the Algemene Study Club in Bandung. This organization became the forerunner of the National Party of Indonesia was established in 1927. Sukarno's PNI activity caused the Dutch captured in December 1929, to be released on December 31 1931.Pada July 1932, Sukarno joined the Party of Indonesia (Partindo), which is a fraction of the PNI. Sukarno was arrested again in August 1933, and exiled to Flores. Soekarno new free returns on Japanese colonial period in 1942. At the beginning of the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), the Japanese government was not paying attention to the movement of Indonesian figures primarily to "secure" its presence in Indonesia. It looks at the Movement 3A with the character and Mr. Shimizu. Syamsuddin less popular. But eventually, the Japanese occupation government attention and Indonesia as well as take advantage of prominent figures such as Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta and others in all organizations and institutions of appealing to the population of Indonesia. Mentioned in various organizations such as the Java Hookokai, People Power Center (the Son), and PPKI BPUPKI, prominent leaders such as Sukarno, Hatta, Ki Hajar Dewantara, KH Mas Mansyur and others mentioned other and look so active. And finally the national figures in collaboration with the Japanese occupation government to achieve the independence of Indonesia, although there is also an underground movement like Sutan Syahrir and Amir Sjarifuddin because they think Japan is fascist berbahaya.Presiden Sukarno himself, when opening remarks before reading the text of the proclamation of independence , said that even though we cooperate with Japan in fact we believe and believe and rely on their own strength. He is active in efforts preparation of Indonesia's

1945. because in Indonesia happened vacuum of power. is the status of the President as head of government and head of state (presidential / single executive). due to provocation launched by troops NICA (Netherlands) to hitchhike to the Allies. (Under the British) burst events 10 November 1945 in Surabaya and the death of Brigadier General AWS Mallaby. It happened because of the vice presidential edict No. Because many provocations in Jakarta at the time. Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta PPKI be appointed by the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. President Sukarno as head of state and the Prime Minister Sutan Syahrir / Head of Government. Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo invited the leaders Indonesia Sukarno. Soekarno with national figures began to prepare themselves before the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia.Pada dated 19 September 1945 Sukarno's authority to settle without bloodshed Ikada Field event where 200 000 people of Jakarta will clash with Japanese troops were still armed to the teeth. But Sukarno. the Army leadership in the region of Southeast Asia Dalat Vietnam who later stated that the proclamation of the independence of Indonesia is the Indonesian people themselves. It is taken to the Republic of .independence. and the government's announcement in November 1945 of a political party. Singgih and Chairul Saleh. Position of President Soekarno in 1945. The house the Chinese forcibly vacated by officers Maps that can be occupied by a group of Sukarno. Youth leaders who persuaded the lainSoekarni. Loading parlor is irrelevant because at that time there was no furniture. But his involvement in the shaping of organizational bodies Japanese made by the Dutch accused Sukarno cooperated with Japan. Another reason is the growing Soekarno establish appropriate moment for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia which is chosen on August 17. X. Al Qur-an. Followed vice president and other senior state officials. including the formulation of Pancasila. Wikana. Hatta and leaders refused on the grounds waiting for clarity on the Japanese surrender. In 1943. 1945 appointment as president and vice president was confirmed by KNIP. 1945 when it coincides with the 17th of Ramadan. On August 29. This is because Japan had surrendered and Allied troops had not arrived. the 1945 Constitution and the basic fundamentals of the Indonesian government. In August 1945. After the trial Investigation Agency Business Preparation of Independence [BPUPK]. He was persuaded to step aside to Rengasdengklok Rengasdengklok event. Small Committee consisting of nine persons / Nine organizers (with the Treaty of Jakarta) and the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence PPKI. in the case of romusha. Vietnam. there was incident Rengasdengklok] on August 16. Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta persuaded by the youth hostel to step aside to troop Defenders of the Homeland Rengasdengklok Map. Christison finally recognized Indonesian sovereignty de facto after holding a meeting with the President. he was invited by Marshal Terauchi. President Sukarno was also trying to solve the crisis in Surabaya. President Soekarno eventually moved the capital of the Republic of Indonesia from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. After seeing Marshal Terauchi in Dalat. However. Conferment star made the Japanese occupation government was surprised. among others. The youths demanded that Sukarno and Hatta proclaimed Indonesian independence immediately. On 18 August 1945. During the revolution. including formulating the text of the proclamation of Independence. the system of government changed to semipresidensiil/double executive. Soekarno-Hatta establish NegaraIndonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. Even the emperor gave imperial star (Holy Ratna) to three figures Indonesia. Small Committee consisting of eight (Official). Mohammad Hatta and Ki Bagus Hadikoesoemo to Japan and received directly by Emperor Hirohito. the Muslim holy month believed to be the date of the first revelation of the Muslims to the Prophet Muhammad. because it means that all three characters Indonesia is considered Japan's imperial family alone. On arrival Allies (AFNEI) led by Sir Phillip Letjend Christison.

in 1955. Tesminya position of the President is the President of the Constitutional. Fidel Castro (Cuba). because often sick. he only policy that can resolve the dispute Indonesia-Belanda. took the initiative to convene the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung. but in fact government policy made after consultation with him. Inequality and conflict due to a "time bomb" that left the Western countries are still labeled as selfish imperialism and colonialism. President Sukarno also provides many ideas in the international world.I. inequality and concerns about the emergence of a nuclear war that changed civilization. Not infrequently. as a child. U Nu. But unfortunately there are still many others who have prolonged the conflict to date because of the injustice in problem solving. which is still strong dikuas countries or superpowers. injustice international agencies in conflict resolution is also a concern him.Indonesia is considered a more democratic country. Thanks to this addition. 1952 and the events in the Air Force. President Sukarno was appointed as the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RIS) and Mohammad Hatta was appointed prime minister of RIS. which produced Dasa Sila. still independent. many Asian and African countries that gained independence. he also lent a hand mediating conflicts in the military has also affected the rise and fall of the cabinet.Soekarno. 1950. President Sukarno's position remains the most important. With President Josip Broz Tito (Yugoslavia). yet have the right to determine their own fate. Sukarno was replaced by his name alone became Sukarno because according to him the name using the spelling invaders (the Netherlands). (Burma) and Jawaharlal Nehru (India). John Fitzgerald Kennedy (United States). especially in the face of Madiun 1948 as well as the Dutch Military Aggression II that led to President Soekarno. Rise and fall of the cabinet which is reputed as "cabinet semumur corn" to make the President less trusting a multi-party system. Although there has been the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI) with chairman Sjafruddin Prawiranegara. which became known as the RI JavaYogyakarta. He still uses the name of Sukarno in the signature because the signature is the signature contained in the text of the Proclamation of Independence of Indonesia should not be changed. RIS again changed to the Republic of Indonesia and President Sukarno becomes President. . Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Pakistan). President Sukarno visited many countries and met with the leaders of the country. Among them was Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet Union). Thanks services. due to the demands of all the people of Indonesia who want to return to a unitary state. The mandate of Mr Assaat as acting President handed back to Ir. then on August 17. Known as the Bandung Asian-African Capital. Office of President of the Republic of Indonesia handed over to Mr Assaat. Full name at birth was Kusno Soekarno Sosrodihardjo. by his parents renamed Sukarno.Setelah Recognition Sovereignty (The Dutch government says a submission Sovereignty). Although the system of government changed. even calling it a "disease party". many residents of the region do not forget the African Soekarno remember or know when will Indonesia. causing President Sukarno. Myth Duet Soekarno-Hatta is quite popular among the masses and more powerful than the prime minister heads the government. As the events of October 17. but in fact the international and domestic situation remains acknowledged that Soekarno-Hatta Indonesia is a real leader. according to Javanese custom. he held a conference that led to the Asian-African Non-Aligned Movement. Mao Tse Tung (RRT). However. Vice President Mohammad Hatta and high state officials arrested Netherlands. at the time of the Revolution of independence. To carry out an independent foreign policy is active in the international community. Gamal Abdel Nasser (Egypt). Concern over the fate of the peoples of Asia and Africa. In later days when a President R.

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